10 Best Predator Hunting Lights in 2023

Predators Hunting Lights Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for expert advice to buy the best predator hunting lights? Whether you are a white-collar hunter or a beginner, you need to see a coyote or a hog clearly before fixing your target and shooting it.

Well, the wrong predator light won’t give you ultimate satisfaction and is not well suited for your hunting style. So you need the right predator hunting lights to see through that all-pervading darkness.

We hope you will be investing your hard earned money by purchasing the predator hunting lights that give you the best view in long service life. Because we spent a lot of time researching, reviewing, and comparing each product individually.

And finally, we make this unbiased list of the best predator hunting lights for our readers! We’ve also considered different people budgets, so whether you’re a budget hunter or looking for the most premium light, you’ll find it here.

So without further delay, let’s get started…

Best Predator Hunting Lights – At A Glance

Ranking of the best predator hunting lights in 2023…

  1. LUMENSHOOTER A10 UltimateBest Overall
  2. Nitecore P30Editor’s Choice
  3. Odepro ‎OD-KL52 PlusBest On a Budget
  4. VASTFIRE Hunting LightCompact Size
  5. Predator Tactics PRET-97410-ParentPowerful & Feature Rich
  6. Optical Dynamics Gen OD40Brightest Hunting Light
  7. Brinyte T283 Colors Hunting Light
  8. LUMENSHOOTER S2plusDual Control Switch
  9. BESTSUN Hunting LightSuitable for Long Range Hunting
  10. BIZOOM KL75Small Yet Powerful

1. LUMENSHOOTER A10 Ultimate Predator Hunting Light

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 700 yards | Power Source: 3400mah 18650 Batteries | Battery Life: 4 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: White, Green, Red, Infrared | Length: 10-inch | Head Diameter: 54mm | Waterproof: IPX8 | Weight: 450g | Warranty: N/A

LUMENSHOOTER A10 predator hunting light

LUMENSHOOTER is specialized in manufacturing high-quality hunting lights and accessories for night hunters who depend on reliability and long-lasting performance at an affordable price. The LUMENSHOOTER A10 comes with red, green, white, and a special IR850nm, which is basically an infrared light. The included standard white color is convenient for just wayfinding.

One of the main aspects of the LUMENSHOOTER A10 predator hunting light is, it is an extremely far-reaching and zoomable spotlight under $100. You can efficiently adjust the zoom for short or long-range.

Apart from that, this Ultimate hunting light setup also includes a dual control remote switch, which is silent when turned on and off. You can use the switch easily whilst holding your rifle. If you want to spot animals at a good distance, this hunting light is an outstanding choice! And with up to 700 yards maximum distance, you’ll be able to spot predators very easily.

LUMENSHOOTER A10 predator light comes with two 3400mah real capacity batteries, which can run the light for close to four hours. It is very durable as LUMENSHOOTER has used high-quality aluminum alloy in the body. The package also comes with a nice hard case.

This hunting light for predators will not disturb the animal too much, which makes it a great option for beginner hunters. At night, you’ll be able to see your target clearly. We have tested this light to see if they disturb coyotes, hogs, foxes, or whatever else you’re hunting.

The green light shows excellent clarity for all types of hunting in low or mid-light conditions. The red tint is more subtle than other colors and less susceptible to animals. And the IR flashlight is able to shine around 100-150 yards depending on the scopes you use.


  • Very well made
  • Efficient battery life
  • Very bright illumination
  • Extremely long-range predator light
  • Easy-to-use remote control switch
  • Good value for the money


  • Pretty much heavy

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2. Nitecore P30 Red & and Green Predator Light

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 676 yards | Power Source: 2x CR123A or 18650 Battery | Battery Life: 4 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Green and Red | Length: 6.12-inch | Head Diameter: 48.7mm | Waterproof: IPX8 | Weight: 5.59oz | Warranty: 5-year

Nitecore P30 Predator hunting light

The Nitecore P30 is the ultimate flashlight for small to long-range shooting, making it a great choice for hunting or search and rescue. This budget-friendly predator hunting light offers 1000 lumen beam that can reach up to 676 yards’ distance. It came with 2 colored lenses (green and red) and all the necessary accessories. This model is also very bright and will work great for hogs at night.

The mounting system that comes with this light is adequate to hold the light in the cold of winter and the heat of summer with the light moving. It is designed to work with both normal scopes and high-end thermal scopes.

The included 4000mAh rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 days of extended runtime with over an hour on turbo mode. This model is compatible with 18650 batteries, or a pair of CR123A. It has a battery life indicator that will flash to show battery voltage while using.

