10 Best Electric Kettle Brands Reviews & Comparison – 2019

10 Best Electric Kettle Brands Reviews & Comparison – 2019

Best Electric Kettle

Electric kettles have long been commonplace housewives, largely due to ease of use, efficiency and efficiency. Today, a large number of similar devices can be found on sale, which, in addition to their direct function of heating water, can perform additional tasks, for example, to maintain the desired temperature. There are models that can be controlled using a special application on a smartphone, there are products equipped with a teapot and so on. 

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A very important role is played by the material from which the device is made. Plastic kettles are considered the most accessible, besides their selection is the largest. When buying a plastic product, you should carefully check the quality of the plastic, otherwise, the water will have an odor and taste. Stainless steel kettles look luxurious but more dangerous to use, as their walls heat up when boiling water. Glass constructions are considered universal, but they are fragile. Ceramic teapots keep the water temperature the best;

The appearance of the structure plays an important role, it is important to choose such a model so that it fits well with the kitchen interior. In addition, today there are products with different lighting, which gives the kettle an additional attractiveness;

The presence of various functions – without exception, all electric kettles are equipped with an automatic shutdown system when boiling water. If the product has a thermostat, it will maintain the selected temperature, which is very convenient – you do not have to constantly turn on the kettle and boil water.

In compiling our ranking of the best electric kettles, in addition to these factors, we took into account customer and professional reviews, value for money. We hope that after reading it you will be able to choose the most suitable product for yourself, which will serve faithfully for many years.

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ImageElectric KettleManufacturerVolume 
Queen Sense Electric KettleQUEEN SENSE1.7 Liter Check Price
COSORI Electric KettleCOSORI1.7 Liter Check Price
Cordless Glass Electric KettleMiroco1.7 Liter Check Price
Electric Kettle SpeedBoil GlassPHONECT1.7 Liter Check Price
Culinary Obsession1.8 Liter Check Price
Ascot KE1003 Electric KettleASCOT1.6 Liter Check Price
Electric Kettle TeapotComfee1.7 Liter Check Price
Habor Electric kettle, WaterFellow0.9 Liter Check Price
Adjustable Temperature Electric KettleOXO1 Liter Check Price
Secura Cool Touch Electric KettleSecura7+ cup Check Price

1. Queen Sense Best Electric Kettle

Queen Sense Electric Kettle

Our first electric kettle in this series comes all the way from famous Electric Industry known as Queen Sense. The Queen Sense 1.8  Quarts Electric Kettle is no doubt the most popular series ever built by this company and the model 1.7L Fast Boiling Tea Water is the most sold electric kettle of all time. Undoubtedly, it is still the best electric kettle out there and number 1 in our list. Enough Praise, let’s get into the business now.

Your investment is fully guaranteed. We are confident that these tea kettles are manufactured under strict quality standards to give their customers best experience. The kettle has an automatic shutoff feature, the blue light will be auto shut off if the water is boiled. If you fill it to the max, it may take a couple of minutes longer.

This kettle comes with a kettle lead and you could simply use that. Also, it has a wide mouth on the kettle are convenient for change and clean water; Anti-slip grip handling with ergonomic design ensures comfort and convenience in use. When the kettle reaches the boiling point, the water may splash on the underside of the plastic lid.

There is nothing in the owner’s manual that states what kind of plastic it is, but it doesn’t seem to be affected by the heat, but it does get hot from the steam and boiling water. The kettle picture shows where the “Full Line” is, and it is well below the lid.

You won’t have to worry about the kettle overheating or running when its dry. What’s more, there is no contact between the plastic parts and the water while boiling. The large spout will ensure that you’re not experiencing any difficulties when pouring tea or coffee using your electric kettle or when you’re cleaning it. There are also level lines for easy filling!
  • The lid opens wide for easy inside cleaning.
  • The no-dribble spout pours like a charm.
  • Boils in about 2 minutes.
  • It is easy to clean and they have both held up very well.
  • The kettle is wide enough to put a hand in it.
  • The lid does not remove completely.

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2. COSORI Electric Kettle (BPA-Free), Cordless Glass Boiler Hot Water

COSORI Electric Kettle

The next one in our list is from the COSORI. It is the latest electric kettle series launched by COSORI and our favorite model in this list is COSORI Electric Kettle. The electric kettle is covered up with all of the shiny chrome plastic, which looks cool!

This kettle used the food-grade 304 stainless steel for both the inner lid and inner pot. But under the lid, there is a small plastic filter. All of the plastic is outside the glass kettle, and both the inner lid and bottom are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. Please feel free to use it. Do not worry, it is BPA-free, 100% safe and food-grade. And the filter is related with the lid, if you mind it, you can open the lid when you pour hot water.

