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11 Best Solar Lights Outdoor & Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Solar Light

There is no doubt that lamps and all types of solar lights are a choice chosen by more and more people in the world to illuminate any type of terrace, garden, balcony or entrance. A few years ago they began to make popular with very basic designs and very little efficiency, since they used to emit lights that, besides being short-lived, were not very intense. However, currently, especially with the arrival of LED technology, as well as with all the best achieved in solar panels. There is no doubt that there are a large number of high-quality lamps on the market with very low consumption and quality, excellent light.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the light that emits the device you are going to choose is powerful enough and pleasant enough for the place where it is required. For this, undoubtedly, one of the best options to which you will choose will be to choose a lamp that can be regulated or have different intensity options.

The different types of lamps that you will find in the market are those of less than 100 lumens, which will be interesting for areas where you simply want to bring a light touch of light, so as not to advance in the dark or create an intimate atmosphere. between 100 and 200 lumens, for average lighting, for example in gardens, and 200 lumens, to install on terraces or balconies where you want to be able to develop normal activities with enough light, so you do not have to strain your eyes.

The best solar lamps of 2020

The best solar lamp is the one that responds to the needs of the environment it has to illuminate and among the suggestions proposed below, there is certainly something that will excite you. These are offers that have been appreciated by users and continue to arouse great interest.

ImageSolar Light OutdoorWaterproofCharge 
iThird Solar Light OutdoorYes4.5 hrs Check Price
InnoGear Solar Lights OutdoorYes7.5 hrs Check Price
LEPOWER Light OutdoorYes5.5 hrs Check Price
Onforu Outdoor LandscapeYes4.5 hrs Check Price
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Lights OutdoorYes10 hrs Check Price
ZOOKKI Solar Lights OutdoorYes10 hrs Check Price
Mpow Solar Lights OutdoorYes09 hrs Check Price
GardenJoy Solar Lights OutdoorYes12 hrs Check Price
URPOWER Solar LightsYes12 hrs Check Price
120 LED Solar Lights OutdoorYes12 hrs Check Price
LITOM Solar Lights OutdoorYes10 hrs Check Price

1. iThird 21 LED Solar Light Outdoor Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor iThird

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iThird motion sensor is an upgraded version. This kind has better detect angle than the nipple one. It will make the solar wall lights detect the motion easier. It comes with screws and anchors for mounting on most substrates. If that’s a problem there is also 3M mounting tape available.

The motion sensor light will stay on about 30s after the motion is gone. The light housing of this solar wall light is Aluminum and ABS, so the color is white and silver. This solar-powered light is dusk to dawn outdoor motion sensor lights, they will shine enough light. It suits your requirements.

This solar light is waterproof and it could work in a rainy day. But the working time could be a little shorter than sunny day, as the solar panels couldn’t get enough sunshine to charge the battery. Dim light & motion sensor mode (maximum lumen: 250LM): dim for about 8 hours and it could be motivated for 120 times. It will stay on with brighter light for about 37 seconds for each time.

When the solar motion sensor light was motivated on, it could provide 100 lumens illumination for security and safety protection for your property. The linear distance will be 10ft-16ft, sensor angle is 120 degrees. The light is great and fits anywhere you want to put it. It is not the cheapest, but it is one of the brightest and does its job well. Its stainless steel finishing is beautiful.

  • 3 Adjustable modes motion activated solar security light
  • Eco-friendly & energy-saving solar wall Lights
  • Waterproof & rustproof motion sensor lighting
  • It is solid and well built, but not very heavy
  • Very cool light! (warm, actually)
  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Its sensitivity to ambient light

2. InnoGear Solar outdoor Gutter Lights Wall Sconces

InnoGear Solar outdoor Gutter Lights

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InnoGear is a go-to innovative company that makes routine life easier, simpler and better with superior diffusers and LED lighting products. One of the greatest features of this solar-powered outdoor light is that it can be mounted on the wall with provided expansion plugs and screws in seconds. Less maintenance is needed as no cable or wire is necessary.

Innogear Solar light comes with 4 working modes: ¼ brightness light, ½ brightness light, dim light, motion sensor full brightness light and off + motion sensor full brightness light. Updated larger panel with 260mAh capacity getting faster charging in less sunshine environment.

There are three lengths that you can choose from: 1) direct mounting of the lighting unit (no extension rod), 2) 8″ extension rod, and 3) two 8″ extension rods (connected together). So, you can extend the lighting unit out to as far out as 18 inches. However, the mounting unit (onto the wall surface) may need to be strengthened.

