Top 10 Best Anti-Theft Travel Bag for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Anti-theft Travel Bag

When carrying your laptop and numerous other valuable electronic devices, a traditional travel bag isn’t an ideal option because it does not guarantee you an adequate level of safety. Anti-theft travel bag looks like regular models, but they come with one or more smart features that help content safe.

For example, they are designed with secret pockets, RFID protection, non-slip materials, and proven waterproofness. In this article, we will tell you which anti-theft models let you enjoy your next trip and how you choose the perfect backpack.

Best anti-theft Travel Bags in 2020

Anti-theft backpacks are nothing more than the evolution of the backpack traditionally understood. The various companies that produce these items have constantly perfected their proposals, making them much more secure against theft attempts, shocks and rain. The latest anti-theft travel backpacks come with a USB charging port that allows the user to charge their cell phone.

Checkout: Our Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags in 2020.

Anti-Theft BagWeightPocket 
Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag [Editor's Choice]12.0 ozCross-body Check Price
NeatPack Crossbody Anti Theft Bag12.0 ozCross-body Check Price
Markryden RYDEN Anti-theft Backpack2.0 lbLaptop Check Price
Pacsafe LS350 Anti Theft Daypack [Best for Quality]1.6 lbLaptop Check Price
VBG VBIGER Anti-Theft Travel Backpack2.16 lbLaptop Check Price
oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack [Best for Price]2.85 lbLaptop Check Price
MHCNLL Crossbody Anti Theft Bag12.0 ozCross-body Check Price
XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack1.76 lbLaptop Check Price
Tzowla Black Anti-Theft Travel Bag1.85 lbLaptop Check Price
Korin ClickPack Pro Anti-theft Bag2.2 lbLaptop Check Price

1. Travelon Black Adjustable Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Travel Bag

The top position of our list is Travelon crossbody anti-theft travel bag, it fits snuggly up against your body. All body panels of this bag have a stainless-steel mesh that lies under the outer fabric and between the lining. The cut-proof shoulder strap is great, you can simply attach it to any post or chair for added safety and convenience.

The bag states RFID scanning protection, so it throughout the bag, but typically with the anti-theft bags that have the RFID protected slots, it is the built-in slots in the bag. So, when you open the bag, there are credit card slots in the main bag compartment, those would be the best spot to store your cards for protection from RFID scanners.

They have a small light inside the purse right inside so you can find your items is really helpful! It comes in a wide range of colors so you could choose one that is fashionably colored. As this whole bag also has zipper locks, they should be very secure in that location as well. The strap is attached to the purse.

The length of the strap is approximately 57 inches when it’s fully extended. It’s a great anti-theft travel bag to carry the standard small camera, phone, wallet, etc. It’s also very comfortable and can store a lot without feeling bulky. You can be used as a carry on for a long flight.

It doesn’t have a designated place for a water bottle but you can manage to fit one inside the purse itself. Not the best but it worked.
Why I Like It
  • Slash-resistant body construction
  • Comes with removable LED light
  • Fabric is easily wiped clean
  • The strap is easily adjustable
  • Security features are great
Why I Don't Like It
  • The curve on the side is much high
  • Front pocket only have a magnet closure

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2. NeatPack Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag for Women

NeatPack Crossbody Bag for Women with Anti-Theft Bag

Are you searching for cute, practical cross-body anti-theft bags? NeatPack is made with security in mind, with a theft-deterring RFID pocket for credit cards as well as lockable zippers. This Anti-Theft carry bag features thoughtfully designed exterior and interior pockets.

This bag is ideal for water bottles, toiletries, electronics, books, & other necessities. It’s nylon and has a soft fabric that feels very comfortable. This bag looks like denim, but it is not. It is lightweight but durable. It is softer than denim and waterproof and has many pockets for different things inside and outside.

This anti-theft travel bag is not hard, and not incredibly soft more in the middle. It’s like a light rain jacket material not very thick but definitely water-resistant. It works well for both men and women. A small 3 ring binder 7 1/8 inches wide by 9 1/8 inches high should work fine.

But the depth of the large side pocket is a little bit narrow compared to the same size bag.

There are 2 zippers on the top that you can lock together using a luggage lock if you feel like you’re in a high pickpocket area. The back outside pocket with a Velcro closing can fit an iPad perfectly though it does not offer much protection. The inside is quite spacious and the inside pocket can help to organize your belongings.

