Best Bow Strings for 2024

In the world of archery, where precision meets passion, the unsung heroes of a bow’s performance are its strings. As we venture into the landscape of bowstring technology in 2024, this review takes on a nuanced exploration beyond the surface of archery equipment.

Whether you’re seasoned or novice, the choice of bowstrings is more than a mere accessory—it’s a factor influencing accuracy, speed, and overall shooting experience. The year 2024 brings with it a diverse array of bowstrings, each promising a unique amalgamation of innovation and tradition.

This review aims to guide your selection and unravel the intricacies that define the best bow strings of the year. From advancements in materials like high-performance synthetic fibers to the enduring appeal of traditional materials, we have covered that reflects the ever-evolving nature of archery.

Best Bow Strings for 2024

Ranking of the best bow strings for 2024:

  1. DEERACE Dacron Traditional Recurve Bow String
  2. KESHES Dacron Bow String Replacement
  3. SOPOGER Archery Recurve Bow Stringer Tool
  4. RAVIN R190 Crossbow String and Cable Set
  5. DEERACE Traditional Recurve Bow String
  6. Legend Recurve Bow String Accessories
  7. Excalibur Matrix Versatile Crossbow String
  8. Lightning Archery Flemish D97 Bow String

Let’s explore in detail…

1. DEERACE Dacron Traditional Recurve Bow String

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DEERACE Dacron Traditional Recurve Bow String is the premier choice, designed for professionals, athletes, and hunters. As the inaugural entry in our top 8 best bow strings reviews, it sets a high standard with its breakthrough B-55 material. It is designed to meet the unique needs of Recurve bows, Longbows, and Traditional bows.

It has the capability to absorb vibrations originating from the bow, leading to a faster and more controlled shot. This characteristic is particularly valuable if you’re looking for a seamless experience when pulling the string and releasing the arrow.

The 1.8-inch 2-finger bowstring finger guard and its 0.9-inch 1-finger counterpart offer exceptional portability due to their compact and lightweight design. These guards are convenient to carry and easy to apply. The inclusion of a mounting pin in each set simplifies the installation process and ensures hassle-free usage.

The anti-wear material used in the bowstring finger guards is made of soft and durable silicone. The guards resist tearing, adding to the overall longevity of the product. The endless loop type construction, comprising three parts (String Loop, Under Loop Serving Place, and Centre Serving Place), is suitable for recurve bows. The waterproof and dustproof features, enhanced by the application of string wax, contribute to protecting the bowstrings.

  • Excellent fit and perfect brace height
  • Precise size and thickness
  • Convenient for use
  • Comes with pre-attached finger guards
  • Not recommended for frequent use
  • Accuracy will be reduced when using with attached finger pads

2. KESHES Dacron Bow String for Traditional Bow

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This marks my third purchase of a KESHES bowstring, each made for different lengths of recurve bows. Specifically, I opted for the 14-strand version designed for a 50 lbs bow. This string is a perfect match for bows like the Bear Kodiak Magnum, Bear Grizzly, and other older and newer Bear models.

The KESHES Dacron Bow String is built with the latest string technology with its B-55 Dacron material. This upgraded version ensures that you retain the power of the previous B-50 string and enjoy a less permanent stretch.

It is able to provide the same power as the B-50 while offering a reduced tendency for permanent stretch, commonly known as ‘creep.’ This feature contributes to a longer lifespan for the string, as it maintains its original length even after repeated use.

It also provides a user-friendly experience with its straightforward installation process. The ends are pre-made into loop styles, which allow easy insertion into your bow without the need for additional adjustments. I have good experience with KESHES’s customer support. If you are not fully pleased, they promise a full refund.

  • Versatility with options
  • Available in various strand options
  • Wide range of length sizes
  • Ease of installation
  • Good value for the money
  • Not durable like our top pick
  • The lower loop is a bit tight

3. SOPOGER Archery Recurve Bow Stringer Tool

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The SOPOGER Archery Stringer is a reliable and user-friendly accessory, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned archers. It is made from thickened cowhide leather and durable nylon. SOPOGER bow stringer includes thoughtful additions like string silencers—a valuable inclusion that sets it apart from other options on the market.

