Best Squeegees for Shower, Window & Car Reviews in 2019

Best Squeegees for Shower, Window & Car Reviews in 2019

Best SqueegeeWater deposits on the glass surfaces of the showers are always unpleasant to see and annoying to clean. Cleaning is certainly easier if you use the best shower Squeegee. With few gestures and no fatigue, all the problems related to the maintenance of shower enclosures will be resolved in the blink of an eye.

You can also use specific products for cleaning the bathroom with shower that you find on supermarket shelves. Or you can prepare alternatives using powder detergent. However, many products – both homemade and commercial – will require a final rinse.

The problem is that if you live in an area where the water is particularly hard, rinsing can leave lime-scale and water stains on the glass of your shower, which are always visible once dry. If you want to know how to clean the shower box without finding yourself with these water stains, then you will need a fundamental tool: a squeegee

What is the best shower enclosure cleaner?

There are so many window washer models on the market. The best place to make the purchase is undoubtedly online sales.

First of all because of the wide range, even with branded proposals. Browsing the web you have a remarkable offer of products to choose from, while it is not so in specialized shops or at the supermarket. Then, you have the opportunity to read a series of reviews of those who express their opinion on the purchase.

And last but not least, the advantage of being able to buy at low prices. In virtual stores you can find both cheaper and high-end items.

  • Below we present the best shower squeegees: Check Table
ImageSqueegeesWeight (oz) 
desired tools Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car4.0 Check Price
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee4.0 Check Price
cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge4.0 Check Price
iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee5.6 Check Price
Ehdis 11 5 inch Silicone Rubber Squeegee for Glass3.8 Check Price
Unger Professional Steel Squeegee6.4 Check Price
Honla Silicone Blade Squeegees with Hanging Hole2.1 Check Price
Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee6.4 Check Price
Als Ellan Shower Squeegee7.2 Check Price
Ponsey Shower Window Squeegee9.6 Check Price

1. Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass

Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass

The foam handle of the squeegee is made to last in wet conditions. It absorbs very little moisture and dries quickly (depending on the humidity). The best thing is that it comes with two more replacement blades. The blades are a neoprene type of plastic and appear to be very durable.

It works great on windows. A very good size for regular windows, a little small on sliding glass doors. The squeegees are very nice and strip off the water really good, and you get a couple extra so it’s all good.

The silicon blade leave the glass spotless and the foam handle makes this Squeegee so comfortable in your hands while wiping down the glass. It is a great product especially for the price, would definitely recommend every driver have a simple squeegee on hand in their vehicles.

  • The blade is slightly narrow.
  • The slider is not tight.
  • Cleans the window very well.
  • Good grip.
  • Comes with extra wiper blades.

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2. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee


You have already known about OXO good grip squeegee because they provide high-quality squeegee over the 50 years. Similar to every other OXO product, this squeegee is engineered to perform above industry standards and to be ergonomic as well. In this squeegee you can change the place easily with the plastic holder.

The flexible blade on OXO All-Purpose Squeegee can be used on curved surfaces, while the soft, comfortable handle nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand without slipping. This lightweight, and sleek design Squeegee is perfect for tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors, soapy shower doors, and of course, windows.

The squeegee is 10″ across. It works great and has maintained its finish well. This one does not have a hook but does come with a suction cup holder that works very well.  The non-slip, egg-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip, while the flexible blade allows for use on any household surface, even rippled ones.

  • Slim profile stores neatly.
  • Included suction cup.
  • The handle is comfortable.
  • With a clean surface the suction cup mount holds up well.
  • It is not very big size.

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3. cleret iDO Shower Squeegee with DUAL Wiping Edge Cleaning Blade

cleret iDO Shower Squeegee

In 1989, Cleret, Inc. invented the world’s first shower/bath squeegee. It was promptly hailed as one of the year’s best new products and selected for inclusion in highly prestigious Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection. Cleret iDo squeegees have become the standard by which ALL others are measured.

The dual edge blade on this squeegee is soft and flexible. Structurally, the handle should last for many years, however, like all plastics, in time it will fade and lose color. The wiping blades are much like wind shield blades for an automobile. The more you use them coupled with the elements (ice, snow, and rain) the more you may have to replace them.

It comes with a inquire “invisible” holder that has a non-permanent adhesive. I should note that, unfortunately, due to thousands of surfaces found in a bath the adhesive does hold on all surfaces.

