7 Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 in 2021 (Reviewed)

Best Spin Bikes Reviews

To keep fit without going to the gym and spending money, spinning bike is the perfect solution. These cardio machines are useful for both professionals and those who are new to physical activity and do not aim for high levels.

Choosing the right spin bike under $1000 can be confusing. There are hundreds of brands and models on the market, and not all of them are worth your money. Fortunately, if you want to get the most out of your shopping in your budget, you have landed on the right site! In this article, we will show you the 7 best spin bikes under 1000 dollars for home of 2021.

The best spin bike under $1000 right now is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1986. Why? It is simply a sturdy exercise bike designed with high technology. It has a 40 lbs flywheel and is a silent spin bike during workouts. The onboard computer does an excellent job.

But now let’s start to see immediately all models under 1000 dollars and features.

Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 in 2021

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1986 Evolution Pro II Spin Bike – Best Overall
  2. SCHWINN IC4 Large Indoor Cycling spinning Bike – Personal Choice
  3. pooboo S1 – Best Commercial-Grade Indoor Exercise Bike
  4. Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Pro – Best Spin Bike Under $700
  5. L NOW Pooboo D501 – Best Commercial Standard Spin Bike Under $900
  6. YESOUL Smart Connect – Best Spinning Bike Under $600
  7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 – best Spin Bike for Peloton App

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1986 Evolution Pro II Spin Bike

Item Dimensions: 49 x 24 x 50.5 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 330 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 40 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 136.2 pounds

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1986

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1986 Evolution Pro II is the best commercial-quality home gym bike of 2021 able to offer superlative performance and I will explain why. As you can tell from the design, it is an extremely strong and solid spin bike under 1000 dollars, which can support 330 pounds of weight.

This spinning bike is equipped with handheld sensors that allow you to measure your heart rate. It also features multi-grip handlebars, adjusts both up and down as well as backward and forwards and built in dumbbell holder that ensure your upper body a solid workout.

The robust 40 lbs flywheel guarantees stability. And to guarantee a smooth ride, it uses belt-driven mechanism.  The quality of this spin bike is beyond the average of the others. For this reason, it is the best choice for both beginner and professional.

The integrated adjustable bottle holder allows you to drink liquids as often as you need while exercising. The device mount helps you to place your device above the digital monitor and start your workout routine with entertainment.

If you want to move the spin bike from one part of the house to another you can do it thanks to the transport wheels and the basic leveling feet.

  • Very solid construction
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Advanced performance monitor
  • Quiet operation
  • Dumbbell and bottle holder
  • Handlebars should be more adjustable
  • Dumbbell holder is not conveniently located


2. SCHWINN IC4 Large Indoor Cycling spinning Bike

Item Dimensions: 47.8 x 21.2 x 51.8 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 350 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 40 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 106 pounds


Here is the best Indoor spin bike in its range: the SCHWINN IC4, belonging to one of the best brands in the world in terms of cycling. Whether you just want to lose weight or want to do some professional-level extra training, this spin bike will satisfy you.

The SCHWINN IC4 spinning bicycle is designed with extremely sturdy frame, with a modern and technological design. It has a front flywheel which is 40 lbs. It is so resistant that can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

The transportation wheels allow you to move it effortlessly. This spin bike adapts perfectly to your family thanks to the wide range of adjustments. The handlebars can be adjustable up and down and back and forth and the same for the saddle.

The spin bike is equipped with cardiac detection through hand pulse sensors in the handlebar. The computer shows you time, speed, calories, distance and heart rate. You can connect with the Peloton and Zwift apps, allowing you to stream thousands of classes directly into your home.

With 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, it is equipped with numerous accessories, such as the heart rate belt and receiver, the water bottle holder. The package also includes all tools to assemble the bike. Also, the instructions are helpful.

  • Up to 100 resistance level
  • Balanced racing pedals
  • Handlebar and saddle adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Heart rate receiver and heart rate monitor included
  • Smart connectivity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manual could use a little more detail on the operation
  • The adjustments for the handlebars and seat are a bit clumsy


3. pooboo S1 Commercial-Grade Indoor Exercise Bike

Item Dimensions: 51 x 23 x 48 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 330 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 42 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 121 pounds

pooboo S1

pooboo is a professional brand, focuses on developing exercise equipment that could help people enjoy sports at home. The pooboo S1 commercial grade spinning bike offers you excellent performance at a very affordable price. It turns out to be the best spin bike under 1000 dollars you if you want a way to train comfortably at home, but also if you are a cyclist and need extra training.

