10 Best Dish Rack Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Best Dish Drying Rack

The dish rack is a kitchen utensil that allows you to organize the kitchen and drain water. It is not only suitable for the home but also used for holiday camping. It is used to run water from washed plates and allows you to dry plates, dishes, and cutlery before they are put away in the cupboard.

Several models are available on the market such as basket-shaped, countertop, folding, and all for various uses. The most common are the basket-shaped models. They generally have two aspects; they are either vertical which keeps the plates lying down or horizontal that keeps the plates upright.

Best Dish Drying Rack Comparison in 2021

You will understand that the number of people at home affects the number of dishes to be dried. When buying your dish drainer, you will need to compare the drainers available on the market. In order to meet all the expectations, here we present the top 10 models, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure you check our comparison table of best dish rack in 2021:

Dish RackWeightLong Approx. 
Chrome-plated Dish Rack [Editor's Choice]1.2lb14.25 in. Check Price
KitchenAid Dish Rack6.8lb20.1 in. Check Price
Shanik Dish Rack2.7lb20.4 in. Check Price
KK KINGRACK Dish Rack4.3lb20.0 in. Check Price
iPEGTOP Dish Rack [Best for Price]1.7lb15.0 in. Check Price
PremiumRacks Dish Rack4.4lb17.5 in. Check Price
KOHLER Dish Rack [Beautiful Design]5.7lb20.0 in. Check Price
SANNO Dish Rack1.9lb21.0 in. Check Price
Neat-O Dish Rack4.6lb17.0 in. Check Price
Reliancer Dish Rack
1.0lb23.0 in. Check Price

1. Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel Small Dish Drainers

Neat-O Deluxe dish drainer

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The biggest selling point for Neat-O Fast Dish Rack is its small and sleek design. It’s one of the most futuristic-looking dish racks on our list. The cutlery container is big enough to hold almost every piece of silverware. The utensil holder is spacious and has low dividers that help keeps the items upright.

You can see that its utensil holder is much roomy. And it can be easily removed and thrown in the dishwasher for cleaning but stays put when you want it to. The slots in the drainer are just the right size for average plates. It is easy to install and remove without screws or tools.

The rubber coating on the bottom portion of the drainer keeps it in place and prevents any buildup on the bottom. Its elegant design makes the most of the available space. Highly recommend if you’re trying to find something that will fit in an average size sink. This unit is simple but perfect.

The drainer measures 14-1/4 long and 12-3/4 wide and 5 inches high and the sides curve down to fit the contour of the sink. It is also well-made but doesn’t come with a pan. The Neat-O dish rack is made from steel, but it is no less satisfying for those who do not wish to deal with rust.

It is perfect for a twin sink so it can fit and drain on one while you wash dishes in the other. Otherwise, you need to buy a pan to protect your surface.
Why I Like It
  • Durable and fitted well to place dishes inside
  • Glass holders are a nice addition
  • Build-in very high quality
  • Perfect fit in the sink
  • Dishwasher safe
Why I Don't Like It
  • The legs are so short dishes hit the bottom of the sink
  • Plate holders are dead center

2. KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Full Size Compact Dish Rack

Full Size Dish Rack

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KitchenAid is one of the world’s leading kitchen accessories brands, with over 10 million regular customers. Of course, KitchenAid insists that all of these were satisfied customers. However, the drainboard is made of plastic, is about an eighth of an inch thick, and is gray. It is semi-flexible plastic. It is pitched to drain water over the lip of the sink. You are also able to slide it out and clean it when necessary.

A large, innovative design ensures that KitchenAid Dish Rack can handle the biggest dishwashing jobs. It has enough space to accommodate full-size pots and pans, dinnerware and more. The tines on the end are perfect for drying glassware and mugs. This dish rack also features an extra-tall and wide slot for drying extra-large frying pans or cutting boards.

The unit is well made, durable and very functional. And the utensil holder can be placed inside the rack, rather than outside, as the photo shows. It takes up room in the basket part for your other dish items, but yes you can place the utensil tray inside and not on the outside.

The entire unit is 19 inches long, by 15 inches wide, 6 and a half inches deep in the back, and 5 and a half inches deep in the front. There are also three utensil compartments. The 2 end compartments have slots that are removable and it is a product that you can use for a very long time.

