The 10 Best Smart Bathroom Scales in 2022

Best Bathroom Scale Reviews

Bathroom scale is a precious instrument that is generally found in the bathroom but sometimes can be moved into the bedroom to keep our body weight self-controlled. It is a must-have device for anyone who wants to track their weight regularly. Despite being more accurate than older analog waves, the best smart bathroom scales are relatively simple to use with a professional performance: delivering precise and accurate data reading.

If you spend a little more, you can get a more advanced model that measures body fat, muscle mass, and water weight or even a scale that can synchronize with your smartphone. For this reason, the price range of the bathroom scales is very wide, from $10 to over $100.

Now the question is which one to choose?

It’s not easy to choose the best accurate body weight scale, as there are so many models on the market. But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Best Smart Bathroom Scales for 2022

After testing more than 50 models and evaluating tons of customer feedback, we have reviewed the top 10 best Digital Bathroom Scales for 2022. Depending on the price, our recommended bathroom scales communicate either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with mobile terminals.

Best Bathroom Scales Reviews for 2022

  • 1. Withings Digital Bathroom Scale with app
  • 2. Bluetooth Body Fat Bathroom Scales
  • 3. FITINDEX Smart Bluetooth Scale
  • 4. Yunmai Smart Body Fat Scale
  • 5. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Scale
  • 6. ToiletTree Digital Cleaner Bathroom Scale
  • 7. Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale
  • 8. Etekcity Smart Bluetooth Body scale
  • 9. Etekcity FIT 8S Digital Bathroom Scale
  • 10. Digital High Precision Bathroom Scale

1. Withings Smart Weight Scale: Best Overall

Withings Smart Weight Scale

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You may know that Withings is always famous for manufacturing high-quality weight scales since 2009. After the takeover of Withings by Nokia, the scales were meanwhile sold as “Nokia Body +”, but now the Withings brand has been reactivated and the products have been renamed Withings again.

This model is the latest edition of the smart body weight scale from Withings, with a simple design. It is very efficient and easy to use. It helps you to see a clearer view of your comprehensive health and fitness data. You can connect it easily to your phone and be able to explore different aspects of your weight!

The numbers are digital and show up in white that is easily readable. It tracks your weight, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone, mass, and more. The display can be adjusted as you like, so you can only display the values ​​that interest you. You can also change the order of the displayed values.

Withings smart body composition bathroom scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology and 4 ultra-high precision weight sensors that will provide highly accurate results. It won’t speak your weight and other data but it will sync up with your phone perfectly.

You can easily track your all fitness data with their app while you are traveling. It can automatically compare the data and the accuracy is higher than most of the models on the market. However, after weight, you should stay on the scale for more 6s to collect other information and then open the FeelFit App. All the data would be in sync with it.

Its durable construction provides long time service. This unit is lightweight and the maximum weight limit is 400 lbs. With Withings bathroom scale, up to 8 users can access their personal weight histories. It could be an ideal device to track your all family member’s health details.

You can also be used on the carpet. However, it is sometimes inaccurate on the carpet because it’s worn-down carpet that’s not plush at all either. When on a proper surface such as hardwood floor or tiles floor, it’s accurate as a high-end medical scale. All that said, you will like the scale at the price you paid.


  • Lightweight and innovative design
  • Use advanced technology
  • High precision
  • Accurate and instant result
  • Free APP and sync to other APPS
  • Simple and safe to use anyone including kids


  • First time it is a bit confusing
  • Black shows footprints really badly

2. Uten Digital App Control Bluetooth BMI Scale

Uten Smart Digital Scale

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Do you absolutely need an excellent bathroom scale that guarantees maximum precision? Then we have the model for you! Uten is one of the newer body weight scales released by the company, along with a few variations including a budget and a high precision. It could be an accurate tracking assistant for your health.

You can set up this device for 12 different users so your whole family can track their fitness data by using one device. Within 30 seconds, it will provide a detailed analytical result of your body.