Why I Like It
  • Comfortable to wear any season
  • Nice size & reasonable price
  • Rain doesn’t affect the bag
  • 3 front exterior pockets
  • Durable and washable
Why I Don't Like It
  • Opening is too tight for anything else
  • Not cut proof

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3. Markryden RYDEN MR5815 Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Markryden Anti-Theft Travel BagThis is a great laptop backpack for travel because the print of this bag is attractive and gives the bag some style. The lightweight bag weighs only about 2 pounds but helps to keep hands free. Even filled, it is very lightweight compared to other anti-theft travel bags, which can put stress on shoulders and become uncomfortable and burdensome as the day wears on.

It has a size of 16.5 x 3.9 x 12.6 in and can accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. The zipper of the main compartment is hidden inside the bag, nobody can see it and open it when it closes. Furthermore, there are no hinges on the outside. It has clips for the laptop and tablet, and there is a thick sponge pad to protect your computer and tablet.

There is a Velcro inside the bag to hold the bag partially open. There is also an external side pocket for water bottles and umbrellas. The pocket is stretchable enough to hold a regular sized-water bottle. This anti-theft backpack has a secret pocket on front-bottom, so you can hide your documents.

The USB port is outside of the bag, but inside the bag, there is a USB port, too. The inside port is for connecting your recharging wire to the power bank, the outside port is for connecting your recharging wire to your phone. This anti-theft from Markryden has an incredibly practical format.

This anti-theft backpack is perfect for travel, school or work. It comes with a serious semi-rigid design, very original and modern, which retains the shape of a backpack for everything even if it is empty. The designers of this backpack paid great attention to details.

Why I Like It
  • 90°-180° flexible main pocket
  • Waterproof and cut-resistant fabric
  • Great for multi-purpose use
  • 2 USB port with removable cable
  • High-quality material
Why I Don't Like It
  • You must use both straps or else its very uncomfortable and slides off

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4. Pacsafe LS350 Metro-safe Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Pacsafe Metro-safe 15-Liter

The Metro-safe is one of the best anti-theft backpacks from Pacsafe. This anti-theft travel backpack is perfect for day trips in the city or out on the back roads with its clean slim design and also packed with an organization for a laptop, phone, some snacks, and a water bottle travelers gravitate to the design and function.

The carry-safe strap is also embedded with stainless steel wire to help prevent bag slashers from running off with your gear. There’s also a neat feature where you can unscrew a strap and re-screw it against a pole or handle if you’re going to be riding a train or something and want to secure your pack.

The Pacsafe Metro-safe anti-theft backpack has 2-lockable zipper exterior pockets, and the roomy main compartment includes a protective sleeve for a 13-inch laptop or similar size tablet. The external dimensions are 16.54×11.61×5.12 inches, you should practice a little before you leave.

It’s made of durable and waterproof nylon fabric. It has an internal compartment with a zipper hidden from view. The zippers on this backpack can be securely locked so no one could come up behind you and zip it open without you feeling it. It also has a metal mesh sewn into it so it cannot be sliced open.

This backpack does not have a third strap. However, each of the two straps has a built-in tensioner which can be used to adjust the tightness of each strap around each shoulder.
Why I Like It
  • Very comfortable bag
  • Smart zipper security
  • Carry-safe slash-guard straps
  • Turn & lock security hooks
  • Compact & great size
Why I Don't Like It
  • Medium size, not too large
  • Not very thick

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5. VBG VBIGER Anti-Theft Nylon lining Laptop Backpack

Anti-Theft 17-inch Laptop BackpackVBG VBIGER backpack has a built-in lock when you put your laptop. The laptop backpack has laptop sleeve and the bottom also has well padded to protect your laptop. This anti-theft backpack fits up to 17-inch laptop easily. VBG VBIGER anti-theft USB backpack contains a large storage space for various electronic accessories. It is also water-resistant.

The backpack is very comfortable and it is holding up well, especially for the price point. It has a strap in the back pad to hold a luggage case. The side pocket is up to 7 cm. It works perfectly for 16 to 20 oz water bottles. It will fit any size of the body because the straps are long and adjustable.

