What are the Best Trampolines for Adults of 2021?

Best Adult Trampolines

The trampoline is an equipment that is found more and more in gardens. Kids love it for letting off steam and having fun while adults love it for keeping fit. If you are looking for a new way to exercise, you may have already considered the idea of ​​purchasing a trampoline that is the appropriate size that allows an adult to bounce freely.

To choose from the many existing trampolines, you must consider several criteria such as size, technical elements, safety and accessories. We also recommend that you read customer reviews and ratings to determine the best products. The following article includes a list of the best trampolines for adults of 2021.

Why adults use a trampoline?

Activities performed on an adult trampoline are beneficial for body in several ways:

It is a complete sport. Jumping for 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. 20 minutes of the trampoline is as effective against cellulite as 1 hour 30 minutes of massage. Trampolining is a moment of escape offering you a feeling of well-being and freedom with each jump.

There are also other benefits:

  • Act on your lymphatic system
  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Coordination of your movements

Top 7 Adult Trampolines – At a Glance

  1. Best Overall Adult Trampoline – FITPULSE – Blue Ring
  2. Best Adult Trampoline for Indoor & Outdoor – FirstE Round-Black
  3. Trampoline for Features (Whole Family) – Tatub 16FT
  4. Best Adult Trampoline for Health & Fitness – Newan Octagonal
  5. Cheapest Adult Trampoline – Plazenzon
  6. Best Trampoline for Fun with Child – SereneLife SLSPT438
  7. Best Adult Trampoline for Custom Workouts – Newan 40 Mini

1. FITPULSE Mini Fitness Trampoline for Adults with Handle

Max Load: 300 LBS | Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Height: 29.5″-39″ | Frame: Steel | Weight: 26.7 LBS | Diameter: 40” | Quiet: Not Really | Assemble: Easy | Warranty: N/A

FITPULSE Fitness TrampolineThe Fitpulse mini trampoline is a fun way to boost your fitness. In less than 10 minutes, you can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging. At the same time, it will improve your core strength and coordination. This model guarantees your balance and allows you to vary your exercises.

It is ultra-durable and solid built support up to 300 pounds. It built with 31 reinforced springs, 6 stainless steel legs and a resilient rubber mat that won’t lose its shape with use.  Forget about cumbersome sports equipment, the foldable designed to easily use and store anywhere in your house. This adult fitness trampoline can also be used for muscle rehabilitation.

The FITPULSE trampoline is sturdy and comes with a super quality storage bag, just fold up and store safely. Thanks to the solidity of their frame and the flexibility of their jumping mat, you can do small jumps repeatedly. The handle and poles are easily removable so you can use it without the bar.

It can be used indoors or outdoors. You will thus have continuous protection against atmospheric agents, such as rain, making the trampoline last for years.  Given the accessories included, the quality of the materials and the guaranteed safety, we are confident that this is the best trampoline of 2021.

  • Adjustable handle
  • Foldable and convenient
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Comes with high quality storage bag
  • Great for Weight loss & lean muscle
  • Great choice for the price
  • Not quiet enough for apartment living
  • You have to unscrew the legs for storage
  • Indoor setup only


2. FirstE 48″ Foldable Fitness Trampoline for Kids and Adults

Max Load: 440 LBS | Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Height: 29.5″-39″ | Frame: Alloy Steel | Weight: 30.2 LBS | Diameter: 48” | Quiet: Yes | Assemble: Simple | Warranty: 12-month

FirstE Foldable TrampolineThe FirstE trampoline is made of commercial high-quality steel material and resistant PP material which supports up to 440 pounds. It has 48 inches surface which is enough to tolerate 2-3 kids or 2 adults to play simultaneously and they will have fun together. The price is suitable for everyone.

The unique design allows you to fold it twice while wearing the safety pad, and it will save you much storage space. It is easy to carry, also you can store it conveniently under the bed, in the closet, or in your car trunk when you have an outdoor journey with your family or friends.

This durable trampoline built with eight legs (covered with an anti-slid post cap) which keep the rebounder wear-resistant and strong when playing. The steel leg tube not only makes this model safe but also you can jump quietly.

The trampoline, in fact, includes everything you need and highly recommend if you have small children and interested to make fun with them. There are four different levels of handrail height available to adjust for adults and kids, so it is an ideal choice for your whole family.

