Best Quiet Treadmills for Home Gym in 2024

Best Quiet Treadmills

If you’re in search of a quiet treadmill for regular home training, you’re in the right spot. We invite you here to discover the top 5 best quiet treadmills that you can find on the market. These treadmills operate silently, allowing you to use them at any hour without disrupting the peace and quiet of your surroundings.

However, you should be aware that these devices will always tend to make minimal noise when in use. So even if the models presented here are said to be quietest, you should expect that some will still emit sounds at one time or another (depending on your use). Because simply walking or running is a noisy activity even more so if you pick up the pace. Therefore, in the presence of a completely quiet treadmill, the sound of your steps on it will still be noticeable.

Nevertheless, by choosing a quiet model from our selection, you will be guaranteed to avoid models that are too noisy and uncomfortable for the user and his entourage.

Why Choose a Quiet Treadmill?

Choosing a quiet treadmill offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to a more enjoyable and convenient workout experience. Here are some reasons to opt for a quiet treadmill:

  • Peaceful Environment: A quiet treadmill ensures that you can exercise without generating disruptive noise. This is especially crucial in shared living spaces or if you prefer to work out during early mornings or late nights.
  • Considerate to Others: Whether you have family members, roommates, or neighbors nearby, a quiet treadmill allows you to respect their need for peace and quiet, even while you pursue your fitness goals.
  • Reduced Stress: Noisy equipment can be stressful and distracting. A quiet treadmill helps create a calming atmosphere, allowing you to focus solely on your workout and maximize its effectiveness.
  • Versatile Workout Times: With a quiet treadmill, you’re not restricted to specific hours for exercise. Whether it’s before sunrise or after sunset, you can confidently engage in your fitness routine without worrying about disturbing others.
  • Enhanced Concentration: A quieter environment enables better concentration, which can lead to a more focused and productive workout. This can be beneficial for activities that require mental engagement, such as interval training or steady-state cardio.
  • Improved Recovery: For those in rehabilitation or recovering from injuries, a quiet treadmill minimizes unnecessary strain on the mind and body and creates an environment conducive to healing and recovery.
  • Boosted Motivation: Knowing that you can work out without causing a disturbance can be a motivating factor. This can help you stick to your fitness routine consistently and achieve your goals more effectively.

Overall, buying a quiet treadmill offers a range of advantages that extend beyond just noise reduction.

Why Are Some Treadmills Noisy?

Treadmills can produce noise due to several factors inherent in their design and operation:

  • Motor Noise: The motor is a primary source of noise in a treadmill. As it powers the belt’s rotation, it generates mechanical sounds. Less advanced or poorly maintained motors can be louder.
  • Belt Friction: The interaction between the treadmill belt and the deck can create noise, especially if there’s inadequate lubrication or if the belt is worn.
  • Impact Noise: Each time your foot strikes the treadmill deck, it can create a noticeable impact noise. This can be amplified if the deck is not well-cushioned.
  • Vibration and Resonance: Vibrations can occur during treadmill operation, which can transfer noise to the surrounding area. This is particularly true for treadmills with less effective shock absorption systems.
  • Poor Assembly or Maintenance: If a treadmill is not assembled correctly or is not well-maintained, it can lead to increased noise levels.
  • Design and Build Quality: Lower-quality or older treadmill models may not incorporate noise-reducing features found in newer, more advanced models.
  • Speed and Intensity: Higher speeds or intense workouts can lead to increased noise levels, as the treadmill’s components work harder.
  • Bearing Wear and Tear: Over time, bearings in the treadmill’s components can wear down, leading to increased friction and noise.
  • Belt Tension: Incorrect tension on the treadmill belt can lead to additional noise during operation.
  • External Factors: The surface on which the treadmill is placed can influence noise levels. A hard floor surface can reflect and amplify sound.

Top 5 Best Quiet Treadmills in 2024

Several brands manufacture quiet treadmills and offer a wide range of models from which you can choose. When practically tested, there are a few brands that make some difference.

