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Wall clock is the beauty of every room of your house. Without a wall clock, your home doesn’t look pretty good. Smartphone has taken more part of see time but if you have a wall clock you can easily find time temperature and other important information in daily life. Without charge or battery change, you can use this device for a long time period.

You can also buy a wall clock for your office or working place. In this article, we select the best quality wall clock with multiple features that provides you every daytime tracking. We also select based on design style so that you can feel better when you see the wall clock in your home.

Before buying a wall clock you should focus on these features:

  • Wall clock design.
  • Clock size and price.
  • Digital system.

Do your children leave school at 1 o’clock?

Therefore, a wall clock in the home plays an important role. Nowadays it is true that there are mobile phones and wristwatches, but do you want to put the convenience of having a watch always at sight? And then you don’t always have the chance to wear wristwatches or touch your cell phone.

In recent years the wall clock has taken on another important function, which previously was much more neglected. Now there are models with different features that make it a beautiful component for decorating your home. Staying on this page, you will discover the best wall clocks, brands, and different types.

Best wall clocks in 2021

Whether you choose the classic version or the innovative design experiments, they are always useful furnishing elements. To inspire you to choose the model that best enriches a particular environment, we offer you the selection of top 12 models that has had the most success this year.

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ImageWall ClockWeight 
Pendulum Wall Clock Battery Operated3.81 lb Check Price
Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock0.7 lb Check Price
Seiko Whimsical Wall Clock6.6 lb Check Price
Oldtown Farmhouse Noiseless Wall Clock5.3 lb Check Price
PUMERIT Vintage Gear Wall Clock5.5 lb Check Price
Lulu Decor, Vintage Metal Wall Clock5.0 lb Check Price
Marathon Panoramic Atomic Wall Clock1.2 lb Check Price
jerg 12" Enclosure Silent Wall Clock 2.4 lb Check Price
Marathon Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock0.9 lb Check Price
Slim Atomic Wall Clock With temperature2.6 lb Check Price

1. Verona Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock for Living Room

Quartz Wood Pendulum Clock

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The first wall clock of our list is the famous Verona Pendulum battery operated wall clock. Before we begin, you should know that Verona is the Innovations Science and Technology Co. And they are really famous for their Pendulum wall clock, something we will be seeing on our list today.

This wall clock measures 18″ x 11.25″, and is made out of thick and durable wood that is carved with precision so that you can easily view it. This wall clock includes digital indicators, which provide you every hour and minute tracking and you can easily see time from any corner of your room.

It is a complete range of wall clock suitable for different sizes of rooms. You can feel proud hanging this premium Verona on your wall. Because this high-end model is the perfect piece to add elegant style and complete the look of any size of living or office room.

You can easily hang on your office, bedroom, bathroom or dining room. The frame made of pretty dark wood and the thick glass casing covers the white analog dial with black easy-to-see numerals. It is completely noiseless and large enough to read from a distance.

Ths pendulum wood clocks are made with a slim and rectangular design. Each clock is carefully crafted from the precise carved wood casing to the intricately designed minute markers and hands.
  • Made of real dark wood
  • Beautiful and slim design
  • Easy to see the number
  • Thick quality glass cover
  • Very simple to set up
  • Battery space is slightly small
  • There is no hourly ring

2. Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock – Silent Non Ticking

Bernhard Black Wall Clock

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First and foremost, the only reason it is not in our top position because of its round shape which makes it less portable as compared to Verona. Other than that, this is the most polished and professional Wall Clock out there. The nice thing about this clock for “some” people is that it is completely silent – no “tik-tok”.

The product has 10 inches in diameter. You can easily make it clean because its plastic frame and glass are cleanable by any kind of detergent. The clock runs with a radio movement so that you do not have to worry about having to switch between winter and summer time.

This wall clock is a great choice for any room at home, work office or classroom because it is perfectly suitable for any color of the wall and the classic frame will dress up any room’s decor. The Bernhard wall clock comes fully assembled. The back of the clock is screwed in and can be removed.

You don’t need to change the battery again and again. With a reasonable price, Bernhard Products wall clock offers not only resistance and durability but also a very pleasant aesthetic appearance over time.