Its streamlined and essential design is not the aggressive one of the most professional spin bikes, but it is extremely robust, supports 130 kg of weight. In fact, the fixed pinion flywheel measures 42 pounds.

This spin bike features pad brake system and sufficiently smooth belt drive. It is able to adapt to your body, thanks to the ergonomic and vertically adjustable handlebar and the adjustable saddle both horizontally and vertically. The seat is wide and soft, so you can ride for a long time.

It features 3 different position riding modes: sitting, standing, and hill-climbing. It has multi-function holder that can support a lot of subjects, for example, you can put on water bottle, mobile phone, tablet, hand weights, and more.

If you have high expectations but don’t want to spend too much on a spin bike, choose pooboo S1 that gives you a lot more than you would need. Many users have done it and from the opinions, they have not regretted it.

  • Commercial standard
  • Solid built and quiet operation
  • Functional digital monitor
  • Multi-functional holder
  • Wide, soft and adjustable seat
  • The assembly manual is poorly written
  • A little bit heavy


4. Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Pro Spin Bike

Item Dimensions: 49 x 22 x 46.5 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 300 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 40 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 40 kilograms

Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Pro

Would you like to lose a few extra pounds but are too lazy to run or cycle outside the home? Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Pro is among the best spin bikes to overcome this problem. This spin bike is ideal for training at home how and when you want, to lose weight, to increase endurance and tone muscles. It is designed to perfectly simulate pedaling with a traditional bicycle.

The seat is comfortable, padded and ergonomic, to guarantee the best comfort even during long sessions. You can easily adjust both the seat and the handlebar to suit your body. However, the seat center bar is fairly wide, so if you have some girth on your thighs you may be uncomfortable.

The digital monitor is not fancy but is useful, allowing you to view all race information. This spin bike has a solid, sturdy and long lasting frame, capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight. Despite its affordable cost (under $700), it looks like a professional spin bike.

The infinitely variable resistance allows for an excellent simulation of pedaling on the road. You can immediately stop with the convenient emergency brake button.

Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Pro has a bigger and wider flywheel. There are also big wheels to move the bike without difficulty.

  • Emergency stop brake
  • Super sturdy frame
  • Easy to adjust handlebars and seat
  • Easy to increase resistance while riding
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • When standing up, the bike makes a weird squeaky noise
  • Seat center bar is fairly wide


5. L NOW D501 Commercial Standard Indoor Exercise Bike

Item Dimensions: 50 x 21 x 48 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 440 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 35 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 136 pounds

L NOW pooboo D501

With a wide variety of fitness equipment, L NOW is the brand focusing on technology. And L NOW Pooboo D501 is the best spin bike you can choose if it does matter to you to have professional performance but allows you to save money. With the price of less than $900, you’ll get a spin bike that helps you lose weight, achieve your target and keep fit in the comfort of your own home.

It can hold up to 440 pounds of weight. It has an ergonomic design and heavy duty construction that reduce wobble as you pedal. Despite the low price, it allows you to simulate uphill rides. There are also transport wheels, so as to move the bike without any difficulty.

Both the seat and the handlebar, padded with foam rubber, are adjustable according to your height. It can also be easily adjusted for family members. Just like in an elliptical, the resistance to friction can be easily adjusted, so as to decide the intensity of the workout and its difficulty.

The L NOW D501 spin bike has a 35 lbs flywheel and equipped with silent belt drive mechanism to keep silent while you train. The LCD display informs you about time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate, thanks to the heart sensors in the handlebar. It also has support for smartphones or tablets, and water bottle.

