elliptical Machine

10 Best Ellipticals Under $300 & Buyer’s Guide in 2020

elliptical Machine

The elliptical or cross trainer bike is the ideal tool for those who love walking and cycling, but also for those who have to recover after injuries, improve their fitness and warm up all their muscles before a specific training.

It is particularly suitable for home fitness due to its versatility and completeness, as it combines upper and lower limb training and the stabilization of the CORE for maintaining posture in a single tool. It can also be used by less experienced users and those with slightly creaky joints, as they are not particularly stimulated.

What is the Best Elliptical Trainer under $300? If you have any doubts about which budget elliptical to buy, on this page you will find our updated ranking that will help you choose the best budget elliptical for your needs. For our selection of elliptical exercise bikes, we have relied on our experiences of use, the opinions of users and important factors such as build quality, operating efficiency and above all price.

Now let’s see what are the best quality ellipticals under 300 dollars to buy, starting from professional models, with the main features and methods of use.

1. ANCHEER Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

ANCHEER Magnetic Elliptical

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The ANCHEER is a professional elliptical of excellent level, which combines the most advanced technology with the elegance and linearity of a modern and ultra-functional design. It is an extremely solid tool with its 35.8 kg, but with extraordinary quietness, thanks to a 12 lb flywheel with toothed belt resistance, which offers all the naturalness that is needed for a professional training.

It will increase the strength of the frame and able to support maximum of 330lbs. And pedals are designed to Non-slip and big to increase stability and comfort. This elliptical machine built-in Effective Inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a more natural ride.

If you want to add some good aerobics, this is a good choice. The joints and buttocks are quite easy, it is really a smooth movement. Innovative heart rate sensor design, increased heart rate tester function allows you to monitor heart rate changes at any time. It is easy to assemble an elliptical machine. Your workout will also be quiet and smooth.


  • Smooth and quiet workouts
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Variable tension control
  • 12 lb built-in effective flywheel
  • Digital monitor and large window LCD display
Why I Like It
  • Stable and comfortable hand bar
  • Comfortable big non-slip pedal
  • Doesn’t wobble
  • Advanced Digital Monitor
  • Transportation Wheels
Why I Don't Like It
  • Assembly is a little touch
  • Little bit noisy

2. emdaot Elliptical Machine Trainer for Home Use

emdaot Elliptical Machine

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Emdaot is the best elliptical exercise bike on the market with high quality materials, excellent for all sportsmen and for those who want to be able to perform full intensive workouts at home. It comes with a magnetic and computerized braking system and double self-aligning ball bearings.

The large backlit multi-function LCD display allows real-time monitoring of rhythm, time, distance, speed, calorie consumption and heart rate measurement data. This last parameter is registered both through the hand-held sensors integrated in the handles and through a compatible chest strap.

The elliptical machine instructions were very clear, so you know what was coming. However, this elliptical machine screen is battery operated. So, you will need to buy some batteries.

It is a basic machine for those looking for something on a budget. It’s a good workout, and the resistance goes from somewhat difficult to very difficult. Overall, if you want to save yourself a trip to the gym, this product will get the job done and is worth the <$300.


  • Portable and easy to move
  • Adjustable resistance
  • 8 Magnetic resistance levels
  • Support a maximum of 250lbs
  • LCD Screen: Time, Speed, Calorie, Distance, Heart Rate
Why I Like It
  • Best to have 2 people to assemble,
  • Easy step by step assembly
  • Easy to put together
  • Quiet and functional
  • Very thick and strong
Why I Don't Like It
  • Little more resistance
  • It squeaks a little bit

3. ncient Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine

ncient Elliptical Machine

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The ncient is an ecological elliptical with sporty and modern lines, which is well suited to domestic spaces with its modern design. The footrests are non-slip and adjustable in stride length, and finally, it can be moved anywhere thanks to the practical transport wheels.

If you are looking for a low cost elliptical with a small footprint, this is the elliptical for you. It’s compact and fits in a corner of your bedroom or office or pretty much any room and its not heavy so you can move it around with ease. The quality for exercising is decent, especially for the price.

It operates smoothly and fairly quietly. Adjustment is simple. You truly get a good workout and the resistance knob allows you to increase endurance within your workout.

It is large enough to be sturdy yet small enough not to take up half the room. Great elliptical built very solidly and works great. You can move it backwards as well and the arm grips are comfortable. I highly recommend this machine for stretching purposes, it is amazing for stretching!


