10 Best Kitchen Mat Reviews & Buying Guide for 2020

Best Kitchen Mat

The carpet is a very useful item for floors, it fits easily in any room of the house. The kitchen mat also helps limit accidents that are related to the presence of water or also to protect your floor from food residue. When buying a kitchen mat, you have to know how to choose the right one and have certain criteria in mind before buying it.

You have to take into account the design of the mat, with a dimension that fits well in your kitchen. You also need to know the type of material it is made of, such as latex, polypropene, and polypropylene which do not deteriorate easily. Natural materials such as wool or leather are certainly very pleasant but expensive.

Best Kitchen Mats in 2020

The classic kitchen rugs are narrow and long so that it can cover the whole part of the working surface. Anyway, all the products you find in the list below have been selected by our expert, which has taken many parameters into consideration, including the quality/price ratio. Do not miss the opportunity to give a unique extra touch to your modern kitchen.

Checkout: Our Comparison Table Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats in 2020.

Kitchen MatSize (inch)Waterproof 
Kangaroo Kitchen Mat [Our Top Pick]32 x 20Yes Check Price
AMCOMFY Kitchen Mat [Editor's Choice]24 x 70Yes Check Price
Oasis Kitchen Mats20 x 32Yes Check Price
GRAND ERA Kitchen Mat18 x 59Yes Check Price
UberChef Kitchen Mat42 x 20Yes Check Price
Marble Kitchen Mat20 x 32Yes Check Price
Deluxe Kitchen Mat [Very Comfortable]39 x 20Yes Check Price
GORILLA GRIP Kitchen Mat32 x 20Yes Check Price
Ergohead Standing Mat18 x 22Yes Check Price
GelPro Kitchen Mat20 x 36Yes Check Price

1. KANGAROO BRANDS Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat


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Kangaroo Original Anti Fatigue mat is incredibly comfortable to stand on while working in the kitchen. It is very easy to clean, and also looks great. The gray color blends in nicely with the stainless finish on the appliances, and while it has a non-slip backing it is still very easy to pick up and move around when sweeping the floor.

The material is more of a “soft” vinyl which can easily be wiped down. It helps you to keep standing on a specific place for a longer time and your feet won’t be tired. The mat is also very sturdy and provides you long time service. If you accidentally leave a chair wheel or other heavy object on the mat, an indention will form, but it always goes away without any noticeable damage to the mat.

The underside of the mat features a grooved surface that works best on clean, dry, and smooth surfaces. Kangaroo mat is constructed of quality materials that are both non-toxic and phthalate-free. This mat also works great to alleviate joint and muscle stress caused by standing in the kitchen, laundry, or office.

This mat is on a wood floor with a throw rug over it. It does move over time but requires little repositioning. It’s rather thick so unless you have a large gap or exceptionally high threshold this will not work. It’s great for in front of counters but not really doors.
  • Safe choice and protects floors
  • Very durable construction
  • Easy to move and nonslip
  • Stylish and beautifully designed
  • Protective for bare or stocking feet
  • Not very soft but it’s ok
  • A little tough to clean because of the ribbed design

2. AMCOMFY SGT2470 Premium Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat


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With a special beautiful antique flower surface pattern design, Amcomfy SGT2470 Premium Anti Fatigue Kitchen mat looks elegant and provides a warm accent for the home kitchen, office even church. And it will complement and accentuate any room. AMCOMFY kitchen mat is also ergonomically engineered.

These mats are not incredibly beautiful but comfortable while standing on them. They absorb your weight and helps relieve lower back issues while standing on your tile floors. When you stand on the mat in your bare feet, you will feel the proper alignment of your feet and back. It is a great hand made kitchen rug and perfect for long time use.

You can roll this mat with a diameter of about 6 1/2 inches. You can also fold it and weigh it down with something heavy. It is a high-density foam rubber or synthetic mat. It is water-resistant, easy to clean with wide beveled sides that eliminates tripping. An excellent Anti Fatigue mat for kitchen or just about anywhere. 

