10 Best Meat Slicers for Home Use [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2019]

10 Best Meat Slicers for Home Use [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2019]

Meat Slicer

To enjoy delicious and healthy food, you need to sliced meat and add the flavor. Slicing is necessary for your own home when you need to make healthy food, especially when your guests or friends come to your home to have a party. It’s is boring that go to the market and grab the sliced meat. The best meat slicer is a must-have kitchen appliance that allows you to instantly give fine slices within a small time.

We research a couple of months to find the best slicer which provides you best service every day.

What is the best meat slicer?

It really depends on you. I just show my experience and these features so that you can find what is best for you. We discuss a number of restaurants and home who use slicer regularly and we collect some important data. I hope after you read this full article you can find without time costing that what is perfect for you.

Check Out: Our Comparison Table

Meat SlicerDishwasher SafeBlade(inch) 
SUPER DEAL Meat Slicer Yes7.5 Check Price
Kitchener Meat Deli SlicerYes9.0 Check Price
Chefman Die-Cast Deli SlicerYes7.5 Check Price
ARKSEN Electric Meat SlicerYes7.5 Check Price
AICOK Meat Deli SlicerYes7.0 Check Price
Chef'sChoice Food SlicerYes7.0 Check Price
KWS Electric Meat SlicerYes10.0 Check Price
BESWOOD Deli Meat SlicerYes9.0 Check Price
KWS Electric Meat SlicerYes10.0 Check Price
F2C Meat Deli SlicerYes7.5 Check Price

1. Della Premium Chromium-plated Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Electric Meat Slicer

Super deal premium stainless steel electric meat slicer. This blade is 10 inches. You can cut meat food and vegetable. Della electric meat slicer is perfect for slicing deli meats or vegetables swift and efficiently. This slicer pays for itself by allowing you to buy deli meats in bulk, slicing it when needed and then freezing the rest which reduces waste and maximizes value.

You can cut any potatoes tomatoes for your family. It provides you stay sharp longer and giving you unparalleled precision. It’s come with 7.5 inches stainless steel cutting blade and driven by 250 watts of fast high yielding slicing power.

It helps you continuously sharp cut. This slicer adjusts from 1/32 inch to 5/8 inch thick to slice everything from paper-thin to perfect servings of roasting beef. You can easily pie your apple Super deal slicer does all the apple slicing.

It is versatile much to take on a wide range of culinary prep task. You can use it to slice zucchini, paper-thin for a no-carb lasagna, and cut eggplant for perfectly even. It’s come with removable ring guard cover prevents debris buildup on cutting surfaces. You can easily clean it.

This is an excellent tool for the home processor. The only thing that could make it better would be to increase the thickness of slices to be able to go to 3/4″ thick.

Key Features:

  • Sliced meat exit behind the machine for sliced meat sliding out quickly.
  • Slicer pays for itself by allowing you to buy deli meats in bulk, slicing it when needed and then freezing the rest which saves time and money.
  • Stainless steel design is easy to clean and is perfect for home kitchens and restaurants.
  • Sliding meat carriage ensures perfect cuts every time and keeps the users hands away from the blade for utmost safety.
  • Compact size makes it easy to store
  • It’s versatile enough to take on a wide range of culinary prep tasks
  • Seamless and removable features make sanitation a breeze
  • You can slice super thin prosciutto smoked ham
  • It will shave meat
  • Manual is difficult to read

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2. Kitchener Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer

Deli Cheese Food Slicer

Kitchener brand meat slicer is well known and trusted by a large number of customer around the world. Its extensive selection of equipment can provide a variety of products to fit your needs. It’s the best for slice up salami, steaks turkey, meats for jerky, easily from the convenience of your own kitchen. With this meat slicer, you can also slice up some fruits and vegetables. You can use this for your home or business. You can be cutting everything perfectly with Kitchener slicer.

After a long-time period use, it looks like new. You can cut every part of food within a short time because it comes with 150 watts. It’s hard and the weight is 14.55 pounds. You can control the regulation knob for slice thickness to paper-thin, it also depends on the firmness of what you cutting.

