Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Best Kitchen Knife

A good set of kitchen knives is an indispensable work tool that must not be missing from the outfit of any cook, from the beginner to the professional. With a good kitchen knife, cooking becomes a more fun task and you get a better result. A high-quality kitchen knife can last a lifetime if it is properly taken care of, a worthwhile investment in other words.

In addition to speeding up the preparation, the knives make work easier by adapting to every type of requirement and making it possible to carry out different types of operations effortlessly.

In our best kitchen knife reviews and buyer’s guide, we present our ten top choices of the best kitchen knife 2019, as well as give some advice before the choice and how to take care of the knife. I hope it will provide you a good guideline. 

These are currently our top picks when it comes to the best kitchen knives this year. Click on the links to get down to our reviews directly or continue reading the entire buying guide.

The best kitchen knives 2019

In the kitchen they always serve, and then they are also a pretty sight on the shelf in their block ready to be used when needed. Chef’s knives are an ally in every preparation and indispensable for the most sought-after recipes. Let’s see together the selection of the best products available on the market.

Allowing for a top 10 ensures that all kitchen knives are high quality, but there is some variety to suit all of your needs.

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ImageKitchen KnivesDishwasher SafePiece 
Emojoy Knife SetYes15 Check Price
OOU Knife SetNo15 Check Price
Cangshang Knife setNo12 Check Price
Damascus Chef KnifeYes01 Check Price
DALSTRONG Knife Set BlockYes08 Check Price
Cangshan Knife Block SetYes06 Check Price
Cangshan N1 Knife SetYes05 Check Price
KEEMAKE Japanese
Kitchen Knife
Yes01 Check Price
Knife Set, OOUyes07 Check Price
ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knifeyes01 Check Price

1. Emojoy 15- Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden

Wooden Kitchen Knives set

Emojoy is a company that has perfected the art of kitchen knives. Their kitchen knives have been around for years, and the 15-Piece kitchen knife set with block wooden is known for being one of the best. We are looking at their latest creation, the Emojoy 15-piece. The 15 piece set is the fifth iteration in the series which has enjoyed much success. For starters, you are getting the same incredible perfect design with some decent upgrades. Although Emojoy can be pricier than other competitors, they justify prices by delivering some great features.

Emojoy knives contain 15% chromium, which prevents the formation of iron oxides (rust). The more chromium the more corrosion resistant or rust-resistant the alloy is. The chromium forms a passivation layer of chromium oxide (Cr2O3) when exposed to oxygen. It is a super-thin barrier that resists water and in turn prevents the formation of iron oxides (rust).

In case you are wondering what the main differences are between the 8-piece and 15-piece, the 15-piece set all knives is larger than the 8-piece set. The inline knives have gotten a change in design, and the gadget has a new sharp aimed at providing a better long life. The handles and whole set are very pretty and there’s a good selection for whatever you might need to cut or slice or dice.

Emojoy knife, well worth the money! Not only because of its good appearance, which triple riveted resin-infused pakkawood handle and nickel silver rivets provide you a comfortable grip. But also, Emojoy knife is constructed of the finest high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany; Full tang, precision-forged from a single piece of steel, tempered to the perfect Rockwell hardness.

These are not magnetized but the ferritic stainless steel that is used in these knives allows them to be attracted to a magnetic field – such as a magnetic knife holder. These may retain some of the magnetism that is introduced to them.
  • It looks beautiful
  • The depth of the wood is substantial
  • Gorgeous sheen and excellent grain
  • It’s warm and pleasant to work with
  • It didn’t seem to have any unnatural smells
  • Don’t even look at a dishwasher with them in your hand, unless that dishwater is named Bob

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2. OOU Pro Kitchen Knife Set with 15 Pieces Stainless Steel Chef Knives

OOU Kitchen Knives Set

Next up, we are looking at something differential. On our website, some people have complained that we always look at high-end stuff and end up missing out on some oriented high-value products which really important. So, we decided to listen and look at the budget-friendly OOU Kitchen Knives Set.

The good thing about these kitchen knives set is that they don’t cost a lot. You’d be surprised on how well the design fits for the kitchen knives. It’s not heavy, and the whole design follows a simple black/white color scheme. OOU did a great job at keeping everything as minimal as possible.

