10 Best Trail Camera Under 100 Dollars

Trail Camera Reviews

Trail cameras allow users to get spectacular shots of wildlife no matter you’re a professional hunter or outdoor enthusiast.

Modern trail camera is now sophisticated and useful for hunters to observe the movements and behavior of animals day and night. Nature lovers use it as an outdoor camera to observe flora and fauna. Others use trail cameras to monitor territory and even their home.

However, choosing the best trail camera under 100 dollars can be difficult if the goal is easy to identify the games in the wild or monitor the territory.

The best trail camera under 100 dollars is varied for different people. There might be circumstances where a feature-rich model lacks a feature you want most, if so, would you call it the best?

No rights?

It is also possible that the chosen trail camera is not strong enough to withstand uncertain weather and deteriorates under the effect of rain and wind. A battery quickly dies, often it will take you several hours to recharge.

We’ve got you covered and added better options to suit different needs. Whatever your use of a trail or a surveillance camera, here you find all your needs from our top 10 list of the best trail Cameras under $100.

Best Trail Cameras under $100 Reviews for 2023

After spending tons of hours researching the best hunting cameras, we got in touch with industry experts and consulted them to create this definitive list of the best trail cameras under $100.

Take a look at our comparison table of the top 10 best trail cameras under 100 dollars.


q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07WVVRS79&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 720p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.7 Sec
  • Detection Range: 80 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0824PN236&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 480p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4 Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08HLXVT2V&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 1080p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2 Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B087JR5WK1&Format= SL150 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 720p
  • Trigger Speed: Less 3 Sec
  • Detection Range: 80 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07PM93B7K&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 720p
  • Trigger Speed: Less 3 Sec
  • Detection Range: 80 Feet
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Trail Camera Under 100 Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 1080p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4 Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06ZXW75HK&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 540p
  • Trigger Speed: Less Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01MYGTRCK&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 720p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4 Sec
  • Detection Range: 80 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07TJ7VBQJ&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 1080p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2 Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07D75NYHS&Format= SL300 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=onlinesell034 20&language=en US Best Trail Camera Under 100

  • Video Capture: 1080p
  • Trigger Speed: 0.3 Sec
  • Detection Range: 65 Feet
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1. Bushnell 119717CW Trophy Trail Camera – Our Top Pick

Bushnell Trail Camera Under 100

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Our first choice of the best trail camera under 100 dollars in 2023 is the Bushnell Trophy. You perhaps know that Bushnell is a trusted line of trail camera manufacturing company located in the USA. They producing high-quality outdoor and wildlife products since 1948.

The trophy trail cam’s sensor has a range of 80 feet and its trigger speed is 0.3s. This sensitivity does not sacrifice image quality in any way. It is a compendium of high-performance trail cams for capturing images of animals outdoors, whatever the weather conditions are.

The resolution of photos can reach 20 megapixels and the video quality is 720p. However, if you use the full resolution, it’s going to take some space to store those images. Added to this, the Bushnell trail camera has an automatic day and night sensor with a wide variety of adjustable parameters.

It is completely waterproof under heavy rain and reliable for tough weather. The assembly process is simple and the menu bar is initiative. You don’t need a moment to set it up. In the package, you will get the trail camera itself, a tree mounting strap, and an instruction booklet.

Trophy trail camera has 32 LED Night Vision flashlights. It will take up to a maximum of a 32 gigabyte SD card. However, you need eight AA batteries to operate this model. After installation, it can go up to 6 months. Also, you need a high-quality SD card that does not come with the package.

Besides these minor issues, it is an economical choice under 100 which provides excellent day and night photography.

What users had to say about Bushnell Trophy 119717CW:

“I’ve bought several different trail cams and I’ve had the best luck with the Bushnell Trophy Cams.” “This device is more reliable than most, but not the greatest. Good buy considering the price.”


  • Great wild cam for the price
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty
  • Convenience
  • Programmable
  • High detection sensitivity
  • Great for tracking big game
  • Attractive retail box


  • Takes a little time to set it up
  • Doesn’t include batteries
  • Manual pages are long, and complicated for a non-tech-savvy person

2. WingHome M6 Night Vision Trail Camera

WingHome M6 Trail Camera Under 100

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WingHome M6 Professional trail camera equipped with LEICA M6 solution and Sony sensor that can capture the best quality image and video even at night or low light. It has 100° wide-angle view which provides a wider detection range to shoot distinctive and immersive videos and photos.

