Best Scooter for Teenagers with the Best Safety Features

Teen girl with her scooter

There is no denying that scooters have recently exploded in popularity. According to a study, scooter riding help to promote the sense of balance, improve motor skills as well as coordination and responsiveness. Of course, the joy of driving with teenagers is not neglected either.

When parents want to give their boy/girl a scooter, they are faced with a multitude of models and their variants. Because these are available for different age groups, and big differences in terms of quality. In order to make the purchase decision easier for you, we evaluated the teenager scooter tests.

Hope this article going to help you to make your teen happy with the perfect scooter. It is also worth taking a look at our large guide section, which will bring you closer to various aspects of scooters.

Best Scooter for Teenagers at a Glance

  1. Best Scooter Allrounder – Razor A6 Kick Scooter
  2. Best Scooter for Older Teenager – SereneLife Kick Scooter
  3. Best Kick Scooter for Teens and Adults – BeeFree XLT
  4. Best Scooter for Beginners – Hurtle Kick Scooter
  5. Best Scooter for Leisurely Rides – Xspec CRS803913 Oil Slick
  6. Best Comfortable Scooter – REDLIRO Kick Scooter
  7. Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers – Hiboy S2 Pro
  8. Best High-End Scooter for Teen – Hover-1 Alpha
  9. Best All-Terrain E-Scooter for Teenager – Hurtle HURES18-M5
  10. Best Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter for Teen – Hover-1 Titan

 For convenience, we have sorted them and picked the top three.


  • Wheel Size: 254 mm
  • Weight Capacity: 220 LBS
  • Item Weight: 11.0 LBS
  • Designed for: 8+ to Adult
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  • Wheel Size: 10 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 265 LBS
  • Item Weight: 36.0 LBS
  • Designed for: Teen & Adult
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  • Wheel Size: 10 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 265 LBS
  • Item Weight: 24.0 LBS
  • Designed for: 8+ to Adult
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1. Razor A6 Kick Scooter: Best Scooter Allrounder

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable: Yes | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Rear Braking | Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs | Wheel Size: 254 mm | Deck Length: 22.6″ | Weight: 4.97 KG

Razor A6

The Razor is the best-known scooter brand and an A6 a real all-rounder kick scooter: it is so smooth and fast – even on gravel. The teenager can get along with it and then have a friend for life. Because this scooter grows with you, and you don’t have to buy a new model every few years for your kids.

The A6 has larger wheels than the A5 Prime (previous Model) and both vary slightly in design but are basically the same with the exception of the size of the wheels. The 254 mm urethane wheels are super-stronger than A5 and the aluminum frame designed with patent-pending.

It features Razor’s tallest handlebars that can be adjustable up to an incredible height of 42 inches. The extra-long 13.4” deck ensures more foot room that means you’re comfortable while riding. It is designed and built specifically for riders ages 8 to adults and up weighing up to 220 pounds.

The handlebars are 31 inches when not extended. The anti-rattle handlebars and one-step folding mechanism ensure the smoothest, quietest ride all around.

Although the price is cheap, the quality is unbeatable and the materials are top notch. The big wheel makes it fast and the bearings seem pretty good as well. It will come fully assembled. All you have to do is unfold it and insert the connected handles with a click. Don’t need additional tools.

It can be run over small bumps easily and take much less effort to get going. On smooth pavement like sidewalks, it rides very smooth and fast.

Because of no suspension, you will feel bumps over rough terrain (streets), but the cushioning handlebars and anti-rattle knob help keep things relatively stable.

  • Pretty stable overall
  • Lightweight but tough
  • Very effective brake
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Smooth ride
  • Does not come with a carrying and strap
  • Handlebars are somewhat narrow


2. SereneLife Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for Older Teenager

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable: Yes | Frame Material: Aluminum | Suspension Type: Front | Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs | Wheel Size: 8 inches | Deck Length: 18.9″ | Weight: 19.84 lbs

SereneLife Scooter for teenager

The SereneLife is one of the most popular adult kick scooters on the market. It has large, air-filled tires and a step surface that offers enough space for a safe stand. I gave my sister’s daughter this kick scooter for her birthday. Everything has worked perfectly since then and we are all very satisfied.

