11 Good Reasons to Buy a Treadmill for Home Use

Good Reasons to Buy Treadmill

The treadmill is among the most popular fitness equipment in professional gyms and is also a top-selling fitness machine for home use, especially for individuals aiming to lose weight and enhance their physical condition.

There are numerous compelling reasons to invest in a treadmill for your home. It enables you to cover considerable distances without changing your position. Professional runners also incorporate treadmills into their training routines, providing a consistent workout irrespective of outdoor weather conditions. Also, it offers a fun alternative that doesn’t require you to venture outdoors for a run.

In this article, we will share 11 good reasons why purchasing a treadmill for home use can be a game-changer for your overall health and well-being.

11 Good Reasons  to Invest in a Treadmill

From the flexibility of workouts to the privacy of your own space, the advantages of having a treadmill at your fingertips are numerous.

1. Weight loss and physical improvement

For years, treadmills have helped millions of people to achieve their health goals all around the world. The two main goals for users of treadmills are weight loss and improved fitness. If this works for a lot of people, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you, but it takes some effort.

Treadmill is also ideal for running enthusiasts because it allows for monitoring performance with precision. Walking and running on this exercise machine will help you burn calories fast and therefore lose weight consistently. Running on the treadmill will also improve your stamina and health. Your heart, lungs, and muscles also will benefit from this activity.

Here are some figures to give you a statistical idea:

  • A 5 km / h walk burns about 2 calories per kilogram of your body weight every 30 minutes. For a person weighing 70 kilograms, this equates to 280 calories for a one-hour session.
  • Running at 10 km / h burns 5 calories per kilogram of your body weight every 30 min. For a person weighing 80 kilograms, this equates to 800 calories for a one-hour session.
  • Running at 12 km / h burns about 6.5 calories per pound of your body weight every 30 min. For a person weighing 80 kilograms, this equates to 1020 calories for an hour session.
  • Walking and running on a treadmill is also great for increasing your heart rate in areas that will cause you to lose weight and improve your endurance.

2. Give you more control over your speed

One of the most common mistakes people make when start walking or running on the treadmill is they start too fast for their actual level, especially when they have been out of the sport for several years. If you start too hard workouts at the beginning of your walking or running program, it can lead to injury and may discourage you as you will feel like it is too hard and not worth it.

If a friend of yours suggests going for a 10 km run when you haven’t run for 5 years, say no and start at your own pace. There is no point in cutting corners. On a treadmill, unlike outdoor running, you will have the ability to adjust the speed at which you want to walk or run. You will have better control and visualization of your training.

There are even some high-end models that allow you to adjust the running speed according to your heart rate. It’s a great way to make sure you’re always training in the appropriate heart rate zone for your level.

3. You can adjust the speed according to your level

Many modern treadmills provide the capability to adjust running speed in small increments. This feature is perfect for progressively intensifying your training—for instance, by running at 9 km/h, then 9.2 km/h, and gradually increasing to 9.4 km/h. This allows you to reach a sufficient level before advancing to higher intensity levels.

Making the machine go a little faster or a little slower can be done with the push of a button. This is ideal for interval workouts, you will be able to run at different speeds during the same workout.

4. There are no hours to use your treadmill

One of the biggest advantages of buying a treadmill for home is that you can use it whenever you want – day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine. Today, many people lead overworked lives, and difficult to find the time to train in gyms or outdoors because of their busy schedules. So they can train when they want. For this reason, having a treadmill at home may still be the best option for you. Then enroll in a gym, as you won’t have to think about gym schedules or have to do the workout.

5. The whole family can use it for sports

Treadmill for whole family workout
Happy Family Enjoy Workout on Treadmill

Your whole family can use the treadmill for sports, weight loss, and maintaining fitness. Research has shown that when the entire family has similar goals and is determined to lose weight together, each member of the family is more likely to be successful. There is a general motivation that sets in between everyone and also some form of competition, pushing everyone to do their best.

It’s like if you want to quit smoking, but the rest of the family continues to smoke, it will be difficult to hold on. However, if everyone quits at the same time, there will be greater motivation and the goal will generally be easier to achieve.

6. Make the most of your time

Owning a treadmill not only allows you to exercise every day but also to do something else at the same time if the thought of spending 45 minutes on a treadmill discourages you. To make a session less monotonous, some people like to watch their favorite TV shows or listen to their favorite music at the same time.

The time will seem less long on the machine, and sometimes it even makes the session seem easier. Of course, it depends on everyone’s tastes. You don’t have to do the same. Some people prefer to stay focused on their workouts. You will also save time by not having to go to the gym or the park. At home, all you have to do is turn on the treadmill and start your session.