  • The size is great.
  • No metal parts to rust or scratch surfaces
  • It’s very long so not very nimble around nooks and crannies.
  • Lightweight.
  • There is an adhesive holder that’s included.
  • You can buy replacement blades from Cleret for $2 plus $8 in postage. It’s too expensive.

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4. iDesign Forma Metal and Plastic Bathroom Squeegee


InterDesign began as a housewares design company over 4 decades ago with a core goal in mind- to offer premium storage products for the home at a reasonable price. These product solutions are designed for the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, closet, laundry room and more.

iDesign is a fine squeegee, with a nice long blade which should make cleaning shower doors a breeze. If you have a glass door for your shower if you have tiles on your wall or a mirror in your bathrooms then you are missing one thing. This squeegee is great for all the above.

You can’t believe the quality of this product. iDesign squeegee cleans impeccably, and the weight of the handle is heavy and sturdy. It also comes with a suction hook to hang in your shower. This is a classic squeegee made for the shower, but don’t expect it to work that great on glass, because it’s not really designed for glass.

  • Very light weight.
  • It’s the ideal size for shower.
  • Comes with suction cup hook.
  • Durable plastic blade.
  • This doesn’t have a mount included with it.

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5. Ehdis 11.5 inch Silicone Rubber Squeegee

Ehdis 11 5 inch

Ehdis Inc as a professional supplier of best quality squeegee, is to provide the excellent products and supports to our customers over 20 years. This squeegee provides a wide selection of squeegee to satisfy customer’s various needs.

This item is firm enough for your project. This item should be perfect for FLAT surfaces. It’s not flexible enough for any type of bowed surfaces. This is not a silicone blade, but a low durometer polyurethane. Nonetheless, it works incredibly well.

This hard little squeegee is absolutely the perfect size for cleaning French door windows! It’s also good to defrost your car when there’s a thin layer of ice covering your windshields and side windows. Its small size helps clear the side mirrors as well.

  • The product is made of high quality rubber.
  • The handle is solid.
  • It’s well constructed.
  • Perfect size which provide comfort.
  • The handle could be a little longer.

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6. Unger Professional Steel Squeegee with Bonus Rubber

Unger Professional Steel Squeegee

If you want to reach higher places Unger squeegee is perfect for you. Unger Stainless Steel Squeegees feature an ergonomic design preferred by professional window cleaners. The strong, and high quality rubber blade covers a large surface area and delivers superior. The bonus rubber replacement blade included with the squeegee and is guaranteed the life of the product.

The rubber grip is lightweight and designed for comfort. An Unger Duster might be more effective in cleaning up dog hair. There are microfiber and wool versions available that you could try.

This won’t snap on to a swimming pool extension pole. It is smaller than the pole, wouldn’t fit but not small enough to wedge inside. It wouldn’t stay. Best bet is a wooden handle with threads at one end which makes it small enough to fit inside the squeegee while squeegee grabs the larger part of the pole for a tight fit.

  • 100% streak free results.
  • Heavy-duty professional-grade rubber blade.
  • Attaches to any Unger telescopic pole.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • This item does not come with a wrist strap.

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7. Honla 2 Pack Silicone Blade Squeegees with Hanging Hole

Honla 2 Pack

Honla 2 pack squeegees made of solid silicon, light weight and durable, handy and well made, the silicone squeegee blade has no sharp edge that might damage/scratch the shower glass surface that gets foggy/steamy.

This squeegee is perfect for clearing outside windows on car in the damp morning when there’s significant dew and frost on side-view mirrors. Flexible and deep squeegee blade, thick enough for providing a smooth, resistance/streak-free swipe/superfast drying in small areas.

This cleaning gadget fits in your hand nicely for quick swiping hard water off counter top into your bath sink in the home. This squeegee package is nice where they are all silicone, so no stiff edges to scrape and if dropped, they just bounce. No danger if you’re in the buff too.



  • Once shaping.
  • Simple and well-formed.
  • High-quality silicone wiper prevent loud squeaking noises during use.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip firm handle.
  • They are a bit hard to use. Not flexible at all.

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8. Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee, 12-Inch

Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee

Ettore’s Brass Squeegee is the original squeegee and it is the first choice of professional window cleaner in the world. If you’re about cleaning your own windows, this one is a must have. Highly recommended. Another positive feature, you can purchase replacement rubber blades. This squeegee is also rustproof solid brass.

This is an excellent professional quality brass squeegee. There is a larger version made by the same company that may be better suited to larger areas which is also available on Amazon. Dry the squeegee when you are done using it to extend the life of the wiping edge. The shape of the handle is designed to accept an extension which should be readily available to extend your reach if necessary. I recommend this product.