The only downside is that the layers that hold the plates are designed in such a way that they can hold one certain plates upright not others.
Why I Like It
  • Very attractive and super functional
  • Perfect family sized & multi-functional
  • Drains properly and lots of room
  • Removable flatware caddy
  • High capacity storage
Why I Don't Like It
  • The mat is not as wide as the rack
  • The removable bottom tray is slightly smaller than the rack

3. Shanik Expandable Rust-Proof Draining Dish Rack 

Shanik Draining Dish Rack

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Some of my friends spoke highly of Shanik Expandable Dish Rack. I decided to see one of theirs and give it a good comparison. And I have to say that, if you made a graph of the dish rack in this list with great features on the other, then Shanik set as a blip in the kitchen room. This Over-sink dish drainer is crafted from premium quality, 100% anti-rust materials so you don’t have to worry about the metal rusting over time.

The cutlery holder gives you the option of using it on the counter or in the sink. The space-saving design makes it easy to adjust for any size sink or you can shorten or extend it if you prefer to set it on the counter. It also has two utensil holders for optimal drying.

You’ll have no problem using this expandable draining dish rack in any size sink. Simply adjust it to the necessary length so it can sit properly to hold all of your sink utilities. This unit is also simple to clean and completely rust-proof. It is worth the price – low profile, heavy-duty wire, heavy gray vinyl sides.

It needs to be a little deeper for utensil and rack part, sometimes dishes and stuff falls out. The only negative thing is  the small storage capacity. But other than that, if you don’t require much storage space to accommodate your dishes, this one is for you.
Why I Like It
  • Expandable dish drying rack
  • Use on the counter or in the sink
  • High-quality and rust-proof
  • Movable 2 cutlery with draining holes
  • Hold all your cutlery
Why I Don't Like It
  • It is a bit small for large families
  • Holder attachment is not very strong

4. KK KINGRACK Aluminum Small Dish Drying Rack

Aluminum Dish Drying Rack

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Of course, this party wouldn’t be complete without a proprietary dish rack by none other than KK KINGRACK themselves. The KK KINGRACK dish rack is on the pricier end. Adding that to the fact that KK KINGRACK has been a pioneer of modern dish rack manufacturing, we would expect it to deliver some pretty great features.

The quality is actually really good and sturdy enough. The design also looks nice in the kitchen. Also, the slots that hold your plates or bowls actually hold them in place. The cups stick to the plastic protectors on the cup holder and the holder just rests on the rack so you can pull off the whole cup holder if you’re not holding it down. Also the silverware drainer and cup holder can be moved to any position on the rack.

Bamboo cutlery cover not only has a unique antibacterial odor, but it also avoids the contact of the fork & knife and the growth of bacteria. You can reposition the drainboard for either side of the sink. You can also reposition the glass and cutlery areas. It can hold one 12 quart pot and couple smaller pots like quart sizes at one time.

The dish rack can be placed either right or left of the sink. One side of the drip pan is higher than the other so you’ll have to turn the entire rack 180 degrees to go from the right to the left side of the sink. It’s removable for easy cleaning and the structure is more stable and difficult to shake.

Why I Like It
  • 100% Rustproof and strong frame
  • Removable cutlery holder
  • Modern and beautiful design
  • Good-sized rack with a nice finish
  • Bamboo cover attached
  • Anti-scratch cup holder
Why I Don't Like It
  • The width is slightly wider than the collecting tray
  • The rack is flat

5. iPEGTOP APTNEW-L0285 Expandable Dish Drying Rack

iPEGTOP Dish drainer

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Every dish rack manufacturer on our list tries to fill a niche, for iPEGTOP, that niche is dependability. They are so confident in their dish rack that they back it with a lifetime warranty. The dish can be used over the sink, on the counter or in the sink. Its solidity and simplicity will satisfy you when the time comes to dry your dishes.

iPEGTOP expandable dish drying rack made from sturdy bold food grade 304 Stainless Steel, eliminates rust, corrosion, acids and alkali damages to ensure long-lasting durability. Non-slip extendable rubber arms and feet protect the counter and sink from scratches, so don’t need to worry about the slip.

It includes a plastic detachable 2-compartment utensil holder, which very convenient to keep your knives, forks, and silverware in place. The good design also makes it a good kitchen tool to unfreeze frozen food. This dish drying rack expands for use on the counter. The plate holder is separate from the rack.