This model is profound for both men and women thanks to its impedance meter functionality. Its surface platform is made of 6 mm tempered glass and the bottom is made of quality ABS plastic. With graduation increments of 0.2lb, it weighs up to 400 pounds to meet all your needs.

Uten Bluetooth body analyzer scale features a unique fitness to motivate you to stay in healthy shape. You can simply review the history, the health data on your phone to track your physical status. This product is also CE and ROHS certificated.

It uses BIA technology to help you set a target weight and track your progress for fat loss or muscle gaining every day. The smart precision features accurately measure and displays your overall fitness data.

Uten weight scale is equipped with four high-precision sensors. The device therefore takes the form of a classic connected bathroom scale (12.2 x 12.2 x 1.34 in) with a tempered glass top.

The only thing to keep in mind is charging; it doesn’t show the percentage and the charging port is a little offset so a bit hard to get the end in. However, the result does not deviate even after repeated weighing in a row. The LCD display changes color (depending on your weight) when you stand on it.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect dimension
  • Easy to read the large digital numbers
  • Modern and clean design
  • 8 body composition analysis
  • Instructions are super clear


  • A bit finicky connecting to the phone app with Bluetooth
  • It doesn't work well on carpet

3. FITINDEX ES-26M Wireless Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Wireless Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

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If you're looking for a functional fitness scale, then look no further, because the FITINDEX ES-26M is equipped with four high-precision sensors and four electrodes to ensure a quick and accurate body composition analysis. It is a good all-rounder smart body scale for your everyday measuring needs.

The surface is made of 5 mm tempered glass, and the bottom is made of quality ABS plastic, making it a great choice for heavy people. It tracks your way to your dream body! It helps you stay on target with the latest wireless tech. Although this model’s a little bit more expensive than you would think, especially for a bathroom scale.

FITINDEX ES-26M bathroom scale is easy to connect to your smartphone Via Bluetooth and has a lot of outstanding features that you can use to track your progress.

When used with Bluetooth, it will show your BMI, percentages of fat, water, lean muscle, bone, etc, and even your metabolic age. You can manually calibrate this scale, step on it then step off and wait for the LCD screen to display '0.0', and step back on the scale to weigh with accurate results.

You can also measure the percentage of fat on the arms, legs and trunk area and establish programs to lose weight in those areas with the same ease with which you measured it! Because the sensors are highly developed according to the manufacturer.

FITINDEX bathroom scale is compact and light, you can slide under almost anywhere in your home. The setup and connecting it to the app is super easy. All the info calculated and shown on the app is pretty accurate. It will also tell you whether you are good or average in all the different measurements.


  • Easy to use and setup App
  • Lightweight design
  • 4 high precision sensor
  • Auto-calibration
  • 13 body composition measuring functions
  • You can view your progress on a chart


  • Simple instructions are poorly written
  • There is no way to change previous data manually

4. Yunmai Premium Accurate Bathroom Scale

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

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The YUNMAI 2. 0 App connects your real-time body metrics to a world of data charts, social sharing, and fitness tracking. Simply step on the scale to connect instantly your profile and begin pushing data to your App. No additional setup is required, you can begin tracking instantly after unboxing the package.

With this premium digital bathroom scale, you can have up to sixteen users recognized and tracked by the device. And with Low Power MCU and HY3116 24-bit conversion chip, it has a processing resolution of 16 Million, with much higher precision than those of 12-bit conversion processing unit.

A solid app gives you the ability to monitor day over the day your weight, water, muscle, and fat via the tracking graphs. You can simply weigh yourself anytime without your phone.

This model is visually attractive and easily integrated into the desired. When you enter the setting page, you can find there is a button you click and then the data will sync to Fitbit easily.

Yunmai digital bathroom scale also measures your heart rate while standing which enables a long-term analysis of your heart rate. It will enable ultra-precise results on any surface.

