10 Best Electric Can Opener Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Best Electric Can OpenerIf you have limited strength in your hands or poor dexterity, the electric can opener offers valuable help. Although many canned products are now offered in a packaging with easy tear opening, there are still numerous foods packed in tinplate milk: and to open them you need a can opener.

However, manual models are practical to use. Their blades wear out easily. Furthermore, the cut of the lid is never linear and often turns out to be incomplete. They force the user to pass over the edge several times, and the risk of getting hurt.

The electric can openers are fast, simple to use, stable, not too bulky and allow you to easily remove the lid after cutting automatically. They can also handle easily a wide variety of cans of different shapes and sizes. During the opening phase, they allow you to act in complete safety: they avoid any contact with the sharp edges of the metal, avoiding the danger of injuring your fingers.

Best Electric Can Openers of 2020

The purchase of an electric can opener generally requires a fairly limited investment. Stacked versions are generally cheaper than those to be connected to the network. Although the operation of an electric can opener is simple, its choice can be complicated in the face of so many offers on the market. We offer this comparative analysis to help you get an idea of ​​the model that best suits you when you decide to buy.

Checkout: Our Comparison Table of Top-Rated Electric Can Opener in 2020.

Electric Can OpenerWeight 
West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener [Our Top Pick]55.0 oz Check Price
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener [Editor's Choice]41.6 oz Check Price
Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener8.5 oz Check Price
Aurrra Automatic Jar Bottle Opener [Best for Arthritis]13.6 oz Check Price
Bangrui Safety Electric Can Opener7.0 oz Check Price
AICOK Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener3.4 oz Check Price
Aurrra Smooth Edge Electric Can Opener8.0 oz Check Price
Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener49 oz Check Price
Proctor Silex Power Electric Can Opener16 oz Check Price
Hamilton Beach 76380Z Electric Can Opener38.8 oz Check Price

1. West Bend 77203 Metallic Electric Can Opener – Top Pick

West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener

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This model by West Bend is so much more sleek and attractive. It is a prime example of affordability that meets high function and form. It is very simple to use, and due to its slight tallness, it will handle cans of virtually all sizes. And best of all, it will hold the can in place once it is open, and does not spill any contents.

It’s made of plastic and painted with a matte silver finish that doesn’t show fingerprints. This can opener doesn’t require any sustained pressure to open cans. Once you get the can started it will finish opening automatically. It has a nice heft to it too, so it won’t accidentally tip over or fall, and it cuts with great ease.

It has a bottle opener, knife sharpener, and a retractable cord, a very smooth operation, but none of those frills you mentioned. The bottle opener and knife sharpener are both non-electric. The West Bend can opener will cut all the way around the can, and the lid will have the same sharpness as if you used a manual can opener.

Be aware that this is an old-style can opener that cuts the top of the can off. The lid is left with very sharp edges. It is different than the new style openers that cut along the side of the can leaving no jagged edges. But this is a nice convenience.
  • Slim and tall design
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Very strong and nice finish
  • Great for multi-purpose use
  • Build-in space-saving design
  • Takes a little practice to get the can in the right place to start opening
  • Old style can opener

2. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN-Black Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart Electric Can Opener

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With the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN electric can opener, opening cans and boxes become a game. With beautiful chrome accents and elegant contours, this electric can opener operates with a single-touch for effortless operation. Safety can opener with automatic start and stop function. The electric bottle opener is also suitable for the elderly and left-handers.

This one is amazingly easy to operate. Once you place the can just lower the lever and the can opens by itself. The price is very reasonable. The power cord is about 2′ long. The unused portion of the cord can simply be slide into the base of the can opener so it does not lay on the countertop or tangle with other wires.

A steel blade (that does the actual piercing of the can) is attached to a plastic handle/lever that you depress with your hand to start the opening process. It is very heavy and doesn’t tip. It doesn’t sharpen your knives, pop your beer cap, or do anything other than open cans, but it is definitely the master at opening cans.

This model is mostly metal, though the base and top-piece (behind the cutting mechanism) are plastic. Parts should be available from the manufacturer. Cuisinart can opener able to open cans of all sizes without requiring any force from you. To ensure long-lasting service, it comes with 3-year warranty.