It has a total length of 61 inches, designed for various recurve bows, including hunting bows, target bows, longbows, and traditional bows. Its simple and practical operation ensures that even novices can use it effortlessly.

It is designed with high safety in mind to protect the bow from potential damage and ensure safety during the stringing process. Its anti-skid pad prevents twisting bow limbs, making the stringing process smoother and less strenuous. It is designed to pull from tip to tip, reducing the effort required to string your bow.

The thickened nylon rope adds to the durability and ensures a long service life. The interior fluff design further enhances protection by safeguarding bow limbs and tips while preventing slippage.

  • Great price
  • Very well made
  • Easy to change strings
  • Thickened leather protect
  • Interior fluff design
  • No instructions

4. RAVIN R190 Crossbow String and Cable Set

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The Ravin R190 Crossbow String and Cable Set is a specialized accessory designed exclusively for use with the Ravin R9, R10, R15, R20, and R29 crossbows. As a dedicated product for these specific crossbow models, it is designed to provide optimal performance and durability.

This specific design ensures a precise fit, addressing compatibility concerns that can arise with generic string and cable sets. However, this set is relatively more expensive compared to other options.

The Ravin R190 is crafted with high-quality materials that prioritize durability and longevity. They undergo significant stress and friction during operation. It stands up well to the demands of repeated use.

When it comes to installation, the Ravin R190 bowstring is beginner-friendly. Clear instructions and a straightforward process contribute to a hassle-free experience for crossbow owners. This can be especially appreciated for those who prefer a DIY approach to maintaining and upgrading their crossbow equipment.

  • Optimal performance
  • User-friendly installation
  • High-quality string and cable set
  • No stretch durable string
  • Designed to be used on Ravin Crossbows only
  • A bit hard to cock

5. DEERACE Traditional Recurve Bow String

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If you’re looking for a reliable and high-performance bowstring, the DEERACE Traditional Bow String is a game-changer for you. It is also made from B-55 material. It will help to achieve quicker shot when you pull the string and release the arrow.

Its specialized design is perfect for different types of bows and delivers a consistently great shot with every use. The endless loop type construction, consisting of three parts simplifies installation. For recurve bows, the Bigger Loop is designed for the Upper Limb, while the Smaller Loop is for the Lower Limb.

This bowstring is equipped with string wax, adding an extra layer of protection and extending its lifetime. This feature is particularly valuable if you want to shoot in various weather conditions.

This model also offers the same power as Dacron B-50 strings but with reduced stretching. The high-tech materials used in the construction provide improved abrasion resistance, making it a reliable choice for professional archers.

  • B-55 Dacron Material
  • Completely waterproof
  • Endless loop type
  • Very smooth
  • Less Stretch
  • Limited compatibility

6. Legend Recurve Bow String Accessories

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The Legend Recurve Bow String has enhanced durability that’s trusted by our professional team. These B-55 recurve bowstrings strike the perfect balance between resilience and consistent shooting. They’re designed to withstand the rigors of both rigorous archery sessions and prolonged use.

When it comes to performance, the Legend Recurve Bow String doesn’t disappoint. It provides a smoother shot and improved accuracy, thanks to its precision-packed design. The robust power of Dacron B-50 strings is delivered with minimized stretch, offering easier aiming.

It has a wide range of customization options. You can choose between 12, 14, or 16 strands based on your specific archery needs. Fewer strands give you a smoother shot and enhanced precision, while more strands deliver greater power and reach. The guidelines provided for strand selection based on bow weight ensure that you can shine your bowstring for optimal tension.

The braided ends not only ensure durability but also make attaching the string to your bow effortless. It is compatible with recurve bows ranging from AMO 48 to 66 inches.

