10 Best Trail Cameras Under $200

Best Trail Cameras Under $200

Trail camera is an essential device for hunting to locate the game precisely. It is also widely used for capturing nature photos and wildlife. However, it is not an easy task to choose a premium trail camera under $200 from among all the models available in the market.

In our quest to find the best trail cameras under $200 that offer outstanding performance, we’ve rigorously tested a range of options available on the market in 2024. Our team is passionate about outdoor adventures, wildlife observation, and ensuring you have access to reliable gear that won’t empty your wallet.

Our dedicated experts have spent countless hours in the field, putting these cameras through their paces to bring you a curated list of the top 10 trail cameras under $200.

Through our hands-on testing, we’ve evaluated key features such as image quality, trigger speed, battery life, durability, and ease of use. Our reviews are designed to provide you with honest, unbiased assessments, so you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Best Trail Cameras under $200 in 2024

Peruse our meticulously organized comparison table featuring the finest trail cameras under $200 for the year 2024.

ImageNameVideo ResolutionTrigger SpeedPrice
Browning Defender Wireless Pro720P0.22sCheck
Campark 4K Native with Solar Power4K0.2sCheck
Rexing Woodlens H24K0.2sCheck
Bushnell Core DS No Glow_119977C1080P0.2sCheck
Covert WC Series LTE1080P0.4sCheck
Campark T150 Trail Cam2K0.4sCheck
Browning Strike Force HD PRO X720P0.22sCheck
CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cam1080P0.4sCheck

1. Browning Defender Wireless Pro Trail Camera

Image Resolution: 18MP | Video Resolution: 720P | Trigger Speed: 0.22s | PIR Quantity: 3 | Detection Angle: 120° | Detection Distance: 80ft | Display: 2.4-inch | Waterproof Level: IP65 | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: Yes | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered | Weight: 1.7 lbs.

Browning introduced the Defender Wireless Pro Scout series in the last year, which delivers outstanding quality photos and videos with 20 ft. Flash Range. It features a Multi-Cam Data Plan that allows users to put multiple cameras on one data plan. You can transmit HD images and Video clips over a nationwide 4G LTE network from your favorite hunting spot right to your smart device by using the Strike Force Wireless management system.

This device is a compendium of high performance for capturing outdoor animal images, whatever the weather conditions. Its sensor has a range of 80 feet for motion detection and its trigger speed is 0.22 s. The multi-image mode offers the capture of 1 to 3 images per trigger.

However, this sensitivity does not sacrifice the quality of the image in any way. The resolution of photos can reach 16 megapixels, and that of videos is 1280x720p.

Added to this, the Browning Defender Wireless Pro trail camera features an automatic day and night sensor and a wide variety of adjustable parameters. It is also completely waterproof and very clean for night shots.

As for power, batteries will provide the necessary energy to ensure up to 1 year of uninterrupted operation. This device takes 8 AA batteries. You can also change your camera setting from the App or by accessing your account online. And, share your username and password with a friend to see your pics and videos. The assembly process is simple and reliable. 


  • Adjustable Infrared LED Illumination
  • Very good built-in quality
  • Great motion detection
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Great battery life


  • Limited options for picture interval
  • Super sensitive camera trigger

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2. Campark 4K Native with Solar Power – Editor’s Choice

Image Resolution: 30MP | Video Resolution: 4K | Trigger Speed: 0.2s | PIR Quantity: 3 | Detection Angle: 120° | Detection Distance: 65ft | Display: 2.4-inch | Waterproof Level: IP66 | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 128GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered; solar powered | Weight: 2.42 lbs.

Campark 4K Native Trail Camera

With a discreet and efficient lookout, the Campark 4K Native trail camera is particularly suitable for both day and night use. Because its dark color allows it to blend into shadowy niches and to be imperceptible in the dark. In addition, its infrared vision does not emit any light likely to cause the animal to flee.