OOU Chef Knife adopts proprietary BO Oxidation Tech which has great effect on anti-rust and we are approved by FDA. Also, it’s easy to clean just by water flushing. But we recommend hand washing is enough. Because the heat may damage the metal construction whatever kind or brand the knife is. The closed molecule on the blade surface will make it resist rust and corrosion, good product!

These knives are magnetic because its metal alloy to improve hardness and sharpness, not stainless steel only.

Kitchen knife’s handle is made by PP material. But don’t worry about the handle will fall down because the knife is full tang blade which fastened with 3 nails. Dishwasher is safe for OOU knives. But please do not turn on heating function. No matter what kind or brand of knives, heat may damage metal construction, decreasing the serving life of knives.
  • The handle is made by PP material
  • The knife is forged full tang blade with an ergonomic handle
  • Durable and comfortable
  • They are super sharp
  • This is non stick knife
  • The handle is very slick so it’s easy to come in contact with the blade

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3. Cangshang S Series 60140 12-Piece German Steel Forged Ktchen Knife

Cangshang S Series Kitchen Knives set

We are taking a look at something from Cangshang, and this company is one of few that is known for revolutionizing Sharp. Now, this may seem like an exaggeration, but they are famous in the knife industry for creating some of the finest kitchen knives.

Cangshang is seen as perfecting cutting vegetables and fruits. The handle is made of high-quality, food-safe polymer plastic. They are heavier but slice very well. You can put them on a magnetic knife bar, but they are not magnetic themselves.

A great thing about these knives is they are comfortable. You shouldn’t have any issues when cutting for extended periods of time. Another good thing about this product is the knife manage to work as a slice machine for cutting vegetable.

The series is made from German steel, and the TS Series is made from Swedish steel, the design is the same for both sets. The German is perfect for average home use, while the Swedish is harder, will hold an edge longer and will hold up to high-volume use much longer. For its price, it is a good bargain. This knife set is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Approved, and limited lifetime warranty. 

It is China made, but its a very good quality knife. To my personal standards. The block is very attractive. Knives are incredibly sharp & well balanced for their price. These knives are not stainless but high carbon and chromium steel. Must hand wash and dry quickly after use. This is probably the only knife set most households will ever need.
  • The blades are of excellent quality
  • The block is extremely pleasing to the eye
  • Very well made
  • Cuts like a hot knife through butter
  • Comfort able handle
  • They are not dishwasher safe
  • It’s little bit heavy

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4. Chef’s Knife Japanese Gyuto – 8 Inch with 67 Layer Damascus Steel

Japanese single Kitchen Knife

For those who are curious, ANVIL & HAMMER is a relatively old company in the market that is aimed at providing quality cutting at a lower price point. The company prides itself on being great because they want to deliver a cutting experience to general consumers without them breaking the handle.

The Japanese have over been making knives dating back as early as 1200 BC so they are very experienced and they only use top quality materials and technicians to construct their products so the fact that this knife’s final origin is Japan should not be a deterrent for purchase.

The blade is true 67 layer Damascus VG10 and is made in Japan. To help keep costs down the handle is made from African Rosewood and is crafted by skilled technicians and fitted in China.

The handle is gorgeous and well-made. It is perfect for gift-giving because it comes in a nice storage box. Best of all it cuts beautifully. I highly recommend from anyone who loves to cook, novice or chef. Comfort is another thing that this kitchen knife will don’t break up. Their lightweight design and comfort makes them easy to use regularly.

This chef knife blade is a unique expression of form that precisely follows function, it’s versatile yet absolute. The chef knife or Japanese gyuto knife shape and belly allow for an easy rolling action which demands little of the beholder & makes the X Series chef knife your all-rounder in the kitchen and a chef’s best friend.

It is full tang and the blade is double bevel. The blade angle runs from 17 – 22 degrees along the length of the knife, 17 at the tip and 22 at the heel with a gradual change along the knife’s length. With that said, the ANVIL & HAMMER kitchen knives are cheap, they weight good, and their big size may make them not easy to lose.
  • Super comfortable to hold
  • Doesn’t slip when you cut with it
  • Perfect size
  • Very nice looking piece of cutlery
  • Well made and very sharp
  • Its weight is low compared to others

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5. DALSTRONG Best Knife Set Block – German HC Steel – 8 Pc


Now, we are going to look at something really surprising. For those who don’t know DALSTRONG happens to be one of the best companies when it comes to creating kitchen knives and gadgets. The DALSTRONG 8-piece series slice surprisingly good when compared to some of the other knives in the same price range. While the cutting is nothing spectacular, when you look at the cost you’re paying it’s a lot more justified.

The edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 16-18° per side, maintaining the perfect balance between achieving ultra-thin slices and maximum resilience. Tall blade height gives knuckle clearance to assist with food preparation and chopping activity. Each blade is precision forged, ultra sharp, wear-resistant, single-piece, high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel at 55 Rockwell.

This Gladiator Series comes with the beautiful block set. All the knives you need for a serious home cooking Chef as well as a professional Chef. Just how amazing you are in the kitchen with your family or friends and Dalstrong Gladiators. The Gladiator Series knives included in the set are the exact same knives constructed for individual sale.

In terms of sharpening, whetstones are the best way, although they require a little skill, but scary sharp edges are easily attainable. Using a whetstone is more likely to ensure that the edge has proper geometry. We would advise 1000 grit and 6000 grit, although you can also go even finer. Soak the 6000 grit side in water for less time than the 1000 grit.
  • Beautiful hand polished satin finish blade
  • Tapered design for hardness and flexibility
  • Precisely tempered
  • Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance
  • The handsome block does require pulling it out from under the cupboard to extract a knife

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6. Cangshan S1 Series 6-Piece German Steel Forged Best Knife

Cangshan Kitchen Knives set

Cangshan presented us with their version of kitchen knives named the S1 Series 59663. Now, this isn’t the first time a Cangshan has released kitchen knives, so we were excited to see how they work. You can use the diamond sand coating honing steel included in this set, or you can use similar honing steel from other brands. These knives are absolutely beautiful and extremely sharp, so they’re a dream to use, gliding through meats, fruits and vegetables.

They are made of a very hard acrylic. Whatever they are made of it’s very hard and free from stains. This is the best knife set and they are beautiful, durable and sharp. These knives are sharpened to a 16-degree angle, double-bevel.

The wood block is a very nice finish and the white handles will match any type of kitchen very well. The vertical position of the knives does pose a problem if you want to keep them under the cabinets but it isn’t a big issue.

Every Cangshan knife has an Asian style 16-degree double bevel edge. A honing steel is great to use periodically to remove small burrs and realign the knife’s edge back to optimal sharpness. You can sharpen your knife using a honing steel, whetstone or taking it to a professional knife sharpener and informing them of the correct knife angle.

It is 7 inches wide, and approx. 11 inches deep and 9 inches high, without knives. 6-piece knife set includes 8-inch chef’s, 7-inch for Santoku, 8-inch for bread, 5-inch for serrated utility, 3.5-inch for paring and block.
  • They are extremely sharp
  • Amazing quality for the price
  • The Handle is awesome
  • The wood block has a very nice finish
  • Super strong
  • It does not have a hole on the back to mount it with
  • The vertical position of the knives does pose a problem if you want to keep them under the cabinets

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7. Cangshan N1 Series German Steel Forged 5-Piece Starter Knife Set

Cangshan N1 Series Kitchen knives set

At the end of the day, a kitchen knife needs to perform. Every Cangshan kitchen knife proudly can do just that. The quality and craftsmanship of the knives ensure they precisely and effectively perform their cutting functions giving the user like you a responsive and refined tactile experience that enhances and augments their skills and process.

These knives are manufactured in China. They take great care, knowledge and pride in this design and manufacturing process, and these bladesmiths have lifetimes of experience making their high-end knives. This knife materials are imported from different countries (Swedish, Japanese, German steels) along with different woods.

These steak knives are really sharp, there is very little tearing. You should try it first, I think you would be happy with them. It is capable of running through the dishwasher. There are no pieces that will come off and the blade is not a steel that will rust that easily. It’s just a rather irresponsible move to put quality knives through a dishwasher.

These knives are well crafted as you can see from the moment you open them. The honing steel included in the set is good for normal use, and if you want better sharpening, maybe bring knives to professional sharpening service once a year.
  • The block is beautiful and all the knives fit nicely in it
  • The knives are extremely sharp
  • Everything is cut quickly
  • Very comfortable
  • Great knives for the price
  • There is one knife that is very similar to the steak knives. It causes a little confusion at first when putting them away

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8. KEEMAKE 6.5 inches Fish Fillet Chef’s Knife Professional

KEEMAKE Kitchen Knife

As while history rolled forward, the technique of knife building was developed to make cooking knife. KEEMAKE knife is famous for sharpness and ideal balance of the weight. A good thing about this kitchen knife is they are dishwasher safe and have one of the best handle we’ve seen on this list thus far. You can cut long time period with high comfort.