  • Quiet Driven & Easy to Move
  • 13 Inch Non-slip Pedal
  • Compact, smaller size is ideal for a confined space
  • Maximum Load capacity is 120 kg/ 265lb
  • Footboard size is 40 x 16 cm/ 15.7 x 6.3 inch
Why I Like It
  • Assembly was easy
  • Style is very sporty
  • It has very detailed instructions
  • No squeaking, no unnecessary noise
  • The metal tubing is heavy
Why I Don't Like It
  • Fortunately, no cons

4. Fast88 Portable Elliptical Machine

Fast88 Portable Elliptical

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The Fast88 Portable is an elliptical trainer suitable for both beginners and experts, thanks to its solid and functional frame and a 6 kg flywheel that plays well with the more advanced models. The platforms have a lateral protection barrier and can be manually adjusted to 3 different positions for a more comfortable and safe training, a parameter that is not at all obvious.

It’s easy to use, and small enough to store in your living room when not in use. This elliptical is heavy which provides good stability. The action of the machine is very smooth and quiet.

It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance, so you can use convenient tension knob to adjust exercise intensity. With simple turns, you can alter your workout aimed to help you meet your fitness goals, and you can set difficulty levels and progress further.

This elliptical machine is 15.6 inch and provides you a no impact flowing workout for upper and lower body which is perfect for people who needs all the benefits of running in a safer way for the knees.


  • Product Size is 104 x 48 x 160 cm/ 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inch
  • Flywheel Weight is 6 kg
  • Maximum Load capacity of 120 kg
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Digital monitor & pulse rate grips
Why I Like It
  • It’s small and compact
  • Quiet and smooth move
  • Great for a varying workout
  • Great for the price
  • Heavy duty
Why I Don't Like It
  • Makes little noise
  • There is no bottle holder

5. MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer 

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical

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MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine offers the benefit of a low-impact workout by mimicking natural motion patterns experienced when walking or running. The Magnetic Elliptical built with magnetic tension resistance, providing 8-level tension resistance, it is easy and convenient to get different-level workouts.

The elliptical Trainer with design of dual handles makes the exercise more diversified. The movable grip can drive the whole body exercise. The fixed-grip can track the heart rate, as well as also carry on the anaerobic sprint training. The water bottle holder allows you to rehydrate as you cycle.

Elliptical machine with magnetic resistance never comes in contact with the flywheel, giving you a nearly silent, stable and virtually low maintenance experience.

The Elliptical with pulse grips sensor monitor the user’s heart rate. It is an effective tool to know whether your exercise is correct and sufficient. The sensor data will help you better understand your health and fitness status. There is a iPad mount on the device so that you can watch programs when exercise.


  • Dual handle & water bottle holder
  • IPAD holder & LCD monitor
  • Maximum Weight capacity is 264 lbs
  • Applicable height is 4 ft 11 in ~ 6 ft 3 in
  • The net weight of the elliptical is 38.5kg
Why I Like It
  • Transportation wheels
  • Stride and spacing
  • Two-way operation
  • Customized design
  • It can’t be folded
Why I Don't Like It
  • It needs at least 2 people to assemble
  • The stride is shorter than average

6. Bestlucky Elliptical Training Machine

Bestlucky Elliptical

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If you are looking for a good compromise to train at home without sacrificing technology and you are attentive to design, we believe the Bestlucky is the best elliptical trainer on the market for value for money. The optimal, fluid and pleasant training is guaranteed by the 6 kg of flywheel, a magnetic braking system adjustable by the monitor on 8 levels and a very silent toothed belt transmission system.

The elliptical training machine looks and feels very professional. It offers varying levels of resistance which allows you to change workout patterns quite a lot. It doesn’t take up much room, but plenty capable of giving a good workout. Easy to assemble and is easy to move about when not in use.

Bestlucky elliptical built-in effective inertia-enhanced flywheel delivers a more natural ride. The machine is incredibly simplistic to use with a clear LED screen which follows your progress throughout the workout. This is an excellent elliptical machine for the money.


  • Maximum load capacity 120 kg
  • LCD Screens: Time, Speed, Calorie, Distance, and Heart Rate
  • Product weight is 35.8 kg
  • Product size dimension is 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inch
  • Built-in effective Inertia-enhanced flywheel system
Why I Like It
  • Extended Leg Stabilizers
  • Very easy to put it together
  • Performance monitor
  • Safety and convenience
  • Very sturdy
Why I Don't Like It
  • There is no cons

7. ANCHEER Trainer Magnetic Elliptical Machine 

ANCHEER Trainer Elliptical

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Our next elliptical machine also comes from ANCHEER, this physical trainer provides a smooth and quiet operation that is the same experience as a gym. ANCHHER is a brand that specializes in the design and production of fitness equipment. Each product has been carefully designed by the R&D team. Its 13in Stride Length provides a no impact, smooth flowing workout for your upper and lower body.

