10 Best Hand Mixer for Kitchen & Buyer’s Guide – 2019

10 Best Hand Mixer for Kitchen & Buyer’s Guide – 2019

Best Hand MixerWelcome to our great Hand mixer Test 2019. Here we present you all of our handheld blenders. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase easier and help you find the best hand mixer for you.

Also on frequently asked questions, you will find answers in our guide. If available, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a hand mixer.

Which hand mixer is the right one?

The advantage of a plastic attachment is the lower weight, so crushing is not a show of strength. However, such an essay breaks down faster. So if you use your hand blender very often and would like to enjoy a long life span, you better use the stainless steel version. Although this makes the mixer harder, but who pays attention to a low weight of the device in general, it should have no problems.

Which hand mixer with hand blender attachment is the right one, also depends on where it is used. If the mixer is to shred even ice cubes for tasty summer drinks effortlessly, it makes sense to buy a device with at least 500 watts, as services under that can otherwise lead to excessive demands on the mixer and also to nerve wear of the user. On the other hand, if only foods that are easy to crush are to be pureed, a lower wattage is sufficient.

Also to consider when making a purchase decision that this device combination is less handy, such as a pure hand blender. So if you are a passionate smoothie mixer and you also have plenty of space in the kitchen, you will probably enjoy using the two devices separately.

Check Out: Comparison Table

ImageHand MixerManufacturerPower(Watt) 
Hand Mixer Electric with 300W Ultra Power, 5-speed+Soft StartSHARDOR300 Check Price
Cusinaid 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Turbo MixersChitomax250 Check Price
Hand Mixer with Turbo Handheld Kitchen Mixer Includes BeatersCUSINAID250 Check Price
5-Speed 250W Power Advantage Electric Handheld MixerToogel250 Check Price
Hand Mixer with 5-Speed 250W Power Advantage Electrickeemo250 Check Price
DmofwHi 5 Speed Hand Mixer ElectricDmofwHi300 Check Price
Electric Hand Mixer, 5 Speed Hand Beater Kitchen MixerCUSIBOX250 Check Price
COSTWAY Stand Mixer, 6.3-Qt 660W 6-Speed Electric MixerCOSTWAY660 Check Price
Hand Mixer Electric MOSAIC 6 Speeds Digital Kitchen MixerMOSAIC300 Check Price
HoLife Electric Hand Mixer 5-Speed Electric MixersLivSense300 Check Price

1. Hand Mixer Electric – SHARDOR 300W Power and Slower Start Mixer

00W Power and Slower Start Mixer

The SHARDOR hand mixer is designed with a stunning modern shape and high-performance materials. This hand mixer is perfect for Arthritis, a person who is planning to learn baking or those who have less strength in their hands.

Its six stainless steel attachments working with high to low speeds, so you can choose different speed and attachment according to your baking ideas. It can be operated without interruption for a maximum of 3 minutes and should be allowed to cool down for approximately 30 seconds before the next operation.

Powerful 300w motor and include 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and 2 whisks, all are made of 304 stainless steel, convenient to make different foods. You can use this to make whipped body butter. Convenient to make different foods, such as whipped cream, button, cookies, dough delicious cakes and bread.

You can make any dough with this hand mixer and it come with two beaters, two whisks and two dough hooks. The speed change corresponding. The first and second gears are the slow speed you want, and the third and fourth gears are faster. After all, 300 watts.

The wire wraps around the black bottom part of the mixer. When finished, you just wrap it back round the bottom base of the mixer.
  • With storage base, easy to store.
  • Two beaters, two whisks, and two dough hooks.
  • The mixer has 5 different speeds from low to high.
  • It’s very lightweight but has is very powerful.
  • The plastic portion of it is very thick and durable.
  • The size of the beater head is considerably smaller.
  • It has no holes for all the pieces which would have been easy to design into the base.

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2. Hand Mixer, Cusinaid – 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Black color hand mixer

With 5 different speeds and turbo setting, Cusinaid hand mixer allow you to select better speed to mix ingredients, batters, whip dough, cream and bread. This Hand Mixer is manufactured in China. We think you’ll be happy with your purchase, and if not promise to refund or replace it, no questions asked.  The cord is soft and flexible. It’s able to rest on its end next to your bowl. For the thicker/doughy things, you had better wash it by hand. But the attachments can be used for the dishwasher.  It works quite than a standard hand mixer.

It also comes with a container that you can put the small things in a attach it to the mixer itself. Also great for small kitchens and storage. It is a nice mixer and would recommend it to all who had inspiring little chefs in the house. The handy storage case that is large enough to hold the cord and beater attachments is a big plus. For the money, I think it’s a great mixer and would recommend it.

