10 Best Compound Bow Under $500 in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Compound Bow Under $500 Reviews

The bow is one of the few technologies that will never die out. The compound bow is complicated to operate and highly technical construction may seem a little intimidating at first glance, but especially for technology fans, it is particularly fascinating and exactly the right choice for this reason.

For hunting, it is best to use shorter and lighter Compound bows. Since you have to carry the bow in the field to maneuver it in a blind or tree stand, the compact size and lightweight design will be extremely practical. As a beginner, you shouldn’t worry much about that. Just make sure the bow is not too long.

If you are looking for precise information about the best compound bow under 500 dollars, you can find it right here. In order to offer you a comparative analysis of the best products, we have created a complete overview for you.

Best Compound Bows under $500 in 2021

Of course, the market is full of compound bows from different manufacturers, each with different specifications. And there are different ways to look at each of the characteristics to consider. It is possible to use a compound bow for target shooting or for hunting. So first you need to determine the purpose of use. This in-depth review shows the ten best compound bows under $500 that will please you.

Make sure you check our comparison table of the top 10 best compound bows under $500.


  • Draw Length: 12” to 30”
  • Draw Weight: 5 to 70 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 315 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 20” to 29”
  • Draw Weight: 25 to 55 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 235 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 25” to 31”
  • Draw Weight: 50 to 70 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 310 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 16” to 26.5”
  • Draw Weight: 29 to 40 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 310 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 26” to 30.5”
  • Draw Weight: 50 to 70 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 295 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 19” to 30”
  • Draw Weight: 19 to 70 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 320 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 19” to 29”
  • Draw Weight: 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 296 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 25” to 31”
  • Draw Weight: 40 to 70 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 310 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 19” to 29”
  • Draw Weight: 30 to 55 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 260 FPS
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  • Draw Length: 19” to 29”
  • Draw Weight: 23.5 to 30.5 lbs.
  • Shoots Up: 320 FPS
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1. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 – Adult Skill Level Compound Bow

Bear Archery Compound Bow under 500Among the best compound bows under $500 of 2021, the Bear Archery proposal is appreciated for the richness of its packaging and good build quality. This compound bow comes ready to hunt and includes six Trophy Ridge accessories. This is the RTH package with quiver, rest, sight, Stabilizer, Sling, peep and loop.

The high energy cams are very efficient and interesting, which allows you to develop and store great energy. With an overall speed of 315 fps, the bow can adjust to any draw length from 12″ to 30″ and from 5 to 70 lbs. However, you may know that the shorter the draw length, the higher the lowest poundage will be.

It is very easy to hold the draw, even while set at the full 70 lb. The let-off point reaches 70%, with the unloading of the weight in the final draft phase which is useful to keep the aim and seal fixed before leaving the arrow. This bow is great for those new to shooting who need to develop muscles and form.

With a full sheet of instructions, all adjustments are marked on the cams. It was designed as a grow with youth bow but can be shot as an adult as well. Everything is assembled, you have to attach the quiver and other add ones. It takes maybe a minute.

The sight pins are not set at the factory. You will need to adjust them to your shooting distances. The grip is a little narrow other than that you can’t go wrong with this bow.
  • Easy it is to adjust draw length
  • Quiet and consistent Shoots
  • Very flexible and reliable
  • Perfect for the beginner
  • Ready to shoot and hunt
  • The Peep sight is not the best
  • Does not come with arrows

2. Southland Archery Supply Quad Limb Compound Bow

SAS Compound Bow under 500The Southland Archery Supply SAS-753B bow brings together several qualities that have earned it second place in this guide. The draw length is 20-29″ and the draw weight is 25-55 lbs. The power reaches up to 310 fps, with a speed that should be taken into account when shooting.

It is a right-handed compound bow, which means you hold it on the left and pull the string with the right. You can easily adjust the length and draw weight yourself. To adjust the draw length, you move the screws on the cams to a different hole. The adjustable bow is very consistent and gives you much confidence to hit the target.

This model is a great choice for beginner and intermediate. And for the price, you cannot beat it. It is a little smaller than adult size and slightly larger than a youth compound bow but both can use it. The bow its self is pretty good and you can also use it for fishing.

It is smaller than a typical men’s bow but the weight can be adjusted to accommodate a kid to adult. The included accessories aren’t that great but they are able to complete the job. However, you can upgrade the accessories. It is a good universal bow and the major parts are assembled.

