Best Deer Carts of 2022 (Reviews & Top Picks)

Best Deer Carts Reviews

After hunting a deer, carrying it is not always easy. Because it is really difficult to hike with a 100+ lbs animal the same long distance that you have already covered. If you have experience moving a heavy animal without a deer cart, you are a well-known person about how painful it is, even can be messed up your hunting trip.

To make this task easier for you, the best deer cart can be a great helper for you. However, Pro Hunters are always in search of a reliable and decent quality hunting cart and beginners tried to save some extras.

In both cases, the purchase of deer carts can make their hunting more entertaining.

This buying will help you to decide which model is best suitable for you. We have tested every deer cart before we selected and we believe we were able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Best Deer Carts Reviews of 2022

  • 1. Hawk Crawler HWK-HA3420
  • 2. Leader Accessories 80803001
  • 3. Muddy MUD-MGC400-Black
  • 4. Kill Shot Throne 3-in-1
  • 5. Kill Shot Game Cart with Tow Bar
  • 6. Rage Powersports Kill Shot Deer Hauler Car
  • 7. Rogers Matt black Packman
  • 8. SHERPA Aluminum Game Cart
  • 9. Goplus Folding Deer Game Cart
  • 10. Allen Company 76890

1. Hawk Crawler HWK-HA3420 Deer Cart

Hawk Crawler HWK-HA3420

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If you are considering buying a high-quality deer cart, pay special attention to the Hawk Crawler HWK-HA3420. Hawk Crawler is a must-have brand when it comes to choosing the best deer cart, so it’s no surprise that its line of carts is the most famous. However, be careful, because it is precisely a one-size cart: it means that there is no different size. This game transport garden cart is the largest of them all, and that’s the one we are currently using.

  • Ease of Handling: Thanks to its 360 ° dual pivoting axles, the Hawk Crawler deer cart is ideal for all terrains and it is very well placed on the market value for money. Whether you are pulling heavy loads over stumps, logs, rocks or anything in your way, the Hawk Crawler HWK-HA3420 can be taken with you in any situation.
  • Big Capacity: It has a high load capacity of 500 pounds, thanks to its reinforced metal frame. The spacious interior offers plenty of possibilities to take games and essential gear with you.
  • Material: The cart cover is of good quality 100% polyester, and with a reinforced metal frame. The tires are Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam-filled, so it won’t flat or leak.
  • Easy for Storage: For convenient transport, this deer cart can be folded up very easily and stowed away without taking up too much space. However, its total weight is about 45 lbs, which is pretty much heavy.


  • Size: 45″ x 32″
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 14-inch
  • Weight: 45 lbs.


  • Best deer cart for the price
  • Compact folding design
  • Stable oversized tires
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile to use


  • Doesn’t allow for ease of turning
  • Instructions are not easy to follow

2. Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Deer Cart

Leader Accessories Hunting Deer Cart

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We have also decided to introduce you to this large-wheel deer cart model, therefore with a “solid” body. It has the advantage that this deer cart is just like common garden wheelbarrows. It has a large size and remarkable capacity. Leader Accessories deer cart could be an optimal solution if you need a game cart in terms of weight to carry.

  • Comfortable Handle: The model is, in our opinion, the best choice of the Leader Accessories series with a rectangular handle. You can easily handle large deer and won’t shake out. The handle is also well constructed and easily foldable while not in use.
  • Folding Cart: With chrome wheels on 20″ puncture-proof solid rubber tires, it is suitable to fold up and you can move by using only one hand. It is also very comfortable to handle. Also, it is a welded square tubular-steel construction deer cart that you can fold down easily for both storage and transport.
  • Protection: The handle can also be used when folded. The base insert is padded with foam, all crossbars with padding protection for easy transporting.
  • Stable Support When Folded: With only 56.5″ x 29″ folding dimensions, Leader Accessories hunting cart comes fully assembled: unpack, open and go. The heavy-duty platform also provides plenty of room and is able to transport games weighing up to 550lbs.
  • Optional Accessories Available: Leader Accessories Super Mag deer cart is equipped with rain cap, seat belts, air cushion mats. It also features a 2 buckle strap to fix deer or other big game on the cart. The package also includes basic assemble and disassemble tools.


