10 Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2020

10 Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrows Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Two Wheel WheelbarrowsAlthough the wheelbarrow is less famous than the classic, it can sometimes be essential. Designed for heavy work and the transport of bulky loads, this wheelbarrow is much more stable thanks to its 2 wheels. However, it is also handled with less ease in tight turns or narrow passages.

Sometimes you have to carry a lot of materials, which can be complicated with a classic wheelbarrow. Indeed, depending on the model used, the load capacity is sometimes insufficient.

A wheelbarrow with 2 wheels is strongly recommended for its great capacity and its stability. The wheelbarrow with 2 wheels has the advantage of transporting larger quantities than its counterpart and this in complete safety. The weight being distributed on 2 wheels, your back will not have to provide as much effort as with a classic wheelbarrow. Also note that the electric wheelbarrow and the thermal wheelbarrow have the same benefits, as well as saving you energy.

Wheelbarrow with 2 wheels for which use?

Landscaping, decorating and mowing involve carrying loads that require a lot of effort. Also, impossible to work efficiently without the wheelbarrow. Being able to carry (almost) everything, this last one avoids the return and the arms loaded.

A 1 wheel wheelbarrow with a plastic case can do the trick for Sunday gardeners (but it is always better to invest in a galvanized metal case). If it is a question of serving slopes or muddy ground, the reasonable alternative would be the wheelbarrow 2 wheels (because stable in any event). It will be essential for building work as well as the DIY of 2-wheel wheelbarrows with galvanized steel box (can be kept permanently).

The least sophisticated models usually cost from 55 dollars. As for motorized models (which can support loads of over 600 pounds), prices can go up to 500 dollars.

Check Our Comparision Table:

ImageTwo Wheel WheelbarrowCapacityWeight 
Marathon 2 Tire WheelbarrowMarathon Yard Rover –
2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart
300 lbs25 lbs Check Price
Best Choice Products Dual<br />
Wheel WheelbarrowBest Choice Products Dual
Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard
330 lbs26 lbs Check Price
Simplay3 EasySimplay3 Easy Haul Plastic
Wheelbarrow w/Garden Tool
200 lbs24 lbs Check Price
Garden Star Dual-Wheel WheelbarrowGarden Star Garden Barrow
Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow
200 lbs20.1 lbs Check Price
Giantex 2 TireWheelbarrowGiantex 2 Tire
Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart
330 lbs25 lbs Check Price
Polar TrailerPolar Trailer Heavy Duty
Cub Cart-Track Tires Utility
400 lbs36 lbs Check Price
Smart Garden SLC450Smart Garden SLC450
Wheelbarrow FBA_JEN-1668
300 lbs12.9 lbs Check Price
RubbermaidRubbermaid Commercial
Products Plastic Yard Cart
300 lbs49.4 lbd Check Price
Simplay3 2-Wheel Home Work CartSimplay3 Heavy Duty Plastic
2 Wheel Home Work Cart
200 lbs
21.1 lbs Check Price
WORX WG050WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1
All-Purpose Wheelbarrow
49.1 lbs Check Price

1. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire WheelbarrowMarathon Industries has created a well-rounded, convenient two-wheel wheelbarrow with multiple use at a low cost. One of the best things the Yard Rover has a 300-lb capacity and can hold a variety of items such as bulky rock, mulch, top soil, bark bags, logs, yard waste, debris & more. With easy assembly, this heavy duty wheelbarrow is built to long time service.

It comes with loop handle which makes it easy for the user to push, pull or dump the contents of the Yard Rover. This durable Yard Rover will stand up to the elements. The Yard Rover features a 5 cubic foot polypropylene plastic, durable, impact resistance, no-rust tray that will stand up to the elements. The contoured tray allows for ease in dumping any materials and larger loads.

The Yard Rover is designed to stand upright or hang on a wall to conveniently store away until your next use without compromising significant amounts of storage space. Its weight only 25 pounds that’s very lightweight and it is 25% less than the average wheelbarrow.

The dual air-filled tires create an even load weight distribution, optimal balance and excellent handling even over rough terrain. This two-wheel wheelbarrow equipped with 2-14.5 inch air-filled tires giving you ease of lift, bounce and stability.