Now let’s see the other features together, the SereneLife scooter is made of a very robust Hi-Tech aluminum frame and is suitable for adults up to 220. Due to its robust construction and ergonomic structure, it is perfect for longer distances riding.

The handlebar height is preset and adjustable in 3 different positions, making it suitable for kids, teens and adults. You can select from 35.04”, 37.20” or 38.90”. The handlebar also rubberized ergonomic grips to ensure optimal steering control.

The long-lasting 8” PU tires and ABEC-7 bearings ensure smooth rides on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, grass, and more. The front wheel also has mudguard to help deflect water splashes and the longer braking rail enhances stopping performance.

It is the quintessential all-terrain scooter for age 8 years and up and could be a perfect choice for getting across campus or from the office to the bus stop.

It also has a steady red LED back light to improve visibility at all hours. However, these instructions could be enclosed with the product immediately. Then you would save yourself a lot of trouble.

The big open-hub rims will be reduced wind resistance and a reflexive front suspension for dips and debris. The non-slip rubber deck offers steady foot positioning during damp or inclement weather.

It is easy to fold and unfold. The folded dimensions are just 31.89” x 4.92” x 12.72”, so you can easily stowing under a desk or in a school locker.

  • Fast and non-slip
  • Cost-effective choice
  • Space saving design
  • Three Adjustable handlebars
  • Smooth and safe run
  • Vibrant and beautiful
  • Kick stand is really hard to engage with your foot


3. BeeFree XLT: Best Kick Scooter for Teens and Adults

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable: Yes | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Rear Braking | Max Rider Weight: 200 lbs | Wheel Size: 7.75 inches | Deck Length: N/A | Weight: 5.5 lbs

BeeFree XLT

BeeFree XLT Kick Scooter could be a great way to stay active with simply fun. It is comfortable to drive and encourages teens to get off the couch and into a healthy, active lifestyle. The nice wide and long foot platform also ensures optimal comfort while riding.

BeeFree XLT kick scooter built for teens and adults ages 12 and up. And due to the adjustable handlebar height, the scooter is also well suited for taller teenagers. The handle cushioned with rubber grips and has an optional shoulder strap for comfortable use.

With front and rear shock absorbers and large 7.75” wheels, you will always get a smooth ride every time. It features a rear metal foot brake and low decking with full grip surface. The T-bar can be adjustable from 32” to 41” in height to accommodate a variety of riders.

The frame and the handlebars are made of high quality aluminum, and the ball bearing is an ABEC 5. The lightweight aluminum frame and foldable design make this kick scooter easy to carry and store. If the scooter is not needed, it can simply be folded up and picked up or stowed in the trunk.

Reflectors and a rear wheel friction brake ensure more safety in traffic. It can hold up to 200 lbs.

The suspension works great and the brakes are good enough to slow you down in most circumstances unless your wheels get wet. The ride is so much better than similar scooters due to that suspension.

The negative thing, the scooter has several tight spots and the wheels wouldn’t really rotate and the handlebar is tight first few rides. Assembly is pretty simple but the kickstand is a bit hard to get on.

  • Smooth and great ride
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap price
  • Easy to assemble
  • The handlebar is tight but after a few rides it will lose up


4. Hurtle Kick Scooter: Best Scooter for Beginners

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable: Yes | Frame Material: Alloy Steel | Suspension Type: Front | Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs | Wheel Size: 1.0 inch | Deck Length: N/A | Item Weight: 12.1 lbs

Hurtle Teenager's Scooter

This Hurtle kick scooter features advanced technology so you can maneuver it in the direction you want to go with ease. It can be extended the standing area on the alloy deck, so users can easily fit both feet onto the scooter when they are riding along.

It built-in durable ABEC-7 bearings, high quality. And like all previous, the adjustable T-Bar handlebar is another great feature of this kick scooter as you can adjust the height to 3 different variations for your comfort, so you can buy this for older children, teenagers, and adults.

