10 Best Weighted Vests 2024 (Reviewed & Tested)

Best Weighted Vests

A weighted vest is an excellent tool for enhancing muscle development, endurance, and strength during training. It elevates physical effort, leading to improved short and medium-term performance. Whether you’re into CrossFit, running, or daily activities, the weighted vest is widely embraced.

However, selecting an adaptive weighted vest that grows with your progress is crucial. In this article, we’ll highlight the top 10 models that seamlessly blend functionality, comfort, and versatility to enhance your workouts. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, these versatile weighted vests can be a game-changer in your training routine.

Best Weighted Vests – At a Glance

We’ve carefully evaluated numerous criteria to present the finest models. These selections stand out as the most comprehensive and efficient options available. We focused on factors such as user comfort and the quality of their design to ensure a well-rounded perspective on each vest’s performance.

Comparison Table: Top 5 Best Weighted Vests in 2024


  • Size: 29 lbs
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: ‎8.75 lbs
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  • Size: 22 lbs
  • Material: Composite
  • Weight: ‎8.1 lbs
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  • Size: 20 lbs
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Weight: ‎13.2 lbs
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  • Size: 20 lbs
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Weight: ‎12 lbs
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  • Size: One-size
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: ‎17.6 lbs
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1. CAPITAL SPORTS ‎FIT20-BV Battlevest Weight Vest

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The City Sports Battlevest 2.0 weight vest elevates your muscle and endurance training to unprecedented levels. Thanks to its very good distribution, This ‎29 lbs weighted vest is compatible with all sports practices. It can be placed in the front and back to adapt to the desired exercise. Thus, to improve your shoulder, this weighted vest will perfectly suit the greatest number of you.

It allows perfect ease of movement. Its padding provides pleasant comfort while allowing total freedom of movement during training. The material that composes it is of high quality and helps to limit friction with your skin. As for the outside of the vest, it is made of nylon to offer you better resistance over time.

As for the attachment system, it is adjustable for even more comfort and safety. Regardless of the users’ morphology, the CAPITAL SPORTS weighted vest will perfectly fit the body during training sessions.

The Velcro closure of the Battlevest 2.0 ensures effortless and legitimate gearing up. This weighted vest is not only a symbol of legitimacy but also a testament to versatility. It is also available in various colors and weights for users’ specific needs and preferences.


  • Best value for the money
  • Good weight distribution
  • Comfortable and well constructed
  • Velcro fastening system
  • Resistant seams


  • Flat front plate

2. Adidas ‎ADWT-12637 Adjustable Weight Vest

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The 10kg Weighted Vest from World famous brand Adidas features 14 pockets to easily fit the weight onto your gear. The multiple possible choices for weighted supports of 500 gr or 1 kg allow a better distribution adapted according to the physical exercise practiced. Zippered pockets provide enhanced security and effortless weight management, ensuring both convenience and quick access during your workouts.

It also has built-in Aeroready technology that allows better air circulation. Thus, your training session can be carried out in greater comfort. On the other hand, its fitted cut is a major asset since it helps to reduce irritation on your skin by perfectly matching the shape of your body.

It is made of composite materials; polyester, nylon and neoprene, which offer good comfort and great resistance to abrasion. The high-end Velcro straps in the attachment system deliver exceptional support and ensure a secure and reliable fit. The Adidas ‎ADWT-12637 weight vest is also easily adjustable and allows an impeccable fit during physical exertion.

Finally, the metal rings positioned on the back of the vest offer you a range of additional exercises compared to other best weighted vest models in our ranking. You can easily attach a parachute or elastic bands to increase resistance or simply to add variety to your training.


  • More comfortable slim fit
  • Advanced design with breathable fabrics
  • Precise and robust finishes
  • Multiple locations to better distribute the loads
  • Premium velcro fastener


  • 10kg doesn’t seem like a lot
  • It is not a thick vest

3. Phantom Athletics ‎PHVEST00583-20 Weighted Vest

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Without a doubt, it is in the highest range that the Phantom weighted vest is positioned. It improves physical performance in a large number of sports activities such as CrossFit or bodybuilding. You can add weights up to 18 kg. To acquire additional weighted supports, it comes with a pair of plates of a total of 6 kg.

In order to withstand use, the materials used are very high quality and they are designed to be ultra-resistant. The mesh surface (not widely used) generates better breathability during use. The quality of the seams ensures a solid and safe placement of the weights. The padding present at the shoulders improves comfort and provides better weight distribution during exercise.

Let’s focus on the ergonomic design of this high-end weighted vest. Its fitted cut is less covering than most of the models on the market, which gives you optimal freedom of movement for your various exercises.

Likewise, the shoulder straps and side straps are easily customizable to adjust the vest in the greatest simplicity. Thanks to its extension straps, it adapts perfectly to all body types with optimal support.