This product features auto-calibration and comes with four high sensitive electrodes and 3 x AAA batteries. Added benefits of this scale are a read on how much water you're carrying and what kind of body fat percentage you are, which are useful in improving overall body composition.

However, this model is a little bit expensive because of its durability. The instruction paper is useless even it does not even have page numbers.


  • User-friendly display
  • Doesn’t require any setup
  • 16 users tracking management
  • Easy to clean because of the glass top surface
  • Stunningly thin 17mm edges


  • Poor instructions
  • There is no footmark

5. Etekcity 4410B Ultra-Wide Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Bathroom Scale

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We decided to give this a try, even though it was fairly new and did not have many customer reviews yet (Update: now over 3200 positive customer reviews on Amazon). It's very nice looking and easy to operate bathroom scale as far as first-rate quality. Etekcity 4410B body weight scale is not meant to have 100% accurate, but when it comes to body fat, it does a pretty good job with small variations.

It'll accurately track your progress regardless. It is made with 6mm thick tempered glass to provide exceptional sturdiness. The 14"x 12" wide platform is perfect for those with big feet or people with balance issues. This model is perfect for any active or tranquil lifestyle. However, it is quite heavy compared to other models and slightly larger than a typical run-of-the-mill scale.

Etekcity 4410B bathroom scale comes with a large 4.3 inches LCD display with large numbers, and the bright backlit display is easy to read from any distance or angle, even in the dark. It has two measuring units: kilogram and pounds, and is easy to set up according to the bottom of the scale.

It turns on automatically when you stand on it, no need to turn it on then step on it. This model uses AAA batteries that are included in the delivery. The package also comes with a measuring tape and it went up to 62 or 64 inches. It looks decent that will fit all modern bathrooms.

The device will display your weight for 15 seconds after you step off because some people don't want others to see their weight. All you have to do is give it a tap with your foot after you step off and it will display 0.0 in less than a second, then turn itself off.

It weighs very accurately on the carpet, no difference wherever you stand on it. With it being a bit wider than other scales, it is easier to get to stand on it all the way.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Durable construction
  • Sleek surface easy to clean
  • Sturdy and steady platform
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD display


  • Doesn’t have a memory function
  • There is no smart connectivity

6. ToiletTree Product Mid-Range Bathroom Scale


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ToiletTree personal bathroom weigh scale is designed with high accuracy, simplicity and beauty in mind. No Fluctuations and no cheap-looking plastic. It will provide accurate readings with an elegant touch to boot. It is easy to carry, you can stow it away in your luggage because of its handiness.

The Large and Clear LCD Display allows you to read reading from any angle. The tempered glass surface can confidently support anyone up to 400lbs and is conveniently light for easy portability. It seamlessly blends into any décor and gives the bathroom a stylish look.

It is ready for instant tracking, weighing, and seeing your results right out of the box. This model is 11 3/4 inches square and approximately 1 inch tall. However, it does not glide across the tile but rather sticks and makes a lot of noise when we tried to move across the floor.

It measures in decimal points, so you can celebrate the small victories, as well as full pounds lost. You can set to measure in pounds, kilos, or stones. ToiletTree Precision Digital Clear Glass Bathroom Scale is your best bet when it comes to tracking fitness for weight loss.

The package includes CR2032 battery. However, the display is not lit up, it can be difficult to see unless you have lights on. Also, the battery life could be better, it will only last 4 weeks to six weeks after you receive it.


  • Impressive accuracy
  • Comes fitted with well-spread out sensors
  • Very easy to step up
  • Simple yet stunning
  • Customizable settings


  • There is no backlit
  • Basic and simple design

7. NUTRI FIT Bathroom Scale for Weight Loss


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Some people say smart body weight scales are the future, some users think that they will never surpass the general bathroom scale. Whatever may be the case, you cannot deny that the NUTRI FIT is a damn fine scale to have when the purpose is weight loss.

