Best Crossbows for Women in 2022 [In-Depth Reviews]

Best crossbow for women

The popularity of target shooting and hunting increasing enormously in recent years and women are getting more and more interest in crossbow hunting. This is the main reason that many well-known manufacturers realize this trend and designed a whole range of crossbows focusing on varying women’s body structures and their archery-related engagements.

When it comes to choosing the best crossbows for women, you should take certain factors into consideration as per your expectations. It isn’t just a case of choosing a light model with low kinetic energy. It is also important to make sure that your selected crossbow is easier to carry around, and configured according to women’s physique.

We make an unbiased roundup of the best women’s crossbows on the market today. All of these crossbows come ready to hunt for any game.

You can also practice target shooting during the off-season.

Best Crossbows for women – At A Glance

  • 1. CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo – Best Overall
  • 2. Barnett Explorer XP – Best Women’s Crossbow Under $300
  • 3. TenPoint Turbo M1 – Best Crossbow for Experienced Women
  • 4. PSE ARCHERY 01318CA Coalition – Complete Crossbow Package for Women
  • 5. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II – Best Barnett Crossbow for Women
  • 6. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Best Female Crossbow Under $400
  • 7. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow – Editor’s Choice

1. CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo

Speed: 380 fps | Draw Weight: 185 lbs | Axle to Axle: 14.0″ | Kinetic Energy: 120 ft. lbs. | Weight: 6.5 lbs | Length: 34.25″ | Power Stroke: 13.75″ | Silencing System: Yes

CenterPoint Crossbow for Woman

CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo crossbow is less expensive, but the quality is remarkably good. It is definitely easy to use because a lot of safety features are included in this bow. For example, it features an anti-dry-fire trigger system that prevents accidental fires and injuries.

And with a speed of approximately 380 fps, it is one of the fastest crossbow bows on the market. Carrying it around is not a problem because the weight is 6.5, which is pretty much light just like all the other recurve crossbows.

CenterPoint recurve crossbow is the professional one available in the stores. Pros women can hit up to 120 ft. lbs. And to help you focus your aim like a beast, this unit features a silencing system to help reduce the noise. That is one of the best features included in this model. The CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Cam is well built and shoots as well as more expensive crossbows.

Another advantage of having the CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo crossbow is that it has one of the best scopes that can accurately zoom in on the target without any fuss at all. The hard rubber portions are good quality—not too hard or soft. It can not only be used for target shooting but also big game hunting.

The assembly process is also made easy with a user manual that helps you assemble the crossbow without any previous experience. However, it takes less than 20 minutes to assemble and first test it. With a draw weight of about 185 lbs, CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 is a favorable crossbow for women.

What we liked:

  • Compact design
  • Grip and butt-stock are effective
  • Safety mechanism is well thought out
  • It is absolutely a well-built and quiet crossbow
  • The narrow width when cocked is great for tight places

What we didn’t like:

  • Included scope is not illuminated
  • Bolts are of low-end quality

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2. Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow

Speed: 370 fps | Draw Weight: 165 lbs | Axle to Axle: 16.35″ | Kinetic Energy: 105 ft. lbs. | Weight: 6.0 lbs | Length: 34.5″ | Power Stroke: 15.5″ | Silencing System: Yes

Barnett Explorer XP

Barnett is the top listed crossbow manufacturing company on the planet, they continue to produce high-performance crossbows while lowering prices or staying the same. Explorer XP is their latest crossbow model, specially designed for women. It’s also a high-end quality crossbow with an adaptable design for women’s bodies.

One of the best features of Explorer XP we loved, is the TriggerTech trigger, which ensures you a good feeling while shooting. It also gives you full control over the shot. It is moderately quiet during shooting. Also, the trigger system doesn’t make too much noise and there are no annoying vibrations.

The stock and foregrip are fully adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect fit on your shoulder. Another important feature that makes Barnett Explorer XP the best crossbow for women is its lightweight and slim structure. It weighs 6.0 pounds which makes it extremely portable.