  • Cuisinart-quality engineered motor system
  • Single-touch operation system
  • Handles any standard size can
  • Removable activation lever
  • Power cutting blade
  • Power cord a little bit short
  • It is a basic can opener

3. Kitchen Mama CO1100-R Handheld Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama

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The KitchenMama handheld automatic can opener is the best hands-free can opener for any size of the kitchen. It comes with 4 AA batteries, works great once you get the hang of it! The can opener shape is very ergonomic to fit your hand easily and is not bulky at all!

Any material from the top of the can does not fall into the can and the edges of the can are not sharp at all. This automatic can opener works on pop-top cans, bent cans. It is a great electric can opener for large cans. Thanks to the exact cut, you can use the lid of the tin again and cover the tin with it.

This device is compact yet powerful, opens everything, you don’t actually need to hold onto it, as it goes around the can, and most importantly you don’t need to pry off the lid. I recommend to anyone having trouble with other types of can openers or don’t want to worry about edges that can cut you.

It open cans about 30 cm in diameter and the handling is very simple in itself. Just place the edges of the box between the blades and the metal gear and press the start button. The metal gear will then guide the edges through the accessory in a 360 ° movement to trigger the opening.

It does not shut off but stops when the can is open and you have to manually shut it off. This means just pushing a button. It fits nicely in your hand and has made it a lot easier to open cans without using a manual. If you have poor grip or pain in your hands this is awesome.
  • Smooth edge both can lid wall
  • Easy operation & safety design
  • Easy to open and a cinch to use
  • Cuts the lid off without raw edges
  • Cordless can opener
  • Doesn’t work well on some juice bottles
  • Doesn’t stop on its own

4. Aurrra Automatic Electric Can Opener – Best for arthritis

Aurrra Can Opener

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Aurrra automatic hands-free electric jar opener allows you to easily open even the toughest jar lids. This automatic electric can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety and slim feature help prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers.

Aurrra electric can opener is completely different from the original design in appearance. Moreover, this can opener is designed with a plastic sheet in the battery cartridge, which further stabilizes the batteries installed. This electric can opener perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain and doesn’t require manual labor or strenuous squeezing.

It helps to save your energy by the automatically open can in any thickness with twice regular can opener power. It is the most convenient, most powerful can opener compare with the traditional can opener. Just allow the opener to return to its original position and it will automatically turn off. Refrain from attempting to turn it off as soon as the lid of the jar opens.

It has sharp blades enclosed inside the hull. You don’t risk accidentally cutting your fingers by looking for it in a kitchen drawer. This can opener does work on water bottles or bottles of pop. But if the bottle is plastic, it’s not a good idea, because the plastic bottle is soft enough the opener to grip the bottle. But if the bottle is glass it will work just fine.

  • Easily open even the toughest jar lids
  • Rotates around automatically
  • Stores easily in a kitchen drawer
  • Easy to use and suitable for all ages
  • No twisting and no pulling
  • Can’t open jars that are very soft
  • A bit slow operation

5. Bangrui Handheld One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener

Bangrui Electric Can Opener

Check Price on Amazon

Bangrui electric handheld can opener is friendly to both left-handed and right-handed users and seniors with arthritis. This battery-powered jar opener can help you open all kinds of cans easily, saving your energy and time. Its 4.8-inch in length, 2.9-inch in width, 2.4-inch in height, convenient to carry and easy to store.

This can opener built with the latest technology, so it cuts the inner side of the lid smoothly and safely. It perfectly sealed edges that allow you to preserve your unfinished can food. It also made of durable and solid ABS plastic and alloy steel. You can clean it very easily, don’t need water for cleaning.

The can opener position is also well, just press the button. Then it will automatically cut around the side and create a smooth edge, fast and safe. A simple touch on the button starts and stops alone and able to open any shape and any size of box. For the price, it is good and perfect for any type of kitchen.

Its ergonomic shape is ideal for people with grip problems. This can opener is suitable for the home kitchen, restaurant, travel, etc. Bangrui can opener requires four AA batteries that are not included. The product does not come into contact with the food, which is very hygienic.