Photos have a resolution of 30 megapixels, while videos can render up to 4k. As soon as the device enters the 120 ° detection angle to capture a wider field of view. The shooting is triggered in 0.2 seconds. However, if you want to increase the number of images per second, the quality rating can be reduced to 1080 pixels. A sound recording is also added to the video for further immersion.

The Campark 4K Native trail is also powered by solar power, which makes the trail camera work alone without the use of lithium batteries. Of course, you can use it together with the battery for use longer. However, in low-temperature conditions, it would be better to use AA batteries and solar panels to work together.

You can store images and videos on an SD card with a capacity of 128 GB. However, the SD card doesn’t come with delivery. This solar power trail camera has Bluetooth & WiFi connection functions so that you can directly control it through the mobile APP. The menu bar is also straightforward and easy to use.

With 38pcs 850nm night vision lights, the night vision function is magnificent. It has 3 PIR Sensors and multiple applications, such as wildlife viewing, deer hunting, outdoor hunting, and even home security and farm monitoring.


  • 4K UHD video and 30 megapixels image
  • WiFi Bluetooth connection and app control
  • Super night vision mode
  • Durable construction
  • High Capacity Solar Panel
  • Wide view for multiple uses
  • Weatherproof


  • Memory card slot too close to the base
  • The text is grey, not black

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3. SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-S-LTE with Solar Cellular

Image Resolution: 10MP | Video Resolution: 480P | Trigger Speed: 0.4s | PIR Quantity: 3 | Detection Angle: 43.6° | Detection Distance: 80ft | Display: 2.4-inch | Waterproof Level: Not Specified | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered; solar powered | Weight: 1.35 lbs.

It is a common misguide approach in the camera industry, the megapixel rating that manufacturers advertise. Companies inflate the megapixel rating to attract the consumer’s eyes to their products. We need to mention that this model offers 10MP but you should uncover the image and video quality when you see the captured pictures and video clips. The picture and video quality mightn’t issue for capturing images and tracking wildlife in the outdoors.

Like the Campark 4K Native, the SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-S-LTE trail camera can also be powered by solar panels. This is obviously an advantage that can extend battery life. Day pictures of this trail camera are fairly average.

The image has great color but below average overall clarity. Night images have more flash range compared to other than four IR LEDs trail cameras. This is a reasonably Average Performing cellular camera at this price range.

The Link-Micro-S-LTE is one of the smallest Cellular cameras in this list and so far very easy to use. It is almost half the size of the Campark 4K. So if you prefer lightness and compactness this might be for you. It detects well and sets up in mere minutes. The package also includes everything you need to set up and use, except a memory card. It also comes with SIMS Card but not SD Card.

Trigger speed is 0.4s but recovery time is a bit slow. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend this camera in high-traffic areas. Also, the SPYPOINT trail camera’s case is a bit flimsy and cheap when handling. This is not completely unexpected as this weight.


  • Easy to understand and use
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Low megapixel but clear image
  • Simple installation
  • Small footprint


  • It has no backup
  • Uses micro SD card slot
  • A bit expensive, but not feature-rich

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4. Rexing Woodlens H2 with 4K & Wi-Fi

Image Resolution: 20MP | Video Resolution: 4K | Trigger Speed: 0.2s | PIR Quantity: 3 | Detection Angle: 105° | Detection Distance: 65ft | Display: 2.4-inch | Waterproof Level: IP66 | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 512GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered; solar powered | Weight: 10.8 oz.

Rexing Woodlens H2 trail camera is a true concentrate of technology for an unbeatable price. In terms of technical characteristics, the Woodlens H2 model is equipped with a 20MP CMOS sensor, which offers the possibility to capture HD videos in 4K.

The Game & Trail mode will allow you to capture the slightest movement in an instant even at night, thanks to its infrared LED sensors. The range is approximately 20 to 25m for night capture. Rexing Woodlens H2 trail camera is also built with microphone and speaker for wildlife or farm surveillance.

