Top 10 Best Extendable Duster of 2020

Extendable Microfiber DusterThe best cleaning duster you can buy in 2020 is going to be an extendable duster. Much harder is the question: What is the best extendable duster? To give you that answer,  we’ve tested the top extendable microfiber duster on the market to give you the pros and cons of each, along with our personal recommendations.

Most buyers feel difficult when decide to make a purchase. An extendable duster may seem like a pretty straightforward tool, but in fact, there are lots of features to consider to choose the best duster for your dusting.

Various manufacturers have already come to the market with different types of extendable duster. Here you’ll find a selection of the top 10 Duster Extensible Duster that is the best selling and the most popular brands. For a quick overview, we show a clear comparison table of the best extendable duster in 2020:

ImageExtendable DusterExtendableWeight 
DELUX Microfiber Extendable Duster100-Inch9.9 oz Check Price
DocaPole Extendable Cleaning Kit288-Inch98 oz Check Price
O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster49-Inch17 oz Check Price
CleanAide Eurow Extendable Duster Set72-Inch10.4 oz Check Price
Lomida Microfiber Extendable Duster100-Inch10.1 oz Check Price
EVERSPROUTExtendable Duster Set240-Inch57.6 oz Check Price
Pure Care Extendable Microfiber Duster64-Inch13.6 oz Check Price
Improved Extra Long Microfiber Duster100-Inch9.4 oz Check Price
Microfiber Duster with Telescoping Pole100-Inch10.4 oz Check Price
Swiffer Dusters Extendable Starter Kit36-Inch13.3 oz Check Price

1. DELUX Microfiber Duster with Stainless Steel Extension Pole

DELUX Extendable Duster

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Delux is produce cleaning tools with quality materials over 2 decades. This duster is an upgrade product, installed a unique soft rubber grip at the top to ensure you can clean with complete peace of mind. It built with innovative split fiber technology. It becomes electrostatically charged as you use it, attracting dust, pollen, and hairs with ease.

The long-handled duster is High-quality Stainless steel and microfiber materials and latest production processes that make sure feathers duster can serve you for many years to come. The wire built into the cleaning head is strong and flexible. You can bend it various angles you want, and able to clean all kinds of dead ends and difficult positions.

This is also a perfect product to clean spider webs and dust in hard to reach areas. The extension handle is sturdy even when extending it to full length of 8’. I like the shake and clean microfiber design which can be wash and dry as needed. As a short person, this is a game-changer on dusting.

This item comes packed in a tiny box and can be stored in a small place. Very well built, the duster is flexible and keeps its shape after you bend it. Perfect for dusting light fixtures up high. It is a good helper for housework.
  • Lightweight design and easy to use
  • The extension opens and closes easily
  • This has a great telescoping handle
  •  High quality & great length
  • Very cheap price 
  • Doesn’t come with warranty

2. DocaPole Cleaning Kit with 24 Foot Extension Pole

DocaPole Extendable Cleaning Kit

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This Cleaning package includes a 6-24 foot DocaPole telescopic pole, window squeegee and window washer combo, cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and microfiber ceiling fan duster. The telescoping pole features an attachable hinge tip and provides 28-30 feet of reach when combined with the attachments.

Grip ‘N clean scratch-free microfiber technology ensures effective dust and dirt removal while protecting your cleaning surfaces like clean bookshelves, bookcases, high ceiling fans, pianos, chandeliers, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, rafters, high window sills and mantles, and more.

It is made of solid construction with secure extension snap locks. It is easy to use and get the job done with little effort. The price is also very reasonable. It works great and does many different jobs but there is a slight downfall on it because when you use it for longer distances it can start to get very heavy and makes it difficult to work with.

This pole is very solidly built from aluminum. It’s lightweight enough to use to clean high corners that are otherwise unreachable easily: cathedral ceilings. The attachments are very useful. It won’t fit in standard-sized luggage, but it could be transported in a ski bag or other type of long sports bag.
  • The pole itself is super sturdy
  • 3 Squeegee blade sizes included: 10″
  • Lightweight premium cobweb duster
  • Easily remove dust and dirt
  • Flexible stem bends and stays in any position
  • A bit awkward and flimsy
  • It’s a little bit heavy

3. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Extendable Duster Set

O-Cedar Microfiber Extendable Duster

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This microfiber duster features an adjustable handle that extends from 24 inches to 49 inches. The microfiber technology with microscopic fibers that grab and hold dirt, dust, and moisture. The microfiber duster not only picks up the dust but also spider webs as well.

It includes a fluffy duster to easily remove dust and dirt particles, and comes with a bendable chenille and microfiber duster for deep cleaning that can be used dry or damp. It is able to clean large areas easily and efficiently. The telescopic duster also bends so you can do ceiling fans, picture frames, etc.

