10 Best Kitchen Scale Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Best Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scale is a fundamental accessory in all kitchens because it allows users to prepare any type of dishes by dosing the ingredients precisely. A modern hostess cannot do without them if cooking is planned in accordance with exact proportions. No one can give up such a practical and useful tool.

You can use a kitchen scale to weigh different foods. It is not only essential to make the tastiest recipes to serve on the table but also essential during a diet or simply to measure the quantity of food.

You know that There are many different types of kitchen scale on the market available at different price and needs. But which kitchen scale is the best and how do the individual models differ? You will find all the information here with a complete buyer’s guide.

Best Digital Kitchen Scales of 2020

The kitchen of our home is transformed into a Haute patisserie laboratory where sophisticated and captivating preparations come to life. However, digital kitchen scales are available for prices from 10 dollars, but there are also copies for over 30 dollars. We tested 20 scales. It has been shown that the more expensive is not necessarily better. To choose the kitchen scale that best suits your needs, you need to make a series of assessments.

Checkout: Our Comparison Table of the Top 10 Best Kitchen Scale in 2020.


  • Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
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  • Capacity: 13 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 15 oz
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  • Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 14.1 oz
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  • Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 1.46 lbs
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  • Capacity: 17.6 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
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  • Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 14.4 oz
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  • Capacity: 17.6 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 1.34 lbs
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  • Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
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  • Capacity: 11 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 11.8 oz
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  • Capacity: 13 lbs
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight: 15 oz
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1. Eteckcity EK6211 Large Kitchen Weight Scale – Top Pick

Eteckcity Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Etekcity EK6211 stainless steel digital food scale can precisely measure solid foods and liquids with unparalleled ease and convenience. If you cook and bake a lot, the scale helps achieve an accurate measurement. This kitchen scale is simple to use and measures in increments of 0.1 grams.

This digital kitchen scale 30% larger than other kitchen scales on the market, while still as thin as 1.8 cm, also adds a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. It’s also durable and easy to clean. Etekcity warrants this kitchen scale for at least 1 year from the date of purchase and provides lifetime support.

The scale is automatically turn off after a period of inactivity. That is a real battery saver and can be a detracting if you tend to get distracted in the kitchen or want to take small breaks in between measuring things. The large platform on this scale makes it much more useful than most kitchen scales

The scale is self-calibrating. It resets itself to zero after a couple of seconds on a level surface. You can also apply tare if you want for example by placing a cup on the scale before you turn it on. It can therefore indicate the measurement results in different units. The Etekcity EK6211 is fast and does not care where you place the weight.

  • Measures weight in 4 different measures
  • Compact and super-slim design
  • Easy to shift measuring unit
  • Super bright big display
  • Easy to turn On and Off
  • The auto shut-off is a little bit quick
  • Size is a little bit big

2. INEVIFIT I-KS001W Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale


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INEVIFIT has made it convenient to cook your favorite recipes and portion control your diet by developing their all-new food scale. With this digital kitchen scale, you will be able to quickly get accurate weights for your favorite foods so that you can track your nutrition in seconds.

This scale is quite adequate for almost any high-quality home measurements. It is well made and well-finished kitchen scale and works well. The scale has a tare function and you can add any bowl, plate or cup and start with zero. INEVIFIT is also the best kitchen scale for baking.

The best part is it will weigh anything up to 13 lbs in 0.04oz increments. So you will be able to weigh everything you need to get closer to the summer body you always wanted faster than ever. It will work great for recipes, meal preparation and even weighing small items. This unit is also equipped with a conversion function.

All INEVIFIT digital kitchen scales have been tested and certified so that you know that you are getting a top-quality product. This model also includes the industry-leading 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can feel comfortable that you will be 100% satisfied with the INEVIFIT experience.

  • Simple and convenient to use
  • small enough to store easily
  • Perfect for meal preps
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • lightweight & easy to store
  • A little bit small
  • Looks very fancy

3. NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale with Dough Scraper

NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Nutri Fit digital kitchen scale comes with a modern design that makes it safe and fashionable. This digital kitchen scale screen is a clear LCD display for the busy chef. This stylish scale perfectly accents any kind of kitchen setting. The slim figure also makes it easy to hang stow or store in any cabinet.

