10 Best Kitchen Towels Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2021

Kitchen Towel

A set of towels is not only necessary for the bathroom, but it can also be necessary for our kitchen. These types of towels also called tea towels which are completely lint-free. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for cleaning and drying dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery.

The kitchen towels can absorb all the water that can be present after washing the dishes without problems. They can also be used naturally as hand towels after cooking, washing the vegetables, touching the meat to be cooked and so on.

There are many models of kitchen towels available on the market and it could be difficult to buy these products for the first time. This is why we decided to write this guide on how to choose the best kitchen towels, and select the top 10 kitchen hand towels available on the market.

Different type of Kitchen Towels

A set of kitchen towels are consisting of several designs and made of different materials. They can be used for different purposes. Some for example for cleaning the sink, others for cleaning cutlery, plates and glasses. Here are some most popular kitchen towels set:

  • Standard dish towel: it is a handyman kitchen towel. It is also called a dish towel and its main purpose is to dry cutlery, glasses, dishes, etc. And it is obviously excellent for drying hands. Usually the tea towel is sold in packs of 4 or 5 pieces and is a fairly common towel in kitchens.
  • Dish towel to dry the dishes: it is thicker than the standard kitchen towel and it is specially designed able to easily dry and absorb the water from the dishes without leaving lint.
  • Terry towel: This type of towel is ideal for drying the skin of the hands and is also used in professional kitchens for quick drying. Some chefs prefer to keep these terry towels close to the work station. In normal home kitchens, keep them hanging in the refrigerator or in special hooks attached to the wall.
  • Paper towel: it is sold in sheets or rolls. It is excellent for drying hands. But the paper towel is best for limited use. Because after using it, you need to throw away.
Some kitchen towels can be sold in multi-piece kits, including other accessories such as potholders or wall hooks. The potholders can be square or fancy and are used not to burn yourself when you take a pot from the fire. In this way, you can tighten the handles if they are made of metal without the risk of burning.

Best Kitchen Towels in 2021

If you do not know which models to buy, I suggest you take a look at our bestseller ranking where there are all the best selling and most kitchen towels appreciated by buyers. We have chosen that have the best appearance, ease of use, after all, you don’t need to be replaced every month.

Checkout: Our Comparison Table of the Top 10 Best Kitchen Towels in 2021.

Kitchen TowelPieceWeightCotton 
The Weaver's Blend Kitchen Towels615.8 oz100% Check Price
Sticky Toffee Dish Towels [Editor's Choice]91.3 lb100% Check Price
DG Collections Kitchen Towels122.2 lb100% Check Price
KAF Home Kitchen Towels [Best for the Price]61.45 lb100% Check Price
Fecido Kitchen Dish Towels41.25 lb100% Check Price
The Homemakers Dish Towels415.2 oz100% Check Price
Piedmont Terry Kitchen Towels81.76 lb100% Check Price
Kitchen Dish Towel by F.E.D38.2 oz100% Check Price
Zeppoli Flour Sack Towels122.37 lb100% Check Price
Sticky Toffee Kitchen Towels810.4 oz100% Check Price

1. The Weaver’s Blend Set of 6 Kitchen Towels – Top Pick

Set of 6 Kitchen Towels

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Weaver’s kitchen towels hold look good, their shapes are very absorbent, and don’t streak. 100% Pure and Natural Cotton makes these towels durable and strong for all household chores. They are white so they can get stains from wine or tea but you can also spot bleach them if needed so it works out very well.

The Weaver’s Blend kitchen towels are produced to the highest standards of workmanship and quality while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. They are also free from harmful chemicals, made from 100% Azo Free Dyes, and conform to reach and OEKOTEX standards.

These towels are machine washable and durable. For best results cold machine wash separately before use. However, they get softer with use and frequent washing and drying. They are long towels, approximately 27 inches long and 18 inches wide, so you can hold a large dish or pot and dry it.

  • Super Absorbent and fast drying
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • The price is right for the quality
  • 100% pure and natural cotton
  • Very wrinkled after washing and drying in the dryer

2. Sticky Toffee Silicone Printed Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Dishcloth

Sticky Toffee

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This is a great starter set to a kitchen and the value is great for everything that’s included. All pieces are made of durable, high-quality cotton terry to assist with all your kitchen needs! The printed silicone design on the potholders and oven mitts provide a secure non-slip grip while handling pots and pans.

The shell on the Oven mitt and Potholders are also made of 100% cotton. The fill in the Oven Mitt and Potholders is 100% polyester. The gripping dots are great and ensure that nothing slips out of your hand. They are high quality and great colors, true to the picture online.

