10 Different Types of Coffee Makers

Coffee Maker

Coffee is unique in the world with different ways and methods of preparing them. Everyone prepares their coffee in a different way, but the easiest, fastest and most practical way to use the already known electric coffee makers and modern coffee machines.

Are you thinking of buying a coffee maker and don’t know which one to choose? We will show you which coffee machine you should choose, depending on the type of coffee you would like to enjoy. In addition, we include all the information about 10 different types of coffee makers.

10 Different Coffee Machines Which one to choose?

The first step you should be clear about the type of coffee you would like to prepare and enjoy so that you can choose your ideal model. And if you already have it clear I invite you to observe the main types of electric coffee machines that are on the market.

Here we will explain in detail the operation, the main characteristics and the type of coffee that each of them provides:

1. Espresso / Express Coffee Makers

Espresso coffee makers
If you are a lover of good espresso coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and mochas then the espresso machine is the one you are looking for. Espresso machines are widely used and well-known coffee makers in the world for providing quality coffees with an exquisite aroma such as espresso coffee.

Before choosing one, you must be clear about the capacity you want your coffee maker to have. If you are looking for domestic use it is advisable to buy an espresso machine with a smaller capacity. But if you are looking to use it in a bar a large capacity espresso machine is the best option.

The operation of espresso machine is more complex compared to other coffee machines. To prepare coffee that we like so much, you must place the water in the tank, then be extracted by a pump for heating. You must take into account that the water has to reach an ideal temperature (90 ° C) to be able to extract the maximum coffee flavor, which produces a very creamy drink with a delicious aroma.

A good espresso machine for beginners costs between $ 100 and $ 300, but then you have something from your machine for a long time and can prepare many delicious espressos.


  • You can also make another of your favorite coffees like mochas, cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos.
  • You can get your favorite coffees with the best quality and with an exquisite aroma.
  • It makes coffee very fast, just wait a few seconds so you can enjoy your favorite coffee.
  • There are many different models that have included milk frother.


  • They have a large size, very difficult to adapt to any place.
  • The preparation of coffee in espresso machines with more complicated.
  • Majority of expresso coffee makers have a capacity of only 2 cups.
  • They get dirty quickly, needing constant cleaning.

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2. Capsule Coffee Makers

Capsule coffee maker
These types of electric coffee makers are becoming preferred by many people for how easy and practical it is to prepare our favorite coffee. These coffee makers need coffee capsules, which contain the ground coffee inside. The coffee capsule machines are very similar to the coffee pod machines.

They also have a compact size unlike espresso coffee machines so you can adapt to your kitchen or the place you want with ease. The main opening is small but has a large square area around that catches and funnels any spills. It will pierce so that the hot water passes with sufficient pressure to make your favorite hot drink.

The practical and easy to use makes these coffee machines the most preferred by many people. You just have to pour the water to the coffee tank, then introduce the coffee capsule and finally press the power button. In a short time, you can enjoy your favorite coffee.

The following properties are also important: the size of the capsule and water container; whether a water filter can be used; the amount of electricity consumption; how loud the machine is; whether the keys can be programmed and whether variants with milk frother are available.


  • Making a coffee with a capsule coffee maker is very easy, practical and above all very fast.
  • Its compact design capable of adapt to any place and you can easily carry it when you are traveling.
  • Unlike many ground coffees, coffee capsules can be stored for several months, maintaining the same quality.
  • Very easy to clean carry and use, and they have a very elegant design.


  • Coffee capsules are not cheap at all.
  • You can only use coffee capsules and not other types of ground coffee.

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3. Drip or Filter Coffee Makers

Filter Coffee Maker
They are commonly used coffee makers in the United States, hence their other name American coffee makers. It has a very practical and easy to use technology and its operation is much simpler than other models of coffee makers such as Italian. You just have to add the water on the top of the coffee maker then heat up.

Then the water will have to pass through a paper filter or a permanent filter where the ground coffee is. The hot water drips along with the coffee through the filter being stored in its respective container.

The filter or drip coffee makers have a metal plate under the container that will keep the coffee warm while it is stored. Ready to enjoy a good coffee again. It also brews large quantities of aromatic coffee in a few minutes.

Mostly they include paper filters, generating more work since they need a constant change. It would be best to use permanent filters that only have to be washed.


  • The vast majority of drip coffee makers have a cheaper price unlike other electric coffee makers.
  • You can program it at any time you like, keeping coffee and water ready.
  • It is not necessary to add hot water to the drip coffee maker as its built-in heater saves your work.
  • The coffee keeps warm enough time for most people to enjoy.


  • Take a long time to filter the coffee, so it is advisable to schedule it in advance.
  • The amount of coffee is limited in filter coffee makers.

