10 Best Bath Pillows Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Best Bath Pillow

Whether at the Spa or even at home, who does not like lounging in a good bath. Because a relaxing bath can provide enormous pleasure especially if you want to relax and just want to lean back comfortably in the tub.

What is the best bath pillow in 2021? this is a common question, but its answer depends on your health, neck, heart and many other things. However, the choice is not always easy among the thousands of models available on the market. Therefore, we have decided to meet you with a comparison list of best bath pillow.

Best Bath Pillows for 2021

There is 1500 more bath pillow available in the market and every day is increasing. We researched for more than a week and finally select the top 10 bath pillows for our readers. It is difficult to select only 10 bath pillow within a vast number of models. But it is also true that most of the people who use bath pillow and their demand include in these models.

If you want to find the best bath pillow you must focus on some kind of features.

  • How big should your bath pillow
  • Quality of materials and construction of bath pillow
  • How many suction cups include this bath pillow
  • What kind of materials used for this bath pillow
  • Deciding on the shape of bath pillow
  • How much time need drying the bath pillow
  • How good for head and neck support
  • Design and waterproof system
  • What method used for drying

Checkout: Our Comparison Table of Best Bath Pillows in 2021

Bath PillowSize (inch)Weight 
Homer's Choice Bath Spa Pillow14 x 12.81.2 lb Check Price
Bridawn Non-Slip Bathtub Pillow16 x 161.8 lb Check Price
Bath Pillows For Tub Neck Support14 x 141.6 lb Check Price
Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men17 x 171.1 lb Check Price
Gorilla Grip Premium Spa Bath Pillow15 x 131.0 lb Check Price
Royal Casa Non-Slip Bathtub Pillow14 x 130.5 lb Check Price
Soothing Full Body Bath Pillow16 x 492.0 lb Check Price
Raffaelo Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow14 x 60.6 lb Check Price
QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow16 x 501.73 lb Check Price
Bath Pillow - Extra Seat Cushioning16 x 491.8 lb Check Price

1. Homer’s Choice Luxury Anti Mold Bath Spa Pillow

Homer's Choice Bath Spa Pillow

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If you want to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation, we invite you to discover Homer’s Choice bath pillow. It provides you a luxury feeling when you use it. This spa pillow is super soft and much smooth compare to others which provides you relax and comfort when you lay on the bathtub.

It’s designed 3D scientific and made a strong material which provides you extra confidence when you use it. We ensure that this unit is waterproof and air flowing through the pillow does not catch dust and it achieve rapid drying. This bath pillow supports your head and neck at the same time.

Homer’s Choice bath pillow made of two-panel cushion with 6 super strong suction and is guaranteed not to slip any type of bathtub. Whatever you use, it is very simple to install. When you lie in the tub, the spa pillow supports your back and you feel extra relax then you need a cup of coffee or wine and.

This price is also reasonable. And this luxurious bath pillow is adjustable with water and made from antimicrobial and antibacterial materials, which provides extra security for your health. It is also ideal for those who take baths regularly and really want to have a good time of relaxation.

  • Very comfortable support for neck
  • Absolute comfortable experience
  • Built with Air mesh technology
  • Hygiene and security
  • Super soft surface
  • Not thick enough
  • You need dry quickly

2. Bridawn Luxury Non-Slip Strong Suction Bath Spa Pillow

Bridawn Bath Pillow

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With its dimensions of 15.75 x 15.75 inches, Bridawn bath pillow has first of all the advantage of offering a beautiful surface allowing you to comfortably rest your head, neck, as well as your shoulders and back to enjoy a moment of relaxation. The materials are ecological and offer comfort for your neck and head.

Bridawn bath pillow gives you super comfort and softness because of this 4-panel support. Two panels support your back and the other two panels provide you all-around natural comfort. This model comes with perfectly adjustable mood. It can be a perfect gift for your partner.

You can easily dry this pillow and it takes a little time to dry. And this anti-bacterial system supports your health and unlimited service, so don’t worry about your health. This soft and durable bath pillow also releases from pressure and you can also take nap.

It stays completely in place on most smooth tub surfaces. It perfectly re-adjusting your position, so don’t worry about falling and re-adjusting. This design is airflow and made the best quality fabric, so it provides you a long-time service and offers you an optimal moment of relaxation.