These oven mitts are not intended to come into contact with food. Doing so could introduce moisture or food material to the mitt and greatly reduce its heat resistance. If the mitt becomes soiled or damp, you should clean it and dry it completely prior to using it to handle hot pans or dishes.

It looks very cute, but the oven mitt & pot holders aren’t very thick, so if you’re not getting things out of the oven quickly, meaning holding on to a pan for longer than like 5 seconds, your fingers definitely start feeling the heat.
  • Designed with a popcorn terry construction
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Looks modern & beautiful
  • Set of nine value pack
  • Non-slip grip
  • Doesn’t come with two mitts
  • The flat pot holders are a bit small

3. DG Collections Flour Sack Multi-Purpose Dish Towels Set

Dish Towels

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Flour Sack Dish Towels is 100% ring spun cotton, adding both durability and softness, Lint-free pre-washed towels for multipurpose use. They only have the fold crease. These towels are best for crafting and printing for home decors. These soft kitchen towels won’t fade when washed in hot water.

This set is the most absorbent tea towels on our list. They wash well and have a nice sturdy hanging tab on an inside corner. They also iron up well for embroidering designs upon them to give as gifts. DG Collections white dish towels are perfect to clean your glassware cookware and kitchen top.

The generous size makes them great for use in the kitchen, and the sewn-in loop for hanging is a terrific bonus. Thick towels that are also perfect for drying dishes, soaking up whatever liquid was spilled, or snapping the bum of your least favorite roommate. We highly recommend them if you have a budget issue.

  • Super soft and large size
  • Great quality/price ratio
  • Perfect for multi-purpose use
  • Absorbent and easy to iron
  • Very simple to clean
  • There are no care/washing instructions included

4. Mixed Flat & Terry Kitchen Towels for House Cleaning

Terry Kitchen Towels

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Terry cloth’s classic look, durability, and absorbency make it the perfect kitchen workhorse. KAF Home offers a large suite of both imported and domestically produced 100% cotton terry cloth kitchen towels, dishcloths, potholders, and oven mitts in coordinating colors. These kitchen towels are a great value for the price.

With 4 flat towels that add a pop of fashion, your cooking and dish drying needs are covered. It is perfect for spills and kitchen messes, and the two terry towels add an extra element of utility to the set. This set of kitchen towels can use in various tasks. They also look nice and are absorbent.

KAF Home’s terry cloth kitchen towels and dishcloths keep your kitchen surfaces tidy and your messes at bay. You can use it to cook, clean, bake, show off! These Terry kitchen towels are also an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and bring a special touch to the kitchen.

They are thin enough to fit through towel hooks and drawer hooks in the kitchen, but not too thin where it impacts the quality. The color is as advertised. However, recommend washing before use for best performance.
  • Durable and easy-care machine washable
  • Great for multi-purpose
  • Beautiful color matching
  • Premium quality materials
  • They are very absorbent
  • Color is very burgundy

5. Fecido Classic Dark Kitchen Dish Towels with Hanging Loop

Kitchen Dish Towels

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Fecido Classic kitchen towel made of heavy-duty superior-quality 100% cotton fabric, which provides long-lasting durability and performance. Lint-free super absorbent dishcloth of natural cotton. These kitchen dish clothes can also be used as placemats and table decoration for any better occasion and can also be displayed for kitchen decoration. 

It gives you commercial-grade performance, preferred by the professionals. Each towel measures 19 inches X 27 inches which is the perfect size for everyday use. It is functional and decorative with a variety of colors. The size is bigger than most tea towels and the colors do not bleed after washing.

They are more expensive than others but you will not be sorry.

These towels are nice and thick and they would collect the water under your dishes draining. But, they will get quite wet after washing dishes after one meal. You might have to wring it and hang to dry and then use it again.
  • Generously sized
  • Professional grade
  • Super-absorbent
  • European made
  • The pattern is very nice
  • A little bit expensive

6. Greige Kitchen Dish Towels – Set of 4 Cotton Tea Towels

Set of 4 Cotton Tea Towels

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These are decent kitchen towels for the price charged. All pieces are large and have a traditional country-kitchen look. They have zero smell when you open the package and they wash up well. They look great compared to other dishtowels. It also includes a hanging loop for easy drying.

Homemakers kitchen towels are made from a long-staple cotton twill fabric. This is a durable weave and a and the gutsy will be able to stand up to tons of washing. These are so much thicker the wrinkling isn’t as noticeable and large enough to tackle any job. Lint Free for spot-free cleanup.

