Best Spin Bike Under 500

10 Best Spin Bike Under $500 for Home Use in 2020

Best Spin Bike Under 500

The spin bike Perfect as a replacement or supplement to the gym, and ideal for home. And amateur and professional training for those who want to keep fit by focusing more on the lower limbs. To train at home and burn calories in a short time, the spin bike is the best solution.

What is the Best Spin Bike under $500? On this page you will find our selection of the Best budget Spin Bikes on the market. To make our ranking, we have based ourselves on our experiences of use.

On the opinions of users and on important factors such as the construction quality of the product, the efficiency of operation and above all the price.

So are you ready to find out which spinning bike is right for you? These are the best quality spin bikes on the market today, in a price range between 500 and 200 dollars.

The 5 Best Spin Bikes – 2020 Ranking

Before proposing some suggestions on how to choose a good spin bike, we now present our top ten spin bike under 500 dollars. These are the best spinning bikes under of 2020 and those most appreciated by sportsmen. Find out what they are.

1. JOROTO Indoor Spinning Bike

JOROTO Spin bike

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JOROTO is an excellent economic spin bike, the braking system is with skids and thanks to the micrometric adjustment of the effort it offers a good training experience. It is certainly one of the best spin bikes to recommend to those who want to spend little.

The heart of the JOROTO is its 35 lb flywheel, with belt drive, fixed sprocket and side skid braking system with felts. The frame is equipped with a safety lever for quick flywheel locking and an on-board mini-computer, which in this case is limited to displaying speed, distance, time and calories burned, calculated based on the other variables just mentioned.

The handlebar is adjustable, and it allows you to adjust it up and down in height to fulfill different people’s demand. Meantime, this multi-functional handle bar provides you different ways of exercise. You may grasp the top handle bar for your shoulder work out while you can also grasp the down handle bar for your waist build up exercise.

It has dual transportation wheels, which provide easy to mover and relocation. No need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. There are total 4 horizontal adjustment knobs for you to keep the bike stable on different surfaces.

Why I Like It
  • Large tablet support
  • Stable triangle type frame
  • 4 way seat adjustment
  • Easy resistance adjustment
  • Functional digital monitor
Why I Don't Like It
  • The handlebar cannot rotate
  • Doesn’t include clip-on pedals

2. HARISON Pro Indoor Exercise Spin Bike

HARISON Pro Spin Bike

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The best professional spin bike of 2020 able to offer you superlative performances is HARISON Pro and why we explain it to you immediately. As you can see from the design, it is an extremely robust and solid spin bike, which can reach 280 lb in weight.

This spinning bicycle is equipped with hand-held sensors that allow you to measure your heart rate. The liquid crystal display allows you to view information such as time, speed, calories, distance and pulse. Fully adjustable seat and handlebar perfect for flexibility, Continuous adjustable resistance gives you the experience of a real-road feeling

To guarantee a smooth ride, the HARISON Pro spin bike uses a chain drive. The ergonomic saddle makes it comfortable even when you use it for a long time. If you want to move the spin bike from one side of the house to the other you can do it thanks to the transport wheels and the base leveling feet.

The integrated bottle cage allows you to take liquids as often as you need while you train. HARISON indoor cycling bike is suitable for people who are about 4.9 feet to 6.6 feet tall. And it comes with a free water bottle and the iPad holder, you can watch TV when you are cycling. For this reason, it is the best choice if you want the best for your home workout.

Why I Like It
  • Quiet belt drive system
  • Multifunction display
  • Built-in table holder
  • Portability transportation wheel
  • High quality basket pedal
Why I Don't Like It
  • The handle bars is shaky
  • The seat is bit hard and narrow

3. SNODE 8731 Indoor Spin Bike

SNODE 8731

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SNODE Fitness Professional is another good economic spin bike, has a 30 lb flywheel and has the advantage of being particularly quiet. The braking system is a pad, however the pedaling is quite fluid and comfortable. Strong point is certainly the chain transmission system, more robust than belt systems.