  • Lightweight cut for better freedom of movement
  • Braces and straps adaptable to the morphology
  • Top quality materials and finishes
  • Dense padding on the shoulders
  • Front and back Velcro


  • Pricey

4. RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest with Shoulder Pads

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The RUNmax Pro weighted vest is crafted with good quality, ensuring durability and comfort even during prolonged use. It doesn’t cause discomfort to your shoulders, making it a reliable choice for extended workouts. You therefore have the opportunity to progress during training. Among its strengths, we highlight its good weight distribution and optimal support.

It’s easy to distribute the weights evenly and provides an excellent running workout, pushups challenge, and more. On the other hand, it is rather reserved for tall people. It’s designed to withstand intense workouts, making it ideal for individuals who are committed to pushing their limits and don’t shy away from a good sweat.

Its ergonomic structure guarantees better adaptability to all athletes whatever their morphology and the sport practiced. Indeed, it stays in place and you are always free to move. This model also features a medical-educational setting and sports. It is more suitable for beginners.

With very solid construction, this durable equipment has a larger and correctly dispersed removable ballast. Besides its good fit, the RUNmax Pro weighted vest ensures optimal support throughout the duration of training. Thanks to its Velcro straps, your arms are free to move in full motion.


  • Designed for very active use
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Wide range of motion
  • Durable construction
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Shoulder straps are straight and wide

5. TecTake One-size Weight Vest and Training Vest

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For under $50, the TecTake weighted vest is an affordable yet effective option. Among its greatest assets, it is a model that can be worn in any size. This product also impresses with its great flexibility. For a weight of 10 kg, the TecTake weighted vest has removable pockets and is therefore suitable for a beginner.

Without neglecting the comfort side, the manufacturers add a closing system on the side and therefore avoid cluttering you. Its closing system is located on the side to guarantee comfortable use and relieve your shoulders accordingly.

The X-shape design ensures a comfortable fit, enabling you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for those looking to intensify their training, challenging and engaging their muscles effectively during workouts.

The TecTake weighted vest is equipped with a practical mesh pocket on the back, which allows you to conveniently carry water bottles, rolls, MP3 players, and other essentials during your workouts. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various activities such as running, cycling, cardio workouts, and strength exercises.


  • Flexible and versatile
  • Provides high wearing comfort
  • Features an X-shape to ensure optimal freedom of movement
  • Promotes even weight distribution


  • Seam finishing can be improved
  • Not snug enough for some users
  • Small bags to add/remove weights that are too fragile

6. HOMCOM Men Or Women Waist Trainer Weighted Vest

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Want to build muscle and improve your strength and endurance? Let yourself be seduced by the HomCom Oxford Black Red weighted vest. This model is suitable for many types of training to make a powerful impact on your workouts.

It should be noted that the weights are adjustable according to the types of training and the needs of the user. With adjustable nylon and velcro straps, it could be a great option for beginners and experts.

This vest turns out to be a model made of Oxford fabric offering great wearing comfort. The material of manufacture of this grind is respectful of the skin. It also features 38 small weighted bags that can be removed separately. This allows you to pick a weight that is suitable for your workout.

For your great comfort, this model is equipped with pleasant padding. And to promote your safety, the HomCom Oxford Black Red weighted vest has adjustable nylon and velcro straps. A potential drawback of the HOMCOM weight vest is the bulkiness on the back and fitting all the weights into the small pockets can be a bit tricky.


  • Cheap price
  • Has wide straps
  • Comes with comfortable padding
  • Vest in high-density oxford fabric
  • Ideal for weight loss exercise workout


  • Setting up the weight bags is quite tricky
  • The quality of the seams needs to be reviewed
  • Weight bags turn out to be flimsy

7. CAP Barbell ‎HHWV-CB040 Adjustable Weighted Vest

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The CAP Barbell ‎HHWV-CB040 weighted vest is could essential tool for anyone looking for an affordable solution. It is helpful for activities ranging from light aerobics to high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
With its practicality and efficiency, it has earned the approval of many athletes.

This model has been specially developed to improve your endurance and power to boost your muscles. Since it offers close-fitting weights, this weight vest gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals in record time.

The ‎HHWV-CB040 weighted vest was made from polyester. This material allows you to enjoy great durability and increased resistance to bad weather. To make this equipment suitable for all body types, the CAP Barbell brand has equipped it with adjustable Velcro straps.

The waist belt and padded shoulder straps are fully adjustable, which allows you to fit snugly and securely. It is also designed with removable sandbags. However, there is a limited range of motion while wearing it.


