10 Best Hot Dog Rollers in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Hot Dog Roller

Whether you are preparing hot dogs for yourself or for a whole group of people, you will need an efficient hot dog roller machine if you want to get the best results quickly. Hot dog roller the most effective because it allows a homogeneous heating over the entire surface of the hot dogs that we will have fun watching while the scent that will come out will favor our appetite.

Depending on your preference, owning a hot dog roller also allow you to make sausages in a few minutes. Despite relatively simple food, preparing a hot dog requires special cooking characteristics.

We have select for you the top 10 hot dog roller according to our expert research. The test results are based on complete field tests of the products under laboratory conditions. The devices that we are going to present to you are specially designed to have everything available to make hot dogs very quickly.

Best Hot Dog Rollers in 2020

The two most immediate features that separate a superior hot dog machine from an average machine are how many hot dogs the machine can accommodate and how quickly it can heat. Some hot dog machines can hold 8 to 18 hot dogs on their rolls. But keep in mind that these industrial machines can measure up to 2 x 2 feet and weigh over 20 lbs.

Make sure you check our comparison table of best hot dog roller machine in 2020.

Hot Dog RollerMax CapacityWeight 
Great Northern Top Dawg Hot Dog Machine18-piece31.0 lbs
Olde Midway ROLL-PRO30-CVR Grill Cooker30-piece46.3 lbs
La Trevitt Hot Dog Roller- Sausage Grill06-piece9.0 lbs
VIVO Electric Hot Dog Roller Grill Cooker12-piece16.9 lbs
Olde Midway ROLL-PRO18-CVR Hot Dog Roller18-piece31.4 lbs
Olde Midway Commercial Grade Hot dog Roller18-piece20.0 lbs
Great Northern Mad Dawg Hot Dog Machine24-piece37.5 lbs
Popcorn Company 4078 GNP Hot dog Roller18-piece20.5 lbs
Waring Pro Professional Hot Dog Griller18-piece7.65 lbs
Safstar Commercial Hot Dog Roller Machine18-piece27.6 lbs

1. Great Northern Top Dawg Commercial Hot Dog Roller

Great Northern hot dog rollers

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If you are serious about preparing hot dogs, there is really nothing better than the Great Northern 4092-GNP hot dog roller. It is available with 7 rollers. This model is equipped with an extractable drip tray and a heating gauge with a temperature range of up to 250 ° C. It is resistant and powerful.

It has a thermostat allowing an optimal regulation of the temperature for a cooking uniform and without grease. Its two heating zones with independent controls allow you to grill and keep your sausages warm. This high-quality appliance includes a glass shield. It is also simple to use and heats up fast.

It is made of industrial-strength stainless steel. The unit itself is not small, you can get 3 normal sized dogs per row or two rather long (longer than bun sized) dogs per row. The top can be removed for cleaning. It is held in place by 2 screws at the back, one on each side, which can easily be loosened to remove it.

This professional equipment designed for indoor and outdoor use. It warms up quickly and there is an adjustable heat setting to control the procedure.
Why We Like It
  • Easy to use with front ON-OFF switch
  • Skidproof rubber feet for tabletop use
  • Outstanding quality for the price
  • It has dual temperature controls
  • Built-in fuse for safety purposes
Why We Don't Like It
  • It is a little awkward to cart back
  • Heats very quickly

2. Olde Midway ROLL-PRO30-CVR Grill Cooker Machine

Olde Midway ROLL-PRO30-CVR

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The electric hot dog cooker from Olde Midway makes it easy to prepare mouth-watering rotisserie style hotdogs. This versatile roller can handle any type of meat. It is easy to use, just place hotdogs on the rollers and set the temperature to cook. These rollers rotate a full 360 degrees for thorough, even cooking.

This hot dog cooker machine constructed of high-quality stainless steel. And this is a commercial-grade 1200-watt hot dog griller featuring with 11 non-stick rollers that can cook up to 30 hot dogs at a time. These slow rollers are ideally suited for grilling all varieties of hot dogs, sausages, taquitos, and more.

This unit comes with non-skid rubber feet which provide a secure base for cooking. Olde Midway hot dog roller machine also equipped with a built-in fuse and a grounded US-standard 120-volt power cord for safety. It’s a glass top and includes a removable stainless steel drip tray for fast and easy clean up.

