Best Food Steamer

10 Best Food Steamer Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Best Food Steamer

Steam cooking has long been recognized by leading chefs and nutrition professionals as a healthy cooking method for our bodies. Indeed, cooking with a food steam allows a slow and non-aggressive cooking of food which allows to keep the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements of each product. Vegetables retain their colors and textures that’s why steam cookers are used in many restaurants.

Widely used in oriental cuisine, the steamer is now an internationally recognized accessory for its many advantages in the world of gastronomy.

Steam cooking is also healthy because it does not require any fat (butter, oil ..) to cook, so it is still an advantage and a good point for deciding to use this type of device.

For your steaming to be effective, it is essential to choose your steam cooker. I will try at best to guide you in buying a food steamer worthy of the name.

The best food steamers of 2020

Steam is one of the healthiest and most dietetic cooking methods. Its versatility combined with the technology of modern steamers will help you save a lot of time in the kitchen. Take a look at all the insights, verified reviews of the best food steamers:

Our advice: the choice of your future steamer depends only on your own needs and your budget. It’s up to you to find the best model of device that suits you based on the capacity, power, options and accessories you need.
Kealive Food Steamer [Our Top Pick]Yes4.63 lb Check Price
AICOK Food Steamer [Editor's Choice]Yes4.85 lb Check Price
PowerDoF Egg CookerYes2.15 lb Check Price
Homeleader Egg CookerYes2.25 lb Check Price
Oster Double Tiered Steamer [Best for Price]Yes1.15 lb Check Price
Hamilton Beach Food SteamerYes3.97 lb Check Price
BELLA Food SteamerNo4.75 lb Check Price
DashDeluxe Rapid CookerNo1.80 lb Check Price
MVPower Egg CookerYes2.90 lb Check Price
Janolia Food SteamerNo2.35 lb Check Price

1. Kealive Fast Heat Food Steamer

9.5 Quart Food Steamer

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Kealive steamer is great for steaming all kinds of vegetables. It is reliable and easy to use and easy to clean. Can adjust to suit your tenderness desires. It can keep your food’s natural structure and color while locking in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, eliminating the need for added fats and calories from cooking oils or butter.

Just plug it in, load your items to be steamed, turn the timer, this turns on the unit and starts counting down. It is dishwasher safe baskets, including a rice bowl perfect for white or brown rice and small foods. It is most suitable for all family members especially for seniors and children. Careful not to get a steam burn and make sure you stack the bowls in the right order or they could fall off while cooking.

Kealive steamer switches off automatically as the timer rings and the indicator light goes off. Up to 9 liter capacity for vegetables, seafood, meat, egg or rice, you can cook as many foods as you want. The exterior water level indicator always know how much water you have to work with so you can ensure you have enough water to finish the job at hand.

Why I Like It
  • Design very well
  • Fast and convenient
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has three sections so you can steam multiple things at once
  • Easy to use & store
Why I Don't Like It
  • It take45 minutes for rice

2. AICOK Stainless Steel Base Food Steamer

AICOK Food Steamer

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AICOK is a hard plastic very durable. The tubs all are numbered so they go together correctly easy to use and easy to clean up. The Aicok steamer is designed for lovers of healthy food, it is the perfect device for preparing vegetables, fish and steamed meat.

The three baskets stack on top of each other in one pattern. That is bottom, middle and top. They are not interchangeable. So while you can steam with just one basket – the bottom one – the lid fits on fine – that is the only one that will fit on the steamer directly.

The steamer has a timer for the length of time to steam food. The maximum length is an hour. The steamer isn’t programmable to set a time while you’re away to activate, but you could certainly leave for an hour and return to a fully steamed meal. The drip water basin is removable for easy cleaning.

The lid and the water tray are both stamped ” PP with a 5 in a recycle symbol”. It has 6 indentions in each tray for you to set the eggs in. It steams small and large portions of food well. You only need to adjust the timer accordingly.
Why I Like It
  • Fast and large steamer
  • Easy to clean and use
  • 3-Tier stackable baskets
  • Timer with auto shut off
  • You can steam from frozen stage
Why I Don't Like It
  • If you aren’t sure of the time it takes to steam a certain item

3. PowerDoF Multifunctional Double Layer Egg Steamer

PowerDoF 1 Haolide

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The Haolide egg cooker is a great time saver and so easy to use. It makes perfect boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. As soon as the timer goes off just immerse in cold water for a few minutes and then peel. It can instantly steam your favorite vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs and more, poach or make fresh customized omelets.