Magnetic resistance system delivers quick & reliable changes to the resistance. Virtually no maintenance and the adjustable resistance creates unbelievable smooth and nearly silent ride during your cycling exercise. The Magnetic version doesn’t need to replace felt pads since it is magnetic control.

The double orbit gives this cycling bike a rock solid build to support 287lbs Maximum user weight. It is very stable when riding since its strong frame construction. It will not shake cycling ride after ride and ensures your safety and stability for different postures like sitting, climbing and racing during your workout.

The pedals come with SPD clips. It can provide high-strength support for your feet. You can wear a spinning-only shoe to use this spinning bike. SPD clips can prevent your feet from slipping and causing injuries when riding at high speeds, and help you get smoother, more efficient riding experience.

Why I Like It
  • Magnetic control system
  • Double orbit
  • Adjusting resistance brake
  • Non-slip cage pedal
  • Multi-grip Handles with elbow pad
Why I Don't Like It
  • Digital pedometer and plastic tray are pretty cheap

4. L NOW Indoor Exercise Spin Bike

L NOW spin bike under 500

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High Power L NOW is an economical exercise bike, made with a very solid square structure, able to withstand up to 300 lb. This model is also equipped with a skid braking system. However the free-sprocket pinion ensures excellent pedaling fluidity as well as a certain degree of safety. It comes with two seats for you to choose what works best for your comfort.

The saddle and handlebars are able to adjust up and down, front and back. Feel free to adjust your position for a better work-out, so do your buddies or family members.

The bike is quite sturdy, quiet, and smooth. The seat is very comfortable, and the combination bottle holder/ I-pad or phone stand works perfectly for viewing You Tube for spinning classes, as well as a monitor for checking your heart rate, speed, etc.

The bike itself is very well made and very quiet. If you’re riding to music or an online spin class, you won’t hear it at all. The seat is larger than what comes standard which makes it more comfortable to ride. The display is larger enough to see while riding.

Why I Like It
  • Large heavy flywheel
  • Heavy duty capacity
  • Easy to read monitor with large display
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to adjust resistance knob
Why I Don't Like It
  • The monitor readout for distance
  • The monitor is not backlit
  • Monitor has no rpm

5. YOSUDA UPGRATED Exercise Spin Bike


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YOSUDA is another excellent economic spinning bike. This stationary bike offers a wide range of resistance, operated by rotating this button. And press it down to make emergency stop. The main advantages are the balanced racing pedals and the handlebar that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. We also like the chain drive system and the flywheel, which weighs a whopping 43 lb.

This yosuda indoor cycle bike is very durable and well built. It is advertised 300lbs weight capacity. It is infinitely adjustable from zero to extremely hard. With the heavy flywheel, it stays smooth.

It is comfortable to sit on and both the sit and handle-bar are height-adjustable. It doesn’t make much noise so you can feel free to work out at night time. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who is considering buying a stationary bike.

For the rest, the display performs its function and shows the data quite clearly, with the usual possibility of activating the SCAN mode to automatically switch between speed, distance, time and calories. The knobs allow their adaptability to users of various sizes, by means of horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Why I Like It
  • Customized cardio bike
  • Fast in transportation speed
  • Good in appearance
  • Excellent in manufacture
  • Adjustable in seat height
Why I Don't Like It
  • It tough to assemble
  • Seat is uncomfortable

6. L NOW Indoor Cycling & Exercise Bike

L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike

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The L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike is able to offer you excellent performance at a very affordable price. It turns out to be the best spin bike for you if you want a way to train comfortably at home, but also if you are a cyclist and need extra training.

You can make the seat go lower if you remove the screw stop on the back of the seat post and if you saw off the front corner of the seat support bar. This spin bike equipped with cage pedals only. But you can purchase one pair SPD pedals and replace them, it is very easy to do so. This bike is compatible with normal bike pedals.