The digital LCD display panel shows time, speed, distance, odometer, your pulse rate, and your target pulse rate. Also, you can easily set and change your workout mode, adjust workout settings, and reset your workout from the console as well.

The two sets of handlebars have a comfortable, padded design and also feature very generic pulse grips to track the heart rate while working out. The pedals are large enough and are made from non-slip material.

The elliptical is designed for a person who is shorter than 5’4”. It reasonably sized to fit in a small corner. Its light and can be moved by a single person with minimal strength. You should be able to move this without an issue. Hope this helps.


  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Variable tension control
  • 12 lb built-in effective flywheel
  • Stable and comfortable hand bar
  • Digital monitor and large window LCD display
Why I Like It
  • Elbow mounting device
  • Pulse rate grips
  • Comfortable big non-slip pedal
  • Smooth and quiet workouts
  • The machine is very well made
Why I Don't Like It
  • It doesn’t have space to put a tablet or a phone

8. Hurbo Home Elliptical Machine Exercise

Hurbo Home Elliptical

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From the Hurbo brand, one of the most important in the home fitness industry, the Hurbo is one of the most recommended choices in the medium price range. With smart tracking to know how well you’re doing and see that you’re making progress makes for a really nice elliptical machine. As long as you have all the equipment and tools as instructed, you will be able to assemble it

Machine operates forward and backward for a great workout and the tension control knob works great for easy adjustment during your workout without having to get off the machine. Great for a low-impact upper body and lower body workout.

The heart rate pulse sensors are a great feature work wonderfully, showing your time elapsed, informs you of total distance completed, calories burned, heart rate and can be adjusted to show all or just one. This elliptical is small and doesn’t take up much room or make much noise during use, plus it’s easy to move around from room to room.


  • Product weight is 35.8 kg
  • Product Size is 104 x 48 x 160 cm/ 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inch
  • Flywheel Weight is 6 kg
  • Max Load Weight capacity 250lb
  • 8 Magnetic resistance levels
Why I Like It
  • Compact & small size
  • It is very sturdy
  • Portable wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight but strong
Why I Don't Like It
  • It’s not possible to put this under a desk

9. shaofu Elliptical Machine

shaofu Elliptical

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It is especially designed for home training, the elliptical machine is part of shaofu brand. The shaofu elliptical is a silent elliptical exercise bike with magnetic resistance on 8 levels and a belt drive system, with a rather heavy flywheel compared to the total weight of the tool.

The LCD display is easy to read and shows the main parameters of the training in progress, with the heart rate can be monitored only thanks to the handheld sensors placed on the handlebars.

The cross-trainer is easily displaceable or portable in the room because of its low weight. Nevertheless, during training, then very stable and quiet. For the money, you probably can’t beat it. This is a pretty good Elliptical Trainer.

The machine looks very thick and strong, sitting on it is really solid, great. This machine is good for anyone who has any type of joint problems etc. Because of the different settings, you can set it to high resistance and get just as good of a cardio workout as running.


  • 8 levels magnetic resistance adjustable
  • Heavy-duty & Big non-slip pedal
  • Product size is 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inch
  • Product weight is 35.8 kg
  • Flywheel weight is 6 kg
Why I Like It
  • Adjustable for different heights
  • Well built
  • It’s a great workout
  • The elliptical is sturdy enough
  • Portable & easy to move
Why I Don't Like It
  • Little bit difficult to assemble

10. ncient Trainer Elliptical Machine

ncient Trainer Elliptical

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Last but not least, this elliptical machine also comes from ncient, among the best economical elliptical for home use, this model is one of the most interesting choices, ideal for those looking for an essential training tool for medium-light use. With a simple and essential design, it is equipped with a rather light 6kg flywheel.

The LCD display makes it possible to monitor the essential parameters of a workout in real-time, such as speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate that can be measured with the classic Hand Pulse sensors on the handlebars. It is equipped with comfortable wheels to carry it where you want and given the lightweight, it can be moved easily.