  • Design like that of a professional spin bike
  • Convenient display with all information
  • Silent, according to some reviews
  • The seat post is stable
  • Very affordable price
  • There is no resistance indicator


6. YESOUL Smart Connected Magnetic Spinning Bike

Item Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 50 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 265 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 40 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 40 kilograms

YESOUL Spin Bike Under $1000

It was the first exercise bike from YESOUL, I was reviewed. With up to 100 resistance levels, it is smooth and mostly quiet. Incredibly quick and easy to assemble. Also, the instructions were super clear. The bike looks nice and it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

This spin bike features an ergonomic and modern sturdy design, suitable for home training. The seat and handlebar height is adjustable in 6 levels and the seat can also be adjusted forwards or backwards by 6 cm to best fit your body. The arm rest is padded, so as to ensure comfort and reduce muscle tension on the upper body in case of need.

The handlebar is padded with foam rubber and the seat made of PVC which gives you a soft but resistant seat. The pedals are comfortable and non-slip just like those on an electric bike, guarantee maximum stability and safety. YESOUL also offers 1 year warranty.

This spin bike has a 40 lbs balanced flywheel, made with the highest quality materials. The rotation of the wheels is constant, homogeneous, fluid, without creating vibrations and instability. The 1.5mm carbon steel frame supports your weight up to 100 kg.

The App connectivity that YESOUL offers is interesting, allowing you to choose the paths to take and reproduce the real conditions of each path. In this way, each workout will be much more fun and enjoyable!

  • Professional level at an advantageous price
  • Soft and resistant saddle
  • Resistance level adjustment during training
  • Multifunction console and digital display
  • Silent and technological
  • Compatible with the app + tablet holder
  • Bottle holder quality is not good


7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Belt Drive Spin Bike

Item Dimensions: 48 x 23 x 45 inches | Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic Resistance | Max Weight Limit: 300 Pounds | Drive System: Belt-Drive | Flywheel Weight: 44 pounds | Pulse Sensors: Yes | Handlebar: Adjustable | Transport Wheels: Yes | Total Weight: 125.7 pounds

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

My friend purchased this bike and I have been an opportunity to use this. I’ve been very satisfied with its smooth operation (No noise or vibrations with the heavy flywheel) and well painting. But after spending time doing research, I was surprised, because the SF-B1805 model is one of the best selling indoor spinning bikes after released, that you can get under 600 dollars.

I know that when it comes to spinning bikes, performance and various features are the first things to look at. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike has a 44 lbs flywheel and is extremely quiet, so as to avoid disturbing people who live with you or your neighbors.

The LCD computer is simple and functional that allows you to monitor and record the most important training data, such as time, speed, km traveled, calories and even heart rate.

This spin bike has been painted with high strength powder paint, making it wear resistant. It is fully adjustable, so it can be adapted to any size and can be used by all the people in the family. It has an excellent design, with soft and comfortable armrests and a holder for your smartphone or tablet.

The weight it can support is among the largest on this list and reaches 300 lbs. If you want a professional indoor cycling bike at an advantageous and above all safe price, do not hesitate to choose Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805. Although it is big and heavy, transportation wheels help you move on.

  • Silent and no vibrations
  • Sturdy and each of the pieces feel heavy
  • Feels like a peloton bike at 1/5th the cost
  • Effective seat height adjustment
  • It is easy to put together
  • The handle bars are too far away
  • The seat is too far back


Buyer’s Guide: Spin Bike Under $1000

You need to take into consideration some factors in order not to avoid the mistake of buying a spin bike that does not reflect your needs and therefore risks ending up in oblivion.

Type of resistance

Two types of resistance available in spin bikes, mechanical and magnetic.

Mechanical resistance can be changed by pressing the flywheel. Due to the pressure, the flywheel actually slows down. Making it run is therefore more difficult and it is necessary to bring more energy for a more performing workout. These are the cheapest spin bikes, that’s why I haven’t included them anymore in this guide. Other reason to avoid this, Mechanical spin bike has a pad that must be replaced over time as it easily wears out.

The magnetic resistance is changed by moving a special magnet, usually very strong. These are spin bikes that cannot undergo wear and therefore do not include elements that need to be replaced over time. However, they are also the most expensive models.

Chain drive or belt drive

Spin bikes can use two types of transmission to connect the flywheel to the pedals: chain and belt. The chain one is the same as traditional bicycles. It is a little louder but has more resistance. The belt drive on the other hand consists of a kind of elastic band. It is quieter but more subject to wear.