Other than that, the Nitecore P30 hunting light is simple to use because the tail switch is capable of momentary and constant on, and a secondary mode switch cycles through settings. It is also lightweight at 6.12″ inches in length. It has a head diameter of 1.92″. You can easily carry it in your pocket.

This model is made from durable aero-grade aluminum alloy, which is rated IPX8 waterproof. The package included high capacity rechargeable battery, lanyard, and a LumenTac hunting kit with a NITECORE RSW3 pressure switch, battery charger, offset mount, and scope mount. The scope mount bracket is nice and solid build that won’t scratch the scope tube.


  • Easy to operate
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and easily mountable
  • Long-throw flashlight
  • Extended battery life
  • Good performance


  • Directions could be better
  • The beam is bright but has a narrow field of view

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3. Odepro ‎OD-KL52 Plus Predator Flashlight

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 450 yards | Power Source: 3000mAh 18650 battery x 2 | Battery Life: 3.3 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 100 Lumens | Color: Red, White, Green, IR850nm Light | Length: 6.5-inch | Head Diameter: 50mm | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 149g | Warranty: N/A

Odepro ‎OD-KL52 Plus

Odepro is always famous for its affordable but top-notch finishing flashlight, since 2013. They continuously release predator hunting lights for different uses. However, the ‎OD-KL52 is an innovative, waterproof hunting light model that features contemporary zoom/focus mechanism with adjustable focus and interchangeable color LED modules. It is one of your must-have hunting kits for predators in your night hunting.

This is a zoomable hunting flashlight that can reach up to 1350ft in high mode, which provides a wide view when you are searching targets. The price is also reasonable for the quality.

Let’s start with the build quality…

This tactical light is made from aircraft aluminum body for prolonged durability. It is lightweight but you will feel it’s robust. It is very comfortable in the hand. The Odepro ‎OD-KL52 was designed with 4 different color lights: red light, white light, green light and IR850nm light, which can meet all of your needs when you are searching for different targets in various hunting situations.

The built-in intelligent pressure switch can free your hands when you are holding your shotgun or rifle. You just need to press and hold the button to turn the light on and release it to turn it off. The button won’t make any sound at all.

The high-strength quick-release aluminum mount can be installed in shotguns with Picatinny rail freely. And you can fit it with different scopes, so you don’t have to worry about the different gun sizes. The modules are easy to load and unload. However, you can’t switch colors without changing the lens from red to green or to any color.

Although Odepro doesn’t mention any IP rating, it is completely waterproof and designed for rough outdoor use: in the rain, in the wild forest, and more. However, the battery life is average (sometimes depending on lighting mode), but included strap and other accessories of decent quality.


  • Special design for night hunting
  • Weather, water and shock-resistant
  • Interchange 4-color LED Modules
  • 2-type flashlight mount
  • Goes a fairly long distance
  • Smart Remote Switch


  • When you want to change the colors, you have to remove the head (takes around 1 min)
  • Comes with a secondary mount

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4. VASTFIRE Predator Light with Scope Mount

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 350 yards | Power Source: Battery Powered | Battery Life: 3.5 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Red, White, and Green | Length: 7-inch | Head Diameter: 42mm | Waterproof: IPX4 | Weight: 247g | Warranty: 1-year

VASTFIRE Predator Hunting Light

The VASTFIRE is a super bright hunting torch with 3 different color beams: GREEN, RED and WHITE, that can be changed in seconds by simply screwing and unscrewing. The brightness and light range are luminous and wider than tinted lenses or flashlight filters as the lenses or filters greatly reduce the light output.

This long-range predator hunting flashlight features deep reflectors, which 2 times deeper than other normal reflectors to give you a brighter and narrower escape that has a hot spot in specialized design for aiming.

VASTFIRE long range hunting light is fixed beam with no focused function, which produces a wide beam to illuminate a large area. It has a hot spot in the specialized design center for aiming. With 1000 lumens maximum intensity, the Green Hog ​​Predator Light reaches distances up to 350 yards, Red Coyote Varmint Light up to 200 yards, and White Deer Coon Light up to 350 yards.

But that’s not all…

VASTFIRE predator hunting light is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, very well made and IPX4 water-resistant. The pressure switch features momentary-on / constant-on, which you can manage very easily. And the quick-release universal scope mount can fit different size scopes from 1 “to 30mm. It also has gun barrel Mount Picatinny style rails to attach bipod, flashlight, and optical accessory.