This device is completely waterproof by IP66 rated, you can leave it with confidence in nature without any risk. The long battery life is a real asset for this model, which offers 12 months of peace with the use of 8 AA batteries. You can also use an external power supply that can be connected to a solar panel.

The quality of the body construction is outstanding to protect the device from rain and dust damage. Even the buttons on the inside are very well made and give you great feedback when will press. You can lock by password to secure the device and prevent unwanted access.

Finally, you will have a slot available to insert an SD card with a maximum capacity of 512GB. However, the Woodlens H2 model uses a micro SD card, which can make it difficult to handle. So be very careful when installing and removing the card as it can be easy to drop and lose because the card slot is at the bottom of the camera. Also, there is very little space for fingers to insert and remove the card.


  • Extremely customizable settings
  • High-quality construction
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Reliable design
  • Very easy to use
  • Wifi capabilities


  • Card slot is at the bottom of the camera
  • Need more storage capacity memory card because of its high resolution

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5. Bushnell Core DS No Glow_119977C Trail Camera

Image Resolution: 30MP | Video Resolution: 1080P | Trigger Speed: 0.2s | PIR Quantity: 2 | Detection Angle: 35.1° | Detection Distance: 80ft | Display: 1.5-inch | Waterproof Level: Not Specified | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered; external solar powered | Weight: 1.2 lbs.

Bushnell Core DS (dual Sensor) Trail Camera has everything people expect at this price range. It has nearly perfect speed and delivers very realistic color photos with average clarity. As a trail camera, it is naturally waterproof (rating is not revealed) and resistant to all weather conditions. To ensure quality, Bushnell offers 2 years question-free warranty for this model.

This camera sensor can be immediately directed in three different directions, which allows it to cover a detection angle of 35.1 ° and over a distance of 80 feet. However, the detection angle is more narrow than the average (the industry standard is around 42°).

Its 1.5-inch screen allows you to make the first viewing before extraction, as well as display the battery level and browse the settings menu. The triggering of the image capture takes about 0.2 seconds. Its infrared technology allows it to record photos and videos even at night with great clarity. The night photos are clear and have certainly good contrast. However, the color picture, at night, is not as clear as our top pick delivers.

The resolution of photos is 30 megapixels, while that of videos is 1080 pixels. In video mode, sound recording is also activated. We also have found the audio to be top-notch compared to most trail cameras.

Bushnell Core DS has a bracket on the back for a Python cable lock and a threaded insert on the bottom for a Slate River Mount. It feels sturdy and well-built, and the latch is easy to manipulate. Its captures are stored on a 32 GB SD card. However, there is no USB port as described in the manual.


  • Produces high-quality pictures and videos
  • Incredible detection circuit
  • Easy programming
  • Well-built case design
  • 1-Year battery life
  • 2-Year warranty


  • Narrow field of view

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6. Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Image Resolution: 32MP | Video Resolution: 1080P | Trigger Speed: 0.4s | PIR Quantity: 1 | Detection Angle: 55° | Detection Distance: 100ft | Display: 1.5-inch | Waterproof Level: Not Specified | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered | Weight: Lightweight

It is the latest version of the WC series from Covert that is built in the latest LTE technology, which offers up to 2 years of battery life. This model features the speed of the wireless functions. You can manage the camera settings through the Covert Wireless app, where you can view images and interact with your camera in a near real-time capacity.

You can share photos with your friends and family directly on social media. The Covert WC Series LTE trail camera is also perfect for security and surveillance. It is simple to use and install because the configuration is very easy. The camera is encased in a box closed by a sturdy clasp, so there’s no chance to open it accidentally.

The photo quality is very real thanks to the 32 MP present. 1080p HD video for its part allows for crisp images. And the presence of an illuminated keyboard allows intuitive use. The main thing about this trail camera is it maintains the same level of performance even in the low-light situation.

This device has a huge number of functions that most high-end devices offer. For example, night vision is improved with the technology without infrared at 940nm. It makes it possible to observe the nocturnal behavior of animals. It is powered by 12 AA batteries.