Step off the mat to move it by kicking it with your feet. The bottom won’t hurt your floor during use, but never put any of these mats on a wet floor. Wait for the floor to dry completely before replacing the mat, or the bottom could stick to the floor.
  • Designed with unique flower pattern surface
  • Super easy to clean
  • Pretty durable quality
  • Super cushion support
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Not looks incredibly beautiful
  • Very thick

3. Oasis Leather Grain Comfort Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Oasis Kitchen Mats

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Oasis kitchen floor mat will drastically reduce the pressure on your feet, knees, and lower back by up to 32%. It has a beautiful modern style and colors to compliment your kitchen. Oasis Anti Fatigue Mats are designed to provide the same level of support for their lifetime. They also have a lifetime warranty to cover any instance where the mat fails to perform in that manner. 

This is a safe standing mat great for behind a counter at a coffee shop or any other high traffic areas. The coating on the mat will resist water if spilled on the mat. This mat will then save your feet from prematurely getting tired while standing and working. It is easy and practical to wash, comfortably in the washing machine.

It is made of plastic-type material, so water would not soak into the mat and it would be easy to wipe clean. The mat wipes off very easily with a damp cloth or paper towel. They don’t slide around but can be easily moved with your foot or hands. I would recommend this for anyone who had feet or back problems.

Please note that this mat moves on the floor. The reason the mat moves is because the nap on the carpet leans in one direction the mat is flattening thousands of individual fibers which are pushing back causing a lever effect strong enough to propel the mat and the person on it in the opposite direction.
  • High-quality materials & eco-friendly
  • Feels so good under your feet
  • Nice taper edges
  • Very nice cushion
  • Very simple to clean
  • The price is a little bit high
  • Can’t put in a washing machine

4. GRAND ERA Anti-fatigue Comfort Non-slip Kitchen Mat

Non-slip Kitchen Mat

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If you love to cook, GRAND ERA anti-fatigue mat is the best choice for your kitchen! It is very easy to wipe down and clean. It is an anti-fatigue mat so it takes the pressure off your back and your knees and the whole body feels better. This is a must or you will get a super-slippery film all over your floor if you don’t!

The design is very modern and fits almost all decorative styles. The sloped edges mean you don’t trip on it. Also, if you have to trim it to fit around obstacles, it is very easy to do. The surface has a design on the outer edges. The walking surface is smooth, but the little decorative grooves catch small items while cleaning.

There are two choices in this listing. The thick one is 3/4, the thin one is 1/8. This mat is worth your money, and it slides every time you touch it. The bottom is made of Poly-Urethane baked to keep stable from slipping so you don’t have to worry about slipping, even when wet.

This comfort mat is made of water-resistant material, so it could be vacuumed or wiped with a wet cloth. However, there’s a coating on this matt. After you’re standing or walking on it and you walk on a hardwood floor, you slip and slide.
  • Soft and supportive
  • Great size for multi-surface
  • Nice cushion to stand on
  • Mat looks great on floor
  • Very reasonable price
  • It does walk, but not too much
  • Not looks modern

5. UberChef Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat


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UberChef’s Anti-Fatigue kitchen mat not only keeps you fresher longer but does so with some of the very best craftsmanship on the planet. Built thick and durable to boot, you can say bye-bye to those pesky joint aches and pains from being on your feet all day. It is perfect for hard stone tile floor kitchens.

It is very comfortable with nice thick padding. This one is the most comfortable anti-fatigue mat that you can buy at a cheap price. Standing at the sink doing dishes doesn’t hurt your back if you are standing on this mat. It doesn’t slide around and it’s big enough for 3 people to stand on and work at the counter.

No matter where you are or where you find yourself standing most of the time, this mat is the consummate way to create a special environment of comfort for yourself. All around wonderful and easy to move if picked up. This mat holds its shape, and won’t compress over time.

It slides around fairly easily, not enough to slip on, but enough that you have to keep putting it back into place throughout the day. If you spend time on your feet all day this is the most for you! UberChef Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort mat is more for your money; plain and simple.

  • Good waterproof mat
  • No toxic smell & Anti-gravity
  • Provides comfortable support
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee
  • Very good quality for the price
  • Not as cushy as some other mats
  • Slides around fairly

6. EverGrace Anti-Fatigue Marble Kitchen Mat


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The marble kitchen mat looks so pretty and the mat is very comfortable on your feet. If you’re going to be standing for a while this mat would definitely help you. The mat comes in flat packing, so you are expected to receive it in perfect status. It is a stain and absorbent mat that will change your living in the kitchen for the better.

