Best Mountain Bikes Under $750 Reviews 2022

Best Mountain Bikes Under $750 - Reviews

There are several mountain bikes currently offered in the $500-$750 price range, made from aluminum, steel or carbon frame. Most people think the first bike should be an attractive design that feels always satisfied.

However, before buying a suitable mountain bike for less than 750, it is necessary to know exactly how to choose the right model and what you exactly need. Because there are good models on the market for everyone’s needs without spending a fortune.

Among the many mountain bikes available in the different price ranges (Under $600, Under $400, Or Under $300), we have selected the top five models under 750 dollars. Compare to prices and performance, these are maybe the bike you are looking for.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $750 Reviews 2022

  1. Schwinn Moab 3 Adult Mountain Bike
  2. Royce Union 76009 RHT Mountain Bike for Men
  3. Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike
  4. Kent Hawkeye 62970 Mountain Bike
  5. Mongoose Tyax Sport Adults Mountain Bike

1. Schwinn Moab 3 Black Adult Mountain Bike

Frame Material: Aluminum | Frame Size: Small-Large | Wheel Size: 29.0 Inches | Brake Style: Hydraulic Disc | Suspension Type: Front | Speeds: 24 | Max Weight Capacity: 330 LBS | Weight: 35 LBS | Suitable Height: 5’2” to 6’2″

Schwinn Moab 3

The Schwinn Moab 3 is a versatile mountain bike under $750. It is good for different uses, even it is a more demanding mountain bike than what people might expect. The frame of the bike is made of N LITENED 2 aluminum, which is completely weather resistant. And to guarantee a long life, all parts are also well assembled. The handlebar is also suitable for different people’s heights.

Schwinn Moab 3 mountain bike fits right between mid-grade and high-end. It is very solidly constructed and sturdy enough to withstand up to 330lbs. And all joints and parts secure and stand up to a fairly aggressive initial trail run. It is a model among the Best Quality Mountain Mountain bike in 2022, as often happens with the products offered by Schwinn.

The handlebar is ergonomically designed to facilitate driving and control. The seat holder is adjustable and a lever on the handlebar facilitates its adjustment. Schwinn Moab 3 mountain bike is comfortable to ride in all-terrain. It is quiet and shifts nicely through all the gears. A real gem that makes versatility its most interesting feature.

The disc brakes are 100 mm diameter front and 135 mm rear. The maximum excursion of the entire suspension system reaches 140 mm and its adjustment takes place simply and directly from the handlebar, thanks to practical and intuitive leverage.

The front suspension mountain bike has hydraulic disc brakes with 3×8 drivetrain that are standard at this price tag. The weight is close to 35 lbs in medium size. At first glance, the design looks aggressive (not bad), but at the same time, it is homogeneous and with pleasant stylistic lines.

Unfortunately, it lacks some accessories, such as the bottle cage which must be purchased separately.


  • Lifetime warranty on frame and handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value for money
  • Ensure super smooth rides
  • Solid and sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t have a water bottle holder
  • Pedals could be better

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2. Royce Union 76009 RHT Men’s Mountain Bike

Frame Material: Aluminum | Frame Size: 15/17.5/19/21-Inch | Wheel Size: 29.0 Inches | Brake Style: Dual Hydraulic Disc | Suspension Type: Front | Speeds: 22 | Max Weight Capacity: 300 LBS | Weight: 42.85 LBS| Suitable Height: 5’0” to 6’6″

Royce Union 76009 RHT

Made by Royce Union, RHT mountain bike is equipped with an aluminum frame, in order to guarantee lightness and easy maneuverability. And it adopts a particular forging process capable of ensuring remarkable structural integrity and high wear resistance. Royce Union RHT mountain bike is particularly suitable as a vehicle for urban travel, on preferably paved roads and paths.

The seat tube and the brakes are made of high-grade aluminum that won’t damage easily. And the thick and strong tires are designed for different roads to deliver long-lasting service life. The seat can be adjusted to different heights and inclinations.

The Shimano SLX 2×11 shifter paired with Shimano SLX 11-speed index provides comfortable gear changing in 22 speeds, for any uphill environment. It features Neco Alloy 3-piece crank and an 11×42 cassette. The Dual hydraulic disc brakes also provide excellent stopping power and precision.

The design is simple but looks very pleasant and sporty. Among the various mountain bikes produced by the Royce Union company, the RHT 76029 model stands out with 29.0-inch diameter durable wheels. So it is suitable above all only for adults. It has a design that fits only men.

Frame, gearbox and brakes are already assembled. You just need to adjust them according to your own pace. And you only need to mount pedals, wheels, handlebar and seat. The assembled tools are supplied with the scope of delivery.

To be a low-cost mountain bike, it does well in tackling different tracks, even obviously it can be considered a means for intensive and professional use.