  • The cord is permanently attached to the mixer.
  • It comes with dough hooks.
  • It has several speed settings from 1 to 5.
  • Strong power and very easy to use.
  • The cord is soft and flexible.
  • After 5 minutes continuous use, allow a few minutes rest before next use.
  • The eject button is a little bit hard to push, maybe due to safety considerations.

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3. Cusinaid Hand Mixer Electric with Turbo Handheld Kitchen Mixer


This unique design can provide you with an extra comfortable and safe user experience. It can mash potatoes after boiling. With its 250 Watt motors and 5 different Speeds to help you whisk, mix and knead and the turbo of the hand mixer can help you more efficient and quick. The quality of this hand mixer is very good. It has several heads. To stir different foods. You can use it to stir eggs, flour or other fruits. It is convenient in size and light in weight, suitable for women.

The cord is 45in feet long. If you want to use the eject button, please make the control knob set to the right position “0”. In the case of the beater, dough and whisk of the hand mixer cannot fall out easily, we improved the ejection and pulling force, it will be a little tight.

All-round hot and cold air convection design efficiently dissipates heat and extends the life of the motor. Acrylic storage container is more clear and solid to use and after using it, you can make the hand mixer stand on your desk.
  • Vibrations are minimal.
  • Very nice mixer with a lot of attachments
  • Has a lot of pointy sharp thingies.
  • It’s compact and easy to use.
  • It also looks nice enough to leave out.
  • Hurts like heck if you drop it on your foot.

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4. Electric Hand Mixer – Egg Beater Handheld Mixer w/AC

Egg Beater Handheld Mixer w/AC

This electric hand mixer includes automatic egg whisk, hand mixer beaters attachment, drink mixer attachment, all of them are BPA-free and made of 304 stainless steel, which are suitable for Kitchen cream, mayonnaise, eggs, pancake batter and more. The Toogel electric handheld mixers is designed with an ergonomic grip for greater control and it is convenient to clean in the water or dishwasher but damp cloth for motor.

This hand mixer comes with 1-year warranty. If you register your Toogel mini mixer to receive 1-year extended warranty and lifetime support from our friendly customer service.

It is pretty safe. But it is not battery operated, it has a cord. It is not cordless. It must be plugged in to operate. You can easily rotate the portable hand mixer head to the desired position. Toogel Hand Mixer has high power with 80W sturdy motor, safety healthy with BPA-free material & 304 stainless steel, ergonomic grip.
  • It’s easy to rotate the portable hand mixer head to the desired position.
  • Designed w/dishwasher safe make to easy to clean.
  • At lowest power level it had no problem mixing a batter.
  • Easy to grip with a secure feel.
  • This hand blender is not so heavy and has high power and sturdy motor.
  • It is not battery operated, it has a cord.
  • Works well, but no truly fast setting.

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5. 5-Speed 250W Power Advantage Electric Handheld Mixer

Handheld Mixer

This is great for true hand mixers. If you’re dealing with a heavy batch, its a bit more work but overall really great for everyday mixing needs! I love the compartment that contains all of the attachments and the chord. This KEEMO hand mixer is not cordless. However, its cord is 44.9in which is long enough for you. The hand mixer head is about 8.3 inch in length, 3.9 inch in width, 5.9 inches in height. The attachment is about 7(in) in length.

KEEMO handheld mixer with a powerful 250W motor ensures you steady running, quiet without noise, and quick heat dissipation. The beaters, dough hooks and whisk are all stainless steel and there is a piece of stainless steel on the mixer head which makes it look great.

Box Includes:

  • 1 x Hand held Mixers.
  • 2 x Beaters.
  • 2 x Dough Hooks.
  • 1 x Balloon Whisk.
  • 1 x Transparent storage box.
  • It is very powerful.
  • Light weight, and the beaters eject easily.
  • This is a well-made hand mixer.
  • Powerful and durable for the price.
  • The weight is not to light or not to heavy, very quiet when working.
  • This power line is too short.

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6. DmofwHi 5 Speed Hand Mixer Electric


The hand mixer has 5-speed configuration and has a button on the handle to control, very easy to use. The beaters are made of 304 stainless steel, very powerful and the hand mixer has 300 watts power, you can use it to handle chocolate or cookie, no problem. All these kind of products require an FDA declaration when entering the customs. Otherwise, they cannot be allowed to sell in US.

The DmofwHi hand mixer has rounded shape with easy-to-reach buttons, slanted handle that offers you comfortable grip. You will feel more comfortable when doing kitchen work with the DmofwHi hand mixer. It is really powerful for a hand mixer. It is very easy to grip. Perfect for quick mixing. No need to worry to rest item while adding ingredients coz it stood up well and balanced.