The WingHome M6 comes with 6 high-power low-glow IR LEDs with 4 adjustable IR flash modes so that you can adjust the flash settings to suit specific needs and optimize battery life performance.

This device is built with high-quality night-vision modes which help you to achieve your preferred style of night-vision photos by easily adjusting the mode.

The trigger speed is super fast and catches all the deer and hogs coming and going from your game feeder or hunting blind. The built-in viewing screen with 3X zoom is a prominent feature. The images are crisp and colorful. You can set it for how many photos you want to take every time, and how long of a video you would like.

The package contains a strap, USB cable, user manual, and quick start guide. You can use this camera for home security. To ensure quality, the WingHome M6 trail camera comes with 12 months warranty and lifetime customer service after the date of purchase.

However, SD card and batteries are not included. You need to take Normal Sized SD and Micro SD. You can insert Adapter up to 32GB max. 

Here is what users had to say after using WingHome trail cam:

“For years I have hesitated to buy a quality hunting camera to install it in a forest near my home.” “At the reception, the camera is in a super quality cardboard packaging.”


  • Very easy to set up
  • Fast trigger and long detection
  • Magnificent picture and video quality plus crisp
  • Advanced features to eliminate reflections
  • Lots of setup options
  • Great value per dollar


  • Instructions are not professional
  • Setting up the camera takes a little time
  • Doesn’t include SD card and batteries

3. Campark T80 Trail Camera with Night Motion

Campark T80 Trail Camera Under $100

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The Campark T80 is one of the best field-of-view night vision trail cameras under $100 on our list. It is built in lots of advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and App control. You can easily download the APP on your mobile phone and then connect with Wi-Fi within a second.

However, the Wi-Fi range is 10 meters from inside the house and 12 meters from outside the house.

Campark T80 trail camera can capture 20MP crystal clear images and 1296P video with super coherent sound recording each time when the motion is detected of wild game. You can simply adjust the setting and check the photo /video on the phone directly.

However, it does not have a webcam mode, so the remote control has a limited range.

It produces detailed black and white night vision images and captures the moments of wildlife so that you will never miss a single shot. You can also use this device with a solar power bank because, at the bottom of the camera, it has a round charging interface.

Campark T80 trail camera comes with IP66 waterproof technology. The sturdy case protects the device from rain and dust damage. It works even in tough environments like deserts or tropical rainforests. You can even use this device with a threaded tripod and mounting strap.

The LEDs range is 65FT and is controlled automatically based on the light source available. You can set it to both photo and video or just video or just pictures. You can also customize how many photos are to be taken before the video portion.

This model’s easy to install wherever the wildlife camera will be mounted. But the Campark T80 model does not have an internal battery; it requires AA batteries.

What experience hunters had to say after using the Campark T80:

“The wide viewing angle is really appreciable and allows you to have a view of the whole game area.” “On the other hand, it is a bit of a shame that the memory card or the batteries are not supplied, but it’s ok with the price.”


  • Wi-Fi connection & APP Remote Control
  • Good trigger speed and sensitivity
  • Build with advanced night vision
  • 65FT Triggering Distance
  • High video resolution
  • Multi-functional design


  • Very limited Wi-Fi access area
  • It is not USB rechargeable
  • The app that is used to connect to the camera needs a lot of work

4. BZK ArmyGreen HD Trail Game Camera

BZK ArmyGreen - Best Trail Camera Under $100

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BZK ArmyGreen trail camera is equipped with 20MP ultra-high pixels and 1080P HD video resolution which provide photos and audible videos in unparalleled clarity. It has a 2.4-inch LED display, you can enjoy every exciting moment of animal life in the world.

This ArmyGreen trail camera combined with 0.2S trigger speed is able to capture high-speed moving objects easily. With 3 PIR sensors, it will provide a motion detection range of up to 120°.

This device doesn’t make any sound when taking pictures or video clips, so don’t need to worry about scaring away animals. It also has a mini USB connection on it.

It is equipped with 47 no-glow LEDs which provide an amazing night vision distance of up to 20 meters, and are able to capture the moments of wild animals silently. It can shoot very clear pictures even on dark nights, without the animal realizing it’s being documented.

The structure part is not poor. The high construction rugged case design with IP66 waterproof ensures it will work properly in rain and dust. It will be perfect for photographing birds and monitoring wildlife. However, if you prefer to cover a larger area, to secure your property, it is a little better suited.

