Best Fixed Blade Broadheads (2024)

Welcome to Wild Trend, we have 6 years of relentless testing experience of bowhunting gear that helped us select the top 6 best fixed blade broadheads for 2024. We’ve explored 20 top fixed broadheads, assessing accuracy, durability, sharpness, and lethal effectiveness.

This journey involved a comprehensive evaluation, considering factors such as spin runout, edge retention, push force, and wound channel, ensuring that only the most exceptional broadheads made the cut. Whether for compound bows or crossbows, we navigated the nuances. These aren’t just fixed blade broadheads; they’re masters of quick kills, epitomes of durability, and champions of lethal precision.

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads of 2024

Ranking of the best fixed blade broadheads of 2024

1. Dead Ringer The Butcher Fixed Blade Broadhead

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The Butcher solidifies its position at the pinnacle of fixed-blade broadheads through its unparalleled design and unwavering commitment to high-performance excellence. It is a formidable and reliable arrow tool that has gained a reputation for its outstanding performance in the hunting field.

It is designed with precision and durability in mind. With 1.725 in. total cutting surface, it features a razor-sharp stainless steel blade, which ensures maximum cutting efficiency. The aggressive design also enhances stability and penetration power, making it an ideal choice for bowhunters looking for a clean and swift kill.

It delivers devastating wound channels that enhance the chances of humane killing. The design also minimizes the risk of deflection over contact with bone and ensures a more reliable and consistent gig.

Overall, the Dead Ringer Arrowhead proves itself to be an excellent choice for both low and high-kinetic energy crossbow and archery setups. Although it is not the sharpest broadhead on the market, its performance more than makes up for it, efficiently getting the job done.

  • Bone shattering performance
  • Bleeder blades for better blood trails
  • Designed for ultimate penetration
  • Available in 2 or 3-blade designs
  • Good value for the money
  • Average sharpness

2. NAP Thunderhead Micro Grooved Ferrule (5 Pieces)

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The  Thunderhead Broadhead is an example of New Archery Products’ commitment to excellence since its founding in 1971. Regarded as the epitome of fixed-blade broadheads, this set provides options in 85, 100, and 125 grains, suitable for the diverse needs of hunters.

When I received that package, I was taken aback by how exceptionally lethal the broadheads looked – absolutely perfect. The absence of lock rings or O-rings to hold the blades in place adds to the simplicity and reliability.

It is designed to complement ultra-fast bows. The micro-grooved slimline ferrule not only enhances flight accuracy but also significantly enhances penetration power. The Diamize sharpening process ensures that the blades promote massive hemorrhaging and knockdown power.

The robust construction minimizes the chances of malfunction and ensures quicker kills. The 1 1/8” and 1 3/16” cutting diameters further showcase the versatility of this set. These broadheads easily reach about 10 inches into a hard crossbow target. However, they come disassembled, but assembly is easy.

  • Cut very deep
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Diamize sharpened blades
  • Come with o rings, but no Ubars

3. Muzzy Broadheads Hb Ti/Broadhead Titanium (3-Pack)

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The Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti has bone-crushing capabilities that take destructive potential to new heights. It stands out with a streamlined titanium ferrule, a sturdy .050-inch-thick single-bevel serrated blade, and two .039-inch-thick expandable wing blades, which create a powerful 2 5/8-inch cutting surface over deployment.

The 100-grain broadhead maintains true flight like a field point pre-expansion and delivers devastating impact with its compact and aerodynamic profile. The unique design of the expandable blades doesn’t swing fully forward after deployment. This ensures that it stays securely lodged in the animal and minimizes the risk of backing out.

This broadhead combines strength, precision, and reliability in a compact package. Each pack includes three broadheads. Although replacement blades are not included, they are readily available.

One potential drawback is that they don’t come razor-sharp out of the box. However, this minor issue is easily remedied by hand sharpening (if a razor-sharp edge is your preference). Despite this consideration, the Trocar HB-Ti delivers on its promises with the balance of design and functionality.