Its slim and essential design is not the aggressive one of the most professional spin bikes, but we can assure you that it is extremely robust. Just think that it supports 280 lb of weight. In fact, the fixed pinion flywheel measures 40 lb.

It comes with multi-functional handle bar which provides you different ways while riding. You may grasp the top handle bar for your shoulder work out while you can also grasp the down handle bar for your waist build up exercise.

Why I Like It
  • Heavy-duty crank
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Multi use handle bar
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Tough cage pedals
Why I Don't Like It
  • The heart rate sensors aren’t mounted tight

7. Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

Marcy Club Revolution Bike

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The model we are presenting now can be considered one of the best professional spin bikes of 2020. Elegant, modern, functional and technological, it will be able to satisfy you even if you are among the most demanding users.

The technical characteristics that make it a super spin bike are numerous: the possibility of adjusting the resistance level without interrupting the training, the possibility of adjusting the handlebar and saddle, the comfortable non-slip pedals and the padded armrests for aerodynamic training.

This spin bike offers you a compatible cardio belt for your heart rate based workouts and a heart rate monitor that is also present on the handlebar. But what sets it apart from many other spinning bikes is the high-quality multi-function console with digital display that lets you set various training programs.

The Marcy spin bike is able to give you the best performance as it has already satisfied with the dozens of users who train professionally or professionally. The reviews prove it. If you want one of the best spinning bikes, all you have to do is choose this one.

Why I Like It
  • Silent and technological
  • Ergonomic seating
  • Durable steel construction
  • Smooth flywheel
  • Quick stop
Why I Don't Like It
  • The seat is very hard
  • No computer which is essential

8. ANCHEER Stationary Spin Bike


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When it comes to spinning bikes, performance and various features are the first things to look at. This exercising bike is very user friendly. It comes with paper instruction and all the tools you needed to assemble the bike straight out of the box. But what about security?

The ANCHEER spin bike has an exclusive immediate flywheel locking system in the event of danger that makes it ideal for those with walking difficulties or for the elderly. As well as for its professional services, it is among the best spin bikes of 2020.

It has an extremely precise LCD display that allows you to keep an eye on all the pedaling variables: time, speed, distance, calories and scanning. The handlebar can be adjusted vertically. The saddle, instead, has horizontal and vertical adjustment.

This spin bike has been painted with high resistance powder paint that makes it resistant to wear. The weight it can support is among the largest on this list and reaches 330 lb. If you want a professional product at an advantageous and above all safe price, do not hesitate and choose the ANCHEER spin bike.

Why I Like It
  • Adjustable seat cushion
  • Elbow tray
  • Does not wobble and is easy to assemble
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Easy to move & stability
Why I Don't Like It
  • It doesn’t have a spot for a phone to rest

9. pooboo Indoor Spinning Bike

pooboo Spin Bike

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This is the best spin bike you can choose if it doesn’t count for you having professional performances but only for a valid spinning bike, which allows you to save money. With a lower price than the average, you will have a spin bike that helps you lose weight and keep you fit comfortably at home.

This spin bike can hold up to 330 lb in weight. It has an ergonomic design, made to reduce oscillations while pedals and, despite the low price, allows you to simulate uphill routes. Equipped with STBM (silent belt drive mechanism), the spin bike is silent while you train. Both the saddle and the handlebar, filled with foam rubber, are adjustable according to your height.

The bike barely make any sound when you cycling it! It has electronic meter that tells you how fast you go and how many km you been traveled, how many minutes you’ve rid the bike and much calories you’ve burned and etc. It has armrest adornment cove that you can place a book on it to read while you are cycling. Or place your phone or iPad if you want watch something. Anyway, it almost has all the features a stationary bikes have that you find in the gym.

As you can see in this case, low price means excellent performance and functionality. If it is your intention to save, this is the best spin bike and the opinions of users also guarantee it.