Ettore also makes a combination tool that has both the fuzzy scrubber and the squeegee.  A 12″ is usually easier to handle until you have more experience. However, the 18″ would cut your number of passes down from three to two.

  • Easy to use squeegee.
  • It clears the water off in one sweep.
  • Sturdy and practical with a replaceable rubber blade.
  • REA-C-H extension pole for high reach window cleaning.
  • There are no threads on the inside.

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9. Als Ellan Shower Squeegee

Als Ellan Shower Squeegee

Als Ellan shower squeegee is made of high-quality stainless steel, high quality plastic and streak-free rubber blade reliable for long-lasting using. This shower Squeegee proves they are very helpful for preventing hard water spots, soap scum, and other common types of bathroom dirt. It also prove to be very efficient for hindering the growth of mold.

Its 10 inches wide blade can cover many areas and reduce your work, greatly improve work efficiency and save your time 30 percent. You’ll just need a simple wipe to remove all the water drops off any flat smooth surfaces. You can easily use it each time after you take a shower.

It has a screw feature that allows you to push the suction cup tight to the wall and then turn the wheel clockwise to lock it down. The blade is nice and wide, and it’s soft enough to conform to the surface well.

  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • The handle of are filled with PVC material.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Easy to store.
  • Suction cup will only mount on non-porous.

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10. Ponsey Shower Window Squeegee

Ponsey Squeegee

Ponsey is our last squeegee but not least. This shower Squeegee is an effective, high-quality bathroom accessories that keeps your shower clean without resorting to bleach or other chemicals, definitely a cleaning tool you need for healthy living. It has been up now for 10 days and appears to be holding up fine. If you’ve got a contemporary bathroom with glass doors, this is a must.

This Shower Squeegee is made to be the last one that you buy. It is stainless steel and is very beautifully designed. Whether you use it in your shower, car or somewhere else, you will be impressed by this experience. This stainless steel squeegee for shower doors comes with a powerful suction holder which ideal for non-porous surfaces.

Ponsey shower squeegees comes with 90 days money-back guarantee, so don’t need to worry too much. This squeegee is Allow you for quick and easy installation with convenient storage.

  • The design is sleek.
  • This squeegee is very reasonably priced.
  • The suction holds very well.
  • The hook is very strong.
  • Handle is a little heavy for woman.

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Benefits of using a window cleaner?

Its use can help you reduce the amount of chemicals that are generally used for cleaning. If you remove the water from the glass surfaces of the bathroom with a window cleaner every day after the shower, lime-scale stains and soap strips will not have a chance to accumulate.

The squeegee can make cleaning fast and easy, turning routine work into a pleasant and after all fun activity.

Tricks to clean in a shower box?

Now that you know what the right tools are for your shower enclosure to shine through, we point out some little tricks that will keep it always perfect, as if it were new.

First of all, not all surface cleaning products are suitable for this purpose, especially those that have a formulation developed for use on other materials. The application of the wrong detergent can have the opposite effect and make the shower doors opaque. The result? Not only will the shower enclosure take on an unpleasant appearance, but it will help make the room look smaller.

The bright and shiny garage doors can instead give a touch never seen before to the aesthetics of your bathroom. So let’s put chemicals aside and rely on good, old grandma’s advice. Just take a little white vinegar and mix it with the same amount of cold water. Once this is done, this solution is spread with a soft cloth over the entire glass of the shower box doors.

Finally, polish with a clean, dry cloth. Thanks to the action of the vinegar, the glass of the shower will shine and, at the same time, the limestone residues will be eliminated. Seeing is believing!

Another advantage of our ranking product

The update frequency! Every day, every week, the various brands present new models, making it very difficult for the common user to create their own opinion.

Our list is constantly updated, allowing the inclusion in a ranking of the best shower glasses that will not leave aside any of the various brands, from the most renowned on which you can find reviews and opinions anywhere to those less well known, niche, for reasons of quality, price or brand recognition.

We normally classify brands and models in order of popularity, in order to give greater importance to models with more reviews and opinions; we have chosen to work in this way to give more importance to more tested models; the ranking then follows on the basis of the decrease in the reviews on the various models so as to give a chance even to the less sold but not necessarily lower quality.

In summary, if and in our list it means that, for at least some aspect, that model is on the list of the best, if it does not exist it does not exist or is not even worth taking it into consideration!

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