This multifunctional backpack is also built-in good quality, very firm and durable. It is made of fleece in one side outside and lining nylon. It is good for high school students or college students. It’s pretty durable but is still lightweight on its own. It is 2.03Lb when it’s empty.

It has 3 main pockets from the front to the back, 2 side pockets, and an anti-theft back zipper pocket. Inside the first main pocket, there are a main pocket, several small zipper pockets, and laptop sleeve. The second one is smaller and also including 2 small pockets. The third one is even smaller.

Why I Like It
  • Splash-proof business backpack
  • Multifunctional & water-resistant
  • Comfortable and cheap price
  • Large size & user-friendly
  • Back airflow design
Why I Don't Like It
  • Strap could be more comfortable
  • One outside pocket zipper

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6. oscaurt New Version Theft Proof Travel Backpack

 oscaurt Anti-theft Travel bag

oscaurt anti-theft travel bag made of quality polyester, anti-cut and water-resistant. It has reflective inserts to increase safety in the dark. The zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag, no theft will easily open your backpack, which ensures your valuable documents safe. There’s also a hidden strap in the middle of the back so you can attach it to your suitcase handle.

Inside the bag, there is a USB cable to connect to the power bank. Doing so will allow the user to use the female plug positioned outside the bag. You can plug in a portable battery into the bag and charge your phone is such a life saver when you travel. The battery compartment is big enough even for the largest one you can find.

There are little clips under the straps so when you adjust it the extra doesn’t stick out. This bag is more of a professional type backpack not bulk carrying system. It’s perfect for late high school use 11-12th graders and up with all the slotted portions, the bag contains.

You therefore benefit from optimal back support. You also benefit from adjustable straps to allow you to install it in the way that suits you. It’s super friendly to use and very functional. Keep in mind that, it is water-resistant not waterproof. The main compartment offers enough space to carry on a lot of devices.

The only problem is the accessory cord. It will not be recognized by Apple, so don’t expect it to charge at all unless you take out this cable and connect directly from your apple to your apple bypassing the cord.
Why I Like It
  • So many small pockets
  • Comes with a USB charging
  • Multi-compartment night safe
  • Very cheap price for the quality
  • Very practical and functional
Why I Don't Like It
  • Zippers are a bit difficult to zip-on
  • A bit cumbersome for daily use

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7. MHCNLL Crossbody Bag with Anti-Theft RFID Pocket

MHCNLL Crossbody Bag

MHCNLL crossbody travel bag built with anti-theft RFID pocket and soft fabric provides you comfortable support. There are three colors available black green and purple, easy to match clothes, women lightweight water-resistant purse, solid color, durable. The RFID wallets are equipped with an advanced and unique proprietary blocking material.

The bag was designed to carry all of these items in its multiple pockets. The crossbody bag is lightweight and will make it easier to carry around all day long for your adventure. The side pocket with the elastic bottle holder will hold a 3-inch diameter bottle. The fabric length is 3 inches high.

The strap is plenty long for flexible adjusting and there is lots of room in such a small space. It is sturdy and able to hold everything you would ever put in your pockets and more. There are three outside pockets. Two smaller zip ones not big enough for smartphone but two larger ones and both of these plenty large for smartphone and more.

The material is hard to describe, but it’s nice and soft. This is a great anti-theft crossbody bag for those women who don’t want a girly looking purse. However, the shoulder strap can be rather bothersome and it moves around a lot so it doesn’t stay in place on the shoulder.

Why I Like It
  • Solid and attractive color
  • Safe and reliable design
  • It has two side pockets
  • Durable & doesn’t slip
  • Waterproof material
Why I Don't Like It
  • Zippers are made of plastic
  • Side pocket a little bit small

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8. XD Design Bobby Original Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

XD Design Anti-Theft Backpack 

The bag is great if your neck does not suffer for it. Shoulder straps are excellent, as is the rest of the bag. It’s beautiful to look at, materials are nice to the touch, and it is durable and resistant. Zippers are well designed and impossible to open for thieves, very comfortable and plenty of room for travel or everyday use.

It has a USB port on the bottom of the bag, near the strap adjustment part. The backpack does not come with a portable charger, but you can attach any power bank that you already have to the inside of the backpack to charge. There is a simple connection inside the backpack that makes sure you can easily connect all power banks that are on the market.