It is very comfortable and prevents accidentally fall down. It’s also very sturdy, not too small or not too big. And the mat is waterproof, so don’t need to worry about dirty after use. Overall, the Fitpulse small rounded trampoline is a great way to maintain your exercise routine. To ensure quality, FirstE offers standard of quality and workmanship with 12 months warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Anti-slid and waterproof
  • Great for both kids and adults
  • Durable and 440 lbs load capacity
  • Adjustable and comfortable handle
  • Foldable, portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Assembly instruction needs improve
  • The rod themselves are not marked
  • The legs are a little bit long


3. Tatub 16FT Trampoline for Kids and Adults with Safety Enclosure Net Basketball Hoop and Ladder

Max Load: 331 LBS | Foldable: No | Adjustable Height: 29.5″-39″ | Frame: Resistant Steel | Weight: 13.0 LBS | Diameter: 16feet” | Quiet: No | Assemble: A Bit Hard | Warranty: N/A

Tatub Trampoline for Kids and AdultsTatub trampolines are always famous for quality, safety and durability. This high-end trampoline features constructed with safety enclosure and heavy gauge galvanized rust resistant steel. It has a total of 6 U-shaped legs that stand evenly to ensure more stability. The high elasticity heavy jumping pad will provide a very strong elasticity for the exercise trampoline.

The 108 galvanized springs securely attach the jumping mat and frame together. It is wear-resistant and anti-UV spring cover pad. Fair price, good quality and easy to assemble are some of the features. In our opinion, Tatub is ideal for both children and adults.

There are in fact numerous reviews and opinions of users who attest to the fun and training guaranteed even for the older ones. However, it’s not robust enough compare to the previous model.

This high-quality adult trampoline comes with a basketball hoop, which brings more fun for jump, shoot, and dunk. It could be a choice for physical training or entertainment for your entire family. The mat is of very good quality and the spring tool also includes with this mat.

It is a 16ft trampoline and the maximum load capacity is 331 lb. It also comes with a lot of accessories, such as a basketball hoop, a foot mat, a ladder, an accessory kit, and more. Because the safety netting is up, it takes a little more work to get everything on, but overall is pretty quick.

  • Excellent quality and look
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder
  • Bold Strong Springs & safety net
  • Excellent quality and flexibility
  • UV-proof enclosures
  • A bit rough and poor quality on the back side
  • A little tight to get on


4. Newan 48″ Silent & Adjustable Trampoline for Adults

Max Load: 330 LBS | Foldable: No | Adjustable Height: 5 Different Levels| Frame: Stainless Steel | Weight: Light| Diameter: 48” | Quiet: Yes | Assemble: Need Strength| Warranty: N/A

Newan TrampolineWhether you follow user reviews or comparative test feedback, you will often see the brand name Newan, a true benchmark in this field. And I highly recommend this adult trampoline as an alternative to treadmill or exercise bike if you want to slowly get back into your grove.

Newan fitness trampoline is made of strong PP mesh, anti-wear and tear-resistant materials. And durable 8 legs support users up to 330 pounds. The 40 thickened bungee-rope provides joint-friendly suspension, reduces noise to the maximum extent, and gives you a great jumping experience.

You can easily handle it and the bouncing is highly safe. The foam material comfortable handlebar prevents you from flying off onto the floor. You can also adjust the height of the handlebar in 5 different levels which can meet the demand of different people.

It is one of the most robust and higher quality rebounders on the market for both men and women for cardio and core training. Its design and stability are repeatedly highlighted, but its qualities do not stop there. Children and adolescents can then use it safely, because, it is extremely stable. There is no way for the little ones to slip from underneath.

However, to assemble it, you have to use a considerable amount of strength and but two people doing it simply. It’s part of why it can withstand big people, its elastics are strong and tight.

  • Stable Oval Tube Design
  • Safer, quieter but soft
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Adjustable T-shaped handle
  • Nice large surface to jump
  • Very solid frame, thick metal
  • Doesn’t fold up for storage
  • It’s a bit hard to assemble
  • Handle can move a little


5. Plazenzon Rebounder Foldable Mini Trampoline for Adults

Max Load: 350 LBS | Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Height: 32″-42″ | Frame: Commercial Steel | Weight: 40 LBS| Diameter: 40” | Quiet: Yes | Assemble: Very Easy| Warranty: N/A

Plazenzon Mini Trampoline for AdultsWith 350lbs of load capacity, this is the heaviest exercise trampoline on our list at this price point. This trampoline combines business with pleasure, all in maximum fun outdoors. And perfect for doing cardio exercises right at home

Let’s talk about quality, Plazenzon mini trampoline are made of heavy-duty steel with thicken springs and PP Mat that can support 1-2 adults or 2-3 kids to enjoy the jumping indoor or garden.