The housing is plastic and it can be spray painted as long as you put some tape on the solar panel and actual plastic that covers the leds. They feel as though they are made of steel with a white paint on the bracket. These are made for gutters and many gutters are aluminum. You may also consider using some kind of rubber gasket or insulator between.

  • Updated solar panel
  • Waterproof & heatproof
  • 36 Super bright LEDs
  • Aluminum mounting pole
  • These lights are very good and bright
  • The mounting bracket is a bit cheesy
  • Small size light

3. LEPOWER 3000LM LED Security Solar Light OutdoorLEPOWER 3000LM LED Security

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This solar outdoor light includes 2 super bright LED light heads with die-casting aluminum material, produce up to 3000lm high brightness output and good heat dissipation. It saves your electricity bill by up to 80%.

The light head and motion sensor are movable and flexible so that you can adjust the motion head and light to focus on the lighting area you want. The backside of the lamp head is made of die-cast aluminum, which can spread the heat effectively and increase the lifespan of LED’s. Design for fast cooling purposes. 

It requires a hardwire connection inside an electric box to which it mounts. It comes with the black, white, and ground wires pre-stripped and wire nuts to make the connections.

You can mount this in any direction as long as the electrical box is there. The light heads are all adjustable and can move around quite a bit. The light bulbs are LEDs, they are built into the light and not replaceable. They will last for 50,000 hours.

This solar outdoor light comes with 1-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee for quality problem. There is no need to unwire the motion sensor as the light has a switch built into it so that it can be on all night and off during the daytime as it does have the solar sensor detecting daylight so that it does not waste power!

  • Super bright & energy saving
  • Motion detection works well
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • It is very bright and works perfectly
  • The light is easy to install fits standard outdoor box
  • Only a sensitivity and “time on once activated” switch

4. Flood Light, Waterproof Outdoor Landscape

Flood Light

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This solar light outdoor comes with 70 ultra-bright LED bulbs, which produce up to 6000lm high brightness clear cool white light. It 120-degree angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your exterior living environment and adds extra safety to your home.

These lights can be mounted under the eave (horizontally). Flip the light upside down, the writing on face will now be upside down, the brack will reach. You see it’s off centered. Unscrew bracket from light, mount as you would anything else. They are regular hardwired outdoor lights. They don’t have a photosensor either. So if you don’t connect a photosensor to them, they will have to be manually switched off and on.

You can add dusk to dawn with any light by the way they are awesome and bright. There is a short cord of about 18 inches exiting the lamp. This is your point of connection. 

There is a short cord of about 18 inches exiting the lamp. This is your point of connection. You could put a plug to on the cord and plug it into a recptical or extension cord but normally you should hardwire to an outside box and splice.
  • Table & efficient cooling
  • This is a nice sturdy piece of equipment
  • The light is as bright as you expect it to be
  • It has a little bit of weight to it
  • The color is close to daylight
  • This flood light is not dimmable
  • It is little bit heavy

5. BAXIA Technology Solar Light Outdoor

BAXIA Technology Solar Light Outdoor

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You can’t beat these especially the price. Your home box stores may carry something similar to these, but these are super affordable. It includes 28 powerful LEDs and the motion angle is 120 degree which can provide you excellent illumination and turn the dark space into a bright lighted space.

It designed with no dim mode to increase product life span. When the motion is detected with 3 to 5m, the motion sensor lights will turn on automatically in darkness or at night, with provides your illumination for security and safety protection.

They will work ok however the charge will run down and get dim if it does not get direct sunlight after a while of usage. You can mount it so that it can be removed easily so probably every fourth night you can remove it to some sunlight and reinstall. If you put them five or six feet off the ground around a yard area I think they would do a gird job. You would need multiple lights spaced around the area. 

The only issue is more cosmetic. The plastic cover over the solar panels have developed a haze similar to what you see on older plastic car headlights …but functionally, there is no change. They produce a good amount of light.
  • PIR motion lights and no dim mode
  • 28 LED ultra-bright solar powered lights
  • Waterproof IP65 and durable
  • Solar lights outdoor with motion sensor at night or darkness
  • Solar step lights
  • These are motion detection only

6. ZOOKKI Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor

Solar Motion

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If you’re looking for that perfect housewarming gift or the perfect college gift to send a loved one away at the dorm, look no further, you have found it! These lights are super bright, motion-activated, will do perfect in a closet that has no light and you can rotate them when you need to charge them in the sun. They look small but illuminate with big power.

