10 Best Electric Can Opener – Buying Guide in 2019

10 Best Electric Can Opener – Buying Guide in 2019

Best Electric Can OpenerFrom simple models to complicated ones, electric can opener comes in many types on the market. Some of them are more efficient than others and their level of practicality is not always the same. In order to avoid investing a large sum in the purchase of an article that does not suit you. You should be aware of some selection criteria. The buying guide that we have at your disposal deals with this issue and we offer you a ranking of best products based on the opinions of their users. With no time to take a look, you can focus on the two models that follow. Kenwood CO600 runs at 40 watts. It comes with a soft touch coating. It can work in handsfree mode. BangRui BSI-0301E2 is powered by batteries. It has a sharp blade and leaves no jagged marks.

The best electric box openers of 2019

Although the operation of an electric can opener is simple, its choice can be complicated in the face of so many offers on the market. We offer this comparison to help you have an idea on the model that suits you when you want to buy one.

ImageElectric Can OpenerManufacturerWeight (oz) 
Electric Can Opener, Mini Restaurant Can Openerinstecho6.4 Check Price
Coming Soon
Automatic Electric Can Opener: Ergonomic, Easy to UseK M8.5 Check Price
Electric Jar Opener, Restaurant Automatic Jar Openerinstecho14.4 Check Price
Electric Can Opener Smooth Edge Automatic Jar OpenerGuDoQi8 Check Price
Electric Can Opener with Bottle OpenerAICOK3.4 Check Price
Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener! Chef's Best ChoiceAurrra8 Check Price
Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can OpenerH B49 Check Price
2AA Batteries OperatedOne-Touch Start Automatic Can Openerinstecho1.6 Check Price
One-Touch Electric Can Opener: Auto-StopK M8.5 Check Price

1. Electric Can Opener – Mini Restaurant Can Opener

Mini Restaurant Can Opener

This automatic best can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety and slim feature help prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers. It is more hygienic and safe compared with traditional can openers because the strong magnet does all the work. Those are the interior diameters. Add 1/16 inch to get the exterior diameters.

The new best quality can opener is completely different from the original design in appearance. Moreover, it is designed with a high-quality plastic sheet in the battery cartridge. Which further stabilizes the batteries installed.

When you lift the can opener off the can, the magnet on the BangRui Automatic Can Opener will also pick up the lid. There’s no need to fish into the can with your fingers! Instecho is more hygienic and safe than traditional can openers because the strong magnet does all the work.

  • Jar opener is dishwasher safe.
  • This opener took little effort to open the jar.
  • Opens your cans fully automatically.
  • The lid is held simultaneously with a magnet to avoid a mess.
  • The tin lid can be used directly for closing.
  • The product difficult to “stretch open” when trying to use the biggest two slots.

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2. Coming Soon


3. Kitchen Mama Automatic Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama

The KitchenMama Automatic Can Opener is the best hands-free can opener for your kitchen. 4 AA batteries, works great once u get the hang of it! It will open large cans. The can opener shape is very ergonomic to fit your hand easily and is not bulky at all! The lid popped right off connected to the bottom of the opener and there was a beautifully opened can with smooth edges sitting on the counter.

This opener works very well. It is quick, easy and clean. Any material from the top of the can does not fall into the can and the edges of the can are not sharp at all. This automatic can opener works on pop-top cans, bent cans. It seems at first that it’s not working, but it does. It even crimps the edges so they are not sharp at all.

This device is compact yet powerful, opens everything (you don’t actually need to hold onto it) as it goes around the can, no need to pry off the lid and most importantly, no sharp edges.

It looks like the higher priced on shuts off automatically when the can is opened. Kitchen. It does not shut off but stops when the can is open and you have to manually shut it off. This means just pushing a button.
  • The edge is smooth on both the can lid and the can wall.
  • The blade so it no longer took the lid off.
  • This is a cordless can opener that is operated by 4 AA batteries.
  • This one is easy to open and a cinch to use.
  • It cuts the lid off without raw edges and doesn’t do any weird things.
  • It doesn’t stop automatically. You have to stop it manually.

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4. Electric Jar Opener – Restaurant Automatic Jar Opener

Electric Jar Opener

Instecho automatic hands free Electric jar opener allows you to easily open even the toughest jar lids. This automatic electric can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety and slim feature help prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers.