Standing on this mat with flat shoes, or with sock, or bare feet, you will feel very comfortable. Highest-grade foam to eliminate pressure and provide superior support. This kitchen mat is ergonomically designed for people who stand for a long time to help improve posture. To ensure long-lasting, just use some gentle soap and warm water, mop it.

They are also waterproof. It has a beveled edge and an anti-slip backing. This mat stays in place with the non-slip backing, Lattice pattern design surface, does not slide both the top and the bottom. EverGrace kitchen mat comes with 1-year warranty. This modern and attractive design mat available in various colors.

They measure 3/4″. It’s thick and nice quality. The average mat in the market is 0.375″, but EverGrace comfort mat is 0.75″ thick. It is shaped middle thick, neither too soft nor too hard. it’s a great balance and perfect to support the body.
  • Durable & stain resistant
  • Stylish & anti-slip design
  • Non-slip and large size
  • Excellent for the quality
  • The marble looks so pretty
  • Bottom cover is white so it can get dirty quickly

7. Deluxe Anti Fatigue Standing Kitchen Comfort Mat

Deluxe Anti Fatigue Standing Kitchen Comfort Mat

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Deluxe CMFTMT is a very good looking mat for the kitchen to ease standing while doing food prep or cleaning dishes. It is much more pleasing on the eye than most kitchen mats available on the market, because it has the woven pattern and the grey border. It is also bigger than most of the others.

You will find that so many of the kitchen standing mats available today are bland and have no sense of style. This cooler kitchen standing kitchen mat was designed to keep your feet and posture in perfect comfort while featuring a beautiful woven design that looks great in any kitchen or workplace setting.

This high-quality mat is the perfect thickness to provide the ideal amount of support – not too high off the ground, and not too flimsy either. Deluxe super cushy mat feels like standing on a cloud. Springy, supportive, and easy to move across. Deluxe comfortable standing kitchen mat is absolutely stunning!

Other standing mats have tons of deep grooves that show dirt easily and are difficult to clean. Deluxe standing mat is easy to clean with just a damp sponge and a paper towel. This mat also helps to reduce pressure on your knees and feet while providing maximum comfort and stability when standing for long hours.

  • Restaurant professional grade thickness
  • No curling with nonslip bottom
  • Smooth surface & comfortable
  • Good overall with fairly price
  • Very easy to clean
  • Threading does gray and needs to be trimmed

8. GORILLA GRIP Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

GORILLA GRIP Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

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We find GORILLA anti-fatigue mats work best in areas where you will be standing for long periods of time (kitchen, laundry, standing desk) to relieve muscle and joint stress. This anti-fatigue mat is also great for a workroom, in front of your bathroom vanity, salons, or at the cash register. While this mat is very durable, it is not intended to be used in a chair mat function.

This mat is well made and looks good and the thickness of the mat is approximately 3/4 inch. If you are using a standing desk for part of your day, these mats make it more comfortable than standing on a hard floor or carpet. In addition to providing pain relief, the mats keep you moving your legs slightly which helps muscles and circulation.

The cushioning material itself is nice and helps keep fatigue away during the work day. I recommend figuring out some sort of way to adhere it to the floor if you are putting this on top of carpet, because it won’t stay in place on carpet. Tile or hardwood floors will likely be fine, though.

GORILLA GRIP mat works great in any location where you need extra support, helping to avoid muscle and joint strain. Please note this product is intended for inside use. This mat is designed to offer superior support while also leaving your floor mark-free. You can force it to slide if you push hard enough from the side of the mat.
  • Very sturdy and flexible
  • Nice cushion material
  • Great choice for an allergic person
  • Heavy, squishy enough mat
  • Very supportive mats
  • Waterproofing aside, this isn’t recommended in areas with frequent water

9. Original Ergohead Anti-Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat


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The standing kitchen mat is ergonomically engineered and proven to provide exceptional comfort, safety, relief, and well-being while you stand. Ergohead kitchen mat slides easily out of the way on the carpet. It has a very smooth underside. I think it would be the same even on shaggy type carpet. 

It is in-between soft and firm, and it is a consistent density from edge to edge. Hard to measure it exactly…I’d say it’s about 1 1/2″ – thick enough that you don’t feel the floor directly under your feet. It built-in well designed, and shock-absorbing material. It will always remain in place without sticking the floor.

