10 Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2019

10 Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Best Kitchen Faucets

How to choose a kitchen faucet that will not splash water on the floor, get dirty with fingerprints, make it easy to turn on / off the water and last for many years? Follow our 4-step Guideline to find out the answers to these and other questions.

Modern kitchen faucets have become complex, design and even expensive objects. Before proceeding with the purchase it is therefore advisable to carefully evaluate its features and functions.

Below we propose the ranking of the five best products of 2019 in our opinion, to offer ideas on how to choose a good mixer tap according to your needs.

ImageKitchen FaucetsPlacementStyle 
KRAUS Dual Function
Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
RightModern Check Price
Moen One-Handle Sping
Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
Right1 Sensor Check Price
Primy Commercial
Kitchen Faucets
Single LeverCommercial Check Price
Fapully Single Handle
Kitchen Faucet
Check Price
Delta Collins Single-
Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet
Single LeverModern Check Price
Two Spout Sprayer
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Single LeverMetal Lever Check Price
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Single LeverModern Check Price
Aimadi Contemporary
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Near by baseClassical Check Price
Kitchen Faucet
Pull Down Sprayer
RightToggle Check Price
WEWE Single Handle
High Arc Kitchen Faucet
Single LevelContemporary Check Price

1. KRAUS KPF Dual Function Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

 KRAUS KPF Kitchen Faucets

KRAUS KPF is a great faucet! The build quality is excellent and it feels solid and sturdy. The water flow is fine and the sprayer locks into place by magnet. The pressure is great and little splashing when running on stream. You need to really work on the weight for the “pull out” but that too will be satisfactory.

The sprayer head is plastic but well made. Excellent faucet. If you are in spray mode and turn off the sink it will not stay in spray mode when you turn it back on. It rotates 90 degrees along the front/back arc to control the temperature. It also rotates 90 degrees along the upright/sideways arc to control the amount of flow. The plate that it comes with will cover three hose. The faucet has good spray control so you could mount on a bar sink.

Its one-handle pre-rinse kitchen faucet does allow the spring to be removed for cleaning. This kitchen faucet spout does swivel 360 degrees. These faucets are aligned with current Federal Water Regulations with a current flow rate of 1.8GPM. We do not recommend altering from the internal design as it may compromise the integrity of the faucet and also void warranty.

  • It has a counterweight instead of magnetic docking
  • It has a slot that it fits in
  • This faucet comes with a base plate
  • The build quality is excellent and it feels solid and sturdy
  • The water flow is fine and the sprayer locks into place by magnet
  • There is no magnet, so the nozzle must be manually pushed in

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2. Motionsense  One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen is one of the world’s great leading manufacturers of plumbing supplies, faucets, sink, showerheads, garbage disposals, and more. From finishes that last, to faucets that perfectly balance your water pressure, Moen sets the standard for exceptional beauty and reliable, unique design. Featuring single-sensor touchless activation, MotionSense Wave allows you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand—you no need to touch the faucet with dirty or wet hands.

Moen 5923EWSRS kitchen faucet in Spot Resist Stainless is not a reverse osmosis faucet. Moen has not tested the product for use with a reverse osmosis system; therefore, we cannot recommend the faucet be used with this type of water purifier. This kitchen faucet does not require the installation of the escutcheon plate to securely mount. The escutcheon plate service kit 141002, if needed will need to be purchased separately.

To operate the faucet using the sensor, simply wave your hand over it to turn it on; you do not need to continually hold your hand over the sensor. The water will shut off automatically after 2 minutes if you do not choose to wave your hand over the sensor to turn it off.

The Moen 5923EWC Pulldown Kitchen faucet has a hot and cold supply line. Both lines would need to be attached to your house lines. When using the sensor, the water will always come out the temperature your handle is positioned in, unless you adjust the temperature manually with the lever.
  • No need to touch the faucet with dirty or wet hands
  • One-handle lever handle makes it easy to adjust the water
  • Sensor touchless activation
  • It’s good looking and installed very easily
  • It allows you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand
  • The spray-head itself is not metal, it’s chromed plastic

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3. Primy Commercial Best Kitchen Faucets with Pull-Down 

Primy Commercial Best Kitchen Faucets

Primy kitchen faucet designed for absolute convenience and versatility, the pull-down dual-function sprayer with flexible nylon hose can extend a full 20 inches. Quickly switch back and forth between spray and stream modes with the spray head’s ergonomically placed buttons. This kitchen faucet including spray head and deck plate are all solid stainless steel, it’s heavy, this lead-free kitchen faucet is more healthy to your family. This faucet is suitable for three holes or one hole sink. The Primy faucet has a deck plate included, free of charge, in the box when it arrives.