This is the perfect small size for hand washing dishes for one or two people. Or for things you don’t want to put in the dishwasher. It wouldn’t work for a farmhouse style sink. You need the same rim at the front and back of your sink for it to sit level. This is a fairly small dish rack with the following dimensions: 15 x 12 x 3.5 inches.

The only thing that kind of bothers me is the utensils holder on the side, it’s not actually attached so if you put too much weight on one side it tips over and falls but you can move it to a different spot on the rack.
Why I Like It
  • Functional design & lightweight
  • Superior quality materials
  •  Space-saving & extendable size
  • 5-year rust-free guarantee
  • Perfect size for small family
Why I Don't Like It
  • The silverware caddy is too short
  • Not ideal choice for large family

6. PremiumRacks Customizable Professional Dish Rack


Check Price on Amazon

This is another great dish rack that delivers great functionality coupled with a beautiful design. It is FDA approved, and a universal gadget, which means it will set perfectly any type of kitchen. It’s also a pretty affordable dish rack compare with others. And comes with all the necessary tools and instructions.

There are 3 slots that can fit a knife blade that is 1.5″ wide. That part of the knife holder is about 6″ deep. The other part of the knife holder has smaller slots and is shorter, so better for the steak knives and other smaller knives. There is a rubber drain pan that sits beneath the rack and is somewhat secure from the weight of the rack with dishes.

The drip tray does collect water and hold it. What makes this product so brilliant is that the drip does not rest upon your counter-top allowing mold and other nasty things to grow beneath it. Instead, it easily slides into the rack itself suspending it above the counter-top.

It is easily removed to allow one to pour any standing water into the sink. No need to move the drying rack to get to the tray.

But the draining rack does not completely drain the liquid– it instead pools on the right and left corners. This usually evaporates and it’s easy enough to clean the drip pan, but it’s a bit frustrating that the rack doesn’t have anything to put it at a proper angle.
Why I Like It
  • Multi-level storage
  • Separate knife storage
  • Sturdy metal design
  • Easily removable tray
  • Cutting board holder
Why I Don't Like It
  • Nothing allows for complete drainage of all the side extras
  • The included drain tray is too small

7. KOHLER Large Collapsible & Storable Dish Drying Rack

Storable dish drainer

Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a modern design dish rack, the model provided by KOHLER should satisfy you. With over 10 million customers, KOHLER is a popular brand because of their quality kitchen gadget Here we review the KOHLER dish rack, made to be able to hold plates, cups, wine glasses, silverware, large utensils, cutting boards, pots and pans.

The drainage slats are two pieces and are held in place with a series of tabs along the edge. It’s a bit difficult, but you can flex the tray to provide enough clearance to remove them. The size is great, bigger than most other drying racks. I also love that you can separate the grate on the bottom to clean and dry it.

It is completely dishwasher safe. And the 2 piece grey slats snap out of place so that you can wash the tray underneath and get anything that slips between slats like a knife. The grill comes out easily, and the bottom is very easy to clean. This dish drainer is fitted with non-slip feet for maximum safety. Its white beautiful color provides you a luxury feeling.

Let’s be honest it is pricey and there are many other similar items for half the price or less. The drainage doesn’t fully work unless you tip up one side significantly.
Why I Like It
  • It is very versatile and functional
  • Great quality for the price
  • Utilizes space well
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Eye-catching design
Why I Don't Like It
  • The utensil cup is rather small
  • A bit expensive

8. SANNO Expandable Dish Drying Rack – Very Cheap Price

SANNO Dish Drying Rack

Check Price on Amazon

SANNO is the most popular dish rack in the USA. It comes with extra features, especially SANNO dish rack made with high-quality material and it is FDA approved. This little dish rack is high-quality and nice looking. Not flimsy or cheap looking and provide you modern kitchen experience for a long time.

Both of the side adjustable handles with Non-slip rubber arms keep the rack not easy to fall down into the sink. It also has four rubber feet to protect your sink and counter from scratching. It will not Scratches even slide. The adjustable side handles are intended to be placed on top of the countertop, not inside the sink.

Perfect for when dirty dishes keep on coming in and one person scrubs other person rinses off the soap. Also perfect for when all the dirty dishes have come and you can use this rack to keep pre-rinsed dishes ready for scrubbing. Its solidity and simplicity will satisfy you when it comes time to dry your dishes.

