7 Most Important Criteria for Choosing the Right Red Dot Sight

How to Choose Red Dot Sight

Red dot sight is a very popular optic in the gun industry. Basically, red dot sight used by professional hunters and the military. The main advantage is its high precision and represents a technology that improves the efficiency of firearms. This is the reason why there are several models, offered by different brands.

The diversity of the offer creates difficulties of choice for a user who is little or poorly informed about red dot sight. Because each manufacturer puts forward technologies, with their advantages and disadvantages. To take stock, we invite reed this article, that help you to choose the right red dot sight.

Presentation of the red dot sight

The red dot sight is a hunting sight ideally recommended for closed environments. It is a good battue sight, given its precision and ease of carrying. Widely used for hunting in USA and elsewhere in the world, it allows precise shots to be carried out in a very short time.

The red dot for shotguns is offered in various models, with specific characteristics that adapt to the hunting realities of each user. The range, precision, ergonomics and resistance are criteria that, combined with size and price, make this accessory a great must-have.

How to choose your red dot sight

Depending on your hunting rifle, you can choose and mount different types of red dot sight: Here is a list of the most important criteria that should be taken into account before making a purchase decision.

1. The shooting distance

To choose the right red dot sight, you must take into account the usual distance of your shots. It should be understood that a red dot sight is intended almost exclusively for beaten hunting. While it is true that there is no wrong choice per se, the subtlety of this feature lies in the size of the point.

It is good to know that the range of the device is usually 50 to 100 meters, depending on whether the terrain is clear or congested. Depending on the size of the game you are hunting, you will have to opt for a more or even more precise model, while taking into account your usual distance of approach.

For driven hunting, 4MOA sights are the most suitable. They offer a point of 100 millimeters at 100 m. On the other hand, the 2MOA sights offer a reticle of 50 millimeters at 100 m.

The game of distance from the size of your game is therefore at the level of the size of the red dot in your objective. With a 4MOA you have a big red dot over a short distance while with a 2MOA you can have a red dot that is too small over a long distance.

Good to know: The MOA (Minute of Angle) is the unit of measurement for the size of the red dot. It represents the variation in size of the red dot at a given distance.

2. Dimensions and quality of the lens

The size of the sight is closely related to the total weight of your firearm. The red dot for the hunting rifle must offer good brightness and this is what you get with a large lens.

The most interesting sights are those that offer high brightness, a wider image with low tunneling. They allow the objective to be understood more clearly. These options depend on the quality of the viewfinder lenses.

There are several models of red dot sight on the market from which you will have to choose wisely, depending on the dimensions, as follows: A compact and lightweight sight for handguns; a more sophisticated sight, offering various features for heavier weapons.

3. The parallax corrector

Parallax is a big handicap when it comes to shooting through a sight. Nowadays, there are good models of red dot sight with options that help to overcome the parallax problem.

What to look for in terms of a red dot sight is a model that solves the parallax problem. Your sight should allow you whatever the angle, to have the reticle as close as possible to the target point.

At best, you can opt for a model without parallax. There are some that are so well calibrated that when the reticle is on the target you can be sure that the barrel is inevitably there as well. Another advantage of this type of viewfinder is that it hugely corrects the problem that low light can be.

4. Night vision mode

If you plan to use it at the night, then make sure the red dot sight is night vision compatible. This means it will adjust in low light conditions. Keep in mind, when you set on a night vision mode, the dot is so faint you cannot see it with the human eye.

5. Ease of mounting and use

Depending on your weapon, your sight will need to be able to be mounted perfectly and easily. Even if for the great majority, the sights are compatible with Picatinny rails, it would be interesting for you to choose models with a modular base. This in the event that you change your weapon or have an unconventional model.

It is obvious that it is uncomfortable to mount a large sight on a light weapon or the other way around. In this logic, it will be necessary to prefer the H1 and H2 models for light weapons while the HUNTER models, for example, will be more appropriate for heavy artillery.

6. Ergonomics and battery life

Ergonomics and autonomy are important factors that must also be taken into account. Indeed, depending on your hunting experience and your objectives, some models may not be suitable for you.

The ergonomics present a certain fragility and the most determining factor is perhaps its sensitivity to bad weather. For example, snow and various dirt can regularly disturb its sound and operation.

Generally, little-known manufacturers offer very low battery power. This type of tool can be discharged at any time, in the middle of a hunting trip. They require you to keep spare batteries at all times. However, among the best hunting red dot brands, you can find some models with very long battery life. The best of these can operate continuously for up to five years.

7. Price of a red dot sight

Apart from the technical characteristics, there is of course the financial factor which intervenes to choose its red dot sight. Generally, it will take between 20 to more than 500 dollars to buy a viewfinder. The price depends on the model chosen and its characteristics.

While buying a good model might seem a bit expensive, you should keep in mind that the best red dot sight you can buy is the one that gives you the best value for your money.


How will your red dot be used?

The red dot sight is very popular among the marksman, the military and the hunter due to its ease and speed of use. So it is not difficult to use. Also renowned for its use in low light conditions, the red dot sight is also popular with airsoft and paintball players for the same reasons. For example, the hunter will have to question himself on the use of his red dot on big or small game, which brings to the second point: the shooting distance.

For what shooting distance?

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your red dot sight. There is no right or wrong choice, the size of your red dot is largely a function of your own comfort and shooting habits.

If you plan to use it over long distances (beyond 80 meters) it is advisable to choose a model with a 2 MOA reticle. If you plan to use it for driven hunting, therefore over short to medium distances, it is advisable to use a red dot sight of at least 4 MOA in order to acquire the red dot more quickly.

With or without parallax correction?

Some models of red dot sights even offer a feature to compensate for any parallax that may occur when the shooter moves his head. In other words, the reticle will be close to the point of impact, even if viewed from a different angle. However, the parallax correction is not always perfect. It is a function of the quality of the sight, the distance between the shooter and the target and the angle with which one looks in the sight.

Which size of sight to choose?

The larger the lens, the more brightness there will be and therefore a wider field of vision. Here again, the choice of the size of your red dot sight will depend not only on its use but also on the type of weapon on which the sight will be mounted. We will also tend to choose a model with high eye relief for a mount on a powerful long weapon. A wide choice is available to you, from the compact and lightweight handgun sight to the more sophisticated sight offering other functions for heavy weapons.

What type of assembly?

The sights are mostly compatible with Picatinny type rail. Others offer a modular mounting system with a base that can be adapted to the rail of your weapon. Extreme Conditions offers you a wide choice of red dot sight as useful for the sports shooter, the military or the seasoned hunter.


To sum up and clear up this complicated range, first determine your shooting distance needs. Then choose between a tubular system and a holographic system. Finally, think about the budget. If it is particularly tight, opt for a model with a price between 120 and 200 $ on which you can change the battery without disassembly and always plan to take a spare battery.

For any specific or additional questions, we are available to answer them. To do this, use the contact form or comment section, then we will guide you in your choice.

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