It is a manual clock, which means you turn the dial on the back to turn the hands on the front to set the time. It’s very basic and not a fancy clock. So if that’s what you need this is not for you. It actually is more like a waiting room clock.
  • Large and easy to read display
  • Attractive design and inexpensive
  • Very simple to hang on the wall
  • Sturdy plastic frame and glass lens
  • You cannot hear it ticking
  • The face is not white, as shown
  • Battery is tough to insert on spot

3. Seiko Rotating Pendulum Melodies in Motion Wall Clock

Melodies Wall Clock

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One of the best wall clock on our list, the Melodies somehow manages to mix all the best features in the wall clock market into a single, very stylish, well design. It is a luxury wall clock that always provides you brand new feeling. Amazing Architect and beautiful design make your home always gorgeous.

Melodies wall wood clock comes with 18 HI-FI melodies, 28 Swarovski Crystals, Analogy display and 444.5mm Case diameter. The fancy clock also features a sensor that automatically resumes at first light. The manufacturer is also out of it for the rest of the year.

The clock is made of high-grade plastic, not wood. However, because it is plastic it is easy to remove from the wall to change melody selection. The music is clear and can be programmed for 3 different rotations. There is an off switch for the music so you can turn off the music.

The sensor light also helps to control the music sound in the dark where people sleeping. With multiple features, this is just an absolutely beautiful clock and the motions are amazing. This will be a nice birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend and she should like it more.

This is a high-quality wall clock with many extras and features without breaking the bank. Also, if your budget is not a big deal, you should take it. Please note that it doesn’t include 3-4 batteries so you need to spend extra money.
  • Light sensor and volume control
  • Choose from 12 melodies and chimes
  • 28 Swarovski Crystals
  • Good sound quality
  • Luxurious looking
  • Very expensive
  • Doesn’t include batteries

4. Oldtown Farmhouse Metal & wood noiseless wall clock


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The next wall clock on our list is Oldtown, this one is called the wood noiseless wall clock. This wall clock actually comes with the option to be multiple-use, and there’s also one that only has 1 control with it. It made of real solid wood spruce and rustic silver metal frame.

It includes high-quality quartz movement. You can remove the 6 screws at the back of the clock holding the wood to the frame (check the clock back product pictures), rotate it to any angle you like and put the screws back. We recommend removing the clock hands first to avoid damage.

The wall clock diameter is 18 inches, 1-inch thick, and 5lbs that perfectly meets all the expectations. You can do a 100% risk-free purchase with the standard return policy. The clock face is very light grey with slight streaks of cream. This is an adhesive wall clock with Roman numerals.

With strong and durable construction, it is simple to hang. There is a small smudge of paint of the lighter color on the side toward the rear, but it isn‘t noticeable while hanging. Oldtown wall clock does not come with a battery and we recommend you use a carbon AA battery to keep consistent and accurate time.

It has a really low price, for a still attractive design, and very useful if you have something to cover. It is Excellent on holes, stains or other defects to be masked without having to repaint.
  • High-quality quartz movement
  • 100% silent noiseless non-ticking
  • Colors are exactly like the picture
  • Doesn’t make a sound
  • Strong and well made
  • Doesn’t have glass or plastic
  • Doesn’t comes with batteries

5. PUMERIT Vintage 3D Retro Non-Ticking Gear Wall Clock

Pumerit Wall Clock

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The next wall clock on our list may come as a surprise to some of you, and the reason is quite simple. Its unique vintage design and antique bronze color make its vintage retro look and decorate your home office, hotel and restaurant well. Pumerit really good company that has created an active wall clock for ages. 

The diameter of this wall clock is 23.6 inches, making the dial very easy to read even from a distance. This large size wall clock is beautiful enough to make your home always looking luxurious. Their design can be taken anywhere and mounted to pretty much anything.

It provides you silent guarantee and accurate movement. It built with 3D antique bronze roman numeral with two black color diameter so you can see and read the time from any angle in your room. This unit is also very lightweight compared with others, and you can hang on the wall with a small pin.

The clock face is made of P2 MDF (middle-density fiber), very stable and eco-friendly materials. The vintage clock is non-ticking. It adopts Taiwan Sun brand non-ticking movement, guaranteeing its time accurate and noiseless. This price is really cheap if you compare with the overall quality.

It is very unique looking and adds uniqueness to the wall. The wood panel surrounded by the thick metal frame feels very sturdy and offers nothing of the usual flimsy feel you find with cheaper clocks.