  • Offers a perfect fit
  • Embeds a soft foam padding
  • Durable, flexible and comfortable
  • Suitable for all body types


  • Design is a little too classic
  • No user manual

8. TecTake Weight Vest with Variable Training Options

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TecTake is a renowned German brand in the design of good quality leisure equipment. TecTake 402639 weighted vest is very flexible and offers you the possibility of increasing your strength, and endurance as well as the effectiveness of your training. There are 38 individual weights and per individual is 510g.

Indeed, this version has been specially developed to be suitable for running, cycling, cardio exercises, and weight training. To adapt to these various disciplines, the TecTake brand has used neoprene and polyurethane, resistant and quality materials. This model also incorporates a hook-and-loop closure system.

To ensure great comfort, the TecTake 402639 weighted vest has a hook-and-loop closure system that offers the possibility of relieving the shoulders and presenting a perfect fit.

The Velcro fastening system also ensures that it has a precise fit and relieves your shoulders. On the other hand, the weighted vest is designed to be very complementary with other equipment such as modular kettlebells or undulating ropes for complete and effective sessions.


  • Adapts to your different training level
  • Helps relieve pain in the shoulders
  • Even weight distribution
  • Flexible design
  • Good value


  • One-size weighted vest
  • Quality of seams to be improved

9. Aduro Sport Workout Weighted Vest for Men, Women, Kids

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If you’re looking for a weighted vest that’s both inexpensive and fully adjustable, the Aduro Sport is the model you can choose. With a unisex design, it is suitable for men, women, and even kids. Just look at the rig design to see how smart this product is. Although designed to be worn universally, it is suited to the female form and works great with curves. It’s streamlined, sleek, and basic, but it’s incredibly practical.

This is a fixed-weight vest, which means it comes pre-loaded with the correct balanced weight. There are five different options to choose from 4 to 25 pounds, so it’s not the heaviest vests available today. However, it should be enough for most people. So it could be a good investment for intense workouts.

Aduro Sport weight vest consists of a pair of shoulder straps connected to the weight-bearing element to provide even weight distribution and balance. Aduro Sport uses an odorless pad made from an iron-based product rather than the traditional smelly river sand found in other options.

The shoulders are padded for comfort and support. There’s also a mesh storage pouch built into the design, perfect for storing valuables or a smartphone while you work out.


  • Made of premium breathable neoprene
  • Includes a mesh pocket ideal for storage
  • Comfortable padded shoulders
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • Budget-friendly


  • Straps cannot be adjusted vertically
  • The back pocket is small and shallow

10. miR Air Flow Weighted Vest with Zipper Option

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For those looking for a one-size-fits-all weighted vest, MiR delivers with a top-notch model. The length is well-suited for most individuals, providing a versatile option for those with larger builds.

The adjustable airflow vest does not wrap around the entire torso; it concentrates on the upper chest and abdomen and weighs up to 20 lbs in concentrated areas. This allows your arms and shoulders to move freely and unrestricted while allowing your abdomen to twist and rotate with your workout, reducing the risk of injury.

Thanks to the Air Flow breathability feature, you’ll be able to relax a little more during your run or workout and feel cooler and less uncomfortably warm. miR Air Flow weighted vest is expandable to 60 pounds. It is good for stationary workouts. However, when running with it, it moves quite a bit.

To keep your vest clean at all times, you can throw it in the washing machine after removing the weights. However, one thing I don’t like is the length of the straps. While the concept of straps tightening around the torso from the back is understandable, a common preference is for them to be a bit longer to offer more flexibility and ease of use.


  • Each vest comes with its own set of weights
  • Solid and fully removable iron bars
  • Padded and comfortable shoulders
  • Good airflow design
  • Machine washable


  • A bit pricey
  • The material inside is easy to wet

How to be Sure to Choose the Best Weighted Vest?

The choice of model obviously depends on the intended use. Depending on the sporting activity, the morphology, or even your fitness level, the weight vest differs. Indeed, some models are more or less close to the body while others do not allow an increase in load. Here is a list of features to consider before buying the most efficient weighted vests.

The maximum load

On the market, you will find weighted vests with a load capacity of between 10 kg and 30 kg. If you are a beginner, we advise you to carry a ballast equivalent to 10% of your body weight and gradually increase the load. It would be a shame to quickly find yourself in possession of an unsuitable weighted vest. Thus, a model allowing you a variation of the weights is strongly recommended.

Depending on your fitness level, investing in a model with a load capacity of up to 30 kg can be a wise choice. This allows the vest to provide ample support as you advance in your fitness journey and seek to intensify your workouts.

Weight distribution

Beyond the maximum load, the weight vest must allow a good distribution of the weights. Depending on the physical activity performed with this equipment, the position of the loads may be important even if most physical activities require the distribution of weighted supports evenly.