The basket is at a taper, so it will fit if your top sink opening dimensions are the same as the smallest size setting in the listing image. It allows you to clean and drain as you go along. It is a great classic stainless steel dish drainer with a large utensil holder. However, it does not have a plastic plate or a drip pan.

Why I Like It
  • 3-in-1 multiple functions
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes large utensil holder
  • Completely rustproof
  • Convenient to use
Why I Don't Like It
  • The utensil holder is not very stable
  • Depth space is small

9. Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack

 2-Tier Dish Rack

Check Price on Amazon

The Deluxe approach to the dish rack is pretty beautiful. It’s able to make your kitchen always modern and professional. Neat-O is famous for their dish rack and other kitchen gadgets over the last 50 years. So, you don’t need to ask questions about quality. It comes with an attractive design and durable construction.

There is a flattening on the side so you can have it drain to whatever you want, including the sink of course. 6 inches to top rack but the overall height is 1 foot and 6 inches due to the round ends that are required for assembly. A very decent dish drying rack for the price.

There isn’t that much else to say about this item. It’s a lightweight dish-rack and its purpose is pretty much self-explanatory. It fits under cabinets with regular-size dinner plates on it. The lower drying area is a little short for larger tumblers. It’s would be small for a large family if you are not using the dishwasher.

If you have a small kitchen and don’t cook that often (or cook only for one) you might think this product is a little too big. The only negative thing, it does accumulate slime underneath the rubber if not cleaned regularly.
Why I Like It
  • Shiny, and good quality
  • Very sturdy but lightweight
  • Wiring is strong and high quality
  • Looks pretty much and strong
  • Great choice for the price
Why I Don't Like It
  • Hard to put together
  • The bottom wire shelf is much narrower than the drainboard

10. Reliancer Expandable Rustproof Dish Drying Rack

Reliancer Dish Drying Rack

Check Price on Amazon

You have probably noticed at this point that I have a soft spot for dish rack stands of their ergonomic design. The Reliancer is as ergonomic as they get with its windsurfer design. With this extendable dish drying rack, you can save more space on your kitchen countertops by fitting it right in your kitchen sink.

It is made of top sturdy 304 stainless steel, unlike chrome finished material, corrosion, acids, and alkali damages to ensure long-lasting durability. No aging or BPA problems of plastic products. Passed a 24-hour salt test spray, can hold stoneware and heavier dishes, plenty strong even with extensions fully.

Drainer with slots to hold up more than 8 dishes. Deeper U-type to hold the dishes firmly. The flat bottom rack you can use for mugs and bowls can put more than 12 bowls. The detachable black plastic utensil holder is suitable for knives, cutter, forks, spoon, etc. Three cup holders to make more space to hold cups or goblets neatly.

This dish drying rack is approximately 16.75″ L X13″ W X 5″ H and expands from 16.75″ to 23″ long when two handles fully extended. It can fit most of the sink and is of good quality. It is big enough to hold a decent amount of hand-washed items that you don’t want in the dishwasher.

Why I Like It
  • Perfect fit for small 2 basin sink
  • Easy to move to counter to use sink
  • It has high storage capacity
  • Humanized design details
  • Very reasonable price
Why I Don't Like It
  • A little bit small
  • Hard to fit pots and pans into it

Bonus Review:

#Zova SF7023 Premium Dish Drying Rack with Swivel Spout

Zova Premium Dish rack

Check Price on Amazon

Zova SF7023 is a premium dish rack and can be installed easily. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The white and green color combination will match the kitchen decoration naturally. It has four legs that keep the unit off the countertop for a cleaner look and service. The spout-drain fits firmly and drains any water nicely into your sink. 

I like the sturdiness and design of this (addition of silicone stands) and it does naturally drain very good. The base is slightly concave for the water to seep through the outlet. I highly recommend this for someone who has no adjoining drainer with their sink and doesn’t have a massive pile of cutlery to wash in one go.

The distance between the slats is approximately 7\8″ of an inch. The dish rack with slots holds up to 10 plates and there is extra wide space for you to put more bowls, mugs or utensils. The best feature is that the water can drain directly into the sink. Nice size and cute enough to leave on the counter.