It has a simple, sleek and modern design with a basic White Transparent Glass color. It is not just a bathroom scale but a good Decoration that makes it fit perfectly into your bathroom or bedroom!

NUTRI FIT body scale detects changes in weight of a few tenths of a pound, whereas most other scales will only respond reliably to a weight change on the order of half a pound, or will even pull your weight readings from memory without trying to measure you.

It has a comfortable and wide platform. It is pleasant enough to leave out on your bathroom floor. Just remember, you will need to take out the little piece that is in the battery before it will turn on.

NUTRI FIT bathroom scale reads your weight really fast compare to others. It is very sturdy and durable compare to the plastic model available on the market at the same price range. In the package, you will get a retractable tape measure.

Their flat design and the large step surface are made of safety glass to ensure more safety when weighing. It can also be easily stowed under the bed. It will automatically display first your weight and then your BMI.

However, it can’t remember the user setting height, it just would keep the latest height. So, if this scale is for one person then the height value is confirmed, BMI is confirmed. If it is for a family, then different people need to enter their height each time. Then get their BMI value.


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Instructions are super clear
  • Sync data is without App
  • Good with the glass finish
  • Large easy to see LCD display


  • Cannot remember the user setting height

8. Etekcity ESF24 Smart Accurate Weight Scale

Digital Weight Scale

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Learning how these numbers contribute to your Metabolic Age will spark you to change your habits or to maintain your present form. All of these ideas are provided on a scale costing less than $25. Actually, in almost every regard, the Etekcity ESF24 is similar to its brother the Etekcity FIT 8S with some improvements and a lot steeper price. From our perspective, it makes any other scale at this price range or higher obsolete.

This accurate weight scale offers a lot for little money: It has a large display, an ergonomic design with a smooth surface, textured grip, and of course accurate measurement. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of the brand's concerns, offering a 1-year warranty, plus lifetime support.

Etekcity ESF24 smart Bluetooth bathroom scale uses BIA technology to calculate 13 body composition data. With this in-depth analysis, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most to you. The elegant black scale can adorn your living environment and bring you a healthy lifestyle.

This device allows you to create unlimited member profiles to track multiple users seamlessly. You can just use it as a regular scale to monitor your weight. Your family can share fitness data together. This model's especially helpful for bodybuilders and those working on weight loss.

It works with Bluetooth on iOS and Android. The free VeSyncFit app syncs data with Apple Health, Google Fit & FitbBit, so you can store all your data in one convenient, centralized location for viewing trends and tracking progress. The package comes with batteries; don't need to spend extra.

The app connectivity is amazing; it does not need to be opened to get measurements at that moment but needs to open for it after for it to sync to the phone. However, this unit displays weight.


  • Extra-large and sturdy surface
  • Full body composition analysis
  • Sync 13 measuring health metrics
  • Support multiple users
  • Accurate measurement


  • It is not good for carpet

9. Etekcity FIT 8S Digital Bathroom Scale

Etekcity FIT 8S

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The next one on our list of the best bathroom scales for 2022 is also from Etekcity, it is the digital body weight bathroom scale from the FIT series launched by Etekcity. Unlike its other brothers, the Etekcity FIT 8S is designed specifically for people with smaller hands and those who like to break the fat.

It is highly accurate, you can easily reach your weight goal consistently. It's powered by 3 AAA batteries that are included in the delivery. This model is CE and ROHS approved. If your budget is around $20 this is the best option for you.

This innovative design fitness scale allows you to calculate your body mass ideally and more particularly visceral fat, thanks to its eight sensors. It is suitable for people weighing up to 400 pounds and wishing to follow their detailed weight curve. It uses 4 high-precision sensors for advanced accuracy.

This connected scale shows numbers instantly as you start to step on, and the numbers increase as you put your full weight on, and then it stabilizes at a final reading.

