10 Best Kick Scooters for Adults (Reviews 2021)

Best Kicks Scooters for Adults

It has been fantastic to see the rise of adult kick scooters all over the world. Because kick scooter is more environment-friendly, and it is not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save your daily transport cost.

Kick scooters come in all kinds of ranges, sizes and price categories. For example, you can find special models built for adults and others created for kids. Adults prefer kick scooters to get to work or simply have fun in the park and streets. I use a kick scooter for commuting because it is an economical way to drive myself.

However, because of the huge competition and countless varieties of these all over the market, choosing the most suitable kick scooter for adults a bit confusing but not difficult. This is why, we have pulled together to create this review, in order to make the whole process easier for you.

Best Kick Scooters for Adults 2021

  1. SereneLife SLTS79
  2. Mongoose Rise 100 Pro
  3. Razor A5 Lux
  4. Hurtle Green
  5. Besrey Kick Scooter
  6. HUDORA 205
  7. Swagtron K8
  8. Swagtron K9 Commuter
  9. Mongoose Trace 180
  10. Hudora 230

1. SereneLife SLTS79 Folding Kick Scooter for Adults

Frame Material: Steel + Alloy | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 8-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Total Weight: 10.8 Pounds | Brake Style: Rear Braking | Foldable: Yes | Warranty: No

SereneLife SLTS79

The SereneLife Folding Kick Scooter is an improved classic. In this 2021 version, it is more versatile that offers a good level of reliability and repairability for a low price. It is ideal for daily city trips or discover the pleasures of urban skiing and always go further.

Its 8-inch PU tires with inner tube give it a good level of comfort and the ABEC-7 bearings ensure smooth rides on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, grass and more. With 3 adjustable height settings, it is the quintessential all-terrain kick scooter for both kids and adults.

The folding and unfolding mechanism also makes this Sport Scooter a breeze. When folded, the dimensions are 31.89” x 4.92” x 12.72”, perfect for stowing under a desk. Also, the carrying strap is convenient to transport.

The rubber deck is slip-proof, offering steady footing during damp or inclement weather. The handlebars are super comfortable as well. The front-wheel also has mudguard that deflect water splashes. The braking rail is long enough to enhance stopping performance.

It also features big open-hub rims for reduced wind resistance and a reflexive front suspension for dips and debris. SereneLife SLTS79 adult kick scooter also has a steady red LED back light that improves your visibility at night. And with included carry strap, it is ideal for all weather.

However, the brake doesn’t work well if the road is wet! Also the kickstand isn’t sturdy enough.

  • Built in non-slip rubber deck
  • The color is vibrant and beautiful
  • Easy to open and fold back down
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • Fast speed and safety
  • Handles need to be adjusted by using some tools
  • Kickstand doesn’t work the best


2. Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Youth and Adult Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Alloy Steel | Handlebar Type: fixed | Wheel Size: 110 mm | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Total Weight: 4.3 kilograms | Brake Style: Rear Braking | Foldable: No | Warranty: No

Mongoose Rise 100 Pro

Mongoose is the brand known for their high quality, compact and light scooters, and the 2021 version of the Rise 100 is a fully featured adult scooter designed for commuting. Mongoose Rise 100 has all the necessary features for a comfortable city riding.

The 19.5″ x 4.5″ aluminum deck is fitted with a rubber non-slip pad with extended standing area to provide pro-style scooter performance. It is not only great for comfortable grip but longevity as well. It offers a smooth ride with the ability to make you climb without difficulty.

The heavy-duty frame supports up to 220 lbs of user weight. T-bar handlebar with padded handles are a single piece of welded steel for extra durability. However, the handlebars are very wide, so it will take some time to adjust the progress if you used to narrow handlebars.

Although it is not foldable, weighs just 4.3kg, means that you should have absolutely no issues carrying it around. It has large 110mm wheels, which offer an incredible amount of stability and allow the rider to cover ground with minimal effort. The tires are also designed for high-impact stunt use.

This model is available in eleven different colors. All look fantastic. It is an inexpensive comfortable scooter for any adult who is looking for an easy grip kick scooter without breaking the bank.