It gives you a good workout even at the lowest setting. I would recommend this to anyone that doesn’t have time to exercise. It is extremely quiet, so it makes it nice to workout while watching your favorite shows. I also like that it accommodates weights up to 250lbs.


  • The 13-inch stride length
  • Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bar
  • An easy to read large window LCD display
  • Product size is 104 x 48 x 160 cm/ 40.9 x 18.9 x 63 inch
  • Maximum load capacity is 120 kg/265lb
Why I Like It
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Excellent machine for the price
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cheap price
Why I Don't Like It
  • This product has no cons

How to Choose an Elliptical

Elliptical MachineIn choosing a elliptical for home training, the elliptical exercise bike is a valuable tool that helps tone the body and lose weight, but is also useful for rehabilitation following an accident or for older people.

The elliptical is an evolution compared to the classic exercise bike, precisely because it allows a more complete movement that combines the ride with the pedaling, also integrating the movement of the arms. On the whole, it almost resembles a skiing.

An elliptical therefore must be chosen very carefully. It must be suitable with its own physical situation and the objectives that it is desired to achieve.

So what are the main elements to evaluate before buying? Let’s see them together to find out how to choose an elliptical.

Training intensity

The elliptical is a tool for aerobic training composed of two pedals and two movable dumbbells. It designed to allow the user to stimulate the lower and upper limbs. The movements are elliptical and take up those that are performed with three tools namely the treadmill. The exercise bike and the stepper thus offering a complete fitness experience.


The advantage of this tool is that it allows you to gradually control and modulate the movement, which is why it is particularly suitable for fitness beginners, the elderly, for those who are out of practice, for those who have problems with their joints, or for those who have to recover from an injury.

Professional and domestic type elliptical trainer

Although the elliptical is a tool that allows a more “gentle” type of activity than others. Training can still vary and be more or less intense, adapting to the sports needs of different users:

For this reason, the first factor to consider for the choice of the elliptical concerns the training intensity that can be performed with a specific instrument. In the following paragraph we will illustrate in detail the component resistance that can make an elliptical machine suitable or not for your sports needs.

Manual resistance

The resistance is opposed to the force that the subject exercises while performing the elliptical movement and which makes it consequently more difficult to achieve.

All elliptical have a resistance: what differentiates therefore a tool from another? First of all, the type of resistance, this can in fact be mechanical, magnetic or electromagnetic.

The first type corresponds to tools that must be adjusted manually through a knob that is usually positioned under the control panel, while the elliptical with magnetic or electromagnetic resistance have an automatic system.

Elliptical resistance adjustment via display

Resistance that can be set with the display another aspect that differentiates one model from another is the number of selectable resistance levels. These range from 6-8 levels to a maximum of about 16-18 in the most complete models and also suitable for heavier workouts, perhaps for sports enthusiasts or fitness lovers.

However, if you are a beginner, it is always better to start with the lower level and then increase the difficulty of loosening gradually, so as not to cause any damage to the joints, especially to the knees.


The stability of an elliptical is among the primary criteria for choosing not only a reliable and robust tool, but also to select the one that best suits the build and needs athletic of the user who will use it.

The aspects to be considered in this sense are weight that can support, and the characteristics of the flywheel, which is a fundamental component of the structure of an elliptical. Let’s look at them in detail in the following two paragraphs.

Structure weight and sustainable weight

The weight of the elliptical itself can give us information on the stability of its structure as an index of the robustness of the materials used and of the quality of the flywheel. Furthermore, it provides us with important information on the maximum user weight that the device can support. Also keep in mind that you will need to ensure that you choose a device whose structure is also comfortable, as well as solid.

To get a general idea of ​​which structure is best suited to your physicality, take into consideration that lighter appliances weigh about 15 kg and can support people up to about 90 or 100 kg. In the medium position, we find appliances that weigh from 15 to 30 kg, and support users even up to 120 kg, while the most robust tools weigh up to more than 50 kg, which offer the ideal solution also for users with a weight of 125 kg and above.

The flywheel

Similar to an exercise bike, the elliptical is also characterized by the presence of a flywheel, or a metal disk to which the two pedals are hooked and which has the purpose of making the movement of the mechanical system of the elliptical regular.

Elliptical with rear flywheel

The heavier flywheel is more sturdy and stable on the ground, but in addition to tonnage it must also consider other characteristics of the flywheel:

Type: in the most economical ellipticals, the flywheel is usually mechanical. The magnetic flywheel characterizes the products starting from the average price range onwards and ensures a quieter and even more smooth and comfortable pedaling. In the highest position, both from the qualitative and economic point of view, there are instead tools equipped with electromagnetic flywheel, which characterized by an extremely precise control of movements and effort and indicated for therapeutic rehabilitation purposes and for agonistic training with flywheel rear.