It obviously won’t last as long as being indoors but you should get a fairly long life outside. It might be a good idea to keep it covered when not in use to extend the life.
  • It’s all stainless no plastic
  • It has a deck plate included, free of charge, in the box when it arrives
  • High arc spout swivels 360 degrees
  • Deck Plate: 10″, suitable for 1 or 3-hole sinks
  • Quality and style in one of the most impressive faucets
  • The water lines are little bit short

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4. FapullyPull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with LED Light


This pull-down kitchen faucet have a special design with the sprayer. The kitchen faucet can use with a standard kitchen sink, about the washtub is the size was suitable. It come with the lock, you can make the hand free when you use the sprayer, just make the sprayer lock will okay, the water will come out. The faucet and spray can run simultaneously. You can operate both at the same time.

The height of kitchen faucet is 21.65inch, the height of boom is 8.26inch, the height of the spout is 7.08inch, the height of led sprayer is 2.36inch. The package including 1x Faucet,1x Hardware,2x 3/8” Hose and 1x Product instructions, you don’t need to buy other parts.

The faucet flow is adjustable, the spray is manual or can be locked on, and you can keep the water line open or shut off at the handle. When water pressure of this kitchen sink faucet is 0.7mpa, the flow rate is 14kg/min=3.7gallons, if the water pressure higher, the flow rate will more high too.

  • Top Quality Drip Free Ceramic Cartridge Built-in.
  • Easy-Clean Nozzles Prevent Hard Water Build-Up.
  • Superior Corrosion & Rust-Resistant Finish.
  • Spout Swivels 360-Degrees Providing Greater Access to More areas of the Sink.
  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with LED Sprayer Design.
  • There is no base plate. You need to order separately.

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5. Delta Collins Single-Handle Best Kitchen Pull-Out FaucetDelta Collins Single-Handle

Delta kitchen faucet comes with base plate. All necessary parts for 3 hole cover up or single hole installation. The water is turned on and off, and flow is regulated by the faucet lever (handle). Arctic Stainless is a brushed finish, however, it is somewhat different from Stainless Steel (or brushed nickel). 

When using the sprayer function, it is the same as when using the flow function. Delta Faucet designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole, 8-in. configurations. Everything you need is together in one box, including an optional deck plate for 3-hole installation.

When using the sprayer function, it is the same as when using the flow function. The water is turned on and off, and flow is regulated by the faucet lever (handle). There are no leaks. The water pressure is good. You can briefly feel the magnetic pull when you remove and return the sprayer. Water mix is as expected with one-handle.

  • It has a good, strong water flow
  • Water drops wipe right off
  • Leaving no marks on the finish
  • Delta has a lifetime guarantee, and this faucet is high quality
  • It is made of metal, not plastic and has magnetic docking
  • There is not a soap dispenser in the Collins collection

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6. VCCUCINE Nickel Stainless Steel Single Lever Kitchen Faucet

Single Lever Kitchen Faucet

Its High-arch Spout Design with 360-degree rotation offers more room for a variety of sink activities. This kitchen faucet made for maximum durability, and it is easy to control cold and hot water. You can turn a lever on the faucet and it puts all the water come out of the handheld sprayer. The sprayer arm stays to the side until you need it. This product comes with 10 Years warranty with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

This kitchen faucet make your kitchen room simple and fresh, and it creates the cleanest look, easy to match all decorating style. I hope your purchase will be worth.

Package Content:

  • Kitchen sink faucet
  • Hot & Cold Water Hoses
  • 3/8″ female compression thread with 1/2″ adapters
  • Mounting hardware
  • Long enough to spray around the sink
  • The spray handle has a lock
  • The quality build of this faucet is amazing at this low price point
  • Looks and operates flawlessly
  • Very easy installation
  • This Faucet is heavy and big

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7. Wasserrhythm Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kitchen Sink Faucet

The square base design makes this kitchen faucet more sturdy and looks contemporary. 360°swivel spout and pull-down hose allow you easily and ergonomically wash your single or 2 bowls sink. Every corner of your sink is under control. The flexible hose moves with you to make your everyday tasks easy and convenient. The hose effortlessly returns to its original position, docking smoothly and securely. Dual-function faucet head for spray and stream. It comes with a deck plate. If your sink is with 3 holes, you will need the deck plate to cover the other holes.

This photo shows the faucet sideways. No worries for you and the behind clearance issue. That’s because you pull the lever toward you to control the amount of the flow. And you turn it left to right to control the temperature.

Everything you need to install this kitchen faucet is in the parcel. You can change your kitchen faucet without any plumbing knowledge even though with a multi-function pull out faucet.
  • The hose in the flexible tube is black
  • You can install this kitchen faucet without cover plate
  • The water supply line is long enough
  • It is also very sturdy and feels well built
  • The faucet is stylish
  • Only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is the massive weight that is included for the pull down feature

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8. Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet

Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet

This kitchen sink faucet collection offers you a variety of choices. Aimadi Contemporary Solid Brass Brushed Nickel Finish High-Pressure Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features a modern look and high-grade spring with extreme flexibility. Both pieces move left and right independently. The faucet part comes just about to the back of the sprayer when aligned. You might be able to attach a filter.