Many people find a bath pillow relieve their skin hurt. This is best for you because fits soft materials won’t hurt your skin or your neck and you feel like lying down on the cloud.
  • 3D air mesh technology
  • Featuring with elasticity
  • Breathability and softness
  • Super soft fibers
  • Scientific design
  • Size is a little bit small

3. KP SOLUTIONS Soft Women Bath Pillows for Tub


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This bath pillow is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about continuous use. KP bath pillow provides your neck and back support and you feel more comfortable. You can carry anywhere because of its small size and waterproof system. A very nice product with a good quality/price ratio!

It also provides you long time relax because its fabric is soft and quality based. You don’t need to worry about slipping because it’s super suction cups adjustable for any kind of tub. After use, you can easily take your cushion by taking off the suction cups.

It’s anti-bacteria provide health support. This color and fabric looking pretty good, so you can use a long time period without boring. If you want a luxury experience with a small budget don’t miss this bath pillow. It made of soft but strong and responsible materials.

Its mesh technology promotes the quick and easy flow of air and moisture for easy drying and better resistance to odors and mold formation. It also allows for a stable installation for maximum comfort. This high-end pillow offers a unique experience like in a Spa.

  • Recline into relaxation
  • Stays attached to the bath
  • Suction cups hold really well
  • Great for indoor & outdoor
  • Stays Sanitary
  • Only four suction cup

4. Bath Haven Ergonomic Luxurious Quilted Air Bath Pillow

Quilted Air Bath Pillow

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Quilted Air bath pillow amazing who like softness. This sumptuous spa pillow super adjusts your head neck and shoulders in blissful comfort. This pillow relief your pressure and provides strategic support for sensitive joints. Its color will allow you to give a touch of modernity to your bathroom space.

You can use it any kind of bathtub because it made an adjustable feature. This bath pillow gives more soft-touch your neck and removes your headache. It comes with six super suction cups, so no more slipping or sliding, and it is very easy to position.

It is a woven polyester that allows it to breathe and dry extremely effectively and keeps it from staying damp and developing mildew. The beautiful color of this high-end bath pillow is ideal for contributing soberly but elegantly to the decoration of a modern bathroom.

This luxurious bath pillow comes with a washing bag and a travel case. You can dry it anyway with a little time. You can wash this with the machine or hand washing as you choose. High-end bath cushion with very practical characteristics for safe use in maximum hygiene and comfort.

  • Extra-durable construction
  • Super-strong suction cups
  • Stays put securely
  • Cloud of softness
  • Won’t slip & slide
  • Fabric is a little scratchy

5. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Spa Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip bath pillow

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Gorilla Grip bath pillow is designed with premium, high-quality 4” thick deluxe foam material, and durable construction to ensure you get the maximum support and relief you need for your fatigued and sore muscles. It comes with a luxury fabric that will help to remove your depreciation and increase confidence.

It’s come with six suction cups. It’s a perfect size and the suction cups are easy to remove from the tub base whenever you feel like cleaning the tub. Gorilla Grip bath pillow gives you two extra suction cups to help your pillow stays in place on the most smooth tub surface.

These 4 panels support your head and neck continuously and the other two panels support your shoulder. You can feel unlimited comfort when you lay your head on the pillow. Its design and softness relax your body and mind. You can use it at home in your bathtub or take it everywhere with you. 

You can easily clean it and you can wash on cold with gentle detergent. But you should clean it without others clothing and avoid use bleach so that softness steel all around this pillow. Always drying this air don’t iron. Overall this high-end pillow offers a unique experience, like in a Spa!

  • Premium 2-panel design
  • Luxurious comfort and support
  • Six strong suction cups
  • Machine washable
  • Free bath puff
  • Quite scratchy when you move around on it

6. Royal Casa Non-Slip & Waterproof Bath Pillow

Royal casa bath pillow

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Royal Casa bath pillow provides you a bunch of features at a reasonable price. If you compare with other models you never find better than it. Its waterproof system, anti-mold, and six suction cups make it popular suddenly. At the same time, this pillow gives you unlimited luxury comfort and relaxation.

It takes a little time for drying. And its super suction cups adjust your head, neck, and back, so don’t worry about slipping or sliding. Bath pillow measures 14 x 13 x 4 inches so you can use it any type of bathtub. This bath pillow also helps you to reduce tension.

Its fabric and design are unique and you can wash it easily. This waterproof system also ensures you long time service life. Its 3D structure allows it to better evacuate water and dry faster, keeping your pillow healthy and comfortable on any occasion.

