Top 5 Best Compound Bows Under $200 In 2022

Compound Bow Reviews Under $200

For several people, hunting with a compound bow is that the most fun thanks to track the game. It’s not solely challenging, however it will be terribly appreciated as well! Let’s be honest – not everybody has high budget to pick their 1st bow.

The good news is, due to the modern technological innovation, compound bows are not overpriced hunting gear today. However, it will be quite troublesome finding an effective compound bow for under $200. In this guide, we are going to analyze what are the most effective compound bows for under $200. We’ve tested and researched and selected the ten best models.

Though you will not expect identical build quality like a number of the alternatives you have got within the premium section, these bows represent the right solution for beginners. These bows also can be low weight and can even controlled noise performance.

Best Compound Bows Under $200 in 2022 – At A Glance


  • IBO Rating: 320 FPS
  • Brace Height: 8-inch
  • Let-off: 75 – 80%
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
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  • IBO Rating: 310 FPS
  • Brace Height: 7-inch
  • Let-off: 70%
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs.
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  • IBO Rating: 290 FPS
  • Brace Height: 6.8-inch
  • Let-off: 75%
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
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  • IBO Rating: 320 FPS
  • Brace Height: 6.8-inch
  • Let-off: 75%
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
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  • IBO Rating: 290 FPS
  • Brace Height: 6.8-inch
  • Let-off: 75%
  • Weight: 2.54 lbs.
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1. AW Pro Adjustable Compound Right Hand Bow Kit – Top Pick

AW Pro Compound Bow

  • Premium Materials for Durability: Aluminum alloy riser with high tensile will face up to high stress flexing & loading for long-run arrow shooting. Fiber bow strings are robust enough to support a most draw length to 29″. Fiberglass bow limbs with high toughness isn’t simple to deform.
  • Higher Aiming Accuracy: the package includes 4-pin sight & peep for precise aiming, assist you react quickly to a moving target, variable resistor light-weight maintains visibility in low & ever-changing light conditions. Brush capture arrow rest also offers clear sight to the complete arrow & tip and reduces friction.
  • Adjustable Draw Length & Weight: The compound bow options adjustable draw weight from twenty to seventy lbs and draw length from 17″ to 29″ consistent with arm span, that works well with any size hands together with adults, youth and teens, simple to regulate with 70% let-off.
  • Safe Use with Protection: It comes with unharness aid that works with a D-loop for fingers protection and reduce the pain caused by very long time searching or practice, with a strap quickening firmly to the wrist. It can be an ideal gift for beginner hunters. Also, its compact style to assist you fast adapt outside hunting, bowfishing, target sport & more.

AW Pro compound bow is a total bang for the buck. It’s terribly alterable and it is a bow that you just will have for a protracted time. It comes with good amount of starter accessories that can be simply switched out or upgraded once the time comes. Even the novice will adjust the cams and weight, makes it good for those just moving into the sport.

The arrows that comes with has fairly decent variable range though you’ll need to switch them after a few times practicing or if you’re progressing to use this for hunting. It comes perfectly sealed during a nice wooden crate insulated by Styrofoam that conjointly doubles as a halfway tight case and table if needed.

For the value and with what comes with it, AW Pro Bow can build a tremendous addition to any assortment because it simply stands alongside its expensive brothers.


  • Made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Great accuracy level for precise aiming
  • Safe to use with finger protection
  • Lightweight design makes is excellent for hunting
  • Complete bow package at an affordable price


  • There is no paperwork for a warranty
  • Arrows aren’t the best, but perfect for target practice


2. Rochan Aluminum Compound Bow with Dyneema Bow String

Rochan Aluminum Compound Bow

  • Premium Quality and distinctive Bowstring: Rochan compound bow design with aluminum alloy hollow air resistance bow body, wonderful performance double pole system, with stronger kinetic energy, light-weight and durable. The strength of this bowstring is double over carbon fiber, with sleek surface, no straightforward to fluff, conjointly has strong corrosion resistance and smart radiation resistance.
  • Split-type Bow Piece: The composite equipped with CNC milling bow riser and split bow piece that can quickly reduce the vibration of the bow. The let off is 70%. It is also more quieter when shooting from long distance. The range is above 250 meters and the effective killing distance is 60-100 meters.
  • Adjustable Draw Weight and Length: This beginner compound bow kit options 30-55lb draw weight and thirty four inches draw length. It has affordable structure and offers superior shock absorption performance, straightforward to induce started.
  • Correct Aiming Function: Rochan compound bow arrows design with adjustable five-needle sight, self-contained lighting system so that user can often use normally while not light, and can be aimed for a protracted time. It also comes with gunsight with lighting device.