The instructions included are pretty bad at showing how to assemble the accessories. You need to learn on the internet how to put them on.
  • Very good bow for starters
  • Great quality and lightweight
  • Fast and straight shooting
  • The sight is really good
  • Compressed ABS Limbs
  • Does not come with a case
  • The arrows are really cheap

3. Leader Accessories Right Handed Compound Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow under 500Leader Accessories Black is a great entry level compound bow for small game hunting. It will be perfect for an adult looking to get into bow hunting or for a teenager looking to do the same. This beginner compound bow is highly adjustable to meet the demands of nearly any shooter.

The draw cycle is smooth and it has a solid back wall, and it shoots pretty fast, and without a doubt, you will be capable of dispatching any animal you plan to hunt. The whole bow is designed as most compounds are now and pretty much any accessories can be added.

It has an efficient aiming system that you will have to adjust to adapt to your morphology and your shooting habits. The strings of this bow are also of very good quality, which increases the velocity of the shot. We can also appreciate the lightness of this model and the fact that it is very quiet.

The extension is variable to extend from 25 to 31 inches. The projection speed of the boom can reach 310fps.

This Leader Accessories hunting bow built with fiber optic sight, drop away arrow rest, release aid, D string loop, peep sight, wax, and 2pcs of 30″ aluminum arrow. The aluminum alloy of which it is composed effectively releases the vibrations and the release stroke, once the arrow starts.

It’s a little on the heavy side, especially with all the attachments, but for the price, it’s unbeatable. There are several parts you need attached that would be very difficult to do at home if you are a newbie.
  • Shoots great and highly adjustable
  • The release is also super sensitive
  • Included accessories are pretty good
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Great quality for the price
  • Instruction manual is not very informative
  • The string is of overall not good quality


PSE Compound BowThis bow has good components, solid appearance. It allows you to aim at a more than respectable distance, quickly and quietly. The overall quality is excellent, the cams and ropes are of high quality. It is perfectly suited for hunting or precision shooting.

The bow is light enough that has no trouble holding it up. It is very easy to adjust draw length and poundage without a bow press, even if you have never adjusted a bow before, making adjustments in the field takes a matter of seconds as you watch how they pull and shoot. It is also equipped with several stabilizers that perfectly absorb the vibrations when you release an arrow.

The max draw length on the Mini Burner is 26.5″. An adult could use this bow provided their draw length falls in this window. The cams and ends can be adjusted down to a draw at 20 lbs and adjust the position for up to 40lbs. This is a great starter bow for 8-18 years old.

The riser made of metal and the sight and rest are quality as well. It comes with a 5 arrow quiver, 3 pin sight, peep sight, stabilizer, wrist strap and 3 beman arrows for 199. The length of the arrows are 28 inches. It is designed for both right and left-handed archers.

  • Comes with nice quiver and arrows
  • Easy to use and well balanced
  • Great starter bow for the price
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Super sleek design
  • Draw speed not very high
  • Entry level compound bow

5. Diamond Archery Compound bow – Right & Left Handed

Diamond Archery Compound Bow under 500The Diamond bows are fantastic for their range of adjustments both in draw length and draw weight. It is impossible to find anything comparable in terms of range-of-adjustment and you get a lot for your money. That means this compound bow is great for a wide range of users and perfect for a young aspiring archer.

It is an all-around bow because the draw length is adjustable up to 30 inches. It is compact, very adjustable and will adjust from 5lbs to 55lbs. The rotating draw length modules also great that allow for 12 inches of draw length adjustment. However, the handle is thin enough to get in the way of practitioners with large hands.

Based on the Diamonds Edge series hunting bow, the Prism features extremely versatile and adjustable. The adjustments are done on the cams and you do not need a bow press to make an adjustment. It can be set for low weight to higher weight as the beginners get stronger.

The string is serviceable but is low quality. The grip has a funky kind of palm swell that makes it hard to maintain the bow straight up and down. The Prism is a pretty good bow. This is supposed to be an “entry-level” compound bow but in reality, it is a full performance device.