It makes your kitchen fun and simple to have the tools and you enjoy fresh and tasty foods comfortably in your home. It’s come with high quality and professional premium grade materials. It gives you full satisfaction and a good experience. This price is reasonable and provides you with a good service every day. If you buy from Amazon they give you 1-year warranty and 3 months replacement or refund.

If you want to sharpen it you need to use special slicer sharpener, the normal knife sharpener is not applicable. For daily use, please keep it clean and dry after you use the slicer, the blade will last for long time for efficient use.

Key Features:

  • The Kitchener MS-106215 deli, meat, cheese & bread slicer comes with a 9-inch Blade.
  • Kitchener also offers a 9-inch bread blade and a 9-inch universal serrated blade, so that you can slice just like a professional deli.
  • Power & voltage rating is Electric AC 120V/60HZ.
  • Current & max watt is 150 Watt / 200 Watt.
  • Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • Suction cup feet keep it sturdy and in place while slicing
  • Stainless steel carriage surface with finger protection
  • It cuts very thin pieces
  • This slicer can’t be used for warm meat
  • This is not commercial grade, but works great

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3. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Food Slicer – Non-Slip Feet

Chefman Die Cast

With a sleek, compact design, Chefman 9″ x 12″ meat slicer is small enough for most cabinets and countertops. Its removable and retractable 7. 5″ Serrated stainless steel blade and die-cast aluminum housing are easy to clean. Food slicer made with 180-watt ac motor and serrated stainless steel blade.

It slices any kind of meats, deli, ham, turkey, cheeses bread, fruits, and vegetables. This food slicer is equipped with an adjustable thickness dial for customizing slices just way what you like. You can use it easily because it’s made risk free and its come with a book so that you can learn how you can use and take care.

Don’t tense about it slip. Because it blade safety guard and food pusher ensure that the food slicer will stay in place so you can keep a firm grip while operating. So you can cut sagely for a customized and clean slice every time when you want.

For those Chinese folks, this meat slicer machine allows you to make some special Chinese Cuisines at home that requires very thin slice of meat. It really makes some difference of your cooking if you start using this toolkit.

Key Features:

  • It’s plastic but seems to very solid and good quality. It’s not a commercial grade slicer by any means, but it cut through venison to make thin slices for jerky very easily.
  • The thickness of the meat is regulated by a lever on the back of the slicer. It goes from 0 to 1/2″ thick. The blade does not move, it is stationary.
  • The wall where the meat rests against moves back and forth and you can set it at whatever thickness you prefer.
  • Great for sandwiches, French toast and more
  • The adjustable thickness dial makes it great for customizing
  • There is a guard that sits behind whatever your cutting to protect your hand
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It is stable and does not jump around while using
  • Cleaning is okay but there are a few areas that are not removable and makes it harder

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4. ARKSEN Premium Electric Meat Slicer


This is an amazing meat slicer at a cheap price. With multiple function, it’s the best meat slicer for home and commercial use. Its 180-watt speed slices your meat in a short time. You can perfectly preparing lunches, deli trays and buffet food for entertaining. It’s come with a stainless steel blade. This blade is designed to resist corrosion and maintain a sharp edge for slicing.

This meat slicer provides you with a long-time service and also save your money. You can cut fruits and vegetable and slicer pays for itself by allowing you to buy delis meats in bulk. If you want to start a small business or a big family you can use to buy it. This size is perfect to place on a counter in your coffee shop or small restaurant. It’s on-off switch more safety than others and you can move any place without risk.

Aside from breaking down the motor on occasion to grease the gears, the cleaning is super easy as everything moves out of the way and it’s like one big part that you can wipe down.