  • Size: 44.5” x 25.5” x 8.6”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 20-inch
  • Weight: 43.85 lbs.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Very sturdy and no rattles
  • Simple to assemble
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Tie-down straps aren’t adequate but ok

3. Muddy MUD-MGC400-Black Mule Game Cart

Muddy MUD-MGC400-Black

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If you want to go on a budget and put something aside, we recommend you evaluate the Muddy MUD-MGC400-Black game cart for transporting your prize and gear. It is not the best on the market and in fact it has some flaws, but it is normal, considering that this model also has a price below average. The dimensions are 40” x 16” inches, while the maximum range is medium, from 300 pounds. It is also simple to put together.

  • Balanced Design: Thanks to strong plastic wheels with double brakes, the two front wheels can be moved 360°. It is so well balanced and you are able to haul your deer out effortlessly. If you will going slightly downhill, this hunting cart will practically go by itself.
  • Folding Game Cart: Muddy MUD-MGC400-Black deer cart built-in high quality with easy installation and storage. Thanks to the hinged frame construction, it is very durable. The handle is easily foldable and the wheels remove with a cotter pin. You can also remove the handle.
  • Medium Capacity: This deer cart is equipped with sturdy steel frames and durable fabric, which allow it to carry up to 300 pounds without struggling too much.
  • Lightweight: Muddy MUD-MGC400 deer cart is surprisingly lightweight, only 29 lbs. You can easily pick it up with one finger. However, the tires are made of solid rubber that weighs the most.


  • Size: 40” x 16”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 16-inch
  • Weight: 29 lbs.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Well balanced design
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to move
  • Cheap price


  • Only 300lbs load capacity

4. Kill Shot Throne 3-in-1 Game Cart with Chair

Kill Shot Throne 3-in-1 Deer Cart

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We don’t particularly like 3-in-1 models as hunting carts, but we have to say that the Kill Shot Throne’s 3-in-1 game cart knows its stuff. It will be suitable for carrying large games, and if you are looking for a versatile multi-purpose deer cart, then this model is for you. It was born as a classic game cart, but it can also be used in the garden, as long as it does not exceed a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.

  • Large 3-in-1 Game Cart: This game cart makes transporting your prize convenient and fun. It is designed with strong powder-coated steel frame. The innovative 3-in-1 features a hunting chair, deer carrier game cart and shooting rest, so you don’t require additional tools or multiple devices to get the job done.
  • Big Capacity: As we mentioned above, it has 500 lbs of load capacity on a sturdy steel platform with two 25″ solid rubber wheels. It is designed for traversing rough and uneven terrain. You can easily transport hunting weapons, take steady shots at trophy bucks, and haul the deer back for processing.
  • Convenient: The hunting chair part smoothly rotates 360 degrees so that you can expand the field of view quickly without snapping twigs or rustling leaves that might startle prey. Kill Shot deer cart is not only convenient to use for hunting, but it will also come in handy in many different situations. 
  • Secure and Stable: The adjustable rubber-padded shooting rest ensures optimal shooting angle and huge stability during the shot. The package also includes two tie-down straps so that users can secure cargo and game.


  • Size: 65.38” x 25” x 42”
  • Foldable: No
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 25-inch
  • Weight: 52 lbs.


  • 3-in-1 versatile game cart
  • Solid and durable rubber wheels
  • Smoothly rotates 360 degrees
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • It isn’t foldable
  • Seat is pretty much uncomfortable

5. Kill Shot Large Game Cart with Tow Bar

Kill Shot Deer Cart

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The Kill Shot in fact a compact deer cart at an affordable price. It is simple to open and folded up. The mechanism is simple to operate, as the Tow bar fits up to 2″ hitch balls. Consider that in the package you will also find side braces, securing straps, and tow bar. The adjustable handle also makes this large game cart suitable for different heights of people.