Please do not lift or forcefully remove the Bangrui can opener from the can while it is operating, forceful removal can cause damage to the can opener.
  • Lightweight and portable size
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Smart & one-t0uh design
  • Innovative technology
  • Provide long-lasting service
  • Batteries are not included
  • Medium quality construction

6. AICOK CO0660 Electric Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener

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AICOK tins automatic can opener looks sleek, match model counter. It replaces other traditional can openers to help you convenient open cans and save kitchen storage space. It designed with cord storage is convenient for store. This electric can opener can automatically turn off when finish cutting, make your hand free.

The edge of this electric can opener blade is smooth, and the sharp part is the can lid. AICOK Electric Can Opener is cut from the top. The body of the can opener is chrome metal, it’s more durable to use. The cutting area is made of metal, and it will open large cans.

It has 3 in 1 multifunction include can opener, bottle opener, and knife sharpener, designed with removable cutting lever for easy clean. The knife sharpener is manual. It has a wonderful magnet that holds the lid from the can. It will open larger cans and, you don’t have to hold the can while opening. This gadget can do all of the above.

One button for easy to release the cutting lever. It designed with one button on the top, just press it to separate the cutting lever, then clean it but carefully to wash cause the sharp blade. The nice look of electric can opener with a strong base, no sliding, and tipping while it works.

  • Multi-function electric can opener
  • Sleek chrome cutting lever rust-proof
  • Built with strong magnet holder
  • Strong base prevents sliding
  • Metal chrome cutting lever
  • Takes off the entire top, not just the lid
  • A bit difficult to open large can

7. Aurrra Smooth Edge Electric Can Opener for Senior


Check Price on Amazon

New Aurrra can opener cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp and dangerous edges, creating an easily resealable lid with a smooth edge. It is great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal. This stylish kitchen Electric Can Opener will self adhere to any can and automatically open it in seconds.

The strong magnetic lid holder keeps the lid from falling into the can or on the table, which prevents splatters and spills. And easy to clean cutting lever, just wipe with a damp cloth to clean. At the touch of a button, this device works like magic without any assistance.

If you have arthritis or your hands hurt, this One Touch smart can opener is perfect for you. It’s better than any under cabinet or countertop opener. It’s fast and foolproof to use. With this, you use it in your food prep area instead of dragging your cans from your opener to your food prep area.

You can effortlessly open cans of any size at the push of a button. It is convenient to use and dependable. It is also perfect for seniors and people with Arthritis. You don’t risk accidentally slicing your fingers looking for it in a kitchen drawer.

Please be followed that the can top / the blade should be bend, it is normal and not defective.
  • Single-touch for effortless operation
  • Resealable lid with a smooth edge
  • Easy to use and store
  • Magnetic lid holder
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not built-in very high quality 

8. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch

Check Price on Amazon

With Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) can opener, you can forget about the metal shavings. The cut is made on the side of the can. Just set the opener on a block of wood just high enough to make it work if the can is too tall. The cutting action is the same for any can, just simply accommodate the height.

The top push-down lever depresses easily and the magnet on the opener holds the can securely in place while it’s cutting. This can opener is especially great for children or the elderly, where ease of use and avoiding cuts from a can is a concern. You can spruce up the block so it doesn’t look so whiskey tango if you like.

Every other can gets a ride in this electric can opener and it works flawlessly. It’s fast and relatively quiet compared to most other electric can openers. It’s easy to clean and it stays sharp. It operates silently and smoothly, in addition, it holds the box firmly during cutting.

After opening, the can lid remains attached to the integrated magnet. The Hamilton Beach can opener is very easy to handle. The lid can then be used the same as you would on a pot to hold back the beans or olives as you drain them. If you are looking for a high-quality budget can opener, this model is perfect for you.