Comparison Table of the Top 5 Best Quiet Treadmills in 2024:


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speed Rating: 10 KPH
  • Item Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Max Weight: ‎265 lbs.
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  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speed Rating: 20 KPH
  • Item Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Max Weight: ‎330 lbs.
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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Speed Rating: 10 KPH
  • Item Weight: 66.5 lbs.
  • Max Weight: ‎265 lbs.
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  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speed Rating: 16 KPH
  • Item Weight: 108 lbs.
  • Max Weight: ‎250 lbs.
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  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Speed Rating: 10 KPH
  • Item Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Max Weight: ‎265 lbs.
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1. ISE SY-1001 Folding Electric Treadmill – Top Pick

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The first standout quiet treadmill from ISE has earned its place as a top seller online. This popularity is a testament to how it has successfully won over users with its unique features and qualities. Not only does it provide exceptional value for money, but it also has a comprehensive range of attributes designed to serve a diverse audience.

The device offers appreciable silence even when it is in operation. Its maximum user weight is no less than 120 kg. So you can be sure that you won’t have to worry in terms of stability. You can also store it easily after each session. So as a beginner in the field of sports training, this treadmill will be simply perfect for you.

The frame is constructed from reinforced steel pipe and durable ABS material, which ensures superior strength and resistance. The running surface is made from a combination of five distinct layers of PVC and rubber to provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption for a comfortable workout experience. Also, the non-slip armrests offer enhanced safety and stability.

With this treadmill, you can reach a maximum speed of 10 km/h. It is therefore designed for beginner athletes and will be suitable for improving your skills or for intensive training sessions.

However, you will not be entitled to a tilt mode. It will therefore be ideal for people who are simply looking for a practical solution to train daily and stay in shape. It is quite a large device, measuring 49.21 inches in length. For its operation, it is equipped with a 750-watt motor.


  • Highly safe and durable design
  • Emergency and safety switch
  • Stable motor with quality craftsmanship
  • Comes with 12 months guarantee
  • Good value for money


  • The belt is a little slim

2. Sportstech F37 Professional Foldable Treadmill

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Here, we’re introducing a mid-range treadmill – Sportstech F37, commonly found in entry-level gyms. Despite its affordable price point, this treadmill has impressive qualities that deliver reliable performance for your daily workouts. With a 3CV type motor, this treadmill is capable of reaching speeds up to 20km/h, powered by an impressive 7 HP engine. This robust motor ensures a smooth and dynamic workout experience.

The Sportstech F37 Foldable Treadmill is equipped with a convenient self-lubricating system. Simply fill the red containers with oil, and let the machine distribute it evenly. This feature makes it an ideal companion for a wide range of training routines, from basic exercises to the most demanding and intensive workouts.

The device can carry up to 150 kg, so anyone can use it at home. It is very dependable with high-quality craftsmanship. It also comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty, which provides an extra layer of assurance for its quality and durability. In terms of noise, the Sportstech F37 operates at less than 75 decibels, ensuring a relatively quiet workout environment.

The generous running surface accommodates taller runners comfortably, allowing for a more natural stride. You will also have the possibility with this model to choose a higher level of difficulty. Indeed, it offers the option to incline up to 15%, allowing for a more challenging and versatile workout. It also provides a selection of training programs, elevating its status as state-of-the-art home gym equipment.


  • Stable and economical choice
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Large 7,5″ multimedia console
  • App compatible
  • Easily stowed away


  • No pause button
  • Heavy

3. SereneLife SLFTRD20 Smart Electric Folding Treadmill

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The 3rd best quiet treadmill in our selection is the budget-friendly SereneLife SLFTRD20. This versatile treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging, and serves as a great addition to your home gym equipment. It can allow you to reach a maximum of 10km/h. This model is relatively compact and quieter. With a length of 50.79 inches, it can accommodate users weighing up to 265 pounds. The running belt size is 39.37 x 15.74 inches.

The SLFTRD20 is also suitable for all those who wish to train daily while keeping a steady pace. It is foldable, so you can easily store it in a corner of your apartment. This model is rather quiet and could be more so if you use a few tricks to limit noise during training.

