7 Best Compound Bows for Women in 2021

Best Women Compound Bows

There are many women who lead an active lifestyle, go outside for sports and fond of hunting. Women are increasingly interested in bows but it is disappointing that most bows are designed to be used by men. Because of the fastest growth rate of women archers, bow manufacturers have finally realized and have made huge strides in producing gear tailored specifically for women.

Although it is quite easy to choose classic, sports and traditional bows, there are a number of nuance factor need to consider when choosing a compound bow for a woman: weight and size, ability to independently change the length of the stretch, and more.

In order to help choose a compound bow for women, we are trying to fill the user demand with our recommendation, designed to meet the needs of women. We also cared about the colors and accessories.

Best Compound Bows for Women in 2021

1. Karnage AV02X21027R Dynamic Compound Bow

Draw Length: 20-30-inch | IBO Speed: 310 FPS | Axle to Axle: 31″ | Brace Height: 7″ | Draw Weight: 40-70 lbs | Let-off: 70% | Weight: 4.5 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Karnage AV02X21027R

Among the best compound bows for women of 2021, the Karnage proposal is appreciated for the richness of the package and good build quality. The AV02X21027R model released in 2021, has all the special features you could ever want. And it will give you everything you could ever need from a bow in one convenient ready to hunt package.

The riser is made of an aluminum alloy, making it extremely durable and lightweight with effective resistance. The performance is also exceptional, pulling and releasing the bow much easier and more accurate.

The interesting feature is the high energy, a solution that allows to develop and store great energy, with an overall speed of 310 fps. The weight, style, and design of this bow are also great because it is designed for serious female hunters.

You will be appreciated the adjustable draw weight and draw length. It offers an accommodating 20” – 30” adjustable draw length range and 40 – 70 lbs. draw weight. The draw is smooth as silk.

The let-off point reaches a percentage of 70%, with the unloading of the weight in the final draft phase useful to keep the aim and hold fixed before leaving the arrow. 

Its weight only 4.5 lbs. making it easy to carry and easy to maneuver in the field. It also has a short 31” axle-to-axle for maximum portability. Inside the pack are included a Joker 4 four-pin sight, green Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, a 5 Spot arrow quiver, Blitz stabilizer and sling, a peep sight, and a nock loop.

  • Strong and fast
  • Comfortable to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Ready to hunt
  • Arrow quality could be better
  • There is no instruction manual


2. CREATIVE XP 2021 Compound Bow for Adults and Teens

Draw Length: 23.5-30.5-inch | IBO Speed: 320 FPS | Axle to Axle: 30″ | Brace Height: 7.4″ | Draw Weight: 30-70 lbs | Let-off: 75% | Weight: 3.6 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

CREATIVE XP 2021 Compound Bow

CreativeXP is a family-owned company based in New York, USA since 2006. And it is one of the best optics device manufacturers on the planet, especially spotting scope, binoculars, trail camera, and more. Now they proudly offer premium hunting, survival & archery products.

While most of the women or beginner compound bows are impossible to adjust & tune without a bow press, are not consistent or their string and cam break after a few shots, the CREATIVE XP bow is 100% adjustable for adults, youth, and teens.

It is compact, Agile & Ready to Shoot Out of the Box. It designed the most efficient compound bow for hunting or archery. Also available in the left-hand version. With this 2021 model, you can also improve your bowfishing performance, or just introduce a loved one to bowhunting.

The Gordon Limbs are made of high quality, which provides unmatched power and consistency. The cams and modules are made of 100% aluminum to ensure full safety and lifetime durability. And at the same time, the high-end strings will squeeze all the speed out of every shot.

The shape and structure of the bow look very professional. It is also versatile enough for a beginner archer. And with a 30” axle-to-axle length and 7.4” brace length, it delivers arrows to speed up to 320 FPS. Inside the package, the user will find a rich choice of accessories and supports.