The package includes LED flashlight, dual control remote pressure switch, barrel holder, optics holder, 2x 18650 rechargeable batteries, dual control remote pressure switch, and transport box. The 2 batteries both are 2600mAh, which last around 3.5 hours.

To ensure quality, VASTFIRE offers 1-year warranty with great customer service.


  • Made from Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Light is pretty bright at night
  • Dual control pressure switch
  • Easy to change
  • Complete package
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • No instruction manual
  • Come with a charger but not a charger box

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5. Predator Tactics PRET-97410-Parent Coyote Reaper Light

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 750 yards | Power Source: Two 18-650 Lithium Ion Battery | Battery Life: 4 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Red, White, Amber and Green | Length: 8.5-inch | Head Diameter: 42mm | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 8oz | Warranty: 2-year

Predator Tactics PRET-97410-Parent

Predator Tactics is a legendary brand that combines innovation with the boundless drive to design and manufactures high-quality varmint hunting lights. The Predator Tactics PRET-97410-Parent built-in impressive features to improve the quality of coyote and hog hunting.

This is a powerhouse of brightness and clear view that delivers a beam throw that will reach long distances modestly. However, it will be a little heavy holding it all night, but easy to control.

This unit features 3/4 turn flood to adjust the focus spot and has an intensity control ON/OFF dial. You can easily use and quickly install it. And you can remove the modules in minutes.

Predator Tactics hunting light is specially designed for outdoor use, which can withstand pressure, and resist falling and shock. However, there’s no IP rating but completely waterproof and can work in the pouring rain.

What about the power source?

Well, the two 18-650 Lithium-Ion Battery batteries are very efficient and provide up to 4 hours of run time. The battery also covered a 2-year warranty.

You can choose interchangeable LED Bulb Module from RED, GREEN, AMBER and WHITE. Illumination: The red and green light emitted by the CREE LED lamp can reach up to 1000 lumens, and the lighting distance can reach 750 yards, providing a clearer and wider field of view.

It’s not cheap, but if you are looking for the best coyote spotlight shooting at night, the Predator Tactics PRET-97410-Parent is exactly what you’re looking for. This model is also suitable for camping, night fishing, to excursions.


  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Small and compact size
  • Powerful hunting light
  • Extremely bright
  • Easy to use


  • A little pricey

Check on predatortactics.com

6. Optical Dynamics New OD40 Long Distance Predator Light

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 235 yards | Power Source: CR123A x2 Battery | Battery Life: 2 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1050 Lumens | Color: Red, Green, White | Length: Not Specified | Head Diameter: 40mm | Waterproof: IPX7 | Weight: 13.69oz | Warranty: N/A

Optical Dynamics New OD40

Optical Dynamics EXUDE OD40 predator hunting light uses a single clear color CREE XL2 LED with a max output of 1050 lumens, which offers up to 12 hours on its low power setting.

It features a patented Collimated Amplified Lens System to focus and project a beam of light that is clean, bright and powerful. This is a very well-built hunting light and it will provide a long service life.

This model is ideal for hunting to identify the object at a long distance because the red/green lenses will work nicely for predator hunting. The light doesn’t bounce off and is gathered and kept pure and clean views by a series of optical lenses into a direct, focusable beam.

Optical Dynamics New OD40 predator hunting light is 20% brighter than the previous OD40 series, which perfectly illuminates your target, not the entire area, and lets you see tremendous detail up close and at great distances up to 235 yards. This model features a robust design that is intended to include recoil impulses from firearms.

It has fully multi-coated optical lenses and features a simple bell turn focus and 3 brightness settings. The USB rechargeable batteries with charger and cord are great for predator hunting because the natural wavelength light won’t afraid the game.

Optical Dynamics EXUDE OD40 predator light is made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum housing, which is IPX7 waterproof and IPX6 dustproof. You can mount this spotlight on scopes and firearms and use it as a tactical weapon light. The package also includes amber and green lens filters and a Cordura zip-close storage case.


  • Solid and good-looking light
  • Multi-coated optical lenses
  • Beam is very bright
  • Durable construction
  • Designed for long time use
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Battery power could be better

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7. Brinyte T28 Zoomable Stepless Dimmer Hunting Light

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 550 yards | Power Source: 5000mAh Li-ion Battery | Battery Life: 2.25 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 650 Lumens | Color: Red, Green, White | Length: 7.2-inch | Head Diameter: 25.4mm | Waterproof: IPX6 | Weight: 200g | Warranty: 2-year

Brinyte T28 predator hunting light

Brinyte T28 predator hunting light features 1200 lumen LED with battery life long up to 2.25 hours. The beam distance is up to 550 yards. This model is ideal for anyone who works safely or spends a lot of time in survival environments, on hunting trips, or camping in the wilderness.