This thing will be great for the college football season, and it will be awesome for a huge Super Bowl party. It is also easy to take off and wash.
Why We Like It
  • Clean and convenient design
  • Integrated safety features
  • Commercial grade construction
  • It has dual temperature control
  • Simple to use and maintain
Why We Don't Like It
  • Heats up very fast
  • Not good for small families

3. La Trevitt Hot Dog Roller- Sausage Grill Cooker Machine

La Trevitt Hot Dog Roller

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La Trevitt hot dog roller is designed to make the perfect hot dog every time. This hot dog cooker machine is made from commercial-grade stainless steel grill. It has 4 non-stick rollers with 6 sausage capacity. It takes only 8 minutes to cook 6 hot dogs on the high heat setting; 20 mins on the low setting.

La Trevitt electric hot dog roller adds a seriously delicious touch to your kitchen. This extra-thick rollers spin continuously for consistent grilling, even cooking. It is super easy to set up and use. Holds 6 dogs so not a lot but you don’t want to leave the dogs rolling too long anyway cause they will really dry up. 

It’s great for small cookouts and light hotdog duty. The unit is also lightweight and cooks the dogs evenly. The turning bars are very easy to clean and so is the drip pan. It is very simple to operate, we highly recommend this model for anyone who likes to cook sausages.

It has an easy temperature control system, and a removable drip pan that lets you make great tasting hot dogs, kielbasa, sausages, egg rolls and more at home.
Why We Like It
  • High-quality stainless steel design
  • Safe and easy to cook & keep warm
  • Removable drip tray and cover
  • It’s great for small cookouts
  • A great choice for the price
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
Why We Don't Like It
  • Does not sit correctly on the grill

4. VIVO HOTDG-V005 High construction Hot Dog  Roller

VIVO Electric 12 Hot Dog and 5 Roller

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VIVO electric hot dog roller is able to cook up to 12 hot dogs at one time. This 750-watt machine gives you front and back customized heat settings with 5 stainless steel rollers. When you’re finished grilling, a removable drip tray helps make cleanup fast and easy. With this device, you can also cook sausages, frozen taquitos, frozen egg rolls, and frozen breakfast sandwiches.

The hot dogs can take up to 10-15 minutes to cook after the machine is allowed to have been pre-heated. The time can also vary depending on the size and shape of the hot dog. The heat can also be adjusted to change the cooking time. VIVO hotdog roller machine is perfect for the small concession venue.

There are rubber gaskets on each side to prevent grease and oil from getting inside. It also comes with dual-temp dials, which allows separate temperature control for the front and back rollers. So you can easily set the rollers at the desired heat settings.

Why We Like It
  • Cheap price but high quality
  • Comes with safety features
  • Convenient for home use
  • Easy to transport and move
  • Very simple to clean
Why We Don't Like It
  • Small capacity
  • Doesn’t comes with Lid

5. Olde Midway ROLL-PRO18-CVR Grill Cooker Machine

Olde Midway ROLL-PRO18-CVR

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Our next hot dog roller also from Olde Midway, you know that Olde Midway is the leading hot dog roller manufacturing company. And with this unit, you can easily prepare super tasty style hotdogs, and conveniently cooking up to 18 hotdogs at once on its 7 stainless steel rollers.

Its eye-catching design makes this unit perfect for both home and commercial use. It does cover and it has to be wiped down because the hot dogs splatter while cooking. The machine is heavy duty and wonderful. You can cook sausage or brats, takes a little longer than a hotdog but yes you can.

The hot dog roller cooks very quickly if on a hotter setting and you can prepare the hot dogs in about 15 minutes on the medium setting. It holds a lot of hot dogs and cooks them and keeps them hot! With two temperature controls, it is a great choice because it keeps the cook hot dog warm without burning them.

Just make sure that the sausage is as straight as you can get them or they will not roll on the machine.
Why We Like It
  • Dual-temperature controls
  • High-quality construction
  • Integrated safety features
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Looks very nice
Why We Don't Like It
  • Rollers are doesn’t make with non-stick

6. Olde Midway ROLL-PRO18 Electric Hot Dog 7 Roller 

Olde Midway hot dog roller

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Olde Midway ROLL-PRO18 roller heats and makes the hot dogs taste so much better than the conventional way. In about 15 minutes you have a hot juicy hot dog. It comes with the lid if you order it that way. You can buy the Roller Grill Cooker with or without the cover. Without the cover is a cheaper price.