Ergohead kitchen mat is unique from other mats, it has a handle that makes it easier for you to move it around when you wanted to clean the floor. It is lightweight and portable which makes it perfect to carry around while working. If the color is not your favorite, you can find it in 7 other versions, even of different sizes.

This kitchen mat made from 100% Polyurethane Foam with durable integral pebbled skin, which will not break down easily. This mat is small and light enough to be used as stadium or outdoor concert seat cushion, pad for sitting on grass, gardening knee pad, or folding beach/camping chair cushion.

  • Ideal comfort and support
  • Smart and exquisite design
  • Large enough for a simple desk
  • Easy to store & clean
  • Good for all hard floors
  • It’s a bit too mushy for soft carpet
  • Shape looks not good

10. GelPro Elite Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Comfort Floor Mat

GelPro Elite

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The GelPro Elite Comfort Mat is the plushest and most advanced comfort system available. The Patented Dual Comfort Core reduces and prevents physical discomfort, stress and fatigue while promoting proper circulation and providing maximum comfort.

This GelPro Elite kitchen and desk standing mat features a steady grip, a non-skid bottom surface that assures you maximum safety, effectively preventing the slipping accident. It made with stain and absorbent material, suitable to resist stains. It is completely non-slip and care must be taken.

Ultra-comfortable and therapeutic for tired, achy feet. GelPro Elite is 50% thicker than GelPro Classic and features an exclusive It built with Dual Comfort Core System of therapeutic gel and energy-return foam. Also highly recommend the Elite version. The elite solves both issues, and is thicker and more comfortable to boot.

It is not a waterproof mat. However If you can wipe off any supplied water after cleanup is done, you’ll not have any issues. It is an excellent mat for frequent use, because it will last you really long, always maintaining the excellent conditions from the first day.
  • Patented gel technology
  • Built-in very high quality
  • Certified non-slip safety bottom
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to keep clean
  • A little bit expensive

Bonus Review:

#ComfiLife Stain Resistant Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

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ComfiLife anti-fatigue floor mat manufactured with the most durable highest quality materials. Best in class high-density core provides exceptional fatigue reduction and will not lose support over time with heavy use. One of the great things that ComfiLife anti-fatigue mats are shipped flat in a box in order to keep the original shape.

You can stand on it with heels. The mat itself is very durable but anything sharp or jagged could puncture it. This mat can be moved slightly with the toe of your shoe. It is perfect size and the design is very modern and fits almost all decorative styles. It’s not a mat that you trip over either like some of the other ones.

It designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. This premium grade anti-fatigue mat features a non-slip bottom to ensure minimal to no movement. Its surface is durable and anti-microbial. It is also waterproof and easy to clean. The bottom has grooves on it that help keep it in place but it does not have anything on it that appears as if it would leave a mark on your floor.

You can roll your computer chair over this. But it is not really made for the chair to sit on. Sitting in your chair, you won’t notice any extra cushion, because it is made to cushion your feet, legs, and back while standing. There is none of that white backing material that can stick to the floor or come apart.
  • Non-slip bottom enhances safety
  • Multi-use floor mat & perfect size
  • Anti-microbial surface
  • High-quality materials
  • 100% Phthalate Free
  • Does not have folding capacity

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Mat

It seems like a choice like many others, but the one for the kitchen mat must take into account various aspects, first of all, the resistance to stains. This environment is in fact one of the most experienced among pans and sauces, so it needs a reasoned protection. We have created a useful guide to find the most valid and comfortable model on the market for all needs.

The model

Choosing an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat according to its design allows you to adapt it to the use you plan to make of it. This choice should not be made only by the simple fact that you are attracted by its elegance, you also need to define what you are going to do with it.

Since it is an environment in which a little water can fall to the ground when dishes are washed. The kitchen mat must mainly be non-slip. This aspect is of fundamental importance if you want to guarantee your own and others’ safety. If the model chosen does not have this feature, it is good to buy media to apply to it which makes it more stable.

Alongside the typical fabric mat, which can be easily washed even in the washing machine, the bamboo runner is very common. It is an object that allows you to walk on it without slipping but it must be cleaned with water and sponge to prevent it from being damaged.