  • Perfect for all skill level
  • Easy to put together
  • Complete package
  • Nice arrow rest
  • Cheap price
  • Not very easy to adjust


3. Bear Archery Rant Compound Bow for Adult

Draw Length: 25-32-inch | IBO Speed: 310 FPS | Axle to Axle: 31.25″ | Brace Height: N/A | Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs | Let-off: 80% | Weight: 3.5 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Bear Archery Rant

Bear Archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment since 1978. Over 4 decades of experience, they have been released their latest technology compound bow, not only it’s the best compound bow for women, but also ideal for Adults and Teens.

You will be impressed with their well-designed and cheap price. It is a complete compound bow package and all adjustments are easily made. The components like the whisker biscuit and the pin sight are actually premium quality.

The initial libration is set at 50-75 lb. It will shoot best with 340grain arrows with 100-grain heads. You can hold steady at full draw with a comfortable 80% let-off. It is simple to assemble and shoot, making it a great choice for new archers and bowhunters.

The equipment is numerous and rich, with a set of five arrows with which to train and a five-pin front sight to simplify aiming operations and setting the right shooting height. A stabilizer is also included, to balance everything before firing.

Aesthetically, this version is distinguished by a camouflage color, excellent for those who love to practice in the woods. The power reaches up to 310 fps and shoots really smooth and quiet. Brings together several qualities, it earned a place in this guide.

  • Great bow for the price
  • Ultralight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Comes ready to use
  • Solid construction
  • Not good for teenager


4. PSE Bow Stinger RTS Compound Bow

Draw Length: 25.5-30.5-inch | IBO Speed: 310 FPS | Axle to Axle: 30″ | Brace Height: 7″ | Draw Weight: 30-70 lbs | Let-off: 80% | Weight: 3.8 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

PSE Bow Stinger RTS

PSE Bow Stinger RTS is an Updated version of the Stinger series, extremely popular in 2021. And this is the perfect bow for new and growing archers who want a lot of draw length and/or weight adjustments. The lots of adjustable features make this bow stand apart from others on the market.

It built-in single-cam technology which ensures smooth draws shot consistently and you can crank up the poundage to 55lbs if needed. It rotating module will fit both short draw archers and longer draw length archers and perfect fit for women to start shooting.

The PSE Bow Stinger RTS is also one of the nicest, highest performance and easy-to-use starter female bows on the market. The well-constructed shorter limbs and a bigger cam make it the perfect bow for hunting. It combines with a compact design and 30″ axle-to-axle.

 The power to fire arrows at game up to 312 fps. The Stinger max weighs only 3.8 lbs without the accessories, which is not very heavy compare to target bows. If you already have bow sight and other additional accessories, or you have an extra budget for that, we highly encourage you to consider this bow.

It is super easy to assemble. However, it doesn’t come with a sight nor any other ready to hunt accessories.

  • Classic PSE design
  • Compact compound bow
  • Great performance
  • Good adjustability
  • Smoother draw
  • Need additional accessories


5. Predator Archery Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Draw Length: 24.5-31-inch | IBO Speed: 315 FPS | Axle to Axle: 30″ | Brace Height: 7.5″ | Draw Weight: 30-70 lbs | Let-off: 75% | Weight: 3.8 lbs | Warranty: 1-year | Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Predator Archery Raptor

The Predator Archery RAPTOR compound bow package has recently appeared on the market, but already become popular among beginner and Pro female archers, thanks to its cheap price (under $300). The bow is very fast and accurate, and it features solid and durable construction.

The cams are fully machined aluminum and the limbs are made of fiberglass, made and designed in USA. The size and color are also available and the finish is of good quality and comparable to that of much pricier products such as PSE Bow Stinger RTS.

It’s fully customizable in draw length (24.5-31″) and draw weight (30-70 lbs) without the need of a bow press. It has 75% let-off and a maximum speed of 315ft per second, while the generous 7.5″ brace height increases shooting confidence and forgiveness.

It’s a versatile compound bow, and it is flexible and relatively easy to setup. For example, it is suitable for both bow hunting, bow fishing, and can be used for target practice and virtually any archery style as well. The package includes good quality accessories to shoot right out of the box.