It has 4 different levels of handle height (range from 32″ to 42″) that can be adjusted to fit all ages people. The handles are also covered by the foam material, which is much comfortable for the user to grip. And this model can be stand up on its side when not being used.

Compare to regular or opened size, the folded size is only 1/4. Also, the unique design allows you to fold it twice with safety and help you to store it conveniently under the furniture or the closet. The band also attaches to the mat to ensure more user safety.

If you wish, you can make this variety of trampoline a fitness accessory to install in your gym. In this case, you can acquire this mini sports trampoline which will be specially adapted to adults for specific exercises. These are also the models that you will find in specialized courses.

However, it doesn’t come with a assemble, so you need to set it up by yourselves. But it could be very simple because the instructions are user friendly.

  • Durable and high load capacity
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom with silence
  • Four level adjustable handle
  • Convenient and foldable
  • No squeaks from the springs
  • High safety design
  • You need to put together
  • The legs screwed on easily


6. SereneLife SLSPT438 Indoor Fitness Trampoline for Adults

Max Load: 220 LBS | Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Height: 35″-46″ | Frame: Sturdy Steel | Weight: Heavy| Diameter: 30” | Quiet: Yes | Assemble: Simple| Warranty: N/A

SereneLife SLSPT438Here is another model that will also not appear in the many online comparison tests because it is intended for intensive use. If you haven’t found the best one among all the trampolines available, here it is. It has a decidedly competitive price and considerably lower than the other larger ones.

Let’s talk about, Serenelife jump mat is made of durable polypropylene which ensures sustainable bouncing and coil spring for high elasticity.

The assemble size at 40” x 35-46’’ from the ground to the top. This adult trampoline is high quality, bouncy and very secure on the base, and most importantly, you can’t beat the price. The canvas is at ground level, just like for indoor gymnasts. It is aesthetic, practical and original.

The padded handlebar is adjustable from 35’’ to 46’’ high so that users can fit with their height easily. And with the handlebar, you can easily control your bouncing. The frame has strong welded joints so it won’t bend/break. It’s built to last and has a good look also.

This adult trampoline is also portable and foldable. You can simply store in a small space in the gym or at home. The convenient size also helps you to carry it from one spot to another without any hassle. This is a great workout trainer to increase your strength and stamina. It can support up to 220 lbs. It is also easy to assemble and a complete instruction manual is included.

  • Perfect for fitness exercise
  • Foldable and space saving design
  • High quality mat and stylish
  • Unique design and durable
  • Cheap price
  • Logo clearly visible
  • It is a bit noisy


7. Newan 40″ Silent Fitness Indoor Mini Trampoline for Adults

Max Load: 330 LBS | Foldable: No | Adjustable Height: No | Frame: Sturdy Steel | Weight: Light | Diameter: 40” | Quiet: Yes | Assemble: Difficult | Warranty: N/A

Newan Trampoline for AdultsThe company Newan’s is a reputable company in China. It specializes in all fitness accessories and especially in outdoor trampolines. The Newan 40″ trampoline is sturdy for a full-figured person, no excess noise, and it doesn’t slide out of place.

It is specially designed for indoor use, certainly among the trampolines suitable for those over the age of 14. The thickened anti-slip rubber pads protect your floor and reduce noise. It will give you comfortable exercise in your home. Your feet won’t fall through the bungees. It’s very strong and features a rather simple inexpensive design.

The trampoline adapts to your whole family. With your children, you will quickly become addicted to it and stop using the designer rower you bought for a little while. It does not interfere in the garden and fully complies with USA and EU standards.

You can remove the legs after use. It’s very bouncy and the quality and functionality are great. Very good cardio if you’re not able to make it out of the house or don’t have a lot of time.

The assembly is a bit hard, but everything comes with the trampoline that you will need in order to put it together.  I ranked in 3 if the assembly weren’t so challenging.