  • Slick and lightweight design
  • Good choice for both beginner and pro riders
  • Designed for Urban commutes
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide handlebars


3. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter for Adults

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 8-inch | Wheel Material: Urethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Total: Weight: 8.3 pounds | Brake Style: Rear Braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: 1-year

Razor A5 Lux

Razor has been creating innovative, affordable scooters for over 20 years. Focused on the fun riding and leisure industry, all products manufactured by JD Corporation. With some modification, Razor A5 Lux is still one of the most well-known kick scooters on the market since 2015, used by both adult gender.

I always preferred the Razor A5 Lux over A5 DLX due to size and weight. But I felt A5 Lux a bit noisy and that is true for every Razor kick scooter I had tested. However, with a wider and longer foot deck as well as higher and wider handlebars, the A5 Lux is much better suited for me.

It delivers high-caliber from social rides, to school commutes, and to high-stakes neighborhood racing. Its larger and thick Polyurethane wheels make for a smoother, faster ride. There are 2 types of handlebars available, so if you’re taller, be sure to opt for a wider handlebar.

It will be extremely efficient transportation for distances of 2-4 miles. The wheels roll nicely on the surface and the ease of folding it is optimal for carrying it up stairs and storing it next to your desk.

The platform is large enough for large feet and comfortably hold your weight. The wider bar also gives you more control and stability. It also has a nice big rear fender that rear brake keeps street crud off the back of your legs.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Wide and adjustable handlebars
  • Easy to fold, carry and transport
  • Wheels roll over anything
  • No assembly required
  • You need tight handlebars securely
  • Not designed to ride on rainy days
  • A little bit noisy


4. Hurtle Folding Adult Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Steel + Alloy | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 8-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Total Weight: Lightweight | Brake Style: Front Braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: No

Hurtle Kick Scooter for Adult

The Hurtle is one of the best kick scooters for the average commute. It is perfect for traversing through short distances in the urban jungle. It is not just for adults, but for teens as well. The high stability and outstanding durability make it a steal for the price it goes for in the market.

The Alloy Deck is pretty strong and long enough to fit both of your feet. Also, it built in Lean-to-steer technology, you just lean your body in the direction of where you want to go. It is thoroughly tested and certified, so don’t need to worry about the safety aspect of this new process.

The ABEC-7 bearings and reliable brakes make your ride smooth and more controllable. The handlebars can be adjusted in three different heights to fit most of the people. So you can keep riding your scooter from when you are a kid all the way to when you are a teen or adult.

The Hurtle kick Scooter also features a kickstand so the ends of your handlebars won’t get scratched and damaged whenever you set the scooter down on the ground or against a wall. The different parts of the model can also be easily replaced like the wheels, the T-bar or the kickstand.

Your transport will be more manageable with its folding function. There is also a carrying strap that you can attach to the scooter and carry like a bag.

  • Easy Transportation
  • Spacious non-slip Deck
  • Easy to carry
  • Versatile T-Bar
  • Quality Ride
  • Feet area is small
  • The kick stand is too small


5. Besrey Kick Scooter for Adults/Teens

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 7.9-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-9 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Weight: 14.33 pounds | Brake Style: Hand brake | Foldable: yes | Warranty: No

Besrey Kick Scooter for Adult

I have tested 3 kick scooters from Besrey, their price around $100 with hand disc brake. And finally found this model was best in terms of adult riding. Because it is very sturdy and well made and the folding mechanism is by far the easier and best compare to many all other Besrey kick scooters. Just step on it and it folds.

It features full aluminum construction with top quality ABEC-9 bearing. The tires are solid, almost like hard rubber. It has a foot brake and a hand brake that works certainly good. The rear wheel disc brake is effective when you go downhill. The suspension has absorbed all of the cracks and bump.

It is designed with non-slip silicone grip and frosted non-slip pedal which ensure a safe, pleasant and comfortable ride. The folding does not require a lot of time. It also comes with shoulder strap so it will be easy for you to take it everywhere.

You can adjust the handle height from 90-108cm to keep adults and teenagers from over 8 years to use the scooter in an easy way. The color is just suitable for modernity and vitality.

However, the scooter is heavy enough, you won’t carry it for long distances, but you will love the portability. Although it doesn’t come with a kickstand, it can stand alone by stepping on the red peddle to close halfway.