This hot dog roller was made in China and is of very good quality. It has two cooking areas so you can set a higher temperature on the back and a lower temperature in front. The hot dog cooker takes up minimal space in your counter. It’s a professional cooker that can be used commercially.

A very practical machine to prepare hot dogs and sausages perfectly in a short time. The only gripe, to clean rollers requires that you leave on, and temp control to very low to wipe off. You can turn it down to a low setting just to keep them warm. It also comes with a removable drip tray for fast clean up.

Why We Like It
  • Warm quickly and evenly
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Great size for easy store
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Professional look
Why We Don't Like It
  • Does not come with a sneeze guard

7. Great Northern Mad Dawg Commercial Hot Dog Roller

Great Northern Hot Dog Roller

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The Great Northern Mad Dawg is a high-quality Professional Hot Dog roller. With this machine, you can make 24 pieces of hot dogs at a time. It also comes with 1-year limited warranty. With this device, you can make mouth-watering rotisserie style ballpark hot dogs in your home or business.

Like all Great Northern hot dog rollers, this unit also comes with dual temperature controls so that you can roast or cook on the front rollers while you keep the batch on the real rollers warm. The temperature can be adjusted but not the speed it appears. It is acceptable for both commercial use and home use.

There is a switch to turn on the machine and has a heavy-duty motor. This machine made of industrial-strength stainless steel and meets the toughest FDA standards for restaurant equipment. It has a face that can be either open to the counter where the food service employees are standing.

Why We Like It
  • Heat up and keep warm control modes
  • Easy to use with front ON-OFF switch
  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • Comes with skidproof rubber feet
  • Built-in fuse for safety purposes
Why We Don't Like It
  • The metal edges are very sharp

8. Great Northern 4078 GNP 7-Roll Hot Dog Roller

Great Northern Popcorn 4078 GNP

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Our next model also comes from Great Northern Popcorn. This unit is able to grill your own ballpark franks, Dodger Dogs, Philly Franks, or any other of your favorite stadium dogs. It can cook 30 regular-sized hot dogs at a time. This cooker is what you need if you have a lot of families get to gathers.

There are temperature knobs on the front of the machine that goes up to 250 degrees. You can cook them fairly quickly on a medium setting, about 3-4. They will cook faster on high but you have to watch they don’t get dried out or slightly burned. You can use the back three rollers to keep cooked dogs warm, on a low setting.

There is a drip tray that is super easy to clean up after use. However, the drip tray has very sharp edges, so be careful when washing it. It can slice your fingers if you are not careful. The hot dogs cook very quickly, no longer than 15 minutes. It works great and everyone can get it when.

Why We Like It
  • This machine is great for party’s
  • Drip pan is very easy to remove
  • Removable and easy to clean drip tray
  • Heats fast and quick delivery
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty
Why We Don't Like It
  • Doesn’t come with any instruction

9. Waring Pro HDG150 Professional Hot Dog Griller

Waring Pro HDG150

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If you like a ballpark dog but only need six dogs at a time then Waring Pro HDG150 is for you. The stainless steel construction grill has 2 nonstick rolls that can cook up to 6 hot dogs at a time. This is an ideal choice for large family reunions, special events, and corporate meals. It was designed for all varieties of hot dogs, brats, sausages, taquitos, etc.

The heat indicators are provided to the front and rear rollers to let you know when the machine is warming up or to warn you if the temperature drops below the desired heat settings. The double temperature dials allow separate temperature control of the front and rear rollers, so you can easily adjust the rollers to the desired heat settings.

The temperature can reach 500 ° F to 110 volts. Full 360 ° roll rotation ensures slow and consistent movements for evenly cooked dishes, which will make your guests come back longer. If you are grilling plump or frozen meat, this grill can take what you give it.

This unit can be used to cook a wide range of food. It is easy to clean if you clean them while warm.

Why We Like It
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Built-in high quality
  • Product manual included
  • Great for single family
Why We Don't Like It
  • It takes much more time compared to others

10. Safstar Commercial Hot Dog 7 Roller Machine

Safstar Hot Dog Roller

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Last but not least, Safstar hot dog roller is made of high-quality stainless steel and non-stick stainless steel rollers. It can be rotated 360 degrees and heated evenly. Its independent temperature control, front and rear control allows you to cook at the front while keeping the hot dog warm in the back.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to cook the hot dog. It has dual temperature controls so one side can cook while the other is used for warming. After cooking there are also keep warm settings. It is a great choice for birthday parties, a festive picnic, a great bowl party and a great place to celebrate with family and friends.