  • It’s quiet and sturdy
  • Stable structural design
  • It’s perfect for indoors
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Anti-slip, safe and comfortable
  • The instructions are less helpful
  • It does not squeak


Buyer’s Guide

There are currently different varieties of adult trampolines so choose the model that most closely matches your situation. Let’s see now, what are the most important elements to consider.

The size of the trampoline

Size is the most obvious criterion. It must be chosen according to the profile of the “jumper” and the place where the trampoline will be installed.  For adults, the most suitable models have a minimum diameter of 350 cm. Athletes will prefer models with a diameter greater than 400 cm.

  • For solo use: An average trampoline is not enough. You need at least a 370cm diameter model. These are adult trampolines with a load capacity of 150kg.
  • For 2 to 3 adults: Very large adult trampolines are essential. They are generally 470cm in diameter. Some rare models of large round trampolines reach 490cm. They will also be extremely expensive. Their generous jumping surface makes them adult trampolines with a maximum load of 200kg.
  • For 4 adults and more: You need a giant adult trampoline. This variety of inflatable types can accommodate up to 35 people for the larger models. If you need an adult trampoline of 300 kg and more load capacity then this is the ideal choice.

The installation rules for the safety of users impose a clear space of 2 m around the trampoline and a height of 8 m free of obstacles above. We must therefore find the right compromise between available space and user needs. For example,

The safety of trampolines

Safety is a very important criterion. It is ensured by a number of technical elements including the frame, springs, jumping mat, safety cushion and protective net. The steel tube reinforcement must be of good quality, corrosion-resistant and easy to install (prefer reinforcements that interlock rather than screw).

The springs play a role in the flexibility of the jumping mat. Choose long springs, with a minimum length of 180 mm, electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized.

The jumping mat must be in reinforced PVC to avoid any risk of tearing, and to resist UV rays. The cushion, which covers the springs and protects in the event of a fall outside the canvas, must be sufficiently wide (minimum 36 mm) and thick (minimum 25 mm). The net, the centerpiece of safety, must be resistant.

The shape of trampolines

The shape you choose is important. Each is adapted to a particular activity. Thus the round shape is intended for family and fun use. Most of the trampolines available on the market are round.

Octagonal trampolines are also well-known shapes as they offer increased strength compared to garden trampolines. They are packaged for intensive use and recommended for clubs and amusement parks. For individuals, octagonal trampolines remain high-end models.

There are also rectangular trampolines. These are models designed for professional athletes who already have a certain mastery and want to improve their figures. It is moreover this form which is generally retained for the competitions of high level. Nevertheless, thrill-seeking users (adults of course) might enjoy them as well.

The accessories

Protective skirts prevent pets or young children from accessing the underside of the trampoline while it is in use. The ladder allows better access to the trampoline. Finally, the protective cover is essential to protect your trampoline from bad weather. It must be able to withstand many shocks and twists under the weight of the users, without presenting the slightest weakness.

The price of adult trampolines

The price of adult models varies greatly depending on the type, size and brand. We therefore recommend that you take your time to compare and find a cheap adult trampoline.


Can a group of people jump on a garden trampoline?

It all depends on its total size and the maximum load it supports. It is very variable from one model to another. However, it must be able to withstand hours of play without moving.

Is trampolining the same as working out?

Many studies have been carried out in this direction, and the answer is yes! A trampoline session is as effective as any other sport. It can help with weight loss, cardio workouts, and muscle building.

Do I need to maintain a trampoline?

As with any other installation in your garden, you will need to keep your trampoline in good health. It is advisable to regularly check the condition of the canvas, the elastics and obviously the screws. It is designed to withstand bad weather, but some models still provide suitable protective covers.

Can an adult use a child model?

No, unless you are below the 50 kg mark. This is usually the maximum load the trampoline can support. This weight is always indicated. Child models support up to 50 kg and adult models generally accept a maximum load of 100 kg.


It is important before purchasing your new adult trampoline to ask yourself how much space you want to devote to it. It is also essential to determine the use of your equipment, for sport or fun, because this point will determine the appropriate diameter and shape.

Do not neglect safety because it is important even if the trampoline is intended for you. Always choose a model with a protective net (or buy separately) to rebound without the risk of a bad fall. You can use our comparison of the best trampolines for adults which will help you better understand your needs and make your choice by having all the important data at your fingertips.

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