  • Comfortable shooting experience
  • Synchronized Binary Cam System
  • It has plenty of adjustabilities
  • Comes with ready to go
  • EZ Adjust Pocket
  • Doesn’t come with a lot of accessories
  • The string is low quality

6. Topoint Archery IBO Limbs Compound Bow – Made in USA

IBO Limbs Compound BowThis beautiful and complete bow set from the Compound Bow brand built with an aluminum handle which ensures that this shooting object is very robust and light, which can make all the difference when hunting. The power and the extension are fully adjustable. The extension can also vary from 19 to 30 inches.

The projection speed of the arrows can reach 320 fps. The size of the bow is 28 ‘inches, making it a good bow for hunting. There are two settings: Draw and pull, both are very easy to set up. You can simply change the draw length and draw weight compare to others. All of the materials come with it and you’ll have to do it yourself, but it’s super easy.

It comes with several different sized peep sights and 2 different style arrow rests to choose from. Pin sights are standard variety and easy to install and adjust. All in all, this is a very nice bow, and you will be very impressed by the quality.

You will absolutely have to take it to a bow Tec to have them change the peep sight to a circle put a kisser button ok it and level the rest and sit for you. It’s a great hunting gear for beginner and also for experienced people. It does not come with a case, however, it does come with a stand.

  • Great for both advanced & newbie use
  • It’s strong and portable enough
  • Very accurate and comfortable
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Great adjustment range
  • The instructions are vague
  • The quiver is too heavy

7. Leader Accessories Right Handed Compound Bow

Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories is an incredibly good value for a starter bow for older kids and adults. It’s very simple and solid but not flashy. It works great out of the box with very little setup. And it is very simple to adjust both draw length and weight. It can be adjusted to 50lb at the low end.

The string length and cable length for this bow is as string length 52.25“, cable 1 & 2 length is 32.75″. The cams are made of aluminum, it’s a really nice bow for the money. The whole bow is designed as most compounds are now and pretty much any accessories can be added.

This compound bow built with fiber optic sight, drop away arrow rest, release aid, D string loop, peep sight, wax, and 2pcs of 30″ high-quality aluminum arrow. The attachment mounting holes are industry standard. It shoots 310 fps with a 70 lb draw. Adjustable extension from 25 to 31 inches.

Besides its good performance, we can only appreciate the fact that it is sold with so many accessories. Also, the quality of this model is remarkable and the finishes are worthy of the best pulley arches. It comes with a 2 pin sight for the front. There is no peep sight installed, and you must install one yourself.

  • Extremely quiet and smooth to shoot
  • Lightweight & let off: is 75% – 80%
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Quality far exceeds the price
  • Well built and solid construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • It doesn’t come with a case
  • Arrows quality could be better

8. iGlow Black Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

iGlow Compound Bow under 500iGlow is a great compound bow for beginner, intermediate and advanced level hunters. And with this model, you have found the best compromise for an inexpensive bow. This is made by the same company that makes the Leader Accessories bow and the SAS Rage.

At 4.4 lbs weight, it is a little bit heavy. The up side to it being heavy with a 31.5” axle to axle, it’s very steady and easy to hold on target. Absolutely nothing wrong with this compound bow especially if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a brand name bow.

It is an easy shoot model and accurate on target which makes it the perfect choice for beginner to expert. The quality is equal to that of one hundred more expensive. This model also has great flexibility. However, this is Right-Handed and doesn’t available in Left-Handed.

The minimum draw length is 25 inches and goes up to 31″. The draw length can be adjusted with 2 modules with the key included with the bow. The lowest draw weight is 40lb and goes up to 70lb. The comfortable encapsulation makes it possible to hold a long extension, for increased precision.

It really doesn’t have anything with it. You have to buy your own peep sight, arrow rest, sights, stabilizer and wrist sling, d loop and mechanical release, and quiver with arrows. It comes with a cheap 2 pin site. Recommended to change it if you want to hunt or get good at shooting.
  • Compression Molded Fiberglass Limb
  • Very accurate and consistent
  • Excellent bow for the price
  • Easy to hold on target
  • Shoots very smoothly
  • These bows only come in Right Handed
  • Doesn’t come with arrows and quiver

9. Southland Archery Supply Scorpii Compound Bow

Southland Archery SupplyIf you are a regular hunter, you should know that the Southland Archery Supply compound bow is always light and extremely resistant in all weather. And its system guarantees a great tension force by deploying a minimum of physical efforts. Like the weights to be pulled, the draw length is adjustable according to the archer’s template.

