10 Best Immersion Hand Blenders & Buyer’s Guide – 2019

10 Best Immersion Hand Blenders & Buyer’s Guide – 2019

Best Hand BlenderIf you are looking for the best hand blender you have come to the right place, as below we will show you an exhaustive analysis of the best models available in the market. We have taken care of doing the “hard work” for you, and we have made a summary of the best options. Trying to make things as easy as possible, and having to look for the information of each of them, separately. In this way, we hope you can make a decision more quickly (we know that “time is money”) and knowledge about the subject.

As you should know, this type of appliances are essential in the kitchen of any chef. Thanks to its great versatility, price and size, they are ideal to prepare quickly and easily all those recipes of purees, smoothies, smoothies, juices, sauces, smoothies, etc.

Also, as you might imagine, as good regulars of the detox shake (yes, we are somewhat addicted to them and we love them!) In the Smoothie Recipes Team we have a huge experience in blenders. Not only because we prepare smoothies and shakes every day, but, above all, we usually use several types of these appliances, such as cup blenders, to make all the recipes that we teach you on the blog.

Lately, you have sent us numerous emails and queries through Twitter, asking us for advice to choose the best hand blender model, since, sometimes, not all of you have suitable cup blenders to carry out the recipes that we propose. And how … your wishes are orders for us! We have set to work to make a good analysis and comparison, where you can find the solution.

We are going to present you the analysis of the best hand blenders:

ImageHand BlenderBPA FreeDishwasher Safe 

LINKChef Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
Utalent Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
Braun Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
Mueller Austria Hand BlenderNoYes Check Price
Ultra-Stick Hand BlenderNoNo Check Price
Multiquick Hand BlenderNoNo Check Price
Batitay Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
BREVO Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
VECELO Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price
CUSINAID Hand BlenderYesYes Check Price

1. Immersion Blender LINKChef 4-in-1 Hand Blender Stick

Immersion Blender LINKChef 4-in-1

The blender bar made of 304 stainless steel, easy to assemble and used to mix the soup well. The motor is 500 W, is very effective. It works very well for making smoothies. The blades are strong enough to deal with the ice. It is also easy to clean when you are done. You can be used in hot or cold items. The blender has different attachments that you can put on it instead of the normal blender head.

You can stop any time (no press the button) to try the food. The safety switch design ensures you that the motor will only work when the blender bar is fully fixed with the main body. There are instructions. Detailed instructions on how to use this product. This blender is perfect for small tasks and large. It’s very convenient because of its size and power.

This blender comes with 4 different parts, each part has a different function. Its real simple if you have the smarts to cut small pieces it works great. Yes, there are better models and brands out there to buy but for the money, Link chef can’t be beat. This is a home use tool not an industrial model to be used continuously so use this with care and it should last many years.

There is no way to open it while in use. It is completely sealed. You may just be able to use the emersion blender attachment inside the large cup to do something like that though. This hand blender comes with 36-month warranty.
  • Green healthy living.
  • Powerful motor and sharp blade.
  • Fashion and practical design.
  • Safe and stylish design.
  • It is not cordless, there’s a cord to plug into outlets.

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2. Immersion Hand Blender – Utalent 3-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender

3-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender

Utalent is perfect for blending and mixing your ingredients to create sauces, great assistance for your favorite dishes. This hand blender comes with a unique milk frother attachment. You will get hand blender and milk frother in one set. Different from the portable mini milk frother, this milk frother attachment can directly connect the main body of blender to acquire more powerful force, it’s very easy to get more foam. The chopper works very well. It’s easy to assemble and runs quietly.  And it’s really high quality. Unbelievable, because of this reasonable price.

It’s different from an ordinary 2 blade system when you have a four-blade system, it make your food mixing more efficient, evenly and smoothly. It’s 250 Watt powerful hand blender with 8 variable speed control for milk shakes, soups or baby food, it makes your food mixing more powerful.

The coffee frothing is very powerful though and be sure to cover the container tightly or you’ll have coffee all over the kitchen. Whatever you are blending will be funneled through the blades, and blend and liquefy easily. What a versatile little powerful machine.

The body is stainless steel as well as the attachments. They only plastic part is the colored portion of the blender and parts. It is very handy because it has 3 heads and it is easy to clean. Making cakes or baked goods is easy with this hand blender.
  • 4 blade system & 8 variable speed control.
  • Milk frother attachment.
  • Easy to clean & safe.
  • High-efficiency.
  • This hand blender is not intended for use by children.

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3. Braun Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade Technology Hand Blender

Braun Multiquick

With Braun’s SmartSpeed hand blender, you can intuitively adjust blending power without stopping with the simple squeeze of a button. I love that you can make a smoothie without having to add excess water or juice. Just put your fruit in the cup and blend it into a nice thick drink.