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4. Electric Italian Coffee Maker or Moka

Italian coffee maker
Moka coffee machines are originally from Italy and are widely used by many countries in Europe. Normally the operation of this type of coffee is gas, but over time they were modernized and now there are models of Italian or Moka coffee machines that work on electricity providing the same quality espresso coffee that people like so much.

Its operation is very simple. It consists of three parts. First in the lower part, the water is stored, second in the middle is a metal filter where the ground coffee is placed and finally in the upper part the espresso coffee will be stored.

The electrical energy provided by the Italian electric coffee maker allows the water located at the bottom to rise reaching the filter where the ground coffee is located, and then continue to rise through a small tube that will keep the water going up until it reaches the part superior thus storing all coffee.

These electric Italian coffee makers like many others have an automatic shutdown. You can program the operating time of your Moka coffee maker without worrying about being aware of its operation.

You will have control of your coffee maker without worrying about the water you have to overflow, which avoid burns and other accidents, and give you greater security.


  • You can save gas and only need an electrical connection to use it.
  • Its compact size will give you the ease of store, and able to adapt any space in your home and kitchen.
  • You can make a large amount of coffee with minimum efforts.
  • The price of these models are very cheap, unlike other electric coffee makers.


  • It takes a long time to make coffee.

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5. French Press or Plunger Coffee Makers

French Press Coffee Maker
The Plunger or French Press coffee makers are very preferred in Europe. They have a very simple design similar to that of a jug where you can prepare high-quality coffees. The great thing about the French press coffee maker is you can have fresh and delicious coffee super fast with you.

French coffee maker will undoubtedly improve the taste of your coffee. A French press ensures that these oils reach your cup, which guarantees a richer and more robust flavor. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly preparation methods. It creates no waste practically.

To start using your French coffee maker you need to add the hot water in the cylindrical container where the ground coffee is already located. Then close your coffee maker without lowering the plunger, let it boil for a few minutes, after the elapsed time they have to lower the plunger, providing a very good coffee with a fragrant aroma.

With the plunger coffee makers, you will not only make your favorite coffee, but you can prepare other infusions.


  • They generally have a good capacity, and compact size is easy to adapt to any space.
  • French coffee Makers- gorgeous – beautiful to look at sleek design.
  • It is very economical and also very easy to clean and use.
  • Its price is one-fourth compare to the expresso coffee maker.


  • To use it you will have to add the already hot water, since it does not have a water heater.
  • The plunger tends to allow a few grounds to slip by and into the upper section of the coffee.

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6. Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Thermal Carafe

A thermal carafe finds its place in events of all kinds. It is an ideal coffee machine for keeps a drink at the right temperature whether it is hot or cold. It keeps your coffee warm for several hours after preparation thanks to a special function and the isothermal properties of the jug.

The thermal carafe coffee maker is highly appreciated because of its practicality. This product is not always easy to choose if you do not know what a reference thermal coffee maker looks like. A good thermal coffee maker keeps the drinks warm for about 6 to 8 hours.

You can go about your business without worrying that your already ready coffee will get cold. It is therefore not surprising that this type of filter coffee maker enjoys a good reputation on the market.

However, the good heat preservation of this category of thermal coffee maker is not the only criterion to consider when buying a model. We invite you to discover the advantage & disadvantages that will help you choose a model that will meet your expectations.


  • Substantial power allows the insulated filter coffee maker to ensure good performance.
  • Keep your drink at an optimal temperature several after preparation.
  • Thermal coffee maker satisfies their users because of its stainless steel jug.
  • The ergonomics of the jug and the ease of maintenance.


  • The coffee pot where the coffee and the water go is really flimsy.
  • The design is not eye-catching.

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7. Single Serve Coffee Makers

Single-Cup Coffee Maker

A single cup coffee maker is a kind of coffee maker that serves you one cup of coffee at a time. Single-use brewing systems allow a certain amount of heated water to pour into the coffee package and brew a standard amount of coffee in a coffee container placed under the beverage outlet.

A single cup coffee maker works with very efficient technology which allows you to choose the size of the coffee cup. The brewing strength of the coffee and finally provides you with a cup of instant coffee. At the touch of the button, a prepared cup of coffee is ready for you.

The coffee package is sealed without air or air to preserve the freshness of the product. It contains a specific amount of ground coffee. And for optimal brewing results, it is surrounded by an internal filter paper.

This single-use coffee maker becomes very popular in recent years. Currently, different types of drinks are able to prepare using single-serving machines such as hot chocolate, milk-based drinks and tea. Single-cup coffee machines are made for commercial, household and domestic use.


  • It is the best asset for making perfectly prepared coffee every morning.
  • It can provide you with perfectly flavored brewed coffee as you wish.
  • You can adjust and modify its controls to obtain the desired brew and the strength of the coffee.
  • It is designed with stainless steel cup to fit almost any cup holder in vehicles.