The Double-layer multifunctional rapid electric egg cooker steamer with 14 egg capacity and two transparent steaming bowls. This is the perfect food steamer for picky eaters, large families, or those who have busy schedules. This food steamer is equipped with an automatic shut-off when it runs out of the water.

Pour water into the center of the water reservoir. Always make sure the center of the reservoir is filled first before the outer ring. If you want nutrient-packed vegetables with great flavor, this should be on your grocery list.
Why I Like It
  • High capacity
  • Auto-off function
  • Very Cheap price
  • Versatile & save your time
  • Takes up a small amount of space while in use
Why I Don't Like It
  • A little confusing on the instructions

4. Homeleader Egg Boiler with Steamer Bowl

Electric Food & Egg Boiler

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This egg cooker occupies a very small part of your kitchen with a lightweight and smart design that brings you more than just boiled eggs. There are more quality services available to you. The small body has a strong purpose. It has an indication for one to 6&7 on the measuring cup.

Homeleader food steamer can steam vegetables, do poached eggs, hot milk and other dishes. It can also steam vegetables, do poached eggs, hot milk and other dishes. You can even help you disinfect baby bottles. It’s BPA free and FDA approved. The steam cooker can make up to 14 eggs, totally enough for your home. Through a clear cover.

Disinfection for baby bottles and cutlery is also an important function for the steamer. It is made of high quality stainless steel, and easy to disassemble and clean. All non-electronic parts can be washed in the dishwasher. The instructions are a bit cryptic because of the translation.
Why I Like It
  • Easy cleaning & storage
  • The quality is very good
  • Steamed food is very fast
  • The material of the product does not have any bad smell
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
Why I Don't Like It
  • The capacity is not too big
  • The measuring cup grading is little bit confusing

5. Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer

Double Tiered Food Steamer

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The Oster 5-Quart Double-Tiered Food Steamer combines countertop convenience with healthy options for delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals. It’s designed with two separate steaming bowls to prepare a complete meal quickly and easily. There’s a plastic ring you place in the middle to separate the two compartments. This allows you to make two different things at the same time.

This can be used to steam Chinese buns, either from frozen or freshly made. It should take approximately 6 to 8 minutes for fresh buns and you may want to consider rotating their positions midway through cooking for best results. Veggies take between 15 & 20 minutes, depending on how soft you want them. Chicken & other meats usually do 30 minutes.

There is a water level indicator inside of the water reservoir in the food steamer. The instruction booklet will include recipes. This food steamer comes with a 1-year warranty starting from the date of purchase.
Why I Like It
  • It’s not too big nor too small
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
  • Automatic 60-minute timer
  • It’s easy to clean and pack away
  • Very affordable
Why I Don't Like It
  • Leak if you fills with too much water

6. Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

Digital Food Steamer

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This steamer tray, lid and water window of the noted appliance (model 37530A, Digital Food Steamer) contains polycarbonate, which contains BPA as an ingredient. They are plastic. But, they are very durable. The plastic makes them easier to handle.

This unit is built to where it drips on the inside and relocates inside to a different location other than the fill-up location. It never drips or gets you counter wet. Warm setting runs for one hour then steamer turns off. Nested storage design fits neatly in your kitchen cabinet. When you want smaller-batch steaming, this unit is perfect.

Use one steaming bowl or stack two bowls to steam larger quantities. It includes a rice bowl that’s perfect for white or brown rice and small foods. The digital touchpad makes setting the countdown timer and other functions easy. Switches to WARM automatically and alerts you with a beep when cooking time is up.

Steaming fish and veggies are great. You can cook hard-boiled eggs with this steamer. There are little impressions at the bottom of the baskets where you can stand them up to cook them. The user guide contains use and care instructions for the steamer.
Why I Like It
  • The steamer is good quality
  • Fits neatly in cabinet
  • Cooks well, and doesn’t make a mess
  • Easy to use, clean, and store
  • Reasonable price
Why I Don't Like It
  • This steamer is little bit small
  • You can steam fish but the meat would not be good!