  • All-terrain Wheels: Thanks to the large 20” off-road wheels, which make the Kill Shot extra-large game cart ideal for all terrains. Whether you go deer hunting or elk, you can carry everything with you in any situation because it is large enough to carry a bear or elk.
  • Durable Metal Frame: Kill Shot deer cart has a durable metal frame that achieves a high load capacity of 750 lbs. The large area also offers plenty of possibilities to take items and valuable accessories with you. It measures 63 x 23.5 x 49 inches.
  • Easily to Carry: This unit uses ATV so that users can quickly and easily transport it, which makes it very convenient. You can attach the tow bar to your ATV’s trailer hitch, which greatly eliminates back and arm strain when you pull the cart. The cart also folds up very easily, which is convenient to store and transport.


  • Size: 63” x 23.5” x 49”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 20-inch
  • Weight: 43 lbs.


  • Very well balanced
  • Widely adjustable handle
  • Pretty sturdy and well built
  • Hitch is good for ATV/XUV
  • Large load capacity
  • Comes with side braces, straps and tow bar


  • Tires are pretty much narrow

6. Rage Powersports Kill Shot Deer Hauler Cart

Rage Powersports Deer Cart

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You may be wondering why the Rage Powersports Kill Shot is listed in our list of the top ten best deer carts in 2022. This game cart has an extremely sturdy frame and is made entirely of steel with excellent load capacity. It is a heavy-duty game cart and at the same time very robust. Powersports Kill Shot deer cart is also equipped with an adjustable handle, you can adapt to your height for even better comfort.

  • Multifunction: It is collapsible which helps to keep your prize properly and your hunting gear will be handy when transporting. It has 750 lbs weight capacity so it can be a great choice for bear or elk and of course deer. The handle can also be adjusted to different positions to eliminate any strain on your back.
  • Easy to Move: The Rage Powersports Kill Shot is made from heavy-duty steel with a brown powder coat finish. It will blend into any environment. You can easily move tree stands, hunting gear, and game through the woods and over rough terrain with durable two 20” solid rubber wheels.
  • Very Resistant: The material is also sturdy and resistant. It features expandable steel tube gusset-reinforced construction to keep the game stable and secure while transporting.
  • Simple Folding Design: With a premium powder-coated handle for a comfortable grip and easy maneuvering, the wheels are removable and the side braces fold the cart for easy storage. The folding dimensions are 31″ L x 8″ W x 28″ H, which is half of the actual size.


  • Size: 63” x 23.5” x 49”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 20-inch
  • Weight: 47 lbs.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Quick wire-spring assembly
  • Foldable for transport or storage
  • Adjustable handle
  • Good deer cart for the price


  • Need a lot of room to transport
  • Heavy and bulky

7. Rogers Matt black Packman Deer Cart

Rogers Matt black Packman Deer Cart

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Carrying big games is really tiring, so do you want a practical and affordable deer cart? If so, we offer you Rogers, a brand that has been able to create one of the best hunting carts on the market today. The body is durable with highly resistant materials. The overall dimensions are 50″ Long 57″ Tall 27″ Wide, while the diameter of the air-inflated wheels is 20 inches. You can use this hunting cart even in the tightest and most confined spaces.

  • Resistant and Practical: Rogers Matt-Black deer cart has a sturdy and lightweight tubular steel frame, which makes it very resistant and durable over time. Although this is NOT a foldup cart, its practical folding function facilitates assembly and disassembly, plus it can be easily stored in a corner.
  • Simple Operation: The cover is made of polyester which is not afraid of bad weather. This unit is also very easy to maintain. However, the handle is not adjustable, but it is much easier to drag it even if you load it to the maximum.
  • Puncture Proof Wheels: The puncture-proof wheels are provided for comfortable handling, which make it perfect for the snow cover Rocky Mountain trails. In addition, the Rogers deer cart is equipped with Matt black no-shine finish which is pretty much durable to carry your gear besides the games. The large wheels also make it so much easier to move woods, logs and fallen limbs.
  • Good Capacity: It has a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds, for a total cart weight of approximately 35 pounds. Besides the game, it can carry all your hunting gear. Another strong point, this model is designed to facilitate the transport of your game even when climbing the all-terrain.