Key Features:

  • Slicing beef, venison, mutton, turkey, cheese, ham, bread, vegetable, fruit and other food.
  • This slicer is small and compact so that you can fit it into your small business more easily. Perfect size to place on a counter in your coffee shop or small restaurant.
  • Slicer pays for itself by allowing you to buy delis meats in bulk, slicing it when needed and then freezing the rest which saves time and money.
  • Numerical scale knob makes the adjustable plate to move back and forth and adjust the thickness of meat up to the 5/8 inch thick.
  • This slicer is small and compact
  • Spiked meat holder maintains a firm grip for controlled slicing
  • Suction Cup- Suction cup feet keep the unit stables
  • Meets or exceeds all CE standards
  • Sliced meat exit behind the machine for sliced meat sliding out quickly
  • It does not include a blade sharpener
  • The machine cannot slice bread very well

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5. Chef’sChoice 609A000 Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

Chef'sChoice Electric Meat Slicer

The model 609-A is sure to delight even the most cost-conscious sports enthusiast with its economic price tag and wide array of food preparation benefits. It features the same attention to detail and quality construction for which the Chef’sChoice brand is renowned for at a budget-friendly price. Some people have commented that it can’t slice super thin, but unless your definition of super-thin is “paper-thin,” then you’re going to be satisfied. 

The Chef Choice meat slicer machine has been designed for professional use. This slicer machine made of high-quality anodized aluminum and therefore effectively protected against corrosion, and extremely hygienic. The food carriage is ABS plastic with a stainless steel top. The glide rails are made of a low friction plastic. 

This is a powerful meat slicer. this meat slicer comes with a special 7-inch stainless steel knife. You can sharply cut any kind of food like cheese, salami, bread, meat and so on. Despite wielding a rapidly spinning razor-sharp blade, as long as you’re using it the way it’s intended. There’s a handguard you’re supposed to use to move the meat. The blade is more than capable, and slices whole hams down into shavings for sandwiches. But remember, don’t cut the meat with bones. 

It also comes with ETL, FDA and perfect packaging for a gift. If you buy for home use its perfect because it doesn’t make noisy sound compare with others. So, we recommended you can buy without waste time.

Key Features:

  • The precision thickness control slices from deli-thin to approximately one-inch thick.
  • Intermittent and continuous on/off switch and special safety button that secures food carriage in ‘lock’ position to limit access to blade when the unit is not in use.
  • You can slice long slices of bacon from a smoked pork belly on this machine.
  • It’s solid and sturdy
  • Inexpensive and it’ll pay for itself
  • It can slice very thin
  • It can slice through everything
  • Tilted large-capacity food carriage
  • It is a small size slice machine

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6. Chefs Choice Food Slice Machine (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Chefs Choice Slicer

This food slicer built of durable cast aluminum and stainless steel. Slices every item smooth and perfectly. It comes with powerful 120-watt cool-running high torque motor. Chefs choice slicer precision slice thickness control slices from deli-thin to approx. ¾” thick.

It features a cool-running, high-torque motor for smooth, even operation and ultimate safety. Its tilted, large-capacity food carriage promotes fast, efficient slicing of large cuts of meat like roasts, ham and turkey breast. If you like to amazing design meat slicer for your kitchen, this model best choice for you. You can slice food, bread, meat, fruits and vegetable.

This slicer wait is 13 pounds so you can easily carry it kitchen room to dining room. It sounds is normal so you don’t worry about noisy sounds. This price is reasonable you can buy it for your home or small business.

The unit comes with a serrated blade which is designed for bread slicing. The blade is outstandingly sharp and it is adjustable for quite thin. This is a professional slicer. Great controls and plenty of power. If you plan to slice meats and cheeses. It has a large capacity so you can slice perfectly large food, bread or cake. You can easily clean its design blade, food carriage, food pusher and food deflector.

If you take reasonable care it is not easy to cut yourself. With that said: the blades are really sharp and if you get careless you can cut yourself. The machine’s design actually prevents getting cut.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a serrated blade. A non-serrated blade is also available separately.
  • It takes about 5 minutes to take it all apart and clean it all after a slicing job. Very easy to disassemble.
  • The sliding tray is plastic with a metal bottom plate and nylon glides. The pusher is aluminum.
  • It comes with a serrated blade. A non-serrated blade is also available separately
  • It is easy to take apart to clean
  • It is easier to handle slightly frozen
  • The slicer is very easy to take apart and clean
  • This is one well-designed appliance
  • The pressure plate is small
  • Cheese takes a little more power

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7. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

Cuisinart FS-75

Cuisinart FS-75 kitchen pro Food slicer makes slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads, and other foods easy, fast and convenient! This premium appliance is a great addition to any kitchen and a big help to any chef. This is a well-known brand slicer and its unique design catch any people. If you are a fan of design like me Cuisinart is the best selection for you. Most important features it save energy. When you cutting meat or vegetable you don’t hear any kind of noisy sound. You can use it every day because manually it cutting any kind of food.