Small and smooth gliding wheels ensure maximum shock absorption and a lightweight alloy wide deck provide a comfortable riding experience to your teen. The wheels are made out most advanced Hard silicone and Pu materials, so much better than the tiny, standard Razor-sized wheels.

It is also one of the best cheap pro scooters under, that available in different colors. With an easy folding mechanism, it can fold and unfold without needing to use any tools.

With lean-to-steer functionality, the Hurtle scooter creates a unique ride experience similar to that of a skateboard that allows riders to carve turns. The footbed is wide, which is good for comfort.

It is sturdy, lightweight, portable and affordable, and built with the beginner in mind. This Hudora scooter can carry up to 220 lbs. That’s still enough for a teenager even for his or her parents. A very high-quality kickboard in comparison, whose price is more than convincing.

  • A good bang for your buck
  • Lots of awesome features
  • Extended standing area
  • Easy manoeuvre technology
  • Fully lab tested and safety certified
  • Adjustable T-Bar handlebar
  • The instructions are not clear, however, it’s pretty easy to put together


5. Xspec CRS803913 Oil Slick: Best Scooter for Leisurely Rides

Handlebar Type: BMX | Adjustable Handlebars: No | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Rear Flex | Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs | Wheel Size: 110mm | Deck Length: 20.5” | Weight: 7.5 lbs

Xspec CRS803913

We go over to the company Xspec in the Scooter comparison. Here we have found a model that comes with an Oil Slick design. Xspec is one of the leading scooter, Sports brands in the market. They bring the highest quality products at the most affordable prices without sacrificing style or quality.

It is equipped with ABEC 7 ball bearings and large wheels for comfortable driving. With a maximum weight load of 220 lbs, the scooter is also suitable for young adults. It is very practical when the day is coming to an end and the teen still wants to ride a scooter.

This unit combined with the highest quality components and the sickest designs with teenagers in mind. It has large wide decks that could withstand the older kids and teens to improve their scooter skills at skateparks. And the height adjustment works continuously.

The thick and oversize BMX style handlebars allow a wide range of grip and hold stance when creating stunts, tricks or jumps. The reinforced design reduces the weight for superior handling. The handlebar made of 4130 Chromoly alloy steel and handgrips are made of High quality TPR rubber.

The headset system provides a superior reliable and smooth ride that keeps your scooter dialed longer. The bars are perfect for someone who is around five feet to five-seven, however, the deck is a little long.

Overall, Xspec CRS803913 is one of the most innovative affordable freestyle scooter components out on the market today because of its simple design, HIC compression.

  • Innovative style Handlebar
  • Made of anti-abrasive
  • Built super well
  • Smooth ride
  • It is not foldable


6. REDLIRO Kick Scooter: Best Comfortable Scooter

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable: Yes | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Rear Fender | Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs | Wheel Size: 20cm | Deck Length: 18.3” | Weight: 11.45 lbs

REDLIRO Scooter for Teenagers

This REDLIRO scooter is one of the best all-Terrain kick scooters for teenagers in the market to buy. With its adjustable height handlebars, it is suitable for adult teens and young teens alike. It also provides a gliding feel while riding, thanks to its extruded rear fender brake design.

REDLIRO kick scooter just needs 3 seconds to easily fold and can be easily carried by one hand with included shoulder strap. The frame made of lightweight aluminum that’s robust enough for daily use. The two-wheeled scooter is also simple to assemble, you can start in a few seconds.

It has high-quality wear-resistant high PU wheels and dual damping system, giving you a smooth experience. The T-bar lock ensures high stability and safe driving, even on uneven sidewalks, the handlebar won’t shake. You or your teen fill needs as a city, school or travel commuting.

It easy to operate and slow down. The 18+ inches deck offers good balance and helps you to easily step on and off the scooter. The built-in kickstand provides park and rest with ease wherever you want.

The handlebars are adjustable between 35-39 inches which are wrapped with soft rubber, allowing adults and teenagers over 12 years old to easily use the scooter together.