  • One button folding design
  • High level of ride comfort
  • Robust and non-slip Wide Deck
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • Large foot board surface area
  • Breaking system is remarkable
  • The rear end break is plastic
  • It is a bit heavy


6. HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 8-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Weight: 4.0 kilograms | Brake Style: Rear braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: No


HUDORA is a German sports brand. With over 14 good years of scooter manufacturing experience, they built an authoritative reputation on the market. However, the sleek design Hudora 205 is a convenient adult kick scooter for daily commute and fun for zipping around.

The 2 Big PU Wheels, Adjustable Bar and Reinforced Deck take your scooter riding into a whole new level with its rich functionality and aesthetics. These wheels are also significantly larger than adult scooters on the market, which added a safer and smoother ride.

With a stylish look, the mainframe made of Aluminum, making it strong yet lightweight. The durable construction also guarantees the capability to withstand everyday wear and tear. It comes in 3 unique color options that colors are rarely found in adult scooters.

The folding mechanism is intuitive for users. Also, the carrying strap helps users to transport it conveniently. I really appreciate its portability and smooth performance, great for both long and short travel.

The body is wear-resistant. If you maintain it properly, it can hold out sheen for a long time. In short, if your budget is 100 dollars, you can’t go wrong with Hudora 205 Adult Scooter.

However, the deck is pretty much high (About 4-5 inches) from the ground compared to the majority of adult scooters. About 4-5 inches off the ground. Also, this model produces slight clattering sound when you ride on sidewalks.

  • Smooth ride
  • Sturdy and looks nice
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Very easy to handle
  • Included strap very handy to carry
  • Deck is a bit high from the ground
  • Sidewalks ride make a bit of noise


7. Swagtron K8 Folding Adult Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 8-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-9 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Weight: 9.75 pounds | Brake Style: Rear braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: 90 days

Swagtron K8

Swagtron K8 is undoubtedly one of the smoothest drives on a manually driven kick scooter you can get. It was designed to withstand adult weight and accommodate grownup heights. The Swagtron K8 is lightweight and foldable that has all the bells and whistles that you could have ever asked for.

The K8 has an easy tool-free design, you won’t need any special tools to put it together. Just click together the handles, then flip the latch to unfold and adjust and then you’re ready to ride. In less than two minutes you will be kicking around and ready to roll, which makes it perfect for beginners.

I’m sure will love the sleek and stylish look and how easy it is to fold and unfold. For teenagers and young professionals, it’s trendy urban vehicle. The extra wide 200-millimeter wheels and the ABEC-9 bearings are well-balanced with the consistency and reliability that other scooters don’t find.

The sturdy deck and handle are non-slip, providing a safe footing and control. The Swagtron K8 is also fully flexible, allowing riders of varying heights for maximum comfort.

With its lightweight design (weighing just under 10 pounds), it can be comfortably held when you need to). The wheels are oversized for speed riding. The wheels are also much better to absorb shock than other small-wheel adult kick scooters.

  • Extra-large 200mm wheels
  • Durable aluminum-alloy stem
  • Extra-wide deck design with slip-safe grip tape
  • Made with a kickstand
  • Sleek design meets impeccable performance
  • The handles vibrate a lot even when locked in
  • You need to press hard on the break


8. Swagtron K9 Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 240 mm | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-9 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Weight: 7.0 pounds | Brake Style: Rear friction | Foldable: yes | Warranty: 90 days

Swagtron K9

If you’re looking for an affordable kick scooter for adults, I’d recommend you consider the Swagtron K9. The best thing about this scooter is its 240 mm wheel size. Also, it’s a premium kick scooter that makes for taller riders without sacrificing quality, durability, and performance.

Swagtron K9 kick scooter crafted with an aerospace-grade aluminum frame with an extra-wide deck that can easily support riders up to 220 pounds. The rear friction brake is very responsive and reliable. You can stop every time when you need.

The extra-large front wheel is nearly 2 inches larger than other kick scooters, which delivers a smoother ride over rough sidewalks and bumpier pavement. Also, this scooter rides remarkably fast and the streamlined design makes it extremely easy to cut corners and maneuver around the city.

Handle height can be adjustable from 37 to 41 inches so that it can operate comfortably riders up to 6’5” tall. Of course, this scooter isn’t only for those who adult, anyone who needs a kick scooter to drive them around the neighborhood can benefit from all that the Swagtron K9 offers.