BZK ArmyGreen trail camera was introduced in 2021. It has been upgraded with all configurations is based on user needs. Once you purchase this model, you will enjoy a one-year warranty.

What really think new users about BZK [New Version] trail camera:

“I have never had a game camera before, but I did a LOT of browsing on the internet before buying this.” “I debated between Wi-Fi versions vs SD Card only versions like this one, and I finally decided to try this one.” “And I do not regret it. This thing is breathtaking!”


  • It is very easy to use and takes wonderful photos
  • Innovative clamshell 2.4-inch screen
  • Ultra-HD resolution
  • Very well made
  • Built with powerful night vision
  • 120°Wide Range Detection
  • Cost-effective choice


  • Manual is really unclear
  • It does not glow

5. Wildgame Innovations WGICM0611 Micro

Wildgame Innovations WGICM0611 Trail Camera

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Wildgame Innovation micro infrared hunting trail camera captures high-quality images and videos and increased visibility from a backlit LCD screen. It is designed to provide excellent night image quality with its flash that contributes up to 20 meters range.

Wildgame trail camera offers an image quality of 16 megapixels and it can produce videos, with a rating of 1080 pixels. You just need 4 AA batteries and SD card and take up to 32 GB of images and videos.

It is built with a magnetic ball mounting system that allows you to swivel your camera in any direction. And with a trigger speed of less than 3/4 seconds, you can capture nighttime and daytime HD photos and 720p video.

The interface is very user-friendly. This model has a multi-layer dot matrix LCD for easy programming. HUNTSTAND APP integration to sort, organize and analyze pics. HS interface is great for syncing your wild game images with the weather.

Wildgame Innovations WGICM0611 is the most versatile hunting camera under 100 that can capture wildlife scenes silently; you won’t miss any details. It has taken hundreds of pictures without a single flaw. And if you’re looking for excellent quality and versatile trail camera at a reasonable cost, this is the one you can get.

Users’ feedback after using the Wildgame WGICM0611 trail camera:

“It is much bigger in size than I think and the image quality is very good at night.” “I purchased two of these cameras a year ago and they’ve done well without any problem.”


  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Nylon web strap and user-friendly
  • Handy and looks beautiful
  • Provide crystal clear pictures
  • Magnetic ball mounting system
  • Battery life is incredible, over 6 months


  • It doesn’t record audio
  • Size a little bit small
  • It clicks when it takes pictures

6. Victure HC400 130° Detection Trail Camera

Victure HC400

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Victure HC400 trail camera is built with 20MP for images and 1080P for videos. This high-resolution camera delivers excellent images and audible videos with unparalleled clarity.

It comes with unique fish-eye lens with 130° wide-angle sensors which enable you to shoot and savor full-frame field views of the wildlife.

This multi-functional trail camera is equipped with 850nm advanced infrared LED lights, that can capture crisp black and white nighttime images quietly. Basically, it will ensure a longer and wider visibility range in the dark. There is an adjustable strap and a tripod socket; you could mount the trail camera according to your needs.

This device performs well even in the rainy season because it comes with a waterproof rubber ring and weatherproof plastic case. It has an easy-to-use 2.4″ LCD screen, comfortable keys, and various mounting methods with multiple functions of 3 continuous shots.

With 3 sensitive sensors, the Victure HC400 will be triggered swiftly and precisely in 0.4s without delay. The adjustable PIR sensitivity is available to provide a better user experience.

It will provide long time service without losing performance. And to ensure quality, Victure offers 12-month warranty after the date of purchase.

However, the light is not visible but the red LEDs are visible on the trail camera if one is looking at it.

What people are saying about Victure HC400:

” Regarding the camera itself, nothing to complain about for the moment: The integrated screen is clear and of good size, and the menus are very easy to understand and navigate via the physical buttons.” “And the functions are complete and sufficient for me.”


  • Upgraded night vision & multifunctional modes
  • IP66 waterproof & faster trigger speed
  • Full HD 20MP outstanding resolution
  • Ultra-High Concealment
  • Solid body construction


  • Instructions are very basic
  • The buckle on the strap is pretty much weak

7. Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 12

WildGame Trail Camera Under 100

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Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro trail camera comes ready to use out of the box. The design blends very well in the woods and allows you to view God’s Beauty without being out in the Cold. It has 12-megapixel lights with included batteries and 16GB SanDisk SD card.