Key Features:

  • Stable juggling wheelbarrow, as well as metal housing and handles in 2 front wheels for greater stability
  • Wheelbarrow with double plastic tires and plastic handles
  • To comfortably carry the ex. installation of debris, garden waste, earth, sand, etc.
  • Weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Metal equipped with a durable frame and a container impedance
  • ASTM tested so absolutely safe and versatile usable tool transport
  • 12 inches size is easy through the grass
  • It easy to push or pull and steer with one hand
  • Perfect for child or senior
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • It easier to lift, balance and maneuver
  • This is not a commercial wheelbarrow
  • The assembly hardware is low-quality and light

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2. Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow w/Garden Tool Storage

 Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Two-Wheel WheelbarrowIf you’re looking for a great two-wheel wheelbarrow with brand new features to enjoy, we’ve got you covered. Compared to a wheelbarrow with a single wheel it is easier to carry and less tiring, moreover, you can also pull as well as push. It is very handy and robust. The unique handle allows you to direct it even with one hand.

You don’t need to worry about flat tires again and trust your easy haul wheelbarrow which always is ready to roll. The wheel is designed very carefully and handle placement allows for even weight distribution, optimal balance, and excellent maneuverability even over rough terrain.

The sturdy wheelbarrow with powder-coated frame that offers a high capacity and moves easily thanks to pneumatic wheels even with high loads. The wheelbarrow is equipped with a handle tube and 2 wheels for the wheelbarrow is stable even with a safety against tipping and driving. This is a large wheel barrel, but light to pull! Very sturdy and very wide. Wider than a normal wheel barrel.

You can’t beat the quality, because these products are made in America. Simplay3 values your safety as well. That’s why all Simplay3 wheelbarrows are tested by a certified third party to verify they meet or exceed the safety standards set up by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It can hold heavy weight.

Key Features:

  • The wheels are 13 3/4 inches in diameter
  • They are made of molded plastic, extra flat for easy loading
  • The Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow Tool Storage Tray, 4 cubic feet
  • Perfect deep with 4 cubic feet of heaped capacity for heavy loads with a flat floor
  • The leg support is a large block attached to the under body of the cart
  • Very stable and even with one hand use and guide
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Two easy-grip handles
  • It’s easy to maintain and heavy-duty
  • Double-wall construction
  • Great depth for loading lots
  • Small size
  • Small capacity

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3. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home WheelbarrowThis two wheel wheelbarrow is fantastic with high reviews, a good price range, functionality, and ease of use. Its main selling point is that its capacity is 330 pounds and also long box handle. This hard constructed set is equipped with a sturdy and durable powder-coated steel. It is not only stable but also light.

It’s easy to maneuver and you don’t have to worry about trying to balance heavy loads. The Yard Rover is light weight and the handle makes it really easy to push or pull. So you can also carry heavy loads without fear of losing load control. The wheelbarrow has tires with air chamber and automatic valve to be able to inflate it easily.

For protection purpose of this Dual-Tire Garden Wheelbarrow, it has been constructed with a compact build to accommodate easy transportation and storage. This wheelbarrow is constructed with two 13-inch rubber wheels to keep your item sturdy and easily maneuvered on any surface. The deep 5-cubic-foot construction is also ideal for transportation of heavier loads.

The tank can contain various materials, from sand to compost and gravel. Allowing you to fill your bag with a countless amount of tools and feel safe detaching the bag to comfortably sit while working in your garden.

Key Features:

  • Robust wheelbarrow with tubular steel frame
  • 2 wheels in the front axle that prevent side tipping
  • Maximum load capacity is 330 pounds
  • Powder coating of the frame and galvanizing of the tank to protect it from corrosion
  • High quality profile for good grip on unstable supports
  • Large rubber handles suitable for all types of hands, even with gloves
  • Strong and durable
  • It’s very light and can be pulled one-handed
  • Very easy to put together
  • Hold up pretty well overall
  • It has a thick barrow that won’t rust
  • Tire is not good as I preferred

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4. MARASTAR Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart

MARASTAR Star Garden CartIt has everything you need for the best carrying experience: convenient handling, rotating, ease of transferring, and more. The Garden Barrow built with a durable plastic, rustproof 8-inch tray depth. It features with loop handle and two Air-Filled pneumatic tires which make the Garden Barrow easier to lift, balance and maneuver around most terrains.

The tray allows for ease in dumping any materials and smaller loads. No matter what kinds of item you hold, because it can hold a variety of items such as small rocks, mulch, bark bags, yard waste, hay, debris & more. Compare with others, this garden wheelbarrow is a perfect cart for hauling, weeding, and other small yard or garden projects.