This is manually operated slicer so don’t need push again and again. This slicer comes with a massive aluminum housing, a smooth running and powerful crank. Fairly easy to operate. Cleaning didn’t seem too bad. You can’t put this or any parts in the dishwasher, which is a drawback for home users

The blade is made of stainless steel, the housing for the blade is aluminum. It will slice any roast as thick or thin as you like. This is a professional heavy-duty slicer this is not the slicer for home use.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty 130-watt motor.
  • There is an on-off switch that stays on you do not need to press and hold.
  • Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Perfect for home use, caterers and chefs etc
  • Non-slip feet for stable operation
  • It will cut near paper-thin slices if you handle it the right way
  • Will slide better than a knife and more consistent than a mandolin
  • Good solid slicer that’s easy to use and move around
  • It is litle bit heavy
  • The backing where the object to cut slides it weak
  • It does move during slicing

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8.BESWOOD Premium Chromium-plated Electric Deli Meat Slicer

Thanks to Chromium-plated coating Carbon steel & high temperature treatment process, Beswood BESWOOD220 slicer’s blade stays sharp longer and is protected from corrosion. Because there is no need to sharpen frequently, the blade is more durable and is guaranteed to have a longer lifetime. It is obviously an efficient slicer that makes your food more delicious and healthy by adding good slices.

And its blade is enough sharp for cutting meat and vegetable. So there is no need to sharpen the blade frequently, you can use it for a long time. It makes double illuminated ON-OFF switch 24V so that you can avoid power shock for best protection. You can slice meat, cheese veggies, ham, fruits precisely with this slicer.

The blade does not need further lubrication. Nothing about lubrication in direction booklet that comes with it. No lubrication tube in the box. This slicer machine is perfect for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafes and in-home use as well. With this tools, you can able to slice boneless meat, cheese, ham, veggies with high standard performance.

This slicer comes with USA standard approved ETL, NSF and FDA so don’t worry about its quality. There are some places that are not easily reached to clean but it can be done. Heavy and stays in place where you put it to slice.

Key Features:

  • You can slice meat or cheeses very thin if you cool down product to 36 degrees!
  • This is blade removable for cleaning.
  • Heavy and stays in place where you put it to slice.
  • Premium V-belt with noticeable noise and vibration reduction
  • Blade Ring Guard for safety
  • Aluminum body with top-mounted
  • It is also very easy to take apart to clean
  • USA standard approved: ETL, NSF, FDA
  • The knobs are plastic but all other parts are metal

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9. KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer

KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer

The KitchenWare Station MS-10N 10” high quality Teflon blade commercial semi- automatic meat slicer is perfect for commercial use, home use, caterers and chefs etc. This KWS premium electronic looking a professional style food slicer and its come with a powerful motor of 320 watts that is enough for slice the meat frequently.

This KitchenWare Station slicer features a built-in sharpener that both hones and sharpens the blade. It helps the blade to maintain a sharp edge for slicing by pushing the front and back button for a couple of seconds, ensuring that your blade is always razor-sharp and ready to slice.

The 10-inch slicer has an inbuilt knob to control the thickness and you don’t need every dish to need pieces with the same thickness. You can easily clean any part of this meat slicer. Don’t worry about slip the blades. 

You can use this of your home or business. If you don’t like noisy sounds or totally avoid sounds this is efficient for you. Because it provides you soundless slices. And it is more safety for use compared to others.

