How to Clean Tinted Windows: Practical Tips


Cleaning the windows requires some extra care, especially if they are darkened. It is necessary to proceed gently to avoid scratching them. In order for the result to be perfect, it is therefore necessary to have adequate products that can make them shine, but also to take care of their brilliance. Here are some practical tips for cleaning tinted windows.

Specific products for tinted windows

Dark-glazed windows are one of the most popular trends in modern homes and if you have chosen to install tinted windows on the windows for convenience, because they ensure greater privacy. It is also important to know how to clean them for maximum results. These glasses are in fact ideal to protect from prying eyes from the outside and are also in great demand by those who want to stay at home with the certainty of not being observed.

How to clean tinted windows and avoid leaving streaks? The first thing to do is to obtain adequate products for washing, such as microfiber cloths and professional detergents specific for tinted glass.

The use of specific products and microfiber cloths ensures a correct degreasing of the glass and a perfect drying. There are also water repellent sprays that leave a thin and protective patina on the glass that protects them from external agents. Which means that when it rains and hails the patina makes the water slip and leaves them clean for longer.

It is always important to choose a professional product to clean tinted windows, this is where the final result depends. If the product is of quality and suitable for this type of glass, the surface remains smoother and keeps water drops away even at low speeds.

It will therefore be sufficient to apply the water repellent spray on the glasses and distribute it to reach the target. It is important to remember that this product should always be applied to perfectly clean and carefully degreased glasses. The cleaner the glass, the more effective it is.

Tips for perfect cleaning of tinted glass

Window Glass

You know that fixtures with dark glass have therefore become a trend choice in recent years. Both for their functionality and for the elegance they add to the living environment. They are also very popular in offices and in certain workplaces where their presence ensures greater privacy.

How to keep them perfectly clean and shiny? Tinted glass cleaning must be incisive and effective and must be carried out so that no marks or other unsightly marks remain. The main advice for having bright and shiny glasses is to clean when the sun has gone away. So when the windows are cold. In fact, if you proceed to do the job while the glasses are hot they tend to dry out too quickly and remain streaks and water spots.

Never use wool cloths for washing glasses, otherwise you risk finding yourself with unsightly lint that you would find it hard to remove. Here’s how to clean tinted windows:

  • Begin to remove traces of dirt and dust from glasses and frames.
  • Continue spraying the chosen product to degrease the glass.
  • Be careful to spread the detergent well over the entire surface.
  • Rinse with a damp microfiber cloth and remove all residues.
  • Dry with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Spray the specific glass spray now, taking care to choose delicate and ammonia-free products.
  • Also in this case, carefully distribute the product on the surface.
  • Clean a slightly damp microfiber cloth and then a dry cloth.

Be Careful when Cleaning Tinted Car Windows

Car owners should be careful when cleaning tinted windows: ammonia, ammonia, enzyme-based or abrasive cleaners should not be used. Even household glass cleaners can damage the tinting film due to the vinegar portion. It is therefore better to use water and soft household towels when cleaning tinted car windows. The edges of the tint are better left alone for vehicle owners: otherwise the film could come off or deform.

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