The foot space is user-friendly both feet side to side. Also, Swagtron K9 has a large break finder that works great for slow down when you ride fast. However, it makes a bit of rattling noise on a rough surface.

  • Ideal for tall riders
  • Smooth and stable riding
  • Portable and easy to fold
  • World-class service and support
  • No-slip and sure-grip deck
  • Sides are sharp, can easily harm your legs
  • The brakes are a bit hard to control


9. Mongoose Trace 180 Youth/Adult Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Alloy steel | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 180 mm | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC-7 | Weight Limit: 220 LBS | Weight: 3.9 kilograms | Brake Style: Rear braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: No

Mongoose Trace 180

After the success of the Rise series, Mongoose presents its new high-end adult/youth kick scooter, Trace series. With 180mm Wheels size, Mongoose Trace 180 is one of the lightest kick scooters on the market with weighs only 3.9kg. It is pretty good on rough pavement or sidewalk cracks and gaps.

It has durable alloy steel deck which provides a comfortable foot placement. Mongoose Trace 180 will be perfect for adult or youth. Also big enough for a large adult. The heavy-duty steel frame supports that up to 220 lbs.

It features ABEC 7 brake to ensure a secure, stable ride and long-lasting use. The easy folding design is convenient for storage and transport. The handlebar is particularly resistant because it made of alloy steel. The soft foam grips also offer comfortable handling.

It is suitable for beginner to pro riders thanks to its handlebar which has a height of 88 cm from the ground and width of 54 cm. You won’t feel problem getting on/off terrain or bus. For the price of less than $70, you won’t see a better adult kick scooter on the market right now.

However, I found that there is a decent tolerance in the latch mechanism, so it can be a bit of a herky-jerky if you yank on the handlebars. Although it is lightweight, it rattles quite a bit especially on gravel or on uneven surfaces which can make the ride bumpy.

  • Lightweight and fold easily
  • Nice and wide foot board
  • Looks great and very sturdy
  • Ideal for variety of urban conditions
  • Flexible brake doesn’t need extreme force
  • A little bit loud
  • Not very much friction


10. Hudora 230 Foldable Adult Kick Scooter

Frame Material: Aluminum | Handlebar Type: Adjustable | Wheel Size: 9-inch | Wheel Material: Polyurethane | Bearings: ABEC 5 | Weight Limit: 265 LBS | Total Weight: 5.0 kilograms | Brake Style: Rear braking | Foldable: yes | Warranty: No

Hudora 230

This is a big wheel adult scooter from Hudora, design to provide a feeling of gliding on the road or park. The greatest advantage of the big wheel scooter is, they are anti-abrasive, which means greatly absorb shock. The wheels are also much more lightweight and wear-resistant than other materials.

It has an ergonomic design with a lower deck and higher T-bar that create a comfortable upright stance for both adults and children. So if you’re looking for the best kick scooter to fill your needs as a city, school, travel or commuting, HUDORA 230 is the option for you.

Hudora 230 equipped with German patented 3-Seconds Easy-Folding Mechanism, allows you to take this scooter anywhere. Also, the shoulder strap helps you carry them while you are traveling.

It is well made with a cool look and exclusive special features in casual black or stylish white. The deck is wide and non-slip with enough foot space so you always have a solid grip on the feet. The back wheel has a mudguard to protect the scooter and rider from water and dirt thrown up from the road.

The handlebars are adjustable and have quality rubber grips. This human-powered scooter comes fully assembled you simply snap up the handlebars put them in place and adjustment to your height.

  • Pretty well built
  • Very smooth ride
  • Stable and big wheels
  • Folds quick and assembles easily
  • Rear wheel break works well with a foot
  • They rattle too much
  • Durability could improve
  • Not recommended for wet or icy weather


Kick Scooter for Adults: Buyers Guide

Here’s we’ll talk about what to consider before buying adults kick scooter.

The deck

Deck size determines if you will be able to place both feet vertically on it. Deck is mainly made from aluminum or titanium and sometimes even maple plywood. The deck of course should be strong enough because it takes the weight of the rider.

Large deck is more comfortable and allows you to shift your body weight. But keep in mind, larger deck increases the overall weight, which means you require more effort while speeding up or slowing down. If your prime concern is portability, small size would be best. Deck size also depends on wheel size.