This unit is ideally designed for right-handers and has a refined structure which provides excellent grip. The strong point lies in its price quite correct with regard to its services. It adapts to different practices such as hunting or other outdoor sport shooting.

It allows you to aim effortlessly with the option of reduction of effort. All this power is contained in this little wonder, 7 ½ inches high and weighing 3.3 lbs. It comes with a reel and one arrow. The arrow speed of 360 fps leaves them no chance to flee.

It made from aluminum alloy. For a secure grip, this unit is sold with a stabilizer for the arms. This model has a long range in terms of shooting, which means that this cutting edge arc can flush out the game. For the price of less than $500, this bow fishing combo is a great choice in all startup.

  • Compressed ABS Limbs
  • Snap Shot arrow rest
  • Includes a fiberglass arrow
  • Silent and smooth shoot
  • Very simple to setup
  • The seat gets loose easily
  • Reel is a bit weak

10. CREATIVE XP Compound Bow & Arrow – for Adults & Teens

CREATIVE XP Compound Bow under 500This product got the last place in our top 10 compound bow under 500 dollars test, however, it offers everything that a good model should have. The train is relatively large at 30 to 70 lbs so that even distant targets can be hit well. The adjustments are very straight forward and easy to accomplish.

CREATIVE XP right-Handed Hunting Bow is 100% adjustable for adults, youth, and teens. The build quality is amazing and will last for a lifetime. All parts are very sturdy but lightweight and I like that the limbs are made by the biggest factory in the USA.

The beautiful bow was also designed compactly and weighs only 3.3 lbs with a length of 30 inches. The arrow even reaches speeds of up to approx. 320 fps. We also found that the model to be particularly easy to use in our compound bow comparison. You don’t need arch presses, instead adjustments are made using screws.

The Hunter can be easily operated, however, suitable for right-handed users. Tension on the suspension is reduced by 70 to 75%. The model is easy to adapt because it has modules that are adjustable. It still has a good price-performance ratio and offers excellent properties.

  • Premium quality at affordable prices
  • Perfect for a beginner or a master
  • Compact and ready to shoot out
  • Come with some accessories
  • Very light and good quality
  • Doesn’t come with the riser

Buyer’s Guide

If you practice shooting, hunting or any other discipline that involves the use of bows, it is important to know the characteristics and elements related to such equipment to choose the best one. Depending on the specific activity you carry out, you will need appliances with different functions.

Therefore, here are several factors that you should consider before choosing one:

Types of discipline

Archery as a discipline to adjust its accuracy, on a fixed target as a hobby is to be dissociated from shooting for hunting; which is done on moving and dense target. The compound bows designed for the competition are larger than the others, intended for hunting. The reason is very simple: The precision presented by the large arcs is more refined and makes it possible to regulate certain small faults that can occur in competition.

It is important to get as close as possible to the center of the target. The accuracy is therefore a very important criterion. It is worth to note that some people use these pulley bows for fishing. One can imagine the precision and the speed of fire that these archery articles must present. In this case, it is necessary to favor a larger arc.

Arc dimensions

These measurements are taken from cam to cam, from the end of the first pulley to the other. They constitute the two axes of the compound bow. Size has a big impact on the accuracy of the shot. A small arc significantly reduces the accuracy of the shot. We can say that an arc whose dimensions are less than 32 ” is a so-called short arc.

These bows are often chosen by hunters. From 32 to 38 ”, we are dealing with a medium arc. Above 38 ”, it is a long arc and these are recommended for long distance shots. They allow better stability during the period of fire adjustment. Beyond the precision, the dimensions are also to choose in adequacy with the size of the archer itself, for increased comfort of shooting.

Material power

Unlike the extension which is expressed in inches, the power is expressed in pounds, which is expressed as follows: The power is slightly adjustable on the bows sold on the market. The higher the power, the more shooting comfort you have. It is therefore a very important factor for the choice of an archery article. It is to be determined according to the size of the archer.

A compound bow for a woman of the small build will therefore not be the same as that of a man with a larger build. So, for example, a woman from 65 to 75 kilos will take a compound bow from 30-40, while a man over 90 kilos will take a bow from 65-75…

The extension

The extension on the compound bows is often fixed, but can be adjusted in ½ inch increments. It is worth keeping in mind, one inch equals 2.54 cm. In order to know how to choose your extension, you must spread your arms crosswise and note this figure which will have to be converted into the number of inches.