For the most enduring, it will be possible to tilt this device up to 3.5° degrees to increase the difficulty. Because there are 3 manual inclines; 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 degrees. You will also have 12 different programs at your disposal to vary your training as much as possible.

It comes equipped with an LCD display and user-friendly touch button controls for easy operation. You can seamlessly connect to your device via Bluetooth. Simply download the ‘FitShow App’ to link up. This feature is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. Overall, if you’re a beginner in the world of sports training and anticipate rapid improvement, this treadmill is an ideal choice for you.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Convenient hydraulic folding style
  • Easy to move
  • Very quiet


  • Not great for running but perfect for walking or light jogging
  • Doesn’t have a tablet holder

4. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

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If you’re in search of a treadmill with a high level of professionalism, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is the ideal choice. It could even be considered the perfect running treadmill for the champions of this discipline. Once assembled, it is surprisingly manageable and not overly heavy to move around, even if you’re only moderately in shape.

It is addressed to all practitioners with a good level and who wish to improve. It measures almost 64.3 inches long and can allow you to reach a speed of 16 km/h. If you are a fan of slopes, you can tilt it in 3 manual positions. It can accommodate people weighing up to 250 pounds.

The LCD screen is large enough to make your job easier. This screen displays various data such as the speed of the runner, the training program, the distance covered, the pulse of the runner, etc. It also has several advanced functions that are sure to seduce you.

Indeed, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is designed specifically for home gyms and individuals with varying fitness levels who may have constraints in terms of space and budget. So, if this sounds like the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity!


  • Large 16″ x 50″ running surface
  • Easy to fold or unfold for convenient storage
  • Good cushioned deck technology
  • Cheap price


  • Setup is fairly easy but takes a little time
  • Small transport wheels

5. CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor for Home/Office

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Although it is the last in our selection, this quiet treadmill still stands among the best options available. It’s primarily designed for use in a home or office setting. This treadmill is suitable for those who do not always have time to leave home to stretch their legs, but who do not wish to undergo intensive training.

CITYSPORTS treadmill is therefore quite basic, which is why it is available at a price of just 300 dollars. It is very compact, light, and easy to transport. It is nevertheless very solid and allows you to reach a speed ranging from 1 to 6km/h, which is a brisk walk.

This treadmill is equipped with a motor whose power is 440W. Thanks to its silent belt, you can work out without causing any disturbance to your colleagues or family members. It is also integrated with Bluetooth speakers so that you can increase the intensity and boost your motivation with your favorite music.

This model has several other advanced options that make it a great value-for-money device. For example, you can conveniently adjust the speed using the remote control according to your specific physical condition and exercise requirements.

CITYSPORTS treadmill comes with ready-to-use; you just need to plug it in and go. It will therefore be the best choice for those looking above all for completely silent equipment. The maximum user weight is 265 pounds. However, there is no incline.


  • Ultra-thin and silent
  • Bluetooth integrated speakers
  • Built with child lock function
  • Perfect for the office and home


  • The width is pretty narrow
  • The display could be much more efficient

How to Choose the Best Quiet Treadmills?

Selecting the best quiet treadmill involves considering several key factors to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Here are some important considerations:

Equipment features

The treadmill is equipment that works with a motor. Its power is variable, which can affect the level of noise it emits during operation. The higher the power, the higher the sound level. With a treadmill, you will have the chance to adjust the power according to the speed you want to reach.

So, if you can settle for a speed of 4km/h, then that will be enough for any treadmill to be silent. On the other hand, if you will need to increase the pace at one time or another and perhaps go up to 20km/h, then you will have to find equipment specially designed to make less noise.

As for the speed that the equipment can reach, it can vary enormously from one model to another. With modern treadmills made in recent years, they can go from 1 to 12km/h. You will need several other options on your equipment such as incline. This will allow you to reduce your speed more easily without reducing the level of effort required and enjoy a session in complete silence.