This outdoor solar light made of high-impact ABS which can withstand rain, snow sleet, and other extreme weather conditions. Waterproof and heatproof outdoor solar security lights perfect for garden, patio, yard, driveway, pool, garage, stairs, porch, etc.

Its security night light will turn on automatically when the people come close under the motion sensor, and the lights can stay on around 30s. It comes with 28 bright LEDs, 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and 400 lumens light. The lights are motion activated and will stay on if there is motion. After motion they go out shortly.

It is built in 18650 lithium batteries which have long operating life with good maintenance. It is not recommended to replace the battery, as disassembling the product may affect the waterproof function. There is a unique wide Angle design of ZOOKKI solar lights that offers a larger coverage of luminosity (28leds).
  • Sensitive Led motion light outdoor
  • Wireless solar powered wall lights
  • Intelligent solar motion sensor lights
  • 28 LED outdoor solar security lights
  • Senses motion from about 20 feet
  • Screws are cheap metal
  • Not good for heavy traffic area 

7. Mpow Solar Lights outdoor Bright

Mpow Solar Lights outdoor

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Mpow UPGRADED the PIR Motion Sensor which detects movement up to 26 feet with angle of 120°. Even your cute dog can active it easily on darkness. Mpow solar lights outdoor with advanced LED light and unique 270-degree wide lighting angle design, provide your home 2 times brighter and broader range than other similar lights on the market. It auto on at night when motion detected at night, and become bright for 30 seconds. Mpow solar light outdoor comes with larger battery capacity absorbed sunlight on the day and convert sunlight into electricity. 

They are compact enough that they can be placed anywhere and they only need one screw to install (instead of two screws on other models) which makes them easier to install and the light is bright enough so you do not need to install a lot of them.

This solar outdoor light also comes with waterproof design with solid quality and heavy-duty construction makes the light’s lifespan up to 3 years.

These lights are motion activated. They are either on or off, no dimming feature. They detect motion and turn on, they stay on as long as there is motion. If there is no motion they turn off after about 1 min.
  • Sensitive motion sensor solar lights
  • One minutes easy installation
  • 270° wide angle lighting
  • Super bright front door light
  • The charge holds very well
  • Size little bit small

8. GardenJoy Solar Lights Outdoor

GardenJoy Solar Lights Outdoor

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GardenJoy upgraded solar motion sensor lights with made of high power LEDs, which is duration and brightness are even better and built-in sensitive PIR motion angle and distance 120 degree, 39 feet provides of your home life illumination for security and safety, Additionally, the lights adopts 5.7V solar panel, which can convert 20% of solar energy into electric energy, greatly improving the charging efficiency and storage capacity and satisfy different demands in energy-saving way.

The waterproof solar powered wall lights best to keep darkness when in use during night time best to put where the solar light can shine on during daytime and where there is no light source during night time.

The outdoor solar motion sensor lights can stay on 30 seconds with sensor and then turn off without motion. The solar motion sensor lights with IP65 waterproof which can other extreme weather conditions.

The solar lights adds an additional USB charging function and power indicator. If the indicator light doesn’t flash, it’s full charged. If the indicator light is flashing, it’s in a charging state. There is an on and off switch on the front with adopts iconic LED indicators, which is more intuitive, convenient and easy to operate.
  • 79 LED super bright solar lights outdoor
  • Simple & efficient solar security lights
  • Unique design 4 lighting mode
  • Waterproof & save energy solar light
  • Eye-catching design
  • Take huge time to take full charge

9. URPOWER Solar Light with 44 LED Waterproof


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This 44 LED chip can make more area super bright, ideal choice for fence, patio, deck, yard, garden, step. Urpower solar light auto turns on bright light for 30s when motion detected which can satisfy your demands in energy saving way.

There are 3 settings to choose from. The best choice, in my opinion, is to set it to come on at low power at dusk, and then when it detects motion, it goes to the high power. That saves battery power.

The lights will shut off automatically after 15 seconds. You also have the option for the lights to remain on constantly during periods of darkness. If you use this function, you’ll need to ensure the lights get plenty of sunlight to recharge daily.

The sensor is able to detect cats and other small animals walking within its range. When it detects movement, the light illuminates the area very well. The dim setting is soft enough that it won’t hurt the eyes and still provides ample lighting.

You can replace the battery with a common and cheap 18650 lithium battery as you can find on Amazon for a couple of bucks. Again these are very generic batteries imported from China. Such batteries often promote being able to be recharged 1000 to 2000 times.
  • Ultra bright LED
  • Unique lighting modes
  • Last longer with upgraded battery
  • Cool white color temperature
  • Up to 26 feet and 120 degree detection range
  • These lights are very sensitive

10. LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

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As the leader of the solar light outdoor industry, LITOM 30 LED focuses on the innovation of design. Technology to provide the best lighting experience to customer from all over the world. This solar light sold more than 5000000 solar lights outdoor and been favorably reviewed by more than 4000000 customers.