The frame of the spin bike must be fundamentally robust and capable of carrying even a fairly substantial weight. For the rest, you can choose the design and shape that you prefer or that best matches the rest of the house.

Q factor

By Q factor we mean, simply put, the position your feet occupy on the bicycle. The distance between them and the amplitude of the angle your legs form when pedaling are all factors that affect the quality of your exercise and you need to make sure this is the best based on your physical characteristics.

The flywheel

The flywheel is basically a disc that is placed between the pedals, constitutes the heart of the spin bike. The resistance of the pedals and any settings such as the climbing effect depend on this. The flywheel must be heavy and sturdy because it is the part that gives solidity to the spinning bike.

Ergonomic saddle and riding position

Check that the seat of the spin bike is comfortable to make the ride more comfortable. The pedaling position must be comfortable so as not to subject your body to incorrect and harmful postures.

Pedals and handlebars

The pedals of the spin bike must ensure a comfortable position for your foot, as well as the handlebar. The former must not be too small but must properly accommodate the sole of the foot. The handlebars must be comfortable to grip and the handles ergonomic.

Space needed

You need to carefully evaluate the space you have. Otherwise, the risk is to buy a model that is too large, then it can be difficult to place in the room. Fortunately, market full of slim models, designed specifically for home use. Despite being compact, it is still important to measure the length.

Those with little space can consider placing the bike in a corner of the room and then move it to the center at the time of actual use.

Ease of transport

It is obviously important in this case that wheels are available for moving, which could otherwise be difficult as many spin bikes are heavy.

Other features

The best spin bikes must have a functional display, allowing you to manage information such as training duration, kilometers traveled, calories burned. You also noticed that the best spin bikes under $1000 all have heart rate sensors that allow you to track your heart rate, or they can connect to heart rate monitors via Bluetooth technology. Other accessories such as device holder, bottle holder, towel rack, dumbbell holder that a spin bike can possess.


Which muscles of the body do you train on spin bikes?

You can strengthen the muscles of the legs, both those of the thighs and those of the calves and buttocks. However, this does not mean that the mass of these muscles increases excessively. Spin bike also trains abs and arms, but not in a particularly intense way.

Is spin bike harmful for legs or affect the thighs?

After the first few spinning sessions, it seems that the legs are much larger than they were previously. However, this is a completely normal reaction of one’s organism, not used to an intense training of this type. In a short time, the legs return to their size, more toned obviously, for this reason even more beautiful.

Is it possible to train only with the spin bike?

The short answer no. While pedaling, the abdominals and arm muscles are also set in motion, but not particularly intensely. This means that the muscles of the upper body are not toned and it is not possible to achieve a sculpted physique. Precisely for this reason, it can be useful to alternate training with the spin bike with targeted training for these muscle groups.

However, the spin bike allows you to train the muscles of the legs and buttocks in an incredible way. It also allows you to carry out a cardio workout, which improves circulation, allows you to burn calories and fat, gives the metabolism greater speed. It is therefore an excellent workout, but it is important to remember that spin bike is not designed for whole body workout.

Does the spinning bike help burn excess fat?

Yes, Spin bike, other name Cardio training, increases the heart rate and the oxygenation level of the muscles. It is a workout that requires a lot of energy, which the muscles take from the carbohydrates consumed with food and calories, as well as from excess fat in the body.

Is the brand important for spinning bike?

For beginner brand always recommended. Choosing a spin bike from a well- known brand in the sector certainly brings an advantage from many points of view. In fact, it often happens that these brands were born from the experience of athletes and coaches, who have poured their knowledge and skills into the creation of products that can really meet the needs of the user.

Final Thought

The cheapest spin bikes start at a price of around 200 dollars and can be suitable for those with a normal build and looking for a tool with which to train at home two to three times a week. Even the sturdiness of the spin bike itself can in fact affect a lot on the final cost. For this reason, smart people will have to orient themselves towards models at least in the medium price range, with a cost ranging between 500 to 1000 dollars.

After the due evaluations, now you are able to decide which one to choose and easily identify the best spin bike that suits your needs. It’s time to jump in the saddle and start training right away.

Our buyer’s guides for different price ranges:

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