The 22 Amazing Benefits of Kayaking

Health Benefits of paddling

Kayaking is just like any other outdoor sports activity, you can do it as a hobby, a competitive sport, or as a fun activity on holidays. But kayaking is surprisingly worked on your posture, body and mind while savoring the pleasure of sliding. They are low-impact activities but have many health benefits.

This article going to be more interesting for beginners or even people who have been into the sport for years but don’t realize what they can easily get from kayaking.

Physical Benefit of Kayaking

Balance on a kayak on the water requires the commitment of your whole body which brings many physical benefits. For example, you’ll need to use your glutes, abs, quads, and other stabilizing muscles to keep yourself from falling into the water.

Let’s see in detail the benefits of kayaking…

1. Make your arm strong and healthy

Paddling your kayak for hours and hours makes real work for your arm muscles. To travel a kilometer on your kayak, you need to do at least 300 strokes, depending on several factors, and you need to use your upper body and rotating muscles to propel yourself through the water. During these sessions, your biceps and triceps are the two muscles that do most of the work.

2. Best workout for upper body

If you’ve been kayaking for a very long time, you need to know how kayaking can be one of the best upper body workouts you can get into today. When you place your paddle right in the water and perform those nice, even strokes, this will incorporate every muscle in the upper part of the body.

So if you don’t like the idea of ​​going to the gym; you now know what you should be doing very soon.

3. Increase your stamina

By navigating these technical rivers with strong currents and waves, you will be more in tune with the behavior of your kayak. You’ll also be more in tune with the weather than you can actually row without necessarily getting tired. So aside from all the fun, you will get from kayaking, this is one of the best ways to increase your stamina.

4. Help you lose weight

If you’ve been struggling with excess weight for years and have tried all weight loss methods with no major success, then regular kayaking is all you need. Because this is one of the best fat-burning activities and could even help you shed those extra pounds safely and naturally.

Family enjoy kayaking

In fact, if you move at a speed of 8 km / h, alone burns 400 calories after an hour. So the more you pedal, the more calories you lose.

Kayaking is also the best way to maintain a lean and lean body. Although it is pretty much less than what you can burn through other exercises, such as running on a treadmill, it’s a whole lot more fun than running on a treadmill.

5. Heart strengthening help

Kayaking is an aerobic sport, which is also known as cardiac exercise. This type of exercise strengthens your heart muscle and improves its efficiency to pump blood.

Your heart is usually made up of the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Since these two parts play a key role in the balance and control of the kayak; it will greatly strengthen your heart. It also increases blood circulation efficiency and the total amount of red blood cells in your body.

6. Cardiovascular health

A healthy heart means fewer heart problems, such as cardiac arrests. This aerobic kayaking exercise also has great cardiovascular health benefits.

Normally, these continuous movements of your body often increase your heart rate, which can improve your heart performance and most importantly contribute to the development of your cardiovascular system.

7. Tones your legs

Although the benefits of kayaking are more evident on your arms, shoulders, and upper back, it also has significant effects on your legs.

When you are trying to turn or maneuver, you would unknowingly tighten and loosen the muscles in your legs alternatively countless times. This can be the best leg exercise you will ever get. After all, these constant contractions of the leg muscles over time lead to an increase in leg strength.

8. Make your shoulders strong

Compared to other outdoor activities you can indulge in today, kayaking has become a physical exercise that engages you more. The movements of your paddle that wake up after each stroke and cause them to stretch out towards you cause a bit of shoulder work.

Couple Enjoy Kayaking in the Morning

Also, the rotating movement of the paddle from one side to the other facilitates the symmetrical development of the muscles and strengthens the obliques.

9. Reduce stress on your joints

Kayak paddling is a very low-impact activity; it can bring significant benefits to your joints. Several types of research have shown that, unlike other physical activities, paddling will not produce any wear and tear on your joints in any way. Because kayaking will leave your joints healthy and incredibly flexible. Those joint pains you had to deal with will be a thing of the past.

10. Strength your back muscles

Stand-up paddling is an activity that protects your back, as long as you hold yourself well. Kayak paddling will make your core, which will strengthen your abdominal belt as well as your back muscles. Then, you will be able to refine and cut your figure from the spring and proudly display your new swimsuit on the beach.

11. Vitamin D in Your Body

Biologically, our body needs vitamin D to function properly. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough because there are few types of food that bring vitamin D. Kayaking means getting out and getting more sun. This time in the sun can help your body get the vitamin D it needs so much to function properly.

Vitamin D is also essential to build strong bones and boost the immune system. However, to reduce skin problems, if you have very sensitive skin, remember to bring effective sunscreen with you.

Mental Benefit

The first benefit of kayaking most people would think of would be physical. Yes, it’s true but there is no denying that practicing this outdoor activity is good for mental health.