  • Size: 57” x 27” x 50”
  • Foldable: No
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 20-inch
  • Weight: 35 lbs.


  • Good size to fit deer on it
  • Simple setup and disassemble
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Heavy-duty wheels


  • Not designed to fold easily for easy to store
  • A little noise when going thru the woods

8. SHERPA Aluminum Hunting Game Cart

SHERPA Deer Cart

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The SHERPA is one of the best deer carts not only because they are sturdy, resistant and functional but also because they are pleasant and lightweight to carry with you. It is roomy and easy to handle, making it ideal for the elderly. It allows you to fold up easily and move without cluttering more than necessary. This deer cart is also particularly handy when it comes to carrying deer.

  • Lightweight Design: The SHERPA is the most lightweight game cart, it weighs only 15 lbs. And with a capacity of 300 lbs, this flat-free wheels deer cart ranks high in ease of handling on this list. The wheels are made of plastic but very strong with solid rubber tires.
  • Durable Aluminum Frame: The frame is made of extremely durable aluminum to support easily even the heaviest game. The frame is 21″ wide. In appearance, it looks very similar to the steel frame. The handle is ergonomic which allows you to drag or pull it easily according to your needs.
  • Easy to Move: The maneuverability is not exceptional, because the wheel and frame are designed like most of the game carts. However, because of its well-balanced handle and lightweight design, it can withstand heavy weights without problems.
  • Affordable: SHERPA deer cart has an excellent price compared to the quality it guarantees you. It doesn’t have heavy weight capacity, but this model is one of the most capacious and practical carts you can buy.


  • Size: 39.37” x 39.37” x 19.69”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 19-inch
  • Weight: 14 lbs.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Flat-free and scent-free wheels
  • Easy to fold for transport
  • Ultra-light design
  • Quick setup


  • Low weight capacity
  • Does not come with straps

9. Goplus Solid built Folding Deer Game Cart

9. Goplus Deer Game Cart

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Here is now a nice deer cart from Goplus, particularly versatile, which could come in handy not only for hunting but also in many other different situations. The handle and structure are made to ease you without your back paying the consequences for your efforts, as it is extremely comfortable. It provides you with all the space you might need even for a couple of deer.

  • Solid Construction: Goplus hunting hauler cart made of high-grade steel, which is able to carry up to 500 lbs, making it perfect for moving big trophy game. All parts are well constructed, even when fully loaded, you can move pretty much smoothly. You can use this model to put all of your hunting gear, such as bow, rifle, backpack, and more, that you need to carry with you in the most type of hunting.
  • Large Space: The overall dimensions are 69″ x 18″, which provides plenty of room for carrying games and hunting equipment. And with 17″ Wheels with 1.5″ Rubber Tires, it will provide the game cart enough support to move in the wild outdoors.
  • Foldable Design: Goplus Deer Game Cart can be easily folded, which you can carry or store conveniently. Also, the assembly process is quite easy; you can finish in a few minutes outdoors. When folded, it could fit in the trunk of a small car. Also, the wheels come off and on easily.


  • Size: 70” x 18”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 17-inch
  • Weight: Heavy-duty


  • Everything is well built
  • Well-balanced hunting cart
  • Easily foldable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Spacious design
  • Cheap price


  • It’s a little heavier than some of the others
  • Cheap locking pins

10. Allen Company 76890 Hunting Big Deer Cart

Allen Company Big Game Cart

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We already reached the last model of the best deer carts in 2022 on our list, the Allen Company 76890 is a compact, but at the same time large game cart. It is also an excellent cart considering the moderate price. So get ready to deer hunt and don’t worry about carrying anymore with this fantastic trolley. In addition, the package includes a clear instruction manual for assembly and a series of spare joints.