Brinyte T28 hunting light is also a great backup for home, basement, car or boat or during blackouts caused by hurricanes, tropical storms or blizzards. The mini design and portable design make it easy to carry. You will receive 24 months hassle-free warranty.

Its durable AL-6061-T6 High Strength Aluminum body with military-grade anodized clip slot withstands tough handling. And this model is IP-X6 waterproof grade and designed for use in heavy rain.

You can easily install it and quickly attach or detach the structure in seconds. The convenient mounting of the LED light is also included. The quick-release universal mount fits multiple scope sizes between 25mm-30mm in diameter. It comes with a constant push button switch and a momentary push switch for different tactical needs. This model has tail cap switch that allows you easy one-handed operation.

5000mAh high-performance batteries can run up to 2 hours, not great but ok. An extra-hard anodized aluminum body resists scratches and chipping, maintains a sleek appearance and improves grip.

This is a truly tactical 3-color predator hunting flashlight. The high-brightness LED makes our tactical flashlight much brighter than most common torches. You can also use it for cycling, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. However, this model is designed specially made for hunting.


  • Bright flashlight for easy hunting
  • High-performance spotlight
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Versatile design
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Remote Pressure Switch


  • Max. LED chip output only 650 lumens
  • Battery life is only 2.25 hours

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8. LUMENSHOOTER S2plus Premium Predator Hunting Light Kit

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 360 yards | Power Source: 1 x 18650 Lithium ion Batteries | Battery Life: 4 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Red, Green, White | Length: 8.5-inch | Head Diameter: Not Specified | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 1.2lbs | Warranty: N/A


If you put LUMENSHOOTER S2plus hunting light on your shotgun today, your next hunting trip will be easier and more fun. Because this tactical flashlight range distance of up to 350 yards, you can use more than 4 hours.

It is a versatile tactical hunting light that was designed for camping, trekking, emergency, hunting, and more outdoor activities. This model is widely zoomable and bright enough for hunting with the focused beam.

The LUMENSHOOTER S2plus is made with copper material which ensures better heat dissipation. It is a complete light system that is suitable for most guns. Everything you need including in the package. The package is also a very nice case. It is also simple to use. However, you need to mount it on the rifles for one-hand operation.

LUMENSHOOTER S2plus predator hunting light is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with black anodized matte finish, which makes it durable and shockproof. There is no IP rating, but it has waterproof o-rings with an anti-abrasive coating so that the tactical flashlight can be used on rainy days.

The focus adjustment allows you for wide lighting up close while walking as well as focused lighting for identifying targets at longer ranges up to 200 meters. The green light is very bright, and the red is pretty good for distance.

The QD cam Picatinny 45 degree rail mount is fastly attached/detached. 4 screws are also included in the tactical ring for mounting the ring to hold the flashlight. This model is very comfortable in the hand and has multiple mounting options and uses.

The LUMENSHOOTER S2plus set with constant push-button switch and remote pressure switch. It has 2-mode pressure switch and military users will appreciate the remote control system, which allows for easy one-handed operation. Just press the tail button to switch for easy control.


  • Interchangeable LED design
  • Looks very nice and fairly suitable for hand
  • Good amount of distance covers
  • Easy to install
  • Super bright


  • Beam could be larger but not terrible

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9. BESTSUN Zoomable Predator Hunting Flashlight

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 350 yards | Power Source: 1x 18650 battery or 3x AAA Batteries| Battery Life: 5 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Red and Green | Length: 7.5-inch | Head Diameter: 50mm | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 1.62lbs | Warranty: N/A

BESTSUN predator hunting light

BESTSUN is a super bright tactical flashlight with brightness levels up to 1000 lumens. The ultra-wide light beam effortlessly illuminates an entire location or yard. Far-light and short-light are in one mode, the zoom is replaced, and it will be brighter and farther away.

It has 2 different color beams: green LED light flashlight and Red LED light flashlight, great for Hunting, making it great for Night Walking and Gift giving. Deer and coyotes won’t affect by this light and they will show eyes at a far distance and form at +/-150 yards! The zoom-in flood light can reach up to 200 yards and zoom out spotlight up to 350 yards.

BESTSUN predator hunting light has multi-function side switch for ease of use. It also features a low battery light indicator to remind you of charging, which protects the battery well and extends its service life.