MARASTAR Garden Barrow is equipped with 2-8 inch pneumatic tires to give you ease of lift and stability. Some people tense about storage because of their house perhaps not enough space. This Garden Barrow designed to stand upright or hang on a wall to conveniently store away until your next use, so don’t need to compromise significant amounts of storage space.

This is a light weight wheelbarrow and not for heavy duty work. The measurement from outside the wheel to outside the wheel is 23 1/2”. This item is not a heavy duty wheelbarrow, but it is the right size and weight for an arthritic gal. This is a small wheelbarrow for small projects around the yard. It is perfect for projects where a regular wheelbarrow is too cumbersome. It is lightweight and easy to move around.

Key Features:

  • Two Air-Filled Pneumatic Tires with Loop Handle
  • Easy to balance and maneuver, and 8-inch tray depth
  • This can carry roughly a 4 cubic foot load, Non-slip Handles with hand protection
  • High quality powder coated steel structure specially reinforced by a tubular door frame
  • Including protection from ground grinder
  • The tires are rubber filled with air, they are not plastic or solid rubber
  • It has great maneuverability
  • It is easy to handle
  • The tires are pneumatic
  • It is also light weight
  • A standard steel garbage can stands upright in it if you desire
  • It is little bit smaller than I preferred
  • This is wheelbarrow plastic

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5. Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart Heavy Duty Landscape Wagon

Giantex 2 Tire WheelbarrowIf you are looking for a specific wheelbarrow for gardening, you can only bet on the 330 pounds Giantex multipurpose. This practical and manageable wheelbarrow, as well as being very small and compact. Giantex is made especially for collecting foliage, soil, and garden or garden waste. It is manageable but sturdy. It is totally tiltable thanks to the two wheels wheelbarrows, and to the propylene tank which allows an unprecedented lightness.

Some people always preferred a brand new model, Giantex is a brand new garden cart constructed from powder coated steel for a rust proof performance. The garden cart is lightweight. And comes with instructions so that you can easily assemble. When maneuvering, cushion-grip loop handle allows you to easily push, pull or dump the contents of the garden cart.

The wheels are sturdy and pneumatic, which allows you to steer the garden cart in various types of terrain. The steel tube handle doubles as a stand to help the garden cart remain balanced when you’re not in use. The deep wheelbarrow cart allows for 6 cubic feet of space to be used for simple or complex projects smoothly.

2 wheels made it easy to maneuver and there’s no metal bar in front to scrape the ground when dumping. The only modification to the assembly is the addition of 2 stainless fender washers in the back of tub and 2 semi-rigid phenolic washers in front of tube to better distribute the load.

Key Features:

  • Quality this wheelbarrow is the perfect garden aid
  • It is very stable, facilitates the transport of leaves, wood, stones, humus etc.
  • This wheelbarrow is constructed from powder coated steel for a rust proof performance
  • It has 6-cubic foot tray and 330 pounds load capacity which is perfect for residential use
  • It only takes minutes to install
  • It is lighter weight
  • Pretty nimble
  • Very sturdy
  • This is quite easy to put together
  • Perfect for gardening
  • It’s barely adequate for horse manure

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6. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart – Track Tires Utility and Hauling Cart

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub CartLuckily, this excellent option on my best two wheel wheelbarrow list has the ability to carry 400 pounds at once. It’s pretty much. The Polar wheelbarrow is a great help for transport especially in the zootechnical field, for gardening jobs. We found that Polar Cub Cart is one of the best lightweight, and heavy duty hand cart on the market.

The capacity, the easy assembly and more generally the good workmanship makes it suitable for those who want a wheelbarrow to take care of the plants of the garden because it can be used to easily transport mulch, dirt, firewood, leaves, grass clippings, hunting/camping gear, game and so much more. The weight, the dimensions and the materials of which it is made make it easy to drive, easy to handle and sturdy.

It’s very well made with all the machine bolts the right length. The diagrams are self-explanatory and easy to follow. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to use. It is pretty wide, but you make it work with whatever your storage situation is because it’s so nice to use.

The Polar Trailer Cub Cart is made up of parts that are manufactured in China as well as the United States. After having tested it for a few days and put it to the test in different situations, you will notice that this wheelbarrow is really excellent: solid and robust. The Cub Cart by Polar Trailer features a tapered box. This will provide a flat space at the bottom of the box that is smaller than the opening.