7. Have firmer and more muscular legs

Many of us would like to have more noticeable abs, nicer legs and shape, and a firmer butt, especially for women. Regular running on a treadmill will help you change your figure, but you will also need to change your diet for more effective results.

However, if you run a lot, but only eat fast food, the results will be minimal or no results. At the same time, strength training combined with running can give very good results. Squats, and lunges… are ideal exercises to do in addition to achieving your goals.

8. Treadmills simulate roads with unevenness

on a flat surface is beneficial, but incorporating an incline is even more effective, especially for weight loss and muscle strengthening. In addition to being able to adjust the intensity of your workout by adjusting the speed of the treadmill, there are so many treadmills for home use that offer the ability to adjust the incline of the running surface. This will allow you to intensify your sessions.

With a single button, you can simulate a walk or run uphill. This will help you increase your heart rate, and of course, burn more calories for every minute you spend on the machine. If you are preparing for a race with climbs or false slopes, but you live in a city where all the roads are flat, you will be able to simulate uneven terrain on your device.

9. You train without judgment

In general, people who want to lose weight don’t feel very good about themselves. They care a lot about their appearance and don’t necessarily want to work out in public in the gym. Often out of fear of being laughed at or looked at by others. This is all about self-confidence, and being aware that the majority of other people don’t even notice you in the gym. Everyone is rather focused on their own body and image.

Nonetheless, if you are too shy or lack the confidence to register in a gym or run outside at the moment, a home treadmill will allow you to work out without these problems. When your figure changes and your physical condition gradually improves, your self-confidence will be greater. Because yes, sports or exercise is excellent practice for boosting confidence.

10. Save your money

Buying a treadmill Save your money for a long time

At first glance, buying a treadmill can seem like a big investment if you think about the short-term goal. But in the end, on second thought, it can be cheaper than paying for a gym membership, especially if your family has more than one person and they want to exercise on it.

Gym memberships can become costly, especially if you find yourself not using them consistently, a common occurrence. For many individuals, the money might be better invested in a high-quality treadmill. With a treadmill, you can have a lasting fitness solution at home, ensuring it remains a valuable investment over the years.

It also helps to avoid frequent trips to the gym or park. You will save on gasoline or public transportation costs. You should know that most of today’s treadmills have excellent built-in quality and are very robust. They are sold with good guarantees and customer service and allow you to use them for many years.

11. Take no more account of the weather

Sometimes you will have to cancel walking or running sessions because of bad weather if you choose to run outdoors. Also, you will be faced with many hazards such as insecurity, traffic, and sometimes even the risk of falls if you usually run outside. A treadmill is therefore a genuine option for working at home safely at all times. You don’t need to think about the bad weather and traffic jam.

Disadvantages of the treadmill

Besides so many advantages of using a treadmill at home, it has several disadvantages that must be taken into account before starting exercise on a treadmill or buying it.

A less natural stride

The stride on a treadmill is less natural than running in nature. Unlike running on the ground, there is no horizontal movement. The mat pulls the runner’s foot back causing them to put the other foot forward. Also, the movement is more mechanical and the muscular work different. The hamstrings are less strained, in contrast to the psoas-iliac muscles (hip flexors) which work more to compensate. The first sessions can unsettle because it takes time to adapt. The sensations are as different as outside. The vibrations of the treadmill can be unpleasant for someone.

No proprioception work

Unlike the terrain with its holes, bumps, stones, etc., the treadmill’s surface is smooth and flat. The runner no longer has to worry about the difficulties of the ground. But this has the disadvantage of not working on proprioception (unconscious learning of the position of the joints to maintain balance). However, this work is necessary to avoid accidents of the sprain type, etc. Resuming running after having worked on a treadmill for a long time may be surprising at first because the brain is no longer used to rough terrain.

Treadmill workouts can get boring quickly. To stay mode active, it is best to run while watching TV, listening to music, or listening to a coaching program. These programs meet a specific goal (improve endurance, lose fat, etc.). You can find online programs on the internet.

Prepare to sweat

You sweat a lot while exercising on a treadmill because there is no cooling effect of the air created by the movement and of course no wind except that of your fan. Some models also include a fan to alleviate this problem but it is not commensurate with the smooth wind. Remember to hydrate yourself well to avoid the risk of fatigue and tendonitis.

Conclusion: Buy a treadmill

Today, the whole world is facing an unprecedented health crisis. Around the world, old habits have changed dramatically. In this situation, you must maintain your health to develop your immune system. The treadmill remains one of the most practical devices for exercising at home today. Many sports coaches suggest their students exercise on the treadmill. Because it is ideal for weight loss, helps to improve physical condition, and develops the body’s defenses. When you exercise on the treadmill, every part of your body is involved and many of your organs will find satisfaction.

I hope this article helped you to decide whether or not to buy a treadmill for home use.

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