You got great efficiency at butchery of whole fish with this sharp thick and heavy KEEMAKE 6.5 inch Deba knife. Deba Knife is designed not only to excel in the preparation of fish, including chopping, gutting and filleting with precision, but also fairs excellently to part out poultry or for use as a vegetable cleaver.

The handle is made of high-density G10 material, well balanced the heavy thick blade. It has an ergonomic size, excellent property of anti-slip and never crack in cold and hot temperature. Firm copper-nail riveted, stainless steel caps are covered on both booster and butt ends. The whole features supper comfortable in hand.

This knife is building in Japan, a grand sight-view coast city in Japan, and famous as the manufacturer center of cookware. The history of the city to design and build kitchen knife can be dated back to 1400 years ago, many talented craftsmen were requested to build weapons for the army during war.
  • Strong enough
  • Easy to Butcher fish, Durability & Strength
  • Military grade G10 handle
  • Anti-rust and anti-stain make every cut fresh and clean
  • Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip
  • Item weight is 375g, it little bit high

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9. OOU Chef Knives with 6 Pieces High Carbon Stainless Steel

Chef Knives with 6 Pieces

OOU is committed to researching, manufacturing and marketing in high-quality kitchen products like knives, knife racks, cookwares, cutting boards and scissors, etc. This set contains 5 knives with different sizes, one holder and one Sharpener. The black oxide layers are anti-rusting and provide the beautiful surface.

The handles are ABS Handles. Non-slick and comfortable. FDA approved. You can just flush and wipe it only with tap water. They are easy cleaned. We recommend hand washing. Dishwasher is also ok if it doesn’t have the heating function. No matter what kinds of knives, heating will impact the construction of metal and shorten its service life. I recommend you to use a bonus knife sharpener, it’s perfectly suitable for OOU Knives. The stones will break the oxidation layer.

Another quality about this kitchen knife is they have a sizeable amount of bass to them. While this is certainly surprising, some users may prefer a balanced cutting experience. You can just pull to 1 direction once or twice then it’s ok. If you think it’s not sharp enough, use the ceramic stage to sharpen; if the edge is turned, use tungsten steel stage to sharpen.

OOU as a high hardness knife, the highest hardness of which can achieve 700 Brinell. It could satisfy your multi-purpose tasks such as cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other products as well as removing flesh from bones.

High carbon stainless steel is a metal alloy containing relatively high amounts of carbon. The amount of carbon can be as much as 1.2% and as low as 0.2%. In addition to carbon, Chromium is the element that makes stainless steel so resistant to stains. OOU chef knife contains 16-18% chrome in the blade’s metal composition, which makes it not fade or tarnish even after using it for a long time.
  • It is super sharp
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Feels good in your hand
  • It looks very neat and very clean
  • The blade is thin but strong
  • It is Gonna rust if you don’t dry out

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10. ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 6 inch with Alpha-Royal Series

elle Kitchen Knife

Finally, the last product we are looking at is ZELITE INFINITY Knife. ZELITE INFINITY is one of the best companies when it comes to kitchen products. Also, this knife is one of the best kitchen knife you can get. The blade material is made from Japanese VG10 Super Steel and is honed to 12-15 degrees per side which is typical for Asian knives so from the perspective of blade material and sharpness, definitely Asian style.

When you first open up a Zelite knife, you get the chills and your heart flutters like it’s Christmas day. The packaging and presentation are superb. Then you get your first glimpse of that beautiful Damascus blade, with its mirror polish. It is immediately apparent that the build quality and precision are first class. There are no gaps, spaces, rough edges, flaws, or blemishes anywhere to be seen.

Both knives are around 2mm at the thickest part of the blade (spine near the bolster) and then taper towards the tip. After heat treatment and liquid-nitro cooling the Rockwell hardness is HRC61 and the cutting edge is around 12 degrees per side. These really are the best materials on the market.