If your focus is diet management, healthy diet monitoring or culinary excellence, it can meet all your demands. It is not only has a built-in high-precision strain gauge sensor system but also an auto tare/zero function, auto-off function and warning indications for the versatility and convenience you need.

The surface of the scale is made of high-quality stainless steel, with fingerprint-resistant coating for easy to clean and maintain. When you clean it after use, it will be bright and clean as a new one. You can put the food directly onto the scale or you can put it into a bowl and then you put them together onto the scale eight either.

Nutri Fit food scale not only is stored in the cabinet but also can be hanged onto the wall. With the fabulous and good looking, it can also decorate your lovely home! It is the perfect meal prep companion for those who are watching their calorie intake or eating towards healthier living.

  • Elegant, sleek and efficient
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Low power indication
  • Overload indication
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
  • Very small size
  • Not good for professional kitchen

4. AccuWeight 207 Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

AccuWeight 207

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AccuWeight Digital Kitchen scale uses a smooth stainless steel platform. This kitchen scale uses fingerprint-proof technology, which is easy to maintain. The quality and simple design of this digital food scale make it easy to use and easy to read. The petite design makes this unit easy to store.

This digital food kitchen scale can quickly show a gradual increase in weight when you are measuring, and it allows you to know when to stop adding an ingredient. It automatically locks its readout, and automatically switches off when not in use, which makes it low power consumption.

AccuWeight digital kitchen scale also remember the last used unit. And it will turn off after a minute. The backlight and display are bright and large enough so that reading is very easy. The platform for placing an item to be weighed is big enough to handle any measuring cup and most average-sized bowls.

It features with 4 different units of measurements. In addition to the most basic food scales digital weight, grams, and oz, this kitchen scale also includes lb and fluid ml. The lock button is a scientific design to prevent the sensor from getting stress when the scale is off, which keeps your scale precise and durable anytime.

  • Very handy and easy to carry
  • User-friendly and easy to clean
  • Built with scientific design lock button
  • Precise measurements
  • Includes tare function
  • It is a bit slow to respond
  • Does not have any way to hang on the wall

5. Uten Touch Screen Glass Surface Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Touch Screen Digital Kitchen Scale

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Uten food scale is lightweight and easy to carry with you. The battery is the round one, and the weight number is very accurate. It built with 4 highly accurate sensors and with its sleek and modern look. It includes Low battery power/overload indication with zero, tare function Maximum weight is 17.6 lb /8kg.

This digital kitchen scale has a glass platform with touch button. The easy read LCD display is 58 x 27 mm, which measures both weight and liquids. The crystal cleaning display is also larger than most kitchen scales that will help you read the measurement more easily. It also comes with an overload indicator. 

There is a selector on the bottom for metric or English units. The mode switch on right selects for fluid ounces or mass (weight). It has a very clean design but the buttons on the side to change modes are sensor operated and are kind a touchy and hard to use. It is operated using AAA batteries which is includes.

Uten digital kitchen scale is great to help with the cake, you can measure the flour and you can measure the water effectively. It is very accurate and easy to use. Overall it is a nice and small digital food scale, and great for baking when the ingredients are weighted like the flour, sugar and salt.

  • Built with very clean design
  • Comes with large LCD display
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Very simple to operate
  • Reasonable price
  • Only two weight unit systems
  • The button is on the underside

6. Cook Time Ultra-Slim Multifunction Kitchen Scales

Food Scale

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This digital kitchen food scale includes two more weight units than ordinary digital food scales which inlcude grams and ounces. You can quickly and easily switch between grams, pounds, ounces and ml. It accurately weighs your ingredients to ensure healthy portion sizes and follow recipes more closely.

Cook Time digital weight food scales are built with high-precision sensors. It able to weight up to 22lbs and the minimum measuring weight is 2g. It is highly accurate, and you can switch between different units in a second. This unit will fit nicely in your kitchen granite. It also has an auto-off feature.