This model is equipped with 36 pieces high-intensity black LED IR flash. It has both video & photo options. And with 480p actual Video Capture Resolution, the video quality is pretty good. It can take pics at night without the flash, so there is no chance to miss any animals.

However, it takes color photos during the day, but bright and clear depending on conditions.

Wildgame camera itself is about 8-9 inches tall and about 5-6 inches wide. With this package, you will get a bear box for it so that you can lock it up and make it harder to steal. It also helps to conceal the camera. This model comes with two cords to attach to a tree. However, they are not very long.

The trigger speed is less than 1 second. It will detect up to 65 ft at night with no lights or flash, so the animals won’t see it or detect it. It is completely silent and stealthy. There is no “switch”. However, it is a power button inside the bottom panel.

Keep in mind that the Cloak Pro model doesn’t have a viewing screen. In order to view the images that the camera has taken, you must remove the SD card and download the images from the card.

What users have to say about the Wildgame Cloak Pro 12:

“The camera has a very wide detection angle, which apparently allows it to be triggered at the right time.” “This device fulfills its contract perfectly for the use I wanted to make of it, and that for a very reasonable price. I therefore recommend it without hesitation.”


  • Include batteries & 16GB SanDisk SD card
  • High-intensity black LED IR flash
  • Batteries will last for 6 months
  • Easy to place in shrub/tree
  • Takes pleasant pictures


  • Shutter delay on the camera is too long
  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Very limited features

8. Browning BTC 5HD 850 Trail Camera

Browning BTC 5HD

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Browning BTC 5HD hunting camera has, through the patterns of its camouflage and its design, a military and futuristic character. We are honestly surprised by how easy the device is to set. The image quality is excellent and works well during the tough season.

The camera records its photos and videos on SD card like a regular security camera, so access to the internet is not necessarily needed. However, this model is designed for only outdoor use. It has a robust construction because it is waterproof and does not allow dust to infiltrate.

It automatically detects the change from day to night and adapts accordingly. These characteristics ensure that it fully meets what is required of such a device. There is no noticeable flash when this camera triggers. SD card has a great location on the side and is easy to remove.

The detect range can extend up to about 20 meters and image capture is then triggered in 0.4 seconds. It would be a perfect choice for hunting because it will take good pics and doesn’t spook the deer. However, you can use this device for gardening stray animal tracking, home security and property surveillance.

The battery life is pretty good though especially in the picture mode. However, in both modes (photo and audible video), it will last more than 3 months.

The night shots are pretty bright, actually some of the best. Overall, this is an all-around hunting camera under $100 that’s good at everything but not great at anything.

What past users have to say after using the Browning BTC 5HD 850:

“This is my second Browning camera. First has been in the woods for three years, still working fine.” “Batteries last an entire season in trail cam mode. Night videos use more battery but pics last for months.”


  • Wonderful and lightweight design
  • Great camera at a great price
  • Simple to operate and set up
  • Provides great video quality
  • Durable frame


  • A bit less color in the daytime pic
  • Written instructions are lame

9. Meidase Game IP66 Waterproof Trail Camera

Meidase Trail Camera under 100

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Meidase trail game camera captures 20 megapixels of crystal pictures and full HD 1080P videos with sound recording features that are difficult to find at this same price range. It is great to capture pictures of what is going on. The photo’s quality is clear and easy to see on the built-in screen.

This hunting camera is equipped with 38pcs upgraded no glow 940nm infrared LEDs and night vision flash which goes up to 65ft. You can easily camouflage it if necessary.

It comes with 3 passive infrared sensors and motion-activated technologies. It detects games with an incredible 0.2s~0.6s. And with trigger distances up to 82ft, you won’t miss game movement.

Meidase trail camera is built with user-friendly menu settings, a comfortable keypad, and a 2.4” colorful LCD screen. You just need to set a regular memory card max capacity of 32GB. It is quite simple to operate, you only need less than one minute to complete the process.

A lot of different settings are available in this trail cam. With includes a USB cord, you can quickly play back pictures or videos on the camera screen on your computer. You can be used as a security indoor camera.

This no-glow trail camera has slots in the back of the plastic case where the supplied strap runs through so that you can strap it to a post or tree. It is completely waterproof and designed for outdoor, field, wildlife nature deer scouting or hunting, and yard/garden.