  • Built-in very high quality
  • Easy to read the time
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Unique Vintage design
  • No assembly required
  • It is a little bit large

6. Lulu Decor Leaf 53GD 25” Vintage Metal Wall Clock

Lulu Decor

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This is a stylish wall clock, you can use for a living room, dining and office space. The diameter of this antique clock is 25″ and a white dial with large black Arabic numerals makes it easy to view from distance.

The glass dial size is 9 inches. and the weight is Approx. 5 lbs. Silent and smooth movement, non-ticking quartz mechanism provides always a peaceful environment. The Lulu Decor clock will hold up with time.

This decorative wall clock inspired by leaves, handmade with durable metal. The leaves made with fake gold and black metal and small beads in the center of every leaf. It comes with good packaging and with an extra set of hands, which is great. It’s a great size and truly sparkles. 

It comes in 2 models, both are crystals with black metal frame. However, this unit required 1 AA battery which is not included. It can be a good gift for housewarming weddings and social gatherings. It won’t make any sound to disturb your sleep.

Would like to mention as a side note the clock hands are exposed and extremely fragile. The owner must be very careful when installing the battery- you cannot lay the clock on its face.
  • Decorative vintage leaf & antique black finish
  • Lightweight & smooth sweep movement
  • Gorgeous design and a silent clock
  • Handmade metal body frame
  • Number dial easy to view
  • Very expensive
  • Size a bit large

7. Marathon Panoramic Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Marathon Atomic Clock

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The marathon clock includes all eight North American time zones – a worldwide exclusive marathon clock feature. The time and date can easily set manually which is for those using the clock outside of North America. Daylight Savings Time on/off option is also included in this clock.

One can assume that this was made as a direct competition to other wall clocks on our list, and it actually can be considered a worthy competitor. The time in either AM/PM  format or 24 hours military timing, the month weekday and date.

There is a button in the back that allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with just a press. The clock sets itself every night at midnight. Initially, simply place the clock in an area of your home, preferably near a window, where the clock can receive an electronic signal.

The clock’s sleek, contemporary design features a brushed steel effect frame and large numbers make it ideal for home, office, school, and more. You can easily hang on a wall or can be placed on a tabletop using the sturdy fold-out stand. Highly recommended if you have a tight budget.

This marathon atomic clock is self-adjusting a self-setting, eliminating the need to manually input the time and date. You can simply insert the batteries provided with the clock and it will synchronize to the time set out by the atomic clock in Colorado once the signal is received.

  • Large easy to read number
  • Simple to set up and hang
  • Comes with 2 AA batteries
  • features with an alarm clock
  • It includes different features
  • Difficult to see the numbers at wide-angle
  • No night light

8. Bjerg Instruments Modern Enclosure Silent Wall Clock

Bjerg Silent Wall Clock

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The next wall clock on our list is Bjerg modern silent, and while the name happens to be quite uninteresting, the wall clock certainly isn’t. In case you are wondering, just like the Bjerg modern, this wall clock is heavily focused on the price to performance ratio, which means that the buyers will be getting the fair worth of every dollar they will be spending on it.

The 12-inch diameter analog design and tickless, silent mechanism and modern hands make it easy to read from a distance with no noise. The second-hand runs completely smoothly around the face. This is an amazing clock, and you never find a clock of better quality at the same price.

The weight of just only 2.4 lbs, allowing you to hang it without problems, while the particular silence of the mechanism allows you to place it safely. The simple design of the clock makes it perfect for every room in your house, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen clock or office clock.

The body of this clock is steel and you can’t fake that look. It has a nice bold red color on it. It’s pretty thick, so it’s not a clock that hides. The clock design and construction are outstanding. So far its accuracy is really good. The product is powered by an AA battery which is included in the package.

  • Silent and Non Ticking
  • Modern and beautiful design
  • Red frame of the clock looks great
  • Large 12″ diameter display
  • Very cheap price
  • Size a little bit big
  • Company’s logo is so large

9. Marathon Jumbo CL030056BK Atomic Wall Clock

Jumbo wall clock

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The next wall clock on our list is something entirely different from the rest. It’s not as big as your Go-To wall clock that you can buy in the market. As a matter of fact, it is perhaps one of the smallest digital wall clocks we have seen with the multiple functions attached.