The design is rather simple; the step surface is made of safety and the display shows the bodyweight clearly visible. It comes with 12 essential measurements. You just stand on it and have your body weight within seconds. The features offered are largely sufficient for regular and family use.

The surface is nice and big enough for bigger feet. And with the fitness Apps, you can store all your data in one convenient and centralized location.

This model is around half pound lower than most bathroom scales, making it one of the lightest scales I have ever seen. Etekcity bathroom scale comes with a 1-year warranty with lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Four latest technology sensors
  • Auto turn off when not in use
  • Sturdy surface and looks beautiful
  • Battery is simple to install
  • Bright LCD display


  • Doesn’t announce the weight
  • Not very strong

10. Uten Step-On Technology Glass Body Weight Scale

High Precision

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Although it is easily considered the best bathroom scale out there, the Uten Step-On Technology has nothing new or innovative, it just does everything so well that people need and love it. This digital weight scale has the advantage of being meaningful. It is therefore suitable for a more specific panel of users.

It is aesthetically beautiful; the sleek tempered glass design looks nice and stylish. Uten bathroom scale is made of high-quality safety glass and crafted to be strong, accurate, fast and durable. It has an ergonomic design with textured grips on the surface.

You can read immediately as soon as you step on the scale, by a straightforward and easy-to-read large LCD display. White backlit LCD display, auto shut-off, low battery, and overload indication sign help you preserve battery power efficiently. You can easily change between lb, st, and kg at the bottom of the scale.

The four sensors technology from Germany provides high precision weight measurement and the anti-skid padding provides you extra stability while weighing.

The larger weighing range can meet all your necessity. It supports up to 200 kg and is designed for people suffering from greater overweight. The auto-switching on/off makes for very convenient use; you don't need to stop manually after using it. It is about 1.5” thick and the display numbers are pretty easy to read.

However, it must place on hard and flat surface. To be truthful, if you place it on a carpet or soft surface and the surface isn’t level or the gravity is unbalanced, it will have different weights every time.


  • Modern looks
  • Reliable scale for fitness enthusiasts
  • Easy to read LCD backlit display
  • Very sturdy and solid construction
  • Fast results and solid craftsmanship
  • Very secure and comfortable


  • Takes around 30 seconds to stabilize & finish the process

Bonus Review

#Etekcity Upgraded Digital Bathroom Scale


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So far in this review, we have covered a number of digital bathroom scales of different shapes and sizes; we have even had two glass surface bathroom scales. The Etekcity Upgraded is a bathroom scale with a pretty impressive battery life and a surprisingly affordable price.

Are you ready to discover the best bathroom scale for value for money? Then no looks further.

This model comes with backlit 3.25 inch LCD display, modern style, smooth, sleek surface that’s dependable and easy to clean. Low battery and overload indication deliver vital safeguards during use. The ultra-chic tempered glass platform is not only durable but also has an auto-on/off feature for superior convenience and maximum battery life.

It's extremely easy to use and very accurate. To calibrate it, you just press one foot on it to trigger it to power it up, then remove your foot and wait a couple of seconds until it reads 0.0. Once you calibrated it the first time, then all you have to do is step on it to get an accurate readout. You don't have to calibrate it every time.

Etekcity slim bathroom scale includes a white tape if you are on a weight program and wish to increase or decrease certain parts of the body frame. The tape can be used for that purpose or not.

However, this bodyweight scale is very glossy which can mean slippery and the tape measure isn't helpful if you're over 6 feet tall but other than that it's a very good buy. For the best accuracy, make sure to lay the device on a hard and flat surface stand in the central area.


  • Durable and accurate
  • Beautiful color and design
  • Large LCD display easy to read
  • Comes with measuring tape
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Steady platform


  • Gives only current weight
  • A little bit slippery

Things to consider when buying a bathroom scale

Now you will certainly know many more details about the best bathroom scales: you can compare the various models and identify how they work down to the smallest detail. The purpose of this buying guide is precisely to inform you about the various functions available in the body weight scale (including some new ones that are generally completely unknown) so that you can relate and find out which model is suitable for you.