Key Features:

  • Optimum balance for easy heavy load hauling
  • Durable and built to Last with 400 Pounds large size cube
  • The Polar Trailer Cub Cart does have a sort of Triangle shaped base
  • It is a superior quality product sold at a really advantageous price
  • Handles and foot stands are light weight
  • Final assembled product feel is very solid
  • Pretty nice sized heavy duty polyethylene tub
  • Amazing balance and control even with a decent heavy sized load
  • Solid tires
  • The manual is ridiculously useless
  • It is made of plastic

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7. Smart Garden Modern Looking Black Color SLC450 FBA_JEN-1668 Cart

The wheelbarrow Smart Garden SLC450 brand is ideal for DIY and gardening at home. This equipment has a sober and elegant design, and enjoys great versatility. The total load capacity is 300 pounds. To avoid tipping on uneven surfaces, the wheelbarrow has 2 wheels located on the front axle instead of the classic single wheel.

It designed for everyday use. This wheelbarrow combines convenience with its lightweight plastic bowl and colorful design. It can carry DIY tools or garden flower pots, sand, gravel. You can also use it indoors during renovation projects to transport bags of plaster or cement or to evacuate rubble and rubble. it is lightweight, and easy to lift and carry.

It comes with unibody construction made with special cold temperature poly material for long lasting durability. It has 4.5-cu feet rated payload weight capacity, and 5.5-cu ft heaped. One of the best things it made in the USA by USA workers. The large rubber grips are suitable for all types of hands, even with gloves.

This unit is a bit larger than I preferred, but it is an excellent size for carrying bales of peat moss, soil, compost, etc. it is very easy to maneuver for an old guy. I personally like that the wheels do not have rubber tires that you must constantly need to keep inflated. You don’t need to worry about rust, because all the parts are plastic.

Key Features:

  • This wheelbarrow of 78 liters can carry 100 kg
  • Its sturdy black steel structure and solid plastic tray make it easy to move compost
  • Its two wheels provide great stability on rough terrain and its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use
  • The cart is 20 and 1/2 inches wide and 24 inches long
  • Versatile
  • Elegant design
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Great maneuverability even on rough terrain
  • It’s quite large and pretty strong
  • It is all plastic except the axle and quite heavy

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8. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG564200BLA Large size Plastic Yard Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Tow Wheel WheelbarrowsIf you are familiar with Rubbermaid Commercial Products I think don’t need to discuss the quality of their product. Since 1968, Rubbermaid Commercial Brands has pioneered technologies and household solutions. One of the things I like, it has 7.5-cubic foot yard cart which allows you to securely transport weighted loads up to 300 pounds, letting you efficiently move large amounts of soil, bark, gravel, and more.

Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart able to transport smoothly heavy loads over rough terrain. It engineered with large 20-inch ‘never-flat’ wheels that roll effortlessly over uneven ground, this wheelbarrow is designed for easy handling and dumping, even when it is totally filled.

You can tilt it forward not only for leaves but anything you want. This wheelbarrow is very strong and easy to push because of the big wheels including carrying gavel and rocks. The cart does well on dirt and the ‘tires’ will not deflate. It doesn’t easily tip over. It’s a bit heavy but it’s very durable.

It’s so easy to load and move and remains steady without the side to side movement that a traditional 2 wheel unit tends to have. The beautifully designed nylon wheel bearings will never gum up or rust. Because it is so well built, it is a bit heavy but rolls easily.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty yard cart, you can easily handle it even when capacity is filled
  • The seamless one-piece molded tub is weather-resistant and 100 percent leak-proof
  • The plastic looks to be really tough and all of the walls are thick
  • Versatile, comfortable and especially with two wheels in balance task
  • The weighted load capacity of 300 pounds which is great
  • The wheels are nice and tall
  • The tires are solid
  • Excellent on grass
  • Easy to push and pull for old person
  • Tough and light weight
  • It does not have a lid
  • The cart is very heavy

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9. Simplay3 Easy Haul Flatbed Cart – Heavy Duty Plastic 2 Wheel Home Work Cart

Simplay3 Two Wheel WheelbarrowsThis model also comes from simplay3 brand, but this model is totally different from others one that we included in this post. It was built with modern and eye-catching design. In just a little time, you can have your easy haul flatbed Cart together and haul.