  • Three pack
  • Extremely accurate
  • Compact and aerodynamic
  • Looks wicked
  • Not razor sharp

4. G5 Outdoors Montec Pre-Season Steel Fixed Broadhead

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The G5 Outdoors Montec Pre-Season Fixed Broadhead is an example of simplicity and high performance. It is manufactured in the USA and comes in a convenient three-pack. Their design emphasizes straightforward usability coupled with exceptional performance.

The 100% steel construction ensures durability and robustness. The simplicity of the one-piece construction eliminates the need for components like O-rings or bands. This will reduce the risk of failure. The distinctive black color of the lubricious wear-resistant coating allows for easy differentiation.

The cutting diameter is 1 inch, and the sharpness of these broadheads is notable. They are known for retaining their razor-sharp edge, providing reliable penetration, and creating effective wound channels. The rounded edges serve a dual purpose, reducing wear on targets and ensuring their safety during practice sessions.

The G5 Montec broadheads fly true to field points and enhance accuracy during shots. Overall, these broadheads could be a reliable and straightforward choice if you appreciate the durability and looking for high performance without the complexity of additional components.

  • Simple one-piece design
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Rounded edges reduce wear on targets
  • Made in the USA
  • A little difficult to remove from block type target

5. SIK F4 4-Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Broadhead

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The SIK F4 Fixed Blade Broadhead offers a combination of precision, effectiveness, and affordability. Its exceptional accuracy makes it a reliable option for hunters who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

The F4 features a 4-blade design. it is constructed from laser-welded stainless steel. This robust material not only ensures durability but also contributes to the consistent performance. The 27-degree razor-honed blade angle further enhances its cutting capabilities, resulting in a remarkable 1.350″ cutting diameter and an expansive 3.350″ cutting surface. In essence, the F4 doesn’t compromise on delivering a decisive impact.

The main blades exhibit sharpness that inspires confidence, while the additional bleeder blades, although not as sharp, fulfill their purpose effectively.

However, this broadhead sacrifices a bit of durability, particularly when faced with challenging situations like attempting to shoot through a deer humerus. These instances are viewed as trade-offs in the pursuit of optimizing affordability without compromising critical factors such as accuracy and lethality.

  • Good price
  • Field-point accuracy
  • 27-degree razor-honed blade angle
  • All laser-welded stainless steel construction
  • Lack of durability, especially when encountering
  • Limited size option (One Size)

6. Wac’Em 100gr Fixed 3-Pack With Free Strobing Nock

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The Wac’Em 100gr Fixed Blade Broadhead secures its place as the final entry in our top 6 best fixed blade broadheads for 2024, and it’s not by chance. This model represents a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design to provide archers with a reliable and deadly option for their hunting needs.

The brand’s dedication to unique engineering and first-class materials results in a broadhead line where razor-sharp silhouettes are only outdone by the deadly slice of their blades. Whether you’re using a vertical bow or a crossbow, Wac’Em promises laser-accurate flight, serious penetration, extraordinary durability, and extreme lethality. 

Wac’Em 100gr features a fixed 4-blade cut-on-impact design. It comes equipped with razor-sharp .027″ stainless steel replaceable blades, which offer a substantial 1 1/16″ cutting diameter. The blades can be easily sharpened on any flat stone. It is designed to create large entry and exit wounds for extreme blood trails.

In terms of value, Wac’Em sweetens the deal by including a 3-pack of 100-grain broadheads with the purchase, along with a bonus – a free Nockturnal Strobing FIT Nock with three bushings.

  • Razor-sharp
  • 1 1/16″ cutting diameter
  • Unmatched penetration for extreme blood trails
  • Included free Nockturnal Strobing FIT Nock
  • Comes in a convenient 3-pack
  • No detailed information on noise or aerodynamics during flight

How to select the Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

Choosing the right fixed blade broadhead is a critical decision for bow hunters. In this section, we dig into the key considerations, features, and expert insights to assist you in making an informed decision.