The Covert WC Series LTE trail camera is resistant and waterproof, and can thus be used even when it is raining. However, there’s no way to lock the unit itself to prevent vandalism.


  • Solid build
  • Easy to use with included strap
  • Very high resolution
  • Pretty good signal detection
  • 2-year battery life


  • Lens opening angle may be greater
  • Night photos are hazy

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7. Campark T150 Trail Cam with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Image Resolution: 24MP | Video Resolution: 2K | Trigger Speed: 0.2s | PIR Quantity: 3 | Detection Angle: 120° | Detection Distance: 65ft | Display: 2-inch | Waterproof Level: IP66 | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 128GB | SD Card included: No | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Solar Powered; Battery Powered | Weight: 1.58 lbs.

Campark T150

Campark T150 solar power trail camera is combined with game camera and solar panel. It has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function, which allows you to preview and download pictures & videos on APP on the smart device. You can easily access your recordings via App and change settings according to your needs.

The Campark T150 is a flagship trail camera under $200 on the market, which captures 2K native video and 24MP clear image once movement is detected. It will provide you with more high-quality details during the day and night. Because the 36pcs 850nm LEDs produce detailed black and white night vision images. It is even possible to take ordinary photos with it.

It is a versatile device, you can use it to monitor animals and outdoor hunting but also for the safety of your home. Both the camera and solar panel is IP66 waterproof to protect them from rain and dust damage even in tough environments like desert or tropical rain forest.

One of the striking aspects of the Campark T150 camera is its detection angle of 120°, which can easily capture a wider field of view, allowing you to take pictures and videos to record the area where the animals are moving.

The device is made of strong materials and comes nicely packaged. The included strap is large with hooks for more secure installation. The package also comes with a USB recharging cable to recharge it manually the lithium battery or directly connect to a PC (WIN or IOS) for viewing and transfer.


  • WiFi Bluetooth Connection & APP Control
  • Made from strong material
  • Advanced night vision mode
  • Wide angle of view
  • Range of applications
  • Optimal sensitivity


  • Menu bar is not intuitive

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8. Browning Strike Force HD PRO X Trail Game Camera

Image Resolution: 20MP | Video Resolution: 720P | Trigger Speed: 0.22s | PIR Quantity: 1 | Detection Angle: 120° | Detection Distance: 80ft | Display: 1.5-inch | Waterproof Level: IP65 | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: Yes | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Battery Powered | Weight: 1.56 lbs.

The new Strike Force HD Pro X trail camera from Browning is the fourth installment in the Strike Force series. The previous Strike Force HD PRO came in early 2018. However, the Pro X trail camera is designed with many significant features, improving its parent model. It’ll provide enough light to capture beautiful nighttime photos and videos without overexposure. This is possible with the presence of LED flash.

The trigger speed on this camera (0.22 seconds) is exceptional and shows a great improvement over its previous model (0.3). It would be a superb choice for shooting daytime photos, and especially daytime videos in high definition.

It has a familiar compact case design and includes an adjustable metal bracket that you can use to adjust the camera up to 30 degrees up and down. All this goodness comes at under $200, yet the affordable price is more than fair considering its specs and durable construction.

Browning Strike Force HD PRO X features a convenient SD card management system that allows the camera to overwrite the oldest content if it gets full or you forget to erase its contents before starting. It is also an excellent trail camera to get valuable details on the passage of animals at night.

The menu is easy to navigate, and the data strip provides a lot of useful information such as the temperature and moon phase. Browning Strike Force HD Pro X trail camera is also equipped with IP65 technology.


  • Well made frame
  • Good video quality, day or night
  • High resistance waterproof
  • Good motion sensitivity
  • User-friendly interface


  • Only 32GB storage capacity

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Image Resolution: 12MP | Video Resolution: 1080P | Trigger Speed: 0.07s | PIR Quantity: 1 | Detection Angle: 40° | Detection Distance: 90ft | Display: 2-inch | Waterproof Level: Not Specified | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: Yes | Wireless Connectivity: No | Power Source: Solar Powered; Battery Powered | Weight: 15.52 oz.

The SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK is a truly revolutionary device under 200 dollars that integrates solar panel technology. It features low glow IR and has a great internal viewer, easy programming, and 0.07 seconds of insane speed. If the 12 megapixels image quality is acceptable for you, this trail cam would be the greatest recommendation for you.

The picture quality is very similar to the previous edition of the Spypoint Solar, called Force Dark. However, the daytime pictures are bright colors, average clarity, and plenty of depth whether the camera will be placed in bright sunlight or heavy timber.

The night pictures are average. Although there is a decent amount of flash range, the pictures do have a slight halo. It has three modes in the settings that control night image quality. You can adjust the flash settings to suit your specific needs with Hybrid Illumination Technology.

SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK trail camera is also integrated with boost or blur reduction settings, which allow users to reach into food plots or pastures where the focus is less likely to be on the camera. The optimal mode allows blending the settings for a lower-glow effect that has slightly more range.

It can be shot with 1920 x 1080 resolution in the day but only at 10 fps (much less noticeable on night videos) which holds the Solar Dark back in terms of video quality. Keep in mind, because of the 10 fps video shot, the video sizes are much smaller than traditional trail camera videos, which shot at 30-60 fps. That’s why the company provides a 16GB SD card.


  • One of the fastest trigger speed trail cameras on the market
  • Ridiculous detection speed and distance
  • Internal picture viewer
  • Insane battery life
  • Package included everything


  • Not compatible with rechargeable batteries
  • Frame is not durable enough

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10. CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

Image Resolution: 12MP | Video Resolution: 1080P | Trigger Speed: 0.4s | PIR Quantity: 1 | Detection Angle: 110° | Detection Distance: 65ft | Display: 2-inch | Waterproof Level: Waterproof | Audio Recording: Yes | Memory Card Capacity: 32GB | SD Card included: Yes | Wireless Connectivity: Yes | Power Source: Solar Powered; Battery Powered | Weight: 11.5 oz.

Finally, we present the last, but certainly not the least, contender on our top ten list. Creative XP (a family-owned business) has been a dominant name in the US optics and hunting gear industries since the beginning of its journey in 2006. Apart from its other offerings, Creative XP is well known for its top-of-the-line trail cameras.

CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera is not cheap when you compare the price with other trail cams. But when you set this device side by side with other models, it performs quite well as a high-end wildlife camera.

CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera camouflages itself perfectly in any environment. This is obviously useful when you want to observe the game up close. The animals or trespassers won’t see the 56 no-glow IR LEDs.

Regarding the detection range of this model, it is three times greater than that of a conventional lens without wide angle. With its 110° LCD screen, it is ideal for monitoring the passage of the game. As for the tripping time, it is 0.4 seconds. The uses of such a model can be many and varied: wildlife monitoring, hunting, home security, farm monitoring, etc.

It boasts a 12MP camera and a maximum video resolution of 1080p, which allows you to take colorful shots during the day, and monochrome at night. The Wi-Fi Cellular feature also allows you to send photos to your smart device instantaneously.

With a water and snowproof design, the CREATIVE XP 3G is still a fantastic device for less than $200. The order also includes a free Simhero Card with 500 Free Photos & 32 GB SD Memory Card. The company is very popular for offering professional customer service.


  • Strength with excellent materials
  • Water and snowproof construction
  • Customizable personal setting
  • Solar Energy Feature
  • Good video quality


  • Battery life is not impressive, runs out quickly

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Best Trail Cameras Under 200 Dollars Buyer’s guide

Now you know which are the best trail cameras under $200 available in the market. But choosing the right one is perplexing in some cases. So we leave you to consult this buying guide, full of advice and practical tips related to the hardware and functionality of the trail cams. We invite you to make these criteria your own, in order to find the most suitable model, both for your budget and needs.