  • Shifts great up and down hills
  • Great choice for price
  • High-quality front fork
  • Functionality is well
  • Strong and durable


  • Seat is a bit uncomfortable
  • Kickstand is not included in the package

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3. Mongoose Mech V-Brakes Mountain Bike

Frame Material: Aluminum | Frame Size: 16-inch | Wheel Size: 26.0 Inches | Brake Style: Linear Pull | Suspension Type: Front | Speeds: 21 | Max Weight Capacity: 300 LBS | Weight: 35 LBS | Suitable Height: 4’8” to 5’6″

Mongoose Mech

Mongoose took years of research and development to find a way to structure the material in this way, increasing the rigidity and resistance, while giving great lightness to the whole vehicle. And finally, Release their latest Mongoose Mech V-Brake aluminum frame mountain bike. This is a nice solid frame mountain bike under $750 with great tread tires and easy shift throttle control gear selectors.

The color is black white, which makes it easy to see from a long distance. The aesthetics satisfy the eye in an incredibly fascinating way, the materials even more. The technology present in the components used and therefore in the entire vehicle is truly indescribable (The absolute top of the range).

The 27.5-inch wheels offer a good compromise and the rims are ready to accommodate tubeless-ready tires. Equally popular elements are the wheel tires which show considerable grip even on muddy or wet dirt paths. Considering the very cheap price, you could not ask for more.

The overall weight of the bike is 35 lbs. The stand-over height is approximately 28″. However, the Mongoose Mech bike uses common types of mountain bike technology. It is also easy to drive; you don’t need previous training. The price is very reasonable, and it is certainly designed for everyone.

The bike comes mostly assembled, the handlebars, seat and wheeled need to be put on. If you’ve owned bikes before and are somewhat mechanically inclined, the assembly process will take about 10 minutes. This is also one of the best ever in the entire All-Mountain mountain bike sector.


  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable to drive
  • Switching gear is easy
  • Very strong frame and durable handlebars
  • Good cushioning system


  • Single chainring transmission
  • Doesn’t have quick-release wheels

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4. Kent Hawkeye 62970 One Size Mountain Bike

Frame Material: Aluminum | Frame Size: 18.5-inch | Wheel Size: 29.0 Inches | Brake Style: Front & rear mechanical Disc | Suspension Type: Front | Speeds: 21 | Max Weight Capacity: 300 LBS | Weight: 37.1 LBS | Suitable Height: 5’2” to 6’2″

Kent Hawkeye 62970

If you’re looking for a great value and don’t mind checking a few things, you will not be disappointed with Kent Hawkeye 62970 mountain bike. In all respects, from manufacturing materials to assembly and finishing, the Kent Hawkeye is one of the best mountain bikes under 750 dollars for adults. It is suitable for both men and women and stands out for its high performance in terms of speed and reaction times.

The aluminum frame and rims make the bike very robust but light. Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike is characterized by a higher degree of safety than similar bikes produced by competing companies. In fact, it mounts disc brakes both front and rear.

The Shimano rapid-fire speed shifters allow you to select up to 11 speeds. And both the shifting and braking systems are produced by Shimano. These are models specifically designed to offer high-level performance. It is possible to travel along stretches of gravel and sand even with assisted pedaling.

The 18.5 ″ aluminum frame can offer top-of-the-range transmission power, combined with strong bike stability and equally precise handling. However, it is a front suspension mountain bike with 29 ″ wheels. The brakes are disc brakes and are among the best currently on the market as they allow you to brake suddenly or gradually according to the needs of the moment.

The Kent Hawkeye mountain bike is suitable for all types of terrain, from a quiet ride in a park to woods, mountain dirt paths, and so on. The pedaling comfort is also good.

However, this is an entry-level category mountain bike, therefore intended for cyclists who pedal at a competitive level, but it is also very popular with the most demanding enthusiasts.


  • High-quality construction
  • Smooth and comfortable for taller people
  • Nice wheels and great gear shifters
  • Very lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fork is not great
  • Wheels are not quick release
  • Not good for height in less than 5’5″

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5. Mongoose Tyax Sport Mountain Bike for Adults

Frame Material: Aluminum | Frame Size: Small-Large | Wheel Size: 27.5 & 29.0 Inches | Brake Style: Hydraulic Disc | Suspension Type: Front | Speeds: 22 | Max Weight Capacity: 330 LBS | Weight: 31.5 LBS | Suitable Height: 5’2” to 6’4″

Mongoose Tyax Sport

Mongoose Tyas Sport Mountain bike made from Tectonic T2 aluminum frame which is lighter and stronger than ever. Despite being of a fairly economical range, Mongoose Tyas mountain bike has excellent mechanical specifications such as integrated steering and mechanical hydraulic disc brakes.

It features 141 mm rear hub spacing which creates a more stable and rigid on the hardtail.

Let’s go back to this topic, you can choose the wheel size between 29″ and 27. 5″, suitable for a wide range of terrain and riding styles. The tires are tubes but are tubeless capable, so you can turn them into tubeless if you choose to!

The seat is also very comfortable and equipped with protections that allow you to stay in the “saddle” even for a long period of time. The Kraton lock-on grips provide added comfort and security while riding. The internal cable routing allows for neat, clean lines while providing added protection.