7. BELLA (13872) 2-Tier Stackable Baskets Food Steamer

BELLA Healthy Food Steamer

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The BELLA 7 Liter (7.4 Quart) Food Steamer is the perfect and healthy way to cook your favorite foods. This not only prevents the vegetables from turning mushy but it also allows them to retain their original color, taste, juices and freshness. This steamer is made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate cannot possibly be made without BPA so its an impossibility to claim this steamer is BPA-free.

This product is well built, efficiently packaged and easy to open. The steam function begins in seconds. Corn in this thing is excellent and so easy. Any and all vegetables can be thrown in this thing and cooked in minutes. Always know how much water you have to work with so you can ensure you have enough water to finish the job at hand.

The basket handles have a # 1 or 2 molded into them. Basket #1 is ‘always’ the bottom basket or puddling of condensed steam onto your counter will result. There is a catch tray above the water. Also, instructions suggest that you can use/add white wine as a substitute for water. And a couple of other things as well.
Why I Like It
  • Cooks food easy and fast
  • Trays stack for easy storage
  • Low cost compared to others
  • Perfect for different cuisines
  • Very well made and works perfectly
Why I Don't Like It
  • The reservoir is much too shallow
  • This unit makes a clicking sound when you use it

8. Deluxe DEC012RD Rapid Cooker Electric for Hard Boiled

Electric for Hard Boiled

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This unique kitchen appliance allows you to heat tortillas and steam veggies as well. The egg cooker comes with a tray divided into sections. You can poach from one to seven eggs at one time. The shape it comes out is not round, but the shape of the cup which is kind of like a triangle with rounded points.

The amount of water is very little, 5 oz or so. The cooker comes with a little cup that shows you the exact amount to use. As far as the time, that’s harder to judge. Follow the instructions for the amount of water to use for poached eggs.

It does shut off automatically, and a buzzer sounds. You use the power button to silence the buzzer. That being said, it’s still hot in there, so your eggs are still cooking. If you don’t want to overcook your eggs, you will want to carefully lift the lid to let the steam vent and let the eggs start cooling.

There is no timer on the device. Once the buzzer goes off, turn off the power then set a timer for the appropriate amount of time based on the chart in the booklet. It tells the number of minutes if you want soft boiled, medium, hard, etc.
Why I Like It
  • Very easy to use and store
  • One-touch cooking
  • Trays for all styles
  • Perfect appliance for picky eaters
  • Small footprint
Why I Don't Like It
  • The power cord is little bit short
  • Comes with one-year warranty

9. MVPower Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker & Food Steamer

16 Capacity Electric Steamer

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The MVPower 16 capacity egg steamer not only use for steamed eggs, but also for steamed vegetables, dumplings, fish, warm tortillas, omelets and more. It is easy to disassemble and clean. Just remove the egg holder and wash these parts with detergent and a sponge.

This food steamer is perfect for an apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, camper and traveling. Save more space and time. Its auto-shut-off function prevents overcooking, and the buzzer will alert you when your eggs (or steamed foods) are ready. It’s so simple and 100% safety, even your kids can use it.

When the temperature is abnormal, the blue light of the machine flashes and a continuous sound is heard. Extra with a steamed egg box. I recommend this egg cooker to anyone looking for an easy way to cook eggs exactly as you want them.
Why I Like It
  • Easily satisfy the Family’s breakfast
  • Auto timing cooking
  • Easy to disassemble
  • It is Compact and lightweight
  • Double-layer design
Why I Don't Like It
  • Clean is not so easy

10. Janolia Electric Portable Lunch Box Steamer

Janolia Electric Food Steamer

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Janolia electric food steamer is made of food-grade pp, and the bowls and dish plate is made by stainless steel, which is durable, environmentally friendly and non- toxic, you could use with confidence. It comes with a plastic lid which goes on top of the shallow container to prevent spills when carrying around.

Janolia electric lunch box is protable with handle. It is without any burden for you to carry it, great for office use. So you can easily enjoy warm and healthy meals. It works a lot like an electric kettle. Just as the water in the base runs out it shuts off. Its waterproof design of the plug port can save it from being moist while not using.