The blender have two buttons; the one on the very top is to unlock and be able to use the blender. It goes from red to green when you push it. Then you can use the trigger to blend. The trigger is absolutely awesome. Perfectly made, it gives you total control, so easy to use. The safety button self-locks in less than two seconds, but you can easily push it again with the same hand, not a big deal.

The blender comes with a whisk, a two-cup chopper, a blending wand, a masher, and a beaker. Each device connects and disconnects to the handle with a couple of buttons on the side. A push of a safety button on top of the handle activates the power button, which controls the speed of the blender smoothly.

That is a safety feature for this product. The red light flashes to show it has power. It will only operate when the top button is pressed and the light is green. Kind of annoying, but it saves your fingers. The Braun model MQ 9097 hand blender comes with with a jug blender attachment that includes an ice crusher blade. It is made in Germany.
  • Variable Speed.
  • Safety Unlock Button.
  • The unit isn’t loud like a blender just a gentle whir.
  • One Handed Operation.
  • It is slightly heavier than others.

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4. Mueller Austria Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

Mueller Austria Multi-Purpose

The Mueller Ultra-Stick hand blender can be used to make delicious treats such as salsa, pesto, batter, smoothies, cheese sauce, homemade tomato sauce, hollandaise sauce, whipped cream, apple butter, various Indian dishes, soups and cakes. The diameter of the blender head is 2 1/2 inches. If it will go into the opening, it will work. The head is on a shaft that gives plenty of vertical clearance. The power of the unit will aggressively pull the head to the bottom of the jar. It is necessary to hold the jar firmly to prevent spillage.

The blade is very sharp and rather powerful. For safety purposes, the blade is activated only when you are pressing the button. It requires continuous thumb pressure. On a side note, everyone who has ever seen and used this has fallen in love with it. I highly recommend!

It comes apart with a simple twist, but if you put some soap in the container you just mixed in and repeat the process, you can clean both the stick and the container. The design is very sleek and comfortable in the hand. Perfect size to avoid eruption. 

Combination of stainless steel and plastic. Blender divided into two units. Upper is the motor/ lower unit which is the blade that attaches and separates from motor. Easy attach, due to detach from motor easy to clean.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Exceptional quality.
  • Blender and whisk attachments attach/detach very easily.
  • Speed control is ergo and well-thought out.
  • The blender will not chop ice. Can’t have everything.

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5. KOIOS Ultra-Stick Powerful Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

hand BlenderThis convenient hand blender is a compact alternative to standing blenders, and the detachable attachments make cleanup easier as well.  They are used to take the attachments off once you are done or if you are switching between the wisk and the blender attachment. The powerful 500-watt motor allows you to whip egg whites, blend soups, mix salad dressing, and even puree baby food perfectly.

The handle also has that nice, matte grippy material that helps keep you from losing your grip. KOIOS Ultra-Stick comes with stainless steel blade, long lifespan and durable. The blade rotates at high speed to puree and liquid the ingredients.

360° seamless connection attaches with the press of a button and is more secure than a conventional rotary connection, keeping everything together at any speed and any angle.

It is perfect for whipping cream or egg whites for cakes and desserts. Due to the limited bearing capacity of the stir bar, the current technology is unlikely to make the stirrer power exceed 800W.
  • It made it nice and smooth.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beautiful design and very sturdy.
  • Perfect for blending out homemade soups.
  • It’s a little bit noisy.

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6. Braun MQ537 Multiquick Hand Blender

Braun MQ537

Great product for small hands. Easy to use with hands even with a little arthritis developing. This is our second reviews by Braun. With the versatile easy click system, you can quickly change attachments to blend, chop, whisk, mash, crush, and purée effortlessly. It’s a good size for making a small batch of salsa or baby food. If you don’t abuse it, it will serve you well and last a long time.

The bottom part of this blender is stainless steel and fits perfectly into the plastic 20 oz container that comes with it. The container is 6.5″ tall and the 20 oz line is about 2.5″ below rim. The stainless steel part is the only thing that gets wet with liquids you are blending.

The container is big enough around that you have enough room to blender your drink without worrying that the black part of blender will get wet, provided you do not go above the 20 oz line. It is powerful enough to make whipped cream. However, that is not the same as cream for Lattes which is usually fluffed up with steam and poured over the espresso shot.

The blender should not get hot to the touch. The amount of time depends on what you are blending. Some items may be harder and or thicker, but the time will depend on contents.
  • Extra light and ergonomic design for maximum flexibility.
  • Very powerful.
  • No slow down.
  • The plastic beaker is nice inclusion.
  • Little bit expensive.

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7. Betitay Immersion Hand Blender – 4-in-1 Food Blender

4-in-1 Food Blender

This hand blender is a perfect design with attachments that make it a versatile helper in kitchen. For the price, this is a very good product. You can use this in many ways. For example, blending, whisking, beating, grinding or food processor. It’s very durable and convenient in hand. I love how easily you can clean this up. Simply detach it, place it in the dish washer, all clean. If you’re someone who loves to cook, this is a great and convenient tool for you.