There is a storage base that can be used to put all attachments and mixer together without taking up the place. You can roll the cord around the bottom and still have the mixer fit in the carrier.
  • Very nice mixer with low noise.
  • The mixer stand is smart and helps a lot to keep the parts together.
  • The attachments can be removed very easily.
  • The design is very handy to organize the parts.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • The mixer did not come w/some type of cover.

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7. Electric Hand Mixer-  5 Speed Hand Beater Kitchen Mixer

Hand Beater Kitchen Mixer

This electric hand mixer is lightweight, easy to handle, and does a great job making meringue! It works well for mixing cake batter and like applications. Ergonomic Grip Handle provides you comfort while mixing. Cusibox hand mixer features five-speed settings to help you accomplish a variety of whipping, beating and mixing tasks. Furthermore, convenient mixing features including one turbo button to the fastest.

Its ergonomic design provides you a secure and comfortable grip while the easy-release eject button quickly removes the dishwasher- safe beaters. The storage case perfectly fits all the attachments and cord. FDA approved kitchen hand mixer comes with 1-year limited warranty.

  • This mixer is a good size.
  • It’s easy to handle.
  • Its motor sounds strong.
  • No more hunting for the beaters to go with mixer.
  • The multi-hole design for quick cooling.
  • Beaters release is a little hard to press but is manageable.

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8. COSTWAY Stand Mixer – 660W Electric Kitchen Food Mixer


COSTWAY Stand Mixer comes with dough hook, beater, whisk and 6.3 QT stainless steel bowl. Powerful 660 Watt motor and variable speeds make freshness and smoothness of food, you can set the speed according to your need. The splash guard helps you to avoid spattering when mixing and adding ingredients, keeping your kitchen tidy.

The mixer is all metal. The splash guard is plastic but very sturdy. The bottom of the bowl twist and locks in place. Don’t know if they make a smaller bowl for it with the same type of bottom. It very hard to work with the splash guard. The bowl is very deep so you can mix two cakes without splashing the mixture.

Strong suction cups hold it in place so it doesn’t move around the countertop when working hard. When plugged, in the speed control is backlit to remind you to unplug the machine when you’re done with it. Switching beaters is simple. Head tilt mechanism works smoothly.
  • It comes with dough hook, beater, whisk, and 6.3 QT stainless steel bowl.
  • This mixer has a lot of power.
  • Sturdy and powerful, easy to clean.
  • This mixer is excellent for price.
  • Blue LED light adds to the beauty of stand mixer.
  • It is little bit noisy.
  • The user manual doesn’t tell you what speed you use to make whatever you are making.

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9. Hand Mixer Electric – MOSAIC 300W Powerful 6 Speeds

MOSAIC 300W Powerful 6 Speeds

This hand mixer is made in China. This hand mixer’s material is plastic. And all the replacement (beaters, dough hooks, blender) made by the 304 stainless steel. The LCD show is 9 minutes. By the way, it powerful and quickly for whipping egg white and cream. The hand mixer have a good power and work fine for making dough. Also effective for whipping cream, egg white. The patent beater is more faster for making the egg white and cream than other brands. 2 minutes for egg white it totally without problem.

The great thing about the product is it has beaters, dough hooks and extra blender stick. Such a professional hand mixer. This hand mixer comes with one-year warranty of goods and services. The main body’s warranty last one-year.

The hand mixer is powered 110V, not cordless. And the beater is about 8.46 in x 1.77 in (L x W). The hand mixer comes with a storage stand. Also can storage the beaters, dough hooks and blender.
  • All parts are Bisphenol-propane Free, and US Food Safety Test.
  • The hand mixer come with a storage stand.
  • It is really helpful and convenient to make dough or wiping cream.
  • It is not really big, so it is easy to carry.
  • The packaging looks really cool.
  • The hand mixer cannot stand up by itself.

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10. HoLife Electric Hand Mixer –  5-Speed 300W Power Electric Mixers


This hand mixer with 300 Watt Power and turbo function as Quick burst for every speed will enable you to complete your task more efficiently. You can easily and quickly remove any accessory from the HoLife hand mixer with the single-handed press of a button.

The egg beaters and hooks you can easily to clean with hot water and match well your dishwasher. The 5-Speed mixer will meet ingredients for a variety of recipes from slowly stirring in chunky ingredients.

Cleanup is a breeze with the auto-eject button that quickly disconnects the dishwasher-safe mixing tools. Don’t worry about your money because of they provide 18-month warranty with satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 rounded toggle switch with eject function design–Easily and quickly remove the accessory from the hand mixer for disassembling or replacing.
  • 2 Beater & 2 Dough Hooks–2 dough hooks for kneading and mixing, 2 blenders for mixing meat and whisk eggs.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Circulation Cooling System–Provides maximum comfort and better using experience.
  • It is safe for dishwasher.
  • The mixer blades are very lightweight.
  • The hand mixer has FDA, CE, FCC certification.
  • Holife hand mixer with 300W Power and turbo function.
  • The egg beaters and hooks will be easy to clean.
  • The motor is strong as heck but the mixer tools are little bit wimpy.