Mental health benefits of kayaking

It’s not just the mind’s job to get your body to coordinate. It is the deeply positive effect of being outdoors and connecting with nature that benefits your mental health. Let’s see…

12. Kayaking allows you to relax

Kayak paddling is recommended for anxious and emotional people. It can even have a little anti-depressant effect in many ways, first and foremost by photosensitization. If your version of relaxation involves action, try doing yoga on the kayak. The body and mind must work together to complete your poses and stay dry.

It is an exercise in awareness and mindfulness not to be missed.

13. Help you increase confidence

In fact, many people suffer from mental health problems and even depression, which can affect their self-confidence. When it comes to kayaking, it means you have to get out of the house and during those great kayaking times you meet new people and the amount of fun you can get will actually make you forget a lot of things.

The best part, once you feel really good about yourself or even what you’re doing at the time, it will help you conquer your pursuit of happiness in myriad ways.

14. Improves your memory

If you have blackouts and often find yourself forgetting some of the most important things; well, you can start kayaking. It is a pleasant and effective way to improve your memory.

Normally when you are kayaking, you need to be active and trigger the release of chemicals in the body that help improve health and more importantly brain cells.

15. Make your mind happy

Talk to an expert today and they’ll tell you how exercise can improve your mood. So if you’re feeling worthless and can’t move, go kayaking. It’s a great physical activity that can help the body release a good hormone called endorphin, which makes you happier.

Kayaking Can Make Your Mind Happy

16. Emotional benefits

If you are a couple facing many challenges, incorporating your favorite activity, such as fishing, into your kayaking trip can increase the positivity of your relationship. It’s one of the best ways to bring people together. Kayaking improves the range of motion.

17. Improve your sleeping quality

For people who have had to deal with sleep issues like insomnia, I really can’t say what you had to deal with. While there is a lot you can do, kayaking is all you need. These great bodily exercises combined with this type of activity tire your body and reduce your stress levels. It can help you fall asleep very quickly.

Other Benefits

18. Kayaking brings you closer to nature

We know it, but it is difficult to realize the ever-increasing length of time we spend in front of our screens (smartphone, computer, tablet, television). We also unconsciously inflict this on our children. It is therefore extremely beneficial to get out and reconnect with our environment.

In kayaking, you have the chance to experience the ebb and flow of rivers, lakes and oceans. As the water flows to your feet and toes, you will be able to experience nature and its creatures by inserting yourself into their privacy. You will first start by reconnecting and then your sensitivity to environmental issues will increase. It will make you, for sure, a better person.

19. Stand up kayaking creates a social bond

Any paddler will say it’s fun and makes them happier. This joy and happiness only grow when you share the experience with your friends and family. Kayaking gives you the opportunity to transport yourself and your group to unique environments and experiences that your circle will remember and talk about for years to come.

20. It can be practiced in competition

Whether you are someone who always needs to compete against each other, needs speed or race, paddling is still for you. Even if 95% of the practitioners choose the paddle for a fun activity, read sports events related to the paddle are frequently organized.

Sports competition in kayaking

It only requires water. And there is something for everyone, from novice to pro, from flatwater paddler to deep-sea runner to whitewater warrior.

21. The practice of kayaking is varied

Do you like to go fast? No problem, there are kayaks that can split through the water and give you the smoothest ride even in rough water. Want to cruise a lake but on a tight budget? A flat hull board (all-around shape) is made for you.

From the bustle of the rivers to the calm of the lakes, from the waves to surf to the small eddies of the edge, only the sky is the limit. The field of possibilities is very wide. The choice is in your hands.

22. Kayaking is not expensive

Unlike most other water sports, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start kayaking. With the growing popularity of kayaking over the past few years, kayaks are more affordable than ever.

The inflatable kayak, made from a tough and durable material, offers consumers a convenient and portable option, For 200 dollars you can be outfitted and ready to go.

An inflatable paddle kayak can roll up and throw in the trunk of your sedan or walk to an alpine lake for half the cost of a standard bulky canoe and a fraction of the cost of a powerboat.


As you can see, kayaking saves you a lot. So if you’ve had to deal with stress, sleep issues, social issues, or even just want to build those big muscles, now you know what you need to do. Kayaking is much like most physical exercises. You can usually do it in rivers, lakes or oceans, and brings many benefits. In fact, for living a very healthy lifestyle, kayaking or occasional kayak fishing is highly recommended.

Note that kayaking involves paddling a small craft through the water. Don’t forget to wear a kayak PFD! To enjoy the most benefits, you should practice kayaking as often as possible.

Now you’re ready to prepare for your next vacation.

Liam Dean is a Professional Blogger and Outdoor Enthusiast. He completed Masters in Sports Sciences and spend all of his free time doing sports and other outdoor activities. During vacations, he goes hunting, fishing and mountaineering.

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