They are not super absorbent, but the claims that they do not absorb liquids at all, are simply false. This may annoy some folks, but frankly, if you feel the need to iron kitchen towels you may have other issues. You can wash in cold water and dry on low or medium heat.
  • Dries your dishes and hands completely
  • Good size and weight, not flimsy
  • Soaks up liquids like a sponge
  • No ironing needed and lint-free
  • Won’t shrink or fade
  • They are not wrinkle-free
  • As a four pieces set, price bit high

7. KAF Home Pantry Piedmont Terry Kitchen Towels


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Since its inception in 1986, KAF has offered kitchen and tabletop linens with the quality you want, at the value you demand. Their goal is to provide their customers what they want to personalize their own kitchen, dining, and home experience. It can be used on various kinds of utensils without causing scratches.

This set includes eight cotton terry kitchen towels, with four woven stripe and four solid-colored towels, each measuring 16×26 inches. It is soft 100% Cotton, and excluding Polyester Stripes for Decoration. They are machine washable, and color doesn’t run, no lint, no pilling or fuzz.

These towels have a classy woven stripe and matching back towels to add an element of fashion to any kitchen’s home decor while keeping spills and cooking messes under control. These towels are designed in the USA and made in Pakistan. They do not have hook handles but look very nice.

Make sure you wash the blue towels separately from the blue/white striped towels for a few times or every towel with being tinted blue.
  • Soft kitchen towels
  • Great choice for the price
  • Very thick and comfortable
  • Large and perfect size
  • Sturdy and durable
  • They are not 100% cotton

8. Kitchen Dish Towel by F.E.D – Extra Large Tea Towel

Dish Towel by F.E.D

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F.E.D kitchen towels made of high-quality soft cotton and the colors reverse on the opposite side which adds some versatility. They don’t have a lot of heft so they tend to come out of the dryer wrinkled. The navy is a soft blue, like a denim blue, not a very dark navy. The shape and absorbency, making them perfect for busy households.

Each set includes 3 dishtowels measuring 18 x 28 inches. These luxury design kitchen towels are great for your everyday drying needs and the perfect gift for any occasion. F.E.D soft kitchen dish towels are great for any cook or foodie wanting a large tea towel that actually drys.

The decorative kitchen towels have hanging loops to suit any family kitchen. If you don’t need to use the loop, simply fold your towels and hang over any stove or dishwasher handle. If you want your towels looking good, you’ll have to iron them every time. Not a bad gig if you are into making your kitchen look nice.

  • Machine washable fabric
  • Larger size for best performance
  • Perfect to tackle any home job
  • Convenient hanging loops
  • Very cheap price
  • They’re not as attractive

9. Zeppoli 12-PackFlour Sack White Dish Towels

Flour Sack Towels

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Zeppoli Kitchen Towels for cooking or baking and can safely be used around food such as covering dough for rising or as a food strainer. These kitchen towels have strong machine stitched edges, measure 31 x 31, and designed to resist shrinking and shedding lint.

For maximum results, you wash towels before initial use to improve absorbency and minimize lint.

These towels are just large in size and so soft. They are of great quality as far as thickness goes. It is not microfiber and not your average thin flour sack towel. It is a little scratchy when you first use it. You need to pre-wash if you want to use for glass. If you want thickness for tie-dying they would be great.

As you can see in the pictures, they are very thin. You can see the Spirograph set through the towel. You can also see that they wrinkle easily and that they are hemmed. If you wash and dry them with other towels or other items, it is possible they will get lint on them from the other towels.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Perfect choice for home decor
  • These towels are very thin

10. Sticky Toffee Cotton Terry Kitchen Dishcloth


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Last but not least, Sticky Toffee is the house brand of company JVS Export. JVS is a fifth-generation, family-owned manufacturer based in southern India. With over 85 years of weaving experience, JVS knows what it takes to bring value, function and fashion to your home.

This set of kitchen towels is not only very appealing to the eye, but its colors are beautiful and radiant and, most importantly, its material appears to be resistant to the wear and tear and to the obviously constant machine washing that it will have to go through. Highly recommend if you really need soft kitchen towel.

This item is packed with 4 solid yellow dishcloths and 4 white with yellow striped dishcloths. They are bigger than normal dishcloths/rags. This set is also very thick and absorbent compare with others. They are perfect for drying, cleaning, scrubbing or achieving any other household task.

  • Nice, soft and durable
  • Good quality for the price
  • Perfect size for small clean ups
  • Thick and easy care
  • Very absorbent
  • They are not uniform in size

Bonus Review:

#Aunti Em’s Kitchen Vintage Flour Sack Kitchen Dish Towels

kitchen towels

Check Price on Amazon

Aunti Em’s kitchen towels are awesome for embroidering because of the material type and the large size which is 28×28. It should hold a design since it is 100% cotton. These are made in India, from some of the world’s finest organic cotton. They are very absorbent, lint-free, and perfect for multipurpose use.

