Mountain Biking for Weight Loss: 10 Tips

how to lose weight on a mountain bike

Sometimes, a few pounds less weight would be good for many of us. If you enjoy mountain biking and pay attention to your diet, your mountain bike is the ideal solution for your weight loss challenge. It is a sport for passionate people who don’t like sports can come up … [Read more…]

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under $1000 in 2022

Hardtail Mountain Bike Reviews (Under $1000)

Hardtail mountain bike has a fairly high pedaling efficiency because there is not as much movement in the rear wheel. It is the most effective way to climb at high speed. They’re lighter, cheaper, and more flexible than most other types of mountain bikes, and certainly, bring more fun to … [Read more…]

The 5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $400 of 2022

On-Road Hybrid Bike Riding

Hybrid bicycles combine typical features of mountain bikes with other types of road bikes with a more touristic setting, which offer versatility, flexibility and dynamic in use. Undoubtedly, a hybrid bike is a great choice to maintain fitness, commuting, adventure, leisure, and more physical activities. However, choosing the best affordable … [Read more…]

Best Mountain Bikes Under $750 Reviews 2022

Mountain Bikes Reviews (under $750)

There are several mountain bikes currently offered in the $500-$750 price range, made from aluminum, steel or carbon frame. Most people think the first bike should be an attractive design that feels always satisfied. However, before buying a suitable mountain bike for less than 750, it is necessary to know … [Read more…]

The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $600 in 2022

Among entry-level, full suspension and hard trail mountain bikes, more and more enthusiasts are approaching these off-road bikes. The price of the mountain bike is often high that can cost up to several thousand dollars. However, not everyone needs to invest thousands of dollars on a mountain bike. If you … [Read more…]

How to Choose Your Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat Tire Bike - Buyer's Guide

Nowadays, electric fat tire bikes have become more and more popular on the market. Therefore, manufacturers keep expanding their quality as they offer. Unfortunately, a huge number of options and features make it more difficult for buyers to choose the right fat tire bikes according to their height and specific … [Read more…]

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Mountain Bikes Reviews Under $300

Buying a mountain bike is a highly anticipated moment, especially for first-time buyers. With rapidly changing technology, it’s hard to find the best mountain bike under 300. Some studies found that you can see the same mountain bike with different selling prices on the market because of different components installed … [Read more…]