It seems very small but the Easy Haul Flat Bed Cart can hold over 200lbs and still pivot and maneuver with ease. Capacity has an easy tilt design that provides motion balance over variable terrain and a long 33″ handle that facilitates a zero-degree turning radius 2 wheel cart design.

Its carefully engineered placement of the axle makes this the perfect 2-wheel flatbed cart and allows for even weight distribution, optimal balance, excellent maneuverability and maximum load capacity.

The Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Flat Bed Yard and Garden Wagon have two 13″ plastic wheels that are manufactured with a rotational molded manufacturing process that produces durable, double wall construction with heavy duty strength. The handle is also very comfortable to use.

The only negative I can think of is that its ease of pulling a load really is dependent on how the weight is balanced. Too far forward, the handle gets really heavy, too far back, and you have to hold the handle down. But once loaded correctly, it pulls with 1 finger with about 80 pounds of gear on it.

Key Features:

  • Capacity may be hung on a wall by hanging separately the handle
  • Flatbed wagon onto existing hooks
  • Able to helps maneuver 200 lb. loads over flat and rolling terrain
  • It’s pretty large so if you need to get it out of a gate you might want to check the measurements
  • Comfortable handle
  • Handle remains upright
  • Pulls easily over rough terrain
  • Very well finished design
  • Cheap price
  • Very hard to pull when fully loaded
  • It does not sit level when set down

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10. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart Two Wheel WheelbarrowsLast but not least, among the various wheelbarrows available on the market, the Aerocart of the American manufacturer Worx is among the most elaborate. This model has a new patented design that distributes the load evenly over the wheels to facilitate the transport of heavy loads.

With the Aerocart, you have not only a load with a load capacity of 300 pounds, but also seven other means of transport in which it can be easily and quickly transformed. This transport system is equipped with a stainless steel case of 85 liters resistant to rust and weather. The entire structure distributes the load evenly on both wheels and provides excellent stability.

This is a great two wheel wheelbarrow that comes with flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder and mesh rock mover. It can be easily converted into a hand truck, bag holder or transport system for large potted plants. The potential of these devices can be expanded with separately available accessories.

With its patented design, large all-terrain wheels and long ergonomic handles, the Aerocart requires little effort to maneuver. Therefore heavy loads can be easily moved under all functions. Plus, it’s a less bulky tool than a traditional wheelbarrow and can be stored easily.

In the blink of an eye, it can be turned into a devil handling, perfect for moving and moving furniture. The big wheels are still an asset here because they are suitable for all surfaces and their size also makes it possible to cross the stairs. Thanks to the robust and ergonomic handles, the hands always have a good grip.

Key Features:

  • The unit is 23 1/2 inches wide at the widest part which is the handles. It is 23 inches at the wheels
  • Trailer mover 100lbs tongue weight and trailer weight 1,000lbs, bag holder 40lbs
  • It has a towing vehicle function and also a devil handling
  • 8 functions in a wheelbarrow and an innovative transport system
  • Multifunctional
  • Ability to add pieces to increase functionality
  • Bag holder feature
  • Flat-free tires
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Pushing the cart without a load is heavy

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Things to consider when choosing the best wheelbarrow

WheelbarrowTo assess the quality of the wheelbarrow, it is not enough to pay attention to the type of material with which it is made. It is important to make sure that it is easy to use and has a height. Choose a wheelbarrow that promotes uniform weight distribution to facilitate the transport of different products.

There are different types of wheelbarrows on the market, so it is important to choose one that meets the specific needs of use. Here are the aspects to consider.

Heavy or light loads

Wheelbarrows are designed to facilitate the transfer of your objects in your backyard. We can find them in different models. Some are better adapted to the transport of heavy loads like this fertilizer of 300lbs and for this reason have a solid structure.

Some wheelbarrows have a greater capacity than others of the same type. So, before buying, evaluate it if its capacity fits your needs. Some models have an excellent center of gravity which reduces the load and places less pressure on the back.

The capacity and surface of the tank can vary significantly from one wheelbarrow to another. So if you are looking for one to load and move large objects, it is always preferable to opt for a model that offers a large surface area.


The appropriate wheelbarrows are designed for you to work in a relaxed environment. The best arrangement of a wheelbarrow consists of low handles because they do not require much effort to be lifted. This can be very uncomfortable if the handshakes are demanding and it can make it difficult to transport heavy objects into the garden.