Tare/Zero function allows you to measure messier ingredients in a bowl without having to measure every ingredient separately. The durable stainless steel weighing surface and touch-sensitive buttons are easy to clean. It built with the latest sensor technology to provide the highest precision in the industry.

This is a beautifully designed kitchen scale with soft edges, big digits to read, 2 big buttons. The buttons don’t need to be pressed down hard. We would recommend this unit for those who need to measure for cooking or even when counting macros. You can easy to read LCD displays and it also shows the result of low battery and overload indication.

  • High-end brushed
  • Elegant good-looking
  • Fashion and easy to clean
  • Multifunction & ultra-slim design
  • Seven measurements units
  • It does round up or down to the nearest gram

7. NUTRI FIT Digital Slim and Multifunction Food Scale

Multifunction Food Scale

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NUTRI FIT Food Scale features a sturdy design and highly accurate sensors. It has extra-large capacity 17.6lb. This unit is an upgraded version, has more capacity than most of the scales in the market. It has 4mm thicker tempered glass, which provides added convenience and accuracy for your kitchen weight measurement.

It equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor to give you accurate weight all the time. This scale is rechargeable, don’t worry about the battery. Once you recharge your batteries, you can use it for about 4-12 weeks. Compare to other normal scales, you will save at least 25$ a year if you use this scale regularly.

The multi-functional kitchen scale also comes with a tare function that allows you to zero out a weight when using a bowl/plate as a container or working with multiple ingredients by simply pressing the “Zero” button. And large capacity also allows you to weigh larger and heavier items.

The glass is easy to wipe clean. The screen is easy to read, and the color is vibrant. Super easy to tare and change the unit of measure. The design is also very modern and attractive. Thin, light and easy to operate are other benefits of this unit. You can also change from oz to g, easy for baking.

The cord is a standard USB cord though that you can plug into any charger such as the product with the charger line can be recharged, other scale using batteries.
  • Simple and straightforward interface 
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Tare and auto-off function
  • Fashion color design
  • Very cheap price
  • Read color some people don’t like
  • Small size

8. Etekcity EK6212 Kitchen Digital Scale for Baking & Cooking


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Our next selected kitchen scale also from Etekcity, you know that Etekcity is the most popular brand in USA to produce high-quality kitchen gadgets. Etekcity EK6212 digital kitchen scale is easy to use, accurate for cooking and precise baking. This model is ultra-compact and low-profile but fairly durable.

This multifunction food scale equipped with high precision sensors and liquid measurement technology. It is perfect for the volume of liquid measuring, home cooking, baking, and food portioning. This unit also constructed with a high-quality stainless steel platform and ABS plastic frame.

It is integrated with two advanced buttons for easy operation. It has a large backlight LCD screen that displays weights in pounds, ounces, grams and ml. Etekcity EK6212 kitchen scale is convenient to use with a free measuring spoon. To ensure quality, it also comes with 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Its backlit will stay for 30 seconds, and the scale will auto shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity. The zero/Tare function and the anti-skin pad at the bottom of the food scale also provide you convenient and optimal stability for weight measurement. A real gem for an inexpensive device.

  • Very simple to operate
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Strong and large platform
  • Large and well-crafted design
  • Accurate & clear display
  • It only has the lbs/oz option
  • Display is not good 

9. REM Concepts Multi-Functional Digital Food Scale

Kitchen Scale

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This scale responds within 1 second to items being added to the weighing platform. It works fine when adding small amounts of spices and liquids. REM Concepts kitchen scale is expertly manufactured in China by a company that has a decade of experience designing and producing many types of scales.

The auto-off feature of this kitchen scale is set at the factory and is designed to conserve battery life. The Salubre digital scale will measure a weight that is as low as 1 gram. The scale stays in ounces even over a pound. Just press the unit button to change the display to show the weight in pounds if desired.

The Salubre weighing platform measures 5.5/8 inches front to back and 5.5/8 inches side to side at the mid-section of the platform. It tapers just slightly, getting narrower from front to back, so it is not quite a square. If you need a larger weighing area, you can place a bowl or plate on the platform.