Barnett entry-model crossbow is easy to cock and comes with all the safety features you’d want from a crossbow. It is a reliable compound crossbow that is designed for hard-hitting and accurate shots. And this model shoots up to 370 feet per second. It could be a worthwhile deal for under 300 dollars.

What we liked:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Adjustable and comfortable to use
  • It has great knock down power
  • Beginner-friendly crossbow
  • Cheap price
  • Very accurate

What we didn’t like:

  • Included scope poorly designed
  • It has no pre-installed track mounted string dampeners

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3. TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow for Expert Women

Speed: 380 fps | Draw Weight: 165 lbs | Axle to Axle: 9.0″ | Kinetic Energy: 122 ft. lbs. | Weight: 9.0 lbs | Length: 32.5″ | Power Stroke: 14.0″ | Silencing System: Yes

TenPoint Turbo M1

The Turbo M1 crossbow from TenPoint was first introduced in 2019. The Turbo series is the most popular crossbow from TenPoint because of so many good reasons. It is the perfect example of a crossbow model specifically engineered for experienced women; it is user-friendly for small-framed folks.

The Turbo M1 crossbow comes with an excellent T5 trigger, one of the biggest pain points with crossbows of the past is the amount of creep or travel in a trigger. This trigger has 50% less creep than triggers on the previous model (we have reviewed other posts). And, it also features an anti-dry fire mechanism for added safety.

It is going to be very accurate shooters out to 40-50 yards. Also, the package comes with the Pro Elite arrows from TenPoint, which weigh 400 grains (with a 100 gr. field tip installed). It’s sturdy, interconnected, lightweight and Robin Hood accurate – even in inclement weather.

When it comes to the IBO speed of the Turbo M1, it shoots at speed of 400 feet per second. And TenPoint Turbo M1 crossbow offers an incredible balance between force and weight so it’s far simpler for women bowhunters to operate the crossbow without complications.

The package includes pre-mounted illuminated scope, quiver, ACCUdraw cocking system and explicit instruction manual. It is American Made and comes with limited lifetime warranties.

However, this model is not suitable for beginner shooters anymore. Therefore, it weighs 9 pounds, slightly heavier than other models designed for women.

What we liked:

  • Consistent Lethal Accuracy
  • Compact but powerful crossbow
  • Designed for long time use
  •  Very high quality scope
  • Ultra-Maneuverable

What we didn’t like:

  • A little bit expensive

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4. PSE ARCHERY 01318CA Coalition Complete Package

Speed: 380 fps | Draw Weight: 185 lbs | Axle to Axle: 21.5″ | Kinetic Energy: 127 ft. lbs. | Weight: 7.5 lbs | Length: 35-36.5″ | Power Stroke: 14.5″ | Silencing System: Yes

PSE ARCHERY 01318CA Coalition

PSE ARCHERY Coalition crossbow package positively down the price range without compromising the quality. It is one of the highly robust crossbows from PSE that comes with 380 FPS and 185 lbs of draw weight, which means it can shoot or take down a large deer or elk pretty accurately and quickly. PSE ARCHERY 01318CA, crossbow however offers fewer features compared to other women’s crossbows in the market.

This bow is decently easy to draw back by hand, you don’t have very good back strength. It’s also as compact and lightweight as more expensive women’s crossbows, with an overall weight of 7.5 lbs. Another plus for this crossbow is its structure and shape, which allow users to move through narrow areas with ease. Although the string stops aren’t adjustable, it is however a beast of a crossbow.

Cocking was also pretty easy once you get used to it. The PSE ARCHERY crossbow is also fairly easy to assemble. However, the instructions are not details. It is a great women’s crossbow that is not only suitable for beginners but for experienced users. Like all previous models on this list, this unit built-in anti-dry-fire trigger system.

Unfortunately, the scope is designed poorly and doesn’t offer the customization that some shooter users may seek. If you can overlook the issues with the scope, and desire a sturdy, accurate and lightweight women’s crossbow, the PSE ARCHERY 01318CA could be your choice.