The best electric kettle technology out there is used to offer dry-run (boil-dry) protection and auto shut-off. Save precious minutes boiling water in the kettle instead of on the stove. Even use kettle-boiled water to supplement whatever’s simmering stovetop.

The Cosori Electric Kettle bubbles softly as it reaches the boiling point, only audible when close to the unit. The kettle does not beep. When the unit is finished boiling, it will click off and the blue light will shut off. You can put loose tea directly in the kettle. Just kindly note your kettle is easier to form scale, also the loose tea is easier to block the steam vents. If doing so, please clean your kettle once the work is finished.

Just washing your kettle with warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub inside and outside thoroughly. For the first use, we recommend to boil some lemon juice or vinegar with water before washing it.

How do clean it?

  • Unplug power base from the electrical outlet.
  • Allow the kettle to completely cool, then pour out remaining water.
  • Wash the kettle with warm, soapy water. Dry it thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth.
  • It automatically shuts off.
  • You can hand wash the kettle under the tap.
  • This Cosori unit to be very easy to use.
  • Comes to a full boil quickly.
  • The kettle also does a wonderful job for preserving the heat.
  • You can’t boil water with lid open.

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3. Electric Kettle, Miroco Cordless Glass Kettle Electric Tea Kettle BPA-Free

Cordless Glass Kettle

When it comes to electric kettles, Miroco has made a name for itself by providing some of the finest electric kettle available in the market. Although some might consider them to be somewhat on the expensive side, they make it up for the price by offering great performance, and value for money. Previously, the Miroco Electric Kettle (old version) was among our favorite electric shavers available in the market, however, the much better, upgraded model called the Miroco Electric Kettle (Upgraded) has dethroned it.

This glass electric kettle’s grip is ergonomically designed, heat-resistant and the open button built-in to ensure your safe and easy filling and pouring. The hardened borosilicate glass is food-grade and so strong it easily survives a 1m drop

There is a button to push to open the lid. The hinge is a little hard to see, as the design of this kettle is great. The lid is basically hard plastic, but there is some stainless for design. One of the benefit of a glass kettle is that it’s easy to see how much water is in the container and whether the kettle is clean inside, it’s healthier than plastic or metal kettle.

The lid is plastic inside, but it use the food-grade plastic, the same material as which used to make the feeding bottle, so don’t need to worry about that. And the inside bottom of this glass kettle is stainless steel. It does not beep, just shuts off when at a full boil. But there is a blue light that goes off when its finished boiling, and the switch will click when shuts off which you can hear if nearby.

It is possible to warm milk in this kettle, but don’t recommend to do that. Since it heats very quickly, it gets quite hot, and burning of milk can easily happen.
  • The open/close design is secure.
  • It heat the water very quick and starts boiling right before it shut off.
  • The blue LED lighting looks cool.
  • Easy to fill.
  • It is elegant with clean lines.
  • Boiling Time is 6-8 min.

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4. Best Electric Kettle SpeedBoil Glass Kettle Electric

SpeedBoil Kettle Electric

PHONECT is the master when it comes to electric kettles. No other brand can beat PHONECT in this technology. Number 4 on our list is going to be the Electric Kettle SpeedBoil Glass Kettle Electric, which is good for boil. The electric kettle 1500W high power, perfect for boiling water in minutes even filled 1.7 Liter water. Especially if you are an officer or a student in a hurry and like to make coffee, tea and oatmeal, the electric kettle heats up water to boil fast.

This kettle is of high appearance, pleasing to the eye when it is boiling water, the blue light is sparkling, the handle is well designed and won’t burn your hand. Easily reach the inside of the kettle through its opening to wipe down or wash the glass with a rag or sponge. Get a good grip on your kettle and pour yourself some hot water!

The electric kettle has a sensitive auto shut-off function for safety. This kettle comes with 100% 2 years warranty, you can buy with confidence and boil happily ever after. The electric kettle glows with a pretty blue light, so you always know when your water is heating and when it has reached its boiling temperature.

I absolutely love this. The filter at the spout is stainless steel encased with a black plastic to hold in place, I believe. It works excellent to boil very quickly, like 2 minutes. Very pretty on the counter top but had to move or put away other things so it doesn’t get too cluttered on the countertop but I work very early some days and so, Not make enough time for tea so this works lovely.
  • It works well with tea or tea bags.
  • The durable glass enables it to handle high temperatures.
  • You always know when your water is heating.
  • You’ll be able to easily carry it.
  • Makes it easy to clean.
  • If you have hard water, you might have to occasionally clean it with vinegar.

