How To Customize A Fishing Kayak?

How To Customize A Fishing Kayak

Do you want to buy a sit-on-top kayak? It is good to find a specific kayak for fishing and take all the equipment you need with you thanks to a hull prepared for fishing. But you can also work on a normal hull; choosing a kayak for everyone but with good stability skills and then buying or creating all the elements you need in a day of fishing.

Let’s see how to customize a fishing kayak…

Suitable Fishing Kayaks

If you are ready to take your kayak out for a ride, you also need to understand about the fishing kayak and what you need to pack to bring home a good day of fishing. It certainly takes goodwill to find the best way; a little ingenuity and a little bit of information that we will be very happy to give you. Whether you have a specific kayak for fishing or a regular sit-on-top kayak, there are quite a few customizations to make your day on the water truly productive.

There are quite a few different kayak models but to make our intent more insightful let’s pretend there are only two models: the kayaks that are specific for fishing and the normal ones (the simple ones).

A fishing kayak is a specific boat, which incorporates storage for fishing gear. It already has the rod holder and more interesting requirements concerning the stability of the hull. If you already own a kayak or don’t want to spend extra money on a kayak made especially for fishing, we can help you modify your kayak to make it perfect for fishing with the appropriate modification. And we can assure you that it doesn’t take that long; it just takes a little more knowledge.

To make this operation make sense, you will use a sit-on-top kayak. Fishing in general makes you have to deal with external forces that push you to sudden movements and the risk of overturning is always there. But while for a sit-in kayak, the risk is very high, a sit-on-top kayak does not sink and is easy to modify.

Start Customizing

Of course, we will help you find the items you will need to equip your kayak for fishing. You will have all the possibility to buy each of these elements and you can modify something with your own hands. So it will be even more personalized.

Make a Fishing Basket

A plastic or wooden basket to attach to the back, the one behind the seat of a sit-on-top kayak, maybe the ultimate idea. The PVC tubes that are on the back of the basket can be used as rod holders. You can make your own kayak basket by working on a basket bought in the store that is also used for something else or you can buy a basket for fishing in a specialty store. In recent years, sit-on-top kayaks have been built with guides that serve to insert the possible fishing basket more easily.

Buy a Fish Finder for Fishing

When you go out fishing you should always think of a way to ensure that all your efforts are not just a hole in the water but that you go to a place where you can fish and fish big time. Then an excellent kayak depth sounder, which we have seen on the web among the specialized brand, can be the Garmin Striker 4. It is a device that is able to look very deeply to understand if and where there are fish.

Some of these fish finders can be inserted directly into the mobile phone, thanks to some apps. In this way, the results and the sounding will be done via the phone’s GPS, therefore in an even simpler way.

Bring an Anchor Cart

When the depth sounder you brought with you starts to get interesting and tells you that there is a large school of fish waiting for you at that point, then it would be good to park the kayak and stay there fishing.

But unfortunately stopping a kayak is by no means an easy thing. Then it will be the case to look, online or in a specialized shop, what are the best anchors for kayaks. Then we should think about bringing with us an anchor trolley which is a kind of anchor extension. This trolley allows you to change the angle of the kayak with respect to where we have positioned the anchor.

On the web, it will be easy to find the best kayak anchors at great prices.

If there are high waves or if there is a lot of wind, the kayak could tip over. With the anchor trolley, this thing becomes easier to continue throwing the hook without fear of making mistakes.

Start Fishing

  • Artificial baits

When we are dealing with bait, we don’t have to be messy. Because being messy means you can easily find yourself in chaos, especially if you are inexperienced. You have to get organized with the lures. So buying a good tackle box to put your equipment in or a bag of those for fishing is a must-have for anyone even for a novice.

Someone is better off putting the bait in transparent compartments or in some sort of filing cabinet. The important thing is not to have them all confused, it would only make us waste a lot of time. Also, make sure you have the lures close at hand either at the top or in the front of the fishing bag.

  • Live bait

If you plan on using live bait, look for a kayak that has a space to insert some kind of cockpit or a bucket for bait. But there must always be fresh, salt water to keep the bait alive. If you are going to use chopped deadbaits instead, you need a bait board that is nothing more than a plastic cutting board (a platform you can work on).

  • Maintain your grip

Use a fish grip that allows you to hold it steady even after gently removing the hook from its mouth. The best catch is the one that also weighs the fish so that you will know immediately how heavy your prey is.

  • In silence

Fish are able to perceive even the slightest vibrations. Experienced anglers use foam-forming tablets around the kayak to muffle any noise the fish may hear. They are very comfortable (really amazing).

The Engine

You can think of buying a motor for your kayak, even if usually the kayak is used with the paddle, therefore with the strength of our arms. But you can think of buying a small, very light motor, or a pedal system as if they were two fins attached to the bottom of your kayak.


Always rely on a leash to ensure that your kayak does not drift and make sure that you always have the life jacket behind so that you are always sure not to sink even if a rogue wave or too much wind can cause it to overturn the kayak.

Again searching online will give us the opportunity to find the best life jacket for kayaks. I still remember to buy the right kayak and not to rely on kayaks that are not made to stay stable for long. Fishing is a sport that lasts hours and needs a quiet and stable bed. Here we are talking about a small boat that has to withstand the currents. So we choose the safest model even if it costs a little more.


When people asked us to talk about fishing kayaks, we obviously inquired and we can only be satisfied with everything that can be found both in specialized shops and on the web. On the other hand, we are talking about fishing and there are millions of enthusiasts all over the world. We just need to be able to buy a boat that can give us the stability we are looking for and then customize it and equip it as we want.

On top of that, we need to be able to choose what we really need. There is nothing better than doing some research beforehand or asking an expert what we need most for a prolific day of fishing. The use of the depth sounder makes sure that the day is not fruitless.

We have always believed that technology should serve this purpose to relieve us of other thoughts and give us a concrete hand to improve our life. A GPS that shows us where the fish are is a huge hand even for those who have recently approached fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are some common customization options?

Popular customizations include installing rod holders, fish finders, anchor systems, paddle holders, upgraded seating, and storage solutions. You can also add accessories like GPS units, safety equipment, and lighting.

How do I choose the right accessories for my kayak?

Consider your fishing style, the type of water you’ll be on, and your budget. For example, if you fish in lakes, a fish finder might be useful. If you’re in fast-moving rivers, consider a secure paddle holder.

Can I install a trolling motor on my fishing kayak?

Yes, many fishing kayaks are designed to accommodate trolling motors. Make sure your kayak has the necessary mounts and space for a motor, and check local regulations regarding motorized kayaks.

Is it difficult to install custom accessories?

Most accessories can be installed with basic tools and DIY skills. Manufacturers often provide instructions, and there are online tutorials available. If you’re unsure, consult with a kayak customization expert or a local kayak shop.

How can I make my kayak more comfortable for long trips?

Upgrading your kayak seat is a common way to improve comfort. Consider adding padding to the seat or using a gel seat cushion. Additionally, proper footrests and an adjustable foot brace can help reduce fatigue on long trips.

What safety considerations should I keep in mind when customizing my kayak?

Ensure that any modifications you make do not compromise the stability or buoyancy of your kayak. Be mindful of weight distribution and avoid overcrowding the kayak with too many accessories.

Can I remove custom accessories easily if needed?

Most accessories can be removed if necessary. However, it’s essential to follow proper installation procedures to avoid damaging your kayak. Always keep track of any original parts that you replace.

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