Location: the flywheel can be placed in the front or rear position. It depends on where the flywheel is located. We can distinguish two types of different structures that also involve a subtle variation in the type of training that can be done. Usually, the elliptical with front flywheel is able to support higher athletic performance. It allows a wide stride similar to a pedaling / skating. The elliptical with front flywheel usually has a more robust and bulky structure, which ideal for gyms and designed for particularly tall or heavy users.

Weight: the weight of the flywheel must also be considered because it influences the stability of the structure. This can have a mass ranging from about 9 kg to over 15 kg

Information provided

When training, it is very important to be informed in a precise and clear manner about some interesting parameters to understand the performance of the sports performance, which is why we must pay attention to the indications provided by the elliptical trainer to its user.

Display of an elliptical

This information may vary both in number and in display mode.

Display that provides one information at a time

Let’s start by seeing a complete list of how many and which data you can view during training with an elliptical:

Duration of training: time is probably the most relevant parameter for many users, and all ellipticals with a display allow you to see the duration of the training.

Cardiac activity: when the tool is equipped with the appropriate heartbeat detection sensors, it is possible to keep this data under control through the elliptical display. Some models also provide compatibility with the use of a special heart band to monitor the beat even more accurately.

Calorie count: this is the display of the total calories burned during a training session and almost all models are equipped. Clearly, the indication is quite indicative and should be considered as such given that the number of calories burned depends on other very subjective variables such as body mass and feeding of the subject

Distance traveled: another way to quantify the effort made is to take a look at the distance that has been traveled. We recall that the elliptical can measure this distance because it is characterized by an operation similar to that of a treadmill or an exercise bike

Training difficulties: when equipped with electromagnetic resistance, the devices also display information on the resistance level set and maintained during training.

Some machines also allow you to record these data, so as to keep track of your workouts and monitor progress or goals achieved over time.

In addition to what type of data we are given, the devices also differ according to the way in which they are displayed to the user.

Adjustable programs

We come to another aspect that makes the difference in training, or the possibility of selecting programs already set by the elliptical. A factor that makes its use easier and more comfortable but, at the same time, it also makes its price decidedly taller.

But what is a pre-set training program? This is the possibility of performing a type of training whose duration and intensity are automatically set by the elliptical on the basis of a criterion established by the user. Or maybe the time you want to move. Furthermore, it is also possible to perform a workout using specific programs such as HRC, which regulate exercise intensity based on the cardiac activity recorded.

The models that are characterized by a low selling price are usually also very essential tools and never include the possibility of exploiting these automatic training for which it will be the user who, on reaching a certain period of time or distance covered you can choose to end your aerobic activity session.

Space requirement

The last factor to take into consideration when choosing an elliptical is relative to its bulk. It is a very important feature especially when you have specific space requirements to respect to place or store your tool at home.
In fact, remember that the elliptical is a type of machine that requires a sufficiently large space to allow those who train to perform the correct movement with both the upper and lower limbs.

Resealable elliptical

Specifically, with “footprint” we mean a series of elements that return a global image of the structure of an elliptical, which are the following:

Dimensions: these describe the true tonnage of a device, but also the quality of the training that is achievable with it. In general, the longer the structure of the elliptical, the more relaxed and correct the movement that the legs must perform. The dimensions of the elliptical must also be selected according to one’s size but, in principle, models that are not should be chosen. Less than 1 m to ensure a comfortable and useful tool for a correct workout

Possibility to close it again: some models on the market allow you to close the part where the pedal is located to reduce the tonnage of the tool when it is time to put it away. This feature is somewhat ambivalent, because while it is certainly convenient to be able to fold up the structure of the elliptical and make it less bulky. On the other hand it is almost exclusively the simplest and cheapest models that offer this possibility. If you intend to carry out intense or frequent training, then you will have to accept the compromise of a bigger footprint at home, and therefore you will need to make sure you have the right surface to place the tool and use it in a comfortable and correct way.

Presence of wheels: especially if you plan to move the appliance after use to store it elsewhere, it will be good to pay attention to the presence of two or more rollers placed in the base of the elliptical. Because these appliances can also weigh more than 50 kg.

By the way, with regard to moving your equipment for domestic use, keep in mind that it is important that an elliptical has floor protections.


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