Multifunctional bathroom scale

There is no particular claim that will be oriented towards traditional analogical and mechanical bathroom scale models today. However, body weight scales no longer only measure weight but have become particularly complex and able to offer other information that the consumer increasingly feels the need for and assesses to understand what based on his needs the best bathroom scale on the market.

For example, for those who care a lot about their physical form (may be interested in a very precise balance that measures the body mass index), a biometric datum digital scale body weight scale that previously had to be calculated manually is recommended.

If several family members follow specific dietary or fitness regimes, there are scales that take these different needs into account.

Certainly, a nutritionist will be interested in a scale that indicates the body composition of an individual in terms of fat mass, lean body mass and water percentage.

Those who have heart problems will be able to draw up their own personal ranking of the best body weight scales considering those that also measure the pulse.

For technology enthusiasts, we recommend the smartest digital bathroom scales that can connect to the home PC or mobile devices and allow the dietician to access at any time information on the progress being made in terms of control of the weight.

So you have to determine the purpose of use.

The design

Other users will evaluate which model is best for them by simply considering the models that are offered their external appearance. In a well-finished and furnished bathroom, the device cannot be out of tune and it is important that the device matches well with the whole context.

At this point, it becomes very important to evaluate its shape, color and size. For example, for a very small bathroom, a mini bathroom scale could be ideal.

Instead, those who have a digital weight scale with stainless steel accessories or finishes obviously will be interested to evaluate the scale made of stainless steel. Then there are ultramodern or retro models, elegant or fun, single-colored or with very lively patterns.

The digital bathroom scales today are not only more or less square as usual but also can be found round, in the shape of feet, etc. or with the image of heroes and cartoons preferred by children or finally, they can even be personalized.

Accuracy level

An inexpensive scale will never be as 100% accurate as medical bathroom scales, but digital bathroom scales are generally more accurate than analog models thanks to the automatic calibration found in many models. The simplest way to test if a bathroom scale is accurate is to measure the weight several times in a short period of time: if it is always the same, it means that the bathroom scale you have purchased is a really good model.

Warning: toilet mats or any other soft surface could alter the weight, so it is always best to place the bathroom scale directly on the floor.

The price

As for the bathroom scale, there is something for every budget, from the cheapest of 20-30 dollars to more expensive from 50 to 80 dollars. On average, you should plan about 50 dollars for the most accurate digital bathroom scale.

Remember that the price of the device also depends on the quality of the materials.

Display and security

Therefore, the user should evaluate many aspects and compares prices before making the purchase decision. The elderly and people with mobility problems may be interested not so much in the various functions or aesthetics of the balance. But a display that is large and easy to read can be digital or analog.

In reality, there are body weight scales that use both at the same time. If you download the apps for the digital display, it remains the analog that works. Even a Backlit Display is useful because it is easier to read for those with vision problems. Some models are also equipped with dim light.

Likewise, those who are interested in comfort and safety will pay more attention to a balance that is solid and has a wide padded and non-slip platform.

Protection against splash water

Protection against splash water only plays a role if the bathroom scales are to be placed in the bathroom. Here it can quickly happen that the device gets water from the shower or sink. Many Bluetooth bathroom scale models are made of waterproof glass, but it is not completely waterproof.

Other characteristics

Many of the digital bathroom scales on the ranking showed other information, such as BMI and information on body composition like muscle mass, bone mass and water, which could be useful if you are trying to increase muscle mass. Some models show goals that are based on personal information (age, height and gender) and measured weight and body fat such as a suggested target weight or daily intake of kilocalories.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is often used by health professionals to assess whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Although BMI is a better indicator of health than weight alone, these additional features are very comfortable and useful, especially for those who want to lose weight or put on muscle mass or simply want to feel good.

