The Types of Hunting – Overview and Explanations

Types of Hunting

The art of hunting is multifaceted and rich. Because of an ancestral practice, you can hunt alone, in a group, with or without a firearm.

And you, what type of hunting do you want to practice on your hunting grounds?

The answer to this question will determine the types of hunting property that is right for you.

Each type of hunting has its customs and techniques. It’s up to you to choose the hunting that will suit you best. To help you, here we explain some of the most common types of hunting.

Different Types of Hunting

Depending on the types of hunting you practice in your country, certain selection criteria will take on more or less importance, such as the surface area and the presence of bodies of water.

Together with the hunting bow, there are other types of hunting or hunting methods:

Approach hunting

Approach hunting, also known as “silent hunting” or “individual hunting” consists of tracking an animal in silence in order to approach it as closely as possible and to be able to kill the animal. Hunting on the lookout is done from a watchtower and allows the hunter to hide to reach the game.

We should note that this type of hunting method is based on a long period of observation of the animals. This method is not recommended for novice hunters and is appreciated by solitary and patient hunters. They go in search of the game by traversing its territory and observing it using binoculars.

Group hunting

Group hunting, community hunting, joint hunting of several members of a species, usually a social association. The hunt is more or less coordinated depending on the species.

The degree of cooperation in group hunting is rather low for some species of ants that attack other colonies. On the other hand, there are finely tuned hunting tactics in the cooperative hunt of wolves (elk hunt), chimpanzees (hunt for other monkey species and conspecifics), and lions.

Cooperative hunting enables a group to capture larger prey and expand their range of prey than a lone hunter. Individual wild dogs, for example, hunt gazelles, but only in groups do adult wildebeest.

It is still controversial whether the per capita profit actually increases through group hunting compared to solitary hunting. Because it is unclear which areas are included as cost factors in a cost-benefit analysis.

Different types of animal hunting

There are many types of hunting methods that use for different types of animals, which vary depending on the equipment, the type of game hunted, and the location of the hunting area.

Mouflon hunting

The mouflon hunt can be difficult as this species is very good at sighting. This game species can be hunted in different regions of the United States and Europe but does not occur nationwide. This is particularly popular as a trophy hunt in Hungary or the Czech Republic.

Deer hunting

Deer hunting is practiced very intensively in both USA and in Europe. Roe deer are the hoofed game species that are most frequently shot in Germany. The roe deer can be found all over Germany as a typical cultural successor. It belongs to the small game and zoologically to the cloven-hoofed and deer.

Deer hunting is practiced in many places. This is based on the movement rhythm of this game species within a hunting year. A popular form of hunting for roe deer is high-seat hunting. But stalking can also be promising and very varied.

The best time of the year to hunt deer is the rutting season. In September or October, you can hear the roar of the deer in the woods. These mostly diurnal animals can be lured, for example, with a deer call. Here the so-called rival is imitated.

Wild boar hunting

The hunt for wild boar is very diverse. Most of the sows are killed when hunted from behind. The hunt for sows differs, for example, from the hunt for roe deer, which is usually done at night. Furthermore, the wild boar is extremely intelligent and learns quickly.

Since this game species do not live territorially, attempts are made to tie it to a place by means of decoy hunting species such as feeding hunts in order to hunt them.

The basic equipment of every sow hunter should include at least one trail camera.

Fox hunting

Depending on the federal state, foxes can be hunted at different times.

Basic knowledge is important for fox hunting as this species of wildlife can transmit a large number of diseases. Furthermore, the population must be kept within limits to ensure the survival of other animals and wild species. There are many other reasons for keeping the fox with the rifle.

Hunting the winter fox is particularly popular. In winter it wears a thick hide that can be made into a fur. In order to be successful in fox hunting, you can create a slut place.

For this, the legal regulations of the respective federal state must be observed again.

Crow hunting

Crow hunting can be very varied. Most of the hunt for the crow is practiced by camouflaged propriety with the gun. You must be ensured that the hands, face, and preferably the weapon are camouflaged.

Lures with artificial crows often help to achieve success.

Duck hunting

Duck hunting is also one of the most popular types of hunting in the world. These are traditionally hunted on the duck line when they invade in the evening.

Good equipment is also important here. The stands should be well camouflaged and you should also be camouflaged yourself from head to toe.

Furthermore, mostly smaller drives are often organized in this type of game.

Pigeon hunting

Pigeon hunting is also very interesting, as the pigeon breast provides a very valuable game. For this purpose, these are usually shot on decency during individual hunts.