A closer look at what past users said about the trail camera:

“This camera is an excellent choice for small wildlife due to its very wide angle and depth of field allowing the subject to be in focus even if it is 10cm from the camera.” “This is by far the best trail camera in this price range to offer a flawless finish.”
“I bought this camera to install it in my chicken coop.” “The quality is great, the wide angle too.”


  • Crisp Clear Picture and FHD Video
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to set up
  • Record video with pleasant sound
  • It features Time-Lapse
  • Comes with 12-month warranty


  • It has no rubber backside to prevent sliding against a tree
  • Doesn’t have big enough slots

10. WingHome QTY-07 Infrared Trail Camera

WingHome QTY-07

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And last but not least is the Winghome QTY-07, WingHome has been developing trail cameras for more than 15 years, and is one of the biggest trail camera manufacturers on the planet. They achieved millions of users’ trust because each of their devices is designed and manufactured by their own team of engineers.

WingHome QTY-07 Trail Cam has built-in 58-pcs 940nm infrared LEDs, which take color photos and videos while there is sufficient daylight and provides crystal-clear photos and videos. It not only takes brightly colored photos during the daytime but also clear black & white photos at night.

It has 5 megapixels of CMOS which creates 14 megapixels of photos by interpolation. The video length is up to 59s. It has 2″ LCD screen and is built with Mic which can record voice while recording video. All pictures are stamped with the date, time, temperature, moon phase, and battery status.

The WingHome QTY-07 features 100° wide-angle view to ensure a wider detection range for distinctive shoots. The wide-angle lens is great for getting more pictures. It captures fast-moving targets with the precision of 0.3-sec trigger speed and 65-ft detection range.

This model is equipped with the latest technology from the WingHome brand. For example, it removes the fisheye effect without degrading quality. The package comes with a very long strap that goes through 2 holders on the device. This means the camera faces directly out from whatever you strap it to.

A closer look at views from past WingHome QTY-07 trail camera users:

“I use this type of camera for urban observation of animal life.” “The installation of the camera is relatively simple a tree or a pole is sufficient using the strap provided for this purpose.” “There is no problem with waterproofing even in rainy weather.”


  • Easy-to-open the case
  • Simple mounting system with strap
  • Provides clear photos and video
  • Wide angle with zero fish-eye distortion
  • Super-fast trigger speed
  • Incredible shooting sensitivity


  • Included strap is not very good
  • Required 12 AA batteries

How to Choose the Best Trail Camera Under 100 Dollars?

When buying the best trail cameras under 100 dollars, consider some of these key features like the field of view, night vision, megapixels, shutter release, durability, battery life, etc.

Let’s see each part in detail…

Field of vision

Do you want to capture long and wide shots? If this is the case, you need to consider not only the range in terms of depth but also the side view angles that the lens can accommodate.

You should know that there are fully panoramic camera options, but they usually don’t have a great range. So consider what is most important to you based on your hunting location, size of the game, and more so that you can purchase a device that will allow you to find the right balance.

Night vision

The ability of the trail camera to capture videos and images in the dark could be an essential feature if you want to use the device at night or in low-light conditions.

Although, in that case, thermal scope is very useful, the goal here is to find a model that allows you to capture quality images or videos overnight, but that won’t have such a bright flash at the risk of scaring wildlife away.

Nigh Vision Mode Best Trail Camera Under 100

Also, choose the LED carefully and look for a device equipped with infrared technology as discreetly as possible. Most of the time, best trail cam under 100 dollars has panels that light up by triggering movement or detecting heat.


If you are used to using cameras, you probably understand the importance of megapixels. The higher the number of megapixels, the sharper, clearer, and more defined image quality you will be got.

If you are using the camera for hunting only and just want to locate your game, a standard cellular trail camera may be enough for you. For hunting, you need images that are clear enough to better discern what you are looking at.

The trigger speed

The faster the trigger speed, the quicker your trail camera will take images. This way, you will have a better chance to capture any creature that passes in front of the device.

You need to keep in mind that the faster the device operates, the clearer the images will be provided. If an animal passes directly in front of your camera, the trigger detects the movement and shoots automatically.

There are some very impressive high-end quality trail cams under $100 that come with advanced technology, allowing the shutter button to be activated in less than a second.

Audio recording

Some low-cost trail cameras under $100 only allow you to record video without audio. Don’t forget to check this detail if you are interested in capturing ambient sound in your recordings.