The wheels

The wheel size and material in adult kick scooters is also an important factor. You may notice that most of the kick scooters built with polyurethane (PU)-threaded wheels. The reason is, Polyurethane is highly effective to be used on urban road surfaces.

However, the size varies as well especially in adult scooters in order to provide more sturdiness. Most of the adult scooter’s wheel diameter is 180 mm but some are quite bigger than average.

You will also see kick scooters that have different sized front and back wheel. The main advantage of bigger wheels is they absorb all the shocks from bumps and go smooth on such surfaces.

The handlebars

Two types of handlebars are common on kick scooter, T-bar and Y-bar. But it doesn’t impact the performance. For commuting, T-bar is recommended because it will give you more natural control with less effort.

However, make sure the scooter handlebars are comfortable to grip and adjustable in your height. The good news is, most of the kick scooter handlebars are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your height. Generally, handlebar height can be extended up to 40 inches, so even a person taller than 6 feet can easily ride.

The brakes

Kick scooters generally built in rear fender brakes that provide the braking system. However, some models even have a hand brake at the front of the handlebar which is very useful when weaving in and out of traffic so that you can stop quickly if a hazard appears.

On the other hand, if you want added extra control safety, then find the one with dual brakes.

Bearing quality

The bearing rating recognized in engineering is the ABEC standard from lowest precision to the highest precision. Kick scooters use bearings rated ABEC 5 to 9. Generally, the higher bearing rating provides good performance compare to the lower rating bearing. However, not all bearings on the market are equal.

The quality of the bearing has a more perceptible impact than the rating you have seen from ABEC-5 ABEC-9. For example, a well made ABEC 5 bearing will spin better than a poorly made ABEC 7. However, there is no downside of a higher bearing rating.

Easy to carry

Almost all of the kick scooters in the market are foldable which makes them so much easy to carry around and store in confined spaces. However, you have to make sure that they are lightweight so that you can carry them anywhere without any inconvenience or tiring yourself.

Parts availability

Before making a purchase it is very important to consider that the replacement parts are available. No matter how good in quality or how carefully you are riding, there is always a chance of a part coming to lose or stop working at all. Also, after a few rides, you might want to replace the tires, the bearings, or the deck to give it a new look.

The parts should be available from the brand where you buy them. Wheels are relatively compatible with most of the brands, that’s why you can find wheel online easily.


Who can ride kick scooter?

From kids to adults, anyone can ride and use kick scooter to go around fun or to reach the destination faster instead of walking or using public transportation.

How fast can I ride with a kick scooter?

You can go up to 10 miles per hour on a kick scooter. But that number depends on the material and size of your scooter wheels, how hard you push, and other factors. In my experience, smooth and rigid wheels run fast.

What is the max weight limit on a kick scooter?

The weight limit on a kick scooter is usually 220-300 lbs. However, the weight limit varies from model to model. A well built with a more sturdy kick scooter can even withstand up to 400 pounds.

Is a kick scooter good for commuting?

Yes, the increase of adult Kick scooters riding basically for commuting. Because people can go faster in shorter distance by using them. Also, scooter riding brings much more fun.

Kick Scooter vs Bike which is better?

You need to measure the distance you want to cover. Both of these used by human power to move but there are some significant differences.

For scooter riding, you are standing on the deck while you can sit on the bike. Bikes can go faster than a kick scooter but they are not convenient as kick scooter. For example, you can easily fold a kick scooter and carry it somewhere. Some bikes are foldable too but not as portable as kick scooter.

How to maintain my kick scooter?

Start to clean deck from top to bottom with damp cloth. Clean the handlebar with the same cloth. You can replace the handgrip after it has worn down from all the sweat. It is good to check bearings and lubricate regularly. You can also replace them if you feel that they have been out of date.

Are kick Scooters Safe for adults?

Absolutely, because they meet all safety requirements.

However, your safety is solely depends on your actions and ways of driving. No matter how safe the product is, it is necessary that you take the safety precautions yourself. You have to wear a helmet every time when you riding. You can also wear knee pads for added even more safety.

The verdict

I know I just gave a lot of information your way, but choosing the best adult kick scooter isn’t really a simple task. If I narrow down my thought, then you should prefer a lightweight yet quality model that will last long. You also need to consider foldability and portability.

If you are confused about the safety, then by all means get the one that has both the brakes. Of course, your budget should be considered, although the price range is pretty low compare to electric scooter.

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