BESTSUN is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which is very durable and Stable. It is Slip-Resistant and Daily Waterproof. It has solid construction Plastic scope Mount.

The Quick Release Picatinny Mount can be instantly attached or detached in seconds. It’s not military-grade hunting light, but for the price, you will surely appreciate the performance.

This predator light is powered with a high-quality 18650 battery or 3 x AAA batteries (included). After fully charged, a battery can last approximately 5 hours in discharged mode. The package also comes with 1x dual control remote pressure switches constantly on and momentary on for different tactical needs.


  • Super Bright Tactical Flashlight
  • Mount to your scope easily
  • Reliable and safe design
  • Easy to install
  • Good choice for the price


  • Not really efficient for long-range shooting

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10. BIZOOM KL75 Interchangeable Predator Light Kit

Material: Aluminum | Max. Distance Range: 200 yards | Power Source: 4800mAh 21700 Battery | Battery Life: 5 hours | Max. LED Chip Output: 1000 Lumens | Color: Red, White and Green | Length: 8.5-inch | Head Diameter: 30mm | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 1.39lbs | Warranty: 1-year

BIZOOM KL75 hunting light

The BIZOOM KL75 is a budget-friendly and ultra-bright hunting light that has both an upgraded Picatinny rail mount & a scope mount. It features super bright green, red and white LEDs, which delivers optimal light from small to medium distance. You can confidently identify a species and make a good shot at 200 yards maximum distance.

This predator hunting light is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, durable, anti-pressure, anti-drop and waterproof. The built-in dual control remote pressure switch ensures ease of use for novice hunters.

It has powerful adjustable beam, with 1000 Lumens brightness. It works with 800mAh long-lasting rechargeable 21700 battery (included). The power button is located at the bottom of the torch for traditional use and instead of a lanyard attachment for remote control.

BIZOOM KL75 hunting light is also suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, home and emergency lighting, etc. This model won’t replace a high-end predator hunting light, but it would certainly make a decent light for scanning, backup to your primary, or even something to keep on hand for night hunting.

It is small enough to fit into your pocket, bag, backpack, or glove compartment, so it is portable to carry. And it will be perfectly suited for your rifle scope.

This ultra-bright professional tactical light also comes with 12 months warranty with Worry-Free friendly customer service. With all you get in this package, BIZOOM KL75 is well worth it for the money!


  • Adequate bright and easy to install
  • Great light for the money
  • Small yet powerful
  • Easy application to scope
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • When to zoom in for distance it doesn’t have an extra circle

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Best Predator Hunting Lights Buyer’s Guide

There are tons of good predator hunting lights available on the market but not every model is good in terms of performance, quality and durability. We spent a lot of time making a complete buyer’s guide section on how to choose the right predator hunting lights for your needs. If you are not convinced by the list above, you can use these factors to find the best model that suits your needs.

Your Need Or Purpose of Use

It is important that the hunting light you purchase contains all the features you are looking for. Because if they don’t meet your needs, how would it be best for you? For example, if you are looking for something future-proof, the first model we have listed above is the absolute best because it has all the features you should look for in predator hunting lights.

You can also use our comparison table to make a list of all the items you are looking for in a predator hunting light and then compare them to the models. If it meets your functional requirements, you should check the price. Then, if it fits your budget, check out the other benefits that the device offers.

If you have additional benefits that may be useful to you, cheers! You have just found the best predator hunting lights test available for your budget.

Hand-Held and Mounted

‘Torch’-style use is very common in the predator hunting light and can be highly effective. Their power output and beam range vary from close-up to long-range shooting. With hand-held hunting light, you can scan and initially spot prey easily. However, it won’t really be useful if you mounted them to a vehicle. Also keep in mind that hand-held lights are excellent as a backup light not to main fixed the target.


Headlamp-style predator hunting lights are good for carrying as they can be caused head and neck aches! However, if wearing it for a large amount of time, you need a lightweight yet reasonably powerful headlight.

With a headlamp hunting light, you can spot your prey and then raise your weapon to take down your target. Headlamp certainly offers safety without terrifying games but does not give the best accuracy. They can be worked as part of a combination of hand-held and weapon-mounted lights.

Size, Weight, and Max Distance

Predator hunting light involves night hunting when you need a lot of scanning. It must be compact and lightweight because a light that is too large will be cumbersome. For example, a heavy hand-held light-heavy carrying tire you quickly and disarrange your aim accuracy.