For those who want to do a thorough check of their body weight, it is not enough to just measure the kg, but you must also have the values ​​of lean mass, fat, BMI, and so on. It will be possible to establish certain requirements and find which one is fit or not.

How to use bathroom scale correctly

In order to get the most accurate measurement values and other information, it is important that you observe the following points when using the bathroom scale:

woman weighing herself
Women stand correctly on bathroom scale to get accurate results

The bathroom scale must be placed on a hard and flat surface and make sure that it is properly calibrated. If it is lying on a carpet or rug, it can show a weight that is up to ten percent higher. Usually, the bathroom floor or that in the bedroom or in the kitchen is best suited for the scales.

Try to calculate the weight too often because the average person's weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds in one day. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure accurate and consistent measurements.

Also make sure that the scale is level. A digital body scale that is tilted in one direction or stands unevenly cannot measure weight accurately.

You must calibrate the scale at regular intervals. To do this, it suffices to place an object on the scale or to check a packaged liquid and the result. In most cases, the operating instructions for the balance reveal how to calibrate it correctly. Other points that show the advantages of calibrating scales:

  • Reliable measurements: The use of calibrated scales ensures that the measurements at home match the measurements at another location if you want to take the scale with you on vacation.
  • Calibrated scales lead to cost savings and avoid unnecessary recall campaigns and ultimately frustration for the consumer.

Despite the ease of use, there are a few things you need to consider when using a digital scale. In addition, you can always contact the respective device manufacturer, who is usually at your side with expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate a bathroom scale is?

The accuracy of bathroom scales essentially depends on the workmanship and quality of the built-in mechanism. Our comparison analysis has shown that most devices on hard floors provide exact or minimally deviating measurement results. There were differences in the use of soft carpets as the surface.

However, there are even many electronic bathroom scales that can weigh accurately on soft floors.

Who are the most popular bathroom scale manufacturers and brands?

Many manufacturers and brands offer different types of bathroom scales. The range of providers is large and ranges from well-known manufacturers such as Yunmai and Withings to brands such as RENHPO or Etekcity.

The following manufacturers and brands are frequently rated positively by customers:

  • Etekcity
  • Withings

How much does the excellent bathroom scale cost?

In our comparison, we offer you a selection of different price categories – 20 dollars are the cheapest bathroom scales, over 60 dollars are the most expensive models. As we said before, on average, you should plan around 50 USD for a high-quality digital body weight scale.

Which one to choose: digital or mechanical?

Although most bathroom scales are somewhat more coarse, high-quality devices measure just as precisely as digital scales. There are differences in the so-called fine division - i.e. how exactly the results are displayed - but not with regard to the quality of the measurement. So it is not possible to say in general which type of scale good choice. Rather, it is about the fact that high-quality mechanics are installed.

Should you prefer a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scale?

Bluetooth-connected bathroom scales require you to turn on your smartphone and open the dedicated application during the weighing process. In this way, the measurements are transmitted and recorded by the mobile terminal.

Wi-Fi scales instantly transmit their data to the manufacturer's cloud. You can operate them from your smartphone and don't need to carry them with you during a weigh-in.

Where to place your bathroom scale?

The heavy person should be placed on a flat surface, such as tile so that the result is optimal. You should avoid for example placing it on the carpet and the object that must always be in the same position.

Is the digital body weight scale a medical device?

No, it does not replace the expertise of a doctor or the recommendations of a nutritionist. It is a complementary device that helps users monitor their weight and other mass data, which can motivate them to stick to their diet and gain a better understanding of their bodies.


The users have the choice between different shapes and colors of the bathroom scale according to their tastes and preferences. However, if you are still unsure of your choice, you can pick our top ranking, which is the most reliable model according to our test results and market research report.

To find the best accurate bathroom scales, you can consult various online sites, such as Amazon where you will find a large selection of products from different brands. Obviously, the best bathroom scale does not exist, but there is one that best suits your needs. Hope this guide helped you find the fascination model.

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