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5. Glass Electric Kettle | BPA Free with Borosilicate Glass

BPA Free with Borosilicate Glass

Culinary Obsession, with a marvelous model Glass Electric Kettle. It is almost same as Culinary Obsession but it contains 1.8 Liter Rapid Boil Cordless Teapot with Automatic Shut Off and comes with High Strength Borosilicate Glass. Just like Culinary Obsession electric kettle, this model will also provide you an extremely boil but at the same time, it lacks on comfortability.

The electric kettle features a single wall of Borosilicate glass, which is FDA designated as ‘safe for food use’, and more thermal shock resistant, has enhanced optical clarity, and features higher durability as compared to standard silicate glass.

The bottom of the kettle is made of 304 stainless steel. 1200 watts heating element and the kettle is cordless and the plate has about a 16 inches cord. This product is 100% surveillance-tech free. It doesn’t beep. You can hear the click of the lever when the water boils and it turns off automatically if you are in the room with the kettle. It works well with tea or tea bags. 

After the water has boiled, we do not recommend touching the glass as it may be quite hot. However the handle stays cool, so you’ll have no problem handling the kettle even when full of boiling water. If you buy this product from Amazon and you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact Amazon customer support team and they will quickly make it right, or refund your money. That’s a promise!
  • The lid opens far enough to get your hand in to clean.
  • The lid is large and you can easily fit a sponge into the kettle to clean it.
  • It shouldn’t stay on very long though.
  • It has a much more substantial handle.
  • The heating element works very quickly.
  • This kettle doesn’t have a filter.

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6. Ascot KE1003 Best Electric Kettle

Ascot KE1003

ASCOT is an American brand and a choice of professional boilers. Professional KE1003 Electric Kettle is affordable, BPA-free, powerful and solid electric kettle which can fit the requirements of any kitchen. This kettle is equipped with auto boil shut off and dry boil protection, it allows for automatic shut off when the water temperature has reached boiling point and the function prevents the best cordless electric kettle from heating up when empty. Safer alternative to stovetop kettles. There is also a silicone seal around the kettle base – the designer had to use something to stitch the glass and metal. This is a food-grade silicone, the same material as the baby’s pacifier, we ensure that it is very comfortable.

It is 100% food-grade stainless steel in the interior. There is no plastic in contact with the water. There is a metal indicator on the inside, which shows the max line. It’s large enough that you can see how much water is in it without something on the outside. The kettle comes with a plastic lid ring which can replace the stainless steel lid ring. It does not a whole lid. Just the lid ring part could be replaced.

The electric kettle is beautiful! It has a neat, modern design, and a very well constructed nozzle for easy pouring. Although it may seem small, however, it can hold up to 1.6 Liters of water! Another feature I love about this kettle is that you can adjust the length of the cord.

It is made in China. The electric kettle comes with two lid rings, water level indicator, 360 degrees swivel base and anti-hot handle, this teakettle is friendly designed totally. With this tea kettle, it is so pleasant to enjoy a cup of tea and several toasts in a sunny morning that is an elegant kind of lifestyle.
  • The water boils FAST.
  • The pot turned itself off once it started boiling.
  • The kettle runs quietly with no annoying beeps when done.
  • You can use it at night.
  • No plastics parts touching boiling water.
  • The cord was about a foot(12 inches) longer.

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7. Best Electric Kettle Teapot, Fast Water Heater Boiler

Fast Water Heater Boiler

COMFEE’ MK-HJ1705a1 is one of the most famous electric Kettle out there and it was first released back in 2017. If you prefer electric kettle over foil, and short on the budget then MK-HJ1705a1 might be an ideal choice for you. The kettle is made in China, all the materials of the kettle has UL certified and FDA approved. The Strix Thermostat Controller is a British Brand Controller. There is a cord on the base of our product, but this cord can be stored. Chemlon Pewter is an oily material to make the noise down when the kettle is working.

Kindly notice that the Comfee cool touch electric kettle made of Food Grade Stainless Steel interior and cool touch plastic exterior ( the plastic covers the stainless steel) that it can prevent the users from burning when the water is boiling.

Total length the cable is 24 inches. But it is a nice flexible cord that can be rolled and stored in the base so you can shorten it if needed. The electric kettle is 1500W that can boil the water to 212℉ in 5 to 6 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Auto Shut-off and Boil Dry protection.
  • Lower Noise than other electric kettles which are 1500W high power.
  • 1500W high power for fast boiling.
  • 1.7 Liter large capacity for your family or daily use.
  • One-Touch Switch Operation.
  • Soft Indicator Light.
  • Hot Inside Cool Outside.
  • The cord has a rubber flexible feel to it.
  • The sound-off feature is a great addition to this kettle.
  • Cool Touch Handle.    
  • There is no mesh. It’s a nice simple design.
  • Stays hot for at least 4 hours.
  • There are cord on the base of our product, but this cord can be stored.