  • Effortless setup with precision
  • Enhanced durability
  • Multiple strand option
  • Great value for money
  • Loops are quite small

7. Excalibur Matrix Versatile Crossbow String

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When you opt for the Excalibur Matrix Crossbow String, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re embracing the experience and technologies trusted by hunters. The commitment to providing the finest equipment and service since 1983 is reflected in every aspect of this string. It’s an excellent choice for those who value performance and durability in their crossbow accessories.

It is made from BCY DynaFlight 97 material. This durable string is designed to minimize creep while maximizing speed. Its high-end construction ensures optimal speed for your crossbow and reduces the need for constant tuning. This will allow you to focus more on shooting and less on adjustments.

Its proprietary center serving is a unique portion that significantly extends the lifespan of the string. This means you can engage in more shooting sessions without worrying about premature wear and tear.

Compatibility is another feather in the cap of this versatile accessory. It is made to fit all Matrix and Bulldog series crossbows, including popular models like Matrix 405, Matrix 380, Matrix 355, Matrix 310, Grizzly, GRZ2, Bulldog 400, Bulldog 380, Bulldog 440, and Bulldog 330.

  • Durable and versatile
  • Reduced creep and increased speed
  • Compatible with a wide range of crossbows
  • Good customer service
  • Short length

8. Lightning Archery Flemish D97 Bow String Replacement

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The Lightning Archery Flemish D97 Bow String offers a remarkable blend of quality and performance. With a seamless blend of advanced materials and craftsmanship, this bowstring can be a good choice if you want to achieve a superior shooting experience.

It is crafted from premium Flemish braid D-97 material, which is meticulously hand-braided to absorb bow vibrations effectively. The added durability of braided ends on each loop ensures a longer lifespan.

The D-97 bowstring is celebrated for its super smoothness and fast rate of shoot. The inclusion of Fast Flight Plus technology enhances speed and brings the benefits of Flemish-style precision and quiet operation. It is easy and safe on both recurve and traditional bows.

The brand provides a custom service, allowing each bow to have its own suitable bowstring, which can be matched with any color preference. This personalization adds a touch of individuality to the archery experience. Applied with string wax, it not only protects the bow strings but also prolongs their lifespan.

  • Premium materials
  • Perfect fit
  • Well made
  • Strong and safe
  • Over the first 10-20 shots require adjustment

Why Trust Us: A Commitment to Unbiased Expertise

In the vast landscape of bowstring reviews, our dedication to delivering reliable insights differentiates us from the rest. Here are the key reasons you can rely on our assessments:

  • Extensive Research: Our reviews are not based solely on personal opinions but are the result of thorough research. We consider the technical specifications, manufacturing processes, and user experiences associated with each bowstring. By staying informed about industry advancements, we ensure that our evaluations are grounded in the latest developments.
  • Hands-On Testing: To offer practical insights, we prioritize hands-on testing whenever possible. By physically engaging with the bowstrings, we assess their durability, performance under different conditions, and how well they align with the manufacturer’s claims. This approach ensures that our reviews go beyond theoretical considerations.
  • Objective Analysis: Our reviews maintain objectivity by avoiding bias towards specific brands or materials. We critically evaluate each bowstring based on a set of predetermined criteria, considering factors such as material quality, performance, user feedback, and value for money.
  • User Feedback Integration: Understanding that the user experience is invaluable, we incorporate a broad spectrum of user feedback into our reviews. By aggregating opinions from archers with diverse skill levels and preferences, we provide a comprehensive overview of how different bowstrings resonate within the archery community.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Transparency is a cornerstone of our reviewing process. We disclose our methodology, sources, and any potential conflicts of interest, ensuring that you can trust the integrity of our evaluations. Our commitment to accountability means that we continuously reassess and update our reviews to reflect any changes in product performance or market dynamics.
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How to Choose a Bowstring

Selecting the ideal bow strings involves more than just picking a random set. In this buying guide, we break down the key considerations to guide you toward the best bow strings for your unique needs.