Recently we’ve tested this compound bow and WOW, what a good model under $200 it was! This bow is super light-weight and incorporates a remarkably snug feel. The quality of the cast aluminum construction is outstanding in my opinion.

Rochan Aluminum Alloy Compound Bow has a multitude of possible adjustments so that you can customize the bow to your eye and stance. Also, the well-lighted sight feature is super cool and works very well in low-light conditions.

The package includes a sturdy carrying case, target arrows and target papers. It also has simple threaded holes for installing a quiver. If you’re within the marketplace for a budget compound bow you won’t realize one better at this low value point. It is available for left hand to right hand.

However, since this is often thought of a beginner’ bow, I would have preferred a better manual.


  • Very accurate and premium quality compound bow
  • It comes with peep sight with lighting device
  • Super lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Multitude adjustments for different usage
  • Very easy to set it up


  • Not great arrows
  • It is considered a beginner’s bow


3. Southland Archery Supply Supreme Youth Bow Package

SAS Supreme Youth Bow

  • Special Design: This compound bow made of 100% CNC machined aluminum cams and bow Riser and the bow limbs are made in USA. This ultra-light compound bow is especially designed for youth, kids, girl and women with adjustable draw weight of 10-40lbs.
  • Technical Specs: It features a 25” axle to axle, a draw length that is highly adjustable from 17- 27” and force arrows 290 feet per second. This compound bow is one of the compact powerhouse in the market and forces arrows up to 290fps with brace height of 6.8”.
  • Complete Bow Package: The package comes with ready to shoot. Additionally, the order contains Bow Sight, Arrow Rest, Stabilizer, Release Aid, SAS Premium Neoprene Bow Sling, Hip Quiver, Peep Sight, Armguard (Color might vary), 6 x 28″ Carbon Arrows, and more.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: To ensure quality, you will receive best US Based 3-Year Warranty vs 1-Year Average or no warranty from oversea sellers. There are four colors available so that users can pick according to their needs and taste.

Southland Archery Supply founded in nineteen 1971 by archery enthusiasts. It is the father of modern archery and one of the most respected bow manufacturers in the world of archery sports. It is an entry-level compound bow that is specifically designed for the younger and target shooter in mind. However, it doesn’t mean that the SAS Supreme won’t find favor with archers of all ages and abilities.

With a top speed of up to 250 feet per second, SAS Supreme compound bow easily rivals the performance of higher-end compound bows, as the draw length is fully adjustable seventeen to twenty-seven-inch, makes it an ideal choice for all hunters of all sizes.

This is a damn good starter compound bow under $200. It’s repeatable to give good groupings at 10 yards and seems like a lot for the money. However, you can replace the whisker biscuit and sight with some left overs for better performance.

At just 2.5 pounds, it is the perfect combination of balance and weight.


  • Limbs are made in USA for best performance
  • CNC machining bow cam for max precision
  • The draw length is easy to adjust without having to take it apart
  • Durable and heavy duty construction for long service life
  • Great bow under $200 for beginner woman


  • It is pretty loose and not accurate when at the 10lb mark
  • A bit on the small side


4. Ghost Hand Camo Compound Bow Set for Adult and Teens

Ghost Hand Camo Compound Bow Set

  • Widely Adjustable: With 320 plus IBO speed, Ghost Hand Camo bow can handle of your hunting needs decently. Adjustment is also like a breeze. The poundage is adjustable from 30 to 75lbs and it shoots very well. Package comes with everything you need to use a compound bow.
  • High-grade Material: The bow riser is made of top-grade ultra-light aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable. And the limbs are well constructed (imported from USA) with black fiberglass board, which is uniform, smooth and hard to make bows more powerful.
  • Available for Right Hand: This is a right-handed hunting compound bow. However, the arrow size is not mentioned in the product description. You can use any size of arrows but it is better to use 30inch arrows. It could be perfect for outdoor competition hunting training shooting target practice sport games. It is light and solid and shoots great.

This is really a decent quality bow under $200 for adult and teens. It is made of sturdy material of good quality. The box comes with all the accessories you need, even the torx wrench set used to adjust the screws. You don’t have to upgrade any part of them.

Included 5-pin bow sight properly align shots with the precision installed bubble level. With an arrow speed of around three hundred and twenty feet per second and an adjustable draw weight of between thirty and seventy five pounds, the Ghost Hand Camo is a heavy-duty compound bow that weighs in at an incredibly light four and a half pounds.

With an affordable price and widely adjustable draw length and weight, this model is ideal for both beginners and intermediate archers. Nevertheless, this is a highly versatile bow fit for all. And It is very well constructed, making it easy for people of different ages to carry.