This is what makes the Zelite Infinity a unique choice – it combines the best from both styles to create a knife that is very sharp, has great edge retention yet carries the heft and feel of a Western-style knife.
  • This knife is very nice looking
  • The blade’s curvature is much more than any other knife
  • The handle is sturdy and solid
  • Super sharp
  • Great weight balance and handling design
  • The whole Damascus pattern and company logo feel painted on the blade

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Bonus Review:

#Culinary Obsession 17 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

17 Piece Knife Set

The knives are stamped not forged. They are good quality stainless steel, so you shouldn’t have issues with rust if you care of them properly. The handles are weighted. This knife set is beautiful. It has a very modern, sleek look to it. The knives are a good weight and have a comfortable handle. This set is affordable and very sharp.

This cutlery set is very well made and makes an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. The knives are extremely sharp and work well for any cooking task they are used for. These knives are good quality and the handles are weighted. If you need lightweight knives, this may not be the best set for you.

The blades aren’t necessarily the best, but if you have a sharpening stone, you can make do well enough. Definitely make sure you home prior to and after use every time. For the price, it is difficult to beat. It will last for years if you don’t leave them in dishwater; dry them immediately after washing. As long as you remember to sharpen them regularly, they are decent.

The wood block is 7-3/4 inches deep x 4-3/4 inches wide x 9 inches high. With the knives inserted, the entire set is about 14 inches high at the highest point. It was made in China.
  • They are very sharp
  • Solid and has a modern look
  • They are comfortable to use
  • Reasonable price
  • You can’t pull the knives out as the block is so tall

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How have we chosen the best kitchen knife in 2019?

Finding knives that deserve the title of kitchen knife best in test is not an easy task. There are a large number of knives in the market. We have done a thorough review of knife review and recommendations, both by customers and experts. We have focused on finding knives that are suitable for a normal household and thus have apart from the carbon steel knives in the ten thousand crown class. When selecting knives, we have mainly focused on the following criteria:

High quality

Both blades and handles must be made of high quality, long-lasting materials that are easy to maintain. It should be made from a popular manufacturer.


The knives should be sharp both directly from the package and after a while. Alternatively, they should be easy to maintain. And obviously child safe. 

User Satisfaction

We want to see that the knives we choose have a good reputation and a number of satisfied customers. We research a ton of times about consumer reviews and get a proper idea that really helps the consumer. Value for money.


A good quality knife should be well balanced and easy to cut. The handle should be comfortable to hold and there should be enough space for the knuckles. Every kitchen need lightweight kitchen knives with slip construction.

Care for the knife right

A high-quality knife that is handled correctly can last a lifetime. But how to handle a knife right? Below we have compiled the best tips from experts.


Keep the blades right to avoid damaging them or yourself. The best way is to store a magnetic strip on the wall, in a knife block or in a separate knife box with custom storage. Before storage, it is important to wash the knife immediately after use and to allow it to dry properly. Before you wash, you need to know about it washing restriction.

Regular grinding

A soft steel knife loses sharpness faster than one of hard steel and therefore feels good to be sanded with brown steel/grindstone before each use. A knife with blades of hard steel needs to be grounded from time to time but keeps the sharpness longer. To make it short, grind the knives with the brown steel often and allow them to be ground on a regular basis, depending on the hardness of the steel.

Cut right

Or rather, do not cut in / on the wrong material. Preferably use a wood cutting board (plastic can work well). Avoid glass, porcelain, stone and other hard materials that can destroy the knife. Also do not cut into materials that can make the knife dull (such as aluminum, hard plastic, frozen goods, etc.).

Which knives do you need? What sets them apart?

In addition to the difference in the design of the knife (cook knife, bread knife, fillet knife, vegetable knife, etc.), there is much that separates knives. Among other things, various kinds of steel, grinding, handles and model. Often you can do with two kinds of knives: a cooking knife of about 20 centimeters, a flexible knife to be able to cut, fill and scale. If you want to expand it, you can invest in a toothed bread knife.

Why put money on a good kitchen knife?

If you have the opportunity, we and many others recommend adding a few hundred, or a thousand, to get a good kitchen knife. There are many reasons for this. Not least for sustainability reasons. It takes a lot of energy to produce a kitchen knife and you save both the economy and the environment by buying a good kitchen knife and maintaining it right.

An expensive, high-quality kitchen knife can last a lifetime and bring much joy and better results regularly. Cheap knives can be good for a while but will not last as long and require grinding often to maintain sharpness and honestly it not good for health. Moreover, they are often not balanced your hand and are more difficult to cut. An expensive knife will almost always give a finer result, be comfortable to use, last a long time and be a worthwhile investment.

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