I like the flexible bar. Easily shapes the way you need it and easy shapes back. The finger-type cleaners are great, really holding that dust. The feathery one is good around delicate things. The extendable wand reaches into tight areas for easy cleaning. This will save some money, no need to buy refills.

It has its own handle, which does not fit the extension pole. But you can remove and machine wash its cleaning fabric, while you cannot machine wash the other one. Air dry and you are ready to go again!
  • Great set for the price
  • Made of lightweight metal
  • Excellent choice for ceiling fans
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • The dark blue attachment is not handy enough

4. CleanAide Eurow Electrostatic Duster with Extension Pole

CleanAide Eurow Electrostatic Duster

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The Electrostatic Duster attracts dust like a magnet. It is very easy to use for dusting ceiling fans, shelving & hardwood furniture, and other hard-to-reach places. This extendable duster also the perfect tool for reaching high places. The head can even be shaped to contour hard to reach objects, including furniture with overhang.

With the 3 section extension, this tool is very modular. The head duster even unscrews to let you hold the duster by hand, which makes it easier to use on close objects. It is made of lightweight aluminum. The pole is light to hold, but yet sturdy enough to push hard on the dirt.

The cleaning head is made up of soft filaments. The very light filaments can be swirled around the masks, fluffing away the dust in all the folds and crevices, without in any way damaging the masks. This can be bent into a curve or at a soft right-angle, which can be very handy.

The attachment let’s you choose different lengths. You just twist, adjust to your length and twist back tight again. Just give it a good shake outside, and that’s it. No need to wash it because the dust will be released when you give it a good shake. The wire center is sturdy, though, it’s not like you can twist it into a pretzel.
  • The duster head is washable
  • Comes with 3-piece extension pole
  • Electrostatically charges to attract dust
  • It is very lightweight
  • Little bit flimsy
  • A bit hard to get to lock in place

5. Lomida Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole

Lomida Microfiber Duster

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LOMIDA providing high-quality cleaning products with a budget-friendly price, to make cleaning becomes effortless. This ceiling fan extendable duster made of high-quality microfiber materials with a new design stainless steel pole that does not rust and has a long lifetime.

The microfiber head is flexible and bendable. You can bend it to any angles as you need. And adjusting the pole to clean the low place like keyboard, kitchen, window blinds, picture frames, television screens, and the inside of your car. It can reach 100 inches when fully extended, easy to clean ceilings, cobwebs, walls, ceiling fans, and lamps.

You can bend it to any angles as you need. So it can reach the position where you feel hard to reach by hand. It liberates your hands! So it can reach the position where you feel hard to reach by hand.  No more chairs or dangerous ladders to climb on.

This microfiber duster head is washable and easy to keep clean. You can either shake it clean or gently hand wash it in warm water with a little dish soap. Rinse the dish soap off and allow it to air dry. This multi-use duster is versatile and easy to use for your daily use.
  • Washable duster head
  • It liberates your hands
  • Bendable & flexible head
  • Easy to clean & storage
  • Duster extension is very sturdy
  • It’s a little bit hard to shake off the dust

6. EVERSPROUT 4-Pack Extendable Duster Squeegee Kit

EVERSPROUT 4-Pack Duster Squeegee

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With this package, you can clean all surfaces inside and outside perfectly. This 4-pack is great for cleaning furniture, walls, high corners, picture frames, ceiling fans, stairs, blinds, windows, baseboards, etc. This package includes cobweb duster, flexible microfiber ceiling & fan duster, microfiber feather duster, and swivel squeegee.

It has an attachable handle that allows you to attach or detach any duster or squeegee with the Eversprout Extension Pole (lightweight 3-stage telescopic design). Simply twist on your attachment of choice and you are ready to clean. The pole is light, sturdy and easy to control. The cushioned grips on the pole will helpful for you.

The pole and attachments together measure 26 Feet and create up to 30+ Feet of reach when using/standing. There are two blue flip-tabs at the top of the extension pole that allows it to expand and lock into place. When the tabs are opened the sections can expand, and then the flip tabs can be closed to lock the pole into the desired length.

The flexible ceiling fan duster sleeve, along with the microfiber squeegee sleeve can both be machine-washed and dried. The microfiber feather duster and cobweb duster can be hand washed with warm soapy water and air-dried.
  • Built-in very high quality
  • Resistant material
  • The stick is very good
  • It is strong but very lightweight
  • Versatile twist on design
  • A little bit expensive but as a 4-pack set it’s ok

7. Pure Care Microfiber Feather Duster with Extension Pole

Pure Care Extendable Feather Duster

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Pure care feather extendable duster with long handle features large flexible microfiber head that can be rotated, bent and locked at various angles to reach the highest and the trickiest of places. This extendable duster comes with 3-section 64 inch telescoping pole, so no more standing precariously on chairs or ladders or risk straining any part of your body to clean hard to reach places.

There are 2 buttons on the sides that you push in to change the position of the duster. The microfiber duster has a metal rod in the center that is attached to a plastic handle. The core of the microfiber head is made of a strong and flexible wire designed to withstand numerous bends.