The tub of a wheelbarrow is usually made of steel or plastic. The steel tanks are more resistant. However, there are also plastic tanks that are strong but limited to domestic use. Therefore it is necessary to check whether the tub is well made and is suitable to carry what you need.

On the other hand, color is an optional that you can evaluate in a personal way. They are available in different attractive colors that you can choose according to your taste.

The structure of the wheelbarrow

Important feature since the structure is the part on which the wheelbarrow’s bowl rests. It is important that the structure is as robust as the tank. Steel or aluminum frames are the most popular in the market because they are very robust. Well-formed, the structure of the wheelbarrow will guide the weight of the materials to be transported to the wheel or wheels of the wheelbarrow to allow better handling of the accessory.

Some models even have a stop that surrounds the wheel or wheels to allow the user to easily empty the contents of the wheelbarrow.


The primary goal is to make sure that your work transporting items in the backyard is as simple as possible. Therefore, the ideal wheelbarrow is the one that allows you to do it. A generous tray with grooves for the instruments is an exceptional complement to the wheelbarrow. The grooves will allow you to carry long tools such as the rake. If you find one with scales visible inside, it’s better.

Smooth operation

No one needs anything to make noise when announcing your arrival. A fantastic wheelbarrow should allow you to garden in a quiet environment – you know, gardening is healing like yoga. Do not let peace break with a wheelbarrow that will make too much noise.

It is important that the wheelbarrow you are about to buy is easy to use. Make sure it is suitable to meet your needs and that its size is perfect for your height to avoid back pain. Furthermore, it is important to be able to move it without effort.

Rust Resistant

To have a wheelbarrow for a long period of time, it is best that the tray and other parts are rust resistant – you do not need the wheelbarrow to get the impression that she has seen better days. If you can find a wheelbarrow with a top quality plastic tray, it’s better. If this is not the case, simply select stainless steel.

The number of tires

The most common wheelbarrow is a wheelbarrow to a tire. Wheelbarrows with more than one wheel are now more prevalent than ever before. Wheelbarrows are sometimes more difficult to maneuver, especially if you climb a hill. However, it is best to travel on narrow trails. Most anglers would choose two-wheeled wheelbarrows because of the stability they offer. They are also easier to manage. The four-wheeled model is similar to a push cart that can be pulled so easily.

Wheel type

They easily absorb shocks better than any other kind, allowing objects to be moved from one area to another quickly enough. Some of the affordable models may have plastic wheels. Avoid them like the plague, if you do not intend to have a huge compost spill in your porch once in a while.

The handles

When buying the wheelbarrow, it is recommended to check the correct grip of the accessory by testing the handles a little. Even with protective gloves, the wheelbarrow can be difficult to handle because of the handles. Do not omit this detail so.

The two handles are the wheel of a wheelbarrow: it is important that the knobs can be gripped comfortably. It would be ideal if the handle of the wheelbarrow that you intend to purchase had rubber-cushioned grip in order to comfortably manage transport.

The best handles make it easy to use the wheelbarrow. They have rubber or plastic handles that are soft in your hands.

In addition to the material, the size and shape of the tank are also to be seen. These criteria are to be chosen according to the need and the use that one intends to make of the wheelbarrow.

Assembling & Storing

Have you thought about where to keep the wheelbarrow when you don’t use it? These tools tend to be large and bulky, and this can be a problem for those with limited space. Generally you can put it upright by leaning it against the wall or even lifting it if you have hooks.

Sometimes the wheelbarrow is delivered disassembled and is therefore to be assembled. So, before making the purchase, check that it is easy to assemble in order to save time and effort. Generally, an instruction leaflet is included in the package. Furthermore, it is often possible to download a PDF file for assembly from the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes there may be accessories such as compost and soil sieves.

The different types of wheelbarrows

The choice of the ideal wheelbarrow usually depends on your personal preferences and where you will use it. There are three main types, including the following:

Traditional: these old versions are still very popular in many farms because they are simple to use and especially cheap.

Hybrid: older versions have a wheel and a large container. However, the new versions have some wheels that make the transport more natural and more enjoyable.

Electric: These will be the most sophisticated and expensive wheelbarrows. However, they are not popular because most farmers do not find them as comfortable to use.

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