It’s 10.5 inches from the mouth of the spray head. It doesn’t pull down any further unlike the spray hoses of other faucets. However, it swings from side to side if you have double tubs. All materials are stainless steel brass finish.

It can’t be locked in the on position. You should always press the sprayer if you need constant spray. There is a sprayer and there is a faucet. They can be on at the same time or 1 at a time. It is good with all kinds of water filter system. However, it may need some expert’s assistant. Under sink water filler system is not directly connected to this faucet, there should have the connector between those two.
  • Single Handle Provides Both Convenience and Control Precision
  • This faucet has two spouts, both of the water spout can swive 360 degrees
  • You can adjust the pressure based on how strong you press it
  • Both faucets can run water simultaneously
  • You can remove the aerator and screw in a water filtration system
  • There is no battery

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9. WEWE A1008L Stainless Steel Sink Faucets Single Handle


The length of hose is about 70 inches, when you pull out this sprayer head, it can be extended to almost 23 inches. It is the weight under the sink make it stay back into place, the weight is much heavy, pull out or retract perfectly every time. There is one large diameter retaining ring that holds the entire mechanism in place. There are no additional bolts on either side of the main mechanism. It is one-hold mounting.

The kitchen faucet is 17.7 inches from the top of the spout to the base of the kitchen sink. It is higher than common pull out kitchen faucet, lower than spring pull-down kitchen faucet. What’s more, the water come out from the sprayer head is vertical to the middle of the kitchen sink, don’t worry the water hit the edge of kitchen sink.

Please note that it doesn’t need any Teflon tape, because there is a washer inside the connector to avoid the leaking. No need any tape to install this faucet, otherwise, the tape in the connector will raise the block inside the faucet. You just need an adjustable wrench to connect the two water lines to your supply input valves is OK.
  • This faucet is in Brushed Nickel instead of chrome
  • It is metal and has the nickel finish
  • It is a great looking faucet
  • This is a one hole faucet. The tip can be dis-attached and it turns into a hose
  • This kitchen faucet works without the deck plate for an under mount sink
  • The water line hoses were three inches too short

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10. Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet

Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel

WEWE kitchen faucet is including the deck plate, dimensions of the deck plate is 9.8 inches wide,8 inches between the hole centers.it is suitable for 1 or 3 holes kitchen sink. The clearance to backsplash is about 2.5 inches. So that there will be enough space for the faucet lever move from backward to upward. If this distance is not enough, you can install the faucet lever in the middle side instead of right or left-hand side. This kitchen faucet is 15.7 inches height. This faucet is brushed Nickel, someone also call it stainless steel color. It can match the stainless sink.

The configuration of the faucet cold/hot lines has the handle oriented to provide hot water when pulled forward and cold when pushed back (with handle to the right of faucet, facing faucet).

It is easy to remove the faucet handle. First, remove the hot and cold button, then use the Allen key in the package to remove the inside screw, finally remove the faucet handle.
  • It can swivel right and left. You can pull down and put the water anywhere
  • The sprout has 360-degree swivel support
  • This faucet is beautiful and the price is right
  • The handle moves side to side to switch between hot/cold
  • The angle of the faucet is nice and high
  • The only thing not included is the long stainless steel base plate

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Bonus Review:

#JZBRAIN Best Commercial Sink Sprayer Faucet

Commercial Sink Sprayer Faucet

The package of this commercial faucet includes the 1/2-Inch Male Converter Installation Kit, so you don’t need to buy similar parts again. It works for any sink if you like. It comes with everything need for installation. Super cheap fixture.

This is absolute 8″ center commercial faucet, thousands of units had been sold in US market, nobody complained it’s not 8″ center. Since it is wall mounting kitchen sink faucet, suggest you focus mainly on the parameters: 25″ total height after installation and 8″ center distance between the 2 holes.

The wall bracket is to fix the long pipe make it more stable when pull down the sprayer. The delivered wall bracket length is adjustable, you can cut to the right length you want. If even shorter bracket cannot be installed in your kitchen, I don’t suggest you buy this faucet.

Check Price on Amazon

How to choose the best kitchen mixer tap

The kitchen faucet must fulfill its fundamental task, or allow you to get the water to be used for washing dishes or cooking. This does not mean that it cannot also be a beautiful design object.

For this reason we offer you reviews of those that are for us the best mixers on the market as well as a purchase guide to help you understand which elements you need to consider before buying a product of this type.