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Bonus Review:

VonShef Cream 250W Hand Mixer Whisk

VonShef Cream 250W Hand Mixer Whisk

Whisks are best used for light ingredients that you want to beat to a froth. They are great to whip up egg whites to make a meringue. That would be true for hand whisking or machine whisking. It is rated at 110V and only comes with that type plug and cord. Stylish and good power for size. Dough hooks and beaters are not the same strength as those used for full-sized mixers, but this mixer is designed for smaller jobs.

It is what you use for anything that you want a lot of air in. Always at high speed. And egg whites should be room temperature. Does have a flat end for standing on the counter, not a non-skid surface. Appears to sit fairly stable.

Beaters are 5.5″ from base of the mixer. The mixer does not have the slots on the bottom to rest on the edge of the bowl. Whisks are best used for light ingredients that you want to beat to a froth. They are great to whip up egg whites to make a meringue. That would be true for hand whisking or machine whisking. Use the regular beaters for cakes certainly.

Box Includes:

  • 2x Beaters.
  • 2x Dough Hooks.
  • 1x Balloon Whisk.
  • 1x Electric Hand Whisk – 5 Cable length 5 feet.
  • It is compact.
  • Does not take a lot of space.
  • Beaters very sturdy.
  • Good price.
  • Bit shakes when you use.

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Buyer’s Guide:

What should you pay attention to when buying?

As so often in life – pay attention not only to the outside. Inner values are crucial for long enjoyment of the device! So do not be fooled by shiny, radiant products in elegant black or silver.

If you like a blender, look at the technical features and then decide whether to buy the blender or not. Every beauty goes by when the engine does not pack your cake dough. After all, you do not want to use your device just as a decorative element.

How much does a good hand mixer cost?

A hand mixer with low power you get already for 10 dollars. However, you cannot expect much for this price. On average hand mixers cost less than 400 watts 20-30 dollars. For this price, you already get a good product from well-known manufacturers. The processing of the mixer is good and the mixing performance for light to medium doughs is completely sufficient.

Want a more powerful product, you have to expect 30 dollars upwards. For this price, you get a device from a well-known manufacturer (Bosch, Siemens), which is well processed and stirs difficult doughs without any problems. As the wattage increases, so does the price – 750 watts of products cost around 80 dollars.

These devices are a veritable powerhouse and are almost competing with a food processor. Should it also be a little less watts, the average price is around 50 dollars. For little money, you get a powerful mixer (500 watts) from well-known manufacturers.

How important is the wattage really?

Basically, you can already orient yourself on the wattage. However, it can happen that a 300-watt device can be as powerful as a 400-watt device. Why is that? The true strength of the mixer is the engine – if the engine is strong, the mixer can stir well, the engine is weak, a high wattage nothing and the mixer stirs weak.

The wattage alone is therefore not a clear indicator of a strong performance. However, you can conclude that a very high wattage means a high performance of the mixer and vice versa. So that you can be fully aware of the mixer’s performance, it’s best to read customer reviews of various products or ask your trusted electronics retailer.

For whom is a hand mixer with a blender perfect?

This type of hand mixer takes over the task of two, actually separate devices. So it is particularly suitable for amateur bakers who have little space in the kitchen, but still want to stay flexible.

You like making a smoothie for breakfast and baking is one of your passions? But you have very little storage space available? No problem! A hand mixer with hand blender fulfills both tasks and thus saves space in the drawer. Especially for residents of a one-room apartment, which often have only a small kitchen, this represents a worthwhile investment.

Furthermore, this device combination enables fast and flexible work. Often a cake dough, for example, requires ground nuts, which would normally use another mixer. With a hand mixer with hand blender, you save time thus, since only the attachments must be replaced and only one device must be cleaned.

To whom does a design hand mixer fit?

Your kitchen is very modern and large, and you put a lot of emphasis on high-quality, glamorous materials? Then you could put another accent with a design hand mixer.

Surely it will not be difficult for you to put your hand mixer perfectly in the limelight so that every visitor will first look in awe at the overall picture of your kitchen. But even if you like to enjoy beautiful devices on your own, a design hand mixer is the right choice for you.

But what does a design mixer look like? Of course, he should look beautiful. A stirrer made of stainless steel or all in black looks extravagant and gives your kitchen an interesting aspect. Furthermore, there are hand mixers that light up in use or have a special shape – hand blender from outer space, so to speak.

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