The maximum load-bearing capacity is 200lbs. It has a really cool bell that informs people of your presence and the break is a foot break in the back. Operation is smooth and easy. It’s easy for a beginner to learn balance, and it can easily take to the skate park.

  • Quick folding and portable design
  • It is suitable for all heights
  • Smooth and easy riding for all age
  • Built in extra wide and low deck
  • Safe brake and design
  • Wheel bearings often need frequent readjustment


Electric Scooter for Teenager

7. Hiboy S2 Pro: Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable Handlebars: No | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: E-braking & Disc braking | Max Rider Weight: 265 lbs | Wheel Size: 10 inches | Deck Length: 32” | Item Weight: 36.0 lbs | Max Speed: 19 mph | Motor Power: 350w

Hiboy S2 Pro

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is compact and light around the corner. The weighs in at a solid 12.5 kilograms. A light aluminum alloy from aviation technology has been used in the frame. The Hiboy S2 can be set up within 3 seconds and folding should also be possible in seconds.

The matt-gray scooter is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which should provide energy for a maximum of 25 miles of driving pleasure. For the handle, the manufacturer’s usage thermoplastic rubber. This is not only easy to grip, but also helps riders with less instinct when shifting gears gently.

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is equipped with the kinetic energy recovery system (converts the kinetic energy from every braking process). It will 19 miles per hour on the road in sport mode.

The developers of the Hiboy S2 Pro have also thought about security. The light cone of the headlights was designed so that oncoming pedestrians are not dazzled. The two wheels were fitted with 10-inch rubber tires and perforated brake discs. An e-anti-lock braking system in the front wheel enables the aforementioned energy recovery.

The most important information about driving the Hiboy S2 Pro is provided by a multifunction dashboard with just one button for all functions. In real time, the display shows not only the speed but also the performance. Further driving data can also be read.

The app also monitors six functions that are designed to protect the battery, for example, from a short circuit, overcharging or damage due to extreme temperatures.

  • Powerful motor & long battery life
  • Easy to use and fun to ride
  • Provides safe riding experience
  • Perfect for commute and travel
  • Portable folding design
  • 10% battery should be considered ZERO


8. Hover-1 Alpha: Best High-End E-Scooter for Teen

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable Handlebars: No | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Disc braking | Max Rider Weight: 264 lbs | Wheel Size: 10 inches | Deck Length: 31” | Item Weight: 36.0 lbs | Max Speed: 18.0 mph | Motor Power: 450w

Hover-1 Alpha

We were able to test the Hover-1 Alpha electric scooter ourselves. And the e-scooter made an excellent impression right from the start. The construction is very easy, so we were as good as spared complicated instructions or tools.

The Hover-1 convinces with its solid and stable workmanship. The manufacturer himself points out that the entire frame is made of high-quality cast aluminum. During processing, it is also noticeable that the entire base part is drawn from a cast part and does not consist of plates welded together. Thanks to the automatically locking folding lever, the scooter is ready for use in just 3 seconds, which we can confirm after our test.

Let’s get to the technical details of the Hover-1 Alpha e-scooter. The motor works with a nominal output of 450 watts and has a maximum output of 850 watts. The scooter reaches a maximum speed of 18 miles kilometers per hour. The manufacturer specifies the real range as 12 miles. Both the speed and the range convinced us during our test.

The teenager electric scooter is equipped with a complete set of lights. The light can be switched on and off directly on the speedometer, which has proven to be very useful in practice.

The lithium-ion battery has 6.0 ampere. It is fully charged after 4 hours of charging. It can be used after just 2 hours of charging, but then only with one capacity of 80 percent. The manufacturer notes that the full charging time is gentler on the battery.

The Hover-1 Alpha weighs only 36 lbs and, when folded, has the dimensions 19 x 9 x 44 inches. It is therefore also suitable to take with you in the car.

I wrote another article on the topic for low-budget people. If you’re interested, you can see it here.