Safstar hot dog cooker uses a tempered glass lid to prevent cooking oil and hot dog dust. It is also suitable for commercial use. It is really a good product for the quality with the maximum power of  1200W. This equipment would be perfect for making bread filled with sausage in sufficient quantity.

Why We Like It
  • Built-in fuse for safety purposes
  • Comes with a high-quality glass lid
  • Energy-saving and high efficiency
  • Separate temperature controls
  • Cooling system designed
Why We Don't Like It
  • Cleaning is a bit difficult
  • A little bit heavy

How to choose the best hot dog rollers

Whether you buy a hot dog roller machine for the home or for a business, chances are you want to get the most out of it and value. In this purchase guide, we provide you with a series of ideas so that you can easily understand which model is right for you.

The functions

The hot dog rollers of the best brands allow you to follow the entire production cycle of the sandwich, starting from the drilling of the bread. The operation takes place through a tube made of stainless steel which has a dual function. The sandwich is drilled only on one side and is ready to house the hot dog and any condiments without coming out if the sandwich doesn’t cut in half.

If you need a professional use, you could choose two separate machines but if your requirement is that of a product to use at home, bet on a combined one.

The power

The consequent power consumption is different and entirely dependent on the complexity and size of the machine we will choose. It starts from the base that absorbs between 500 and 1000 watts to get to professional machines ranging from 1800 watts to more than 1 kW.

Everything depends on the needs of productivity and accuracy in cooking that our specific needs require. In general, a 200-500 Watts model can be quite suitable for people who rarely use their device or who live alone or just two.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who hosts people at home quite often or have a large family, a hot dog machine with a high power of 500-1000 Watts might be a great choice. Remember that the more powerful the device, the more efficient and effective it is.

Size & materials

Compare to the various models of hot dog rollers, it emerges that those designed for home use are characterized by compact dimensions and low weight. In the case of a large family, you can consider a model that able to make more than 12 hot dogs at a time. It is necessary to buy a device capable of generating a higher power.

Choose a hot dog roller made of good quality materials. Bearing in mind that the body is sufficiently strong and the roll must be in stainless steel. Then take a look at the models that impressed us the most in the relationship between performance and price.

The design

The design may also influence your choice. Some will prefer to opt for a machine with a modern design, others will choose a classic or vintage look. It all probably depends on your taste and the style of your cooking. But it is true that all hot dog machines are alike and offer more or less equivalent services.

Brands & price ranges

The brands are numerous and not all quality. As mentioned above, it is better to focus on quality brands such as Olde Midway or Great Northern. These will guarantee not only excellent build quality but also the availability of spare parts and excellent management of any guarantees.

Prices range from around 40 dollars for entry-level products to 150 dollars for semi-professional ones. For professional machines, the figures go up to over 500 dollars.

Security systems

Safety must at the first place, especially when there are groups of screaming children who will turn around waiting for the long-awaited hot-dog. The simpler the machines, the more safety is entrusted to the manufacturer.

Always read the instruction manual because it will help you understand easily. In any self-respecting appliance, there are rules of good use. These are heating resistance appliances, which reach high temperatures. So pay attention to your hands. Better to give priority to machines made entirely of steel.

Cleaning process

Cleaning is closely linked to the structure of the hot dog roller. You must make sure that it is not hot and you have disconnected the power plug. Then can you wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it. As far as the central body is concerned, this method is more than sufficient. It may not good for cooking areas that come into contact with food.

In some hot dog rollers, the tubes in which to place the loaves are made of stainless steel and can be extracted. So once finished, simply unscrew them, and if you want you can also wash them in the dishwasher together with any glass containers.

You must pay attention to the type of material the removable parts of the appliance are made of. Glass and steel almost certainly be possible to proceed with a dishwasher.


On the market, there are different sizes and category hot dog rollers available for all needs. It’s up to you to choose the best model according to your needs. If you plan to use it in groups for parties, it is better to opt for a larger device. There are some high-end ones that can host up to 50 frankfurters at a time. On the other hand, if you want to pamper your child from time to time, it is better to choose a cheap product.

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