Best of all it has a feature that turns off the unit when it detects the water has almost all evaporation rate. You can plug in the waterproof plug anywhere. Even in a car inverter. It has a cover to keep your food warm. But you may run out of water in the bottom before it’s done.
Why I Like It
  • Superior materials
  • Protection functions
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with portable lunch box
Why I Don't Like It
  • It doesn’t come with instruction, any easy receipes

Bonus Review

#Secura DZG-A80A1Fast Heating Food Steamer

food steamer

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Compare to other plastic steamers, Secura 2-Tier Food Stainless Steel Steamer is a good quality product. It has the right size, and easy to clean and more durable. It is 1200 Watt stainless steel digital steamer and 15 seconds generate steam, fast heat up and cook fish, veggies, chicken, grains or rice. You can easily cook as many foods as you want evenly.

The handles are big and strong enough so that you can take out the bottom-loaded rack with one hand (while the other hand is lifting the top rack). Controls and displays turn out to be this steamer’s strongest attribute. They are intuitive, positive, and very easy to select. The timer display is bright and clear from almost any angle. 

It starts up relatively fast if you don’t put much water, and produce great results. , it takes about 2-4 minutes to boil. Note that it doesn’t have a drip water collector, so the dripping water from vegetables pollute the water. Leaves watermark. But you can clean the mark easily.
Why I Like It
  • Safety mechanism
  • Non-slip upper lid knob
  • Anti-scalding handle
  • Clear water line and LED display
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
Why I Don't Like It
  • A bit bigger diameter than the unit lid
  • Little bit expensive

How to choose your food steamer?

The steamer is the best way not only to eat healthily but also to highlight your personality, your talents and your tastes! There are a wide variety of steam cooker models with different sizes and features, so choosing the right appliance for your needs is not as easy as you think. To choose the best device, it is necessary to combine all the criteria with its needs and budget.

The capacity of food steamer

The capacity of food steamer generally range from 4 to 11 liters. For this reason, it is must you begin by assessing your needs and the needs of your family. A steamer with a capacity of 4 liters is more than enough for a family of 4 people. Always start by estimating the capacity best suited to your needs in order to choose the device that suits you best.

Options and features offered

Steam cookers are more and more technologically developed. Some steamers are programmable and offer you several options such as keeping the meal warm, automatically programming the cooking time with a delayed start system, which may be convenient when you go to work and want to that your meal is ready for your return. We advise you to choose a programmable steamer with keeping warm so that your meals always stay at the right temperature even after cooking.

Some models of steam cookers offer you the possibility to choose the cooking method depending on the nature of the food (fish, vegetables, meat …), others allow you to perform simultaneous cooking with several bowls without mixing the flavors. Choose your steamer according to your diet, your needs, your tastes (flavor diffuser) and your budget.

Frequency of use

If you are a heavy steamer user and use this appliance on a daily basis, you are advised to take a powerful steamer with advanced features that will allow you to enjoy optimal comfort. Conversely, if you plan to use your steamer occasionally, we advise you to buy a mid-range product.

The power

If you want to make your food fast, we advise you to choose a steamer of at least 600 watts. Such power allows you to save time and cook whatever you want. The power of steam cookers can reach 1500 watts or even 2000 watts. So what are you waiting for to choose the best steamer and highlight your talents and your tastes!

Questions about the steamer:

What is the best Multi steamer?

In our opinion, the best steamer after Cookeo is the Kealive. Discover all the info on our site.

How do I cook with my pressure cooker?

Put the food in the food steamer: either in the steam basket or in the bottom of the steamer, add water and close the lid. Depending on the type of steamer: put the valve or set the programmer more information on our site.

How much price an electric food steamer?

There is a great variety in the rate. The cheap models are $15! And tactile steam cookers, with multiple options and quality materials, can cost up to $250.


Regarding the published rankings, the year of publication (relevance of the current word) should always be taken into account. If you work with old Steam Insert rankings, you may not find the best product due to obsolete information. Therefore, our last advice: always look for information on the winner of the test of the current year, at best, in combination with a detailed review.

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