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8. Habor Electric kettle, Water Boiler 1500W Fast Heating Tea Pot

Water Boiler 1500W Fast Heating Tea Pot

Habor has constantly provided the consumers with some of the best electric kettles that are not only amazing, but also affordable for the most part. Continuing the tradition, we are looking at the Habor Fast Heating Tea Pot, Electric Pour-over Kettle, an affordable electric kettle that aims to deliver a great boiling experience, all while keeping the consumers at peace that they are not going to spend a lot of money.

The base is a 7.3” square. The total height with the kettle sitting on it is almost 9”. The width from the widest part of the gooseneck spout to the end of the handle on the other side is 12”. All glass except the bottom and the top. Bottom and top are stainless steel. This Habor Electric kettle is safe for your life.

There is no plastic inside the kettle! The kettle is polished stainless steel inside. The only non-metal component is the food-grade silicone gasket that seals the electronics from the component that measures the temperature.It does remember the last temperature setting. You can fill it the night before. When you get up you can just push the control knob. It will get up to temperature in just a few minutes.

The kettle stops heating up once it reaches the desired temperature and by default holds it there for a few minutes. It will hold the temperature at the desired level for an hour if you set it to do so. The kettle does not first heat to a full boil before cooling to the desired temperature.

The product is designed by “StarTop” in USA and assembled in China. You have no need to worry about the quality of it. The kettle is BPA Free and meets the FDA standards. Water won’t get in touch with any plastic during the whole boiling process.
  • The inside of the kettle is smooth and reflective.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to get the full kettle to 205.
  • The temp settings are very accurate.
  • The kettle itself and the handle are perfectly counterbalanced.
  • Variable temperature control to the degree.
  • The kettle holds 1L of water.

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9. OXO on Adjustable Temperature Best Electric Pour-Over Kettle

OXO on Adjustable Temperature

The number 9th is going to be from the famous OXO. OXO is a famous brand which designed lots of entry level to mid range electric kettles. They were first to introduce cordless Adjustable Temperature for electric kettle. It designed to provide comfortable balance for effortless pouring. Electric Kettle is cord-free for easy transport when removed from 360° swivel base for easy pouring

The built-in timer counts up to keep track of your pour-over brewing process for you and built-in temperature guide. After a 30-minute keep-warm cycle, the Electric Kettle automatically shuts off for safety. There is a small silicone ring around the temperature probe. It doesn’t specify what grade of stainless steel it is made of.

OXO Electric Pour-Over Kettle basically perfects anything you could want from an adjustable temperature kettle. First, it is quite attractive, unlike nearly every other competing product. It has a minimalist interface that works beautifully. The gooseneck is tuned so you don’t get water pouring too fast like most other electric kettles.

It makes a beeping sound when your selected temperature has been reached, it is not a loud beep, but it is recognizable. The only thing you’ll hear is the sound of boiling water. The actual heating element/system is completely silent. It’s quite incredible.
  • Comfortable handle and good control of pouring into the dripper.
  • The kettle controls are simple and intuitive.
  • The beep is very quiet.
  • It has a minimalist interface that works beautifully.
  • Kettle boils up fast and keeps temperature long.
  • The handle is firmly attached. It is welded in place.

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10. Secura Cool Touch Precise Stainless Steel 1.8Qt Electric Kettle

1.8Qt Electric Kettle

It doesn’t matter that you are getting a kettle from Secura for $30 or $300 or $500, closeness will be their first priority. Yet another electric kettle which provides amazing boil with little time and extremely low in price as compared to the most of the electric kettle listed above. In that case, it will cycle on and off to hold the water at or near your selected temperature for an extended period.

This is food-grade stainless steel. If you aren’t worried about your Pampered Chef pans, you don’t need to worry about this kettle. Same stainless steel. Great kettle, boils fast and pours beautifully. Water at no time comes in contact with plastic. It does turn off when it reaches temperature unless you have pushed the button to hold the temperature.

If you do not re-select a temp that indicates you are done using the unit and it will stop heating resulting in the unit very slowly cooling down. Because of the double wall (inner stainless with plastic outer), this cool down process takes quite a while.

  • The removable lid/cover is plastic and does come in contact with water.
  • It shuts off automatically when the water boils.
  • It has boil dry protection with auto shutoff.
  • This kettle makes less noise than most.
  • You can keep your coffee warm in there.
  • There is no display. The light just turns off once it hits boiling.
  • It doesn’t come with a filter.