The blender can make mayo, you add the oil as you needed. The speed can be controlled by your hand.  It has a power cord connection. The max power of the immersion blender is 500w, the rated power is 300w. Your hand pressure is as small as possible, the time is shorter, it can cut vegetables

It is marked up to 16 fl. oz or 500ml. And those marks are a little above the middle of the bowl. Its indicator light shows 5 levels, but speed level is not only 5 levels. Blades of blend shaft & chopper bowl are wear-resistant and sharp. So you can tackle ingredients with minimum time and effort. S-shaped blade of chopper also can reduce food splatter when chopping.

It has two blades, one of is in the vegetable meat container. All can be disassembled and washable.  We suggest mixing food no longer than 1 minute. In order to protect your motor and prolong service life. But in general, mixing food only need 10-30 seconds.
  • 4-in-1 Multifunction.
  • Switch and gradual speed combination.
  • Powerful blender but low noise.
  • Ergonomic design & good applicability.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

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8. BREVO Immersion Hand Blender

BREVO Immersion Hand Blender

This is probably the most versatile food processor tool we’ve ever seen. No limits to blending, chopping, mixing, mashing and whisking tasks with powerful 300-watt motor.

This is a very versatile and easy to use hand blender. The controls are great, the weight is well balanced and it feels good in the hand. The attachments are also easy to clean. Variable speed allows you to process different kinds of food. Whole body stainless steel adds a superior element to your countertop. One hold-on button operation ensures the safety of usage. “T” turbo mode provides you a max power to blend quickly and thoroughly.

It is made of BPA free plastic. You can use the blender stick to make a hot soup, the stick is made of FDA grade stainless steel, please be assured to use. Ergonomic grip design eliminates the fatigue of long-time holding. Attachments are dishwasher safe.

BREVO perfects each part on winning top customer satisfaction. The ergonomic grip is printed with smooth and soft rubber paint that brings you a premium feeling, and ensures you best grip without slip or fatigue in daily use.
  • Limitless versatility.
  • All-in-one extra value kit.
  • Safety & health ensured.
  • Comfortable slip-proof grip.
  • The smoothie cup and food processor bowl are made of plastic.

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9. VECELO Premium 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender Set

VECELO Hand Blender Set

This is definitely an upgrade from your standard handheld blender! It has a whisk attachment and a chopper, which will make small jobs a blast. Very powerful!  The blender fits easily in your hand and it’s easy to reach the button to blend. It’s beyond a blender. For a small families and with kids this is a very useful product to make oatmeal; fruit purees and soups.

It weighs less than two pounds, and yes you do have to hold the button in. It’s not that hard, as you are holding it you press the button on and off. Compared with other copper-clad aluminum motors, pure copper motor ensures 3 times life span with high-speed running.

This hand blender is with a cord, and the cord is 67 inches. This product comes with 60 days’ replacement of free charge or money back and 720 days’ quality guarantee.

The motor is the key factor in deciding a blender’s performance. Usually, Blenders with motor under 500W are made of the copper-clad motor. However, blenders with motor over 500W should be required to be equipped with pure copper in consideration of a higher performance requirement and longer service life.
  • Pure copper motor.
  • Sharp blade & anti-splash.
  • Safe material.
  • Turbo for high speed.
  • It needs a lot of space in a cabinet since it has lots of parts and it is bit heavier.

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10. Immersion Hand Blender – Powerful 4-in-1


The 4 sharp stainless steel blades blend ingredients quickly and with a stainless housing on it to avoid splashing thus to keep your kitchen spotless. All attachments are easy to assemble and dissemble by a simple twist, easier for operation.

This is a 4 in 1 blender set which you can blend, chop, whip…depending on what you plan to cook. You can adjust the speed of the blender and the overall design is amazing! Easy to clean up, too!

The turbo boosts the speed even more than the adjustable speed. This blender is extremely powerful. Using the turbo you want short bursts. Easy to use and clean, ruggedly built and the accessories are excellent and really come in handy if you don’t want to use your bigger appliances.

It can blender hot soup. But anytime you use an immersion blender on hot items, you should turn off the stove. Never attempt to blend a hot liquid that is still boiling.

Since the blender blade is different from a chopped blade, and stick blenders are meant to mix and/or puree liquids with ‘some’ soft solids in them. So we do not suggest you try to use it as a chopped although you have a right container.
  • 4-in-1 immersion blender set.
  • Adjustable blender speed.
  • Durability design.
  • Easy clean up.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

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Bonus Review:

Chefman Immersion Stick Hand Blender

Chefman Immersion Stick Hand Blender

The unit’s unique blade provides extremely smooth and even blending, while its protective blade guard helps prevent splattering. Perfect for Soups and tomato sauces. Really like how easy these blades are to clean and how comfortable the handle is. Has a nice texture to it so it’s easy to grip. Highly recommend.