The stability of the base

Before thinking about running at an impressive speed on your treadmill, you must make sure that it has a fairly solid base. It must be heavy and stable enough to prevent the device from moving even when running at a speed of 20km/h. At this level, what you need to check is the weight of the treadmill you are about to buy.

The light model is easy to transport and move. For this reason, some manufacturers praise the merits of their ultra-light treadmills. However, for those looking for maximum stability, choose a fairly heavy treadmill. Lighter models are suitable for those who simply want to go for a walk with their equipment.

So if you rather want a treadmill to train seriously, choose a robust model with solid bases. The device may have rubber feet, which would be ideal to prevent it from slipping during your workouts. Some models also incorporate anti-vibration feet. If this is not the case with your treadmill, you can always buy this accessory separately and install it on the equipment.

The size of the treadmill

This criterion will not really affect the noise emitted by the device. However, it is still very important to determine the location that you will choose for this equipment in your home.

Some models are foldable, which means you can easily store them in a corner of the room after each workout. These treadmills are lighter, and not really suitable for tall people.

The maximum user weight is also considered, which is why it is preferable to opt for a fairly large model. You will be able to find a fixed location for him in your home, where he can serve you whenever necessary.

Workout programs

Consider the workout programs and features offered. While not directly related to noise, having a variety of pre-set programs and entertainment options can enhance your overall exercise experience.

Can the Noise of a Treadmill be Reduced?

If it’s too late to choose a quiet treadmill model, and you already have a model that you think is too loud, then don’t panic! There is still a chance for you to enjoy such equipment without having to bear noise pollution. Depending on the cause or source of these noises, you will have the option to choose several solutions.

To do this, during your next workout on the treadmill, pay attention to where the noises are coming from. Sometimes they are caused by the movement of the belt during the race. They can also come from the base or inside the equipment. Once you know where the noise is coming from, you can take effective action to try to make it go away.

Find an ideal location for the treadmill

To install equipment like a treadmill in an apartment, the first thing to do is find a good location for it. So remember to find out from your neighborhood if anyone would have a problem with the fact that you make a little noise at times. So you will find the most optimal location without the risk of disturbing anyone.

The ideal would be to install your treadmill near a wall so that it absorbs a little vibrations. You can equip yourself with insulation solutions for your walls to have peace of mind. I can guarantee that you can carry out your training sessions without disturbing those around you.

Also remember to install your equipment on a flat surface so that it is balanced.

Use anti-vibration mats

For those who don’t know them, anti-vibration mats are pieces of rubber that can be slipped under the treadmill. Their role is to reduce the noise emitted by the device during use. If you want to be guaranteed to make a minimum of noise, it is best to choose the thicker models. Be careful not to choose a model made of slippery material, because your equipment could then slip during your training.

Lubricate equipment band

To keep your treadmill quiet, you need to maintain it properly. To do this, check his tape about every 2 months. When it is perfectly lubricated, there is less risk of friction noise even when running at high speed. The frequency of belt lubrication may vary depending on each model. You can therefore find more specific information on this subject in your equipment manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are quiet treadmills suitable for intense workouts?

Yes, many quiet treadmills are equipped to handle intense workouts. Look for models with powerful motors and sturdy construction, as these tend to perform well under high-intensity training.

How do I maintain a quiet treadmill to ensure it stays quiet over time?

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a treadmill operating quietly. This includes lubricating the belt, checking for loose components, and ensuring the treadmill is placed on a stable surface. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions.

What is the average lifespan of a quiet treadmill?

The lifespan of a quiet treadmill can vary depending on factors like usage, maintenance, and build quality. With regular maintenance and proper care, a high-quality treadmill can last anywhere from 7 to 12 years or even longer.


A quiet treadmill not only ensures uninterrupted exercise but also respects the tranquility of your living space. If you choose a model from this selection, you will be guaranteed to make a very good investment. From powerful motors to advanced shock absorption systems, each of these treadmills exemplifies the pinnacle of quiet operation. They empower you to sweat it out without causing a disturbance, be it dawn or dusk.

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