If you make it a question of price, this may be the right solution for you; their value is also that of being able to roll up and lift easily, facilitating daily cleaning operations. Make sure the mat is fire-resistant, especially if you want to place it in the area where the stove is located.

The dimensions

To find out how to buy an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat with better value for money, our advice is on adapting the dimensions of it to what you plan to do with this product. In this buying guide of the best kitchen mat, we will not generally define an ideal measure since it depends on the final purpose of the use of its use.

However, you have to know how to define your needs and then estimate the measures that allow them to be satisfied. A spacious kitchen involves using a large rug if it is intended for decoration. A mat that will be placed in front of your sink or worktop should be medium in size, not too wide to limit the space, or too narrow and uncomfortable.

The material

The material is the next characteristic to check before buying a kitchen mat. After this verification, proceed to determine the answer to the question of where to buy a new kitchen mat and study a price comparison. The materials likely to constitute this mat are varied.

You must inform yourself about its resistance, hygienic nature and non-slip quality if it is dedicated to preventing accidents. Its resistance ensures lasting use and if it is hygienic. Despite contact with water, it does not promote the development of bacteria and fungi or at least it can be easily washed to eliminate them.

These materials include, but are not limited to, latex, polyamide, polypropene, and polypropylene.

Size and shape

First, you need to ask yourself where to place the mat. In some cases, it is better to choose different ones, to be placed in strategic areas. Those that have the greatest need for protection are the area of ​​the sink and stove but also under the table and in front of the refrigerator.

It can be round, rectangular or square and its size should be related to your kitchen when it is a decorative element. It highlights the modern side of a kitchen if you know how to adapt its design to the decoration.

The most popular form is the rectangular one because it is able to protect a large section of household appliances in a row. However, if you plan to place one under a round table, looking for a model that covers its contours.

Colors and style

The best brand is the one that offers a short-haired product, which gets less dirty and is easier to clean. About stains, it is advisable not to choose colors that are too light to make them stand out. The dark shades can keep them better and allow less frequent washing.

Combining it with furniture can be a solution: it can be used for solid colors or for patchwork, giving room to the room. To frustrate any doubt, consult the review that other users make of the chosen model can be decisive.

How to Use a Kitchen Mat?

The kitchen mat prevents many incidents in this room, such as slipping on a damp floor while you are doing the dishes. Cleaning and maintenance depend mainly on the material of manufacture, read here the precautions to keep your Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat for many years in good condition.

Determine where you place the mat

The mat placed in front of the sink prevents you from inadvertently sliding, especially due to splashes of soapy water. If your children often spill juice at the table, put crumbs everywhere. It would also be good to put one under the dining table and the workspace so that it doesn’t surround the soil.

The Non-Slip Olives Mat is the perfect size for the front of the sink or sink.

Identify the necessity

As the kitchen mat is primarily intended to protect the floor from dirt and water splashes, keep in mind that your mat should only be made of washable material. Yes, you will have to clean it several days a week. Make sure it is compatible with the more practical washing machine.

Make up appearances with a mat

This home and decor accessory is very useful for hiding kitchen imperfections from everyone’s eyes. You have made a stain on the ground, which you can no longer remove, put a mat on it and it will no longer be seen. It is the same for an old tile that you have not yet been able to replace due to lack of resources.

The Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat is not only intended to keep residents of a home safe, but this piece of fabric is also designed to give a touch of decoration inside or outside. In this case, make sure that its style and color match your interior design.

Clean your kitchen mat

First, know that bacteria and mites invest at low speed V a mat poorly maintained, or not at all over time. So remember to remove the dust every day while vacuuming. If you only have time for 2, 3 days, use a brush to quickly remove dust, and animal hair from on the carpet.

Take care of cleaning products

Before using a stain remover on your mat, pour one or two drops on an inconspicuous part to see if it is not too aggressive. Always read the instructions for the cleaner to see if it matches your item. Do not miss the opportunity to give a unique extra touch to your modern kitchen.


Protecting and decorating your kitchen floor in one go is possible and you have seen it with your own eyes by reading our reviews. Elegance, efficiency, practicality and a good price, this is what you will find when choosing the best mat for the kitchen among those recommended. Do not miss the opportunity to give an extra unique touch to your modern kitchen.

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