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Convenient and stylish design
  • Mechanical and electronic brakes
  • Plenty of space for your feet
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Max distance only 12 miles
  • If you go up the hill you need push yourself


9. Hurtle HURES18-M5: Best All-Terrain E-Scooter for Teens

Handlebar Type: Foldable | Adjustable Handlebars: No | Frame Material: Aluminum | Brake Style: Back Disc Brake & Front E-ABS | Max Rider Weight: 264 lbs | Wheel Size: 8.5 inches | Item Weight: 37.0 lbs | Max Speed: 18.0 mph | Motor Power: 300w

Hurtle HURES18-M5

This scooter is everything teenagers would expect and the features are on top of their preventative game. With its 300 watts of Brushless motor, the Hurtle HURES18-M5 electric scooter reaches a speed of up to 19.2 miles per hour and a driving range of up to 18 miles (depending on the load) – with a charging time of around 5 hours.

The speed can be adjusted in three stages – pedestrian mode 0 to 5 miles per hour, standard mode up to 10 miles kilometers per hour and sport mode up to 15 kilometers per hour. The maximum load capacity of the electric scooter amounts to 264 lbs which is enough to ride teen to adult.

The speed regulation is worked by hand throttle – i.e. a lever on the handle. The gentle resistance and quick reaction of the manual throttle enable easy-to-control driving speed with fluid acceleration.

The Hurtle electric scooter is equipped with an LED display on the handlebar that shows important driving data such as speed, battery level or driving mode.

It can be managed via the iOS and Android app “Hurtle App” – for example, changing the driving mode, activating the locking system or starting the cruise control function.

The hand braking system works well. It will automatically enter cruise control after a 6-second constant speed after which it also beeps.  This is an all-around electric scooter and the price is very cheap.

It has two 2-watt headlights and leads on 8.5-inch wheels with pneumatic tires, which are anti-flat, abrasion-resistant & have good shock absorption, lets you safely pass through uneven surfaces and enable a safe driving experience.

It has a black design with subtle white and red color accents. The dimensions is 45.7 x 16.5 x 47.2 inches.

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Smart device connectivity
  • You can fold quite easily
  • Pretty smooth ride
  • Not super light scooter
  • Makes a bit noise


Self-Balancing Scooter for Teenager

10. Hover-1 Titan: Best Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

Wheel Size: 10 Inches | Max Rider Weight: 265 lbs | Bluetooth Speaker: Yes | App-enabled: Yes | Max Speed: 7.45 mph | Max Distance: 8.4 miles | Charge Time: 3.5 hours | Item Weight: 24 lbs

Hover-1 Titan

The Hover-1 Titan from the USA manufacturer offers sophisticated technology and the most modern sensors for precise driving maneuvers, even at higher speeds. This is an easy-to-learn self-balancing electric scooter that takes no more than 1-2 hours to operate.

It is equipped with a 150-watt motor, which ensures speeds of up to 7.45 miles per hour. However, it depends on various factors such as road condition, user weight or driving style.

It can drive riders weighing between 50 and 265 lbs. This self-balancing scooter works really well and you will the solid construction. The battery lasts a good bit and it charges up fairly quickly.

The device also has an intelligent balance system and an intelligent gravity sensor. And the hoverboard is run very smoothly and the large pneumatic tires make a real difference. The buyer can choose from four different color combinations.

Your teens or kids can connect to Bluetooth, so they can enjoy not only the music while driving but also the driving mode. The 10-inch tires and all technical functions can be controlled and regulated via the app. We can confirm that it will be the perfect hoverboard for teenagers and beginners.

The Hover1 Titan is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and visually appealing LED lights. It is also an integrated battery overload protection system.

It is also one of the best Offroad self-balancing scooters and the best bang for your buck. The manufacturer grants a warranty of 90 days for mechanical defects.

  • Engine safety control system
  • Three learning mode
  • Built in Bluetooth speaker
  • Bright LED light
  • Very sturdy and runs smoothly
  • Only 90 days warranty
  • The volume doesn’t turn down


Buyer’s Guide

When making a purchase decision, you have to consider various criteria. In addition to safety and durability, a good driving experience and easy handling should also be included. In order to find the best scooter for your teenager, we have created an overview below, which you can use as a guide when looking for a suitable model.