It has large wide-angle view so that you can easily read the number. You can also easily read both up close and from across the large 5-inch print. This wall clock includes six-time-zone: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

The display, day of the week, date and month, indoor temperature and humidity are all accurately and clearly displayed in 7 languages. The top right of the clock screen provides an indicator of the signal strength with four levels displayed ranging from no signal to excellent.

You can easily switch between these time zones with the help of self-setting or adjusting time. Just enable the RCC by pressing the back button to let Radio frequencies broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock do the rest. It is also lightweight and easy to hang on the wall.

This clock was designed to be used in North America. The time zones available are North American and the atomic signal will likely not be available outside of North America.
  • Multiple display modes
  • Multiple languages
  • Large bold numerals
  • Multiple time zone
  • Both wall & table clock
  • A little bit expensive
  • There is no backlight

10. Marathon CL030027-FD-WD – Slim Atomic Wall Clock

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We assure you that Atomic large display wall clock provides you a long-time service with a small budget. Marathon’s Digital clock with indoor and outdoor temperature can be wall-mounted or displayed on a desktop. Because of its built-in foldable stand, the numbers are large and easy to read from across the room. 

Marathon wall clock is perfect for home, office and workstation settings. This clock Displayed the information such as calendar, clock, and temperature – all seen with one quick glance. This digital wall clock is only powered by two AA size batteries, and they are included with the clock.

The atomic feature calibrates time signals and it is self-adjusts automatically. One wireless remote sensor is included to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This Clock using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock.

It set itself up after installing the batteries and letting it sit overnight – it set the time, month, date and day of the week. The clock also includes eight different time zones with the option to turn Daylight Savings time on or off. The temperature appears to be quite accurate comparing the outside temperature with the local weather reports.

The packaging includes two manuals in different languages, a catalog and quick start guide with their phone number encouraging you to call with any questions. Now the company is based in Canada, but they went to the trouble to get a US toll free number which you can call anytime.
  • Highly legible display
  • Self-setting/adjusting
  • 8 different time zone
  • Very easy to set up
  • Beautiful design
  • A little bit large
  • It is not a rectangular size

11. Cockii Non-Ticking Silent Decorative Round Wall Clock


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If you want a big bold beautiful wall clock for any reason, this is the one. The Classic and modern design includes white hour and minute hands, as well as a white second hand for extra clarity. A quiet wall clock is always welcomed for your home and daily life without disturbing your rest time.

The Cockii Non-Ticking wall clock featured with a completely sweeping quartz movement mechanism is very accurate, stable and reliable. This frame made of lightweight ABS plastic, high-grade glass lens crystal enough for the best clear view as well as waterproof and ant fog.

The back nail slot makes the installation easy with a provided hanger. The clock comes with a simple and elegant design with large white 3D number. It is a perfect choice with a beautiful design and configuration, thanks to the large numbers and practical display.

To ensure quality, Cockii sharp design wall clock also comes with one year warranty and 30 days return and refund. It is suitable for various places such as working, classroom, gym, library, service, etc. If you like natural-looking, this is a great option for you.

These clocks are protected against moisture, but not waterproof, we recommend not to use them in the bathroom.
  • User-friendly and easy installation
  • Only takes a single AA battery
  • Affordable and functional
  • Completely silent
  • Simple to read
  • Battery need change every year

12. Marathon Slim Design – Jumbo Atomic Digital Wall clock


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You may have noticed that as the list is coming towards its end, we are also beginning to explore wall clock that is actually way cheaper than some of the professional models that we have reviewed at the start.

Marathon’s Slip-Jumbo digital Wall clock with Temperature and Humidity is one of the thinnest models on the market. And it is an excellent wall or desk clock and with an alarm and snooze function. It is also great as a bedside alarm clock.

The large wide-angle of this clock easy to read display has a high contrast ratio, making it extremely legible. You can switch between four time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern). You can select Fahrenheit or Centigrade for the indoor temperature display.

The sleekness of this clock will suit the modern and latest interiors. In addition to displaying the time in particularly large numbers. You would assume that the digital clock would come with a built-in backlight when the room is dark, but it does not.