Why I Like It
  • Customized design
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Easy to assemble
  • The bike has very good resistance
Why I Don't Like It
  • The cup holder on the bike is a bit weak

10. YOSUDA Indoor Spinning Bike


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Last but not least, if you are looking for distraction-free workout and space saver bike, YOSUDA indoor stationary bike is the right choice for you. Professional quality and stylish design of this bike will look great at your home. Consistent rotation, and sensitive knot resistance will help you to get a quality ride every time.

At the moment you can say that it is sturdy and doesn’t wobble while riding. The wheel runs smoothly, the resistance is adequate. Adjustability is great. In itself, the bike handlebar and seat height can be adjusted, so it is really suitable for everyone.

This model is very easy to assemble. According to the customer’s feedback, most customers can complete it in 30 minutes. This spin bike is infinitely variable, and you can adjust the resistance according to the continuity of your exercise intensity. The dashboard can track your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer, but not display resistance.

I list this cycling bike for it is easy to assemble and use. It is very sturdy yet very easy to move around. It has two rolling wheels in the front for you to move it around easily. You can adjust the resistance easily.

Why I Like It
  • LCD monitor & iPad mount
  • You can pedal this bike backwards
  • It’s very sturdy
  • Water bottle holder
  • It is quiet when you ride on it
Why I Don't Like It
  • The seat is little bit uncomfortable
  • Make bit noise

Buying Guide – How to choose the best spin bike?

Inevitable in gyms, spin bikes are now widespread even in the homes of millions of sportsmen around the world who appreciate the opportunity to train in their own home almost as if they were on the road.

If you do not know which spinning bike to choose you will find useful indications in our guide that takes into consideration the main characteristics of these tools. In our ranking, you will find the review of those that are for us the best models currently on the market.

Fluid, comfortable and performing

A spin bike capable of fully satisfying the user’s needs should be fluid, comfortable and efficient. One of the elements on which these factors most depend is the flywheel. This is the metal wheel attached to the bike by accumulating and restoring mechanical energy, which uniforms the movement of the pedals and legs.

In particular, we must assess the weight of the flywheel which has a very important function. Although it cannot be considered a decisive element. If you weigh less than 10 kg the bike will hardly guarantee adequate performance.

On the other hand, a higher weight generally guarantees greater fluidity of pedaling, and ultimately a more pleasant and more similar training to that practiced on the road.

Naturally, other factors must also be considered among these the possible of adjustments. The spin bikes of the best brand are those with a resistance that the user can modify based on the effort he wants or can make. Equally important is the possibility of adjusting the handlebar and saddle both horizontally and vertically.

Only in this way, people will be able to find the correct position during training, riding more comfortably regardless of their height. A spin bike that offers the possibility of raising and lowering the saddle a lot and the handlebar can be used without problems by the whole family, even by the tallest components.


All the best spin bikes have a computer that monitors and indicates certain parameters, simultaneously or one at a time. The basic ones are time, calories burned, speed and distance covered. These are useful indications that the sportsman needs to constantly monitor his performance and to evaluate the progress made compared to the previous sessions.

These values ​​are generally more than sufficient to meet the needs of an average user. However it must be emphasized that the most complete bikes – and with a higher price – also have two other measurements.

One is that of the heart rate that can occur through the chest strap or through hand pulse sensors on the handlebar. This function is useful for those who always want to keep an eye on the effort they are making to not overdo it. The other measurement is valuable for the most demanding sportsman who needs to control training more effectively.

Other characteristics

Compare prices and performance and pay attention to other features that may have a certain importance for you such as, the maximum capacity, especially if you are not exactly a featherweight.

One of the factors most appreciated by users is the silence that only the best bikes can offer. The advantage is a more pleasant, relaxing and less disturbing workout for those at home.

Finally, you might find the bikes more comfortable where the bottle cage and the water bottle are already present. Two very useful accessories to quench your thirst while pedaling without having to interrupt it.

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