Age group

When buying a scooter, pay attention to the recommended age group given by the manufacturer. Each scooter is designed for a specific weight and promotes different skills.

The material

When buying the scooter, make sure that the workmanship and materials are of high quality. Sharp edges and rust have no place in a teenager’s scooter.

In general, scooters are made of either plastic, aluminum or metal. The aluminum scooters got the best test results in the teenager’s scooter tests. They are stable, but still very light and durable.

The handlebars should be adjustable

When making a purchase decision, it is also important that the handlebars are adjustable. If this is not the case, you should be aware that after one season the scooter will probably be too small and you will have to buy a new model. Nowadays, scooters that grow with the child are the rule and the handlebars are adjustable in height.

You should also look at the weight, because you may have to carry the scooter if your child no longer wants to drive. Furthermore, carrying straps should be available so that the transport is easy and problem-free. Fortunately, many manufacturers now rely on aluminum, which is not only light but also durable.

Pneumatic tires or plastic tires?

Whether you prefer to use pneumatic or plastic tires depends on a few points. You have to keep in mind that pneumatic tires are similar to bicycle tires and plastic tires inline skate wheels. Pneumatic tires have the advantage that they absorb and cushion shocks, which is not the case with plastic tires.

Furthermore, pneumatic tires are more stable and comfortable. They run smoothly and easily compensate for bumps. This means that these tires are particularly suitable for insecure children. The disadvantage of pneumatic tires is that they are significantly heavier than plastic tires and therefore the scooter will be heavier.

The plastic tires are much smaller, more maneuverable and therefore more flexible. The small plastic wheels are only recommended if you and your child are mainly on paved roads.

If you are out and about in nature a lot with your child, scooters with plastic tires can be very dangerous. You cannot compensate for the unevenness and the safety of your child is no longer guaranteed.

Safety and other technical features

When buying a scooter, safety-related criteria such as a non-slip step and the presence of the brake should be given special consideration.

  • Braking: Children’s scooters are equipped with different braking systems. While some scooters do not have a brake, others have a rear friction brake or the front and rear brakes. Brakes generally increase safety when driving.
  • Mudguard: A mudguard on the teenager’s scooter ensures that the vehicle can be driven even in bad weather and that long pants do not get jammed in the bike.
  • Including stand: The stand on a teenager scooter is actually indispensable if the vehicle is to be safely parked on the playground or in the garage. Nevertheless, the scooter for teens tests show that some manufacturers do not attach a stand.
  • Non-slip footboard: A non-slip footboard is one of the safety-relevant criteria when buying a children’s scooter. Especially when the feet are wet or the child wears a sole without a profile, they should not slip off the scooter so easily.

Scooter safety equipment

Riding a scooter can be dangerous in certain situations and accidents can be serious. This severity can be alleviated with proper scooter equipment.

The helmet is mandatory for all motorized two-wheelers, including small scooters. It must be up to standard and well attached. The gloves become meanwhile mandatory. Gloves are the only equipment that can protect them effectively.


What is the price range of teenager scooters?

The short answer is 50 to 400 dollars. However, it depends entirely on your budget whether you looking for the cheapest scooter for 50 dollars or the most expensive scooter for 400 dollars.

How to find the right handlebar height for me?

The handlebar height is adjustable on most scooters – the rule of thumb here is that you should be able to stand comfortably on the scooter and be able to grip and operate the handlebars with slightly bent arms.

What are good materials for teenager scooters?

Aluminum, it is a particularly popular and proven material. Because it is not only sufficiently robust and stiff but also light and not too expensive.

The scooter for teens: dangerous or not?

It can both safe and dangerous. Before starting any discussion about the safety of scooter riding, there are a few numbers to keep in mind. Scooters were the number one killer of 14-17 year olds on the roads a few years ago, but since 2000 great progress has been made in road safety for small scooters and fatalities have dropped by 63%. This risk should therefore be put into perspective, even if it remains real.

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