However, depending on the exercise performed, the position of the loads around your weighted vest can be more or less restrictive. This is the case with pumps with certain vests. For this reason, it is better to choose a model with a multitude of compartments to be able to easily switch loads from one place to another.

The finishing of the seams

Undoubtedly, your equipment will be in great demand. The best weighted vests stand out by delivering top-notch quality, ensuring longevity and superior performance compared to the competition. This selection criterion is not to be taken lightly and we recommend that you take care to check the quality of the seams.

Unfortunately, cheap models generally disappoint on this side in order to be able to offer more aggressive prices. Too poor quality could cause them to fall during the exercise and may represent a risk of injury.

The materials used

Given the perspiration that will be released during physical exertion, the material of the weighted vest is another important point. This is why it is better to favor reinforced nylon. This one is much more resistant and easily washable.

Hygiene is very important and the ability to clean your equipment is therefore essential. Proper maintenance also guarantees better longevity of the product.

On the other hand, comfort comes into play. The weighted vest should be comfortable. There are both curved models that are more effective for active practices. Indeed, you have the guarantee that your vest remains stuck to the body. Also, other vests with advanced designs offer better freedom of movement.

Finally, thanks to the presence of gel in the lining, this is another significant advantage. This allows you to marry the torso for better comfort of use. Otherwise, it is necessary to check that the presence of the other types of padding is well distributed between the back and the belly.

The location and type of pockets

The placement of the compartments of the weighted vest will allow you to modulate the accessory and therefore vary your exercises. If you have good pitches, you can focus on a particular muscle for even more precision. For each exercise to be carried out, there is a certain distribution to be respected so that it is harmonious and thus makes it possible to achieve the set objectives.

Before making the purchase, take the time to carefully consider the location of the pockets of the vest you want and its link to your activities.

The attachment system

In order to fit your weight vest perfectly, the closure must prove to be effective. The equipment must be close to the body without compressing it either. A vest that is too tight limits the physical movement and puts too much unnecessary pressure on the body. If it is too loose, the use is not optimal and risks of injury could occur. This is why check the quality and strength of the fastener.

A weighted vest with an adjustable Velcro strap appears to be the most suitable system. Also, it allows you to use it independently without having to ask for help from a third party.


Before purchasing a weighted vest, it is necessary to ask yourself a number of questions:

What is the weighted vest used for?

The weight vest is an effective and practical accessory for working on strength, explosiveness, and muscular endurance. It strengthens muscles and optimizes power.

Note that the weighted vest can be used in various types of exercise. The main purpose of a weighted vest is therefore to increase the difficulty of your workouts by adding weight to your body mass. This makes it possible to develop several sporting aspects including endurance, muscular power and explosiveness. To achieve a specific goal, it offers itself a practical and quick solution.

Also, a weighted vest gives you the ability to spread the loads over the areas you want to target. Other models even give you room to fit even more weight. This will transform your training into real energizing challenges.

Is the weight vest suitable for all sports?

The purpose of the weighted vest is to improve strength and increase muscle endurance. However, it can be used in all types of sports. For each discipline and exercise, there are certain rules to observe concerning the weight, its distribution as well as the way of wearing the vest.

The bodybuilding vest finds frequent use in various sports, notably in CrossFit, bodybuilding, fitness, boxing, running, climbing, swimming, and rugby. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset across a range of athletic disciplines.

Why weighted vests are not for everyone?

Weighted vests are not suitable for everyone due to individual fitness levels, existing health conditions, or specific workout goals. People with joint issues, cardiovascular concerns, or those new to exercise may find the added load too intense. Also, certain health conditions or injuries can restrict the use of weighted vests.

When you buy your weighted vest, make sure that the weights are evenly distributed around the bust. If this is not the case, they could move during your exercises and unbalance you.

Can you make a weighted vest at home?

The weight vest is usually purchased in stores. But it is also possible to make one at home. To do this, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Make the pattern
  • Make the cut
  • Calculate pocket weighting
  • Go through the seam and that of the weight pockets
  • Inserting weights. But be careful, it is important here to respect the rules related to the weight of the ballasts as well as their location.

What are the dangers and disadvantages?

The weighted vest also has some drawbacks that are worth mentioning. The greatest risk one can run is injury. That said, it is entirely possible to avoid it! The injury following the use of a weight vest is most often due to an imbalance. Indeed, as the posture of the body changes, the risk of imbalance increases. This is why it is important to master the exercises you engage in and respect the weight of the vest.


Weighted vest doubles the intensity of physical effort and therefore increases the benefits of training. Our comparison of the best weighted vests for 2024 is now complete. We have tried our best to make our ranking trustworthy on the web to help you make a wise choice. Now, the task is yours—to choose wisely, train smartly, and let your fitness goals flourish.

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