The new instecho electric can opener is completely different from the original design in appearance. Moreover, this can opener is designed with a plastic sheet in the battery cartridge, which further stabilizes the batteries installed. This electric can opener perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor or strenuous squeezing.

The electric can opener saves your energy by the automatically open can in any thickness with twice of regular can opener power. It is the most convenient, most powerful can opener compare with the traditional can opener. Just allow the opener to return to its original position and it will automatically turn off. Refrain from attempting to turn it off as soon as the lid of the jar opens.
  • Easily open even the toughest jar lids.
  • You don’t even have to hold on to the opener.
  • It rotates around automatically perfect for seniors, kids, or arthritis suffers.
  • Stores easily in a kitchen drawer, freeing up valuable counter space.
  • Easy to use and suitable for all ages.
  • 1.5 inch diameter lids are the smallest it is designed to work on.

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5. QBY Electric Can Opener

QBY Electric Can Opener

QBY Electric can opener is friendly to both left-handed and right-handed users and seniors with arthritis. Its battery powered jar opener can help you open all kinds of cans easily, saving your energy and time. Its 4.72-inch in length, 2.68-inch in width, 2.36-inch in height, convenient to carry and easy to store.

The can opener position well, just press the button. Then it will automatically cut around the side and create the smooth edge, fast and safe. Please do not lift or forcefully remove the QBY can opener from the can while it is operating, forceful removal can cause damage to the can opener.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 6.8 x 6cm.
  • Weight: 200g.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Power by: 4 x AA battery (Battery is not included)
  • Cut from the side, no sharp edge left.
  • With cool design, light weight and portable size.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Suitable for home kitchen, restaurant, travel etc.
  • Long lasting.
  • The Can Opener will not open rimless cans or cans with odd corners.

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6. Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener – Chrome Coating

Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener

The edge of this Electric Can Opener blade is smooth, and the sharp part is the can lid. This Electric Can Opener is cut from the top. The body of the can opener is chrome metal, it’s more durable to use. The cutting area is made of metal, easy to clean and does not grow.

Aicok Electric Can Opener has 3 in 1 multifunction include can opener, bottle opener and knife sharpener, designed with removable cutting lever for easy clean. The knife sharpener is manual. It has a small section of a file to sharpener knives.

It has a wonderful magnet that holds the lid from the can. AND it appears that it also shuts off the opener at the instant that the lid is completely severed from the can. It will open larger cans and no, you don’t have to hold the can while opening. This gadget can do all of the above. It’s up to you whether to do it all simultaneously.

One button for easy to release the cutting lever. Designed with one button on the top, just press it to separate the cutting lever, then clean it but carefully to wash cause the sharp blade. The nice look of electric can opener with strong base, no sliding and tipping while it works.
  • Sleek chrome cutting lever rust-proof.
  • Strong magnet holder.
  • Strong base prevent sliding.
  • The cutting lever made by metal chrome, no worries about rust, more easy to clean.
  • Prevent the can lids falling off with the strong magnet holder, no any mess after tin opener finish works.
  • This takes off the entire top, not just the lid.

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7. Aurrra Electric Can Opener


This Can Opener cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp and dangerous edges, creating an easily resealable lid with a smooth edge. It is great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal. This stylish kitchen Electric Can Opener will self adhere to any can and automatically open it in seconds.

You can effortlessly opens cans of any size at the push of a button. Please be followed that the can top / the blade should be bend, it is normal and not defective.

The strong magnetic lid holder keeps the lid from falling into the can or on the table, preventing splatters and spills. And easy to clean cutting lever, just wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

  • Cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp and dangerous edges,
  • Creating an easily resealable lid with a smooth edge.
  • Great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The can top / the blade should be bend, it is normal and not defective.

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8. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch

With this can opener, you can forget about the metal shavings. The cut is made on the side of the can. Just set the opener on a block of wood just high enough to make it work if the can is too tall. The cutting action is the same for any can, just simply accommodate the height. You can spruce up the block so it doesn’t look so whiskey tango if you like.

This opener does not cut any metal. It unrolls the lid seam and leaves a nice smooth edge. The lid can then be used the same as you would on a pot to hold back the beans or olives as you drain them. Neither the lid nor can have any sharp edges after using this opener, In fact if you place the lid back on the can it will appear that it has never been opened.