You can choose a beam with a long reach, but this does not mean you need a high-power predator hunting light. Because most shots will be carried out at around 100-200 yards. But it doesn’t mean you choose a beam with a short reach because long-range beam is useful for finding your prey at longer distances and then closing in on it for the kill.

Durable and Weatherproof

When you are in the wild, you need a light that’s durable enough to withstand drops and knocks. Most predator hunting lights come with an aluminum alloy frame that’s light enough to carry and sufficiently durable. If you invest a little more, you can get an anodized finish light for further resistance to scratches. So, the light needs to be resistant to water and fog as well.

Most of the models in our ranking are made from Top-Grade materials which include IP rating to prevent the ingress of water and dust. Also, the good news is that our recommended predator hunting lights can use all-around the year. Heat, rain, or snow won’t affect the performance in any way.

However, durability isn’t directly related to weight. According to our study and test report, heavy lights are more durable compared to thin-frame predator lights.

The Design

There is a small difference in the case of predator hunting light design. However, as we previously said, you should choose your hunting light depending on personal preferences and also on the hunting style. Most predator hunting lights use LEDs with different mounting styles.

Regular hunters prefer scope or gun-mounted predator hunting lights because they can be mounted on vehicles or can be handheld. On the other hand, lights mounted on headlamps ensure a hands-free option and allow you to view in any direction, without having to point your gun.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the main criteria you have to consider before buying a predator hunting light. Because it is very frustrating that you have been out in the wilderness all night waiting for the prey and you spot the target, but the battery in your light runs out. Also, one-man show in the darkness without light can also be a risk to your safety. And for hog hunting, you should make sure that your light has longer battery life, even if it increases the overall weight.

Color Option

  • Red Predator Hunting Lights: Red lights are most commonly used for coyotes, but they are also useful for wild pigs. However, it is less susceptible to animals. Red predator hunting lights are effective to avoid any strain on your eyes. However, the negative thing is the red beam is not easily perceived by the human eye and it does not seem to go as great a distance.
  • Green Predator Hunting Lights: Green light is most commonly used for hunting wild pigs. You can use it for coyotes and foxes. It can be seen easily by your eye. Because green light looks brighter and more distant than red, making it ideal for long-distance hunting. Also, the green light is won’t see animals when it’s at long range. So we recommend using green light for medium or long-range shooting. However, the problem is, when animals come to close distances, it will seem bright to any animals and is likely to scare them. It is less effective than red lights at a close distance.
  • White Predator Hunting Light: White light is generally used as a searchlight once the shot has been taken. Because of its too brightness, it is not used for hunting prey unless you are trying to blind them or confuse them with pulsating light.
  • Infrared Hunting Light: Infrared predator hunting lights are not visible to animals, and they completely eliminate the frightening animals, which can give you an incredible stealth advantage. When you use them with night-vision scope, they offer outstanding performance. However, infrared hunting light is recommended for more aggressive night hunters.

The Price

Regardless of what you buy, the price of the product is one of the most important things and the same goes for predator hunting lights. Most of the hunting lights are in the high to low price range. If the budget does not matter, we recommend that you choose the premium predator hunting light without asking any questions.

You can also opt for an affordable model. It is good but does not perform like premium ones. But it costs a lot less. However, if the budget is a big deal and you are looking for the cheapest predator hunting light, you should choose one that costs around 50 dollars.

Mid-priced hunting lights are sometimes recommended because they suit many hunters. But the cheapest is not really recommended by us anymore.

Brand is Important!

We always recommend you choose a hunting light that comes from a well-known brand. Because not only it will be excellent in terms of product quality, but it will also offer better customer support which can come in handy if you have a problem with your Shotgun Torch keyword in the future.

A brand can be great in the US or around the world, but if they don’t offer service near you, it can be a real headache. However, make sure that the customer service or service center is nearby.

Note: Some new brands offer great hunting lights with excellent customer service.


As we mentioned, predator hunting lights from well-known brands are not easily damaged, and even if they do, there is a guarantee that you can repair them for free. However, if you buy hunting lights from unknown brands that aren’t guaranteed, there’s a good chance you’ll end up spending a lot on repairs and maintenance.

Final Verdict

To be successful in your hunting trip, you’ll have to be equipped with the right gear. And to maximize the portability and comfort levels while hunting in the dark, a compact and lightweight predator hunting light is the best choice. Our listed models are not only well-made and robust but they can also be used hand-held or weapon-mounted.

We hope this guide can help you find the best predator hunting light for 2023. Write a comment if this was helpful.

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