Different types of hunting mission

You can’t be permitted to hunt all animal species. Hunters must respect the regulations in force. Otherwise, they can be prosecuted for poaching.

Types of Hunting Mission

Small game hunting

Small game hunting refers to the hunting of small animals like rabbits, partridges, and pheasants. Most of the time, small game hunting is carried out using a pointer. This will have the role of taking the emanation of the game, approaching it, marking it and stopping it. And this is until the arrival of the hunter.

There are different types of hunting for hunting small game: hunting in front of you. It is possible to hunt small games in a forest or in a plain.

In the Middle Ages, the difference between small game hunting and big game hunting was as follows: big game hunting was reserved for nobles and small game hunting was left to the rest of the population.

Big game hunting

Big game hunting refers to the hunting of medium and large size animals: deer, doe, roe deer, or even chamois. It is possible to track animals that belong to the big game category using strides (footprints).

Big game hunting is often accompanied by a pack of dogs that support and help the hunter to shoot an animal. There are many hunting methods for big games: hunting on the lookout, beating (this hunting method is the most common for hunting big games in France), silent push, etc.

Mountain hunting

Hunting game in the mountains is one of the most beautiful hunting techniques without a doubt. Whatever the destination where the game is coveted, powerful emotions are always there. It is a sport hunting that involves some precautions to experience it intensely but serenely.

Mountain remains rugged and potentially dangerous terrain where weather conditions can change very quickly. The higher you go, the more the temperature decreases and the more the wind at altitude is likely to increase. This results in significant evaporation and therefore cooling effect.

The equipment must be functional, comfortable and light. Even a short mountain excursion at low altitude requires a few basic pieces. By playing with all the combinations of light, warm and waterproof pieces, it is possible to cope with all climatic situations.

Hunting without gun

As its name suggests, this mode of hunting is not carried out with a firearm. Hunters have bows and arrows and are accompanied by dogs or raptors that help them capture the game.

This type of hunting also includes unearthing but also snooping, which consists of introducing a ferret into rabbit burrows to scare them away.

Let’s see it in detail…

The art of falconry

Falconry is a hunt in which the hunting aid is a bird (falcon, hawk, buzzard, etc.). A distinction is made between high-flying and low-flying hunting. Your hunting area must have several dozen hectares for low-flight hunting and several hundred for high-flight hunting.

It must be absolutely secure for your bird (no power lines, fences, traffic routes, etc.). A hunting area with a lot of games is necessary because the catch rate in flying hunting is low.

Bow hunting

Bow hunting can be practiced on approach, on the lookout, beat, and on the ground. This hunting mode is particularly suitable in peri-urban areas and in areas where the use of a firearm can be dangerous.

It is an efficient, silent, and particularly difficult shooting hunt, which requires a good amount of knowledge of the territories and the animals. Because you have to only be a few meters from the game before shooting an arrow, this requires a great sense of effort and requires self-control, before, during, and after the shooting.

To hunt with the bow, it is necessary to have participated in Training. To practice bow hunting in your hunting area, you must have a specific permit.

Everything About Bow Hunting

The trapping

Rabbits, foxes, and crows are all species that you can hunt by resorting to trapping. The legislation distinguishes five categories of traps.

For category 2 traps, you must get authorization from the prefecture for trap hunting. To set up traps on your hunting grounds, you will therefore need to attend a small training course.

Hunting with trained animals

The hunting dog is trained nowadays in subjects that include exam content before and after the shot. Especially after a shot or after an accident with wildlife, it is very important to spare the wild animal from any agony that has arisen from these external factors.

There are two types of hounds: large hounds which designate hunting with hounds for large games and small hounds which designate hunting with hounds for small games.

Blood research

This hunting method concerns the tracking of the injured game and is accompanied by blood research dogs which use their sense of smell to track the injured animal (sometimes over several tens of kilometers). This type of hunting is mainly implemented to find the injured animal and thus shorten its suffering.


Hunting is a very popular activity in the world and it has already been included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. But this activity is also highly regulated by Federal Law. It is only authorized at certain times and is subject to getting a hunting license.

Going hunting requires suitable equipment: military jackets are particularly recommended as well as comfortable and resistant pants. You must be careful when purchasing hunting shoes. They must protect the soles of the feet from the roughness of the ground thanks to a thick sole and maintain the ankle well.

If you enjoy hunting activities in winter, check out our cold weather hunting boots buyer’s guide.

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