The yellow sticky stuff is the unsealed glue. The can opener breaks the glue seal instead of cutting the can so there are no sharp edges. On some cans you will not see the glue and with others you won’t, it depends on the manufacture and how they seal their cans. Opens pop-top & regular cans.
  • Extra-tall height.
  • Sleek chrome & black design.
  • Touchable lid.
  • Easy-touch opening lever.
  • There is no knife sharpener.

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9. One-Touch Start Automatic Can Opener

One-Touch Start Automatic Can Opener

instecho Electric Can Opener perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor. This automatic EnjoyZone can opener features a sharp blade that is safely recessed within the unit. This safety feature supports to prevent accidental cuts to your fingers when searching for the tool in your kitchen drawers.

The simple one-touch button can save your time and energy. Simply just press down to begin cutting the can, then press again at any time to stop the action. It is great for keeping food covered while preparing a meal.

If batteries are depleted, the can may not be released by pressing the button. Slide back the Battery Door and replace 2 AA batteries. The Can Opener should continue the cutting. Remember to replace the battery.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Cuts from side of can without leaving sharp edges.
  • It doesn’t leave any sharp edges.
  • Electric Can Opener automatically opens your cans in seconds.
  • Materials – ABS, TPE, Stainless Steel.
  • Operated by 2*AA batteries (Not Included).

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10. Kitchen Mama Touch Electric Can Opener – Auto-Stop

Auto-Stop, Press and Forget

Kitchen Mama is an Automatic can opener the safest, quickest, easy-open, soft-edge can opener that comes in handy and does all the hard works for you.  It’s a friendly Can Opener that even children, grannies, and people with arthritis would never doubt using. The Image with a dog, because you can even teach your dog to use it.

The KitchenMama Automatic Can Opener is Battery Operated. It takes four (4) AA batteries. This can opener has 2PH motor speed just enough to cut the can quickly. It stops automatically when it’s finished. You lift it off the can and the lid comes with it and the lid can be removed easily.

It opens cans around the bottom edge of the top of the can (around the can itself, not the top), it should. It opens small cans of cat food and tuna cans. You just set it on top of the can and turn it on.

This electric Can opener will free you from those dreadful moments in 3 easy steps: Lay the can opener flat on top of the can. Make sure the blade and the metal gear is aligned between the edge.
  • This is a very neat little electric can opener.
  • It is so great to place it on top of a can hit the button and walk away.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Works by itself and is safe.
  • The edges end up smooth.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

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Buyer’s Guide:

How to choose a good electric gear opener?

Opening containers like cans is difficult if it has to be done manually. Not wanting to face such an inconvenience, you can opt for an electric opener. Only, before choosing one, to circumvent an article that does not suit you, you should refer to some criteria of choice among which include type, practicality and safety.

The type

Where to buy a new electric can opener? This question should only be asked after having chosen advice on the choice of this article according to its type. Know that at the time we live electric can openers do not always meet the same needs.

First, this device can operate using batteries or mains. Depending on how you plan to use this product, you should consider this setting. Those who love mobility should opt for the first model. While users who prefer continuous use can turn to the second type.

Then, these equipments are differentiated by the way of handling them to manage to open a box. There are models that require a hand on the container during its opening. But there are also accessories that work automatically after pressing a button. Moreover, these devices are distinguished by the way to install them. Some of them are placed in free-standing on a table or on a work surface. While others are fixed at the level of a wall. In this case, you should make your choice by considering the space that you will be ready to dedicate to it.


How to buy an electric box opener better value for money? In order to help you answer this question by consulting a price comparator, you should consider the practicality of this product. The practical sides of this equipment leads to the comfort of its use. This shows the interest of informing you on this point before making a selection.

A practical device is above all simple to use. For some models, it is only necessary to press a button to open automatically. In addition, other devices are not limited to the opener function. There are multifunctional accessories that include bottle opener, bottle opener or tongs for the jars. You can opt for this type of product to have different tools at hand.


Our buying guide for the best electric box openers did not neglect the question that concerns the safety of the use of this product. This point should in no case be set aside since an unsecured model exposes you to a risk of an accident.

Opening a box with a simple knife can lead to serrated edges. Before buying a given model, make sure it does not lead to the same result. It would also be preferable that the blade of this accessory has a design limiting any risk of contact with the fingers of the person who manipulates the device. In addition, mainly for hygiene reasons, you can focus on an item that is able to hold the lid of the container after opening.

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