The RAPTOR designed for a wide range of body sizes, making it a great choice for both men and women who looking for the perfect compound bow. It is solid and smooth and performs accurately and consistently.

The Compound Hunting Bow Kit comes with a 1-year warranty and 100% 30-day guarantee, which is an indicator of build quality. It is well built and features an impressive quality of material for its price.

  • Very accurate
  • Versatile design
  • Solid and durable
  • Fast and quiet
  • Best value for money
  • Takes 20 minutes to assemble


6. Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

Draw Length: 19-29-inch | IBO Speed: 265 FPS | Axle to Axle: 28″ | Brace Height: 7″ | Draw Weight: 25-50 lbs | Let-off: 75% | Weight: 3.7 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Bear Archery Limitless

Bear Archery has created some great youth and women hunting bows, and the Limitless is the latest version of their commitment to getting young archers into the sport as early on as possible. This model is just that when considering how much adjustment it has overall.

The draw weight range is adjustable in 25-50-pounds, while the draw length is available in 19-29-inches. The draw weight can also go well into the effective poundage needed for big game younger shooters may pursue.

The axle-to-axle measurement is 28-inches, which will be longer for the shorter draw archers, and more compact as they grow into the bow.

The 3.7-pound weight is just a perfect feel for women and 75 % let-off is also well done for younger shooters. With 265 fps of IBO speed, the bow is easier to hold, allowing younger shooters more control of the draw cycle.

The Ready to Hunt package makes the bow even more appealing. Although the accessories are not top of the line, they are pretty good for starting. Overall, it would be a nice compound bow for women, available in a bunch of colors. And for less than $200, the Limitless is hard to beat for a compound bow.

Unfortunately, this model is only available in God’s Country camo on the riser, with blacked-out limbs. Although the package does not come with a stabilizer, there is an option you can add to pay extras.

  • Cheap price
  • Comfortable
  • Looks decent
  • Very accurate
  • Able to grow with younger shooters
  • The accessories are not top of the line
  • Only available in one finish pattern
  • Low IBO speed


7. PSE RTS, Uprising Compound Bow

Draw Length: 14-30-inch | IBO Speed: 265 FPS | Axle to Axle: 30″ | Brace Height: 8″ | Draw Weight: 15-80 lbs | Let-off: 70% | Weight: 3.2 lbs | Warranty: N/A | Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5


RTS is the most popular series of the compound bow from PSE, built to stick with you and adjust as your skills advance. It’s hands down one of the most impressive female compound bows we’ve come across so far. This bow is a ruthless killer, which designed with the modern huntress mind.

The RTS Uprising compound bow package offers a wide range of press-free adjustments. The performance is stable and accurate, thanks to the 8 inches brace height and smooth draw cycle. It is a starter bow that can evolve to field-ready performance.

It offers to draw weight adjustment from 15-70 lbs. and 16″ of draw length adjustment from 14″-30″. You can easily adjust the draw length and desired weight. It is also a versatile bow, firing arrows up to 310 fps with ease, can also adjust different skills level without the need of a bow press.

However, it is slightly louder than similarly priced hunting bows, which can make stealth mode more difficult to achieve. You can invest in additional string silencers to solve this. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get into archery and looking for a bow that adapts to them.

The Ready to Shoot Package includes Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, 3 pin sight, 6″ stabilizer, arrow rest and 5-arrow quiver. The bow is available in Black, purple, and camouflage color.

  • Draw length is simple to set
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for beginner & experienced
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Amazing cams
  • The sights and rest is not top quality


Buying Guide: Women Compound Bow

You already know that women’s compound bows are now the same powerful, high precision bows that men have always used, just in a slightly smaller package. Now we want to clarify what you should look out for when buying.

You should determine this based on the following criteria:

The material

The high-tech sports bows are mostly made of fiberglass, i.e. glass fiber reinforced plastics. This makes them extremely stable, but tensile and tear-resistant at the same time, they are very light and highly recommend for women.