Construction quality and durability

The quality of the construction is essential for a good trail camera. First of all, it is required to be robust, since it must be able to withstand exposure to bad weather and to the shocks that falling branches can give it. The mounting brackets must also be solid. Depending on the location of the equipment, you can hang it on a tree, or on a wall.

Waterproof and dustproof, as well as insensitive to corrosion should also be considered. Check the 2 numbers behind the IP label: The 1st indicates resistance to dust (number from 0 to 6) and the 2nd indicates resistance to water (number from 0 to 9). It must be provided with an effective and solid means of attachment that can withstand wear.


If you are about to buy a wildlife camera, you will come across a camera model with a built-in screen. It offers the possibility to adjust precisely the image section. A good LCD screen is also important in order to view what you have recorded. If it is qualitative, no need to watch it on a PC or TV.

Night vision

Does the trail camera have an infrared system so that you can see the capture at night? Infrared makes it possible to see animals even at night. It must be of high quality in order to capture the images with optimal visibility. Reach is also essential.

Video sensor

The quality of the photo/video sensor makes it possible to offer relevant photos or videos to view. However, depending on the use, precision is not necessarily essential. Nature lovers will appreciate flawless quality, while hunters want to learn more about game passage patterns to make clear shots.

Motion detector and viewing angle

The motion detector must be effective. Indeed, the latter must react as quickly as possible without too much sensitivity, otherwise, it will activate at the slightest movement.

The viewing angle is at least 60 degrees. The bigger it is, the more animals you will see. Regarding the range, the camera must be able to film up to twenty meters / 65 feet both night and day. Turn to a wide-angle field of a minimum of 120 ° in order to scan the observed area as much as possible.

Resolution (in megapixels)

Choose a trail camera with at least 16MP to offer you sharp images and videos so that they are suitable for your HD screens.

Viewing distance

A good trail camera can see up to 20 meters away so as not to miss any passage of animals.

The speed of opening of the lens

The faster a camera has an opening frequency, the more you will be able to capture the stealthy passages of your favorite animals. 0.1 seconds being the best of recent trail cameras today.

Types of alerts

Would you like to receive your alerts via MMS / SMS? Via an application? Take a good look before you buy the best trail camera.

Battery power

Find out about the consumption of each trail camera (often mentioned in years or months of operation). It is also crucial that its power ensures the device operates as long as possible, without having to force its user to intervene too often in the monitored sector to replenish it with the battery.

Storage capacity

Some trail cameras under 200 dollars offer storage space directly in the box via a microSD. See if the manufacturer allows increasing the capacity of the device. 64GB is the minimum if you want to store video.

There are also models with storage space directly connected to the Cloud so as not to lose any data.


Dual channel (communication) or single channel (recording)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries to provide you with comprehensive answers and insights.

What is trigger speed, and why is it important?

Trigger speed refers to the time it takes for a trail camera to capture an image after detecting motion. A faster trigger speed ensures that you capture the subject in action without any delay, making it crucial for capturing fast-moving wildlife or events.

How important is image resolution in a trail camera?

Image resolution determines the clarity and detail of the pictures captured. Higher resolution means clearer images. However, it’s important to strike a balance between resolution and file size, as larger image files may fill up memory cards quickly.

Can I use regular batteries or rechargeable ones in my trail camera?

Most trail cameras are compatible with both regular alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. However, using high-quality rechargeable batteries can be more cost-effective in the long run and reduce waste.

What is the typical range for detecting motion in trail cameras?

The detection range of trail cameras varies widely depending on the model. It can range from a few feet to over 100 feet. Make sure to choose a camera with a detection range that suits your specific needs and the environment where you will be using it.


Trail cameras are not only useful for hunters but also many individuals choose these devices because of their infrared vision. It will offer the possibility of seeing perfectly at night, and of benefiting from precise information.

For your choice, take a product present in our TOP 10. All of them offer excellent performance and excellent value for money. If you can’t find what you are looking for, use our purchasing criteria to find the trail camera that meets your needs.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below, and we’ll answer them.

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