From tall places (cobwebs on the ceiling, top of cabinets, ceiling fans), to tight crannies (behind/under cupboards, window blinds, baseboards), Pure Care dusters for cleaning with extension handle will cut your cleaning time in half as its generous-sized duster head is able to clean a large surface with every swipe.

The best way to clean the microfiber head is to shake off accumulated dust or hand wash it. To clean the head, unsnap it by sliding the grey button on the handle up and rinse it thoroughly with clean, warm water. You can use a mild detergent if needed without fabric softener or bleach.
  • Saves time and money
  • It’s easy to reach awkward corners
  • Built with very heavy-duty materials
  • The pole has multiple points of adjustment
  • The microfiber head looks nice
  • The main duster head is a little misaligned

8. Improved Extra Long Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole

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Unlike other cleaners with rigid heads that struggle to dust around corners and tricky spots, HEOATH microfiber duster has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable up to 90°. This means thorough dusting every time. With an extendable handle that telescopes from 30″ to 100″, this microfiber feather duster is the best way to clean blinds, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, framed pictures, and clear cobwebs.

The HEOATH microfiber duster can effortlessly reach into all of these challenging, hard to get to, hidden areas around your home. You can shake it off into the trash and also wash and dry the duster easily. The extension handle is sturdy even when extend it to full length of 8’.

The durable threaded connection is removable and convenient for storage. The tail of the pole has a circular hole that can be hung on a wall or a door. Or you can separate the head and the pole to put in your drawer. Rotate the pole let the microfiber be fluffy. You can also use to clean the car.

You no longer need to buy disposable duster refills, the microfiber duster is reusable! Just slide the head off the telescopic wand, soak it in warm water, rinse, and air dry.
  • Extends up to 100 inches
  • Flexible and bendable up to 90°
  • Microfiber head unsnaps from pole for easy cleaning
  • Threaded connection
  • Maintenance made simple
  • Only hand wash with warm or low heat water

9. JANEYO Microfiber Duster with Telescoping Extension Pole

JANEYO Extendable Duster

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JANEYO duster brush with an extendable handle that telescopes from 30″ to 100″,  so no more standing precariously on chairs or ladders or risk straining any part of your body to clean hard to reach places. The duster is able to capture all the very fine particles.

Unlike other cleaners with rigid heads that struggle to dust around corners and tricky spots, this microfiber duster has a cleaning head that is flexible and bendable up to 90°. This means thorough dusting every time. This Microfiber duster also designed the base of the extending rod with a hanging hole to make storage very space-friendly.

The core of the microfiber head is made of a strong and flexible wire designed to withstand numerous bends. It can be bent into various angles you want, cleaning all kinds of dead ends and difficult positions, it is a good helper for housework. It is anti-static because the duster attracted all the fine dust created by in home construction.

The handle is easy to grip. This duster is relatively light. The dusting head is long. It’s quite impressive and it’s really well crafted. It’s not cheap or flimsy as one might think. The end is very soft and the handle is nice, which includes a place to hook it on to.
  • Extending handle is great
  • This duster is super simple to put together
  • It comes with two pieces
  • Cheap price but quality good
  • All part is washable
  • The dusting piece will twist around in a circular motion

10. Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Extender Handle Starter Kit

Swiffer Extendable Duster

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Last but not least, the extender handle is able to extend up to 3ft, helping you get hard to reach areas. The 360 degrees of specially coated fibers grab onto dust perfectly and don’t let go. This is a great extendable duster for use on fans, bookcases, light fixtures, and any surface that used to be out of reach.

Its starter kits contain 1 extendable duster handle. The handle doesn’t angle, but the duster allows a 95% full circle angle locking it easily into your chosen position. The duster heads are soft and really feel like they are doing a good job picking up thin layers of dust. All handles will fit the Swiffer 180 and 360 Dusters.

The duster works well for cobwebs, dust and general cleaning in hard to reach areas like along the ceiling, skylights, etc. The dust has built up in many places even when closing off the rooms with plastic. The wand/handle itself is 16 inches, and the extension with the Swifter duster is 10 inches. I think Swiffer does a great job for 99% of what real dusting should be.

The directions for installing the duster to the supplied handle are lacking. There are two pockets within the duster heads which are somewhat difficult to locate. Once you find them you slip the forks of the duster handle into these two pockets to secure the duster to the handle.
  • Easy to switch the heads
  • Extension works well
  • Gets into tight spaces
  • Picks up dust well
  • You can use it for all dusting
  • It doesn’t pick up all types of dust, only some


If you have a lot of high corners and surfaces on barriers in your household, you must need an extendable duster. If you have purchased an Extensible Duster, we would like you to give us your opinion, offer us a comment. Because your comments will help other people make their decision. However, if you are one of those who have not yet purchased an Extuster Duster online, we advise you to pay attention to your needs.

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