Fiberglass is one of the most expensive materials, so needless to say these compound bows are rather expensive. Some, more affordable models are made of aluminum or other metal alloys.

Draw weight

In principle, compound bows use the physical laws of leverage. And that’s why draw weights on women’s bows are a little lower than other regular compound bows. With most female compound bows, you can adjust the draw weight according to your needs and preferences.

Keep in mind, the lower the pull weight, the easier and quieter it is to hold the bow when aiming. On average, the trigger weight of a compound bow for women is 15 to 50 pounds. For experienced and well-trained women however pull weights of 30-70 pounds are also provided.

For beginner female shooters, a rather low pull weight should be chosen, less force is required and so the accuracy can be trained better.

Draw length

Make sure that you pick a bow that has the correct size to fit your draw length. Generally, shorter draw length is preferred for Women because women are naturally on average shorter than men.

With proper draw length and a lot of practice, you will achieve tighter groupings. You will need a tape measure to do this. However, you can get an idea from here.


If draw weight is the problem, then let-off may be a solution for you. Let off is the percentage of draw weight required to hold your arrow at full draw.

Bows with a low percentage of let-off may compensate for high draw weight bows. For example, a compound bow with 80% let-off can be easily handled by a woman even if the bow draw weight is more than 50 lbs. With enough let-off, your shots will be steady and accurate.

For right or left handers

Whether you use a bow for right or left handers in archery depends in particular on which eye is the dominant one and which is used for aiming. Not all compound bows are designed for use on both sides, but there are also special compound bows for left-handers.

Compound bows for right-handers are held with the left, outstretched arm, left-handers hold it with the right arm. The dominant hand is used to tighten and shoot the tendon.

Bow length and weight

Women’s compound bows are particularly light compare to the crossbow for women. They only weigh between 1.5 and 2 kg, models for women and youth are even lighter with a weight of around 1 kg.

The length of the bow is always measured in inches, namely the total length of the arch’s back. While traditional longbows should be adapted to the height of the user, the length of compound bows plays a subordinate role. They are generally rather short.

The accessories

In addition to the bow itself, the following accessories are part of the basic equipment for using a compound bow and should ideally be included in the scope of delivery:

  • Arrow rest
  • Bow sight, possibly with a magnification
  • Stabilizers (additional weights to keep the bow steady)
  • Bow release
  • Arrows (fiberglass at best)
  • Quiver

The speed

Every compound bow has a specific IBO rating. This is the speed the arrow will reach when it is released from the bow. It is specified internationally in fps (foot per second) but can be converted into meters per second (MPS). You should choose according to your need but not less than 250 fps.

In addition to the high speed, the range of a compound bow is above average.  The range and penetration power of the bows should be high so that they are also often used for hunting.

The price

A lot of responsibility is therefore required when dealing with sports equipment. A point that should not be neglected in the purchase criteria is the price. On the one hand, your bow should have a good price-performance ratio and at the same time correspond to your progress.

The most expensive bow is not recommended for a beginner female shooter and at the same time, the cheapest one is not recommended for a professional. Professional equipment is recommended for a competitor, while an advanced bow should be sufficient for the hobbyist.

How do I set up a compound bow correctly?

Bows and arrows are a system that must be perfectly coordinated to achieve the best possible result. The correct setting of the compound bow is therefore of great importance. The main point here is the arrow rest. It should be orthogonal to the bowstring when relaxed.

Attach one to a clamped arrow (tendon relaxed) and one to the bowstring. If the bow is now straight and both spirit levels indicate a zero point, then the arrow rest is attached at a 90 ° angle to the string. That is exactly our goal.


Archery is one of the oldest known forms of hunting in the world. And compound bow is now one of the most modern devices in the archery field that uses a levering system. Its unique structure ensures clean and very good shooting behavior. Of course, with the reservation of the shooter.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution, here is the best compound bows buyer’s guide (price between 200 to 500 dollars). We hope that this article helped you in your search for the perfect compound bow. Because we know how hard to find a compound bow for a woman without any particular knowledge, that fits their body type and quality specifications.

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