There’s a place for everything, such as laptop, small stuff, power bank. So for binder, pencil pouch and notebooks should be fine as its size is quite big. This anti-theft bag is also suitable for university students as they usually need to bring laptops and several notebooks. It is extremely comfortable to carry on your back.

The maximum size for the laptop that fits the laptop compartment is 15.6″. It is able to carry up to 10KG in case you fit there the items of that weight. Note that you can’t put in washing machine, because the protection-case around the USB port can also get damaged if put in the washing machine.

It does not have an RFID protector inside. The pack is not waterproof so consider spraying with scotch guard if traveling to places where it will be raining.
Why I Like It
  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cut-proof design
Why I Don't Like It
  • Main compartment is a little bit expensive
  • Hard to close the zippers
  • Small size bag

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9. Tzowla BRS-LTBKXX2-Black Anti-Theft Travel Bag

Tzowla BRS-LTBKXX2-BlackTzowla is a well-known company because of their highest quality travel backpack at the most reasonable cost. This black anti-theft travel bag is the perfect size for people who want to be able to carry enough personal accessories, but still don’t need or want to carry a huge bag everywhere. To ensure quality, this stylish anti-theft backpack comes with lifetime replacement warranty.

It can be easily opened at 0-180 degrees. It has the power connection and USB cable, in addition to the hole for the earphones. The ergonomic and breathable structure of the backrest lightens the load on the shoulders, back and back.

This backpack definitely have enough room for your computer and iPad. You could put your computer and iPad in the 2 main zipper pockets. And the backpack also have another 12 divider pockets for your other items comfortably. The size of the main laptop compartment is almost 18″x14.5″x2.4″ which is ideal for 15.6-inch laptops.

The soft foam padding with an anatomical design and a shock reduction protects against accidental damage. This laptop backpack is water-resistant and can resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. It is big enough for college students and it will make your items well-organized.

Why I Like It
  • Convenient USB & headset port design
  • Large multi-compartment and pocket
  • Luggage belt design & easy to carry
  • Lifetime quality assurance
  • Reasonable price
Why I Don't Like It
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof
  • A little top-heavy

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10. Korin Design ClickPack Pro Anti-theft travel Bag

Korin Anti-theft travel Bag

Last but not least, the Korin ClickPack Pro backpack is considered by many observers to be the best anti-theft backpack. It has all the characteristics of a quality anti-theft backpack. It is very safe and offers perfect storage possibilities and all zippers are equipped with a clever locking system. The material feels very thick, and it feels puncture-proof.

Korin anti-theft travel backpack has a TSA approved lock where you just snap the zipper handles in place. You can easily set your own passcode without previous experience. It’s designed with a retractable metal wire that you can also snap into the lock if you want to tether it to something. It is also comfortable to use and very elegant.

It has a hidden pocket to attach your key chain. There is one to hold an umbrella or water bottle. There is one for your passport and tickets. It has a compartment for a battery pack inside the bag where you can connect a USB cable when you go outside. You can charge your phone while holding it or putting it in your pocket.

There are a couple of individual pouches that you can use to store toiletries. There is also a slot for a 10-inch tablet and up to a 15-inch laptop. The surface is made of high-quality waterproof materials and the zipper is waterproof. This anti-theft bag also comes with a rain pouch.

This would be the perfect backpack for college students and it should last them for their whole college career. However, this bag can not hold many books because the interior size is not that big. The semi-rigid structure of the backpack maintains its shape even without putting anything in it. 

Why I Like It
  • Authentic materials & large storage space
  • Unique weight reduction system
  • Wrap-around shoulder strap
  • High-density polyester fiber
  • TechTriple anti-theft protection
Why I Don't Like It
  • Black-colored sides are not cut proof

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Buyer’s Guide

There is a wide range of anti-theft backpacks on the market, each with a unique and very particular style, with characteristics adapted to the requirements and needs of each. As we know, it is not easy to choose the ideal anti-theft backpack. Therefore, we include some specific functions and features below, which are certainly worth considering for you before buying an effective anti-theft backpack:

The materials

Anti-theft travel bag should be made of strong and tear-resistant material. Ballistic nylon gives them great durability, puncture and abrasion resistance and promotes their dimensionally stable structure. There is also the microfiber, it looks very similar to that of a leather backpack.

