5 Brilliant Way to Clean Your Carpets

Carpet CleaningTo enjoy comfortable and soft touching in the floor, the carpet is a valid alternative to the floor and a perfect solution for those who want a less harsh contact with the soil. It is also a great eye-catcher and provides a good dose of coziness in your home.

However, the problem arises in cleaning, since it requires constant maintenance to be always in perfect condition. If carpet cleaning is not carried out constantly, this becomes a receptacle of bacteria and allergens that lurk and contribute to dirt, and make it unpresentable and even dangerous to health.

Accurate daily cleaning is therefore essential to keep the floor clean and healthy when it is covered with carpet and helps us to avoid those stains that have been neglected for too long no longer go away.

How to Clean Carpet Properly

To effectively clean your carpet, all you need to do is apply the right cleaning procedures and use the appropriate tips. To clarify any doubt it is therefore good to specify that the main operation to be carried out to clean the carpet and keep it perfect for a long time is that which involves the passage of the vacuum cleaner.

However, this operation must be performed almost every day and that can keep dust and dirt off the carpet. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner everything like food, mites and any other kind of dirt is sucked and the fabric is released showing itself immediately clean.

If you already have a brush vacuum cleaner you can use it on any type of carpet. But if you need to buy it, choose a professional carpet cleaner, which will work in-depth and completely free the carpet from any danger.

1. Clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner in general is the ideal solution to guarantee a deep cleaning of the carpet, but other methods also exist. How thoroughly to clean the carpet when it is old and the colors need to be brightened up? In this case, you can clean the carpet with steam and enjoy all the advantages of this solution.

To clean it in depth the steam sanitizes the surface, eliminates the mites and preserves the beauty of the material, and reviving the tones and colors. It is quick to use and also environment-friendly.

On the market, there are many types of products available to clean the carpet very efficiently, such as the carpet cleaner, present in different models to meet all needs. Washing the carpet with the carpet cleaner is easy.

The instrument releases a mixture of water and detergent in the form of steam that slips into the fibers and dissolves the dirt, which is then sucked up, and leaving the carpet very clean.

2. Wash the carpet without a carpet cleaner

And if you don’t have a carpet cleaner, what do you use to clean the carpet? In this case, you can use other methods and equally effective tools, such as a delicate brush, white cloths and specific products designed specifically for the carpet.

On the market, there are very effective products for cleaning the carpet, which is particularly useful for keeping it clean.

Alternatively, to clean and remove stains from the carpet you can use do-it-yourself solutions, easy to prepare even at home, but not as effective as the use of machines and professional products.

3. Clean carpet with effective remedies

There are stains of different types and on the carpet. It is often a problem to remove them. Because you need to know what to use to eliminate them.

The most effective remedies include the use of bicarbonate, alcohol, salt, vinegar, lemon, corn starch, dishwashing detergent and many other products that must be appropriately combined to obtain the desired effect, namely to thoroughly clean the carpet.

How to sanitize the carpet:

Every now and then a deeper cleaning is needed to sanitize the carpet and disinfect it. Prepare an ecology solution consisting of 1 liter of water, 1 glass of white vinegar and 1/2 glass of denatured alcohol to clean and remove any possible residue and sanitize.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients and put the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the carpet and insist on dry or stubborn stains by passing a cloth soaked in white vinegar over it. Finally, rinse the treated part with warm water and your carpet will be perfectly sanitized!

4. Clean stains from carpet

How to clean the carpet of the house when there are stubborn stains? Here are some tips to remove specific stains from the carpet. But always remember to dab and not rub to keep the stains from expanding.

  • Alcohol stains – use absorbent paper to dry and dab it with a cloth dampened with warm water, then wash the carpet with a special detergent.
  • Ink stains – absorb the stain with absorbent paper and then pass a cloth soaked in warm water and a specific detergent.
  • Stains caused by chewing gum – put gum in plastic bags around the chewing gum and when the gum is frozen, break it and remove the pieces with your hands or a cloth. Then complete the cleaning with a carpet cleaner.

In the case of very stubborn and resistant stains, you can use a specific detergent to put on a damp cloth, or you can use.

5. Clean and perfume the carpet

To clean and perfume the carpet just use natural products and absolutely avoid bleaches and products containing aggressive substances. Keep it constantly clean and use ingredients such as cornstarch, baking soda, dish detergent, also alcohol when needed to disinfect.

The carpet will always give off a pleasant and perfumed smell. The good smell is given above all by the absence of dirt nestled between the fibers and sometimes even a jet of steam helps to give the carpet that fresh clean smell that is pleasant to feel at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash carpets in the washing machine?

In principle, this is possible and the bathtub can also be a good alternative. However, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not wash the carpets too hot. Larger carpets, however, suck up and become so heavy that you can no longer easily transport them. They also take an extremely long time to dry again, so you should let the professional go.

If the carpet is expensive or the stains just don’t want to go out despite all the tips, professional carpet cleaning is recommended.

How do I clean a light carpet?

Lemon juice: Lemon also has a bleaching effect and can therefore only be used on light carpets. Simply drizzle some lemon juice onto the stain and wipe it carefully with a cloth. you can also pour it out of the bottle.

How can I clean a long pile carpet?

As a regular cleaner, you can use an ordinary shampoo or a special care product. Let the Long pile – Carpet soak at least an hour. Now always pack the carpet in two places and rub the fibers together. Work through the entire carpet gradually.

Can the carpet be cleaned with soda?

Even soda in liquid form can bring your carpet back into shape. Simply moisten a cloth and add it to the soda solution. Then carefully dab them on the stain on the carpet and give the whole thing some time to act. Then wash the product off very gently with water.

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