However, you can buy this wall clock for the office, home, school, gymnasiums, library, living room and more! We highly recommend it if you are looking for a budget wall clock.

  • Well packed and has good instructions
  • Large and easy to read numbers
  • Cheap price for the quality
  • Practical and easy set up
  • Multiple time zones
  • Time zone setting is a little tricky, you need to read the instructions

Buyer’s Guide

Depending on whether you like, you will definitely find what you are looking for. There are different types of models available on the market, so there is something for every taste. In order to make an objective choice, you must pay particular attention to the type, aesthetics, and practicality of the wall clock.

Different types of wall clock

It is important that you define what type of clock you need before trying to find out how to buy a better value wall clock model. Indeed, the wall clock is an essential decoration accessory in the house, but it is chosen with meticulousness.

You will be surely faced with a legion of choice on the design side. However, the wall clocks that won’t go out of fashion are the giant wall clock and the cuckoo clock.

If you like vintage furniture, it goes without saying that you should opt for large models. In the typical 19th century, wall clocks are still very trendy, but you could also opt for clocks with a more innovative and futuristic design. There are many types of them from the creators of trendy accessories. The advantage of giant clocks is they are combined with all styles of furniture.

The cuckoo clock is also an object of decoration of ancient inspiration, but just like the giant clock, it is always also appreciated by the users. Certainly, you could buy a cuckoo clock from a flea market. However, it is better to choose recent models that are made with steel, plastic and even wood.

Aesthetics of wall clocks

Note that wall clocks depend on where they are intended. You are not going to put a wall clock for a living room in your kitchen. It will make a stain on your decoration.

In order not to create a decorative contrast, the general appearance of the model should be taken into account. For adults’ bedrooms, we recommend simple, unadorned and medium-sized models.

For children, the ideal is to adopt playful or toy-shaped wall clocks. Wall clocks in the shape of a soccer ball will instill a very sporty atmosphere in the boys’ room.

Simple & practical wall clocks

Recent wall clocks require no special adjustment or maintenance, unlike old models. For pendulum clocks, you will have to wait a few weeks before the pendulum can start without taking a step. With a wall clock that works with a battery, you will only have to set the time according to your habits.

Wall clocks should no longer hold any secrets for you. Also, you can focus on this essential question: “where to find a new wall clock”? As for the price, the wall clocks are accessible from 70 $.

Dimensions and shape

The large radio-controlled clock is easy to read. Because they provide large-format information and display the correct time in extra-large sizes. The shape is a personal choice. However, some models are available with a rounded shape and others are available in a rectangular shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do modern wall clocks have?

Many models are digital. They no longer tick loudly but convince with an LED display and large numbers. Classic wall clocks with dials and hands are still very common. If you want the typical ticking of a watch, then you should opt for the classic variant.

If you would prefer a watch that does not make any noise, you should choose a digital version. A general distinction can be made between digital and analog. As a rule, the clocks run on batteries and no longer have to be wound as before.

How big and heavy are modern wall clocks?

Wall clock can be very large if the diameter, height and width are oversized. There is a large selection of XXL wall clocks, just keep in mind that they are quite heavy. This should also be taken into account during assembly. They cannot be delivered as a whole due to their weight and bulk.

You get them in several small parts, which you then have to put together yourself.

What do modern wall clocks cost?

The price can be very high, especially for designer items, elaborately designed or high-quality watches. You can get simple or cheap watches for under 20 dollars. This also includes the do it yourself watches. Analog clocks start at just 10 dollars.

Digital or analog which one to choose?

Digital clocks often have some additional functions and are more modern than their analog clocks. They can display the time exactly and mostly run by radio. The classics are analog time indicators. They often have a modern and unusual design. Most wall clocks are analog but digital clocks are more useful.

How can I hang the wall clock properly?

Classic models require fixing plugs. For heavy wall clocks, it is necessary to provide a suitable hanging method to prevent them from falling and damaged. However, a wall clock should be placed at eye level, almost 2.5 m from the floor.

In conclusion

Despite all the information contained in our review, we hope that you have managed to get an idea of ​​the product that you need most or that you like best. We don’t want to influence you too much in your decision.

Consider all the positive and negative aspects of the different products so that you can freely proceed with your purchase. Whatever model you choose, we hope you can always spend your time in the way you think best, and above all, you always live your time in a serene way.

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