  • Designed both newbies and even advanced archers.
  • Complete package for everyone needs
  • Lightweight and solid construction
  • Shoots great from long distance
  • Simple to set up


  • Currently, only available for right hand
  • Arrow or grain size is not described


5. TOPOINT ARCHERY M2 Junior Complete Compound Bow Set


  • Camo Compound Bow Kit: This is a right hand compound bow with adjustable draw weight 10 to 40 lbs according to arm span, which works well with any size hands. It could be a perfect gift for beginners or youth in the archery competition. There are seven color options available. However, the camo color helps you better blend into your surrounding for hunting, bowfishing, or even target archery.
  • Premium Materials: The bow riser made of high grade aluminum alloy and CNC Milling Bow Cam with high tensile that can withstand high stress flexing & loading for long-term arrow shooting. Fiber bow strings are also strong enough to support draw length from 17″ to 27″.
  • Higher Aiming Accuracy: TOPOINT ARCHERY M2 comes with wrapped-pin sight & peep for precise aiming, which help you react quickly to a moving target, rheostat light maintains visibility in low & changing light conditions. The Brush capture arrow rest also offers magnificent view to the entire arrow & tip and remarkably reduces friction.
  • Safe to use with protection: Package comes with release aid that works with a D-loop for fingers protection and reducing the pain caused by long time hunting or practice, with a strap fastening securely to the wrist. Everyone can easily adjust this bow with 70% let-off.

This bow is fantastic in terms of quality, do not let the made in China mark worry you. The limbs are imported from Gordon Composites in USA. Package includes a good amount of starter accessories that can be easily switched out or upgraded when the time comes or your needs. Even a beginner hunter can adjust the cams and weight, so it will be perfect for those just getting into the sport.

The 6-piece carbon arrows that come with it are fairly decent range arrows though you will want to replace them after a few times practicing or if you’re going to use this for hunting. It perfectly sealed in a nice wooden crate insulated.

What’s more, its high-quality features guarantee its performance and durability for long time use.  You can adjust the poundage from 10 to 55 lbs. For the price and with what comes with order, TOPOINT ARCHERY M2 will make an amazing addition to any collection.


  • AW Pro Compound Right Hand Bow Kit with 12pcs Carbon Arrow
  • Lightweight bow stabilizer and unique continuous spiral design
  • Vibration reduction perfectly to provide quiet experience
  • Great entry level bow for kids and youth and beginners
  • Convenient to carry and use outdoors
  • Looks good and reliable brand


  • Left hand version currently not available
  • It isn’t as tall as a normal bow size


Choosing the Right Compound Bow Under $200: Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the right compound bow under $200, there are always a few factors you have to consider. For example, most of the states in the United States for big game hunting, your bow must have a minimum draw weight of 45 pounds.

However, we considered many factors to make our list so that everyone can access to find the right model. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Draw Weight Length

To make things easier for users, we tend to set to solely embody changes for draw weight on how abundant force you would like to tug off shooting it and draw length on how way you need to pull the bow to shoot it.

Before buying a compound bow, you need to make sure that it is often adjusted for the way tall or short you are. Therefore, we only enclosed bows that had these adjustments therefore everybody would be ready to use them.

Size and Weight

The bow size and weight additionally play a crucial role in selecting the best compound bow under $200. Make sure the bow isn’t too serious or large to hold around your shoulders when walking into the woods or where you hunt.

We additionally need to make sure that the bow shouldn’t too big so a small person or woman could handle it as well. The bows on our list are small and light-weight nonetheless sturdy enough for searching.

IBO Speed

The speed of the compound bow represents a crucial characteristic. Since speeds should be determined by the sort of hunting you perform, you’ll notice the proper solutions for your custom needs.

If you hunt for numerous subject and if ever-changing locations, you would like to maximize the speed performance of the bow. Typically, this class comes with solutions between 230 and 300fps. This could be enough to hide your wants as a beginner and at a similar time. They’re going to assist you improve your own skills in time as they’re not the quickest twin cam bows on the market.

The speed of the compound bow is additionally influenced by completely different changing characteristics comparable to the wind conditions and even the standard of the arrows. Several of those prime speeds are literally performed below ideal circumstances and this is often. This is why it’s really vital to search out an answer that works well for you.


The physical weight of the compound bow is additionally important because it will be one in all the powerful factors of performance. This bow weight of the market comes with proper solutions which vary from four to 8lbs. You simply can find some great compound bows with an approximate weight of 4lbs and this implies you’ve got the power to prove your skills and even base your learning expertise on a manoeuvrable solution.