Microfiber has become the best synthetic substitute for leather thanks to its special characteristics: it is waterproof, cold-resistant, anti-aging, quite breathable and very durable.

Security & durability

As the name suggests, any anti-theft travel bag should prevent thieves from stealing from you. Therefore, the best anti-theft bag must have hidden pockets. In addition, our recommended model also uses RFID blocking technology to prevent thieves from stealing money electronically from your cards.

A professional anti-theft backpack must be made of resistant fabric. Check the label and choose a backpack made from slash-proof material.

Zipper & pocket

Before purchasing an anti-theft bag for travel, you should check if you have enough space to keep your passport and documents in a safe place. In addition, good anti-theft backpacks have special shock pockets for your laptop and other sensitive mobile devices.

Therefore, check that the protective characteristics do not hinder their use. The zipper should be easy for you to open. Hidden pockets should also be accessible for those with large, muscular fingers.

Most anti-theft backpacks have zippers that are inaccessible from the front, hidden and protected from others. Some even have zippers that are sealed at the front.

Comfort design

Best model anti-theft travel bag should be light, with extra padding for the shoulders and back, and it should be medium in size so it doesn’t get uncomfortable for your back. The additional padding at the points of contact with your body is definitely a positive aspect.

The mesh lining on the back promotes the perspiration of the back and keeps it dry even if you wear the backpack for a long time. The straps must be tight but not so as to rub them against the neck and shoulders. In this regard, you can also looking for a one-shoulder backpack. It should also remain light and easy to transport even with heavy objects inside.

Special features

You can find several backpacks with cool additional features, some with a USB port allowing you to connect your mobile phone to an indoor power bank. Others come with a special cold pocket to keep liquids or medicine cool.

Memory foam protection

If you plan to store your laptop, as well as your Macbook or similar device in your backpack, the advice is to look for one with memory foam protective padding. This layer of foam is sewn into a large pocket and is intended to help protect your equipment in the best way from accidental bumps and scratches.

Stable shoulder straps

Of course, the shoulder straps should also be designed so that a thief cannot simply cut them with a knife or other sharp object. Some risers even have thin steel cables installed on the inside, making them particularly robust and stable. Small and light women’s handbags with a thin strap are particularly at risk in this regard.

With a backpack with wide and sturdy shoulder straps, however, this procedure is not easily possible without being noticed.

Service time

The anti-cut fabric is already in itself a guarantee of long life. Add to this the way in which the seams of the bag are made, the construction of the zipper, the distribution of the weight. Being a more expensive investment than normal backpacks, check how much these elements can actually contribute to greater longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material an anti-theft bag made of?

The material on the outside of your backpack should be waterproof and cut-resistant, but at the same time protect your valuables from vibrations and prevent damage and scratches.

Nylon and polyester are the most common materials for cut-resistant bags and backpacks. Premium fabrics are considered to be extremely resistant and durable and are therefore often used in the military or for expedition equipment.

Who is an anti-theft backpack suitable for?

An anti-theft backpack is a sensible investment for everyone who spends a lot of time traveling in large cities and has valuables in the pocket or the compartments of their backpack. Theft-proof backpacks or bags with special zips are particularly recommended for digital nomads who carry high-quality laptops with them, possibly even with sensitive data.

Which anti-theft bags are best for a laptop?

Make sure that the anti-theft backpack is actually big enough to easily carry your laptop in – some models are only designed for smaller valuables. In addition, the backpack should have specially padded pockets or compartments and be waterproof to protect the laptop from rain or shocks.

Can a zipper be theft-proof?

The zipper is one of the essential protective elements on your theft-proof bag. A good zipper often shows the quality of a piece of clothing or luggage. The locking system of your anti-theft backpack should not only be durable and robust but also have the necessary security features to lock the interior of the bag.

Integrated locking systems – such as the patented Pacsafe lock – have an obvious advantage over separate combination locks or padlocks with keys.


The choice of an anti-theft backpack is very subjective. There are branded anti-theft travel backpacks on the market that protect their precious content in an innovative and reliable way. But keep in mind, functionality and capacity are fundamental factors, but the design should not be overlooked. I hope this buying guide will help you choose the best anti-theft travel bag in your budget.

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