The Aunti Ems Kitchen flour sack towels are the tightest weave, and most substantial towels you can get. These are well made and much heavier than what you will find in the supermarket. They even have a loop in one corner for hanging on a hook. It doesn’t shrink much and doesn’t warp.

They have one tag, approximately .75×1.25 wide and all the pieces are great. These towels are approximately 1150-1160 grams for all 13 together, not including packaging. If you’re looking for a towel to dry dishes and cover baked goods, this set is the right option for you.

  • Excellent construction and quality
  • Thick for a flour sack towel
  • The loop is super handy
  • Natural and sustainable
  • Sturdy and large size
  • These are very thin
  • Quite expensive

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best kitchen towels, you must also pay close attention to the material you are going to choose. The most used ones are:

The materials

  • Cotton: it is the most popular and used material for tea towels. This material allows not only excellent drying of the dishes but also of the hands. Also during its use, it does not release lint that could stick to the glasses or cutlery.
  • Linen: it is a material for towels capable of absorbing even the last drops of water left over the dishes and does not release fibers and lint on the dried surface. This type of towel is also often used for covering bread or other hot foods.
  • Terry cotton: it is a material that has the characteristic of being very absorbent, ideal for drying hands or all surfaces where there is a large amount of water. They are also usually beautiful to look at, so they can also be used in a kitchen as a decorative purpose.
  • Microfiber: composed of thousands of fibers, microfiber is a synthetic material to be used more than for cleaning and polishing cutlery, glasses and dishes, to clean the kitchen from the presence of dirt and dust. It can be more efficient and resistant in normal cotton. However, a microfiber towel can also be used for cleaning surfaces such as the kitchen sink or dishes.
  • Paper: paper kitchen towels are of the disposable type, they can be used more than anything else to clean work surfaces or to dry them from water. It also uses to touch objects that are too hot or too cold.
Avoid synthetic materials, which doesn’t have the same absorption power as natural materials.

The size

The size of your future kitchen dish towel will influence your level of comfort during use. The tea towels can be declined in various dimensions. However, there is something for all sizes. It’s up to you to find the model whose measurements will suit your uses.

If you plan to polish your pots, pans or even carry out large-scale cleaning operations, it is preferable to focus on items that are at least 25 × 20 inches long and wide to avoid repetitive actions.  

The design

Before wondering where to buy a new dish drying towel, we also recommend that you focus on the design. It is always better to use a kitchen towel that will please you visually. So, be sure to select a model that will inspire you to enjoy pleasant use.

How can Take Care

We have therefore seen what are the most important factor that should be considered. Now we continue this guide with some tips on how to store and take care of these tea towels:

After you have stopped using the towel, put it in a place where it can dry well. Do not use for long periods, maximum 2 or 3 days, then put it in the washing machine. Over time, a towel accumulates dampness and can develop molds that are not always visible to the naked eye.

If the kitchen towel comes into contact with food, foodborne bacteria could contaminate it. After using it, it is always better to wash and disinfect it. Avoid putting your linen tea towel in your dryer, it will damage it. And prefer drying in the open air.

Remember to wash the towel after a period of being in a drawer for a long time. It could generate mold which could be transmitted to food, cutlery and kitchen surfaces. Make sure you have a spare set of kitchen towels so that in case of washing, you will always have a towel ready for drying and cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kitchen towels for glasses?

Cotton towels are very hard-wearing and can be washed at 95 degrees. At these high temperatures, all germs in the towels are removed. They are the perfect helpers if you want to polish your fine glasses and cutlery flawlessly.

What is better linen or half-linen?

Wrinkling makes the textiles charming, especially when it comes to ethnic style. Half linen is not robust and durable because it has fine cotton. In addition, linen environmentally friendly than cotton. No pesticides are used in the linen cultivation.

What is the average cost of kitchen towel?

The price of better kitchen towels should never be the determining factor. Even if you can afford the most expensive model, you may not need it. Best kitchen towels in the middle price range can cover all your needs and save a few dollars at the same time.

How long should the kitchen towel last?

You need to buy the best kitchen towel brands with a customer-friendly warranty policy. Well known and trusted manufacturers offer two-year or even longer warranty period. You would have no problem in case of problems: just bring a broken product to the service center to replace or repair it.


To choose a quality tea towel that will keep over time, you really have to choose the right materials. Prefer natural and noble materials: cotton, more widespread or linen, which are two materials with significant absorption power. In order to minimize the contamination of bacteria in your dishes and on other surfaces, wash your kitchen towels as often as possible.

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