It has 4 extra strong suction cups that will attach to any flat surface. It’s covered with a soft mesh fabric you can easily clean with a couple of squirts of liquid hand soap. To ensure quality, Royal Casa bath pillow comes with a lifetime warranty. You can easily fix it on all surfaces.

  • Mold free & waterproof design
  • Upgraded large suctions cups
  • Easy to clean & fast dries
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wide and comfy
  • Color is not strong
  • Hook is too small

7. Soothing Company Full Body bath pillow Bathtub Back

Full Body bath pillow

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If you need a full-body model Soothing Company 50 inches bath pillow is perfect for you. We compare with more than 20 different kinds of full-body bath pillow and finally, we discover that this is the best one for the price. It has a hook at the top of it so that you can hang it on your shower stall.

If you buy this unit, you must forget slipping and sliding because it comes with 13 super suction cups, so it is impossible to slip. The 3D mesh not only designed to be antibacterial but also mold and mildew formation. You can easily wash it with soap and water either by hand or washing by machine.

Soothing spa-grade full-body bath pillow is specifically designed to make bath time as relaxing as possible. It also comes fitted with a premium quality ergonomic pillow for your head and neck as well as your back so you can feel even more comfortable.

It takes a very short time for drying and again prepare for reuse. You can also wash safely with the machine. This full-body bath pillow gives you super soft body cushion to the ergonomic headrest and it provides you everything you need for a truly comfortable bath experience.

  • Quick-drying design
  • 13 suctions cups
  • Extra durability
  • Hygiene and comfortable
  • Made out of polyester
  • Length is a little short
  • Quite small in diameter

8. Raffaelo White Non-Slip Suction Cups Bathtub Cushion

Raffaelo Bath Pillow

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Its unique shape made up of two separate compartments is ideal for taking care of your neck and back. It allows perfect support since it combines flexibility, firmness, and maximum ergonomics. And it perfectly supports the head, the neck and the whole body.

This bath pillow made of new air mesh fabric technology which provides you perfect alternative comfort. This design added two inches extending the width of the mat to provide more cushioning for the arms.

It also provides you unlimited relax your heart and home bath experience. You will enjoy using this comfortable bath pillow every day. It has fifteen super suction cups that are easily adjustable. It is also very simple to store. We highly recommend purchasing if you have enough space.

You can wash and dry within a short time period and can wash it with soap by hand or machine. But Air drying perfect for it. This bath pillow also comes with a non-slip mat and a washing bag. For such a high-end model, we really have found it to be fairly affordable.

  • Relief for pressure and stress
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Air-mesh technology
  • Machine wash safe
  • Very cheap price
  • Too much thick

9. Bath Haven Quilted Air Full Body Bath Pillow

Quilted Air Bath

Check Price on Amazon

In terms of comfort and quality, the Bath Haven full-body bath pillow is certainly one of the best models we have tested. Quilted full-body bath pillow removes your pressure of hard. And relax your back neck and tailbone. It relaxes your all body not only your head or neck.

With this unit, you enjoy a comfortable bath experience every day. It is adjustable with temperature, and the antibacterial system supports you with a healthy life. With a cup of coffee or wine, this bath pillow provides you with a more suitable position whatever you want.

This waterproof system provides you with continuously using permission. You can easily wash it with machine or hand wash. This full-body bath pillow comes with a mesh wash bag. This turned out to be a really good purchase, especially if you love taking baths.

The suction cups are also the best quality and so strong that if you pull just the mat, it may tear it. Make sure not to just pull the mat to unstick it from the tub. Overall, if you are looking for a pillow to relax in your bath, the Bath Haven pillow could also be a very good choice.

  • Anti-mildew quick dry material
  • Eleven ultra-strong suction cups
  • Nice and comfortable
  • 3D air mesh technology
  • Very lightweight
  • A bit bulky to store
  • A little bit expensive

10. Exclusive Design Extra Seat Cushioning Bath Pillow

Modern Design Bath Pillow

Check Price on Amazon

Last but not least, this luxurious bath mat designed to cradle your full body in the bathtub. Large slip-proof mat measures 16” x 49” with 10 extra-wide suction cups for a sturdy grip. This is a perfect Full-body bath pillow at a cheap price and best for relaxing your full body.

It made of high-quality soft fabric which gives you an ergonomic headrest for your head and neck. This full body pillow scientifically has proven to remove body pain and decrease depreciation. It effectively wicks moisture away for quick-drying, and all you have to do is rinse and let it dry after each use.