You can use it in hot liquids. Great for blending creamy soups in the pot!  If you put a little at a time; haven’t use it for that purpose, but it does have blades too cut ice into fine pieces. This blender has 2 buttons for the 2 speeds/just push and it goes, release and it stops.

The mixer is longer than the standard immersion blender. The shaft & blades are stainless steel and remove for easy cleaning. The blades are covered and it won’t break a glass bowl you can use in a non-stick pan. The rotating blades would not hurt cookware but the shield around it could potentially scratch a non-stick surface if you are not careful as could a metal spoon or spatula.

It does have 2 power modes, but it is not dual voltage. The voltage is 120. You would need a voltage converter to use it with a different voltage.
  • Specially designed cross blades
  • Beautiful color and the fact that it’s detachable.
  • It is pretty silent.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The blade is sharp, you can get cut while trying to wash it if you aren’t careful.

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How can Choose Best Hand Blender

We know that choosing the best hand blender at the best price is not easy. The household appliances sector is an increasingly saturated sector, with more brands innovating in new products, and taking them to the market, every few months. All this makes our choice difficult. I do not know about you, but for us, it is often difficult to decide just for a model, and I assure you, we do not need to have the kitchen full of blenders and appliances that we will never use.

As we have already mentioned, in this particular section, of blenders, the USA brands are the most outstanding for excellence, since they are a big step ahead of the rest. Therefore, it is not uncommon that we have focused our analysis on the models most voted by users. That’s why, before going into details, and see what are the best hand blender we have selected for you, we want to take into account the essential aspects to choose a good model:


This, is perhaps, the most important aspect to take into account, if you are going to choosing a acquire hand blender a model. It is important to invest in a powerful engine, especially if you have in mind to use it continuously. You should buy a blender with the right power, because, with a small engine, we run the risk of burning the engine. So, if you plan to use it to chop hard foods, do not think about it anymore, and opt for a high power because it is always better to prevent than to cure! And if the engine is something “scarce”, you run the risk of not being able to take advantage of 100% or that your smoothies and smoothies look like baby food.


You should check that the model you acquire has the quality blades. Opt, always, for durable stainless steel blades. Many brands only describe how many blades their blenders use, without highlighting what material they are. Flee from any product review or opinion that does not give you the necessary information!


The speed of a hand blender is something to keep in mind. Most market models come with two speeds (turbo and normal). Currently, the new models incorporate adjustable speeds, perfect to achieve the desired texture in certain recipes. This detail is a really useful advance, since it is not the same to try to chop meat to make hamburgers that mount the cream of your favorite dessert.


It is important to look at the construction materials of the blender and its accessories. It is recommended that both the blades and the nozzle be stainless steel, as this will ensure a longer life of our appliance and avoid corrosion. Also, we must note that the body of the appliance and its accessories are made of resistant plastic and free of BPA (without toxins or carcinogenic products). Thus, we will ensure that they do not contribute to any strange odor or harmful elements to our recipes of flavors, we take care of them!

Handiness and practicality

Another factor that you will have to consider when making the purchase of your immersion blender is that concerning its practicality of use and maintenance

If you use the blender often and even for extended periods, you will prefer to choose a fairly light model, around 900 g, equipped with a good ergonomic handle with a wide non-slip coating, a wide and soft activation button, easy to press, and with a relatively quiet engine that emits low vibrations.

If you have chosen a model with a separable shank you will probably be able to wash the immersion bar even in the dishwasher, but we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the booklet. Especially if the stem is in plastic: not all plastic materials are suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Finally, in the periods in which you do not use the immersion blender, you may want to keep it hanging, and then you will have to evaluate if the model you have chosen has a special hook, or if the accessories have a base or a bracket for the wall attachment.


In the most current models, it is increasingly common that when you buy a hand blender comes with numerous accessories. The hand blenders have been reinvented in recent years and you can choose devices with accessories to whip cream, chop meats or ice, crush or even scratch vegetables. Now, we are not going to lose the north, for the number of accessories that include us. It is important to know what we are going to use and what is not, since the final price of the appliance will increase the more accessories it includes.

Other models of hand blenders

As you could see, today, it is not very difficult to find which is the best blender. In this analysis, the undisputed queens of the hand blender market are the USA brands. But do not forget that there are other brands, which you may already know and with which you have more confidence or preference.

We propose a list of alternative blenders, where we have gathered different brands, so you can find one that suits 100% to your needs, if you have not done so yet.

And this has been the analysis of the best hand blenders in the market. Hopefully, it has helped you choose the blender model that best suits your needs.

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