The rear is a Shimano Tourney derailleur; the fork is of the Zoom type and is very soft, able to absorb any unevenness of the ground very well. It is suitable for both road and off-road.

Mongoose Tyas Sport mountain bike is suitable both for those who are new to mountain biking and for more experienced bikers. Furthermore, it also offers excellent performance both on paved roads and on dirt paths, making it a good mountain bike for different activities: sports, touring, or commuting.

The body on this bike looks and feels very high-end at a competitive price. Overall, the Mongoose is a perfect mountain bike under $750 for someone who’s newer to the sport but still demands high performance from their investment.


  • Assembly is pretty simple
  • Very user-friendly design
  • Comfortable to ride on all-terrain
  • Disc brake is superb
  • Color option available


  • Doesn’t come with kickstand
  • Pedals are of a plastic composition

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How to Choose A Mountain Bike Under $750

Here are some important points you need to think about before buying a mountain bike:

Types of mountain bikes

There are five different types of mountain bikes available on the market. Before making the purchase decision you need to figure out which design is best suitable to your budget and requirement.

  • Cross-country bike: This category is the most common model because cross-country bike is a versatile solution for all cyclists who want to take a break from asphalt. Cross-country bikes are usually equipped with a simple front suspension and small wheels. These bikes allow a pleasant pedaling efficiency on rolling trails. They are also faster and more maneuverable. Cross-country style would be a good choice, especially if you’re looking for a performance mountain bike under 750 dollars.
  • Hardtail Bike: The Specialized Epic Hardtail is a cross-country bike benchmark. It is lightweight, fast and agile. Hardtail mountain bikes are therefore a rocket on the trails! Sport cross-country bikes, especially those with 29-inch wheels, are similar to bikes in the hybrid category. Sure, they’re heavier but can be suitable for occasional riders who want to pedal as much on bike paths as they do on trails.
  • Trail bike: These are the preferred bikes for trail enthusiasts who want more control and stability on rough terrain. Trail bikes promise better absorption. They generally offer two suspensions and are therefore heavier (and slower) than cross-country bikes, which are more responsive.
  • All-Mountain Bike: They are bikes dedicated to cycle hiking, and to all those non-competitive MTB activities. The peculiarities of these bicycles are the good pedal ability, reliability and comfort even downhill. The geometry is also stable and allows rider to overcome both steep and uphill sections with ease.
  • Downhill bike: Downhill mountain bikes developed specifically for the homonymous competition which consists of a downhill time trial on fast and technical tracks. To achieve sustainable high speeds, the geometry is stable. The wheelbase is also long and the steering and saddle angles are relaxed. Lightness is the most important aspect of downhill mountain bike, as are short braking and acceleration.

Frame materials

As we have seen, there are frames in carbon, steel and aluminum and we are sometimes wondering which is better to choose. In general, carbon is very resistant and resists stress well. In fact, it is used for road bikes and for specialized riders. But it’s difficult to find a carbon frame mountain bike nearly 750 dollars.

Aluminum on the other hand is very light and low-cost so it’s good for low-budget bikers. Steel is cheap but very durable and is great for bicycles that are used every day and therefore suffer wear.

Wheel size

Another fundamental parameter is the diameter of the wheels, which affects the performance and driving comfort. However, the wheels of mountain bikes have different heights and obviously, you have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The most popular sizes today are 27.5 and 29 inches. 27.5 bikes have become very popular in recent years because they have excellent comfort and grip and therefore make driving significantly precise. However, if you don’t know what to buy, then choose a 29-inch wheel to remove all doubts.

Braking system

A very careful discussion must be made regarding the brakes issue. Mountain bikes must have adequate brakes. If you want to give your all on descents and beat your speed records, disc brakes are always recommended. In addition, hydraulic brakes are the best but also more expensive.

The weight

When it comes to mountain biking, we see how weight is often a variable on which few like to compromise. However, we must point out that we are talking about a bike created to face different situations and conditions, even a lot compared to an exit on a city route. There is therefore no doubt that the weight and build of the bike adapt accordingly.

When choosing your mountain bike, keep in mind that the heavier the bike, the harder it will be to climb. Also make sure your bike weighs between 30 and 50 pounds.

Comfort to use

It should not be forgotten that for mountain bikes, the discourse of safety and performance must always be accompanied by pleasantness in pedaling and in the support of a properly cushioned fork on all occasions. It is therefore good to try it before buying. And if possible, touch the product or compare the opinion of those who buy this model.


Buying a mountain bike that is a perfect quality product but also a cheap one with a budget of 750 dollars can be a little more difficult than you think. Because everyone rides mountain bike in a different way, we aren’t all looking for the same thing. For example, for those who just want to enjoy the scenery while keeping fit, electric mountain bike may be the best option. While those who like to get away from the crowds and think outside the box, they may decide on a gravel bike. However, if you know what you like, it becomes easier to choose the best mountain bike right away!

We hope now you can easily find the best mountain bike on your budget. For any tips, put your question in the comment section below and we will answer it.

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