What we liked:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Impressive accuracy and power
  • Excellent value for money
  • Great all-around crossbow for hard-hitting and accurate shooting

What we didn’t like:

  • Instructions are not great
  • Includes average quality scope

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5. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Speed: 350 fps | Draw Weight: 150 lbs | Axle to Axle: 16.125″ | Kinetic Energy: 103 ft. lbs. | Weight: 6.4 lbs | Length: 34.5″ | Power Stroke: 12.5″ | Silencing System: Yes

Barnett Crossbow for Woman

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is the best hunting crossbow for both beginners and experienced women. It is a reliable and effective crossbow that performs with an excellent degree of versatility that enables you to stalk the game. The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II crossbow comes with a high-quality design that shoots fast and accurately.

The limbs are made of custom composite laminate, making them durable for hunting in cold weather. The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II features nock sensors, a pass-through foregrip, and anti-dry fire technology, which ensure high safety while shooting, The 6.4 lbs weight is well-fitted for female hunters and the small frame ensures that the weight isn’t too much of a burden. The compact design also allows easy handling in tight spaces.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II crossbow features premium crosswire strings and cams. The TriggerTech creates a smooth roller between the sear and the trigger. The balance is also fantastic, because of the quad limbs.

However, the crossbow package includes a multiple-reticle scope, rope-cocking device, two headhunter arrows, and lubrication wax. The scope isn’t of the highest quality, but good enough for most activities. Overall, the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is the best choice for a beginner woman who still doesn’t know how to maneuver a heavy crossbow.

What we liked:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-definition camo pattern
  • Quick speed and lightweight
  • Come almost completely assembled
  • Comes with 5-year limited warranty

What we didn’t like:

  • Scope is not high end
  • Stock is a little uncomfortable
  • It’s pretty loud at the highest speed

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6. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

Speed: 370 fps | Draw Weight: 185 lbs | Axle to Axle: 18.0″ | Kinetic Energy: 130 ft. lbs. | Weight: 7.5 lbs | Length: 40.0″ | Power Stroke: 13.5″ | Silencing System: No

CenterPoint Sniper 370

If you are looking for a sturdy and powerful women’s crossbow under $400, you can pick the CenterPoint Sniper 370 right away. CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow is built in aluminum and composite material that assures you of its durability. And with 130 ft. lbs. of Kinetic Energy, it has a great mix of qualities with some impressive specifications. It is simple to assemble and backed by a 5-year warranty.

With tremendous accuracy, it can shoot arrows at 370 fps which is enough for hunting deer, bear, and other big games. The 185 pounds draw weight with an 18-inch width configuration can shoot the bolt with excellent strength and speed.

CenterPoint women’s crossbow has a fully adjustable stock and foregrip that adopts your shooting style. The safety guard is also big enough to prevent losing the finger. Furthermore, this unit delivers super quiet and vibration-free shots that help to hunt deer in a peaceful environment.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow is also lightweight and effortless to carry for women. Whatever your body size, you will find this crossbow fairly easy to carry. It will complete the need of small-framed hunters without compromising durability.

However, a couple of improvements would make it quieter. The trigger and stock adjustment lever make some rattling noise. Otherwise, there is no reason to avoid CenterPoint Sniper 370.

What we liked:

  • Powerful, accurate and well-made
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good for target shooting and hunting
  • Comes with five-year warranty

What we didn’t like:

  • Adjustable stock is quite sloppy

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7. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow – Editor’s Choice

Speed: 400 fps | Draw Weight: 185 lbs | Axle to Axle: 15”/9.0″ | Kinetic Energy: 140 ft. lbs. | Weight: 7.6 lbs | Length: 32.25″ | Power Stroke: 15.5″ | Silencing System: Yes

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 crossbow added incredible value in the hunting industry. The weight of this crossbow is 7.6 pounds, making it one of the lightest but most durable compound crossbows for women available in the market. It is made of aluminum and that’s the reason it is light.

The package includes all the necessary tools, so you can enjoy hunting right out of the box. Wicked Ridge crossbow can shoot arrows at the speed of 400 feet per second and it can produce 140ft./lbs of kinetic energy. Accuracy of the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is also great, thanks to the illuminated 3×32 scope.