  • Durable Construction: Allen Company deer cart is made of durable steel frame with heavy-duty anti-puncture wheels, that hold up year after year. This will allow you to use it even in the rain, without running the risk of getting wet and therefore damaging its frame. The wheels are also anti-puncture with the earth, stone, trunk and grass. The web help straps also you to tie your game securely. It is really versatile deer cart, but remember that it was born for hunting.
  • Easy to Handle: The comfortable handle allows you to adjust this cart depending on your height so that you can maintain a correct position while carrying it with you, without bending your back. It also has a wide handle for easy and comfortable towing.
  • Capacity: Allen Company game cart has enough space for Elk, Deer, & Antelope. Thanks to the heavy-duty design, this cart weighs 28.66 lbs. The maximum capacity isn’t record-breaking. However, the parts are so strong that they can hold up to 350 lbs without any effort.


  • Size: 40.75” x 6.89” x 21”
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Wheel Size: 14-inch
  • Weight: 28.66 lbs.


  • Sturdy steel and resin frame
  • Large wheels and adjustable handle
  • Very practical pram
  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to handle


  • The straps are loose
  • Wheels are only 14″ tall

Deer Cart – Buying Guide

Before choosing the deer cart, there are certain factors you’ll need to go over, like the type of cart, weight capacity, maneuverability, and many others you need to consider. Our buying guide will help you pick the best deer cart for your needs and get good value for your money. And after reading, you can do effective research by yourself and navigate which cart has been designed for your demand.

Types of Deer Carts

These are three different types of deer carts available on the market today.

  • Folding Deer Cart: it is the best option if you are looking for a portable hunting cart. Folding deer carts provide additional benefits when you transport either your equipment or your prey because they are handy to carry. However, folding deer cart doesn’t have too much capacity as other game carts do.
  • Little Mule Deer Cart: it is a cart that is manufactured differently and its design is entirely different from other deer carts. Little Mule Deer Cart is considerably lightweight and portable that you can avail of. They are versatile, you can use them for farming, baiting, and transporting construction equipment while you’re not in the hunting field. Little Mule Deer Cart can even be operated with a powerful motor.
  • Crawler Deer Cart: Crawler Deer Cart basically made of heavy-duty construction. It will allow you to crawl whatever you want. And because of the large load capacity (around 500 lbs.), you are able to put any object on it without worrying about anything.

Physical Weight

Always prefer a lightweight deer cart so that you can carry it with you easily every time whenever you leave for hunting. In the market, there is a huge selection of hunting carts with different weights, so you have to make sure that the cart is lightweight. It should be from 10 to 40 pounds.

Carrying Capacity

Like any carrying equipment, you must consider the total load capacity of the deer cart. Because the high-volume weight means that the cart is well made and durable. On the other hand, you don’t need to very large weight capacity cart if your prize size is small or medium. So first have a look at what sized animal you usually target. Then pick the cart as you need.

Most used deer carts on the market have 250 to 750 pounds of carrying capacity. 500 pounds capacity cart offers all the hauling efficiency you need. Because an adult deer weighs around 125 to 300 pounds (female around 150 pounds and male 300). So with this range, you can easily haul around your deer as well as other hunting gear without hurting your cart and it won’t cause you any loss.

So, buying one with a capacity of almost 500 pounds is always recommended. You can also get deer carts with 750 pounds load capacity. However, carrying this type of cart is not easy for women and novice hunters, but large capacity would be better for professional hunters to carry multiple deer at the same time.

Frame and construction

After checking out the weight and carrying capacity, take a close look at the construction material that had been used in the frame. And you have to make sure that your cart has easy and simple construction.