Material Type

  • Traditional Materials: For archers looking for a classic feel, natural materials like Dacron or Fast Flight offer a traditional touch. They are known for their forgiving nature and are often favored in traditional bows.
  • Synthetic Fibers: Modern advancements bring forth high-performance synthetic fibers such as BCY X99 or Dyneema. These materials offer enhanced durability, faster arrow speeds, and reduced stretch compared to traditional options.

String Construction

  • Single vs. Multi-Strand: Consider whether you prefer a single or multi-strand construction. Single-strand strings often provide a smoother release and reduced noise, while multi-strand strings may offer added durability.
  • String Twist and Serving: Pay attention to the twist and serving of the bow string. Properly aligned twists contribute to consistency and accuracy. A well-served string ensures longevity and protects against wear.

Bow Compatibility

Before selecting a bowstring, make sure to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. Certain bows come with specific requirements pertaining to string material and length. Taking the time to understand and adhere to these guidelines ensures optimal performance and longevity for your equipment.

String Length and Brace Height

To ensure the accurate selection of a bowstring, measure your existing string or refer to your bow’s specifications to determine the correct length. It’s essential to consider the brace height as well, which is the distance between the bow grip and the string. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding both string length and brace height is significant for optimizing the overall performance of your bow.

Purpose and Shooting Style

  • Target Shooting vs. Hunting: Consider your primary use. Bowstrings designed for target shooting prioritize factors like smoothness and precision, while those for hunting might emphasize durability and speed.
  • String Strands for Compound Bows: Compound bows often require specific types of strings due to their unique design. Pay attention to the recommended strand count and material for optimal performance.

Maintenance and Longevity

Some materials require more frequent waxing than others. Assess your willingness to invest time in maintenance, as well-maintained strings contribute to longevity and consistent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my bow strings?

The frequency of replacing bow strings depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and material. High-quality strings, well-maintained and not subjected to excessive wear, can last several years. However, we recommend you inspect them regularly for signs of fraying, separation, or other visible damage, and replace them as needed.

What’s the significance of string materials like Dyneema or BCY X99?

String materials like Dyneema and BCY X99 are high-performance synthetic fibers known for their strength, low stretch, and durability. Dyneema is often used in premium bow strings for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, while BCY X99 is favored for its stability and minimal creep.

Can I switch from traditional to synthetic bow strings or vice versa?

Although it’s possible to switch between traditional and synthetic bow strings, make sure to consider the compatibility with your bow and personal preferences. Traditional bows are designed to work optimally with traditional materials like Dacron, while modern bows benefit from the performance characteristics of synthetic fibers.

How do I know the right string length for my bow?

To determine the correct string length, consult your bow’s manual or measure your existing string from end to end. String length is a critical factor in bow performance and safety, so accuracy is essential. If in doubt, look for guidance from the bow manufacturer or an experienced archery professional.

What’s the purpose of string servings, and do I need them?

Servings are protective wraps around specific areas of the bowstring, usually the ends and the center where it contacts the bow’s cam or wheels. Servings enhance durability, reduce wear, and prevent separation of the string fibers. Although not strictly mandatory, servings significantly contribute to the longevity and performance of bowstrings.

Are custom bow strings worth the investment?

Custom bowstrings, designed for your bow and shooting preferences, can offer enhanced performance and a personalized touch. They include specific materials, colors, or serving options. Whether they are worth the investment depends on your priorities and budget. If customization is essential to you, consulting with a reputable bow string maker can provide a good solution.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this exploration of the best bow strings in 2024, the intricacies of this crucial archery component come into sharp focus. The right string goes beyond function, becoming a precise and personal connection. The journey through various materials, constructions, and considerations has been a tapestry of innovation and tradition.

Remember that the best bow string for you is not just the one that performs optimally but the one that resonates with your archery journey and aligns seamlessly with your preferences and aspirations.

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