This super suction cups adjustable for any type of tub, so it is impossible to slipping or sliding. ProCore pillow also designed with 3D mesh and antibacterial system. This full-body bath pillow gives you a luxury experience every day with your partner.

This bath mattress is made out of antibacterial material. Besides antibacterial, mold, and mildew resistant construction, it’s easy to clean with soap and water either by hand or using a washing machine. It offers a very soft welcome and good support that allows you to relax and release your muscles.

  • Easy product care and storage
  • Very durable construction
  • Neck cradling pillow
  • Soft and hygienic
  • Reasonable price
  • The head pillow is not filled enough
  • Neck pillow could be thicker

Buyer’s Guide

The bath pillow is intended to offer you maximum comfort during your bath, especially if you are prone to cervical or lumbar pain. When choosing your own bathtub pillow there are some factors to be considered to make a good purchase.


Whatever the bathtub cushion you choose, it will have to adapt perfectly to your bathtub. Headrest for bathtub Available in both free-standing and suction cups. The important thing is that it can follow the profile of the back perfectly.

The countertop version has a step to be placed on the edge of the tub. This type of headrest for bathtubs therefore provides only a pillow to rest and is therefore very fast to put on and take off. It is necessary to check the type of support it provides to the user.

The material

To make a perfect choice, which material is used to make the pillow must be taken into consideration. Bath pillows are made of various materials: plastic, leather, PVC, etc. Having to support the nape, neck and shoulders, you will have to choose a material that gives comfort and support.

The material is also important due to the fact that it will come into contact with water and therefore it must be verified that it is designed to be resistant to the wet environment. Also available in memory foam for superior comfort and support, especially if you suffer from cervical discomfort.

Make sure that the padding material is of quality.

The treatments

Having to be in contact with water in a very humid environment, it is essential that the cushion is designed with care. We must therefore make sure that it is completely waterproof not to risk awkward infiltrations and that it is well resistant.

It must therefore be treated or constructed with materials that are perfectly resistant to mold and fungus so that they can count on a perfectly hygienic product.

The design

Being not only an element of relaxation and comfort but also decorative. If you want to leave leaning against the tub, it is important to choose the design. Of course, the type of design is influenced by the structure of the pillow. From the type of tank to which it will be necessary to adapt, the type of pillow must therefore be taken into consideration.

The color

A criterion to say the least subjective but it is important especially if you are a fan of harmonious decoration of all the rooms of your house. To make the most of your bath, do not hesitate to choose a color that will make you feel and allow you to relax.

The fixing system

There are two main ones. The first allows the attachment of the bath pillow to the bathtub by a suction cup system. They adhere to the bathtub securely and prevent the pillow from slipping. The second system allows you to block the pillow as soon as your head lands on it. It depends on you which system you find most practical.

Suction system

This very ingenious but very banal system is generally very appreciated by most users of the bath cushion. However, not all bath pillows have one. Suction cups are small items that are able to attach securely to many types of surfaces. They stick automatically when in contact with a suitable surface. So you don’t have to make any special efforts.

The movements of your head during the bath do not influence the adhesion of the suction cup to the bathtub. With that said, it’s best to avoid choosing a leaky bath pillow that could fill with water and become too heavy. Suction cups that don’t have the capacity to support such a weight could give way.

Bath cushion with no smell

Because of the regular use of your bath pillow in water, you may fear that unpleasant odors will spoil your well deserved moments of relaxation. The good news is that you don’t have to endure this. Indeed, to fight against odors, many models have a system that allows very rapid evacuation of moisture and easy circulation of air.

In addition, many bath pillows are waterproof. All this allows the pillow to dry out very quickly and thus prevent moisture from settling in the foam to the point of creating odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How waterproof are bath pillows?

Not all bath pillows are waterproof, as you may have noticed in the personal home bath pillow test. Fabric products absorb water quickly and are therefore not waterproof. Plastic bath cushions, regardless of the padding, are dense and recommendable.

Which bath pillows are best for the head & neck?

The bath cushions are made of non-slip materials, which also have a rough surface. Of course, the best bath pillows are the ones that individually feel comfortable. Foam-filled plastic cushions are generally popular because they sink in well. A large sunbathing area promotes well-being.

How much does a good bath pillow cost?

The bath cushions are available in different sizes and prices. Already under 20 dollars, you can order a good and high-quality model, as our comparison of bath pillows shows. Our price-performance winner is always a good choice because it convinces in terms of price and comfort.

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