Key Feature:

  • 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt.
  • The weight for this meat slicer is approximate 35lbs.
  • The cutting thickness for this meat slicer is 0- 0.4″, customer can easily adjust to their ideal thickness using the Index nob.
  • The screws on the blade were too tight and as such
  • The blade is extremely sharp
  • It slices more smoothly and things don’t stick as easily
  • For the price very well made
  • Pretty quiet and smooth movements
  • It needs to be manually worked
  • The blade cannot be removed

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10. F2C Professional Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

F2C Professional

F2C electric meat slicer provides you with efficient service and delicious food every day. Its come with Ce approved safe operation, high efficiency, and durable material. It provides you low noise level and you can use it continuously. We research more than two weeks and select this for our top ten meat slicer list.

Its amazing design and slimy looking attract your eyes. Its price is reasonable so you can buy it for your home or business. This meat slicer comes with an 8-inch sharp blade. You can use it frequently without changing the blade. You can cut any size what you want.

It’s easy to clean every part. Don’t worry about its quality it is approved USA ETL and NSF. It 240 watt strong enough for using frequently. We discuss a number of people and every people send us positive experiment.

The slide tray may and the blade cover. You may be able to put the blade in the dishwasher but the aluminum will start to oxidize if you put it in the dishwasher. I would suggest you just clean it by hand.

Key Features:

  • Great product cuts meats and cheeses with no bogging
  • The materials in the slicer are good grade and the finish is also.
  • With a sleek and compact design, this meat slicer machine is small for most family kitchen cabinets and countertops.
  • Very heavy and solid construction
  • Cleans easily and everyone’s thrilled with it
  • You can cut something paper thin if you like
  • Great product cuts meats and cheeses with no bogging
  • It came securely packed in thick star foam
  • The blade would not cut bone
  • Instructions are very confusing and poorly written

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Buying Guide

Cold cuts are one of the joys of a gourmet’s life. And if you too fall into this category you will particularly appreciate the sliced products and immediately enjoy them rather than those that you buy at the supermarket already in the envelopes.

To be able to carry out an operation of this type you obviously need a slicer, sold in different models belonging to various price ranges. To help you clarify, we have compiled both the ranking with the reviews of the most popular slicers on the online market and the guide with the aspects to consider to choose the right model.

When you decided to buy meat slicer you must find some important features which include this:

The Type of Cut

What will you most often find yourself slicing? The answer to this question clearly determines the type of device you will need to buy. The richness of the offer allows you to opt for economic models, medium or high.

The low cost slicers are made of plastic and with a small blade and are perfect if your need is simply to cut bread, fruit and vegetables. Therefore, the choice of a slicer of this type also has a positive impact on space and proves a winning choice for those who have a small kitchen.

On the other hand, your cutting needs are higher (without leading to the semi-professional), you can opt for mid-range models, more resistant, stable and equipped with larger blades and therefore more suitable for cutting a high number of foods. The price to be paid is linked to the solidity of some elements, because to contain costs it could still be the plastic that has the upper hand over metal.

Metal that is the dominant material in the models of the best brand, perfect for any type of cut, carefully assembled and to last over the years. In this case, the only element to consider is the sale price, much higher than for the other models compared.

Steel and Safety

Regardless of the slicer category, the blade can only be made of stainless steel, to have the strength and be sharpened to the right point. The metal can be of different qualities and lose more or less easily the ability to slice cold cuts or hard foods.

Pay some attention to the knob that allows you to adjust the width of the cut so that it allows you to make even minor but essential corrections to obtain slices of the desired thickness.

It is very important then that you only consider slicers that have safety devices, starting with the lock on the ignition to get to the finger guard, which prevents the hands from accidentally coming into contact with the blade.

The Power Needed

As with any appliance, engine power is important and slicers are no exception. Our advice is to opt for a model that has an engine of at least 100 watts so as not to find a device that is hard to cut and that forces you to exert a certain pressure at the expense of precision.

Some models, to contain the selling price, are designed to operate continuously for a limited period of time, after which they must “rest” for a few moments. It is therefore important that you know if you will find yourself slicing for a long time or only occasionally.

Finally, remember that at the end of each use you will need to perform a minimum maintenance of the appliance, carefully removing the residues of cut food, so that they do not favor the formation of germs or mold.


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