To do this, divide the distance by 2.54. This result must itself be divided by 2.5. That’s it, you have the extension that your compound bow must have!

The budget

A compound bow represents a certain investment, depending on the more or less sophisticated design of the shooting device, the materials, and also on the archery brand that offers it. We can thus find pulley arches at entry-level at a little over 100 dollars and this price can then reach very large sums to happily exceed 500 dollars.

The accessories

The compound bow is a weapon. In order to improve your compound archery experience, it is recommended to equip yourself with some accessories. Opt for a good sight, allowing you to refine the aim according to the distance. It is ideal for nature shooting, hunting or 3D targets.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a compound bow?

To make an arch of this type, you need a series of typical carpenter tools and a knowledge of the operation of levers and precise measurements. Also very technical drawings and studies are available on the net. The presence of pulleys and the study of the materials with which to make the object require great patience and ad hoc tools

If you have a hobby room and want to try your hand at the company, we remind you to keep in mind that the purchase of tools to work with and materials could be much higher than the price of an entry-level model.

How to change the string of a compound bow?

If the rope has worn out excessively to make a change, a professional’s advice or the use of a bow grip is a must. It is a support designed specifically for this type of object, which keeps the bow firmly and proceeds in total safety to remove the old rope and replace it with a new one. Otherwise it is absolutely not recommended to change the rope without this tool, the risk is to ruin the bow and get hurt, given the tension to which the rope is subjected.

How does a compound bow work?

It is an instrument in some ways very similar to the traditional bow. The big difference is given by the cams, or by all that set of pulleys and rigid limbs that help the archer in the stretching phase. This method helps to keep under control the tension required when tensing the bowstring.

Another difference is also in the management of the arrow. In compound bows, the archer has the possibility of exploiting support in which to pass the same, thus avoid to hold the dart directly before leaving.

How do you adjust a compound bow?

The elements that can be modified in such an arc are manifold. A static and a dynamic type of tuning can be carried out. In the first, it is advisable to check the general condition of the object, such as the wear of a rope, limbs and cables. Secondly, it is necessary to adjust the booklet (when possible) and the extension.

The choice and selection of the arrows, as well as the data provided by the manufacturer, occupy the third part of these checks. It is also necessary to check the cams that are used, especially in their starting position. All this to say that if you are a beginner, the help of a serious professional hunter or a fellow archer is essential.

How to know the power of a bow?

The power of the bow is expressed in pounds, it is the force that the archer must exert when cocking his draw. The extension is the distance which is measured from the hollow of the notch to the exit of the window of the arc, it is often expressed in inches (1 ” = 2.54cm).

The power is extremely important because it will determine your shooting comfort.

Who is a compound bow suitable for?

Basically everyone can use a compound bow. However, it is recommended that bloody beginners practice with easier bows first. Archery requires good body tension and strong muscles. You can build this up better with other arches.

Furthermore, a compound bow must be set correctly, which could be too complicated for many beginners. However, if you already have archery experience, a compound bow is recommended. A lot of fun is guaranteed with a compound bow and the right technique.

To begin with, it is not ideal. Try to find an arc starting from 35 “ATA. For your longer, it is the classic view, it will differ depending on your release aid compound.

What does a compound bow cost?

Here the price range is very large. Compound bows start at just under $ 100 and go up to $ 1500. We have already mentioned that the price difference is, for example, the material of the bow, equipment, traction, etc. One should not forget that you also have to buy arrows. However, there are often sets with arrows and bows together.

What are the variations of the compound bow?

Basically, every compound bow is constructed identically. The bow itself, two rolls (also called cams) and the tendon. Now you can vary exactly these 3 basics. There are different cams, tendons with extras, the material of the bow. There are also additional upgrades. For example a target sight, a silencer, stabilizers, etc. The more special your compound bow becomes, the more expensive it becomes.

In Conclusion

The question of which compound bow suits you that you can only answer yourself. We can only give you tips on what you should definitely pay attention to and avoid when buying the compound bow. After all, you can spend a decent amount of money on a better model. But you get a correspondingly high value and a long benefit guaranteed with the bows from our compound bow test.

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