The accuracy is absolutely suitable for weighing any food. This kitchen food scale is quite easy to clean with just a damp cloth. It does not have a lighted face but the numbers are large and immediately readable. Thanks to REM Concepts for producing a nice, lightweight compact scale.

  • Large and clear display
  • Accuracy is absolutely suitable
  • Excellent and easy to use
  • Great scale for the price
  • Non-slip bottom
  • The aluminum alloy tray is not removable

10. INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale Clean Modern Black

Kitchen Scale

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Last but not least, this is another great kitchen scale from INEVIFIT. It’s a popular brand because of their high-quality digital kitchen scale, which allows you to meet your fitness goals faster, be able to focus on burning the unwanted fat, and live an overall healthier life. This digital kitchen scale is really good quality and the surface is extremely sensitive with a clear display.

The total diameter of the metal platform is 6.25 inches. However, it has a small lip which makes the inner diameter 6 inches. The smallest unit of measurement for this scale is 1g and it measures a by of 1g increments. The ounces are displayed as 0.XX so one gram will appear as 0.04oz.

This simple scale does a lot for the money you pay. It will read it in ounces, lbs. or combination of lbs. and ozs or grams. You just keep tapping the button on the left to determine how you want it measured. You place a dish on the scale, set it at zero and then place your food on the plate. It takes up little space on your counter.

The “tare” button is fantastic and allows you to use almost any container to measure whatever is called for. Liquids, solids are a breeze to measure precisely! This scale is also self-calibrating, so there is no need for periodic calibrations. It also features with 90-second auto-shutoff – no dead batteries but long enough to complete measuring.

  • Simple and convenient
  • Fits your drawer nicely
  • Cheap price for the quality
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Built-in high quality
  • Large bowls and plates can obscure the display
  • Does not have an adapter for an outlet

Bonus Review

#Ultra Slim Multifunction UTEN Digital Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale

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You know that Uten is famous for their innovative digital kitchen scales. However, this is ultra-slim digital kitchen scale which is lightweight and compact. It built with stainless steel platform and large LCD display with easy to read number. It is very simple to use and has accurate measures.

Uten US-U-HKW014-X01 digital kitchen scale built with high precision strain gauge sensor system, and providing you with instant and accurate results from 11lb/5kg capacity and 0.1oz/1g accuracy. The dimensions are 9.25 x 6.5 x 1.06 inches, and you can hang it to stow when the scale is not used. 

You can use it effectively for cooking, baking, and weighing postage. The scale is remarkably accurate and when you finish using it. You can also hang it up to save space. Plus, it has a time setter and a clock functioned in. The scale is pretty self-explanatory and durable.

It has a built-in thermometer for ambient room temperature in centigrade. The screen is bright and eye-relief. In addition, it has a battery level indicator and an overload indicator. Although the food scale is thin, it built-in high quality. Highly recommend if you want to buy a food scale for diabetics.

  • Real-time clock display
  • Sleek and easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Modern and slim design
  • Accurate measurement
  • This scale doesn’t give you a reading in ounces

Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best kitchen weight scale, you will have to consider several elements such as the precision you need in your recipes or the additional functions of the scale: tare button, conversion of measurements, digital screen and even for some models the calculation of calories.

Even if kitchen scales are generally inexpensive, your budget may be a criterion to consider. Let’s evaluate together in our guide the fundamental aspects of a good kitchen scale.

Dimensions and design

The mechanical scales are with the largest dimensions because they are formed, precisely, by a mechanical part that allows the operation of the hands. However, they generally have a vintage look and can be used as a piece of furniture. So leaving them exposed won’t be a problem.

Digital scales are smaller and lighter. This depends on the fact that they have no motor body. They are generally very thin and, therefore, very easy to store without taking up much space. Consequently, many models are monochromatic and aseptic, because not necessarily designed to be left on display on some kitchen countertop.

Separate the bowl, spoon, and platform, this type of kitchen scale is convenient if frequently required weighing of liquid or bulk products. However, the volume of the container is limited. On the platform, you can put the ingredients of large size and in any container.