With PET laminated solar panel, the solar energy conversion efficiency of LITOM led solar lights have reached up to 19.5%, which is 3% higher than general solar light. This means LITOM solar motion light is faster and high-effective while charging.

You can use the Litom solar lights in cold winters and hot summers with no issue. The lowest using temperature of this light in minus 20 degrees Celsius. It combining with 30 pieces of high power LED beads with the innovative wide-angle design, LITOM outdoor solar lights improve the light utilization by 30% and lighting angle is 50.

The Litom solar lights stay on as long as motion is going on. Litom solar light outdoor develops its own PIR sensor on this solar motion sensor lights which sensing range and sensitivity are both 20% higher than general solar lights, bringing ultimate using experience for you.

The lights automatically turns off on its own. It charges all day and only when the motion sensor detects movement it comes on for about 10 seconds. Provide awesome lighting!

  • No dim mode for longer use
  • Your super bright cool white solar lights
  • Leading IP67 waterproof technology
  • Your reliable solar light brand
  • For you higher quality ensured
  • There is only a notch to hang them up

11. LITOM Enhanced Version Solar Lights Outdoor

LITOM Enhanced Version

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This is last but not least, LITOM Enhanced Version Solar Lights Outdoor is a very good lights, they have three settings, medium light comes on when it gets dark then when motion is detected it turns to bright, is dim then goes bright when motion is detected, full detection mode so just turns on bright when motion is detected.

This light has 3 lighting modes, and the button is on the back of the light. We desire to resolve this for you within 12 hours. It will turn bright for 17-20 seconds when the motion is detected. And we have the upgraded 30 leds solar light, which can last for one minute with bright light on.

The light adopts plating technology on the surface to converge and reflect light beams of 54 SMD LEDs to lower the light decay, which brings higher brightness of 1020lm.

These lights are great! The sensor can pick up movement easily, and the lights turned on when people walking under it. In fact, the sensor is so sensitive, it will turn on the light when the nearby trees move under the wind.
  • Doesn’t comes with instruction
  • Three optional modes
  • Enhanced PIR motion inductor
  • Security lighting
  • Good lights very bright
  • Old model Design

How to choose the best solar lamp

The price of solar lamps is gradually falling while their quality and durability is better thanks to the continuous technological innovations concerning this sector. Not surprisingly, this is a solution that is increasingly used to reduce the costs of outdoor lighting, given that lighting performance and efficiency are not penalized. In this guide we show you what parameters define a good lamp and how to make sure you make a good purchase that you will not regret later.

Centralized power supply or on each element

If you belong to the army of those who compare prices, you will certainly have noticed how in recent years the costs for equipping yourself with solar-powered lights have progressively decreased in favor of a growing yield and greater battery autonomy.

The ability to accumulate energy without dispersing that which is not used immediately is not such an obvious aspect and, in fact, one of the limits to which researchers work more assiduously to make photovoltaic a competitive alternative to the fossil sources in use today.

Those who do not want to make a large investment for the entire home supply system can consider the possibility of using small storage centers to power the spotlights placed along the garden even in the less exposed areas. If the garden looks all south and the climate is sunny during most of the year, then it is possible to think of installing separate spotlights to equip every corner of its autonomous unit. In the ranking it is possible to find interesting examples of the latter type.

The importance of exposure

It is known that the yield of a spotlight powered by solar energy depends primarily on its exposure. On the market there are items with batteries capable of accumulating large quantities of energy with average short exposures, but if the area where you live is frequent rains or fog banks, it is clear that the performances will not be excellent.

The need for direct exposure to the beams limits the choice of the location of the individual spotlights even when the trunks of the trees are to be used as a support: here the foliage will be an inevitable obstacle to complete and rapid recharging.

An eye on aesthetics and safety

The best brand takes care of technological and design aspects, offering pleasant objects that make a good impression if they are displayed in the driveway or delimit the main spaces of the garden.

The importance of the aesthetic factor must go hand in hand with the care for the quality of the article. It is necessary to choose those lamps that are able to accumulate enough energy during the day to be released all night until the dawn light. This is essential in order to be certain of purchasing an item that effectively meets the security criterion of the home by discouraging criminals from being introduced into the home by the shadows.

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