Choose a material

Most kitchen faucets are made of brass, but have a different coating. Made of brass. Brass mixers are the most common and demanded, as they are durable, are little affected by the aquatic environment and are relatively inexpensive. Decorative processing of brass construction can be different – from chrome plating to enameling. The vast majority of taps have polished chrome, satin nickel (stainless steel) or bronze finish.

Chromium is the most durable coating. True, fingerprints, culinary stains and other contaminations are very noticeable on it.

Good Finishing

Nickel has different variations of the finish. As a rule, it is marked with the words “matte”, “satin” or “stainless steel”. Nickel, unlike chromium, has a dull, not glossy shine. It is durable, versatile and easy to clean.

From silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicon). This option comes from China and Turkey, the most budget (from 15 dollar), but also the most short-lived. Its service life is only six months or a year, then it will begin to leak and break. Especially destructive effect on silumin has hot water. However, due to the low price, silumin mixers are a great option for summer cottages or temporary housing.

Of steel. Stainless steel faucets are less common, as they are more expensive than brass models. Otherwise, they are good and reliable: do not rust, are resistant to the effects of the aquatic environment, easy to maintain and are environmentally friendly.

From granite, stone, ceramics. As a rule, granite, ceramic and stone mixers call brass/steel taps with a decorative (synthetic or natural) coating. They are good because they are perfectly combined with ceramic/stone sinks and countertops, as well as ease of care, because water drops and finger stains on the matte surface are hardly noticeable. There are disadvantages to this group: high price and fragility of the coating. For the most demanding customers, some manufacturers offer mixers that are completely made of stone/ceramics. True, they are expensive and require careful handling.

Briefly tell about another type of mixer – plastic. This faucet is worth a penny, is lightweight and is not afraid of rust or chemicals contained in the water. The only negative is fragility and unsightly appearance. To buy such a mixer is only for giving or rented apartment.

Determine the optimum height and type of spout

Much depends on the spout, for example, whether you can get water in large pans, and whether it will spray all over the floor and tabletop. It can be high and low. What kind of height the spout of the mixer is optimal depends on the depth of the sink bowl.

Another important point – the mixer spout should be located approximately above the center of the bowl. If you want to place it closer to the inner wall, there is a risk that water will accumulate behind the sink. If the spout is too close to the edge of the tabletop, water will splash onto the floor.

By the way, about the mixer for two-section washing – it must necessarily have a swivel spout, allowing you to divert and direct the stream of water to one or another bowl. And for a regular kitchen sink, a wide angle of rotation of the spout will be only a plus.

Evaluate additional functions

So, we have dealt with the main characteristics, now let’s think about “bonuses”. Here are some additional options a modern kitchen faucet can have:

Supply of drinking water (without additional small tap). Today, many kitchen models are equipped with an integrated filtration system that allows you to supply clean drinking water, even without installing special equipment and an additional mini-tap. As a rule, any filtration systems are suitable for such mixers.

Retractable spout. A mixer with a retractable flexible spout, ending in a shower head – this is a really useful option in any kitchen. After all, it allows you to fill the pots and other containers that are not in the sink, but somewhere in the working area, which is very convenient. Flexible external hose facilitates and care for the sink itself. The hose length is usually 70-80 cm.

By the way, semi-professional faucets with a spring are very similar to devices with a retractable spout, but the difference is that the spout with a spring is completely flexible and it is easier to switch to a “shower head”. In addition, the “semi-professionals” have a special swivel holder for a watering can.


In order for the duet “faucet + sink” to be compatible not only in color, but also in material, and look beautiful, it is best to choose these components of a wash from one series.

Mixers also have styles. Here are some tips on how to fit plumbing into the interior:

For a modern kitchen, say, in the high-tech style, a concise, geometric shape single lever device with chrome plating or a faucet with a thermostat will do.

For classic kitchens (in the style of Provence, classic, Chebbi chic, country), a bronze, copper or gold two-valve mixer.

How to choose the color of the mixer? In addition to the color of the sink, the color of the handles on the front of the kitchen, the color of the fronts of household appliances, or just any of the nearest accents that are available in the interior matter. And they should be guided.

For a round sink, you should choose a mixer with a rounded spout as in the photo below. For a square sink fit model with L-shaped spout.

The most versatile color of the faucet is matt stainless steel.

And some more tips

Keep in mind that the price of kitchen faucets is strongly influenced not only by materials and functional characteristics but also by design. Often, identical designs differing only in appearance may have a price difference of prices.

The average price for a really high-quality and functional kitchen faucet ranges from 60 dollars to 200 dollars. Buy only in serious hardware stores or online stores that have already established a positive reputation.

Choose products from well-established brands. Remember – the miser pays twice. However, only the high price is still not a guarantee of product quality and a sign of its long operational qualities.

Always check the mixer for weight – the harder it is, the more reliable.

Pay attention to the presence of instructions, guarantees, recommendations for care and operation.

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