  • Single-serve coffee machine provides a little amount of coffee at a time.
  • The coffee is not hot enough and without paper filters, and the coffee runs through too fast.

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Single Serve

8. Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Cold Brew

If you are a java connoisseur who can handle the delayed gratuity in exchange for the best cup of joe, then you may want to try one of these cold coffee makers. The most common is that having a cold water coffee maker allows you to enjoy a sweeter, less acidic coffee without the need for electricity.

Although they take much longer than traditional coffee makers, but they produce a much smoother cup with very low acidity. Just add water and your favorite ground beans and you'll be hooked in no time.

The cold brewing process allows your coffee to take on a really rich intensity and in no case should it be confused with a simple iced coffee! Coffee grounds are usually brewed in water for 24 hours, which means that it is not a quick brew!

When making cold-brewed coffee, you always want to start with fresh beans. (preferably ground just before brewing). Coffee oxidizes when exposed to oxygen and ground coffee oxidizes faster than beans because it has more surface area and oxygen can penetrate deeper into the cells.


  • All cold brew coffee makers designed to fit inside most refrigerator doors.
  • It will brew at room temperature or in cold water for 12-24 hours.
  • Suitable for preparing coffee and tea as well as for brewing water and flavored oils.
  • Stylish patented design with non-slip silicone handle.


  • Some of the cold brew coffee makers has an imperial measurement system which makes a little bit difficult and imprecise.

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9. Siphon Coffee Makers

A Siphon coffee maker is a coffee preparation utensil, composed of two chambers where the two phenomena of water vapor pressure and suction intervene presented in 1840, was one of the first example of this technique.

The principle of a siphon coffee maker is simple. The water is heated in a boiling container which is sealed, except for a pipe which passes from the base of the boiling container to the bottom of a coffee brewing container via a filter.

The shape and layout of these coffee makers may vary. They consist of two superimposed glass bulbs, or sometimes simply juxtaposed and connected by a pipe.

Despite the relative complexity of these coffee makers, they have always been appreciated for produce delicious coffee and they were quite successful until the middle of the 20th century.


  • A simple and efficient design makes the technology easy to use and clean.
  • Rustic glass is less likely to break than other models of Siphon coffee maker.
  • Easy to use and good value for the money.
  • Aromas sublimated with all types of ground coffee.


  • The Siphon coffee maker is a little bit difficult to clean.
  • Less customizable than other new model coffee makers.

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10. Percolators Coffee Maker (electric)


Traditionally, the coffee percolator is an imposing device found in restaurants, hotels and other professional places. It is able to prepare coffee in large quantities without having to make several rounds.

The principle of percolation is to prepare coffee using water sent at high pressure on coffee grounds. It starts by pouring cold water into the tank and then ground coffee into the filter. Once the appliance is switched on, it heats up to around 90 ° C.

The water forms steam and increases the pressure until the coffee is ground. The water then takes on the flavor and aroma of the coffee before ending its cycle in another compartment. That's it, the coffee is ready and you just need to open the small tap on the percolator to make a cup.

This cycle is done quickly, but when it comes to 20 or 30 cups of water, it is obvious that percolation will take time. The percolator can also replace a kettle, especially when you need a large amount of hot water to prepare tea, an infusion, hot chocolate, etc.


  • It allows you to prepare several dozen cups of coffee at one time
  • The percolator also finds other uses: to serve coffee at a village party, reception, family event.
  • It allows coffee at the right temperature even a few hours after having prepared it.
  • Many models are fitted with a very practical small tap which makes it easy to use.


  • Some percolators have a permanent filter, while others require the purchase of paper filters.

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Efficient Coffee Makers Features

Automatic Shutdown

This function allows you to launch your coffee without worrying about it overflowing. When the pre-programmed quantity is reached, it stops automatically. An easy-to-use fully automatic coffee machine has intuitive buttons and even a guest understands at first glance how to get his latte macchiato.

Coffee Kept Warm

More and more coffee makers are offering thermos systems to keep coffee hot for a few hours. This feature is convenient for those who want to take their drink to work.

Aroma Selector

Good coffee is as pleasant in the morning, during the day as it is in the evening. However, you probably prefer it full-bodied in the morning and lighter in the evening. With the flavor selector offered by certain models of coffee makers, you can choose the intensity of your drink as you see fit.

Removable containers

Removable water and bean containers make things a lot easier. Water can find its way into the machine more easily if you can simply hold the container under the tap. But cleaning is also easier - in the best case you can put the containers in the dishwasher. On the other hand, wiping a screwed container in the machine is more of a horror.


Fortunately, modern devices relieve users of a lot of work with cleaning programs. However, to keep your coffee maker or espresso machine as long as possible, you should be cleaned regularly to avoid deposits.

We also recommend you to use filtered water. Your coffee will regain its full flavor and you will avoid lime deposits. If your machine does not have an integrated filtration system, you can use tap water.

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