Please note that this opener does not cut very thick metal. Pay attention to the sharp edges when removing the cover.
  • Sleek chrome & black design
  • Cuts cans without leaving sharp edges
  • Easy-touch opening lever
  • Extra-tall height
  • Touchable lid
  • There is no knife sharpener

9. Proctor Silex Power Automatic Electric Can Opener

Proctor Silex Electric Can Opener

Check Price on Amazon

Proctor Silex electric can opener is powerful enough for even the toughest jobs and is sized to open extra-tall cans. These popular small machines are essential for today’s busy family and provide solid cutting performance every time. This Electric Can Opener is designed for convenience, and the cutting lever can be removed for quick and easy cleanup.

It is tall enough to open a 7-inch-high can, this electric can opener is as practical as it is stylish. It also has a beautiful knife sharpener in the rear as well as push-in cord storage, which allows for tidiness on the counter. For the price, this is one of the electric can openers on the market.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean. You want to make sure that the removable part with the blade on it is pushed all the way in before using it. And line up the blade with the can before you push it down on the can. If you are looking for a high-end design of container opening devices, this model is for you.

There is a magnet that holds the can up to the blade so you don’t have to. It is a little challenging to figure out how to get the cord out of the back of the unit as well as how to attach the lever correctly, but there are directions with pictures to make it easy to assemble.
  • Twist-off cutting lever for easy clean-up
  • Designed to open different size can
  • Practical and stylish design
  • Hands-free operation
  • Includes knife sharpener
  • A bit unbalance when you try to open medium-size cans

10. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach

Check Price on Amazon

Last but not least, this model is the latest creation from Hamilton Beach. The can opener is tall enough for all kinds of large cans. Once you lock the can in, just press the handle and it opens it hands-free. Once the lid is completely opened, the can opener shuts off automatically. The magnet keeps the can’s lid from falling into the can.

The blade assembly can be easily removed with a push of the button and thrown in the dishwasher. There is also a knife sharpener built into the back. I like the fact that the magnet to capture the lid after you open the can is able to be tucked away.

This classic can opener from Hamilton Beach is the safest, quickest, easy-open, soft-edge can opener that comes in handy and does all the hard works for you. It’s a user-friendly can opener that even children, grannies, and people with arthritis would never doubt using.

It opens standard size cans and smaller without holding the gadget. With a heavy can, you only have to hold the top of the opener but it spends around quickly. The handle is plastic. It is easy to attach cans to the cutting edge. This design is very advantageous to preserve the balance of the decoration of a kitchen.

  • Extra-tall design
  • Washable cutting unit
  • Very reasonable price
  • SureCut Technology
  • Perfect size for home use
  • Plastic chrome color
  • Slippery base

Buying Guide

Electric can openers are a very practical invention. But which model is good to choose to be satisfied with the tool purchased? Acquiring an electric jar opener would be a waste of time and money if you failed to choose a device suitable for your needs. There are in particular considerations that you should have in purchasing the model that will best suit your requirements.

The quality

The operation of the can opener must be taken into account when purchasing. Make sure you buy good quality products. With inexpensive devices, the engine sometimes stops working after only a few uses. In addition, the can opener must be fitted with a magnet so that the can lid can be removed without having to touch it with your hands.

The materials

Electric can openers made entirely of stainless steel are better suited. Plastic models are more susceptible to wear. Sharp edges present a risk of injury. With regard to safety, electric can openers must operate without producing sharp edges. Can openers can round the cutting edge so that there are no sharp edges and you cannot injure yourself.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the key consideration in selecting a can opener for many people. Most electric versions are easier to use than manual versions. This is due to the fact that they cut them out through the cover. Some manufacturers equip can openers with additional functions so that you can also use them as a bottle opener or knife sharpener.

However, electrically operated devices can also cost more. They are also more prone to failures and require more care. Certain manual systems are fitted with gears and other elements intended to simplify the rotational movement.

You will still have to make some effort to make the cut. Finding the right balance in this scenario will depend on your budget and your physical abilities.

Security features

The most important security element to consider when purchasing any opener is that of the cover edges. Many manual and electric models cut the upper part of the can. This will leave sharp edges on the can, even at low speed. These edges can then injure you or tear the trash bags in which you put your waste.