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Bonus Review:

Chefman Best Electric Cordless Glass Tea Kettle

Electric Kettle

Last but not least Chefman glass tea 1.8L Electric Water Kettle is finally here. Brewing your favorite hot beverage has never been this easy! Whether loose-leaf or bagged tea, hot chocolate, coffee, soup or even a baby bottle, the Chefman Glass Electric Kettle with Bonus Tea Infuser has got you covered. Made with durable stain-resistant borosilicate glass. LED illumination. Rapid heat technology. Auto shut-off function. Removable stainless steel tea infuser.

The bottom is all glass, the heating element and the light is generated from beneath the glass. The insert is stainless steel but does have a plastic top. This helps to be with being able to pull the insert out when it’s hot. You can put tea bags inside the infuser. Some people like using the infuser with loose tea but tea bags will work as well. The bags will steep just as loose tea does.


  • Made with durable stain-resistant borosilicate glass.
  • LED illumination.
  • Rapid heat technology.
  • Auto shut-off function.

Question: What is the minimum water you have to fill for the infuser to get dipped completely?

Answer: It depends on how much tea is being used. Carefully swirling any amount of water around the pot can be helpful to completely infuse the tea into the water. Fill the pot to cover the bottom of the infuser by about an inch, about 0.9L.

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Key criteria for choosing an electric kettle

At first glance it may seem that it is very easy to choose such a unit, since even a cheap product can cope with the function of boiling water. However, for maximum ease of use, a number of factors must be taken into account:

The volume of the water bottle is for a lonely person a small kettle will be quite enough where about 0.7-0.8 liters of water will be placed. For a family of three or four people, one and a half liter product will suffice, for large families, there are teapots with a capacity of two liters. In addition, in the windows of home appliances stores you can find portable devices designed for just one cup of tea;

The power of the product is responsible for the speed of boiling water. The more powerful the kettle, the faster it boils water. But in this case it is important to take into account the state of the electrical wiring, since the unit that consumes two or more kilowatts of energy will create a serious load on it;

A variation of the heating element – kettles with an open heating coil will be much cheaper, but they will very quickly begin to form scale. The disk heating element is more practical, but the product equipped with it will cost much more;

  • Other factors to keep in mind when choosing a kettle

Are the materials important?

The answer is yes! Especially in the case of an appliance such as an electric kettle, which reaches 100 ° C to bring water to a boil, it is very important to pay attention to the type and quality of the materials that have been used to produce it, both internally and externally.

Poor quality materials, in contact with water at high temperature, can easily deteriorate or become damaged and, even more worryingly, can release toxic substances that are dangerous to swallow and breathe.

The materials used for the kettles are steel, plastics and, less frequently, pyrex, a latest generation glass that does not suffer from temperature changes. The plastic models are the cheapest, and it is always good to check that this is BPA free, or non-toxic, as it is necessary to check that, regardless of the material of the machine body, the handle is well insulated in order to avoid burns and various accidents.

Not necessarily a plastic kettle is poor but, obviously, since steel is a stainless alloy, surely the appliances produced with this material will have a longer life.

Is the brand important?

The brands that nowadays deal with the production of electric water kettles are quite numerous and our advice is not to prefer a specific brand because it is superior to others, but rather to turn to a known and reliable manufacturing company.

To have the guarantee of purchase of a product not only efficient but also safe to use and of quality. Remember that choosing a widespread brand (instead of giving in to the temptation to spend less on a super-economical product) means having even greater guarantees for after-sales: if there were technical problems, doubts, spare parts to find or for any other eventuality, in fact you can always turn to customer support services.

Among the most renowned brands we find on the market are OXO, ASCOT, Miroco, PHONECT, COSORI, Fellow and QUEEN SENSE.

Is the price important?

The price of an electric kettle can fluctuate very broadly. On the market, in fact, we find models starting from a price of around $ 10 up to around $ 100.

We cannot limit ourselves to thinking that if little is spent it means that we buy a poor product and if, instead, we invest a substantial amount then it means that the product is of high quality: we must rather understand why a particular model can cost even up to five times more than another.

The variation of the price range in which the kettles are placed depends on several factors, both structural and functional, and therefore the price is important because it is an indicative value, for example, of the materials used and the extra functions that the product can boast.

The right solution is always to ask oneself about one’s own needs for use and expectations, in order to spend an adequate amount on one’s budget and, above all, adequate to the type of kettle that one will choose to buy.

In this way you will not run the risk of having a disappointing product in terms of performance or, on the contrary, too sophisticated for the use you actually make of it.

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