Spoon – the optimal solution for weighing small portions such as spices, sugar, salt, soda, etc.

The upper limit of weighing – depending on the model varies from 2 to 15 kg. Do not forget that more powerful scales have a greater error.

Weight capacity

Depending on the recipes you want to prepare, it is important to choose a kitchen scale that offers sufficient weight capacity. On the market, most of the kitchen scales have a capacity of 5 kg. However, there are models that offer a weighing up to 10 kg. If you need to buy for family use, 2-5 kg capacity is enough.

Nutritional analysis

A digital kitchen scale with nutritional analysis can display different nutritional values. For example, some models can provide calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. This kitchen scale is ideal for athletes. It is also advantageous for diabetics as well as for anyone who wants to go on a diet or eat a health-conscious diet.

There are even special diet scales that can provide information on minerals and vitamins.


A kitchen scale doesn’t have many extra features. However, there are some that can make a difference.

  • Measurement of fluid volume: This is a function that allows you to change the weighting parameters of ingredients from g / kg per ml. Thus, measurement of the volume of oils, juices, water, and other liquids becomes available.
  • Sequential weighing: This option indicates that the scales remember the weight of the previous ingredients, and display the total weight of the weighed products on the screen.
  • Wall mount: There is a possibility of mounting the scales on the wall to save space in the kitchen.
  • Clocking system: The built-in clock will be active when the weighing is completed. The device can be turned off, or in clock mode which never interferes with the kitchen.
  • Thermometer: Like the clock, the built-in thermometer is an additional option and is present in a small number of models. Its presence will provide the hostess in the kitchen with information about the temperature in the room.

Battery level indicator

If batteries are required to operate the kitchen scale, a battery level indicator is useful. As soon as the battery is low, the scale will indicate this. As a result, you can change the batteries in good time and prevent the scale from switching off during weighing.

Famous brands

The most popular in the domestic market of kitchen scales are manufacturers such as Etekcity, NUTRI FIT, INEVIFIT, Cook Time. In general, the models have similar characteristics, and budget representatives are at times not inferior to eminent counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the kitchen scales accurate?

The measurement accuracy of each scale should be indicated in its user manual. In the absence of this information, you can adopt an empirical method suggested by expert opinion.

The tolerance is estimated considering approximately half the value of the smallest unit that is measured by that particular scale. For example, if a digital model uses grams as its unit of measurement, its accuracy is likely to be within about 1/2 gram.

Is the kitchen scale easy to use and clean?

If you’re trying to follow a challenging recipe, the last thing you need is a complicated scale. The controls should be intuitive and easy to use, and you should be able to easily convert grams to kilograms and vice versa. Also, a good kitchen weight scale should be easy to clean, which means nooks and crannies are not allowed.

How much can the kitchen scale weigh?

If you want to prepare dishes for a family of 4-5 people, a normal scale with a maximum capacity of 3 – 5 kg will do just fine. However, if for one reason or another you need to cook large quantities of food, know that there are numerous branded models on the market that can weigh up to 10 kg.

How much does a kitchen scale cost?

You can get a good quality digital kitchen scale for less than 15 dollars. If you are looking for the top from the point of view of multifunctionality, you should budget around 30 dollars. If you want to buy a good kitchen scale, we recommend don’t buy a cheap model like less than 10 dollars.

How to use a digital kitchen scale properly?

Using a digital kitchen scale is very simple but it is good to remember the importance of zeroing the tare every time you use a new container as a bowl in which to weigh food. This function can also be very useful when you want to weigh multiple ingredients simultaneously.

For example, you need 500 g of flour and 250 g of sugar to prepare your cake: you place the bowl on the scale, press the tare button and pour the 500 g flour; then press the tare button again and add the sugar you need.


Whether you want to accurately weigh flour to make cookies or portions for your diet, you can’t do without a kitchen scale. It takes up minimal space on the worktop, and you can also opt for a hanging version.

For a decidedly low economic investment, it offers you a series of features that can transform you into an expert chef. Although all the models presented in this guide are appreciated for their ease of use and accuracy, you should buy a model that includes exactly what you need.

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