The only minor drawback is, IMO, the legs could be a bit shorter, so the depth of the rack could be deeper. The tall legs mean the rack is a bit shallow compared to other drying racks, therefore, utensils tend not to be deep enough to hold items firmly. Knives and taller pieces fall about.
Why I Like It
  • A modern & trendy dish drying rack
  • Durable construction & Anti-slip feet
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • The metal part is fully removable
  • Slots hold up to 10 plates
Why I Don't Like It
  • It isn’t a huge rack for a big family
  • Get dirty a bit quickly

Different Types of Dish Drainer

In this section, you’ll find a comparative analysis of the most popular types of dish drainer available on the market.

Stainless steel dish drainer

stainless steel dish drainer does not rust in an industrial style. It will give your kitchen a different tone. Occupying very little space, it is ideal for small kitchens. It’s ergonomic so you don’t need to reduce its storage capacities. You can store several plates and cutlery there.

This dish rack has a clever drainage system that prevents water from accumulating. This prevents rust and guarantees the durability of your equipment.

Kitchen craft chrome plated dish drainer

This type of dish drainer is the perfect choice if you are looking for simplicity and modernity. Its chrome color makes it perfect for all kitchen styles. It offers reduced dimensions in order to fit easily into a reduced space. It also has a water recovery tray, which makes it practical to place on a table.

Wood Dish Drying Rack

Wood is an extremely environmentally conscious material that fits perfectly in a wooden kitchen. Depending on the type of wood, the grille can have a light or dark color. Only a damp cloth should be used for cleaning, since a wooden drainer is not suitable for the dishwasher.

How to Choose the Best Dish Rack

Faced with the panoply of dish racks available on the market, it can be embarrassing to choose a specific model. This is why it is important to find a dish drying rack that is well suited to your needs. However, there are a few criteria that it is recommended to follow in order to make the correct choice:

Ease of use

This is the first thing you should think about when deciding on a dish drainer. Incidentally, if you are the type of person who rarely does the dishes, simply choose a simple and easy-to-store model. Otherwise, you are free to choose the one you like. However, consider the space you have in your kitchen.

Single or set

Manufacturers are putting a multitude of choices on the market. If you have an idea of ​​how a dish rack is made, you know that there are many models that have two racks, one upper and one lower. It is useful not only for inserting cutlery but also for other elements, such as cups or small parts.

When they are damaged, they must be replaced to avoid a general malfunction of the appliance. If you are lucky, you may only have to change one of the two racks, getting away with not too high an expense.

Maintenance & storage

The dish rack must be washed and cleaned regularly because it is imperative not to let water accumulate at the risk of promoting the proliferation of bacteria. It is therefore important for you to choose an easy-to-clean model in order not to complicate the task. It is also recommended to buy a model that has an evacuation system, and dishwasher safe.

The storage of your dishes will depend on the type and shape of the dish drainer you have. The arrangement of plates and cutlery will be done according to whether you have a vertical or horizontal model. Some people allow vertical storage of the plates, others are designed to store them horizontally.

If you have a model that has a water collection container, you should empty the container after the dishes are dry, then put it away. Otherwise, clean the drops of water that will settle on the kitchen counter with a clean cloth.

To prevent lime from forming where the water runs on the worktop, you need to clean it occasionally with white alcohol vinegar.

The material

We already mentioned that you will find on the market the stainless steel, wooden, plastic, stainless steel, nylon, brushed steel dish drainer, etc. Choose your model based on its strength and solidity. The stainless steel dish racks suitably meet this criterion.

Shape and size

This factor largely affects the sale price is the construction material: the baskets on the market can be made of metal or plastic resistant to high temperatures.

The stainless steel dish drainer can fold and unfold easily when needed. The size of the dish rack will depend on the space you have in the kitchen and the number of people in the household. You can then choose a corner or compact drainer if you have a small kitchen.

A multi-level dish rack is the best choice if you have a family kitchen (large kitchen). However, whatever the size, it is advisable to choose a model that is compartmentalized so that it is possible to properly store cutlery, plates, cups and bowls.

Design for cookware

The best designer dish drainer helps decorate the kitchen. Over time, the design must be able to organize the kitchen utensil perfectly if they are various finishes. So choose the model that goes with the decor of your kitchen. However, first take into account the criteria listed above.


Due to the variety in the selection, the dish drainer can be wonderfully matched to the existing furnishings and your own taste. The small dish drainer is very practical thanks to its grid slots which allow water to flow easily and promote rapid drying of your dishes without streaks. Depending on the model and version, there is the possibility to take the frame with you to camp.

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