Most manufacturers use only aluminum or steel for the frame on their carts. Aluminum carts are lightweight and easy to carry, but they aren’t able to support heavy weight equipment over them. However, if lightness is the matter for you, there is no alternative to the aluminum frame. On the other side, if durability and long-lasting are the first priority for you, steel could be the best bet. Steel frame deer carts won’t get damaged easily.

Both steel and aluminum carts are well made so that users won’t complain about the built-in quality. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

However, if you have a small budget, aluminum might be the best option compared to steel carts. Because of the poor construction, steel frame carts are sometimes less durable than aluminum. So make sure your deer cart was made as good as possible.


No matter how durable the frame of your deer cart has if the wheels are not good in quality, there is a great chance it will damage quickly. Here, wheels play a crucial role in terms of quality because transporting your prey could cause pain in your back if the wheels’ movements are not fluid.

Cart heel is generally made from rubber so that user can haul the deer without puncturing it. Check the diameter, material, and spokes of the tires (must be strong enough) for making the purchase decision. However, there is no standard diameter for cart wheels. It all depends on frame, load capacity and where you want to hunt. So you can visit the place where you usually hunt and try to check, what size tire will fit perfectly without getting stuck.

According to our survey, 15 – 20 Inches wheel diameter is appropriate for almost every hunter and can roll the cart smoothly on any uneven path.


Cart handle is another important factor that plays a big role in the ease of movement of a cart. So before making the final decision, make sure that the handle is made of heavy-duty material so that it won’t break down easily even if you load the maximum weight capacity. Because fooling handles bend down or simply just start squeaking easily, and making weird kind of noise that unpleasant to your ears.

Also make sure that the size of the handle is suitable for your height. The handle must not way too small, that you have to use more force, nor too big, it might get into your way and make work difficult.

Ease of assembling and handling

For online purchases, you need to assemble the carts to make them comfortable and useful. So it is best to buy a model that is simple to assemble, without any instructions and can be assembled within a few minutes. You need to avoid these carts that are very complicated to set up. Otherwise, you will face discourse after every week and might have to pay extra bucks for fixing the issues.

However, all well-known manufacturers provide concise and proper instructions for setting it up. It’s always recommended to spend a few minutes reading all the instructions sincerely.

Extra security

As a professional hunting sports journalist, we know that killing any animal is not an easy task, you have to wait so long for fixed your target. And after taking down your prey, you will never want to lose it anymore. That’s why famous deer cart manufacturers use additional straps in the cart that can be used for fastening your prey and making transportation easy and secure.

However, having the straps is not always guarantee security, they must be made up of quality material.

Smooth Rolling

As we mentioned above, noise is a terrible thing when you roll the cart in the forest while finding the prey. Because you don’t want to give them the signal that the hunter has just arrived that’s the way your targets will run away. Whatever the cart you choose, make sure it does not produce any dazzling sound that will notice your prey. Because it will make you frustrated.

The price you want to pay

Sometimes budget is the first factor for beginner hunters. But if you have enough budget, this case is not for you. However, for any deer hunter, after analyzing all the features, you will definitely consider your budget. And make sure that the cart comes with all possible features within your budget.

We have covered the carts of every range of budgets so that everyone can get the right deer cart that comes with the above-mentioned features. Because we find there are many carts that cost less but provide some great features and include everything you’d need in a deer cart.

The verdict

Hunting cart is the essential equipment for hunters to transport their prizes easily. Because it is very uncomfortable to put a large deer on the shoulder or backpack. That’s why professional hunters used to carry deer carts. Even if you are a beginner, you must not ignore this. Because it is a great helper for long-distance carrying because of its flexibility, durability and ease to use.

However, our recommended products are sturdy and lightweight, making it easy for you to carry them. Most of them are foldable, which makes them easy to store after use. So, get one of these and see how much easier you will be your next hunting.

Hope you are now able to invest your time and money in the right thing and choose the one that you think suits you better! We wish a nice deer hunting trip for you!

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