The durability

If you go for buying an outdoor trail camera, make sure it’s weatherproof and animal-proof. Hunting creatures are prone to aggressive behavior and they don’t care about the money you spent on your new device. You should invest in a product that is tough, reliable, and able to withstand any riggers thrown in its path. You may even be the one unintentionally missing your shot and shooting your trail camera by mistake.

The battery life

The longer the battery life, the better the value. You probably wouldn’t want to worry about recharging the batteries every time you use the device.

The good news is that many best trail cameras under $100 have LEDs and they run much longer. Even most of the trail cameras under 100 on our list can be used for an entire year without changing batteries. This is more than enough so that you can use the device throughout the hunting season.

Angle of view

The angle of view is one of the important characteristics of a cellular trail camera. It is a criterion that will determine the triggering capacity of the camera.

However, the angle of view corresponds to the width of the shot. The wider the angle, the more the image will cover the photographed area.

Angle of View Best Trail Camera Under 100

A trail camera with a low viewing angle will be around 60 degrees, the best ones will have 130 degrees (Most devices have an angle between 65 and 120 degrees). We then speak of wide-angle fields of vision. For comparison, a human’s field of view is 124 degrees.

Note that the angle also impacts the detection distance.

Hybrid mode & recovery time

Recovery time means the time the camera needs before it can capture the next image. So obviously faster recovery time will give you more photos and detailed information.

In hybrid mode, the tracking camera will take both a photo and a short video. You get the best of both worlds with just one trigger. However, it’s usually only found in high-end models.

Protection box

It may be useful to protect the trail camera from vandalism or theft when it is placed in a high-traffic area. For this reason, there are metal boxes that the camera used to house. The entire device is covered with a box apart from the sensor and the lighting system. The box is firmly fixed to support it, or even locked using a padlock or an anti-theft device.

Password entry

Your hunting camera model must have the ability to set a password to prevent the device from being tampered with by malicious people.

The memory

Storing the image or video on your hunting camera, you have two options: internal memory or an SD card. We recommend you choose the storage option with an external memory card. There is no problem removing the camera to see the photos it has captured.

You can get an extra external memory card and just swap it out with the one inside. So it is much easier to get all the footage and there is no downtime for the camera.

However, the memory capacity you need depends on your use of the camera, and the settings you choose.


What is the range of the trail camera?

It totally depends on the brand and model you have chosen. However, most trail cameras should at least have a range of 15-30 yards. Obviously, the actual range will be affected by the conditions. And if the area where you are hunting has thick brush and undergrowth, the range of the device will be reduced.

Where to install a trail camera?

There is a lot of controversy within the hunting fraternity on this point, but as a general rule, a height of 3 to 5 feet above the ground is reasonable. Alternatively, you can try going up to 7 feet and tilting the device down.

When it comes to location, try to find a place in the wild where you know wild animals are frequently active so that you will have an excellent chance of taking interesting photos.

Can you use a trail camera as a security camera?

Yes, because most cellular trail cameras are capable of taking photos and videos. Many devices can capture audio to accompany the video.

Trail cameras also transmit an image by text or email.

What is the difference between a low-light IR camera and an IR camera without light?

If a small glow can be seen, the device is classified as IR low glow. If it has a brighter, more visible glow, it will be a bright red IR. Infrared cameras do not use LED emitters that transmit infrared light above the 940-nanometer spectrum.

It is possible to include an SD card to save a maximum of images and videos. So it is clear that you can even use a trail camera for security purposes.

Is the trail camera flashing in the dark?

Nowadays, all the trail cameras available on the market support night shots. If you want to use the device discreetly in the dark, then go for the invisible infrared flash.

However, the IR flash only supports black and white images at night.

Is an infrared trail camera flashing?

“Trail Camera Black Flash”. This is called the black flash because the device can illuminate an animal without it detecting the glow. LED emitters are used to transmit the same type of infrared light in standard IR cameras, but it is above the 940-nanometer spectrum.

Do hunting cameras make noise?

Most cellular trail cameras don’t make noise. Since discretion is the very objective of the hunting camera, it works without scaring the animals and they will not even have to be aware of its presence. For this reason, the device does not emit any noise during the operation.


An expert hunter must have the right tools and devices to go hunting, and the trail camera is a great asset to locate the game. It extends the hunter’s eye, able to never let go of its attention day or night. You know those trail cameras are generally designed for the outdoors to withstand inclement weather. So you have to make sure that they have sufficient competencies to perform their role of detecting and capturing images of the game.

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