As you may expect, it’s additionally price to think about the choices you’ve got with the heavier bows as they’ll accompany higher speed performance. Though as a beginner you must solely target skill-improvement designs, there are hunters preferring the texture of the heavier bows.

The weight of the bow can’t be modified and this implies that you simply should explore for an answer that is straightforward to use and which permits you to maximize your performance from the start.

Since there’s a right away correlation between a lower weight and better accuracy, it is worth considering the choices you’ve got at the instant on the market that are nearer to the lower weight mark.


The length of the compound bow is vital because it influences your results and therefore the mobility of every design. A minimum mark is set round the twenty eight inches. shaft to axle length and a most mark within the class are often found with the thirty two inch axle to axle solutions.

There’s no huge distinction between these bows for beginners with the exception of maneuverability. This is often why it’s really important to seem for the solutions which permit you to perform at a high level associated in most cases, this is often sometimes the well-built shorted bow.

Ladies also will feel softer with a shorter bow and this is why it’s vital to search out the proper solutions once you are searching for an ennobling two-cam design.

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Bow Riser

The riser is one in all the important characteristics you would like to consider. Created with completely different materials, it is often factory-made from Al because it maintains its rigidity whereas also representing an occasional weight solution. At a similar time, it is also important to note that a number of the solutions you discover on the market are definitely worth the consideration, especially since they manage to supply an additional deadened design.

During this situation, side materials comparable to rubber will have a positive role on the sound and vibrations on the compound bows and this is often why it’s really vital to grasp what to seem for from the start.

In several cases, the entry-level solutions offer terribly similar riser quality. However, some proprietary solutions can convince be higher once it involves improved characteristics and particularly sound performance.

Whereas there are many nice styles to think about, it’s perpetually price to check if the makers ought to supply an answer that comes with some innovation as once a year sees major enhancements within the means the risers are factory-made and designed.

Easier To Shoot

Compound bows are convenient than due to their ease of use. This thing makes it more standard among bowhunters. To completely perceive what it offers, you’ve got to look back at what technology offers compared to the previous models.

Brace Height

Brace height is the distance from the string to rock bottom of the grip. A shorter brace height is a lot of powerful and quicker for many advanced people. However it may be laborious for beginners to use.

On the opposite hand, if you’re shooting arrows that go any away or if there are many things around you, then you ought to have an extended brace height.

Optic Sight

Contemplate optical sight before buying the most effective compound bow for beneath two hundred associate. Optic sight can assist you aim higher as a result of it’s easier to amass and maintain your target when searching through an optical scope than with simply open sights.


Is compound bow is legal for worldwide?

Recently, compound bows are legalized in several countries, therefore, don’t worry concerning laws. Choosing the best compound bow under 200 depends on your hunting vogue and one that suits you in terms of weight, size, and built.

How much the accuracy level of a compound bow?

Compound bows have nice preciseness accuracy. Therefore, you’ll deem them full time throughout the hunting season.

What types of arrows do you need for a cheap compound bow?

It’s continuously explicit that you can simply use the arrow that works dead for the particular uses. Carbon arrows are the most effective comprehensive choice for compound bows because of their sturdiness and straightness. Explore my different article “Bow Arrow: All the Criteria to Take into Account” to assist you choose that arrows to use.

Vanes arrow we recommend for beginners or youth archers and people who handle their instrumentality while not a fragile touch. Vanes are undoubtedly the foremost widespread choice for compound users.

What draw weight is good for beginners?

For adults and youngsters moving into athletics and target practice, there’s no demand for any specific draw weight. However, bowhunters are needed to own a selected draw weight to participate. This requirement depends heavily on location and sort of game. In most states, bowhunters are required to have a poundage level of forty five pounds or higher to hunt huge game.

How many shots will a compound bow under $200 last?

The compound bow string desires a minimum of two hundred shots to interrupt in. when that, the bow will shoot differently. That means after that period, it’ll want a tune-up and temporal order inspection. Strings tend to stretch over time, therefore poignant the bow performance and timing. Although the bow might look fine, you must place your specialize in its performance.


The most effective compound bow under $200 is typically an answer that isn’t simple to figure out because it is a decent combination of durability, speed and balance. There are lots of bows out there designed for beginners that are reasonable in price and effectiveness. With any of these five, you’ll be happy in no time!

However, there still are some inspiring bows to consider. The SAS Feud X Bow Package represents one in all the most effective solutions when it involves a flexible alternative because it will be employed by all family members, in spite of their age. Even more, it can be one of the suggested choices for those who wish to ascertain real durability.

We hope that any of the compound bows you choose for will work as expected. All the best.

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