It comes with an ACUdraw cocking device that reduces the weight of force up to 5 pounds, which is really helpful for women. It includes a rope-sled that helps in locking the arrow in the bow. And with a width of 9 inches from axle to axle, the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 provides more shot opportunities in tight shooting situations. It is extremely comfortable to handle.

The RDX 400 trigger also works on the Dry Fire Inhibitor so that you can cock the bow safely in the fire position. It tends to produce one of the quietest shots with the same hole group accuracy.

This unit is super compact for all-day hunts and narrow design perfect for shooting from the tree. It is capable of doing a lot of wonders that a hunter ever wishes.

What we liked:

  • High speed
  • Quiet and deadly accurate
  • The package includes all the required accessories
  • Patented narrow crossbow technology
  • Great accuracy and easy to load

What we didn’t like:

  • Scope quality is cheap
  • It comes with only three arrows

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Buyer’s Guide: Women Crossbow

If you are a beginner woman, you should pick a basic model. It helps you to understand the process of mechanisms. Experienced female hunters should focus on mid-range crossbows. However, there are specific factors you need to consider before you make a purchase. And here they are:

IBO Speed

The first thing that always comes to mind while buying a crossbow is the IBO speed. Because the speed of the crossbow increases the rate of success. The fast-speed bow increases the probability of hitting your target accurately. For hunting, the velocity of your crossbow is also important to reach the target. A minimum 300 FPS crossbow must generate sufficient speed and power to hit the target.

However, speed isn’t the main factor to be considered when it comes to shooting at stationary targets. You also need to consider the ease of use draw weight and more.


For women’s crossbows, you need more attention to the weight. Getting a lightweight crossbow for hunting is preferable because hunters require a long-distance trip. Lighter ones are more stable and will increase the chance of success in this case.

For target shooting, you can go with heavier ones. Because in that case, you don’t need to carry on.

Draw weight

The draw weight of the crossbow determines how much strength and effort you need to pull the arrow back. Heavy draw-weight crossbow tends to shoot faster compared to the small range draw weight model.

For women, the draw weight should be 120 lbs to 180. Because heavy draw weight crossbows will cause arm fatigue as it requires higher effort. Therefore, we advise you choose a model that you can pull easily or draw it back.

Axle Length

Axle length is defined as the crossbow’s overall length. Short axle length crossbows are more maneuverable compared to the longer ones. So choose the one that is easy to maneuver. If you are new to target shooting or hunting, we advise you choose a crossbow with a longer axle length.

Crossbow scope

Scope helps to improve the crossbow hunter’s efforts in getting true accuracy while targeting. With the crossbow scope, you can sight the game easily. Therefore, make sure that included scope is decent for a better hunting experience (if included). It must be shockproof and waterproof.

You can learn more details about best crossbow scope from here.

Safety System

Safety should be the primary concern while shooting with a bow. Most crossbows require disengaging a safety lock before firing the arrow. However, there are a variety of locks and sensors on crossbows from different manufacturers. Each model is designed with various safety systems, so considers the one that suits you.

Also make sure that your crossbow has an Anti-dry-fire trigger system that prevents accidental fires.


When it comes to buying a crossbow for women, it is proven that the price is pretty low and dependable compared to the traditional crossbow. However, you need to consider your budget before you purchase one. Because most of the time, you need to spend an extra amount to buy your favorite one.

The good news is, our selected crossbows have been categorized by price range. They are affordable yet guaranteed to be accurate and fast. You can compare the models or brands with price ranges easily to find a value for the money crossbow.


A female hunter who is trying to choose the right crossbow has many points to think about before making a purchase. However, they also need to make sure that take all safety measures before going to archery competitions or hunting. As explained, some models are safer for beginners users than experienced ones.

However, if you are still feeling confused about which model is suitable for your needs, we recommend the CenterPoint Tormentor Whisper 380 Camo. Because of its high accuracy, power and design, it is one of the best high-performance crossbows for women. Stay calm with every stroke thanks to new technology equipment. We have to say that CenterPoint crossbow company never compromises design and always comes up with something new.

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