The safest concept is that of a cut under the edge of the top of the box. This allows the entire lid to come off, leaving a smooth edge. This kind of concept also reduces the risk because the blades get stuck on the cover. The cover will also not risk getting caught in the blades of your accessory once the process is complete.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity of the can opener can also be relevant when buying. Electric can openers can have a side cut or a top cut. These two styles each have their advantages and disadvantages. The best style will depend all the more on your own preferences.

A side cut model is more advantageous than a smooth cut version for two reasons. The first is that the side cut usually produces a smoother cut. The second is that the upper cup tends to touch the contents of the container during the opening. The quality of the consumable nature of the food concerned can then be compromised.

Frequently asked questions

There are many questions you should ask yourself when buying or using can openers. However, find the answers here.

How does an electric can opener work?

Electric can openers are equipped with a motor for opening, which reproduces the movement of a manual can opener along the cutting edge. They are placed or hung on the edge of the box. After pressing the button, the cutting wheel starts to rotate and the can opener moves along the edge of the box. It fixes itself. No force is required to separate the cover. The can opener leaves a clean cutting result. The danger of cutting yourself is considerably reduced.

With conventional can openers, the lid sometimes falls into the box. This does not happen with an electric can opener. Electric can openers are fitted with a magnetic surface near the cutting element. Thus, the lid of the box adheres to the can opener after cutting and can be put aside effortlessly.

Electric can openers are easy to use with one hand. They work like a manual can opener. However, the movements do not have to be done by hand but are automatic.

Who are electric can openers suitable for?

In principle, everyone benefits from the purchase of an electric can opener. The problems and difficulties associated with a manual device can be easily solved with an electric can opener. Contrary to popular belief, there is not much money to spend. The purchase price is often only slightly higher.

Electric can openers are a big relief, especially in homes where cans are opened regularly. They can be used with one hand and are therefore also suitable for people with motor disabilities, and also for the elderly who have little strength in their hands.

How to use an electric can opener?

An electric opener works on the same principle as a manually operated version. Lift the blade of the can opener and glue the edge of the box against the device making sure that its edge is between the wheel and the blade. Fold down the blade and lower it until you reach the top of the box.

How to clean the electric can openers?

Electric can openers should never be placed in the dishwasher. An exception is when the manufacturer authorizes it in the instructions for use, which will rarely be the case. Clean the can opener with a cloth, a little water and a mild dishwashing liquid if necessary.

It is absolutely necessary to unplug the cable openers beforehand. Poor hygiene promotes the spread of microorganisms. The cutting blades can come into contact with food. Regular cleaning is therefore important for health safety.

What types of can openers are available?

The different models in terms of construction and functionality:

  • Fully automatic models and manual can openers: in addition to fully automatic can openers, there are also can openers that are manually attached to the lid of the box and held in use. They also independently rotate in a circle around the lid of the box. The box is cut without burrs. The cover is held in place by a magnet so that it cannot fall into the open box.
  • Can opener with support: these can openers are very stable. The supports hold the box in place independently during the opening. This is made possible thanks to a strong magnet and an efficient cutting system. These machines are ideal for frequent use.
  • Battery operation electric can opener: a battery can opener is very practical and flexible to use, because there is no annoying cable. The advantage is that it can be used anywhere even without an electrical connection. Of course, the batteries only last a certain time and then must be replaced. It often takes two to four. Often they are not included.
  • Mains supply electric can openers: an electric can opener with a cable is supplied from the socket. The can opener can therefore not be used in a mobile way, but for an unlimited period. After use, the cable can be stored in an integrated cable compartment. Models are often larger than the battery can openers, but often also offer better performance. This makes it easier and faster to open cans.
  • Wall-mounted electric can openers: the electric can openers for the wall are mounted in a wall bracket. It is therefore no longer necessary to search for the can opener in the drawer.


Hard work is a thing of the past. Now just press a button to open the boxes effortlessly and comfortably. Good can openers need less than 25 seconds to open a can. It is particularly useful for households that regularly use canned food and for the elderly.

Our guide concludes with a tip: cutting a can make the can very dangerous, so be careful to choose those models that are able to round off the metal and make it less sharp. They can cut sideways to the edge of the lid, or cut so as not to leave the metal too sharp.

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