How to use a coffee maker correctly? – Tips and Tricks

Coffee Maker

The coffee machine is the best choice not only for cafes but also for households or people with limited time. When operating a coffee machine, several questions may arise: how much coffee should be added to how much water? How do you operate a modern coffee machine? In the following, we explain how to operate a classic coffee machine step by step.

Electric coffee makers have been innovated by providing all types of coffee that exist in the world with the best quality. With electric coffee makers, preparing your favorite coffee is much easier and faster.

Steps to Use a Coffee Machine Properly

  • Add the water to the tank of the coffee maker. Take into account if your coffee maker needs to add hot water to have it ready, otherwise add the warm water.
  • Then you have to place the glass or jug ​​of the coffee maker if it has it, otherwise if it is an express place your favorite cup.
  • Now it’s time to add the exact amount of ground coffee, you should pour 60 grams per liter of water.
  • Then start the coffee maker with the power button.
  • The process takes a matter of seconds to minutes. It depends on the type of coffee maker you use, whether it is an express or a capsule it will be only seconds.
  • Once the water has passed through the filter where the coffee is and makes the perfect mixture of your favorite coffee you can drip into the coffee pot or your favorite cup.
  • Finally enjoy your favorite coffee in top quality, not forgetting to disconnect your coffee maker and store it.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

We will show you some very important guidelines that you should know when you want to use either your coffee maker or a coffee machine:

Use Right Filter

Many coffee makers such as drip machines use the paper filter. These types of filters are widely used by people since they are the classic filters. But they have many disadvantages. First, they are filters that you will use for only a moment, having to change it later, giving you an extra expense of time and money to buy it again. In addition to this, they often do not provide you with the best coffee you would like to enjoy.

Instead, use permanent filters that often with a plastic structure and stainless steel meshes also made entirely of stainless steel or aluminum. They are more resistant and you can use it as many times as you want. Just wash it after each use. Enjoy your favorite coffee using these types of filters.

Ad the Water

The first thing you have to do before preparing your coffee is to add the water to the tank of your coffee maker. But many times you have to add the hot water in the coffee maker in case of French press coffee makers. But the other coffee machines allow you to heat the water to temperatures that are ideal for preparing your coffee.

One of the things that we must be clear about if you want to obtain a very good coffee from your coffee maker, you must add a corresponding amount of coffee and water. In order to do this, coffee makers often allow us to measure the water in your tank.

Use Exact Amount of Coffee

One of the things to keep in mind before using your coffee machine is the amount of coffee and it is not adding any amount of coffee since it involves many things, such as the operation of your electric coffee maker and the savings you will make.

Adding the exact coffee will help the coffee maker provide you with the perfect coffee and you can enjoy it without reproach. After adding the water to the container of your coffee maker, it is advisable to always use 60 grams of your favorite ground coffee for every liter of water you are going to use.

Always read the instruction manual where many times you will be told what the exact amount of ground coffee you should add is using an electric coffee maker or coffee maker. That way you can get the most out of your coffee maker and you can enjoy your favorite coffee.

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