Precision and Accuracy

When prioritizing precision and accuracy in choosing a fixed blade broadhead, several factors come into play. The design and aerodynamics of the broadhead are critical factors influencing flight stability. Look for models with streamlined profiles and well-balanced configurations to minimize the impact on arrow trajectory.

Additionally, consider the sharpness of the blades and their ability to maintain that sharpness over time. Precision is often compromised if the blades dull quickly. Some broadheads come with advanced features like helix designs or specific blade angles to enhance spin and stabilize the arrow in flight.

Durability and Edge Retention

A durable broadhead is essential for withstanding the forces of impact and ensuring that it remains in peak condition for multiple uses. So make sure to choose a model that goes beyond mere longevity and offers sustained performance in the field.

Penetration and Wound Channel

The effectiveness of a broadhead is measured by its ability to create a lethal wound channel and achieve deep penetration. Our reviews incorporate push force measurements, providing insights into how each broadhead performs in different media. From tissue simulation to bone penetration, we present broadheads that create optimal wound channels and ensure ethical and humane kills.

Compatibility with Bow Type

When selecting a fixed blade broadhead, make sure the compatibility with your bow type. The slower arrow speeds associated with vertical bows provide an opportunity to opt for larger and more aggressive broadheads. This is due to the slower arrow flight, which allows for better stabilization of these broadheads.

On the other hand, crossbows present a different set of considerations. The high-speed nature of crossbow arrows demands specific designs that can withstand the intense forces generated during the shot.


It’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and performance. While budget-friendly options seem appealing, make sure not to compromise on quality.

We understand that budget considerations play a role in broadhead selection. Our reviews not only highlight the top performers but also consider cost-effectiveness. We include broadheads that offer exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets fixed blade broadheads apart from mechanical broadheads?

Fixed blade broadheads are characterized by their simplicity and reliability. Compared to mechanical broadheads, fixed blades do not deploy upon impact; they maintain a constant cutting diameter. This design offers durability, eliminates the possibility of mechanical failure, and provides a robust and straightforward solution for bowhunters.

Can fixed blade broadheads be resharpened, and how often should this be done?

Many fixed blade broadheads are designed for resharpening. This allows hunters to maintain optimal sharpness for increased penetration. The frequency of resharpening depends on usage and the conditions in which the broadhead is used.

Are there fixed blade broadheads suitable for both compound bows and crossbows?

Yes, some fixed blade broadheads are versatile enough to be used with both compound bows and crossbows. However, it’s essential to consider arrow speed and flight characteristics.

What is the recommended cutting diameter for hunting different games?

The cutting diameter depends on the game you’re hunting. For smaller game, a narrower diameter is sufficient. On the other hand, larger games require a broader cutting diameter for optimal results.

Are there fixed-blade broadheads suitable for long-range shots?

Although fixed-blade broadheads are generally more effective at shorter ranges, some models are designed for long-range accuracy. For long-range shooting, consider factors like blade aerodynamics and flight stability for improved performance.

Are there fixed-blade broadheads suitable for practice and field use?

Yes, there are fixed-blade broadheads specifically designed for both practice and field use. These broadheads are often referred to as “practice broadheads” or “field point broadheads.” They are constructed to mimic the flight characteristics of actual broadheads while being safe to shoot into target blocks or foam targets.


From accuracy tests to durability evaluations and real-world insights from bowhunting maestros, we’ve left no stone unturned in our guide to unveil the apex predators of bowhunting broadheads. Each recommendation in our reviews has earned its place through over 6 years of dedication, testing, and refinement.

As you gear up for your next bowhunting trip, keep in mind that success depends not only on how the arrow flies but on the broadhead’s path through air, flesh, and bone.

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